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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, February 1, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Beat Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,484 16, NO. 70. I CONNELLSVILLE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 1, 1918. 'EfGHT PAGES. MERICANS TAKEN PRISONERS BY GERMANS COMPELLED TO GO WITHOUT FOOD FOR FOUR DAYS leers and *«· Placed 1» Cages and Are Compelled to St*»*. CUMENTS TELL THE TALE U flV»»ed fnm Genaaa C*»ttre* ante* Thrcigfc tic lixn B«r 0»t irritin. Stories «1 Atrocities !-, o« rritoners Bj- Tentou. By Associated Press. 71TH THE AMERICAN AKMT IN M*CB, Feb. 1.--American officers die front have come into the pos- lioo of documents said to hare a taken from Germans opposite our ItiCM and which deal with the ·.tment to be accorded prisoners, he documents say that all prison- ladnding commissioned and non- uaissioaed officers, after being cap- «i are to be kept in cages for four 9 without f,ood~and compelled'to id all the time. t the end of the four day period f small Quantities of food are to given them although definite in- natfou on thee points is lacking. lit BBS AX1) FOUCK · GUSH; OSZ IS JUHKD MSTERBAM, Feb. 1.--There was a ii between strikers and the police the northwestern part of Berlin .rjday. One policeman was killed a dozen strikers were injured, re were Minor- disturbances iu ;r sections and in the suburbs of tin. he Trades Unions are declining to out strike benefits, an indication lie lack of centralized direction. s said that only a few of the bigj its ol Berlin were forced to sos-' d operation completely, he put played by Phillip Schiodc- ' ' TRACf. Sills three Mid Injures Several . rottsriiif. By Associated Pr«ss. POTTSV1LLE, Feb. 1.--Three trainmen were instantly killed, one was probably fatally injured and five others are slightly hurt as the result of a running away of a freight train. The train plunged into another train at Lower St. Clair. UGHTLESS NIGHT MAY BE THE REAL TfflNG FOR SOME Fuel Committee Asks Permission to Cut Supply of Violators of Order. BARBERS ARE NEGLIGENT Observance of Administration Ruling last Sight Less General That at · Any Time Tel, Says Statement Issued Today by IK«| Administrator. Request for authority to discontinue electric service to habitual violators of the "lijrhtless night" order las been made by the Fayette County Fuel Committee to State Fuel Administrator William Potter. It it is granted, and the committee expects it will be, members will have authority to direct the Vr'e'st Pcnn to deny service to such offenders for a period they may Seem necessary to bring horae a realization of what "lightless night" means. | George S. Connell, sercetary of the in, ' Friedrfcb. 'Ebert and Herr i ""nTM'ttee and member for the Con- ju. Soeialtat leaders, is explained' nells «"e district, stated today that no the iround that they are anxious i * D f" ler , warnings may be expected. jwevtit the strike from resulting! *"" "·' '""" v liwrjaaiiatioB and rioting. 'While ip«rty, iu such, endorses the poli- l denand regarding domestic af- '» which -were made oy the strik- it i«:«eaerally beilered that it de- jsly .disapproved the present strike a in*tr«io«Bt lor forcing the goy- FROZEN HYDRANTS HANDICAP FIREMEN IN FIGHTING BLAZE Home of Mrs. Hose StUhvagon in Fayette Street Badly Damaged as H Result. USE UflO FEET OF HOSE Coiuirctious Arc Mode at Two Distant Taints After 1'lnRS Jfear at Hani Arc found to b« I'selcss; Fire StarU From Than ing irattr Pipes. SCPPOKTUTO · STRIKE IS ONDON, Feb. 1.--Martial lav has ils committee has any real authority," he said, "and I know that it has, some of the business places here may find- themselves without electricity tar a week or so as a result of their ·persistent failure to recall that Thursday and Sunday nights are to be lightless. { Tap committee has been lijarahln'yts in*erpre.iatJim-of"tSLe-FneJ- Administration's ruling, and it expects its order^ to be carried out," Last night there was an even less general Observance than usual. The retired here a extended to Bremen and ,Melta- 1 barbers ' a eata suffered a lapse ' of a B»«rty .town, according to re-; memory.' which may eventually cost a considerable period of evening At loast two hotels . also night" outside .lights. m °B to over- l»V«CTMerteot Berlin, in announc-! DUstaesS its JURpresjUon for three days says ' failed l ° ° bserT « ^ ' ' st»p -was taken, because it In- ralm S as applied to o Jt ma ' seem sttj -was taken because .. ,,,-, d to "a ma«5 strike. The strikers! Nuremberg. Bavaria, have resumed i look »» outsid « "8" °n Thursday and Sunday, but Mr. Connell suggests the 'offenders ought to be required to face the complaints made by competitors. It is manifestly unfair for one man who is honestly trying to observe the law and religiously attends to his duties in that connection, to have places al! around him habitually neglecting this duty, according to .the fuel administrator. k after a two day demonstration fce."- * is reported that the German gov- :ne.nt up to this time has prevent- the .strike from extending to the and tramways and tie employed ia the production and ribution ot lood. 0E»T FIXES AT llOftXK, BCL1ET GOES WILD ONDON, Feb. 1.--Another unsuc- .ful attempt on the life of Premier For the benefit ot those who appear a physician. to have forgotten the provisions of "lightless night" order, the follow, ine was made last night, accord- j ltt * summary of its provisions is sub, to tb.e Petrograd correspondent of I milted: Daily.-News. A young man in a tent'a uniform entered the Smolny Hute. the Bolsheviki headquarters, fired a ?bot at the premier with- hitting him. · ( he' Red Guard stationed outside the } on s nier 1 * room were arreated and ' ;harged with neglect of duty. Ail outside lights must be extin- Pire, resulting from a blow torch which was used to thaw out frozen water pipes in the basement of the home of Mrs. Rose Still wagon, on East Payette street last night, caused about _ ?2,000 damage to the house, burning out the attic and the second floor. De- ' lays ia getting water on the house, on account of froien water plugs, gave the fire a btart on the firemen and it was a hard fight to down the stubborn blaie. The flra started ibout T.30 o'clock and quickly spread. It seemed to be under control severs! times, but would break, out afresh and the-firemen were on the job until 11 o'clock. The department was called back to the house aibout an hour and half later when the blaze broke out a second time and worked with it until 3 o'clock. The house is covered with $3,500 insurance and as much rrC the furn turo was saved,'it is expected thai this will cover the damage. The rn. and bedrooms are a wreck hut the fire did not reach the lower floor. The blaze got its start m the furnace cellar. "Water pipes had become frozen there and Alphonso Sulln" gon, a son of Mrs,. Rose SUiwagon. had been using a blow torch earlier ia the evening to thaw out the He worked some time on the pipes, shooting the flame onto them liui could not get the water runnig. Finally he gave up the job and s-tarted towards the city. As he passed tho Third ward school house he happened to look back and saw smoke issuing from the under the caves. The boy ran back to the house and called his mothor. She had barely time to reach tho telephone before flames broko out in an upstairs room. The fire had eaten its way up through the wall and did not break it ·rAicfctd- tb«-*eco«d-'lKbT-''Ir'En1ck{y spread through the building. Tho SUilwagoBs did not know the fire alarm box, was in working order and the call was made by telephone from tho burning house. Neighbors went to thfir aid and succeeded in getting much of the furniture out of the dwelling. The liea\ furniture on the first floor was drag- gd out and some of upstairs furniture was carried out of danger. Frank DRAFT IS REDUCING NUMBER OF CANDIDATES FOR MINE BOSS As the time tor the examination of ( region by steveral export mining teaca- candidates for mine foremen's and Ore j ers lias received a black eye on ae- bnsses' certificates draws neai the effect of the draft in reducing the num- t\ ber of candidates for tbeie positions is becoming very noticeable Upon tMs concUtiOE James IVardlait, of | "Tlie lafk of interest lo learn rain- Scottdale, Uie veteran teacher ol rain- I Ing lacks lit least 75 p«- cent of being count of tiie diaft. Not more than one-tlua'd as mtuly young mineis aie taking interest i);: -mining studied as In previous yea-rj and up to tbe standard tliat lias prevailed In the region tor Does Sot Question Hit Legal «f Coiiiici! to JEnaet It. (t GIVEN A FIE RECEPTION ears. ing In the CoaneUsville regioi author ol ".Mining makes the following observation iu a meet the need for a laV?ei number ol communication to' The Courier: j trained and specially eduuatpd men £or 'The high efficiency which has been j the Impo'-tajit positions in the ulines, kept up during the last few year^ ' I would suggest that the mining com- among the young and ambitious rnic-| panics intike apprication to the mill- **' 1!l « Board of Health Would Jlnke It RIGID ENFORCEMENT OF !T ers ii and around this region wiii, r am afjaid, show a rht.ided railing otf at the next examination;,. Ttie work being done among the miners-in the i Sons In April," tary authorities for furloughs for all young men in the camps and catiLon- ments itfno svlsU to ttUte the exanuua- A CONNELLSVILLE BOY, NOW IN SERVICE, SAYS A WORD FOR THE REGULAR ARMY MAN JlarmJPss, Vilillt' Its rri3\isions IVinilii !,imit Tens to Sections in (lie Oulskirls; l p Via Passage Feb. 11. Play For Soldier-Sailor BeneS| Bated Among Best Pro- Here. TO BE T0NIGH1 Fiie Hnndml Persons o£ thf Cirj n tin; Seieral Itolus and All Are Accorded Dlncli Applause; High School Bull Is Filled for Haj. Before an audience which almost filled the new high school auditorium Beceircs Fewer "Goodies" Loss Attention Than Other Soldiers. and SHOULD BE APPRECIATED The Courier is in receipt of a letter) from a CoancllsvlUe boy novr in tho Regular Army which presents in a clear and m an unueuaUy well writ-1 tea and Interesting maane? Uie Tact' tat the men in this eorvicu Tiave been, overlooked br ,Uje people who have! been so willing and generous Jn i h o f r l bestowal of attentions and Cavers upon men. ia tiie National Army and tbp Nat*{ ional Guard. The writer is Scrceani' James Smith, ot Battery D. 16tb Tield Artillen*, U. S. A., ai preiiont station-j cd al Camp Greene, Charlotte. N. C. His letter followt.: "The regular or our Array ig an in- dependenl, care-Cree flgating' man who will never complain in any campaign-j ing circumstances, but we would like to say a word in behalf ot this straight j duty soldier, who goes iih-ead with hie j tafaks and does' not whimier because the other follows get a!! the 'goodies' and attention from tho folks at home. "So much hat been made of our National Army inon and our National ifi SUM or TOS8KW ABOUT *'A1*KTI'K Xfi the excitement attending the fire at tho home of Atrs. Hose S. SUllwagon In Kaat Fayette street last evening between $-100 aa"( 5500 Jay on thn east porch of tho home amon« a lot of papers wnile Mrs. Stiilv,agon scD-rchod frantically Tor It In an an upstairs room. Tho money was hidden about n hod. One of the persona ongapcrl in removing the household goods dls- i-ofere'i tho papers ami carnrd tb-pm, the money Ino. to (ho porch and tnshed them in a heap There the money was fouad yoaie tltn.» lain-, -Dr. Samuel G. Dixon, Commissioner oC the Pennsylvania Department of Health, does not question the legal' Ulc imtlu] perfoimancc of "TUe Spring right of the city to enact the proposed j Bonnet" in Connellsville, was given bog raising ordinance, but he QUitej J a s t DJgbt ;or .^^ benefit Ol ^ e so i. asrcca iritli The Courier and many diers and sai]orSt vj rt ua)J- every seat cilizcn-i of the community that its in me main auditonum was occ uiuod passage would be "a step backward in _ aud ^ erc v . as a rair sized crowd ; a · a iHuniciph-nv in which heretofore'^ wcQu?. That the performance pens hare been excluded." If rigidly met with :be warm approva ] ot enforced b the board of health he thinks "JL could not do very great I harm-" its restrictions would limit 1 pens to tba outskirt sections of Uio city. j To secure nn expression of opinion , from the highest Jiralth authority of tbo slate on Ibe proposed ordinance, particularly wljm consulercfl in thr light of present flay practice and regulations in municipal sanitation, Tho Courier some time ago sent a copy of tho bill, ar, introduced in council, ;o Dr. Dlxon for Vtammaiion, HJS com- representative audience was shown by tie generous applause which lot- lowed e^ery number. There was not ft. dull moment dirnng the entire performance. Aoat 500 prominent ecmneHsville folks appear la the cast, ThJcb WAS thoroughly roaeberi. A more taieatcd cast could not have been chosen, every member b«iig especially adapted to tho part he 01 sbe w^as s«*}-eeted lo appear. The composer has written some v?ry charming melodies which were song with volume and sweetness USE SNOW TO FIGHT FIRE WHEN WATER jraont upon it is given in the following. bv ft { h j h dlsplaycd pbich has jun been received: remarkable U^BU [ "We rannot qiicstioa the riBht o f j . TJ]0 g - BO^;which WM ·ymtr city council to pass an ordinance | g,^ UQ( ^ tho directloo of Ui* MISPBS j Moorehead, is a fascinating musical t-play in two acts. 3t is spa-rliling with. ' \vu and proud PS an evening of rara entertainment TUt* first act shows a garden party in progress at tee horae of Miss Ida Zaae. Tbe opening number, "You're Afraid," sung by 300 little girls, wno such as ymi enclose. "There IB no slate law requiring! boroughs to main lain an ordinance prohibit.rig thn keeping of hogs in any particular section. Tbe Act of Assembly only permits them In pass such, ordinances and WG would intei- PILL that it woujd also be within tbt-ir right to repeal or amend. ' The enclosed ordinance i£ rigidly enforced fey ·J of lieallb could not do SUPPLY RUNS LOW £ I "Vt e interpret the word 'Avenue' in the second section to include 'Alley;' if no hog pen is permitted within 100 feet of any street, alley, dwelling appeared m the daintiest of white ^ , lace-trimmed frocks, with bright col- haar ribbons and Itlaae at Conibrook is JJter Brim" Hut Knerpretic Battle bjf J'eltrhbors. Rite originating train a defective I honse - ete - "· WDUltl practically ex- iliss Irene Soisson, who displayed i rare ability in the leading role of !"M!ss Dolly Dimples," presented last ; year, scored another success last Suardsmen, whose home ties are' per- flue broke out Wednesday night about j haps stronger tbaa those of our reRU- 6 :,1lf o'clock in a jiouse at Coaltorook | att(i aps stronger t a a t o s e o our reRU- :, ococ in a jiouse at Coaltorook lars, tnai,.th,c nuui wh^qiUjstssd. wgd^r i occupies, bj. Scotc iuc4auii-Mir- I /a'ai"t'* irt 'l v " s ' a ' i ' l!or *' 1 ' ;lt "* hBl ' B ·t"r=*--i' f » - _ ~ » i *A. jT il 1 " n' J.T" _ . _ ' ____ '_ j i -- mi- . r-. . . .- _ .- _ _ . . , »-. unrt «tr(VitK jivj* fn_r a.Tin.rt. T ,,«=, from at, bum upsecUon. ^^ "^ permit them on the out- Sag to flgiit as a Bare- enough soldier, is receiving lens thought and less of thci good things of life trhicb men and women are prompted to give. Tho regular will not ask for anything except that which Is bis due from tbe constituted military authorities. He can growl as frequently as any civilian, but he growls only when be knows be is not getting what the regulations intend he shall have. Far molly-coddling' he cares not Hanlon, ilrs. StilUagon's father, 90 J R bit, bjit he is just as human at any years old, who lives in another house on Ine game property had to be carried from the building. The house did not burn however. He was taken to the home of his daughter, AJrt. Teresa Burns but be insisted on returning. ' Dorotliy Still wagon, 11 year old daughter of -Mrs. SUM wagon fainted twice,and it was necessary to juminon Selective Service man or National Guardsman. In ticse days when so ily. Toe ttre rtiacovercd by JEve- . lyn Yoankin, %vho on ontering a. room I secti0 ^ on the second floor JoiiBd it filled with i rol)ninns smolco. Sfct to inclnde a provision accumulations from tbe pens when cleaae-d m accordance with Had it aoi been for the alert action ! rja ? section to be at once removed oul- ot Mr. VoitnJcin acuj his neighbors the , : would !«?!}· have been toaJJy j dcirtroyod, as the water in that neighborhood was frozen, up. .After fighting tho blaze for some time with- backets of water, which hs.d been carried in for tbe night fay reei- the boroiieh limits. Oi c TM rs «. we a ^ ee ^th you that, OTCh ordinance as tha is a i,- Zane," a Miss 3e of "Suzette," a Prench maiti, won tlie ad- 3niratio3 of the large audience by her splendid, us was Miss MoJ-ton as ''Ida Zanc," In Uie role of "ifiss tola McLuie," iliss Mary atep backward in a municipality in ·winch heretofore pens have beea excluded." Tne ordinance wbicfa was introduced much solicitude is felt for the select-, floor wore destroyed. The building. ed man and the guardsman, lot some which is a two story trams one, is dents of thai neighborhood, and withi 1 0 council in the closing weeks of the j snow the blase was extinguished The forme r adraiiustratioa will come up ) Cor action, on final passage at tlie regu- | Jar roec-ting to be held Monday, | contents of two rooms on the second When tlie fire department arrived it was necessary to lay hose from a plug on Jefferson street, near the Third ward school house, and another line was stretcher! from Crawford guished. This applies to electric signs I avenue, down Part street, and run- BBICA5 15 BRITISH HYCC6 CORPS KHXED. SNDONJ'eb. I.--Roy O. Carver, a as well as other lights on the outside ot buildings. Display windows may bo lighted as : store is open for business, but this does not include showcases that are not a portion of the interior o£ a store. Stores are not permitted to bnra lights after closing hours others Chan those necessary for protection against fire or thelt. ag American «det attached to the Theaters and moving picture houses l Flying corps has died in a hos- j are permitted to burn lobby lights, 1 ot iujnrles according to the Ceu- "' « News. He was hurt in a fall of Property line. {eet while flying ott the south coast England. e!:lend OTer tho IB£T £*0 FRENCH 'YICTDtS OP AIR 1UTD ARIS, Feb. 1.--Revised flgur«s on ca-soalties resulting Irotm tbe Ger-. air i*aid Wednesday nigbt shows 114 'w«re injured In Paris aixd 76 PIPE THAWING RESUMED West Fenji Bnsjr on Over 100 Applications From Property Oirners. Tlie work of thawing out frozen water pipes by means of electricity was resumed yesterday by the crews of the West Penn Power company. The ning down Ogrten avenue to the house. In all 1,200 feet ot hose used. A plug located on ttie corner by the house? was frozen, as was the one located at Park and lidna streets Both hose and cheoiical trucks an- owned by the Title Trust company. swered the alann, hut it was neces- hands /or thoir sake and tae heart-thought go out Lo tlie regular. He docs not get as roaay letters from borne as the other m-en do. The regti-i lar bas no family ties except those of j the great^hiunan family, but at that b e j f can appreciate it when he knows that be \s being remembered. "No one evrr asks about the fighting qualities of the regular because the question is unnecessary, lie it. only licked when he is dead. lie doesc't aak for kind thoughts or gilus, boi he is grateful if tie receiver them, "The American people should not forget the foremost* fighting' man iu the world--the Regular Army man. They sh.ould try to anrincc him, i u | r o George \Vhyel. Tlie following is a some way, that tbcj appreciate the i copy of the ortior of the court iixing fact that he is taking liis hfe in h i e i t h e time for the hearing on 'JUe peti- .teoniary ti. McConnoll, was pleasing, i numbers were beaniifully rendered. Miss Ionella Scboonover, gave a fine inierpretauon of "Alag^ie Nelson, a bit loo stout.' Miss Peggy Morton is equally as pleasing in her portrayal of 'Loretta StilL" * Fred Fnsbee displayed remarkable ability m tho role of "Robert Clark," a molii-miJhonaire. J. B, Stader "Tho PUBLIC^HEARING Snle of Coal Under County Home Oroutiils Ordered by Court. Iu Uje common pleas court, yester- iluy Judge J. Q. Van Swearingeu hajld- c-d down aa order agreed upon by bjru :.nd Judge Reppvrt liucg March 'Jlh I I Spnng Pact," and Ray Neville, as "Hugh Terry, who ne\er kept an appointment," were ulever. Robert j Lyon could not bare been bettor in. Uw role of "Will Biil WSlliaulE," a alet, making a groat hit. in his dition of "Sway." Joseph. D. Hood! One bandred and twenty-fix e cou- I irho appc-ared as ''Isaac JIcLuke, too :s,c, giTea last evening in .Marke-1] hall for i si-en as "U. B. Still, a fish merchant,'' the beneiH of boyi of Conaellsville and | gave ei-cellent impersonaLoas of two vicinity at CXimp Lee. Aiout ^150 was j Jewish characters. lor a public inuring lx?tore the court i realized. Tlie money will be used t o ) Freacnca SmiUi as "Dr. GraavIUc, on Uie petitioB of the poor directors i h u!" "smilcage" tickets adtmtung Ae j in love with Peggy Clark," came :a SMILEAGEDANCISUOBS i Uie ro .U)ont Sl."0 JU'ali/cfl From Cntnp tee . busy v B»T»' Bi-neiit Lost Xigjit. | renditu One hundred and twenty-ii\e cou- ! vrho a^ pies attended the Smileage dance' pickle merchant, and A. Lii for the confirmation by tee '^ourt of the proposed sale or lease by Lho directoi-s of the county home coal sary to take out the big book and ladder truck, the firemen being unable to cope with the blaze on account of the sharply sloping roofs. The new equipment was a big help in fighting the flames. The water froze on the coals of the firemen aad icicles formed on parts of the building where the waier drained off. SUNNY GROUNDHOG DAY IVoathcr Jfan's Prediction Says Fair and Warmer For Tomorrow. Believers in the proverb that sit remained . 20. nomber °* | service pipes at the Third ward school wee ks of had weather will follow if ' " XGLAC GETS FUKLOtlCH. building were opened for a second time. The Trotter school building obtained its first water yesterday alter having been cut off by frozen pipes for over three weeks. ' Over 100 applications for thawing have been filed with the West Pennjana iaturday." from property holders located in different parts of the city. i»*r ol 110th Bud Is H«ro For TM d»js; 1« Hours on Train, ago Mulac of the West Side, a iber ot the band of the llOti iment to tmlninE at Camp Hani Ga., is borne on a 10 day fur- Si. He arrived in the city last it after being oir Hhe road 16 rm. ulac left Camp Hancock at noon tnMdar and did not get into this until aftet 6 o'clock last night. bad.ozily a 40 minute stopover in .niagton-_ CJdcies vnite Xoust. jeet Commissioner William Me-j Monday closing order'altogether, as it nick who bas been trapping mice affects all classes of business. Us stable ~ on McConnick avenue, Bited a white moose today that ·augM In his trap. He says that democracy." And now, January 3J, 1918, a petl- -- lion, ot the Direi-ton, of tae Poor and Sergeant Smith is a son ot Mr. and j of tho House o£ Employment for tbe Mrs. Thomas J. Smltli of Ninth street. County of Fayettc- having been pre- 0-reenwooU, and has been in the Hegu-f seated to this rourt, and filed at No. lar Army for some time. B'rer Groundhog sees his shadow to- 1 morrow had better retain their overcoats and warm blankets, according to the prediction handed out by the weather man today. The forecast reads: "Fair tonight TO REVOKE HEATLESS RULE Strong Effort Belnpr Made In ton In That Bttectioii. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON, Feb. 1.-- Strong forts are being made here, aad j other points in the cast, to induce the Fuel Administration to revoke the at Theatrical managers are seeking a revision or tie order so as to permit them to remain open on Lincoln's hltn mouse was seen in the stable birthday which fails on Tuesday this ,«r ago. and this raornins he dis- pear. It Is suggested that Wednesday -·red it in his trap. be made heatless day Zor theaters. , FEW EAZOKS tKFT. Supply on Hand at The onr- ier Office. A limited supply of "Very Sharp" safety razors is still on hand for sale at this office. The demand for these razors has been great aud contemplative buyers should immediately makp their purchase as this will be the last chance to secure one. , The razors are selling at 89 cents Tfi£h outfit complete Including a strop and six blades. TWO HUNBRED MEN ID Bible Class of Christian Church Th Membership Aim. Two hundred Tnea in tbc Men's Bible classi of the Christian Sunday school is to the goal fixed by one of the speakers at a supper given b the class for the men of The churcL last evening. Kalph B. Hyatt, tho speaker, was named chairman of n committee to attempt to bring about that end. Fifty persons attended the meeting. Kev. Georgo \Valkei Buckuer, the pastor was the chicS apoafcer, his subjact being "Fisherb of Men." Talks, were made by Air. Hyatt, Peter R. "\Veirae;, H. E. Schenclc and P, H. Beighloy. J, Melvin Grey, clasj, pre^'dftnt, presided. ^Members of the Phi]a;hea clajs and others served. 183 March Term, court to confirm : said directors o£ 191S, p:*ayiag the , sale or ]e.ise by the pjttsburg"' or aine Coot vein of coal underlying the county home farm, except certain, reserved j?orUons thereof with full and complete innning ngrhts, to George \Vhyel, at a price or consideration of $5,000 per acre, payable as said coal is mmea and removed., aad subject to the other trcnt. and coudations set fortii in the agreement between the partiet, is attached 10 said ib ordered tiiat a public WaJ ter M. 3ten Enlist. Wildman and Edward Mulvihill, botii of ConueUsviIlfl. Jisted in the United States army. v / Pair tonight and Saturday, not q.uite so cold in the north ixjrtion, warmer Saturday is the noon -weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Ueeord. ISIS Ml 7 Maximum , 34 65 Minimum 8 36 Mean .21 52 .The Yongii river fc-li dtiring the from 1 50 to 1.40 fe»L copy ol petition, it. hearing on stud petition be held bo- tore the court, in court room No. 1, c two o'clock, at which time all parties interested will be heard, in person or by counsel, foi or against said confirmation; notico of the nling of suld petition, and of *a.d bearing, to be given by tiie prothonoUry by publication in at least two newspapers of general circulation, once a ueek for four con- seculho weeks prior to the date or ba-icl hearing; a copy of this order to ·be mailed forthwith to tbo protliono- tary, to the board of poor directors, another to George Whyel, another to the board of county commissioners and another to the county controller. boys to the Liberty theater at the a great share of applause, as did , camp. The monc-y has been turned j C. i.. Probst who appears in the role over to J. Fred Kurtz, treasurer of , of "Tomasao Calvini,'' an Italia:], the cotoumtee The public is atked ; curdy giirdy man, who amuses the to aid in compiling a hsi of the boys j guests. UtUe ilary m camp. Any one " friend at the camp is asked to communicate with Secretary I. L. Horewitz. The committee in charge of the affair was composed of R, K. Jacques, John Ku'rle, J. E. G-aster, R. 0- Cla- baugii and Messrs, Kurt?, and Hoxe- witz. The only expense of the affair was the amount paid the pianist, Per- rlae Caplac. Others tionaied their ser- a relative or j Clark captivated the large audience with her clever and gracelul toe dancing. 'The Sometime" dances. Misses Louise Rankin, Acua .^farion Soisson, Catherine List, Jean Patterson. Estelie Wilson, iUdred Hopkins. Kirk Dil- wortb, Rnssell Hood, Edwin Keagy, Joseph McConnell and Wylie Driscoll were well received. The "Varna Tama" girls were fine. The ante girls were Misses Marian Davidson, Gertrude Reid, Lucy Bittner, Lucille Cochran, Mary Laws and Rnima Hart; auto men, Lewis Wooster, S. L. Brown, A. VT. Brown, Preeman Franks, Merle Lessig and C. Alderfer. Misses Adrionne Soisson Mariajj Deal, Eva Fries and Clara Herwick appeared as models. Among the delightful song numbers Teacher Called in Draft. leroy Blatk, a teacbei of arithmetic iu tae first aud secontl classes in the high school has received notice t o a p - ' K O i r j to the pJnmtjff under an 900 BBSHH50F BEANS' Balsed from Si'ed FJibtribnted liy Farm linreau iu Count}. Estimates at the headquarters o f , the Piyette County Farm Bureau t are ; that from the 75 bushels of boans that; g, 0 were distrSbutod to planters last i JY O , spring in the county 000 bushels o f i T i ) , ^ beaas were raited. At tbe prevailing | ,j ances are Bnus ualiy prett'v price of 18 cents a pound tils crop ^-^4 with "race and a'b is worth 510,000 today. Ore farmer I the entlre ^^ Thc costul _ a i c raised 22 bushels to the acre. Farm ncw and yejy atlractive The orches . "Sometime," "Sway,' J. Lonely?" -'Alei ilie," "Long Boy Cows "Do You. s Back "Wait by a , c Agent P. E. Doueharty has estimated that the average yield was 12 busijels to the acre. The farm bureau has not been able to ascertain the crops of potatoes and tral numbers were a delightful feature of the show. Mrs. A. M'. Bishop presided at the piano, The furniture was loaned by ^^^^^^^^^^ A ^\^^ a ^ tttr ^^l'^ LU,^tt-« utu.1, i«--jv.« t" rl»ni»i.w i n ihn cnfnnA n « » \.,. -vr unbilled by the bureau but uiey were at least fair. review ia the second act by .Miss Flora McFarland aud the Wright- Jfculcr company. During the intermission between the first and second i acts Attorney S. JL Goldsmith, one of tbe Four-inJnnte speakers, spoke on Shop in Wttgataon. Pasquale Grirr.cle toda% secured rule in court iu Uniontown lequiring the pressing need for .skilled men for and brother Antbtiny, f the ArJiagton barber ship building. "The Spring Bonnet" will be repeated tonight and tomorrow afternoon, the interest ol Anthony should not be when a matinee for the school chil- John Martin proprietois r shop, Connelteville, to show cause why pear before the local draft board of Butler on -Monday tor a physical ei- aminatior.. ment made December 1, 1917. The rule was made returnable February 11. dren will be given. If you have not already done your bit by patronizing the show, do so, as the proceeds are for a £Lue caiu-t.

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