The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1918
Page 10
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THE IJ^Liil COURIER; CONNELdjSVlULiC, PA. THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, BOYS'CLOTHING ^---.:.'-:' Notagenieiral'diezifanceof bur entire stocks, but important price reductionslon certain ^desirable lots ofTtneii's:ahcl boys' clothing. Reductions certainly most unusual, comjing as they ^market advancing by leaps and bounds. Garments you'll not be able to least half as much again--perhaps more. Yours the saving. t 150Men ? s Suits at Big Savings . An extra special lot which we have, assembled from oar own regular stocks. : i:. ·; Men's and young men's styles in a pleasinig variety of neat patterns and the wanted colors. Hand-tailored from 'all wool materials that can only be had today, at almost prohibitive prices. ^Here are your.actual savings-- , ---Suits dud Sold Regularly at $30.00 far $2250 --Suits that Sold Regularly at $25.00 for $18.50 --Suits that Sold Regularly at $22.50 for $16.50 . -- Suits tiiatSold[Regularly at $20.00 for $14.75 --Suits that Sold Regularly at $15.00 for $10.75 · Every man can obtain a/perfect fit for this lot comprises stouts, slims, and i r _ . -stnbg in addition to air regular aiviee 33 to 48. : , - $13.50 ·· · . The Cojits in Utis lotftBTn'eriy sold at $17.50, $20 and $25. At .today's market ::price» they wonW sell, for.much more. But for a few days longer you may have yonr " choice of this entire Jot for Just'$13.50. Not all thie season's styles--but mostly conservative, and good from one season to another. All wool, well tailored, and practic: ally a l l sizi~- ' , . . . ' · ' Overcoats All oar Boys' School Overcoats, neat patterns-- all sizes ONE FOURTH OFF Fur Overcoats Our entire stock of Men's fur-lined and fur-trimmed Overcoats ONE FOURTH OFF GdldBood Stamps Pay 4% on What You Spend--Get Them With Every Purchase of lOc or More A FaitfcM Reflection of Christine Miller Just as tfae cteer surface of a quiet pool nnrran the hnflgp above it, so does this mBrwIocxi WftnxroetA refiect with com- plefcifide«r tbe.vo^ of the Edison ·ctkta.Sop«cfiBctandsarisryingaretheRe- : Creations that no human ear can detect a ffrflif* of iHfljsrcocc 'LJGlMwcti tile perform- ·DOM of the artiste, and those of Over two nrfDktt people have attended our. fotnone tone tests in which- the' artist waa pitted against the instrument And not once IMS the New Edison failed to tt» tearchk^ test: definitely-- con^ DRAFT DODGERS TO BE ROUNDED UP BY THE GOVERNMENT Those Who "Fak«» BisahlJlties To Be Specie! Object of Search.* MANY SCHEMES REVEALED For T«OJng One Cher" On the Medfc j c»l Eaminers of the load Boards; j All Bejectetl Men to Bo no-examined and KeeUssllied; Eswpo J«»t Busy. K|»K1HA?(|9;BIIL10N. :·;«· Uttimiite* T«l«e uf f»rm Crvi 1 Airiajf Lust Year. _ jr ^ raitieiiddus efforts in 'J. WIT rrniwi «»»cifm [arm products m- tpfl;-and fErm ani3Kal3,""to for liit first year's mfx-fa Accordme to the [:j*E3iiH«li»irjr;e»ti.ii»t» just announced v ^ J "~^' fiff BiWirtytfU'-Talug of Vntted i. was Sgl,, an jnere«se ot taore than $6,000,-: io«0,0«0 over 1916 . a n d . of nearly ; $9.00fl,0(H) t Of)0 over 1915. j The Department of Agriculture esti- j mates that tie erops were, worth,J13,- 610,4«2,-82 anft represented ,7Q. per cent-ot the total value o£ airproducU. Aniawlft ad uttmal prodticta arc valued at ?5,8J3,3S6,SI9, a^nm o( »i- Valne o|_»lLt»rm erops_forJ.9I7 b states not inchuHnr the T«loe of ani- ·mals and »nim«l prodtKrts. showi nii- nois-.first.'Texas second, and Iowa .tliird. .Porn, with a value of $4,053.- tT2ioo(i,-'is. the king of crops. (Jotton is second with a value ot !fl,Sli,5aS,000. Other billion, dollar crops, in 3917 ]were... "Wheat, ?1.30T,427.000, hay, ?i,359,49100, and. oats, ?1.061,427,000: Don't knock Connellsville by senfll- mg^yoKr money out of tOTm for your job work when The Courier company can do it here at home Let UE give you iDricee; ~~ DraslJc steps are to be taken by the government to combat the efforts ot registered men to evade iiervice. ' A system ot draft dodging has been uncovered by federal authorities wherein diseases are' "faked" so .well that physicians themselves in many cases are unable to discriminate between the real and the false, according to federal investigators. Increasing evidence thai; registered men are resorting to drugs and de-' liberate treatments to produce temporary symptoms of disease has caused the government to take a hand. Hereafter persons discovered try- iirg to .defraud tfae examining physicians will be dealt with severely. Feigned deafness is said to rank as the favorite among would-be slackers. This rase is resorted to more than, any other, and in many instances has been detected, but officials say only a small percentage ol the impostors have been caught. Ar.other metiod is said to be in the use of atropitte, a by-product of belladonna. This causes the pupils oC the eyes to -dilate and brings a temporary condition of almost complete blindness. , The fact that the drag imparts a peculiar brilliancy tp the eyes renders the detection more easily, but it is believed the Jt bluff" has been carried through in many: cases. Other diseases indicated by United States officers will be classed in the doubtful list and especial care exercised in the diagnosis. Physicians say that symptoms oC : Bright's disease often can be shown by a diet of ray eggs. Heart disease, one ot the most serious, is indicated in the heart action after a dose of strychnine. All men rejected in she first draft j ^vill. be reclassified and re-examined ; under the revised ruleis adopted by Surgeon General Gorgis. Onless a man is hopelessly disqualified he will be accepted. Thousands disqualified from the first draft for relatively slight defects will be sent to the 'canton- i ments. where they will be treated for their ailments. Physicians ot the local boards will be instructed by army medical -officers In the methods of detecting the ingenious methods employed by tlie wo*.ild~be draft slackers to gain them immunity. The TVar Department win Issue buHeihis advising the boards on the detection of fictitious organic ailments whenever a new system s discovered. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. NEW -SPRING BONNETS" The first showing of new Spring Bonnets is ready--not a big showing to be sure--but intensely interesting, as it shows authentically the trend of the new Spring styles. Beautiful creations in ribbon and straw in a variety of colors and various trimmings. READY FOR. SALE TODAY AMD MODERATELY PRICED. 9 The Hats sbo-wn in ihe play--"The Spring Bonnet" are Spring styles rbosen a* random from this showing of ]50 new models. With These You Can Defy J. Frost to Do His Worst Cold and frost sometimes do far more complexions and skins than, do the sun and wind in the summertime. Here are things to repair their ravages: -- --Vaseline--oe and lOc jar. --Talcum Powder--15c, 20c, 25c, 50c jar. --Peroxide Cream 35c jar. --Vanishing Cream 25c. 50c. --Cucumber Cream 50c. --Benzoin Almond Lotion 25c. --Mentholatum 2Sc jar. --Honey and Almond Lotion 50c bottle. --Tootb Brushes 18c to 45c each. NEW SPRING SUITS Like the first showing; of new MilHnery. this initial showing of Suits comprises only a limited number of models, but each authentic in every detail of material, color and trimming. A splendid opportunity for the woman who delights in wearing the new styles first. NEW SPRING DRESSES Attractive new style conceits ill both serge and silk, showing; uew treatments in bead and other popular trimmings. Various colors. All sizes. $13.95 Up New Edison Re-Creations Just received, a'nd will be played for you in our Edison Department--second floor. --Xo. S-2133--Buttle Hymn of the Itepnblic (Old Plantation Melody) --by Thomas Chalmers and Chorus. --So. S0373--,k jvalioninR of Spring --by Peerless Orchestra. Pircmette Intermezzo--also' by Peerless 'Orchestra. --So. SOJ5-)--Xeiv Tork Bloes (Rag Classical)--by P. Frosini, accor- diaii. Saxaphone Solo--by Rudy TViedoeft, saxophone. --". ROWS--Ellis .March (Instrumental Duet)--by Ford Hawaiians. One. Two, Three, Konr .Medley-- Waltz--hy \Vaikiki Hawaiian Orchestra, j · --No..»si03--Jf's Xice t« Get Up in the lloriiin'--also AVIicn the, Bonnie. Bonnie Heather is Blooming-- hy Glen Ellison, Baritone. GINGHAMS Zephyr Ginghams in liea«t,ifu! large plaids. Colors woven through and through the fabric to withstand repeated tubbings. Lovely for indoor, pbrch or sport dresses. 32 inches wide and 35c a yard. o VALENTINES --For the Boys in France --For Your Friends Over Here --For Soldiers in Training Camps --Valentines for Sweethearts and relatives in France should he sent right away It they are to be received on time. Valentines for boys in Training Camps in America and Wends at home should be selected soon if you irish the satisfaction of complete assortments. Our Stationery Department is ready to serve you in this respect Valentines may be addressed and mailed" right in the store. --An endless variety of Post Cards at le each. --Valentine Book 3farlcs are 3c eacli. --Fancy Tnleiitines (boxed) nre lOc lo $1.00 each. --Talentinc Booklets at.Sc, lOc, ISc, 20c, 25c each. Confluence. CONFLUENCE, Jan. 30.-- The revival meetings which have been in progress in the Meliodist Episcopal-: WHAT TO USE TO PREVENT APPENDICITIS CooueHsviJJe people should know ! simple buckiliorn bark, glycerine, etc.. LAY 95 EGGS A Year Otherwise a Hen Will Sot Earn Enough to Keep Her. STM to "to;7^^toU SuSS"!» i""" in Adlev-i- k a,nushes the EN-I In order to increase egg production. Lhuich foi four wees., ciosert bunaay , TIRE bmye] t] . act ^ complctely tha[ lt is neces?ary ,,, eliminate ^ non . appendicitis is prevented. 0 N E producer, says H. C. Knande!, in 1 chargb of poultry extension at the Pennsylvania State College. A hen must lay SO eggs to pay for ter which clogged and poisoned your! 1161 ' feed alone. , Fifteen additional Rev. H. C. Trimmer has returned to ^""', ., ,',. " «"="'·«'· " « ^ s home in Ohiopvfe aftev a visit i ^°°- Nl ' b!j *""--**· ""'eves ANY Lth friends here. I CAS ^ s ° w ^°TMA, S*s or constipa- I.ouis Reynolds, Httle son of Mrs: t!0n ^uise u removes ALL tour mat- and Mrs. J. T. Reynolds,, who been quite ill, is improving. has system. The INSTANT action sur- !«56s'arc required, to pay fo- labor and Misse"s"Grace'"anQ"B"theT°Stark and!?"*? 5 i""" rtoctor s and paiio.nts.. A ! depreciation Hence a hen must lay fv C ocd Su" iWd WendS ^ ROCk ' " -- I ^* ^^ o-e'' yCar ^ " Z*2£rsr':»"S a s ** *****»**- \^i^^^^ nellville iifter nsiung friends here j Somerset Countc I l "-- ' * "-- ' ^ several duys. | . " Acres Re-v. A. Ixrag, pastor of a Ciiristian ' churck in Pittaburg, and a former ioc Hails. slubly j ins latCt hcavy eating and bright fycs _ SOJiHRSET, Ja:i. 28.-- The Messrs. [ In addition a hen must have a long. Isaiah Good and Norman E. Knepper j broad back not pinched at the tail, be almost-$69,000. The purchasers wore 1 pelvic bone's. ^^S^^X^f^. CH - P ' KinS ° [ Pe " I *'"B and ,L J,! rn order ,«, increase production in ^r,±rl^,^ ' Harnson of East Bradlord, Va. (,1«- 'ne« generation a» e gs record The timber is mostly oa);. ilirousli j should be ktpt and only eggs from (here is a lot or poplar, bass, asii and ! high praduccrs be used"for hatching, hickory on die. large acreage, which ' I-ale''nioullers sho\ild be kept in the lies in the counties of Jiles a^id Bland, i breedinK flock anil the early raoullers Tbe Somerset meu ownyd tbc proper- i eliminaled. Use strong cockerels. As U" for about JO yt-ars. Options nrigi-;- pullets do not nave Ihe vitality that. Anally were taken on 8,000 acres, when j hens have, they produce small eggs., (there wasn't a railroad within f o u r ' a n d , consequently, small chicks and Try Our ClwstBtrt Ads. ' One cent a word Is »U they cost enis here over Sunday. Kev. J. Ellis of Unioninwn preached In the AVcsl Side Baptist church here Sunday morning. Will Knight lias returned to his home in Osheiva, Canada, alter being her;e. attending the funeral of his brother-in-law, Fred Koonta. James. Conn ot Roctwood . and a former resident here was in town yesterday greeting frienris and transacting business.' miles o{ the tracts. -Now the tract is ! they have no records. skirted by six miles of railway. Jlnatiag Bargains J Try our classified adrerdsemeats. l.y c u. will flncl them in our ad. coluowu. m

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