The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 1918. AERIAL VIEWT OF GERMAN: COMMUNICATION ... · - - :;TRENOffiS DESTROYED BY A BOMBARDMENT K · T^his jihotosraph.^shows a vieW-of"- destroyed German communication trenches after a, successful bombardment by thT Belgian TnTaitr^anTarUllery. This picture was made by a B elgian aerial [observer from a height of several thouauid feet. ~~ ' ~~ · ~" ~'""~ · ·' : ·' " ' " . . ... First Prominent Pugilist Thus to . Suffer in Great War. GAME OF FiHTSNG FM.Y Seventh Annual Report of the Controller of Fayette Co. ty Snrvoj-or. 8ri.ta.ry ? 300.00 oiiMijii V. M»*an. dork. Salarr 1,170.00 Total, .._ ... ? 1,470.00 on «3S." OFFICE. Dr. 8. H. Bttum, Gar-oner, S*il- · ai-y- . .,.. $ 2,000.00 j JaQiic-yt JUTy ypujB ........ 884.00 At Time of Enlistment Wat Known Transportation ot Corpa* 2.00 lnqne«t WfttoeaB CH 92.80 TtXMt. | 2.478.SO i Approprtitflmi "3ft." : coowrr BOTTMI. iDtcreet OA Special County ROiiA BonAi, wrtt» of 1M8 * 10,400.0(1 Avrrovrixhm "SO/' SBAL5JR OF VTmCHITS AND M E A H - TJioes. MJeaaures, Salary f W. J. CatIJa*3uui. JQ:cp em-sea.. Wei£tit« ft DAeAeura, Bc.1- 'ary Ex- Appropriation 3UISIDEPALE \ CF HUMANITY Fright futaess Taught by German ;; i "aders Belongs to Age Barbarism. : SOLEMN PLEDGE MERE WORDS K»l«»r*i auttimWii Had No InUntton · ' f t Keeping FaM» With Tfcelr ; '.. Agreement on International (Jin* ' i --Horror. ToW by Di*ri»s, ; -r ·," In giving to ike Amer-'con people ' the houses -Ve found plenty ^pf wine | «ird'spirit, but DO eatables. formaiion, ihe roufonc? « 3roa?n mainly from German and American ^sources.' !Ts 'Gernwm sources in- faude official proclttTxaiioiu and [ -utterances. .diaries of German soldiers, and quo- ,iaiions, from German nercpapere. ~JTAe "Rides for Field Senricf*' of the . \German army advises each soldier Mo keep such a diary while on active Service. - j In the wars aBCit-nt times . |it was' taken for granted that !qnered peoples, . itortnrcd. or held as slaves ; that their ·{property would"'be : takeh ; antl that their llanos wonld be devsstatea. ""Vac Tic- iW. -- wo* to the. conflfnered-!" For two - 'jceatories or more there bats been a ieteady advance in Introducing ideas, of -humanity and especially- In confining - jthe evils of -warfare to the )coinbataiit». · The ideal -'seemed"to7 Save" become '90 iboroughly established as a part of l»- !t»nmtiooal law that the powers at The GElagae thought it sufficient iaer.ely.^to ; state the general princrples in ; 'Ardcl« ' of the regnlaUongv'TamOj -·o« and rights, the U-ren of persons ·]and prtrate property, as woll as r»- conrictiona and practice, · toe respected. PrtTatc property cannot (be confiscated." Germany, in common jwith the other power*, ftolemrrty ..ipledgea her faith,to keep-this-article, .(bat her military lemdere had no Intea- dolitff so. Th«y had _bee» ned in the ideas voiced-by GenCVco fUrtraann 40 years ago: *Terrorism Men to be relatively gontie pro unefnl to keep-the minis** of [tbo people In .ajjrtate'q* obediM**.* ; |Thlir"had.been_,Bl9inaTck*« policy, to^. _ _ ,;!AeeoriJinr to Morltz Bu«n, Blsmarir-a . %ixgrapber, Binmarck, cratparatBiJ bjr : Ittae Fiecch realntance, which we» itfll leontimtlng in Junoary, 1871, naifl: ... . : I "It 2c the tprrltory -wbieh we oce»w, we cannot supply, ererythins for oor :'. troopi, from time to. Hrae TB shall iseiw} ~[a ttjtnt column, into tb* leiealttli* ' ' [which an recalcitrant TV* ' and barn. Aftwr that bai tap- a few times, Ox InhaMtmfci wfU 4iraily eauui to thdr.~* Horror* T*M in ·oMtonr' t T!ie fMshtfnlness.taBgW-kjf.tJM O*^ ·an Uader* held_tull swny In"TBitiimn. This i» best "seen ID the~entHe« la tlM jdbtrla* -of- the iodlvldiut damn ve Out aWm in tti» taktn -pHsmier, a«rt tbe OJHKMB »w» fecrat Tft priftmcnf were ^uada EQ march aad keep vp with ft* officer Iteinfeoid Eoctin f battalion t ~*»«uie*fs, Thiid - anay i "A h»rtW« ixrti of Mood. '?hs whole village buim^tae" French thrown i»te the bi«ztag 'taoBsae. ci»!nins wirh ti« rest/ 1 .-. '(«M| rba diary' at "la tte Dtghi. 1 of . \Sgist 18-10 tfc* Tti- lage of Saint : KnLjiric"e:' wac for hFring'ffVed'O German ^ keisg burnt to- the gronad by the maa poops (two reglraec^s. " landwetor aod tJi^ The village' posted about. a. yard fma one an, so-rhwt no'-jonir cwi.l get ontr tbc Wilar» v »et. ire 'tii It. boaae' man, woman, artr " as that covld be -used. Anyone who ventured to come 'out was shot down. All tie Inhabitants left tn tbe YttlRge were barrit* with'tiie" nobaes." (From the diary of Prtrat^ Karl Schenfetc of tbe Third Bavarian regiment and btntl- -.weJir Infantry.}*- ~-.: · ' _ . . . . . . .'.~ "At ten o'clock Jn the evening the first battalion of. the One hundred and c steep to the ·bornlnff'Vtnace'fo' the'nbTthL of Dfnnnt. *L terrific rspectacle'" of ghastly beauty. -At tJM entzmbce to tfieTillage Jny about "flftV' 'dead dTfllatw," thot "for h'avlag ·fired upoB 'wir "tioaiis ft,ijm ambtiah^ODn ^be.coon« H ^lQ^"ii^h1£'iDiai7 others^were also «lwt, .So'.Qiat jris cobntetforer 200. Wowen --aacVchUdrcn,' lamp In Jmad, T"r*re forced- 7 to look on at the horriWe~»ceiae./'·'·1^ ate'oar rice later ·jn the mtdart oitiae. corpgea, for we had imdaotMa^ since morning. When irt* red;and-; 8«T«rty-eightb._reg^menf: of infaatry/Twelfth army corps^) Writfag from Belgium in 1016 Win S. Cobb aaid: -- ^Briefly- what I saw wns this: I .saw- wide, areas of Befftani ,and Prance tn which not n peany?s_ worth- in! wanton destruction had .been-permitted to oc- _CUT, to -which the ripe' pear* hung nn- ·totiched npontthp pardon.Crisis; and I .saw. other _wtde;areas where scarcely one fftone had'bpea.Jeft^to stand upon another; where the fields were ray- aged ; where ..the -male rtOftgets hud leen : sbot in squads,;..where tiie ralsar- ; able survivors had been left to den in TjbJes,' like-"wffd beasts." vance after the artillery-has tborough- up'. prepared tbe groaad ahead. The .Pioneers and Infantry regiment 178 I World Over as Man Who Had Won ! a Decision Over JIro Jeffrie*-- . j Was Born Flghtar. 1 Jdc Monroe Is the one prominent I p\:fflUst to Lose fin arm In the ^war in ! ! Europe, says'the Pttjtsburgh. Dlapatch. ; ! When a litd Jack chopped off half'ot j hia right foot So now he t» mlrniH an ; j arm aiid half n foot. . ! i Jack went from Canada to Join the British army In Europe. His was a ' voluntary -enlistment, for ha was born i in Chester, Pa., In 1877. AU.Cannda and England talked about Jack's enlistment, for he waa then known the worlC over as the man who had won u decision over ChniniJlon Jim Jeffries. j But Jaclr was a born fighter, and he never loved anything better than a Hcrap. At that, Jack came of a fighting j family. His father was a man of amaU · Btntura, but Ms mnther was more thau ' sir ft»et tall. He had four brothers, all orcr six feet tall and older than him; aelf. j Drifted Into Mining. "When Jnck was twelve years oM hia j C .^ (J ° J *^ AAQ : . - . « . , , . , , ._ . , . St»tt Asj'mrn 1-or tJic ChronJc two brotbers and blmself traveled to ; IJM(ajie Wrrnowvme, Pa... Nevada. He had an uncle ha the mln- j Pwui*yrvftsue Trajjitog School Ing business there and the boya naturally drifted Into the same calling. From Nevada one brother and Jack went to Butte. There he went to achoot He was a hiuky lad and «wm Joined the football team, playing the position ot left guard. When Monroe completed bis high school term he weat Continued from Pag~o S^ven. Moim.ll en Twp.. ^eftrlplit J.loiul, LiuAj-or o-T Pj-ianiiflrs NonJi Unlun T"\vp.. fU^ail, I^abor of i j rlsnior8 BffcrKQtt Tivp., j\.31xi.n} - JliJl Itoud, Ixtbor oC . pj-isoncrrs Erownsvillo Twy.. Goal J Ull Rotiil, J-i-oor o-f PrUwinorfi Bn^vnsv-IIJo Twp.. Rlvor Htad, Jjabor ot I'riBimnrs JefTcreon Twp., nrir/.no-!l Ttood, J«ubor of PrLn'.noru 3,507.84 MAIXTBNAJK3K OF CIUMIN'AL3 AND INiiAMS PATIENTS. Dtsroo-nt Hoap-Ltal Cor t3i« In- ·*a« at Dtxmont, Pa.. ..4 1G.2S3.32 Sameroei Coimcy Hjoin* and Ho*pUnl {or tho Inrsajie.. 9,085.37 AUe«tieny County Work HODM, Hobokon, Pa ..... 0,195.5 Ho»*.l for i Crbni- back to mining!* Later oe played on tbe football team. That was ISf'S and 1B06. In those years bis team beat . were marching in front of us. Near j every organization west of the Missls- a small village tiie latter, were fired oa j sippi river. by.ahe Inhabitant*. About 220 Inhabitants were shot. and the village was borne--artillery ,is continuously shooting -- the village lien In a.- large -ravine. Just now, six o'clock in the afternoon, the crossing of the ^laas begins near Dinnnt . . . All villages, chateaux, .and houses ore burnt down, during this night. It was a beaatlfol sight to see the flres all round us In the distance. . "August . 24. -- In every village one finds only, heaps of ruins and many dead." From the diary of Matbern. Fourth company, Eleventh Jager battalion, Marburg.) All Male Inhabitants Shot. "A shell burst Bear the Eleventh company, and wounded seven men, three very severely. At five o'clock we ! were ordered by the officer in command of the regiment to slinot all tbe male inhabitants of Nomoi.y, because the population was, foolishly attempt- tag to stay the advance of the German troops by force of arms. We broke into tbe booses, and seized all vrho resisted, in order to execute, them according to martial law. Xho houses which had not been already destroyed by tbe French artillery and our own were set on fire by ns. so that, nearly the whole town was reduced to ashes. It is a terrible sight when helpless women and chndren, utterly destitute, are herded together and driven into France." (Prom the diary of Private Fischer, Eighth Bavarian regiment of Infantry, Thirty-third reserve division.) In«*ne. Farvlow, Pa... The Boys Industrial HonM. of Mtorgaixa. "Wwttern P Industrial Res', HorLthgx1on, Pa G-ftorjre Junior Kepufallc, Grove Gitr. P*. JtCMHtal ExtumlnACloTia Canvaj'kts IBttnc p£l«ats.. Tiie Undoivtown iJospltal .. Wo«cinorolanx3 County Home Itorno ot tiie Good Sbaphcrd, Pn Aid Society 22ti.BG 2.516.78 HJTB.Or. 3.0S8.80 214.50 343.00 3 OK. 04 117. W) 10»J4 54.SO Even SoMtera Horrified. Too Many Servcnta In Britain. Duncan Miller asked tile minister of Some German. soldiers, we are glad i national service, says the London to see, showed their horror at the foul'I Times, whether his attention has been de«d committed in Belgium. "The inhabitants hnvc fled in the village.- It waa horrible. There was clot- ted'blood on all th«'txparta, und what faces one saw, terrible, to behold i The dead, 60 in all, were at once burled. Ankong them were many old vroocn, flome old men, and a half-delivered ·Tvotnan, awfnl to see; three children nad'tlasped each other, and died this. The altar and the .vaults'of the church are .shattered. · They had a telephone there to eomnnmlcate with the enemy. This morning, September 2, all the tur- vtvors were, expelled, and I saw four tllWe -bpTs carrying a cradle, with' a ·baby -fire or aii months old In It, on two etirirjL AH thU WM terrible to see. Shot aftar shot! Tbunderbplt frftcr tknudorboHI BTerytblTig U given over to pillaft; fowl* and the reat all Mn#d. I aaw a mother, too, with her two childxtt; one had a treat wovnd ;o«^-th*_ h«»d" RBd.,^iad loat an eye." :.(^«om"thor diary r of!"Lance,' Corporal Pwrri Bjrfelman of tn* Brwti, flrat bri- Cd* af Infantry of the Gtaard.) " , , , IB tho night the InhebitaaU of Llaffe baeam* nratinou*, Forty per- aotuw were nhot nod 1C booses dvmol- tBhed, 10 Midlers ehoL The slcbts here make yen fry, 1 V , .. "On the OTrd at Anjast everrfhtag (psletr TH« "inhabitant* hava ao far given IB. Bareaty atvdanl* were shot, ·990 - kept, prtvaura, lababituta r»- tnrrtlnif to Uece, _«4«ciu*ftaV At Boon vffli 96 ram on ·entry Anty'.fhniry Atiij I" A1, no fw»t allocated t» nut OBF oomoatlfm, apart from batWBC Ut eada« imd drinking. We n** 14» God In Baf^ant/* (F Jbe dtaiT at frh, Tan der SbtorxX, feet fltft^Tenrh evnrpnny, Tliirty- ninth resOTve intcBtry rafffnemt, B«ir- called to the nmnber of Bdvertlscmunts for flervantB in households of one, two or three persons, where seven to ten Indoor servants are already leapt, and whether he proposes to limit tho number of indoor sorvnntj employed in '(inch honwaold. The minister of national service repll"! that bo hnd already pointed out how essential It i«, in the national interest, that no person ahotticV employ more ncrvitntfl than are \abaohjtoly necessary. Tho minister trust* that the awakoned consciences of those who have in this 'respect failed to appreciate thoir duty "WfQ provido an Immediate and sufficient remedy. H not, he will tall his plan in the general. statement on man power. Stopping the ttx-Cnr's Express. Tho er-eoirlna's belief in tho unspeakable Baspntta proves that she wu ot a . strongly superstttiooi turn of mind, and the is generally regarded as the true mnkor of the revolution in BcaiU, bat an Inddmit which occurred Monroe was the lightest man In a rush line that averaged 220 pounds, yet he held hu position for two years, which shows what a good player ho was. v Went to Can Franelico. After the close of the season, Monroe went bock to mining and was made mine boss of the first four levels, with 100 men under him. He had saved £700 and got the id«a one day to visit San Francisco. He played football with th« big Olympic A. 0. team and incidentally went out and boxed with the big fjgbt- ers who came to San Francisco to train. He boxed a lot with Jock O'Brien and Jack Moitat and learned all he knew up to the time' he went East with Mcffat About a month after his second season with the Olympic dub he 'entered a boxing tournament and won the amateur heavyweight championship by kno -C, out Milward in three rounds and. i._!lngher In two rounds. Both bout* ware scheduled to go four ' rounds. | After that Milward and Gallagher ·won.championship events, which made Konroe think well of himself as a braer. Total $ G1.0tl3.00 ' Appropriitrton "ST.' SHEET? CXjAJKB, SH-WT) Claims $ 738.10 J. A. Thompson Co., Jog T^fs BS.OO Dog- Tax Receipt Books ... 35.20 Tote.1 ? 021.30 Appropriation "33," COUNTY VU5WBRS. F. D. Muneon, Oouirty Viewer 5 J. Hiram MBlor, E. Viow- "Wintenn S. McClay, Coon,ty, Vlower .................. J. H. IjuxIeoburKOr, County Vlower .................. W. D. Sliorfcfc, County Vlopr- er ....................... J. V. E. Elite. Oonuty Vlow- 5.5U 102.00 IS. 06 2.00 ;a -Uon Policy for 1330.. urn on Employers' ijfa- blli- y Compensation Policy for ) f t i 8 Apprc prlatkn to Fayotto Itoad. Labo-r o£ frlaonons £kiu.Ui Unioji Twp.. TiMt-iup- eon X TUnui, Jji-bur c^" 3*ns- ora "Uj)V lC1 " Tyrone Twp., Ovrtiis- dJilo KorwJ, Ijo*bor *f f'ris- onorH Hiwry OldlanO, "Kor^nmn, Donu]d licampr, Tmok Prlv- Bay MoCliUn. Truck Drivr-r u n k Knrniedy, OTi«n3l««r Riiy one OuaixUnff T'rie- FcimwvIHp Itood John-yon Curtfsr. ln-»p«;tar. Colunl.i.1 No. 0 ItoeuJ 33. O, It. R. Co.. SjMKMal "WutwhTiain, Brood Kcwd ILoud Pater J5Jlus. GuardJiiff South Uaton Twp.. -Hoad Maj".tiii Klnwp*n-ld*r, I'orui**- viUle Ftoa^ Ponn-svillft .RoiuJ K. ·nasui, Joseph . lo R,oaI. . . . Patrolman, 3 .......... r*Fi,tPolanan. ioal House .................... Seur.Tuui 1J. Hitrvey, pjttrol- niau, Colonial Xu. 3 JLoad Albt» M. ILirvey, Pair iL:nan, Colon Ia.1 No. 3 Road ...... Au-Lo Lilcense for Overland Boadtfter lor 1»17 ........ Roadster for Hoad Auto Jjlvonse for Iodj£e HoadHtor for 1917 Repiati 1 if. T ruck '«' Jioad Mcuintenajvce Work Prtmi ITJI on 1 neurancc fw County AuKJiKbilo6 Boa'l Sit;iia. Cu-urt Oo^ts. TowtinjT Hrtok. Ccrmsnt. c.. for County Hoads ........ Stakes for Surveys. c . . . . si TtK for Ooiwrt ruction Bids COL'NTY HOAD j5NCHNDJ3R*S PICK: JoJm T. Gtojlia.rt, Jr.. Hoad Kngin- tsor. Salary ff S.000.00 Joiin T. Gwph^rt. . . Road Salary K. C. M tir' Farm -oiiwiiRskm on Fines due . Karaite County Law 1j\- br.-t.ry, 191C Appropriation to Knyette County Jjnw I/Jbrary CoTistiLblo's Pay fyr Kttltng Does Holding InHtHutf:, German Twj,, P u f j l i c Kcfiools Hold in ir Institute, Unlontown I'uliJic Scliools Holilinp Institute, Kotlstone Twp., Public Schools Comity Institute Appropria- t i o n for 1917 Join U. "Wright. Motorcycle | Oincer. Salary I John B. "Wright, Kxponsei*.. Orl:md Lcljrhty, MotorcycJo i OfR/:or. Salary ! Oriand Tjclphty, ExppnfHrc.. ; J. A. Kerns, Motorcycle : Otilcor, Salary McndoG Mfff. Co., Motorcycle Equipment far Coonty Ie- tcct.lTc's Office Reward for tlic Aj'prehen- fioii of HOTRO Thieves M f i n u r l a l JonatIoTie to G. A. y\pprrjprlatif»n for tho Ex- tinguishment at irirfln. .. -2-L H. Itaer. Motorcycle Officer, Salary H. H. Baer, Bxpennefi G u a r d i n g PrisoncrB at County Homft' Court Coata, PremJumK, e,, on County Bonfls Richard Davis, Clerk of Courts, Poea payabl-e by | County i Gen. M. Uathmoll. Prothono- | tary. Kece payable by ! County j H. C". flays, Recorder, Fees payable by County Thomas L. Howard, Sheriff, Fcos pa)-B,blc by County .. Dr. S. H. E»um, Coroner. Fe«B payable by County.- MT. BR^VDDOCK FARM: Suj7p!l«K for Mt. BraddockFarm.. Labor on Mt. Braddock Farm. Th reef lint? Grain, Balling" Hay, c 322.71 Live Stock. Mt. Braddocic Karm. 1,110.00 Hor«e Hire, ML. Braddock Farm. 100.00 313.08 j^dverti^ing for 9G - 10 Bids for Live Stock 1.40 Transportation of. Prisoners (o Farm Premiums on Insurance. Farm Buildings 328*40 2,5-00.80 3,333.50 1.500.09 I.71J.OO 107.00 146.3,1 IW.«0 IXtf.72 J.II.«W WiC. M JOMO 223.53 210.(XJ 121L6T 10-00 i) 10.00 10.00 247.GQ 326.30 i,e«o.oo 46.00 H. Bbma. Coun-ty Vleirer .................. Harrr B. Gane, County Vlow- er ....................... PrintinK, Lotptl Notices, c .__. Powell. Dra^tamun. Salary ......' Ed Kit r Poweli, 27S.SO | Expenses [ W.' L. J^uan. Rood 333.SO) Engineer. Sal- 2.075-Ou 330.73 S (12.83 73.-15 Total S 2.6 MJTO RACER AND DRIVER IS NOW IN FLYING SQUAD MOTHERS' PENSION FUXD. Board erf Trn«te««, Mother's Pmslon Pinitl. account o'- ft^o oxpor.»Cfl, fee., for the year 1D17 ................ J 1. McrtQmr'B Pnn(«lin« Tor tilp inonth* of Dec. "1010 to Do- Cfiraber 1017. both Inclu- ·ive ........ . ............ To-ta,! Rond, Dan bar 4.230.-J9 COUNTY ROA.D FTJNTI. Twp., Road, Oon- $ 7.269.0O Rrvcr i Construction, ifee. . . 224.28 ] Twp., Rood, Con- j re Rond, OonRtruc- W. 1.. Dunn. Expenses ........ A. C. Jor.ius, Ci;itJr- nm.Ti. S;tlory ---A, C. ,Ton*s3. Ex- perties ........ Harry Strtckler, ChnLnman, Salary ............ Harry Stricklcr, Expn.sos .· ..... T. Quay Rush, C h a l n m a n . Stil- nry ........... T. Quay Rush. l"x- penses ........ J. C. Augustine, Chainman, Salary ............ J. C. 219.42 24.05 270.00 27.-10 40P.flS I::G.OO GT2.W 139.00 304.9* 185.84 309-00 280.00 4,919.75 Z,r75.S5 180.15 3,676.19 8,651.75 167.65 6.236.30 Total oxpenditures, Jan. 1st, 1917 to Jan. 5tb. 1^18 JS08.OS7.53 RECEIPTS. Balance in Treasury, January 1st, 1917 a^ follows: General Fund $172,203-70 Special County Road Fund.. 94,032.48 lu-.ceipts from January 1st, 3T-17 to January th, 2 2 I S 79S.211..14 Total $1,031.446.72 KXPEXDJTUHES. Kxpcnditures from January 1st i y j 7 to Januarv 5th, 1P1S J808.087.53 Balance Jr. Treasury January a t h . 1918. aa follows: General Fund ..'. . I1GS.292.47 Spocia! County Road Fund 7G.550.62 Poor Fund 8.516.10 25S.359.1? Ac a , Rooxi, I Jlmut. JBrond Eddie Hlo!«mbaeJrer, one of the fa»t- ost unto urlvore in the world, IB now in tho aviation service, and has won a LUu 17. In tm» altonMt) I tad a lent at (t» Tlttl. «tat»» t» ana of ttn Mag's isnctnfai (net at ~ kmnot, ~tM* nvilcr' »Hlar f(m, had a«tui»«d Ilka thi fad their ittentioa to flu 6«dr«eHic apd ttwBwo diiafe about ail over (be place. Itoif' bad *«· fuMAt (ruitUss cttatis: to Gnash the aaf* open. SetrrfUft t fiHalL toi»jr-4 niAc ten, silk, ani cvm cbiaa. That's wbat tte »Mi ara »ftrwctl to £or t^kHBseiTes;. Ham SEMre iiswc tafcn^ away. * beap of. Ti"cWi 4«il sitnjpi/ for etULpteffiMre of -"^' u A o jnctf"CTi cto£ii6ii frocti-fTi *lduki- UuiA.jOB.VbMnl£r very, ^ood to ss and ^ve ^B..»wuDi' thicks. There is no dU- . ' I*TT j " J ']' (between Bir- JytHnyg cf DLsongo). ins pnTBd when tie accldimtailjr left it trebled him when (mvoling tn Moaoow, Ha bad ttm train stopped Uu£iratly, K Rxeial fxprest chajtorod. and a tnttr piasiongcr sent post-baets ' buck (B Je'tan the piissinff ping, wiwrirt ke oflaw the train to badge an ineli ttll-^U ntacsenger retpaed, hoars with the »eUo] . whnat the wc-canr "wtu t«TeUna from! commiiudon as ft Uanteaant, Illckeu- P«troffrftd to MUBCOW proves that tba " «jp»F»tltlon !« not all on her slrift r It appeora, iya a writec, that the «tCMP -wefiw ft rtng Jn which he be- Ji*TM is Hfliwdditd /mgm*nt of tlis tree eroa*, It TTOB orlglnftlljr one o« the t-reuBBK* of.tha Vatican and was pMMntKi to 000 of ,tlu »r*8 prpA MMpri for dlpiaiHiHQ ecBons, Tiie raloa he pl«oo« on ttaii wtui untn recently the driTer for Qaneral Perahiag in Frauee, When aiukanhaoUer volanteered altar the deelamtlan of war ho was made top sergeant and soon assigned to drive the commander's cur. Be* lore enlisting ho tried to organin u corps of racing drivers and mechanics to enlist iu the aviation corps, ?Fho venture didn't run out, so he himself took tho oath and jninaiii the army. an, A c . . . air Road. "Wnlmit illII Rvxwl, Conwtruc- tlou, c WivttMn*rt/n T-«rp.. Road, Broad Ford - Oonnoljvlllo North tTnlnn Tw-p-. Road. Constr\ioc!:lon, A-e Dettetone TTrp., C'nLonial No. 3 Rood, Go-in* ruction. Ac BoJJrtkhi Twp.. PennsvMle C1ifi.r5e^oon Sch-ool HOUHO O(HMitru*'.tion, S i f . , . . Tvrp.. McCI»l(and- Loa-d, Con«truoLLon, Twp., ftoad, Gannuiu Chainman, Sal- InsfWitor. Salary ............ Harry Huckney. Chalnman, Sni- ary ............ Pw,al Cornish, . T nw3]ort a tio n »f Corps .......... Aiu»mobU{- Hire. Ga.-K.HiK-, Re- Total J1.061.44S.72 14,04 M Common-wealth of Pennsylvania, County of Fayette, SP:-Personally appeared Hnrry Ktsinsrer, Cortrollfir of Fayotte County, Pennsylvania. who being duly sworn, do- poaes 1 and tttiys that the forosroingr stato- inent of the fiscal affairs of tho county ot Fayetto, from January 1st, 1917 to January V 5th, 191S, is true and correct to t h e best of his knowledge and belief as shown from the books k«pt In j«:ild Controller's office. HARRY KISrNGER. County Controller. Sworn and fmbscribexl before me this 2$th day of January. A. D.. 191 S. GEO. M, RATHMELL. ProUionotary. Total *27:',.4'J4.00 (N'ci'l e:--T:10 J«.rnounla pn.i'l for ftii- arius Kxponwiis. .tf., und»ir Appnprla- tinn"" No. IK! Includes the e»»l of cn- ptnoorinK 1 fir t-h^ en-ctlon n n d repair\i\K i+f C o u n t y ]3rlfl*?«-s a-moun-ting; to Juste*! wllli ihu Spoc'ial C o u n t y Roiid Twp.i C«i v l U « Hoad, Coi'mtrue- I Burial of Appro print Ion **11U'* KLI.ANKOUS AOCO17VT.. lndlffent Solrtit-rH. .1 2,800.00 Nww ft*tloTn atnictaou, Uoad, ,,.,., T*wi)., Ftivor FRANK1E MURPHY ENLISTS Well-Known Dtwwr Boxnr Jolm United States Aviation Corp*. Fnmkie Mticpfiy, the wcll-Jrnown DenyBE hoiev, is goiiia to pack up bis fight mitts soon and tuke a filer into a paute That takes mere wind and nerve than Jessing gloves In a ring enti w$j dtii. The Denver scrapper has Mm. Tb* fffimte jnochlne opei-atr In t!w Birmingham and WttlaaU enlisteri In the UaUeii Stiites aviation tKitlw bmre beea awarded ad- i cocps and will fly tiie coop right away, BB be is Uahie to e called any day. IJnnphy is a potluct of the arwDnl D. A. 0. tourney of sewewtl ycflts 390, and has fought some of the best Hgbt- vzelgkts In tiie country. Peraale last October. machiae operators fifteen age aad CHTIBC ore .to. receive JO per, peat bonus on their.actual etnt:. Ilt^ii.. GPJie minimum rate for those of yc*»8 Bad eveE f wJirj 'hair machine operatura Joe muit ffia'n gne yratr, is to'be 13 centi in boor toe hot-wax machines, nod 11 peats £DC dry-thread raartilnes.. The Hme rate for female operators between the o^es .of fifteen and eighteen is to reninfn «s at present, provided that after being engaged -on machkiua for one' year flie time rate shiil! not be les?"tfi2Ji eight ceils'-per hour. Tlne and a ball' has been settled as the OTertime rate. ' · Tor our ' advertiscmeaia. B. Q. Nix on, H.orni Jimma.s'oa, WiLlnut Kn[ Uuiul. ....... I*. Jurii er, Road liaaaatfAH, Broad iTord - Owomsvlalo Uoad , , . ; , . . , . , . , , , , . . , . . J?J7n Iveysar, JlojifJ rxtm.ig'eB, Broaii ¥ord J^o;id : : . . . . . . Harry MafBe, Rond DJvrruLgiiB, . Broad IT^rd Road , . . . . , . . Alfred Manit^fMnor^, Iloaj! Da-magea, Waaiilnaion twp. Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . East Goniiftllsvillo Ootce Coot al, Hoa^l Dtunaffea, Qor- ; G r a v e K . S u n d r y C*iata. Jell 13. Svvfconey, S t f - n n p r r a u l i - er for Sit[Jt. n£ SelU'wla. . . . i t f t t o Tax riii J u d g m e n t s cn- toi-dd by C o u n t y · r o i n l u m un Kmpioyurs* ialii!- Hy Oonijjenealioii f'clicy iriiUtional 1'rbm.uini on Com- . Henry MOUffer-, R«ad liaim- agree, Broa*i ITaixi Road. . U. C. Prick Coke CM., Rnarf 'l^amagc*. Brnaxl l^crd G. IliiVris,' RrtAd wB. German T'^p.. Jasper CofFman, " Gecjaun Ro-ad liam- Hoad ITwp,, 830.hC 3.00 II. K, MacQuarrie, Attorney. MARTHA W. QBNT VS. JAMES H. Gent, Jn the Court of Common Pleas oi" Fayette County, ra_. No. 271 December Torm, l!»17. To Jamoti H. Gent, respondent, you are hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena, in t h l H have been returned "Non est invemn.f." you are therefore required to iippuiir in t h e Court of Common Pleas of Viyettft County. Pa., on tho third Monday of February of said Court, 131$, to answer the libel and complaint fllcrt t h e r e i n , :md show cause, if any you hiivf, why a divorce from the bonds of matrimony should not bo granted the l i b u l k i n t above named. THOS. L. HOWAHI, Sheriff. Sheriff's OiHoe. Jan. 15, 19 is. Sinv 1 ( P H A M f t T W I i Tft ftU- 1., 1 IWMl 1 M 1 U BE A BIU(r,UUE.U GKX.KJLVL g Scaclght Roa-d, Bfenailcr. Twp., . . . . . . . . . . Ton (a. fcc.. for ifaJn-lcniancc of County Uoatte ........ Rotm-irs to Owcnsdalc" Hoad, Upper Tyrone Twp ..... .. Repairs to GlHespIc "Hood, PEKKANT BOUND F3R STUD Will Be Added to List of Stafllane at Brock dale Farm. Harry Bayne Whitney's great racehorse Pennant will be added to the list of stallions at Broofcdale Farm, according to Trainer James Uowc. Peanuot, vrliich was unbeaten as a two and three-yenr-old, has had a difficult time since because of a bad leg nhlch made It difficult to get htm in Jona tor tbe races. Repal rs ^p 'Niptopsb^n JX. Jlosd, Sou'th p»Jon Twp,, Ropadrs to ^a-Irbank Road. Reilstoua EEwp ............ Repairs to Fayette CHy'Roacl', WosMn-Kfxm Twp ......... .Repairs to CofU T-t\\l' "Aoad. - Brownavllle ^arp., . . . - · ; Repairs t TtiTer ' 'Rohd', Brownsville Tvrp.," ....... Rop*uire .to Henderson L.an6 Redstone Twp ...... to worth Uni^n T^wp. Repairs to Mcnillen Twp., Road .................... Ropiuirs to Jeffersor. Twp., Road ................ ---Repairs to A'l'b'any Htll Hoad. Jeftorwo-n Tw^., ......... nopair.1 tD Alicia Road, IAI- srerne Twp., : ............. Repp-^rs to Broad Pord-'Con- nen-srvMle Road. Oonneils- vine Tvrp ................ 1!. G. Mny, Attornej". M A K Y O. CHUBB VS. FREDERICK VT. Chubb. 3n ih« Court of Common Picas of Payette County. Pa.. No. 37S December Term, 1S17. To Frederick W.Chnbb, t-ttKDonitttiit, you are hereby notified that tho subpoena and alias subpoena in this have b^en returned ll Non cst uv«jnliii?," you are therefore required u , hi cjurt Conmion pi O f Fayatlo County, Pa., on Uie third Monday of Kebriiary of said Court, 1918. to answer the IitiGl and complaint fil«l thtrfiln, and show cause, if any you liav*. «'hy a divorce from the bonds of matrimony should not bo granted the lib«!3nnt above named. THOS. L. HOWARD. Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, Jan. 15, 1»18. H. K. llacQuarrio, Attorney. ROSA, TIJRI VS. IONAT2 TURT. In tho Court of Common Pleas of Fayette County, Pa;, No. 109 December Torm, j937. To Jgniatz Turl, re- spondc-.nt, you itre hereby notified that tlio subpoena and alias subpoena in this cn.Kii have boon returned "Kon est j n v e n t u f , " S T OU are therefore required 10 appear in tho Court of Common Pleas i of Fayette County, Pa., on the third i Monday of February of said Court, 1918. Mo answer the libel and complaint filed I therein, and show cause. If any you I hav«, why a divorce from the bonds of i matrimony should not be KT.i.nted the libellunt above named. THOS. L. HOWA.RD. Sheriff. SheriJTs Office. Jan. 15. 131B. Lieut. Col. William V. Judson, American military aUacbc at Pctrograd. has besi promoted to be a brigadier general and ^rill be recalled to ibJs -ountry. S, R. Goldsmith, Attorney. ROS1E KROUSEK "VS. AL.BBRT Kroiiser. la the Court of Common Pleas uf Payette County, Pa., No. 149, December Term. 1917. To Albert Krouser, respondent, you are hereby notified that the subpoena and nifaa subpoena In this c;uje have been returned "Non est inrcnlus." you art therefore required ID appear in the Court ot Common Picas of Fayette County, Pa,, on the third 2Ionday of February of uriid Court. 1918. to answer the libel and complaint flled therein, and show cause, if any -you have, why a divorce from tJie bonds of matrimony should not be granted the l i b o l l a n t above named. THOS. I*. HOWAKO, Sheriff, Sheriff's Office, Jan. 15, 1918.

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