The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AUQTJ8T Limit Debate Knowles Face to face now with the flag debate which could last week or even month and might force an early Winter election. Parliamentary rule expert Stanley Knowlea today made what he called an appeal to reason in an open tetter to an pany leaders. . an MP for Winnipeg. 'North Centre, asked coniideratjon'of rule under which pny leaden In advance could determine toe length of debate. Carefully, he said such limitation rule would not apply necessarily to the flag debate although, he went on cautiously to suggest, H could. If the party leaders so agreed, even at this eleventh hour. There were debate limitations now on the budget .and the throne speech, with feelings on both the number of days allowed the House collectively. and the time given MP's lndi vidualty. " Nursing Home Thef Quebec Family and Wei- fare Department has approved, the permit of operation of the 70-bed Mont St iude Nursing. Home in South Hull. V. , ( -The home will be operated .by the Mont SL Jude Corpora tion, headed by Antonio Pres ses u, in a buuding which for Approve South Hull marly housed the Koronet InMthat at least 19 cattle In the It was completely renovated to . offer ' all needed modern services end medical staff has been appointed- : t- ... MISS CALIFORNIA WINS LONG BEACH. Calif. Wl- Misa California, . lS-year-o)d Unda.Ann Taylor; was named th American Beauty Tuesday night at the International Beauty congress. The sutiMtht late Arthur Christiansen, ' esque beauty from San Diego wlH compete with contestants of 41 other nations for the title f "Miss International Beauty,' who will be crowned Friday., Shot Daily '.,. Fridm) 9 to 9 in Air Coniitioni Comfort! downtown If v ,-CAPLAN'S ' , ; Knits"- V I " " . , I 1 1 version, ef ilMie m ' I- ; I , ra (Ian iim. ttnj m . I I. I matchina belt tally 11 'I ,,n' ' ahMiM! black, H .".'.' I ; I 'r I ' tral. ehurroal, moV pay. ' - ,11. I I '" a. amwn, dh. II I enea, earhon blua,Tan4 II . ' " III - atn aaatala. Htm to fl . " $25 " II ' ' . . ;- ?AHiojf noon II " ' i I I Handbags. iGloves and v ' French Beret MMfc '"'I ' ' W -! i 1 . I x ahion noon ,, w ' i Caplan'i RJdeau 12, 1964 " ftrom Pan Ontl Violent uowntown Ottawa was blacked out for about five min utes shortly after 8 p.m. and several traffic lights failed to operate, the Civic Complaints Bureau said. Ottawa Hydro officials said they had no record of power failure at that time. If power was off. a spokesman said, ft was because of regular main tenance. The - spokesman eaid there wet tailotr in Ottawa about neau. Power Juid break. -At Ay Inter, , power failed throughout most, of the- town for few. amnute between g end 9 p.m. A Catrneatt Power official attributed the failure to IUH4I W lines in bot- lightning which, truck lines the Gatineau. Rain (wished down laws for almost an hour between 10. and 11 p.m. and forced many motorists to stop and wait for itto lessen before driving on. Eastvles City Hal) had one minor complaint of flooding and Ottawa's West End re- a number of flooding :aus. The Ottawa Civic Complaints Bureau said a few tree branches in scattered areas of the city had come down but there were no other storm damage com- m xenrrew .ana the west d of Unark Couhties. called the driest spots in Ontario by Mr. Steele, the rains were help ing pastures burned to a crisp by the prolonged. drought. rr ALL HELPS, ? nr. uencn m rnnrrew sale; tne one-third inch or overnight rain didn't change the des perate situation,! much but "every little bK helps." nature nave been so dry Pembroke area alone have died of eating -wilted choke cherry leaves, Mr. oencn said. v Farmers have appealed for government financial assistance to qy haylrpra other parts oi Ontario.-' . . .-.'NAME EDITOR W HOVVON (CP) Michael Christiansen. 37.vmiuiM ann nl has been named editor of the mass lmilatian Sunday Mirror. -Hia faiheT 'was ' for many year' tAH l .The PalU Ex press. ; ;'! r.Ti i t'JtTMUj and - then tor the .air- 'if' . i ; I collection of I St. ... Air Conditioned - v From Pae One Turkish Creek-Cyprlot Foreign Minister Spyros Kyprlanou flew to Athens Tuesday and met with Papandreou. Later, the Creek government issued a commun4l k)ue pledging full support in Cyprus in case oi another Turkish attack. " RAPS BOMBING - "In view of the barbaric (Turkish) bombing of the -non- combatant population, the Athens government decided in an extraordinary session to throw its full weight in support of Cy prus," Athens radio said. . "Makarioi said he axDacted his ;ppeaisfor niliury aid to be succenhi). Cyprus has asked lor bebV from the Soviet Union, the LUnited Arab Republic, Yugo slavia and Syria, but the response has been mainly words of support, Creek-Cypriot newspaper re ported today that Makarios had repeated hia request to Soviet Premier- Khrushchev for military aid. y President Nasser of the U.A.R. sent a telegram to Ma karios expressing his readiness to help, the Cyprus government said. . ...... .-..! In Ankara, Turkish air com manders said their planes would continue nconnalssance flights and were ready to deal out heavier, blows if the Greek-Cypriots renew attacks on the coastal villagea. : . SURE OF SUPPORT In Kokkina. a fUbint villaae where the Turkish-Cypriots are grimly , defending their last bit of coastline, SM Irregulars are confident they will get Turkish air support if Greek Cypriots attack again. - . Associated Press correspondent George McArthur visited the village and aaid the irregu lars appeared heavily armed with atea guns, rifles, bazookas and mortars. . N . i The Greek . Cypriote opened the drive on the area, charging that Turkish troops and mater ial were being landed there. TurUsb-Cypriot authorities in Kokkina charted that a Greek fighter plane etucked the vil lage vnosque with rocket Sunday, killing two persona, and wounding four others. - -' . HEAVY FIGHTING ." In another development. a correspondent for the BBC was ordered out e thecountry oy the government for "loose. groundless and fallacious broad- casts The network's Nicosia correspondent. Jack 'Williams, waa taken to a police station pore arter tne BBC earned, a report that "heavy flahtma is still reported to be going on m the disputed Mansoura-Kokkina region in the northwest of the island." . A Cyprus government spokes man said the newt was checked with the UN information office and the government's snforma- uoo service and waa krtely groundless." ylllllallll I 1 alllllllM'lllivy iFrom Pa6 One MIWsMgW'IWBW Electrical The dlsturbaacs. which passed over the Ottawa area about midnight and moved Into Quebec early today, brought with it unseasonably cold temperatures, as much, aa 2 degrees below normal. Three school teachers were Injured when their ear struck a stream of water on Highway 401 near Oshawa and snapped off a hydro pole. Another car left the road near Listowel, IS miles north of . Stratford, and cut down a atlllty pole, leaving the area without telephone serv ice for about two hours The driver was uninjured. POWER UNITS Official of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival put ou lllary power unite Into service for the evening performance when lightning struck a nearby transformer,. Bam fire caused by ' light ning at Strathroy, IS miles west of London, and at Stephenvllle. five miles west of Fort Erie. resulted in 123.000 damage. An other fire destroyed the second floor of a home in St. Marys. II miles north of London. ' ;. -Hailstone the site of quar ters were reported to have flat tened crops in the Caradoc area west of Strathroy. Detroit police closed section ofjthEdsel. Ford Expressway when washouta threatened to cave In parts of the superstruc ture. : v MORE REQUESTS MADE TORONTO (CP) Th Metropolitan Toronto Children' Aid Society reported Tuesday that the number of unwed mothers seeking Its assistance rose to 1.05s hi the first six months of this year compared with 040 in the first half of IMl Walter Blackburn, assistant director, said that last year a record total of .TO unwed mothers sought help during the year. He said there was a possibility more 'girl were coming to Toronto to have their children. ; Journal Want Ad bring quick ftults. I f V THE OTTAWA JOURNAL " WEATHER ' . tarwc 5 ,n - tV ' MSiPfl iFrom Pate One; Negroes No serious Injuries were re ported in either city and only one person m each city waa ar rested. PatersoA Is about IS miles west of New York city and Elisabeth is about Zt mile south of Paterson, but closer to New York. -. STARTS WITH BOMB Police said the trouble . in Elizabeth began at 1I:M p. when a gasoline bomb burst on1 the sidewalk outside a closed tavern. Aa three Are trucks sped to. the scene, a gasoline bomb crashed through the win dow of the' tavern and started a email fire. - A short tune later bomb was thrown through the window of a Spanish American grocery, setting another all Ore. Down the street clothing store waa broken into and the owner said were taken. Fifty policemen aped t the area and dispersed about XM Negroes, : Police then turned their attention to youth roam ing, m .cars. - A whit man waa struck in the bead and arm by bottles but declined treatment. The disturbances broke out on the perimeter of Pioneer Homes, a block-aquar group of three storey, publicly financed apartment building for low income groups.1 Negroes. Puerto Rkans and some white families live ha the project. DISPERSE GROUPS ' In Peterson, aa estimated 110 policemfc; he) mated and carrying nightsticks, covered a U- square-oiocK area breaking up groups o young Negroes wear ever they congregated. - The first report, of trouble Mm aa about Joe Negro teen agers left a 'city ,, sponsored nance. Graves said the youths be tan Hurling empty bottle and bricks at a passing police car. Twelve Negroes boarded a bus. knocked the hat off one of four paasena- ers and smashed windows. ins winoanieia of a police car was smashed, as were the windows of a pharmacy, a pizta restaurant and a Craves said there was no foot ing. - - ; Taking charge at the with a walkie-talkie. Grave ordered all taverns n the district osed at midnight. Generally, civil right leaders complained of police brutality. high unemployment and pool bousing la the city. Graves denied that any racial dlscrlmlnatkM existed m Paterson, a dty of 14S.0M residents, about 40.000 of whom are Ne groes. Elisabeth has 107,00 res idents II percent Negroes. A meeting waa scheduled for tonight between Graves and the Peterson Negro Council, a civil rights group. . RovNai- provides loans tailored to fit the needs of your business: . to finance the purchase) of land, builcflngs, and equipment or other expansion (programs... to provide additional working capital or replenish fund spent for fixed as$ consolidate .and refinance existing acquire busJ ' . nesses or start new ones. Funds available in Vr amounts of $25,000 to $1,000,000 or nsorei for '. , terms of 3 to 10 years. KM tHAH IMO Omctt to awnvr VOtt Mare eaa en, wms ar Wapftone ta any Dtstrtcl OMoe et ailami MAllfUt M7S tprtnOardan haa Tat 42MIM - ; '" ' I atcatrawev sjq porta niai ew. waat Tst. ass seal ' x TorwaiTO -4runsreatwat TaLsss-eao WIHMiWa ' 111 rarnaa avsraai . - Tat47-I14 CAiaArrV - TetssMSIt ' ,.. Vancxxvoi ace earoie atraat Tatan-iaii Jf CMSajlt 9m9 ttltftt & Qltf ttHtOh & THE ROYAL BANK Of CANADA BANQUI CANA0IENNI NATIONALt THI CANADA TRUST COMPANY M0N1REAL TRUST COMPANT CENCRAL TRUST OP CANADA Dosamioa Public Weetker OfTlca .-forecast: Mainly cloudy-with scattered show- ' era today, cloudy with sunny periods and a chance of afternoon showers Thursday. Turning cooler this evening. Winds light becoming northwesterly 15-29 Thursday. High today 75. Low tonight and, high Thursday at Ottawa SO and 65. ' ; TEMPERATURES - . . Low last night and high Tuesday at Dawson 49. 7 Vancouver 53. 81; Victoria 54, 66; Edmonton 48, 74; Calgary 49, T9-, Saskatoon 47, 64; Regina 40, 64; Winnipeg 42, 56; Churchill 48, 49; North Bay 58, 65; Sudbury 52, 64; Windsor 57, 78; London 55. 79; Toronto 60, 80; Ottawa 65, 77; Montreal 65, 81; Quebec 61. 77; Halifax 59. 71; St. John's 49, 65; Chicago 53. 81; New York 72. 82; Washington 73. 88; Miami 81, 88; Denver 62, 81; Tucson 77, 92; Loa Angeles 66, 84; San Francisco 57, 66. From Page Onelj Greece The Greek-Cypriot attack, to gain control of Turkish Cypriot village. . triggered . retaliatory air raids by Turkisk Jets last weekend and brought the island to a new peak of crisis before all parties agreed to a United Nations-sponsored cease-fire. Turkish Prim Minister Ismet Inonu Tuesday sent a message to his Greek counterpart. George Papandreou. calling for an agreement "within a month aa' the Cyprus problem. The Greek government said the mes sage appeared "constructive" and was under due considera SEEKS. AID Meanwhile, Makarioa wa reported asking Russia, Egypt and other countries for help ta the crisis. Th Greek Orthodox archbishop sent telegrams to all beads of state following th retaliatory Turkish air iuteieoa- tie but weekend. Th Cyprus government an-wnced . It received a reply from President Nasser of Egypt who said hia country wa pre pared to give aO help la preserving the freedom of Cyprus and the unity of Its people. Nasser' message was aaid to have denounced the ""flagrant aggression' by th Turk In their strafing and bombing at tacks. 1 LEAVE FOR VACATION LONDON (Reuters) Queen Elizabeth left London by train Tuesday night to spend her summer vacation at Balmoral Castle I Scotland. She took with her six of th Royal Fam ily children: Her own three son, Prince Charles, Andrew and Edward, her daughter, Princess Ann, and Princes Margaret's two children, Vic-count Undley and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Janes. M I'lsd ft Bri. m he wnwl n Fjrjoni Pace One ife:-j-.---.ism LBJ's te Johnson's ease, the Implication is the opposite: not that he used money to gain official power, but that he used political power to gain money. Even the paper that do not choose to delve into so delicate a personal subject, en the basis of incomplete Information, cannot any longer Ignore the mounting public discussion of the issue. Every article published on how the Johnsons acquired the radio and television interests in Austin is reprinted by his political opponents and distributed widely acroes the nation. Accordingly, the issue of public disclosure by the president is a legltimata topic of comment and for a number of The budget of the gederal government now totals almost 1100,000.0(0.000. about half of which is for defence. The allocation of defence contract abw often determines whether major cities and even regions of the nation prosper economically or decline, and toe fight for these contracts has produced wholly new temptations and possible conflicts of Interest for both executive and legislative employees. Throughout this but year, the Senate has been engaged m a savage controversy over charge of influence-peddling on the part pf Robert Baker, the former secretary to th Democratic majority m the Senate. 'Also, m this same f -period, the seante has been in a turmoil ever the allocation of a east military airplane contract the TFX to a firm fca Texas rather then to another th state of Washington. RECENT CASES Before that, the Congress divided ever the federal government's decision to locate th new space headquarters ia Houston rather than m Boston, and these are only the most prominent of the recent case tavoMng federal contracts. ' At no tun has there been any charge that President Johnson he need the White House to further hi own fkt-ascial' biterssts, or that, a majority leader of the eeante, he aver did anything U legal. Entire Stock SUMMER WEAR JevtlTf . ...... bf. 1X0 to 10.00 UIF fttl 50c k 5.00 ' ' . srrsutiT ixooa Sobmot imAv ........ ba, m tutm IAS 6.49 UQatf Bwrh b in h) 12.91 IAU KXl IAS 6.49 Ltdarf Joovittai . tof, in t 12.91 lalf tm 1.49 649 UW Mai fBteri ...... tot, 191 12.91 till Wig 1.49 n CAB laaW SBm loa, 2.91 to 12.90 lill ntd 1.49 649 tkW Mrii ..... . . be, in t, ,m mr nd 1A9 GA9 Tosten mi Km .. . - tea, 3.90 to 10.90 lilf rtJg 1.98 59 2tc Sets ... . 1 . toe, 5.90 h 19.90 lilf KO 2.99 9.99 SHart. aawt ae attasa, Asaarta aasaa. - . . ., sewawSfOft ladrt be, 12.90 m 14.90 lilf flKt GAS 7.49 laAarj Soft . . be. 12.fl to 19.90 l nxi 6.49 9.99 Torrrdol SUh .lof.3.90 ( 10.90 lilf WfJ 1.99 ft1 5.49 Attn stawae ae WBata leeens mmt aaatia. . " ' . UtAUfi tef. 190 to iN lilf tm 1.99 0 3.00 OsTstXTT FLOOtt 1 Irtfal Unm . . . tot. 49.95 lo700 lilf rtXI24.99 S1QQ eVteti . toe, 19.95 to $50 lilf 9m 9,93 $25 rwailWwnlvrltTOtl lhPt HH WO $20 $35 Woswi'i Vi Ba Irtatt J bf. 1195 to $25 lilf ftXt SA9 to 12.50 .11 mm nxion . . HttoriBi trtna . Its. US to 19.95 lilf K 49 to 9.99 Maloralrf Skeg . he, 195 to 5.95 lilf tm 1.99 to 2:99 KsTfff SUrh , tte, 195 to T.9S lilf Witt1 1.99 to 3.99 .IWonlfrlloaiti . . ; . lof. 2.95 to 195 Mlilf tm 1.49 39 1. 1 rntnr rum Ion ttm lark . . v . - lea. 1.90 lilf WKI 3.99 Oray im etiareaal ealy. Otmt M ta ta. -- - --? '" . V WMbnHbrs - . bf, 7.90 . lilf W . 3.99 taaaa raaea a nhra ass ataaa, 4 Sa S4. . - . . Moa'i SMaton bf, $10 lilf RXE r i ; 0.00 Stoetw taaaa a ttaas saa ulirs ta a St. s. Moa's WtooVoAon . sim laAot VUo Prta SkM saaraas stnaa feet Office PuiHim, Ottawa W pull s. thIoto it's Capl2a,j...Bii!caa SL ..Ilaili 9 -.v. But because the space agency and the TFX contract did go to Texas, and because Robert Baker was his personal protege. In the Senate, his name has repeatedly been brought info these controversies end added to hi reputation aa a highly successful political manipulator. - This, of course, is precisely the reputation that the president is trying to overcome, and precisely the reputation his political enemies ar trying to perpetuate. To matter how adroitly he handles such crises as thea ttack on the U.S. destroyers In Viet Nam, he is still widely regarded mainly as a political wheeler dealer, and. ironically even his - astonishing success wkh the Congress has contributed to this popular impression. PAST ASSOCIATIONS His failure to be candid about his past associations with Bobby Baker only made this worse, and now the rising speculation over hia family fortune threaten to divert attention even more from his remarkable record of achievement over1 the last nine months. . la this situation, even many of hia closest friends and associates would like fo see him make a foil disclosure of his holdings and at least lift the controveisy out of. the level of speculation and Into the realm of fact This would not, of course, remove the question from the campaign. Even If be were to instruct his trustees to ell the family broadcasting interests, ft would no doubt be said that he had made a' financial killing before he got . ',-.' Nevei the less. Issue beyond the president ar at stake here. Washington Is trying to adjust to a whole new set of relattonshlpe caused by the fact that the federal government f mors Involved In the economic life of the nation than most of th large private corporations put together. . h needs help In establishing new standards of official conduct ha such a world, and R naturally fooke to the president to set the example. - .he, 11.91 uif - DowmTAra rroat 1 letoot to 9.95 lilf From Page One 'Copters It's nice for the Viet Cong this way," a crew member tald. "Our spotter, planes have given them fair warning. They've seen the sky black with choppers, and now they hav a couple of hours to pack up at leisure." A pilot added: "Wa know that they've got et least one .S0-callbr machine, with a good mount. That's bad news." Frantic .radio maaiaaaa crackled rm the earphones of pilots and crew members as th fleet of helicopters roared to-., ward the objective, an open field surrounded by Jungle and rubber plantation groves. Pilots maintained tight formation and propeller-driven fighter planes' loped in for their strafing runs. . Returning to Saigon from the., cond lift, helicopters again drew murderous fire. Near the . same place Tues day, the Viet Cong hit a gov-, eminent outpost, killing II defenders and capturing-10 rifle. Elsewhere, the Saigon gov- eminent claimed today that its forces killed 41 guerrillas In the M eking Delta province of Dinh Truong, JO miles south of Sak gon. Monday and Tuesday It id 10 government troop were killed. ... - : MINISTERS TO MEET A Commonwealth finanta min. liters conference will be held here Sept. 1-4, it was announced today. - - .- GREAT NCM-S f6k THOSi ' WHO SUFFi OM A HEARTBURN BLOATING ' INDIGESTION: HYPERACIDITY: No Ton eaa km tk teat rahaf . (a wast tram dlatnMa SI a ' fert e acta atoawch or euM saa.. Take ylfaiiaUr flavaara arUcta , tablets Mia amr cUaUaUr tmu an Mia Dunxfcyt Polnllaaaaa , ta niim four luderbis. TWa aaw Bsredlrat vorfca ImtaaUr ta -hnak a en maaat saa baaMaa trapped la foany nnioia la ta ' suaoack aa tortcatlaal tract, -V It yoa euffer haanbura. Mb lastkM. Uoauit ar kyparaodltjr - cauM by faulty Slat or enrla- t ealaaoee af lna arik t . aiUcla tablets today. Stria sada- -a lor Pocket ar pan. SjrWla ' taklata era alwaya ready to . at era couaun everyeis.APaT n 5.99 RKE , 4.97 to 6 LFridaj 9 to 9 aaal awala, mm t a is ta Ska area, i . . . , bow mst aibs sroaa 1 y .... t1 '. .- -

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