The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 4
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DOROTHY KILGALLEN . (Dorothy Kflgallea Is en va-cut. Hot guest columnist today U the mistical comedy, nightclub and televialeaytlar, Robert GnM.) : V - ft . , By ROBERT COULET - NEW YORK. A student, in his punuit of knowledge, lever reeUly know lag until Ut Junior year in college. That year U the critical one; the going geti tougher. He out ahead only if he hat' really bean apply kig hinuelf; he wl! begin to backtlide. if he didn't fmj vouugu iiEnuua w RtMl ire - was doing during bis first and , second year. k much the same in show nisu .'"'There are students who "Just bavent got It," therefore cannot make the grade, and there are entertainers who similarly "Just bavent got It." and go absolute- y nowhere 'even when, they - have a hot first year as beed- . toon. - ..- i Perform en who' suddenly come to the fore amid loud and fervent huztahs from the public and press always find the future Is loaded with tripe- 1 his first year of fame, the atar Is "the new boy m town" V everybody's darling.. It's chic tor the people in the know to be hi fane. It's brand new world tor bin. end it's beautiful. ;- Bet anyone who lets this sudden adulation go to his bead, and fails to work even harder, b due for rude. awakening. If he keep studying, keeps searching for new ideas - and . new ways of improving himself, be stands a chance of becoming - "standard? - who- will go on and on M a public favorite. - The. really great names in show business are thou wh never stopped trying to better themselves from : the. very ' moment they first stepped on a , rtage, - -'I ".'' V .. - ' ' ' ' ' Frank Sinatra I a good ex- ' ample. In the late thirties and early forties be -exploded vpea ' the - entertainment scene. He . bad studied his craft on Tommy Dorter's bandstand, and then. as a soloist, be became Big. Big. Big.' He continued to be a favorite for quite e long stretch, but ' fat those terrible "Junior yean." be began to . backslide. ' " - '." eauruaoua..JlB knew that be neath the surface there jheas f bard-reck foundation. If. far the moment, the public wasnt buy. ' tig hi tinging brd try in a 'cw direction. He begged his 7 ; , ; ONLY ?: , :.',"Aredia'V' i:eari:.'g ant i:asiti t evi .aim ZMithli Urn, imm mAttmiH-ttir mphfir contsffit tt loetipsxc eompoMf, inclwtj. . taf tretitor, t fiv yotj mtm performance), grvaterr mpMficr rlritlity. Micro LltMC Circuit fnmlif that WS)tCt tie)) AftwjtifkfJt fgeMIMr) cainert tfcrt and n.hx. nsj trwa rt to fHoy bam wSetrtflg ttMtMJtJttl ttWJ eXfyeHCBB watt ef space SKkawaay. aex see a eMeMsmrM see CARl A. SCHUETT Hagrintj AWI Service - ( a Bank wt Spark r . ,M'.-Hf TAUDLYn; DRUGSTORES rrTKOflM fflfk i cWlf wWaeea ha ' i '. at ima 1 - fls-ltSS tn-esss i". Cat Your FinTWOOD -J. I STEKIO, M-fl AAAFM rnEEl imyi'TAunrissxcst tO) Bank ' . 2314211 Laval, Rufl ; , 77I-58N ! The Junior Years way into an acting' role In "From Here to Eternity," won an Academy Award, and immediately was rediscovered not only by his own generation but by the new one. Maurice Chevalier is another who has refuted to rest on hit laurels, and has refuted to al low temporary setbacks to prevent him from working harder towards self improvement. At the beginning of his career, he wa a young, ' bouncy and Unarming linger. Today he stands out as an actor as well as a singer. I recently watched this man well in his seventies in a concert He sang, he Joked and danced, and his every move Indicated that Chevalier still works bard every day in bis life to learn new tricks and to improve on the things be bat already learned. At 72, he look ed at a new script, decided to do toe part, end eaid "it win be good for my career!" Harry Belafonte is another fine example of continuous discipline. After weeks and weeks of concert touring, he often spends days fat a rehearsal hall re-rehearsing a number he has been doing for a long time, lust because be doesn't want to take himself or bis audience for granted. He wants to keep bis sharp edge of perfection we 1 1 boned, and is more than willing to work and work and wort and work to retain bis position-Out- top. - . It all sound to fundamental. yet the history of show business is heavily illustrated with examples of performers who became famous "overnight" and Just as quickly were forgotten because they neglected te work even harder after their name I a GOREN ON BRIDGE . BY CHARLES If. GOREN East-Vest vulnerable.. East NORTH A) CRJMtt ' '"-, 01? " V! .. 4JIIS ' ' 1 ' WEST ' :EAST- - i -!. " ei:.. ,ai2' , ' t?Q 4KIII 4 AQM ' .. j 0 g v,- --: East Sewth ' West Nerth lo) ,; -2 24 4 - 4'f.S6; vDeeMi Pate 24 - Deebl Pas Fass PasC '- Opening lead: King of T' East and. Wert were mad to 'wort for their bread" la today' band' taken from' a recent tournament Deprived of the privilege of playing their five-diamond contract by a sacrifice minded opponent, they bad to defend with great pre-cueoa to obtain adequate recompense, t i A slam caa be made la dia- becau the heart 0-i luccessfuL however. no East-West pair got beyond the game level. SCO point is ewarded for a vulnerable game in duplicate bridge, so that the score for five diamonds making tix is 620 points, When South refused to stand for bis BuyfiS 83 Now get ian . Royal Trust and Niagara offer yon tbe tnost ' convenient and economical combined tnort-tago plan available. - i V:,,- .J-' hum Orntt Interest--7U$per annum, ' Combined mortgage fee 2 of the amount For a ptunpUet explaining full details, write or tdephone the" Royal Trust or Qagari lnortage office nearertyou. -:- COMBINED V . f went up In light. Time alone will teG enter my junior years irs"1 whether I bavdprofited from the experience of others. Cer tainly I am aware of the pit' falls, and I realize that if 1 am to get the dramatic roles want so orach, t must study hard in preparation tor them must also take a chance en failure. A performer who doesn't stick his neck out seek new field to conquer tnuat stag nate. But when you gamble, you sometimes lose. No performer can hit a borne run every time at bat I want to do as 'much as I can in snow business I .want to act. to sing, in films, in con cert balls.' on the Broadw y stage, on television, you name K. And I fully intend to continue to study and cam the right to face the public a a performer. Copyright 14 COPTER CRASHES BLACKSTONE. Va. (AP) - A U.S. Army helicopter with four men aboard, and reported to have been carrying expletives. crashed and. caught .fire Mon day night on a farm about eight miles north of here. The four men escaped from the wreck age. Five families were evacu ated front borne 'near the crash LESS SMITHS MONTREAL (CP) It' not true that every Tom, Dick and Harry Is called 'Smith.-Not in Montreal, anyway. In the MM telephone directory here ' first place goes te the Tremble yi with some 2.40 listings. Next are the Cagnons and Gaitthlers. Smith are fourth with about aca aju . " partner' double nf five dia-T rooods, it was not only because be despaired of defeating that contract He reasoned that If his lost at five spade could be confined to 0I point three trick et-rth result wild beat all those Nerth-South pair who. defended against a game. Had his opponents mad tbe slightest slip, Ms Judgment would have been fully vindicated.' ' v ' ' " West opened the king ef diamonds en which hit partner signaled vigoeou encourage. ment He coMiwaed with -the which everyone followed. West we aware that a club shift could be counted ea to . produce tn setting trick; however, unless several additional tricks were forthcoming, hat-side would net receive suf- ' (Went compenutioa for' the vulnerable game which South bad denied them by making bis sacrifice bkt . . West realized that the heart suit offered the only reasona ble hope for additional revenue and, despite dummy somewhat impressive boldinf. be shifted te the nine of hearts. East topped North's Jack with the queen and thea cashed tbe ace. He thea tmderled tbe acer ef dubs to put his partner to waa a turd round af heerU. which East ruffed for tbe sixth defensive trick. Tbir was the trick that, hurt because it spelled out a 70S point set for tbe declarer which was mere thea tbe value of the game bid at hi opponents. ,. . , : . Pjoval nuar MORTGAGE PLAN btAOAaA a SALTY Urn ft. .1' . mortgage S' . ' it. .. 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