The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1918
Page 6
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THE DAILY'COURIER. CONNKLLSVJLL,:i_,E, FA. THURSDAY, J A N U A R Y 31, 1U18. '·At tHe .Tneatites.- Kf. SS I CLARA KIMBAIL YOUNG JSUPERIORS LOSE TO GREENSBURG AT IT. PLEASANT GOOD-BYE BACKACHE, KIDNEY AND BLADDER TROUBLES Home Team Stays With Fast Visitors Until Last Fire illinutes of'Play. For centuries all over tic world , Do not delay a m i n u t e if your back Gold Modal Haarlem Oil has afforded i aebcs or you are sore across the loins FINAL SCORE IS 30 TO 20 relief in Ihousandti upon thousands o cases of lamq,back, lumbago, suiatica, rheumatism, gallstones, gravnl itnd ] all affections of the klclneyfi, liver, stomach, bladder and allied organs. It acts quickly. It does the work, [t cleanses your k/dneys and purlflcn tlie blood. It inakos u new man, a new Jloniit I'lensiint Team is (·'ouled Unnecessary ilonitfuiess, Loses Uunic; "Vi]lic''.An Interesting Feature; Seittiliilc Girls Vln. THE PAR,UtOtTST. 'STOLES HOURS."--A five part World attraction in which Ethel Clay.-.. .ton appears in the role of Diana Lester, a beautiful girl whose mother died when she was a baby, is being presented today. A romantic tale of love In London is told in "Stolen" Hours." Diana's fatbXT is a professional gambler, bnt despite her . _. father's occupation .and Ms low associates, Diana has grown up. pure. pidity of the proprietor of a gambling resort, and with, the assistance o f . a dishonest government clerk the miner is robbed of his valuable 'property. THE S01SSON. The Manhattan Players realize that the chronic kicker and the prudish may take exception to their current ; offering, "A .Warning to Women." but "Sweet a-na unsullied. Diana and her the £act « ma . lns *"* tte father_are always poor until he grows ' a moral lesson that is not to be mis- | understood; The authoress, Mabel S. i studied social conditions sicfc-of ..his-poverty and 'marries the : . rich 'proprietress ' ol a fashionable j Ke 'Shtly ·· gambling bouse. Diana realizes that! and . ilfce no less a Personage than tnis is the breaking up of the close ! c ° lonc l Theodore Roosevelt has found '"' companionsiip she has Sad with aer I mat the birtu control evil is thu be;: ·" Jather, and sh« naturally becomes ex- setting sin of modern civilization. The love with.', ^hhn. When Diana lores she gives, all. and even when she finds that Hugh/ Is married and that his wife will not give 'him a divorce, although." they" live apart, she 1 comestto him and almost ruins . , tremely lonely. Then she meets Hugh j P la "' " A ^araittg to Women" is far tirton, a member of'Parliament and i t r o m b e' n E vulgar in its treatment of a'likely candidate for a cabinet posi-l a delicate subject but the spade is tion. and"she falls heal over heels in (called by 'its proper name in order that the tremendous lesson may be convincingly taught the American public. In a nutshell the pith of the drama is thai the normal'irife has one great mission in life to perform. "A Warning to Women" Vili_ be given a particularly good production 'by Connellsville's own "stock company, the Manhattan Players, and judging by the interest already shown in the play will pack theSoisson to the ctoors at every performance. Only four performances will be given. 'Two performances today and the same-number tomorrow are positively the only opportunities that \vili be afforded the public; Tomorrow night the usual country gro- career.; Miss-Clayton; who is beautiful, accomylisied and charming, never has- had; a more pleasing role In"| ·which her* pleasing personality and her splendid acting ability were seen .,, .to a better advantage than in "Stolen Hours." The picture is. a pleasing I one anid Is a delicious treat for seek- j . .e-s after the most. enjoyable screen -,. entertainment. John Bowers, who .-"..appears as Hugh Carton; is given an excellent opportunity to display his j eery store will be given. The big : (dramatic abilities. OGier members of · special prize will be a magnificent 'the cast are screen,stars of promi- so i ia oak library table from the Aaron nence. A selected comedy is included on the program. Tomorrow and Saturday Clara. Kimball Young, the celebrated -screen star, will ho featured in" "Magda." a siage classic 1m- mortallzeoVin films. Furniture store. The play announced for next Monday is one that cannot fall to excite 1 interest. It deals with the German spy system and is called "a . Thief In the Night." The play is now (and timely. Manager Hints considers THE I himself most fortunate in being able i to offer this play to the Sotsson pat- "A TRIP TO CHI-MATOWN."--At the Arcade- yesterday was great. Charlie Byrne is an A-l comedian--as good in Connellsrill3 has ever had. As an.impersonator Billie Byrne is in f «.·'class* all by himself. Helen. Guer'_ "icy is equally as good .in her way as j ; ; either of the two brothers. The show ; ·. is just one big laugi after -another, i , Full of funny surprises and jazzs mu- i . sic the show Is pleasing and the aui- i rons at a most opportune time. Salts in Hot Water Clears Pimply Skin Sa* we must make kidneys clean the blood, and pimples disappear. or have difficulty when urinating. Go to your druggist at once and got n box of imported Gold Medal Haar- icm -Oil CapHules. They aru pleasant and'i'asy to take. They dissolve in !.lio stomach, and the Iddney.s soak up Lha oil Iiko,a spongg docs water. They thoroughly cleanse ami wash oul. the woman, 'of 3011. [t. frequently wards : Ijhuldcn 1 jind kidneys and throw off the off attacks Oif the dread and Putal diseases of tile kidneys. It often completely cures the flistrnsslng CIIHWLKOH of the organs of tht; body, allied w i t h the bladder and Ictdneyy. Bloody or cloudy urine. ' sediment, or ''brlck- dut" Indicate an unhealthy condition. Inflammation which is the cause ol tho Lroirljlc. Your druKgiKt will cheer- f i i l l y r e f u n d your money if you are not tatl-sfiwl aCtcr a few days' use. Accept only the pure, original Gold Modu. Haarlem Oil Capsuhis. None otlior genuine.--Adv. Greensburg defeated the . Mount Pleasant Superiors In a hard-fought, basketball'game in the Mount Pleasant armory last night, winning 30-20. The score was close,"up until the last live oiinutea oC play when Greehsburg rolled three baskets in all in a row and piled up a lead that Mount Pleasant could not overcome. The game was the roughest played on the floor this season, and there were innumerable arguments over decisions of the referee. Tlie Superior quintet probably lost the game by fouls called for unnecessary roughness. Bobbs, who reCereed, had a hand job on his hands and came In lor much criticism, from both, players and spectators. One Mount Pleasant-man quit the floor when a foul was called on him in the opening part of the second half. The one amusing feature of the game was a player fondly nicknamed "Willie," Everybody rooted for Willie which was probably the cause o the young, man becoming so excited in the last 10 minutes of play. Willie appointed himself assistant to the timekeeper andle dei-oted the majority of the last five minutes to reminding that official to "get that time out." After three successive."tinio outs," the timer got mixed up in his figures, due to too much urging on Willie's part. The game was held up for a few minutes while the time remaining was being computed. 'TJey, you roughneck," yelled Willie to the timekeeper, "we got three minutes left." That protest brought the result as the timers decided three minutes was correct Although Tllllio was doins Ms best to win the game for^ Mount Pleasant, his efforts brought roars of laughter from the sidelines, and if the humor of the players was far from pleasant, that of the, crowd made up the difference. Until the last five minutes of play! there was not more than three points j difference in the score and it "was tied ; innumerable times. The Karoe without j its rough features was one of the best | played on the floor ths year. ' j WAS4TETD MISREPRESENTATION IrQQD HOUSEWIVES! ATTENTION! Any person who tells you the government is going to seize your normal winter supply of canned! goods of other foods is a crook or a thief. Hayej bin arrested , You will have the Food Administration's hearty approval'if you will do so. Home canning is not hoarding. No person can ·be convicted of hoarding without a.public hearing. JAnti-Americans are abrp.ac4 in the land to convince [you Otherwise. Jail, is their place. Put them [there. . " Food Administrator, .Herbert Hoover, thought the putting down of these "crooks,, thieves and confidence operators" important enough' to issue a statement recently branding them" "petty.' 'fratids who sh'ould be held for the police." 'LJ - In the preliminary game the Con- j nellsville Independents were defeated TROTTER n'S. : weeks vacation spent with her par- lents. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Show. by the Scottdalc girls, 8-7. Scottdale j Specials Also Tuke Bnwlius Cimlcst i Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner of Con- From B. A" 0. Team. · neilsvillc, wore visitors with friends Tho West Pcnn Bowling league was ; hero yesterday. Monday evening by the Trot-1 RussoU Silbaugh of Johnson Chaptl. led by one basket in the first half and this score was immediately tied at tho; beginning of the next period. The two · t teams were evenly matched and r^^ecl ter a fine contest . t | ie specials won ovcr j . «-as a business caller here yester- . Smithfieid. SMTTHFIELD, Jan. 31.--Both. Smith, of Bowood was a business visitor Tuesday. "W. L. Stewart, of Outcrop was a business visitor Tuesday. Mrs. Mary Everly of Spriaghill was the B. and O. team on the West Peun ! day. bowling alleys. j Mrs. Lyclia Umbel went to Councils-' West PMtn TS. Trotter. ' viile yesterday 10 visit friends. Stephens , 390 Jtoss -___ 3GS ! Johns Flannefy 285 -Miller ._ Smith ._ ·125 Total 1041 Total __115! Leonard Bailor . li. and 0. TS. .Special:-. itics which are generated in the bowels j : an'rt tbea absorbed into the blood i : through the very ducts which should j Sibsorh only nourishment to sustain the body. ; It is.the function o.' tlie kidneys to filter, impurities from'the-blood and cast them out in tae form of urine. in and acknowledged her deed to the ! B. N. R. R. for a price of land ia j Howser ! Greene county. " ' ; The skating is fairly good on the j sidewalks and the boys are improv- I ing the opportunity to skate without 'the reservoirs near town. W. S. Leecb who has been confined __ 341 303 429 Opp«rman - Miierader -Patrick ·145 44350 to his home for several days with, a Total _--1073 Meyersdale. Ruddy Cheeks--Sparkling Eyes --Most Women Can Have Says Dr. Edwards, a Weil-Known Ohio Physician Dr, F. M. Edwards for 17 years treated ' scores oi women for liver and bowel · ailments. Duricg these years he gave to i his patients a prescription made of a few; 30.--The Farm- ' well-known vegetable tocredients mixed Total _..J237| ers MEYURSDALE, Jan. ... . _ - ,, Institute closed here Tuesday | with, olive oil, namics thern Dr. severe cold was able to.assume bis I evening, and while the n-eather con- ISeS'oUTOSlor. These tablets ore wonder-workers on the duties as cashier of the Firsf National dltions were very unfavorable, the bank Tuesday. attendance on Tuesday was very good Porter Goodwin of "Woodslde was a , at all sessions and the program i'en- liver and bowels, which cause a nonnd 1 action, carrying off the waste and poison- visitor here Wednesday. He says tlie i dcred was interesting and enjoyed ! ous matter in one's oyctcm. _ telephone lines are all down in that A _ T shoa£ of ' lownshi[) but in many Instances the bowels create more toxins-and impurities than | the kidneys can .eliminate then the! , , · TM , blcod uses the skin pores L the mat i W TM a b ° rOUSh buSiaeSS vl!Utor Wed ^.^M 1 . 1 ? '£ «.*?· '^ \ "^school board has not succeeded 11 in getting a principal to fill A. E. BILLIE EYBNE. ience 'frequently stops the performance and insists thai a song be repeated. . T.he show will be 1 repeated ~"° this afternoon and evening.· The. pic- tur? was Uie finish of "The Fighting Trail." It concluded with, a terrible ' battle between the frnited States cavalry and Von Block's men, and ttre town was destroyed'by fire, after tae ^ ' · · wreck of the passenger train.' Byrne . i k ; Byrne tomorrow and Satlurday will present "Miss April Fool.". a tabloid version' of 'The Arrival of Kitty." The picture will be W. S. Hart in "Dakota Dan." " - THEATRE. SISTER."--A Mutual produc- 7-- ; _ tHn featuring Olive Tell. From an sticateji youn;: girl to recog- The surest way to clear the skin of. these eruptions, says a noted authority, is to get from auy pharmacy about four ounces of Jad Salts and .take a tablespoonful. in a glass of hot 'water each morning before breakfast for one week. This will prevent the formation of toxins ic the bowels. It also stimulates .tne kidneys to normal activity, thus coaxing them to filter the -blood of 'impurities and clearing the skin of pimples. Jad Salts is .inexpensive, harmless and is made from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined with lithia. Here you have a pleasant, effervescent drink, which usually makes pimples, disapp'"3.r; cleanses the blood and is ! excellent for the kidneys as well.-Adv. ' Arefo , h place made vacant by nis walking out a week ago yesterday. .Mr. Areford asked an advance of ?20 per mouth in his sularv, but did not wail to hear from the board as to whether it would grant it or not. This was lus first term as a principal of a sck'ool. He was getting $100 per month and had signed a contract to teach the term for that amount. "Wills he should have given the board at least a 10 days notice giving them.a chance to 1 get some one in liis place or to declare their intentions as to his request we believe he is all right, from the fact that just before serving notice on the board he quail- his questionnaire before a local magistrate and .made no claim to exemption. He said but that · his | mother, who opposed, he would have ! enlisted before this, so it is evident I that the young man wants "to serve 1 his country in her present need. This OHIOPYLE, Jan. 31.--Mrs Daltou I being the fact the b ° ard shoula . sus Potter spent yesterday in. Connells-i pead criticism and give him a chance ville shopping aad calling: on friends, i t o e ° ovei ' tte p ' Ohiopyle. Miss Anna Williams and .Miss Edna; Bryner of Kentuck were'among the i RESULTS WILL shoppers in town yesterday. · ' '· . R. V. Ritenouv. spent Wednesday in i Uniontown greeting friends.. . ' Mrs. Hiram Holiday spent Wednesday shopping in town. People report quick results pure Lavoptik eye wash. A girl from with. v a ll -Michael J. Kerrigan of was a visitor in our city qn Tuesday. If you Hve a Palo fcco, sallow look, dull I ' y o u t a k e ona o£ Dr. Mrs. A. T. llartle has returned, from Edwards' Olive Tablets cishtly for a tins Johnstown where she visited rela- and note the pleasing results, lives and friends for a tew days. Thousands of women ES well as men take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets--the successful substitute for calomel--now and George Green of Paincsville. 0., it spending a week here visiting reaves S££J?^,^**rfSta and friends. Mrs. J. L. Smith and-son of GJencoe. were Meyersdale business visitors on Wodneshday. B. P. Stone of Sand Patch, was a business caller hero Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walker or Summit township, were guests at Uie home of Mrs. Anna Weber, Wednesday. . Mrs. Louis Siehl has returned from a visit with Johnstown, friends. Mrs.- George Kuhns of Cumberland spent a fcvf days during tile week visiting relatives here. H. F. Mason returned Wednesday from a business trip to Eastern cities. ' Silas Walker left Wednesday for I Pittsburg' to remain for several days on a business and pleasure trip. lOc and 25c per bos. All druggists. Thousands of dollars in job printing leaving Connellsviile every montu. Give UB\ a chance to bid ou it. The Courier company. . . » » A N I ft) yeoii known as Uc^.t, Safcbt, Aii-»ys Rellablo -r SOLD BY DRUGGISTS EffiliVWHERE Confluence. CONFLUENCE. Jan. 31.--Mrs. Geo. Cramer, who underwent a serious operation ,it the Frantz hospital scv- earl days ago, is getting along nicely. Bruce Bowser of Gict, Md., was a visitor "with friends here yesterday. Mrs. "Wliiliam Heiber and daughter, Mrs. TSniiam Burn worth and Jittle When You Begin to Use .COURIER WANT ADS You Begin to Travel the Road That Leads to Success. One Ceat a Word. Grow Hair on yuor Bold Head while you wait. This ·is an Honest advertisement. Bell Wious- 41-.I. SCOXTltALE, PA. HOT Jllv-J 1. Served in the Collins Way Surely do hit the right spot. After the movies or some other entertainment, drop 4n and enjoy one. served with delicious whipped cream and assorted cakes. There's nothing better on a cold night. .Collins' Drug Store, South PHtsburg Street, WE SERVE REICK'S ICE CREAM. TODAY OL1VI-: TEU. IN " U K B SlSTEIf Also a Good Comedy. --FRIDAY AXT) SATrRIUY-- Thomas H. Incc Presents the Artcraft Production V.'M. S. HART IX "TJ!E SILK NT 51 AX" Also Billie West in "Thr- Slave." --TODAY-- TVM. A. BRADY PRESfeXTS irT CLAYTON IN "STOLEN HOURS' A WORLD PRODUCTION IX G ACTS, ALSO THE "ANIMATED VKKKLY" SHOVTING THE LATEST WAR NEWS "OVER THERE." --HK1DAV AM» SATl'ltDAY-- CLARA KM1BALL VOl/'.VG A\D HER OWN CO.irPA.VV IN IN 7 ACTS. Today at 2.30 Tonight at 8.15 And at the Same Time Tomorrow The Birth Control Sensation "CALLS A SPADE A SPADE" A Play That Makes You Think Evenings 20c and 30c Matinees lOc and 20c .weak, strained eyes was helped by! danguteri r^uise. spent yesterday at nition as the'most fashionable "seer-! John "\Voodmency of Eidwell. spent i ONT3 application. Her^mother could ! tne and M 3rofP pss"-in New York, waging a constant | Wednesday in town. : i not sew or read because of eye pains, i nor th e ast of town ||! '·"*,', battle to preserve tb=- virtue of-her i Dr. L. Dale Johnson ivas a recent' Ic OD « week her trouble was gone. A , c L West of Rockwood was in town i ' "' · younger ilster^ then at last, accepting' ' ' - .. · . ; . - · the shame of a road house, scandal at the sacrifice, of her greatest happiness, these arc some of the real throbs in visitor in Connellsviile and Unio'n-1 snmll bottle of Lavoptik is guaranteed j yesterday on business. | to help EVERY CASE weak, strained John Spittle of Green Brier, spent I or inffamed eyes. ONE WASH startles Wednesday in town. Brown Hall and Jesse Silbaugh of cup FREE. I ville.--Adv. the life'of a beautiful girl who at last won honorable .vindication.. Friday!Sugar Loaf, were among the callers and Saturday Willi-an. S. Hart is fea- i in town yesterday. j tured" io Thomas H. Ince's Ancraft j M. C. Skinner and son Abraham and i production, "The Silent Man." In the George Skinner of WJiig Corner, were t with Its quick results. Aluminum eye Thomas Costello 'and P. E. Vincent j of Fort Hill, were business visitors in j - ·· '"Silent Man," Han will have the role among the callers in town yesterday.'! has filed a libel in divorce against her of_a miner^-who has made a rich | Arthur Bailey of Uniontown, was a'i husband N'1ck Belish to whom she r^-Sfrtke, and" who _comef from tho desert | business .caller in Ohiopyle. yesterday. : was married October 2, 1904 in Aus- iato..VsJJa»ll to enter his j E. H. Kennedy was a business! tria-Hungary. Desertion in August, . claim. His rich, ore excites, the cu- visitor in Pittsbttcz Tuesday.- 11013, is alleged. town yesterday. % . ( H A. A. Clarke, ConneUs-j Miss Mattie Schwarm has returned to her home in Pittsburg. after visiting her sister, Mrs. L. D. Show and family !-.'.'e t'or a few days. · Earl Ankeny of East Pittsbnrg, arrived here yesterday for a "visit \vith his parents. Mr. and . Mrs. Calvin Ankeny at Harnedsville. .Miss Gladys Show has returner! to I school nt Pittsbnrg. after a three: Snes for IMvorce. Mrs. Millie .Beiish of Jacobs. Creek Big 1-OC Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Pamilv. AXI T I I U K S U A V -Byrne Byrne and Ttieir Giddy Girlies In the Tuneful Musical Comedy "A Trip to Chinatown" On thn Screen--The last chapter- of "The Fighting Trail." Friday and Saturday--W. S. Hart in "Dakota Dan." BH.T.IE liYRXE America's noted double voiced Fenmle Iniper.sonator. ilIM3lU: W.VI,TKKS In Songs and Dances. ;njy (;IHUI;S Tbe Singing Three. CHAltLIK B T R S E In Songs, Talking and Music.

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