The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 3
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'.-; k m uiiwu, iwrua rum g 1 Mft KOKOMKAl i f f'f,-- y 1 w 45H W ,1ft wmt 23Z 3S2S J71 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, -1064. Francis Admits His Role Still Wants More Land For West End Recreation The Ottawa Jcm Prm-fz I MHVJ ' mm ZtSmt m I I : , ' " "' LONG HOURS OF LABOR LOST t ( LONG HOURS OF LABOR LOST Fortunat Dumouchel and wife, Mrjorie,' Inspect the shrivelled remains of a large cucumber patch, killed by cold weather last Wednesday night The gardener it unable to make a monetary estimate on Bleak Future for Gardener, Family Freak By DAVE NESBtTT v of The Journal - A Green Belt market garden-er, who has labored for two yesn" to get his weed-choked farm into full production, has had much of his first big crop ruined by a Ireak August frost And now Fortunat Dumou- chel, 4tf his wife, Marjorle. and four young-children art faced with a new threat - .eviction by the NCC from Hleirf dilapidated Albion. Road home for non-payment of rent , CROPS SHRIVELLED . Last Thursday morning when the weathermen at' Uplands Airport recorded low temperature of 47 degree, Mr. Dumouchel arose Just a short distance away to find Kw lying patches of beans, cucum bers, tomatoes.-peppers snrtv elled and brown. . ( "I've been market gardener all my lite," the. disgusted farm er says, "but Ur the first time I've ever seen frost kin in -August" " ...Mr. Dumouchel to a poor man CRiglit now fro making lust enough to keep my chil dren from starving") and also an extremely hostile man. , He's angry at government that pays Western wheat farmers for crop losses caused, by weather, but not. It seems, Eastern market gardeners, . He's Infuriated at bis landlord, the Nattoaal Capital Commission, for "bullying" hint when be has been dog-ed bv kteredMo bad lock.. His hostility also spreads' to Agriculture Department officials at the Experimental Farm who. he claims, laughed at his frost damage contention and refused to send an inspector out when he telephoned to-tell of his misfortune. His high hopes providing1 a decent living forms ismiiy have been dashed by cruel na lure and he's ready to throw in ie sponge, although he has Idea what he D do v ves up gardening, his life long Occupation. V Threats bv NCC represents tives of eviction and seizure of nrooertv if about SIOO in back rem is not pa' Mr. Du-I mouchel regards"ias the last straw. i ' V "I have, no money and cant even talk to them (the NCC) any more, i m Ukt what's left of my crop off a " SHOWING GUN.TO SiSTfR x Eastvi. rAccidenta . TM resounding crsck f an! ancient gun breae the suppe hour sUencs ol a quiet cmivww atreet Tuesday and within a half-hour a II year old youth died of a gum hot wound on his way to hospital. -V'-V - Killed by a shot from an antique gun was Jacques This trga. It. W Dupuls Street.' ' He died Irora wound hud v.i hi. neck as he was bt- ing rushed te Ottawa General j .. - t c.dvm Police saw the I r latln( was accidental. r . DISPLAYING GUN V the youth as appsrenlly dis- Frbst nd leave this place,", he says. The couple has four children Denis, J3; Rose-Marie, 12; Paul-EmUe, nine, and Sharon Lee, two. Their father says his first responsibility is to feed them, which is about all he can afford to do now, Three year ago, the ramuy moved frpra the paternal home stead near Cyrvule to the black-muck farm on the Albion Road eat'Lesterideroad. The land. looked good (or garden- ing. but had been out of use for time and "the weeas were The Dumoucheis took ;,the property which Incloded an old .bouse and run-down. uU, buildings on a. five-year NCC lease at about . $65 a month rent f .,;",---;.' Tuesday ' the pair recalled forlornly how they spent two years getting, (heir gardens into shape with toe husband work- Ing long hours in the fields and I.the wife telling the, produce t produce k ,,i i be Byward.I ' . - h'; ?, v: ". w. tne retail at stana in marketf . . nca EXPECTATIONS It was a hard battle against the. weeds, but this year the crops looked good , with high vegetable prices prevailing and they expected good return. Then came the cold. Executives of the Green Belt . Property Owners . Council President Walter Stanley,, treasurer Guay Lefebvre. . and . member William Heron were out to survey the damage yes- terday and all agreed that cold weather had caused it . They were highly critical of NCC treatsacat of the '. Dumoucheis, charging Commission representatives lack- . ed the kaowtedge to appro, elate the market gardener's saeeHie preblesM. . Mr. Stanley charged discrimination, claiming the NCC often spends money improv- Ing property before renting, but had done next to nothing for . the hard pressed Du- mouchels . " Mr. Stanley pledged his organization support to the gardener,, but was unable o say what specific action would - be taken. A provincial agricul-. ture official was expected to view the damaged crops todsy, Responsibile NCC officials were unavailable Jor comment. Meanwhile, the Dumoucheis (look forward to a Hard Winter. into th Ati Shot playing kit .antique gun cotlec lion to hl II . year old sister In the living room of their, home when the shooting occurred. ' Tht iter was said to have been handling one of the guns when she pulled the trigger, A slug from the loeded weapon hit Ihe youth just below, the neck. Police and ambulance attendant! were on the scene minutes later, but the young man ap pareatly died as the ambulance irrBniifi nmni im .miMdui screamed towards the hospital. He. was nrohotmced deed on arrival 'at the hotpital. Ottawa Coroner Dr. J. S. Cross has ordered an inquest hit' loss, but says it will be in the' thousands." Cucumbers, tomatoes and beans in low-lying sections of his 15-acre, garden were destroyed. Kills Hopes t i ' - i , . , ' ), ! ; ' if 7 y,,J,i: . HARD TIMES AHEAD Market gardener Fortunat Dumouchel, father of four, unhappily ponders his future after a freak August frost destroyed much of his first big crop. He 'admits to being deeply in debt and 'faces eviction from his Albion Road home for non-payment of rent. . (Journal Miouxfey Damlntoa W14l . THEY FACE Daughter Sharon Lee, skirts at Marjone Dumouchel telle how she and her husband, spent two years' turning a weed patch into a market garden only to largely ruined by frost " ;1 . -.V EYICTIOI- two, clings to . mother's; see the first - , ( cVtD I Rents in Pinecrest Terrace will have to go up if they are to cover cost of that public bousing project, A. B. Taylor, chairman of Ottawa Housing Authority, said Tuesday. a ' . . But Uoyd Francis, Liberal MP for Carleton, urged City-J Council to join a program of Federal provincial - municipal subsidies for public housing. Both were among those interviewed on the mayor's two-prong attack at Board of Control Tuesday when she flayed West End politicians for a conspiracy against ex Gity Float May Mayor Wfaitton charged Tuesday that the $200 entrance, fee for floats in Toronto's Grey Cup parade was "a racket" ; Tile mayor's attack was directed at "that group in To ronto," presumably referring to the "Toronto Junior Board of Trade, organizers of the yearly event -,. Mayor Whitton unexpected' ty dropped in Tuesday evening Mayor Parade at a Charges Grey Cup Fee A Racket' For New Coliseum Ottawa can have both a multi purpose coliseum and additional seating at Lansdowne Park for the 1M7 Centennial, ..Frank Ryan said Tuesday. A director of the Central Can ada Exhibition Association,' Mr. Ryaa proposed construction of a multi-purpose coliseum as the city's major centennial project at a public saeeting in City Hall several months ago. Speaking lo a luncheon meet ing of the West Ottawa Rotary Club, Mr. Ryan supported the month old- proposal by Rough Rider President Barry 0 Brien that Lansdowne Park's North Side Grandstand be torn down and new stands be erected m its place. " There la still time to build both structures," Mr. Ryan said. "But this time is running EDUCATION CONFERENCE Commonwealth Meet for Ottawa Ottawa will be the base for lite Third Commonwealth Education Conference to be held Aug ,21 to Sept. 4. More than 2M delegates from 34 countries and territories will attend sessions held la the West Block of. the Parliament Build- mil. .- -; -"'-; ,;. FIRST IN CANADA ' The - fh-st two conferences were held in Oxford. England. (1S51) sndtn New Delhf, India. (lWl). Progress to date. WW be re-wed and, m view of experi ence, gained, the whole organiza tion will be examined to find out where ."mprovement Is needed; Pronosale for further education In. oneraiinn in other fietdt will be considered; policy mat ters wilt be discussed and ex chant of Information made. -For the first time the rate of smss Media m education wiB be dealt with. " Talks wltl centre on produc tion techniouei and the tram-1 ing of technicians, kind of suh- Vllects that can bsr taustitAbest.1 choice of languages trsed awr too. , r.--;;;Vs...'- '..rUr.. pansion of Pinecrest Terrace. She said rents are going up because cost of services which originally were to be spread over 200 units now must be concentrated on 124 . units. Mr. Taylor refused to speculate on the effect of additional housing on the rents. He said cost of the present project bow is being calculated "and- indications art that we'll have to Increase the' rents If we are to cover cost,' be said. RAPS MAYOR . Mr. Francis said the mayor's criticism wss a "vicious, irresponsible form Not Go the Tourist and Convention Committee meeting to displsy proposed float for the local exhibition parade and the Toronto football classic - -But the mayor was somewhat - hesitant about sending the float onr the out-of-town venture. .- The mayor told committee members many major cities across Canada had not participated la past parades in To ronto. The necessary papers mast be signed before the civic elec tions if the buildings are as he completed for the centennial,' he weraed. SOURCES OF REVENUE "Both these protects would bring snoney to the' capital,' Mr. Ryaa continued, Illustrating hie point with a demonstratiewi of how tht MacDonald Curling Brier would bring at least UN,- M to Ottawa. ; - ' "And this is ust' one group of the many that wooel come M Ottawa to tne the new facili ties during and after the centennial." he said.' - . "In the past two -years some 7 groups have showed interest coming to Ottawa and the coliseum.- but have turned h down after finding out what the building is like." he added.. : "Ottawa is a city without any the danger of the misuse of single channel reception in ra dio and television. v . SPECIAL TECHNIQUES J Talks ill also deal with the need to develop special' tech niques , to make these media effective;, jhe possibility of re gions co operation m pro-ducuon and exchanges e( mar terial and low cost productions Other topics to be dealt with include Commonwealth Scholar-ship srtd-FtUowship. plan and qualifications.' (I.Me new Com monwealth', scholarships 'were set up st the Oxford Conference Canada agreed to supply . JM scholarships)! the training and supply of teachers (which -are needed badly In develop I a f countries); experts conferences. dealing with on held on science and another oft t teaching Eng lish as a second language; so cial education;' technical edu cation; Co' peratire arrange- merits m vocational framing. Curriculum development text books, guidance, couasrulng and evaluation win. , hf . dltcuited Vol '.--- i: ' v X . of demagoguery" and accused her of trying to scare residents with, the threat of higher rents, wnile ignoring the possibility of a subsidy. The mayor had accused Mr. Francis, Controller Ernest Jones, former MP R. A. Bell and. Don Morrow and Erskine Johnston, area MLAs, of being part of a cabal bent on keeping remaining land in the area exclusively for recreation instead of permitting additional public housing. Mr. Bell said he had not taken any role in the issue. "I have not communicated with anyone on it," he said. Mr. Johnston said he had ' "It's not worth the couple minutes on television," the mayor added. PROPOSES CHANGES - The float design the mayor brought to the meeting is an already existing city float with certain alterations. The, proposed float .la approximately 40 feet long' by eight feet wide. Decorated by green .grass and Urge tree limbs, the end bar a model of the Parliament Buildings with real'' industry." he want "New tadllties at Lansdowne Park would bring in out-of-town groups and conventions and this could be our industry," he said. i Merer Looters Remanded' i For Sentence . ' Two men were remanded for sentence Tuesday in ; Ottawa Magistrate's Court after being convicted by Magistrate Seuve of stealing change from park' ing meters Jury 23 on Sussex Drive. About IM in coins were recovered. Lucien Mongeon. W. of ,14 Henderson Avenue, and Edou- ard Gervaia. 41. of 171 Bolton Street) were arrested along with Ronald Joanisse. zf, of 10S Vachon Street Eastvtew. Joan isse is serving three months lor his part ta the theft . , , Detective Gerald Rice testi fied he was With his partner, Detective Merle Cameron, about U.Je a.m. when be spotted Gervaia and Joanisse' at a meter. Mongeon was arrested behind the wheel of truck parked nearby.. : ... ' ; He said' a bag containing change. 'eM-two small, homemade keys that would open parking meters were found m the cab. .All ithref bad been drmkinf prior to the theft NEW ORLEANS In 1B4B this dry, was the nation's Jourth largest end second only to New York as a' major port t Out discussed it with residents, ja the area, which farm pert' of his riding, but did not press the quesuon with officials of the Ontario government. - But Mr. Francis bluntly admitted his rote. - "I will gladly plead guilty to trying, to get more land for recrea tion in an area where) there i just isn't enough open space," he said. "And I'm delighted wtth , the company rm la Dick Bell. Emi JortefcMrs. Webber, Don Morrow, Enklaa Johnston.- . . "It seems that everybody is ft) the. army but am s isrge red maple leef dlrectty behind. The front has two 10-foot flag poles with tht Red Ensign and the Union Jack. , . The mayor suggested that the Parliament Building model be replaced by the City HaJL "We're not advertising the Parliament , Buildings." tko mayor said. Tm Just led op and tired that everythinf put. . . out (tourist sssmphleu) has the Parliament Buildings on kV - Though Aldermen Murray Hart and Lionel O'Connor (bought the proposed float was TnccenprehensibJe," the com. - mittes agreed to have the alter ations cone, replacing; the Par- , nsment Buildings with the Cttv ;.C,ot of tha.aKamlona was ' estimated at SS00. . The redesigned float will appear in, the local exhibition ' ' parade, but decision to send the ' float on to Toronto will he naade by Board of Control end Coundl. ', ' . Gerald GeMert, director of publidtjr. Tourist and Convention Bureau, said it would coat ' some f 730 ta have the float in '. the Toronto parade. .', OTHER BUSINESS ' . ' In other committee business. Mr. Geldert said he hoped the new reception centra oa the Trans-Canada. Highway, en mil east of the Queensway, would be opened by, Satordsv. Tne committee also dis cussed briefly proposed fountain for DoWs Lake. The fountain wig fjrobabtr be located. at tho southwest comer of the lake, Mr. Geldert told The Journal that the fonv tain would not mterfem with boating activities on the laka. The founutn project it being worked out Jointly with rht ;; ELECT PRESIDENT ; AMHERST. ' Mast; ' (AP) ( Romeo ".Materia. of Ottawa was elected Totsday tht tbras president of the World Assembly of Youth. .Tht election of Maione as cbisf executive eB-cer of the world's largest democratic youth organizawsa came en tht third haUot by fk one-vote margin. ' fori! magazine subscription servict ' 'MJ Bfttl - JKnlJ Irkigi Itetu-i 1 -Ummiifmm- C.A.VAMTED Natlonhl firm of chartered ocounUnW twiabr C a l knnm aentor audit resnalUlbUiUea Rs ThoM fat government ar industry wur tuBO ,lsjsjaje1ei4..:i.v: Our ttaS hai been advtaed at thk fTtyttse). ment.: , . ; : Kitlf in Cnfiit0 tot , " ' '. ;' '" ' JOURNAL BOX Na E-4C7 :JV V- it si

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