The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1918
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY '1, 19lo. THE DAILY COUR1EH, UuKNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FlfoS. FURNACES PEGGING ALONG AT ABOUT TtiEIR FORMER GAIT Steel Interests Are Abo'»t 80, Merchants 70 Per Cent. PIG IRON ACCUMULATING Sted Fiabhlig Departments Cauwt Operate !· Fill; Some tows ·Mb »f Coke EliaiuteA. But S« CwMenMe l«pr»T»»e»t U Soted. Swell! to The Weekly CourWr PITTSBUKG, Jan. SO.--Communication. b*tTf*«ix Pittsbutg and the coke :csUm has been greatly curtailed this * eefc on, account of so m»ny wires be- ng down by reason, ot the storm. No -lose estimate c»n be made as to-car supplies at the coke works this week 13 there is only fragmentary information, but on the whole the sup- jlies at the coke works this week ire believed to be distln«tly better. iVh»ther the coke is moved, however, s another matter. The steel mills j IU.VB been having some experiences vlonf that line during the embargoes .hat have been, in «ttect as to the re- ieipt ot freight for the majority of wlnts. They have loaded , a great nonr cars that cannot be moved auu her* U an Issue as to whether or lot demurrage is due. In the case of ·oKe this question does not arise as o!ce is not embargoed. The Wast furnaces are pegging .lonj about the same gait as formerly, a the whole, which .means that apart rota a few plants that are supplied ritb. by-product coke the steel works urnaces are operating at an avenige f about 60 per cent of capacity while be merchant furnaces may be doing lose to "0 per cent. The»e are the utaide estimates. While the furnaces cpondtee on by-product coke are on ne whole better supplied than those spending on coke that must be stup- ed from a diatance,.they are not fully implied by any means, as there has eeu much, difficulty in moving coal Iso. Shipvins conditions have grown 30 ad that coke supply is no longer the omiaant {actor in steel works opera- on. Th» time was, and it wag a per- d of many months, that the produc- on oi s*«l hung upon the supply of ig iron, and that in turn upon tlte ipply ot coke, but norv, while the COKJB TKAIE SI MMAJO. Already crippled and suffering from two successive cold snaps the Conncilsvillji coke region was dealt a blow by the severe mountain storm of Sunday night .ind ATondav which produced a condition oT temporary parlysfH. AH lines of communication and electric pow*r transmission -were cul off: railroad traffic, both freight and passenffer.i brought to a standstill, resulting In a condition which ·wa? nearer to a complete knockout 'than during any pru j - lous week, in the history oC the region. To th« troubles which already existed, and those brought by the. storm, the plants of 1he Lower Connellsville * region located on the Monongahela river are menaced by a uanrer which has already Involved prat loss and. xv'hich is still present in tne form of a tremendous! Ice fforsre Many tlppleu and river ytructures'have been destroyed or damaged, barges and boats' sunK and river shipping facilities -virtually put out of business. The operation of the coke ovens has not been interfered with but those plants shipping coke by river have suffered very heavy loan The situation la the region last week mar be said to have been without improvement, at least not noticeably so in the matter of clearing up,traffic, the second cold snap coming; fust about the UTOC-I the region was getting on its feet after its slip on the first one. Shipment data for "the week i« not available, which is evidence of the completeness with which the storm destroyed regional communication. MAZOLA This pore oil from corn fot shortening and all general cooking improves food guality-r-anA saves animal fats'. I T has taken American ingenuity to solve the fat problem--to find a practical, wholesome vegetable oil for shortening, deep frying, sauteing--something that will enable us to save butter, lard and suet. The result is Mazola--a pure, wholesome oil refined from g61den American corn. M Mazola his taken the place of the old cooking; mediums--Because housewives find that it gives more satisfactory results. And since Mazola is a vtgciMc nil it makes it easy for them to follow the plans of Food Administrator Hoover. Mazola is economical--not one single drop is wasted--k can be used over and over again as it does noc transmit taste or odor from one food to another. Get Mazola from your grocer in pint, quart, half-gallon or gallon tins. The large sizes jpvc greatest economy. Also aslc for the frce_Mazola Book of Recipes--or write u»^ direct. ' Tfwr mane, felundcd 1! M«cli do«i Mt tire emir* u(iffact»a. ' Corn Products Refining Company 17 Battery Place New York "velvet" The market remains quotable as the set prices: a Furnace · .56.06 Foundry. 72-hour selected J7.0G Crushed, over 1-inch J7.30 Coal supplies in Plttsburg are slightly better and the outlook is improved in two respects. Car supplies are running better this wwX at the rail mines, and prospects are that before the end of the week there will be some good river coal shipments. Crom as far up as the third pool. "While [he Plttsburg harbor is clear all the pools have been frozen very solidly, the boats having had to give up after breaking a- channel through for a conple days week before last. The ice is altoghether too thick for breaking ttovr, bat a IT-toot stage Ireshet is I coming down and this is counted upon to break the ice so that the boats can make their channel. No coal is coming down on the crest but heavy shipments , are expected to follow, by about Fri- | day of this week. I The local pig iron market remains j stagnant as furnaces are far behind ' SAURY INCREASES ; FOR THE TEACHERS | OF THE MiU TOWN! MODISH COSTLTDi FOK \fr J-'OK 1'OL'XC. WOUAJT GOLFKR.J School Board Votes to Give Them Advjuicea of Five to Ten Percent. ke supply is T*or3e rather than bet- ;r the stetl mills cannot ship as melt sMel as they are ,a*le to make, 9 they *it almost completely sur- randed by railroad embargoes, with i 11 j ofc»suo.iiL IK L U I utLi-ca ai c iiii ueuiiiu ;rmits granted only occasionally and j contract sbipmenui on account ot jt in gafltcient volume to let out ucb steel. The result is that,wiul2 g Iron production is greatly re- ricted S iron is accumulating be- mse th» steel finishing departments umot operate in lull, their -ware-. jQ^es and yards' being largely filled. GrnJ . ttTKr: ".;;.;..;;........... s he Sve day closed period ot the Fuel j 7i, ese pr i ce s are f. o. b. furnace, dmtaistration »nich ended Tuesdai , !relg 5, t to putsburg being 05 cents in last wee* involved the production lte case ot tae Val!eT furnaces. much "Sunday metal" at steel ants, pis iron that is cast instead ol ·ing used molten for conversion into eel, add the idle Mondays result in onlar accumulation.. The steel CHANGES MADE IN THE CORPS' their, continued restricted production. I The" market remains quotable at the set prices: x Bessemer J36.30 Basic 433.00 No. 2 fuundry*" S33 Ot) ' $ 3 3 . 5 3 orto have capacity for using this :tra pig iron but cannot taie care the product, hence the accumula- 3ns axe not being worked off to any tent. Eitra luel is needed, more- er, and in the case of Besemer Knighgts oi Colnmbus 11 or Fund Min- stri-l Turn* to }lc Jtuni-yjnnW for the Cuusc. Kust Huntingdon J n u - 1 iors (lire Play I'or the Tied Cros,"!.' MARCH JURORS DRAWN Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, Jan. .11.--The School i Boaru heid its regular monthly meet- · ing on Monday evening when the salaries of the teacher. 1 - iverc increased from five to t?n per cent. The committee on properties and operation was instnued to take sleps looking forward to the installing a new heating ss'stein in the Chestnut btren building. The resignation, of Misa Goldie McLaughlln was read and accepted, and Miss Louise Kerr, priu- Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLUASANT, Jan. 31.--With \ the exception ot Uie CliurcU oC GoJ. whose pastor, Rev. Fulmer, js liold- i ing revival services, the prayer ineeL- 1 mga for a while w i l l be union affairs. | Last evening it was Beld at thp Prcsby- | leian church and Uic Sunday even- j ing services will he held in the United f Presbyterian church aJNl Reformed Uvurch. These uniou services will . «ave heat, and Ueiu. The move is con-' bidcied a itood one by tlie local Uiureh 1 .people as ,t brings tbe members n C ' ' the \arious churches cinsei toeglher | , Party For Soldier. I 1 .Uisses Mary Kattera and Julio i Parcltich gave'a parlv Tuesday even-1 I ing at the Bohemian hall for Mechanic I Frank Kattera of Company n, 110th ! Regiment. Camp Hancock, -*vlio is ' home on a fui lough. A large number i of friends % e i e Uieie Games ^ere I played and refreshments were bervcd ' - Church Knteriainment. i I The A M. !". 2ion church held au i opteriainment on Tuesday evening-. An addreus was given by Curgrsa, Elevens, of this place, anil by Dr ,, , Clinton of Pittsburg. i Recitations girl golfer must needs have a wpre given by r Ridgely and Messrs* Bnrford Scot! unli Mrs S. Bejl sanir a so'o. The 1 bjnri furnished music. Ee-f , eel the ex;ra fuel required is coke. ' grand jurors: In the past three weeks various coke terctanges save been. arranged, as Sen-nil ConncllsTillc Men Arc Stmei on Uie Gra 1 Jury. Grand, petit and traverse jurors for ! sipal ot the Plttsburg street building, comfortable and modish buit Ht're is the March term of court were drawn! w ' as elected to take her place. MIS.H one de\olopod in ncli wool jersoy, t,\ yesterday by the jury commissioners, j Helen Sisley was transferred to -Mis blue, with lieltcd roat and circular Quite a imrabcr oif Connellsville men , Kerr's place and Miss Wmnifred skirt The mannish blouse and Bailor are the j O'Connor was elected to teach m .Miss § hat m novelty straV are details not to j James Noil, tlie new police officer] i Swley's place. | be overlooked. The shore with their ( was taken in before Burgess Stevens Coloninl Minstrel. I 'ringe tongues are distinctly new. last evening and sworn m and mi-' are included. Folio. freshmfr.ts were seneri. i TflHci'man Sworn. "William Barmim, Everson; Harry Bradley,'Dunbar township No. 1; | The Colonial Minstrel production allspiccs al thc ited ia previous reports, and the sit- Xewton Balsmser, Menallen township was given under .tion as to cross movements of coke' Xo 2; John C. Curry, Connellsville Confraternity of Christian Doctrine of and M'cht-a nc^ almost entirely relieved, near- Fourth ward; Ray Grassland. Con- St. John's churcluat Temperance hall Servant all the cross movements discovered nelbville, Fifth ward; William Drew, ' vervain. investigations ot the past two or Sprmghill township. Ao. 2; Joseph H. ree months bariBg been eliminated. .Fisher, Perry township Xo. 3: -Mich- I on Monday and Tuesday evenings. | total proceeds from thc sale of tickets went to the K. of C. VTav Fund. The Safety First 1'lay. The Bast Huntingdon High school in the general tor i ,,! Gannon, ConneHsville. Second j^iueeVcb^e 'was^I^ Mary ^fsSlMafe '^ "^^ F ' rS ''" mechately started out on duty. XeU is John Boyle as "Frank, a grandTM." a " a " with ,/ OI "« experience, having ,, , ..,,, "TM"' policed in -Mam a for three icars ifaloncy as "Simon, a, T((o Wn( . h , VntOT _ Followng conip'Tvints from i epl- cokc is noted in ^nsequence. but Is assumed that if this worK: had ·i bern done conditions at present uld be still worse. ward; Chandler Harford. German township No. 5; Reuben Hague, Ger- list the direction 5f i£l^ Ev. H,t- man township No. 7; Joseph H. .lames. Perry township No. 4: Frank There is much less coke held up en- | Jones, Georges township No. 2; Bmer- ute between coke oven? and blast ( 3O n Kelly, South Brownsville; James I of " Kniffbt, Utizerne township Xo. 5; Freeman Little, Henry Clay township So. l;~Elmer Lyons. .North Union rnace^ than was thc case a month o, but this nas not resulted in heav- · receipts by blast furnaces, as de eries to furnaces continued while ·.omcnts Irom ovens were curtailed d thu 5 * the clearing in this respect attributable directly to- the short- e in impties. The trade has been klng for better car supplies on ac- ant of the partial clearing of the ngestion on sidings and in yards, c as yet has found no clear evi- nee of car supplies having been per-1 sain . j,- o . i. inentlj improved. Hopes are enter- ned Tor the present week, however. 3o far as can be ascertained there o been no regular market trans- lions in coke the past week. The ntcd shipments are all absorbed on itract requirements, and even a ·\siderable amount of the stock c township No. 2; Samuel P. Miller, Spnnghill township No. 1; S. W. iletz- ler, Uniontown, Fifth ward; Charles O. Moser, Smithfleld borough; Henry Iluuer, Uniontown; Allison Roberts, Kedstone townshrp No. 3; W. E. Snair, Connellsville, Second ward; George W. Stewart, Stewart township and Grover \Vhetzel, Menallen town- ne operators have accumulated teihoiiip, the net proceeds to go for tho benefit of the Red Cross. The plav was a three act comedy anciVas The W.V5 music; Miss .Mary ,MaIIoy, finance; Owen King, properties; John Hickey, decorations; "\Vilfred S McKeon, publicity.'and William Copely, president f the Confraternity. The following eisl of characlc program wa.s carried out for the nr^t part, "Sii'ing of the Heniy Clay," Dominic Caftemy, "When You and 1 Were Young Maggie," Felix McGivcrn; "Endearing Young Charms." Michael F. Maloney; "From Me to Mandy Lee", Joseph O'Hara, "Good Bye Sweet- tension, Sprt .P brought up he( dents of Dice's street resident'; tore the.burgees la'sl o-veniufi and asked lo clean tho ice out of lhe!i water tables so that the \vatei can run away without annoying thc neighbors or tlie water wilt lie turned ofl"j at these houses , To Visit Sou. Mrs. James Harkms let'l y. "Jai.* Montgomery, a yeans husband," m ) m m g foi Camp lian«,ck, Angusu. Charles Sldehanimer; "Jcny Arnold. G a, to visit hw «on James who i.s a an unsuccessful fixer," Preston Ilo- mo i,berof Company E,110th Regiment ibertson; "Mr. McA'utt, a dctecUve." J ^""'·- EAT FISH, SAVE MEAT OUR SOLDIERS WELCOME As Guests ia the Homes HI the People in Uie Towns Vititrj Stationed. It is in the little provincial towns of France, in homes in which they are»the guests of grateful families, that Amer- Night," William Moran: "Good Bye, My Love. Good Bye", Felix .McGivern; i "My Dark Diana," Robert Hideo ; "So and Ma- Lelia. lioadnian; "Zuleika, : "JVlary Ann O'Ktmieity, an Irish cook," aid be applied on contracts with- 'ess soldiers overseas'spend their fur- oversliippinj; on contracts. There loughs, ve been some taarhet tran»»ctic^, Oeneral Pershmg takes care that his t they can hardly be said to havcjimm liie a normal, healthy life while loaey. The second iart was a playlet entitled, ''Wanted--A with William Copety Young Lady," i'or Sale. Sixty acie farm, 7 loom house; "Adelaide" sooi t)an ' c barn ne * r garage, ;n ia " oke" as the tenn is ordinar- underi-tood, sJnce they referred to ·eening.. Operators have asked CO for coke screenings and th'e 'ce'-bai been paid without question. :er the eost of loading, say 51.50, is ..d the remainder is practically i L u n g s A r e 1 Weakened By H a r d C o l d s they ar« on leave, and sends them to the provinces away from, the temptations of the city for their holidays. Here they come in intimate contact with the simple, homely peasant lile ot France. Tljey learn the French language much more quickly in the 1 family group of which they are temporarily a part than tn French classes. "The French women," said Ljeuten- I ant Colonel Adouard de Billy, of the I French Hi B h emission, "are etern- all; grateful for the help that Amen- cans have given us in war serriee DOCTOR SAYS VINOUS !ii[ BEST TONIC Honot Opinion Doctor Gave His Patient A S C A R A j U I N I N E T»r old f«nUy remedy-- !· tablet fonn -- Mf*, vat*, «··? to t«i«. No oputw-- Cve« col Bedford, condition, "weak, nervous and ' run down so I could not do my housework. I had doctored for years and tried both at home and abroad. They have a everything under the sun. A friend dee; desire to express their gratitude told me about Vinol. I asked niy doctor about it, and ,he replied, 'It certainly is the best medicine that can . be had today. I couldn't ttve yoa 1 »ny better.' I took it, and today I an) as well and strong as any woman could wish to be, snd it was Vinol ·that «aved me,"--Mrs. Frank A. Hor- ny offering thp hospitality ol French hornes to the American soldiers on furloughs." Tlie French mother realizes ( the proMems of homesickness, of morale, which would face her boys if French soldiers were .transported to a foreign Ipnd. and slio makes fhe guest ffho lias come to fisln for Prance uarnly welcome in her liome water; 10 minutes walk uom i borough limits, for $134 per acre ' , Six room house on paved street; I mode' n, for ?2,iOO. ' I Four acres land opposite street cat j depot, Hawkeyo. for $1,100. C r. Bc| VTitt.-- Ad* -- 3t-3t. oiitOT y«U'h. J[rs. E E. MODQCV of South Brond- H-ay entertained tbc Sodallt; with a knitting party on Tue-daj evening Mr and .Mrs. ir, A. Renner of South -Broadway are the proud paronti of a daughter born at their home. Mr. ami Mrs. James Donaliue are | the pioud parents of a son bom at their Fourth avenue home. Hiss Bess Lohr of Connellsi'lle spent several days tins week w i t h .Mis Mary Miller. P. J. O'Connor das returned from a visit paid 'Wilklnrburg friends. Read The Bail; Courier Tain** tu" This Fond Hits 'ot Been Appreciated in the Vnited S(n(c. The value of fisfi a-a a vhotesome, palatable, and r u j n t i o u s food has J never been appreciated m the United | States. Wth meat scarce and KS use! liinHed by tlie neccssit e of the fight-, ing men, there is no reason \ \ h y the i American housckeepet should n o t ! ihake a closer and more intensive study of the capabilities of fish in her bill of fare. U lias been estimated that this coun-' try's p -esent consumption ot meat i» about IT times as great as thp con( sumption of fibh. It is also a w p l l j known iaci that fifah is a foofl which j makeb b i a n, \ \ h i J e it Has uecn r'fo**ert j by llio Chinese and the meat-eating people or nortbei n Kinojie that it j makes as good muscle as meat. Fish is often ! ooked ujjon as u ot being meat As a Tn.\ttci of^fact t h e i e j is uo chartictevts'ae Uffc rente between j fish flesh and the flebU of any other animal. The 1 bulk of l is protein and water Pound for pound (here i s , nearly, if not rii:ite as m u r h piotein m hsh moal a.s in beefsteak Fish could be substituted foi i!3 other kinds of meat every riai in tlie year with no ill effects. cold* ia 34 hoort-- Giro In J MonrrbKkirttWb. Grtch* o!ae bear with key. Ash St., Bedford. Ohio. We guarantee this famous cod liver and iron tonic for z!l such conditions. ate jj UW Laughrej- Drug Co.. f'. H. Harmen- i clients. Ing. Connellsvillc- ami .-. ;Iie best) ast Day to File. Fc-hruary J, iy the last day for the filing of accounts in TJniontou*n m ov- dci' to ne advertised for the next iuifiit. Auorna representm? exe- 0.11(1 EUflrdflflU 3 accounts lor their .. ·iBsMiifil ^iHtrtl«cmi'iits drug store m e\ery town and «ily in | When Ton H'ant Anything r"«u!l« fn-.t n i,iv Ir i «nr.l ·... - M J I H V · 'Advertise in our Classified nolumn. Lacking Vigor, Vitality and Ambition? Thc-n rake a short course of Pam- gin Tftl)leta with Gentian, Doctors recent Uiacovery that rebuilds flesh, health, anfl mrength with a speed sold on. a guarantee of satisfaction or money back. Tour druggist or The ConneUsville Drug: Co., can supply you. Offering Extraordinary Savings on CHILDBED'S $2.50 SHOES $1.98 Gun Metal Leather with Kid or Cloth tops, button st\!e, all Bize.H from 8% to 2, at $1.98. MISSES' $3.50 SHOES $2.69 In boib Gun Moial nnrt Patent leathers, Iwtton style, all si/.es ll'-i lo i, at S2.6!t. Little Gents' $3.00 Shoes Gun Metal" Leather, with solid leather solos, button style, all sizes, 9 to 13'/., at _. $2.45 MISSES' $3.00 SHOES "Patent and Gun .Metal Ie"l- tuers, kid tops, button stylo all sizes. 11% to 2, Special value at ?2.9S. BOYS' $3.50 SHOES $a.,95 r.i pjjsli M}lc. Gun Meul Icaih'-i, "Xeol'ii" holes, lare si\lrp. all si7f*s I to fj. Special a' ?"!'"» Children's S2.GO Shoes Gun Jletal and Patent Leathers, cloth tops, button, style, size 5 to 8. Special at _ . $1.39 Re-establishing An Interrupted Connection A telephone "cut-off," as it is called, may be due to th» temporary disarrangement of signal mechanism at thes-mtch- board, or just a plain human mistake by an operator at "Central" or at a branch exchange board. In cither event, it is a source of no less regret to the operator than disturbance to the persons talking. And the con' nection may be re-established with maximum promptness if the person who was called will hang up his receiver, while the person who called him works his receiver-hook ilowly up and down, advising the operator what has occurred and considerately furnishing her with such information as she may require. The Central District Telephone Company E. F. Patterson, Local Mana ger Uniontown, Pa. .FOR BETTER NERVES Better nerves--better health For the run-down tired, weak and worn. HYPOFERR1N Tablets turnish tbe nerve food ihat Nature bas denied you. A iiujjle day 9 treatment-often produce* remart tblr recuitt --Si 00 i et p.vcafie. 6 purkace* fort500fro» your Drufifiist or direct from u» i/ ItecjinDoi supply lou Sold onlron thecoa» djuon that *e refund your money U VDII trs DPI plcawrd unth HYPOFERKJN result* Tb» ScatRaci Rtmedies Company. Inc.. Mason 1 c Temple, CincmcaU Ohio PATEONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE!

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