The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 2
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'. ' ' t ;P.::itCciiti5 9r ... t , .. Tii i PUBUC MEETING Demand S CP WEES of Tb leureal PERTH "(Staff) Incensed by stories of incompetence and dangerous ' wdrltlng conditions. Perth cltiien mar than 2M strong unanimously endorsed a resolution ber Tuesday Blfht requesting tb Public Utilities Cemalssioa t rocog nlse te C-MdlM Union Of Pueltc Em-ployeoe M bargaining agent tor utility employes ar resign. Crito of "throw eut tbo eon MiMtoa" and ."letf . have . ami) racagaitiaa" teheed thraagaiat Ike Partb lava of tbt ttaoletioa at tbt S. A. Ltttl. of Otuwa. prtl dent of tb CUPE. Mid Um roefttutien would b forwarded Brookclale Project Gets Green Light CORNWALL (Spbeial)-City council has given, approval to two bylaws a preliminary Ue to the conetruction of tha Brookdal Avtnu acccaa routa to Highway 401. 1 Th first eoorovea tha con noctittf link between Vincent Msey Driva (Highway 2) to Hlglrway 401 and conttnicUon Of n overpast at tha CNR creasing. Eat Una Ud. coat t 123.143. -, -Tbt second authorizes tha -efty-to pat row ilit mony aao tor tnt project. taet weak tha under of Gaff nay Construction Ltd, a Stratford firm was tpprevtd by council for construction of tht grade a para ti on. Bids for conaouauon of tha toad portion art expected to ba called withal 4 woak or two, city anginaer K C Adam indicated. Ottawa Area deaths r"AUL HUBERT CASSEL-0. 46. Labor Dwartmam Chief of Manpower la research and, davelopmeat, of INS LaSall street ; ;. SAMUEL ERNEST Mac jnLUkN. 70. of 8,' MiO- WILLIAM A. GAMBLE BS. of Ottawa. 1 , MRS. EVA AUGSA-ROUS ' BEAU. N. widow of Edouard Aug andL Jeaa-Bptiu Rouaaoan, of 1U Cuiguaa ALBERT C KRIEG. 3. of ' 4M Sherbeuro Road. ' HERBERT NIXON. o7, of IS Wylia Avanua. . MRS. GEORGE M. STIR RETT, boaaawtfa. of BOB Drhraway. D rhlzYi tith tti:k f)aab Brigbii tar fcat baat dalhdry I 'aw tifcfcJ i 1 I 9 . j 7 nrjOT V l asp.-. . t t Um , ti. Miiitr. kwrtkara. I au'm frwn Shi'm ft nil 3 CIU Ms ." r.ii li.ilmt muwUf. Kwi'tt vni.f.nH tn r .ck r'a )at knUt OM liUM M . " . (mat it Mima IdMMIItrt. SUMMER .1 PUMPS .atom tea uewieewiaj tb ' TELEVISIOri-CTCnCO TtAKSISTCX KAOIOS-PCITAIU t.CCS9 PUTtltS guaranteed' Rebuilt tv v. AT PERTH P UC Al I owll n ion to tha commiaaion today. Tha raaolutioa waa aponaorad by Partb contractor Claraac Stan- tel and Uooat Joynt -DANGER SEEN CUPE offkiali told tba malting of tncidanta wnaa naw anv ployaaa war working oa hydro poiaa wkbout giovaa or aafaty bait and wbara two antall chil-dra pitying oa aidawalk Juat miaaad daatb wbea a 2.M volt tranaaisaioa lina pullad out of iu aoefcot ea a pola and waa thraahing about. Powar from tha I mat bumad a bol m tba aida walk. nnioa ' man aald. bafora bting awltcbad off II minutat latar. Commiaaion amployaaa walk- ad off tba Job M day ago whan tba PUC retuaad to racognua tha union. Tba commliilon. aftar meeting with tha am-pleyeeir agreed to wag in-craaaaa, im proved holiday and iW ilAAtiA Imi MhiA4 inlwt raccgnhion. . -'f Town council baa given full suppcit ' to the commiuioa stand . Mentbar of tba commlMien headed by Chairman S. H. Ball Mayor E. Scott BurchaQ and membara of council were- lnvi(-d to the public meeting, but did not thaw op. FULL SUPPORT Walter Hogg, a former utili ties commtuioner. was appoint- ed aa chairman by those at tending tb masting. , . Tha Smiths Fails and District Consider Renfrew- Request Th4 Farm Credit Cerperatien la prepared to consider requasu for oaf arm ant of repayment of lean from farmers it) Renfrew County and other ana of Eastern Ontario bit bard by drought This was mad known today by tha Agriculture Department S social drcumstancoa, auch as drautht. hail, and other crop disaster, routinely art taken into account. It waa explained. in such situation, mora toriums an declared, on the individual farm basis, by arrangement, oa loan repayment until the farmer in another and better financially from the previous crop Big Industry To Locate " InArnprior? ARNPRIOR (SptdaD-Tber ia areat murata and nri culatloa In AfflBrBf snaav. A large Canadian company has taken an option oa M acre el land - bafs MlifcM t and the Madawaeka River at tb Eastern extremity of lawn. ina wan is presantqr ewna J iiamaa nimri l Civic officials are reluctant to aiscvus tha project or divulge tha aaraa af ha aallaa likUr but do say the firm it a big on, and it aa Industry that wouid.giv a tremendoiit boost m um anra a asonomy. Renfrew Youth Admits Theft Of TV Set . PEMBROKE (Stafh Cocil Dunn, if, of Ranfraw, was, re manded in. custody Tuesday whoa ha pleaded guilty to charge of theft He pleaded guilty. Jenfrew PoHce Sgt A. J. Scott said Dunn was seen run ning from a television cupply tor in Renfrew Aox 7 with a sat under one arm. A few minutes later h returned to the tor lo say that ha had taken the sat from a would-b thief b bad mopped on tha atreat. Latar, he a-mltad to police that b stole the tt, valuad at tioa. SPECIALS, 050 C IT M a fl I ft G ' ELECTMCAL SALES LTD. - -ri nsttnjttt, - ZItt t , BUMMER STORE HOURSt MONDAY TO FRIDAY B TO B PJtL . CLOSED AU DAY SATURDAY. j. ' , j Labor Council baa gone oa record as urging all members In. all Its affiliates to give all possible moral and financial support to the U strikere, "who have the couragt to buck on of the crualest piece of anti- labor legislation in Canada." Mr. Uttla said Section M of the Ontario Labor Relatione Act is a legal loophole open to com missions Mich aa tb PUC which anablea'tbem to remove their employee from the scop or Jurisdiction of the act. He said it was never intended to be used to any extant by the mwucipalitiee and It has now been rejected ar con demned by almost every government official in Ontario including tha present Minister of Labor who baa said M should be repealed, . t ., s Commission officials could net be reached for comment Tuesday night following the meet- Delay Big Almonte Paving Job ALMONTE (Special) -Town council last aight granted contract for on atajor project and rejected bid oa another th repaying and laying of storm aewer on Bridge Street and sevsral tM streeu. Councillors fait the I1M.M4 Brkiga Straat -project -was too much for th town to take on at this time and council want along with Mayor A. W. Smith's suggastkm that tbt MM tt of storm sewers be done this year and the repaying Job ba delay-ad for another year or two. . Council moved to call landers immediately far sewer construc tion oav Bridge, Country, Farm and sever smaller streets. Looby Construction of Dublin. Ont, waa awarded the contract for replacing the old Moat bridge, a ' connectint link of Highway 44. over tbt Mississippi River at a cost of BUN. Completion is set for mid-November. . - - Morrisburg Sewer Odor, Draws Fire CORNWALL ( Special y-Mor risburf'i Ottawa Street sewer problem, wbkb drew fir from evtry member of village coun cil this week, has resulted in i latter lo th Ontario Water Re sources Commlsaioa telling of ficials the Department of Health terbids the pumping opera tioa recommended by Ontario Hydro. Work supervisor Derail Phil lip said tbt depart stent for bids Bumping ovtrflow of th storm sewer into Lake St. Lawrence a has been done la Residents have literally herded council with complaints of odors and tvorflow into base- menu. Council Trevor Allison term ed th situation deplorable. Reeve Fred Hill also voiced objection it plugging manholes in tha area to overcome odor. Copies of th Mttar bams sent to th OWRC will also go to Hydro Chairman W. Ron Strikt and Greaviilt Dundas MLA Frtd Cast, Ottawa Youth Gtt lODoys'm Jail ST. CATHARINES (CP) - Richard Joseph Jerry Smith, IT. of Otuwa and Ronald Collin Wilson, II, of Toronto wert sen tenced bert Tuesday to If days tn jail on a charge of taking a car without tbt owner's con sent. ,- . - . ... : Tb two youth, who were attending military cam at near by Ntagard On - Th . Like, bad pleaded guilty to t chart of stealing ' the car, but th charge waa later reduced. , F" M SSila-asiUla Sinaothai lw fori sMat!mtSuo.MtMOd tetrlrmMMhtnt) prfot-dit(;iliiki afr tf Nova Sootit'a AmupoCa VaRayi ( ACADIAN THE OTTAWA JOURNAL OTTAWA 'GRAND CANAL' Backing For Diversion Plan CAMPBELL'S BAY. , Que. (Staff) A small group of Ot uwa Valley residents from both sides of tb river may provide tha spark needed to interest Otuwa ia a mulii . millioa dollar plan to replenish tba Grant Lakes, It waa indicated at the first meeting of th Ottawa Val ley Water Diversion Committee Tuesday night. Tba committee waa appointed ia Pembroke June II at a meeting of tha Ottawa River North-era Water Replenishment Com mittee called for tha purpost of studying a plaa advocated by Thomas kuerana, Sudbury engineer. , " ' ' Tb Kloraa plaa was officially saoerssd teat night by the OVWDC, at the mggestWa of the chairman, Reeve Peter McCcaaachle af Deep River. Sine IU. Mr. Klefana aad his-brother, Li. CoU Jevin KMrans. have campaigned for recognition of their plan to reverse th HarrJcanaw River, which empties into James Bay. DAM RIVER " -' Tbt river would 4 dammed ear its mouth and directed south through the Montreal River watershed. A eerie of pumping stations would raise the water Ut feet to clear the height of land near Amos. From that point, tb natural flow would he south to tbt Ot uwa JUvar Mar Matuwa. Tbt water could then be directed through a canal system both east to th. Ottawa and west through Lake Nlpissing and the French River to Georgian Bay. Other eenints to ha derived from the - proposed "g r t a d canal" art, water power and aa alternative water rout between Big Cornwall Plan Hits Zoning Snag CORNWALL (Special) A proposal to- construct a S390,. 000 omco building oa McCon-nU Avcnut appear to bo in for a. fight from raaldtnti In tha immediau art wbtrt tha atructuit wUl , inw scnenra waa una neioni th planning board recently. It proposed the building to houet til types of professional men. To build It, however, will astaa changing th toning des ignation of th area, it is cur rently a residential xona. Several aldermen aald thty had received call from rest- dents opposing any change In coning. Alderman Aiiratt Clement suggested traffic study plant fev McConntU Avamit bt reviewed bofor any actioa 1 Mayor Nick Kanob laid bt It gainst any rexonlng. Backers of the praiect indi cated tha building wUl have to bt constructed oa McConnetl Avtno or not at ail. At the same meeting Mayor Kancb charged tbt city H being ignored oa signs along Highway 401. He urged that council officially protest tbt sbeenc of Cornwall's nam oa signs wast of Toronto. . , Ha noted that ft It only round Preacott that eigne rec- ogniatd tha city. - mmmzmmTivmmmmWBmmWimummwmmmmm COLT nrD SPECIAL ' A MarM al tee Blt tans 1 ear rlaae aaluacs. tUsrMs ' af tk analaal arte, an f taeas stay ke sineams, while taey ; last. St ea taw claaiiaf tela. Tailcrcd-to-Hcac-jrc SUITS CeataadTrammr. v CTf SO itssxao.aMO S1B7J0 ...... yiJW acoTCH TwrsTt, XMOLtni WOMTra). an many mere eiotk sr tMturat la tlu. avantt atrlaM. Cheeks, PUiaa. raacv Weaves to Oregra, Suisa, Bcewaa, &rnm. VtMe ts eat tern year aUkntas aaae aitaane ilirkil eaass la aaw aa auae rear eeleetlea. :): '"' - '. Store SNW ChMM i Maasar rrtaar S BANK ST, OTTAWA tin fXTt J ff 1 . . 1. av"0 m. 1 I I I Uui ILLLAy-t,riftQwm,Nova ot" in Va .'!..., Montreal and th Lakebesd shorter than the St. Lawrence Seaway. : . Tba plaa Include making the Otuwa River navigable either for barges at aa estimated extra cost of feMMM or for hip at M.MMtt. - f It was (greed Tuesday night that tbt interest In tbt plan must b built up in communities west and north of Campbell's Bay. "We've got to have tha sympathy of the poop I up north." aald Pontine Warden William Burke. If we don't, when they build th canal, someone may say 'Just go through Lake Nlpis sing- ana rgnia tiiogetner. Leonard Hopkins of Peu- wawa, believed that Quebec's influonct oa Otuwa could be "used a lever" to ensure that th Federal government include th Ottawa River in tb final draft of th Kierans Plan. If k la aver developed. "Surely, If 4.MI.MI Canadian could push a railway acre tb continent M yean ago," b said, "we caa raven a river today.' With a view to stimulating interest up river, committee members agreed to bold a moating la North Bay. Among those' lo be notified ar federal and provincial mkv latere of resources, members of Parliament and leglslativ assemblies wheat constituencies border the proposed waterway and municipal councillors along tb . rout. Tb invitation list will Include representatives from Sudbury, North Bay, Matuwa, New Us. kttrd. Hailtybury, and Cobalt ia Ontario and Temlcmingu and VUlt Maria. - Extend Ban On Picketing At Perth - An injunction banning pick' ting of Perth Public Utilities Commission tnatallationa- waa extended to Auauat IS by the Ontario Supreme Court at To ronto Tuesday. : An interim injunction" had bean granted on Friday at tba request of Perth Mayor Scott Burchtll and bearing on it was adjourned to August II. v . Tba injunction was sought to curb conflicts la the atrikt of commission employee which hat been la progress for tha past throt . wotkt following commission refusal to recognize th National Union of Public Employees which had ought cortificatioa to represent tht worker. ;; OPORTa Portugal - Firemen strove today to roach two men trapped by aa oertn slid In a 30-foot deep water well near Brsga. SO miles north of Mr. TtebM cnea ot worker spurred rttcut tffortt. alarrs I I ' , ': am. as jb. ' X3I-I50S 5U wm) v istrafe Angers Cbuncil GANANOQUE B Town council voted Monday night to protest to Attorney -General Arthur Wiahart about Magis- traf Gordon Jermya, charging h failed to uphold the dignity of hi court by Improper per, sonal conduct and by prejudging case of infractions of local bylawa. - i . Last Thursday, Magistrals Jermyn described a local bylaw banning tour boat operators from soliciting customer on town streeu a "foolish.". . tie dismissed charge under the bylaw against a boat opart' tor. explaining: "We've got to havt these people in town. If they cant go out and solicit the town la dead." - - - Polio told Magiatratt Jermyn that citizen had complained about tha aollclting and he replied:' "You did your Job and I did mine. You don't havt to listen to them. Th onus Is not on you. AH you havt to aay I that that allly. bastard threw It out , ' Mr. Wis hart rtcmtly asked Magistrate Jermyn to apologize to Preacott art principal for comments he md about th teacher during bearing of assault charges against tha family of a girl pupil th principal bad punished. GATOrj v$al Savings on Sfurdy, Soryicowoight T;r.DASS0wCottcnSh:3ts and Cases Single-bed alze. 8SW x ; Sale, pair . 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