The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1918
Page 4
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r Ff fe. PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILJLE, PA. THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 1918. ®l£ fiatijj OLnurirr. - HENKY'P.'SXyDER, Pounder »od Editor. v 139-191S. THE -COURIER COSlCAJfV, raMUhm.- ·· KT3t SNTKER, , 'President. JAa-J. DRISCOI.L. 3«c'y »nd Treasurer. Business Mums". JOH.V L. CANS. Managing Editor. ·WALTER S. ST1MMEL. City Editor. MISS LYNNE B. KlNCEliL. Society Editor MEMBER OF Afl80ci»ted,Ertss, Audit Bureau of Circulation, Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. Two cent* p«r copy, 50r per month; »5 per year by mall if paid " advance. Entered as second class nuuter at the lObtofflcg, Connellsville, Pa. TJI|J1IS»AT KTE'G, JAN. SI, 1918. · HtmWr .1 Tk« A»»oeJ«teJ Pre«fc .'. The Associated PreJS is e,*- ·cluitTely entitled t» the use lor ^·publication of all aevt dls- ;p»telie» credited, to It. or not -oUurwiM credited in thi. paper nd also the locarne-wr published herein. :; ; OUB JOB. "While all news that is permitted to filter put of Germany is to be regarded with' 3U*picion, there is so much tbat appears to be authentic in the word reaching- the outer world at this time thai we jnay_a$ach tnore than ordinary Importance to it. IT, as the despatches state, the sir ik- on 'ultimatum to the government demanding a speecUnii; up 'o! peace negotiations, a state' ot affairs has developed which indicates that the military power of the Prussian war lords is fast losing its grip. That the grip is already lost is perhaps too much to hope, but the events now transpiring -are significant of the eventual end of ifte present order ot things in* the taqd of the- Hobenzcllerns- We in America must cot be deluded by these developments, however. Prus- sianism is. still strong and resourceful and- may find a way of adjusting the present internal troubles of Germany that will defer,, but cannot finally prevent, the- overthrow of its autocratic power-'by the people of that unhappy countrjv^We must take nothing^what- ev«r lot granted: "We must continue our wort of -w»r,preparatioa with even greater' intensity- and. determination so that the end aimed at by the allies will b* mchi*Yfcd beyond any 'possibility of ifcnibt--*" PussiaiMsm must be forever ^eliminated as a~factor in the government of but exemplifying an their church life the fact that they arc all Christians, rather than members of sects, 3ust as they and all other good patriots in their secular life are proving in these days that they dre all Americans, not members of a political party. "With thp former German ini**rs pouring" chqusands of American soldier" on the shores of Kurope.and the work · men. of Germany handing- an. u l t i m a t u m to Kaiser Bill, that much troubled mctmrch it beginning: to realize chat ungrateful. * The discharge of Xationai Guiird officers Xrom tho service is taking on the aspect of a popular pn^ttme with the military power 1 ; that Ic If you have any doubt about the liability of the Food "Administration to enforce Us decrees 1 it Is well to recall that a baking 1 company in Canton. O, has been fined $3,000 ofr Milling lujyar In lots of 100 pounds and more to its employee and friends. ·seed corn will have to shell out to thofe who have not. As spring: comes nearer the thoojrhts of the young- men ' in the camps and cantonments turn toward France. Their steps *riH very probably turn . m the same direction about the same time With a ConnelteriUIan I n ' t h D aero photography service the First. City of Fayette has representatives in about every Hno of soldiering and sailorine that Uncle Sam has to offer our young- men. The German liners, unlike curses and They merely carried o\cr their tlr-U consignment of the boys who "are gromg to bring- Rooster Bill down from his perch. - . . _ . . ,- ^ J f - » ? · LM® Talks tour H®3jlSli ajiadl -IMyjIiisHUB By Samuel G. Dbcon, M. D., L. L. D., Commissioner . of Health. ,, ,. ', . trjCVVEll COLDS. During the frigid weather, you want to keep well nourished. To do this, ,our meals should 'be taken with regularity, -and you should take a moderate amount ot exercise, not too near meaK time. Na better form' of exercise fcan be found than that of walking wiui a good brisk stop and swinging of the arms. YoiCshould keep up a good circulation of~blood"tbal the digestive glands may secrete a healthful, quantity of digestive fluids, and fife food be prepared- for and assimilated by the bodr. · ' ^ ' No excesses should' 'be indulged Jn, particularly the taking of alcoholic beverages. 'You should live in pure afr night and day. but the » cry } oung | ClaissiM ] | ^dhyiEirtSsaHKEialls j WutM. WANTED -- TOUR BJUIBERING llUBiucss. RENDINE'S. « WANTED -- LAUNDRY WOMAN BALTIMORE HOUSE. Ijun-ttcl WANTED -- DISHWASHER AT BALTIStORE HOUSE. 3ja.n-t£d WAITED -- COOK AND CHAMBER- mald. ARMSTRONG'S RESTAURANT lOdec-trd WANTED -- DISHWASHIIR. SLAVISH or polish. TRANS-ALLEGHENY HOTEL. WA.NTKD -- GIRL FOH GENERAL l o n s e w o r k , 304 :L:. Fayctt* feu 283,in41d ' WANTED -- TORNISHBD ROOMS, TsuiUbJo Cor licht houackecpmc:. Ad tfress 'V care Courier. 30jan-tfd · WANTI:D -- FINE DARNING AND mendine ot all kinds. Address "T, ' - WANTED -- AN EXPERIENCED gale^fady rrfcmnccs required. Apply at once. -'FICKS 1 DKPT. STORE 31janCtd* WANTED -- TWO OB THREE FOR- nished rooms Cor lisrht housekeeping, ·with all conveniences, "ROOM," care Courier 30jan2td" ', WANTKD -- AT ONCE, BLACK- smlth. Will rent or pay (rood salary. Good shop. Good tools. Lifetime Job for Brood man, "BLACKSMITH," cure Courier. S6j»n-Ud WANTED -- POSITION _AS BOOK- Jieeper or slenogrranher by lady. Have furnish reference. Address "BOOK- - KEEPEIl," care Courier. 30)an3td , WANTED-- MINERS WANTED WHO are studying for examinations to eet 6i'e best mining book published, "Min\S In a Nutshell." by JAMES WAKD- .LA\V. Scottdale, Pa. Price ,»2 25. ^JlJanStd WANTED -- ANY KIND OF PRINT- insr, -whether it ii a calling card, sale bill or the finest engraved wedding Invitation or announcement. We prini anything -- everyUiinp -- do it promctty and do it rlsht. Call the man at THE COURIEP. offlce. Both phones. 27-U ·^ranted. Don't matter if broken I pay 92 to J15 per set. Also cash or old grold, silver and broken jewelry. Send by parcel post and receive chec* by return mail. Will hold goods 10 days for ·senders approval of my offer. I* MAZER, 3007 South 5th St.. Philadelphia, Pa IfijanHtd" WANTED -- Jl.OO WILL BE GIVEN , deliver copies of the Curtis publications to customers. Only schoolboy 1 ; -clean, £ren/lemanl and ambitious -- need apply. The $1.00 is in addition to liberal cash proflts and many other advantage. Apply to JAT C STAUF- FEn. JDS North Plttsburp SU Con- nellsvillc. Pa. janSlfebU r*r n«»t. FOP. BENT-- FRONT OFFICES ON second floor oC Dunn Evans building. Inquire of HARKT DUNN. 8Jaii-tfd ZIMMERMAN-'? / 9 r ZIMMERMAN-^ VILD COMPANY. 154-158 WEST CRAWFORD AVENUE. s f ZmmermaB -Wild Company Will Shortly Announce Their ·^ j Connellsville and vicinity will sooa be offered tue greatest furniture buying opportunity in years. The Zimmerman-Wild Company, as you know from newspaper announcements, has purchased the splendid stock o£ the Leonard Furniture Company. This stock will be disposed of immediately to make room for our immense purchases of new Spring merchandise. It will require several days to get it re-marked at t h e closing out pnces. WAIT! ! ! In the meantime if you have urgent needs come in and let us quote, you, at private sale, at attractive prices we are offering. ^ j i VTLD COMPANY. 154-15S WEST CRA^VFORD AVENUE. .any'jeoplo.ou the earth. Our job isi and the very old should not be, expos-., ,,,,, to see that'll is done and done effec-jed to'extremely low temperatures. | hou tiveiy. Careful observance of these sugges- ; lions will do much to prevent, and at A SEED COK3f SUPPLT. \ least to some extent, help pull you Farm Agent Dougheny has sounded fchxough congestive or even infective a timely warning to tbe farmers of Fayette county by- urging them to make early and ample provision for colds, which are prevalent when the weather is so very changeable as it 'is in winter in oar North Atlantic their supply ot seed 'conf for-' the climate. spring planting^ The late corn maturing season of last rear vras unfavorable to the"development of the crop, , hence there is~a pronounced scarcity ' of good~s«ed. ft is this condition t o t ; which Farm Agent Dougherty'directs | attention and offers the suggestion! Mhat farmers begin at once to make in-1 quirj^as to ·where they can procure a supjrty: By Wall Mason. RENT--ONE EIGHT ROOM All modern improvements. Patterson and Chefrtnuc street. Inquire . Goodman. Yoush Houee. 263an-t(d V«r Sale. FOR SAJ.E^EUICK FOUR ROADS- tpr. titt". in pood condition. Me- CEDAP.Y MOTOR CAF. CO 26JanSt FOB SA1.E--CORXEH ' IXT ON Davidson avenue. South Side. H X. STAIRS, 1202 Vine stret't. Tri-State 425. 31jan3td' FOR SALE--HOCSEHOLD GOODS at private sale. MRS. ALICE HECKLER. Third Floor, Arlington Apartments. 23Jan*td* ftARD I.UCK HEX. FOP. SALE--»37 00 STOVE FOR J25 Used two months. Good cookinK and -- ' heating. Call at 505 South FittsburR. 1 '"We've played in haru luclv all pur j 29jan3td* I days," explain so many helpless jars. -- ' "The Fates wcro frownlnc at our birth *"° R SALE--0 ROOM HOUSF.. SICE. · " - - ' - ' ·Idewilk To ranwrvn tho qlinnlv t»int -ma^- .» 1»« * MO» »'0r«.rrownlns at Our b i r t h , rv; " o*u. u ivuuoi nuuor.. .i, 10 conserve the supply Umt maj he the Kates don't care tor sftrllm-worth location: pived Btreot and .Idew, available, those fanners having corn! they take a srudste acamst a man. and i f"trr. oath and two^porches Hot Suitable for seed are requested not to-' raake of him. an also ran. no odds ho-w I bem£ - Address "D. J." caro Courier market it for feeding purposes but to earnestlr he tries to harvest wealth " th. farm agent .so'that he may w an make genuinailon tests. This is a bint worthy men. ·verj com-ownmg farmer should be quick to act upon. If his corn proves to- be good for seed he will have no trouble of disposing ol it, and perhaps to a much better advantage than for use as feed. If it does not or other prize." And It Is true that fate hands out prunes to and xcnts O f talents great and rare huvc -wasted them on aetert air. (And If this metaphor la bad, produce a better one my lad) But u is true that many skater who charge their failure to the tales mlsM standard germinating qualities it can be marketed for feed. The Pfcyette County Farm Bureau is conducting a seed corn survey of the cooaty, tbe remits of irbJch are certain to be of material advantage to . crowers if they -will but avail Showl fooled around the corner store and . threshed old chestnuts oVr and o'er; they've fuoled around with cheap harangma?, when wiser m«n went forth in ganes to shuck their crops of early peas and pluck persimmons from the trees. They've fooled around on summer days difcussinff Congress and its ways, whep saner men. on active leg-s, snooped round the barn and found the UtcmlelTes of them. The object is to I fesrss - U ' B foolln e round, it isn't Fate, locate and to conserve for seed pur-! that pnta "^"_»»_«*" and stra^ht F pooea a sufficient quantity |or the I canine season's planting. As Farm) Aceat Dorccherty points out, "thcj valne of good seed cannot be overestimated." Securing enough of it to plant at large a crop as the demands will require, is beyond question "a very important proposition." So important, in fact, that it can not i Orel-looked fcy any farmer no mat- tar wh«ta«r be plants a large 'acreage. or a To meet the situation tbe services Of tb« farm bureau are at the com- latart of tbe farmers of the county just M ia an other matters pertaining to ' Ed^ar KOR SAI1E--HORSE, 0 Y K S R S OLD. wplffhs 1,400 lb?. Rvund and ivill work double or single. Al^o one horpe wagcn and exprfii hn-rneas. W. L WHIPKBT, TVobt Side, Cits'. 2Cian4t-eod FOR SAt.E--CSKD CARS WII..L sell on paj-ments and tlort free till April 1st One SI Four Overl,inrt Tour- Ins Car. One O\prland Coynto' Club One 63 Overland Road.ster One Hup Touring Car. One Pord Touring Car One Si* Cylinder Seven Paasonprr Jackson, suitable Cor ta*t ser\-ice One three-fourth ton panel body Republic Truck. One three-fourth ton express body Republic truck On** two-ton Re- I public Truck. TVEULS-MrLLS MOTOR ] CAR COitPANT. 29jar.!td I LOST--A MAN'S GOLD WATCH AND fob Reiva-'-d If returned to HOOPK7VS DRUG STORK 3Ijan2td LOST--SOMEWHBRK IN BUSLVJ5SK dmtrict, brooch set ~wil"\ diamonds and rubies Reward if returned to Courier office. 28jan-ttd A HEA1 J Job was indeed a patient man, his ways were kind and meek, In Taga jieainst hiB -woes he -was not ever heard, to speak, t strive to emulate .his style. I do not fu^s and fret At everj- small annoynncc\that ft i." my lot to pet. But I cannot keep my fmpf r and I Joye the smile I own If I'm upstairs busy shavmg :i nd they call me to the phone. aad 'more profitable farm- tat. T»»-faun-bureau cannot alone lamre an ample supply of seed cori' T» acoompliah 1hat object there most' T c b« coCptrmtion upon-the part of all I And I a'w^ C ter n pn)«'s tha TWg is made easy through _make me rave ana ( Bore eiceilfM parpoif. ' if they tell me that the frozen doesn i with the few simple SUg- 'They can dras-me to a movie -when I'd Dousnerty has| rnd^u^ver ^cn^imper. tar ^ ^ I nature Is my creed, ---- -1 "* " ['B*ut It TnakcF"mc. madT as thunder tCnd I a.nsrwer with a grpan^ When my face Is white with lather and they call me to the phone. "Hush." "I-hear' tha mother whisper "that is* no -way "to bohivve,** i But she doesn't knovr the torture oC an i interrupted shave, 1C there's misery to beat It, it is one I've never met Even Job. "who suffered nobly, would have cursed a bit I'll bet If whan he were set for scraping 1 off the -whiskers he hid Frown And his ears were fulr-of lather, they had called him to the pilone Th* p*o»Ia o( Duraon have ·m w*f_et*atnt ttingrand no tor wkat It la »hey may be depended upon to do U jut about right. "mm tke fact mini regulations tmt b«B ' Oiwjhtfnjlr considered by *·« food people ot our down stream «l(kbor, til* ceBcloslon was reached tkat th« wmat« rteuMng iiom heat- tmi all Ut* churches of tbe town could »» arolded by the simple expedient 9t tLt*Unf oa* ehorch and InriUnt the · ··1«ra ot all the others to com* and worship in on* edifice. T1U» amaifCfneDt tit not ooly in ·ceordance with th« spirit ot the fuel regulations, knt it wiU serve eren a brtnr msntberi of-th* seretal churches together as one band of Korshlppen and canse.tbsm io !«?« sight or the Imasinary^^SourfdarT [fnea that have dhidert ttiem Into separately jsrsaniz- «-d b-v-J'cP. In ihK rcso^ct thcr Trill bf LOST--GOLD 3RACBLCT "WATCH. Clsin. between high school and Stauf- £er"s book store Return to hlph school office 30jan2td T^OST--SATURDAY EVENING BE- tween Mt. Pleasant ftnd Itound Bottom either on car or Western Maryland train, pocketbook containinfl- mone^ and receipts. Reward it returned to JOIIX VINCENT, Star .Tiinction, Pa. I.OST--FISCHKR MUFF ON THI I In 30, car learlnp Greengburtr foi- Con- neMsville on the nipht oC . l ^ n u a j y 1 Xo quysVions asked and ^ JibiTa' reward piven if returned to MRS Charle-J TVIbk. Bank Flats "Mmm! Pleasant, Pa. I l l j a n l t d Buy Your Ford Car Now ·^ \ If you -want one for next Summer. I can make immediate delivery of FORDS, although I cannot promise delivery next Spring. Everything is in your favor--cars will not be any cheaper and deliveries more uncertain later; and the FORD car is the only car that has not advanced in price.. The same quality that you have always expected--the greatest automobile value at last year's lowest price is still yours if you place your order NOW. Trice of Touring Car $360.00; Runabout $345.00; Chassis $325.00, f. o. ii. DetroiJ. Delivery anywhere in Dunbar. Franklin, Connolls- ville, Lower Tyrone, Salt Lick and Springfield Townships; Dawson, Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs. Hyatt Motor Company WEST CJZAWFORD AVENUE. Fon»*l. KOUND -- .LADIES, CfUTKJS l.V ; style, found LaChimia's tuilorecl auits I distinctive!} fashionable. Order youib n o w ; Ii09 Pittaburs St. 30jan-tfl i ESTATE OP AUSTIN late of the City of Connellsvill*-. coi of PaTCtte and St»tu or P e n i i n K . i dccesuKd. letters cf Adjnini^ir.ituji to the undoraiciMd, n-oti. to all peraona estate to mat* immediate j to those ha-rinc claims,.- au.uiiJi.t r i i . ?»ame to preaeht them prnpiVlj~ ,'murtM- ticat*-d for settlement JOHN" F. it \1 Admlnlrtralor, ConntMlsville, Y*t H O Overshoes in every size and slyle to suit any shoe. Arcucs, Gum Shoes, Gum Boots, Felt Boots and every- thing in Rubber Footwear. First Quality only. "Well, that is a pretty hard matter to figure. February is often quite wintry, March weather has a reputation for being vile, yet notwithstanding, merchants about this time ot the year or earlier, provide for spring and summer goods. Now is may seem oui of pince to advertise spring goods, but the Union Supply Company stores take this occasion to announce that our spring goods are already coming in, goods that were bought three, four, and six months ago, and to complete our purchases for spring our buyers are* now in the market, so look out for displays of spring goods at our stores. There are very choice liru-» or early domestic dry goods, there are choice and extensive lines of made-up gar- nientfc for v\-omen, misses, and children, suits, wraps,, etc.. there are choice and extensive lines of material for women and children's garments. Most too early 10 give you a full description-this is only a synopsis, principally to let you know that it is time to prepare for spring raiment. There will be novelties coming in dany in every line. We particularly want to call your attention' to the very attractive stock of skirts for women, shirt-waists for .women, and to the very extensive line of new styles in ribbon. 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Commercial Printing' of all Rinds i-Q^tS®SX5®(^»s®SS^iE®^ I PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS i WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPEH. Done at 5*? Courier Job Printing Office.

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