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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 1

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, August 12, 1964
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.. "concentration, of l.M and 1,100 Viet Cong to the Jungle area. Ninety -U helicopters carried , "nearty 1.000 South Vietnamese .troops bito the attack. , :;: : ; Minutes aker the assault be- - can. a young VX Army lleo- tanant slumped dead at bis coa- itrola. . -SEVENTH PILOT A .5e-callbT . armor-piercing machine-gun bullet bad -passed through the windshield as the - helicopter wea making a stral .' mg pass and pierced his heart I "He was the seventh pilot In cur class of M to be killed In Viet Nam," said Cant Robert . Estec of Anson, Me. - i Every available helicopter n the souther half of South Viet Nam was rounded up for the J 1 Valley Drought WV" i n - AFTER THE STORM to safety after the storm abated. the back window piayrui youngsters. 'til- Storms C ter also flattened a garage and scattered debris aaaV.aoof ahla- gies about streets. - 1 VIOLENT STORMS I Downed hydro lines m Windsor caased the shutdown of several plants while Westminster Hospital in London turned en Its auxiliary genera tors for. about two hours aa utilities crews worked to restore service. - I Redraft Pumper: TendersBoard 1 ' Board of Control baa bluntly demanded redrafted tenders for a new fire pumper. ? ' The demand waa in aa mature-lion sent to Finance Commis sioner Lowther Tuesday sfter officials ef the Fire Department and city consultants said they from new tenders. " , ' The Board had complained that the specification of brand-ad units on the pumper restricted the tender to only one firm. . . f IMMIGRANT FLOW ' In the first three months of 1M4 there were 11,711 Immigrants Into South Africa, almost double the previous year's fig- CANADIAN AID i Destitute .Koreans received K3S.SN worth 'of Canadian aid m 19) through the Unitarian Service Committee. ! election campaign. Each arti-; 'els Implies that it waa amaa-l sad partly as a result of John-! sen's political Influence , and; 'the. White House enswer to all queries! ti merely that the; president has put everything' ' m an irrevocable treat and . ; ha nei control , over ft. rhat-j ' aver.,--t '...,,., ,." . " rtevertneiess, trie speculation "continue and It Is likely to poison the atmoepaerei until the president authorise publt-cation of the facta. ' - This' ts what Senator Gold- water, did. When Jlme Mega- of the frock, in City J ft 4rt The driver, shown keen- K 4 wasnt ; enjoying theJ ut Path ntario A series of , violent storms lashed Toronto rush-hour traffic with sheets of rain, causing a rash of . minor accidents and blocking off several streets with fallen trees. At Chatham, where IVi inches of rain fell In 20 minutee and winds gusted to M miles an hour, tree branches and power tmes covered streets. GET HEAVY FALLS t The weather office reported i.m inches or rein fell m London la sia hours' wills Windsor, had 1.12, Hamilton, .70, Toronto airport 1.1 and Centralia 141 similar periods of time. The storms also damped an men of ram on Trenton, Sarnla. Strat ford and Kitchener. Taae a Page I ELE :lectrical A Success SOLD EASILY through Journal Want Ad ' Thlt provkt cpain thai (he1 speediest toajr to tell four nsed car ts throuth a AasfUno THUNDKXtBinO Itas. DIPLO wu. tMntfUml waaitisa. Journal .Want Ad. Jut oaupusttee 2SS-TS1V. Be the advertiser to redck fhe other who did no; buy this car. . , . . 1 IMAGE tine epproeched him about bis family's wealth, be told the , Valley National Bank of Phoenix, Arts,, to release' a catalogue of the family's holdings, which totalled about II,-tM.OOI. :', 1 Pending a similar disclosure by the Johnsons, - (be news-1 papers and' magazines . are Within their rights to try to find out what they can about bow a man who has been on the public payroll for ii year could build fortune of any kind, but these reports are , . - .. . 2 ' 79TH VEARt-206 SEVEN CENTS . , f ,OTTAWA WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 1964. Suerls i-e un EOT. Sanest S.1I pjn. EOT FIFTY PAGES. Violent Rain Eases Violent electrical and rain atonns In the Ottawa' Valley laat night had a two-edged rf. feet oa different communities. I la rain-starved Renfrew snd Lanark Counties, where the drought " condition are , the wont in 50 yean, the rain Vera the moat welcome of the IJNES OUT f In Ottawa and other urban centres the atormi knocked out power tinea, caused flooding and heavy rains in some areas - caused highway traffic to eonx to a standstill Damage, how ver, was alight . The Uplands Weather Bur. Mil recorded only ..20 inches of rain but -the weatherman ' said be suspected rains were heavier even a short distance away from the airport"4 ' 3 '"" Frank Dench. Renfrew Coun-; ty agricultural representative V said about one third of an inch had fallen in Renfrew itself and k was still raining this He said .farmers who- were "facing financial rujil from the ' . prolonged drought "a critical - situation" were hoping for "an all-day dk,;? ::; j. j In Lanark' County," 'agricul tural representative Jack Steele termed rains "truly a God-!nnd," i He said Jl inches fell In his area. While rains are too late for grain crops,. It was a life-saver to corn and pasture land. 'BLACKOUT Turn M rage I VIOLENT Strafe Viot Cono South. Viet Nam Troops Launch . Massive Assault By MALCOLM W. BROWNE XA BA HOA, South Viet Nam (AP)-On of the largest heli copter assaults ef the war was burled today against a reported Copters , operation. ! But the morning started poorly. The helicopters and the Vietnamese Air Force fighters ' 'that were to have blasted rock' Vts Into the assault sone bad to turn away when heavy ground fee rotted ta. t jt waa nearly l:M a.m. be-fule the operation got ander eray again. ' ' Tarn as Page l-CQPTERS Great Train Robber in UK Prison Break j LONDON (CP) A a-yeer- old convict serving a JS-year term for his part In Britain's great train robbery escaped be fore dawn today from Birmmg ham prison." " ) Scotland Yard posted men on an ma lor roads ' surrounding London on the bunch that the escapee, Charles Frederick Wilton, would bead for the capita!.. i Most of fhe I7.M.SM loot in the robbery Just a year ago has not been recovered. . t Prison officials said Wilson had help la breaking out rhey said several men got laide. knocked out a night patrol officer, then scaled the prison wall brtth a rope ladder, . ... Storm Hits - "- "' i mmrny urn itMieur storm mat tut Tuesdsy. The vehicle stalled while trying to navteat a water-filled under. pass ana rutd to be towed mg his feet dry sitting to moot mm- in HOMES FLOODEb;PQVERCUT OFF Electrical Of Destruction in Q y The Canadian Press Severe electrical . rainstonns left a path of flooded homes. snarled traffic, power blackouts ana lira carnage acmes much of southwestern and southern Ontario Tuesday, dumping up to 154 inches of rain m . tome areaa. The London suburb of Lam beth waa hit by a small tornado which m less than two minutee ripped a partially-con-structed house from Its founda tions and toppled scores of television antennas. The brief twis- Plan Action ; On Portable .... y , . , Pool Dumpers Can the city stop, your neighbor from dumping the contents of his portable awimmina pool to. flow into your bac kyard? . Apparently not Board of Control was told Tuesday, so k promptly' Instructed preparation of regulations Mvernlns: dia- posal of waste water from port able pools. Built in pools must be connected to storm sewers which takd away the water when the pool is emptied. - ; The question was raised In a complaint from V. M. Ferguson, IJ9J Dixie Street who com plained that a is yard Is swamped every time a neighbor dumps' his big portable pool. ' ' WHEELER DIALER CHARGES HURT LBJ's Fortune Uhderg round1 By JAMES RESTON ro ssh nv ra raaw a WASHINGTON president and Mrs. . Johnson, according to published reports, iseem to be getting richer, and richer. ' In May, U.S. News and World Report estimated their net ' holdings at over I7.O0,00. In. June, the Washington Star made It fVlOOs.tOO and this week' Life Magaxtne puts H at .' "approximately tU.WO.-0."' L . .' , .. . . This fortune, whatever hs slse, at gradually becoming an underground issue . Jn thjs. . " 1 ., ,. : ... Makarios Rallies GreeloCypriots TifrMm UN Appeal, Appear Over Cyprus Again Proas AP-Reutera NICOSIA CrV-TurklSh Air Force Jeti flew over Northwest Cyprus again today despite art-appeal by the United Nations Security Council a few hours earlier- that such flights stop. Police in Morphou,25 miles west of Nicosia, sounded the air raid alarm. A loud explosion was heard from the di rection of - Xeroa- port,-1 six mues further west. Fanatical War LUSAKA (Reuters) Alice Lensbina, leader of the outlawed Lumpa church sect which has been involved m outbreaks of bloodshed ht Northern Rho desia, baa surrendered to the government, Prime Minister Kenneth KaundV told Parlia ment today.'. - '. "4". Claiming to be a "prophe- tesCiJbe bad been aa hiding while her fanatical . followers warred with government troopa. Tuesday II Northern Rhade-aian parsons arched only with religions argamenta went htto the bush hi an effort to persu ade fanatical Lumpa church fol lowers to suirende. njm FOLLOWERS Lenahina, who believes aha was reincarnated from the dead to fight witchcraft, has aa esti mated 11.00 followers. , . More theii 4M persons have Poriders Plan On Release Of JFK Report WASrilNUTON (AP) The Warren commission, meeting In secret to consider bow K wW release the text of Its Kennedy sssaseinatioo report, considered a pis a whereby contracts would be signed between the government and some Information media. - .- 'These- media would be supplied the text of the report somewhat In advance of other media on condition they "observe security" not publlah the report before the specified release date and then publish it m full. . The commission's chief coun sel, J. Lee Rankin, briefed newspaper men Tuesday. The commission, ' beaded by Chief Earl Warren of the United Statea Supreme Court, fat Bearing the end of Its investi gation lato the assassination! last Nov. n of President John F. Kennedy. - . -i- There have been report that certain paperback book firms- have had negotiations with the commission. 1 V. 1 ssue I i V aec esse rily based oa Incomplete Information and leave a wide field for error and political 'distortion. ' " y The private f fortunes '' of . 'presUentl have, of 1 course," always been a source of controversy. President . Washing-, ton waa' accused of using his offlc "lo speculate' on "land along the Potomac, and John F. Kennedy was charged with 'using his money or his fath. , er' to gain the presidential nomination In IKS. -Tarn sa. Page I L1J 'b f- 1 1 f ? ' i ..a -1 There was no immedi ate Indication as to what caused 1V -yf , United Nations beadouarten in Nicosia confirmed the reappearance' of Turkish planes but a spokesman said Brst information only told of one Turkish Jet fighter flying low ever the Turkish-held village of Kokkina. The Morphou alert lasted more than an hour. Citimns said two-' Turkish Jets roared over several times, apparently flying between Morphou and x Turkish Sabre Jet fighters car- been killed In the northsa and eesterar provinces since July 14 when a police petrol waa at tacked by L a m p a s wielding Dr.T'Kaendn sal lenshlna. her husband and eome of her children pre m safe custody. He coats) ex d'lsatoee their where. bouts or the details at WILUNO JO HELP f-j i - "She' has displayed her wil lingness to co-operate In bringing to an end the disturbances," Keunda told the House emid cheers. She bad made an appeal to etl her follower to cease their resistance to government forces and thi appeal would be given the greatest publicity,' he added. ' Another M4 ssrsoas have ts battle te am! riot police and members of the sect. Leruhina, 41, baa exhorted her followers, armed with spears and clubs, to brave the fire of troops with automatic weapons by offering them "a passport to heaven" for their sacrifice, y Quoddy ort oon By ARCH MacKENZIE . WASHINGTON CF) Jl Cana dian officia "certainly should be encouraged" by a new report on the Passamaquoddy-Saint John River power project. Interior Secretary Stewart UdaU told a VS. Senate- com mittee today. , Udell said the- committee bearing, expected to conclude today, la merely to pea along Information about the latest planners' report, which boosts the power capacity- or the tidal-hydro schema, cuts the per-unit hydro price and trims the Initial ouUsy. now estimated at $896,000,000. ; ... , Udati said planning It almost complete . but one remaining technical' study ooncerns the impact on fisheries hi Passamaquoddy Bay, a subject that has aroused soma anxiety In Canada In the past ' He Indicated that a final over-alt report must be made sometime next year before Con gress Is handed legislation and before actual negotiations be gin with Canada, i-, ,Tba new report proposes two major changes in the acherne. CANAL DRY Chippewa canal ta Ontario's Niagara Peninsula, . now dry' along Its TVi-mlle length. Is un dergoing an fll.etM.OM face lift to be completed in INS. ried out daily attacks on Greek-Cypriot villages in northwest Cyprus from last Friday until M o n d a y. Tuesday, Turkish planes confined their flights to reconnaissance over the Kokkina region where Greek- and Turkish - Cypriot forces are observing a cease-fire after heavy fighting last week. PROMISES FIGHT President Makarios said his Greek Cypriote would fight alone or with others" to pre serve their rule of Cyonia. His iiesday jughtJ underscored a nit witn oreece. While Makarios. rallied,-his people In the aatioo-wtde broad cast, Athens" radio disclosed that G reek -Cyp riots launched aa offensive against Turkish-Cyp- riot positions in -northwest Cy prus Aug. I without consulting Greece. Turkey responded with four days of air attacks ' on Greek -Cypriot territory. . Athens radio said the Greek- Cypriote broke an agreement in tailing to get Greece's approval of the' military campaign. ' Greek Premier George Pap-andreou sent a cable. to Mak arios saying: ."I express my deepest . sorrow because we have agreed differently end you hsve acted differently." 'turn to Pag b TURKISH Negroes Hit Jersey t i 'ft In reuDr i UjiiJrA J I - indMStrialCiHes.i Bomoed lJoofefdf In New Violence - ELIZABETH', N.J. ; (AP) . - Negroes burled gasoline bombs and bottles, smashed store windows and looted m' major outbreaks of violence Tuesday night ta the Urge New Jersey industrial ckiee of Elisabeth and Paterson. i !.. t .-f Patersea Mayor Frank Grave aaid today: -We have wason to believe there will be further trouble . t-. we ere prepared for further trouble tonight." -.,--.-.. . . Police appeared in control m both cities. Twelve separate Incidents ere reported ta' Paterson! ' At least three store windows were smashed. .'Ji .V-i-V. ) Graves said a doxen Negro youths boarded . a , bus ' and smashed Its windows. , Four fires were started to Elisabeth with gasoline bombs at least - 0110 store was looted.. " :r' " ''"-',' l Tsm to Page I NEGROES Poland 'iff EleEts---S:: New President WARSAW (AP) . , Veteran Communist Edward Ochab today waa unanimously elected to succeed the "late Aleksander Zawaaikl as Priamfe chief Of state. . v The Polish Parliament award ed the -largely ceremonial post of tat council president to the SS-rear-oid Ochab within- min ute after first secretary wia. dyslaw Gomulka armminced that he waa the choice of the ruling Communist Party.,,, Ochab (pronounced Oh-haah with the first syllabi accented), was bora in Krakow. Southern Poland. ' t , t x i A silver halretj.' burfy and distinguished (looking 1 Ochab Is remembered as s Pole who -Ulked beck to Niklta ... . . .. - ... . nrusncnev ourtng . me isi "Polish October when Poland! wrested a measure of domestic independeoc from the Kremlin. 1 1 ! I w w w Greece Aldy Send Air ran Wflrit,.J urkeY Violation Won't Go Unheeded - ATHENS (Reuters) Greece is considering sending air squadrons to Cyprus if Turkish Air Force flight over the is land continue, aa authoritative source said here today. ., This waa reported after h was officially announced that Foreign Minister Stavroa Kosto poulos had sqmmqoed .Turkish Ambassador.Ndfmi.Veysat ii- kin. . ' After drawing the tSvoy's at- " tention te fligbtav vf Turkish planes over" Cyprus today be warned 1 him that if they continue "Greece wd! react ac-cordlagly.' 1 r ! ' Meanwhile, the Greek government considered what It called a "constructive'' proposal from Squad laraay caiung sur asnHinsm , within a month an he Cyprus The offer waa being 'considered In the wake ef aa official report here Tuesday night that Greece viewed e Greek-Cyprtot attack .Thuraday en 1 Turkiab- Cypriou ta northwest Cyprus . aa aafrnctfon - oS aa agree ment concerning toMativat f military action on the fclaad. ' Cypriot President Archbishop Makarios and the Greek govern ment, the report said. elded no military action would be directed against Turkish-CyprkMs without prior .consent from ' Athens.;'1 ? i t-A ' Tara te Pag I GREECE 'James Bond' Creator j Fleming Dies CANTERBURY, . England (AP) .Ian Lancaster Flem ing, creator of the fictional secret agent . Jamea Bond, died today from a heart attack. He waa . 1 t A newspaper maa who turn ed author, Fleming was one af the world' biggest money-mas- -ing writers. In addltioa to bis numerous books, be also collected large sums from two -movies, "Dr. No," and "Prom Russia with Love." A third OLm, "Goldfinger" has Just been com pleted, e , T .. Fleming died at the Kent ana Canterbury Hospital. His books sold ' million 01 copies around ah world. - Bond fans Included many ta- moue persona, the late Presi dent Kennedy among them. Al len Dulles, former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, also listed himself ss aa avid . follower of Fleming's fictional agent..-".. Lisa his hero. Fleming was si lea, upper - class Englishman -with considerable charm and a flare lor .food, cars and travail i Si .i 1 11 u . I Inside The Journal Billy Graham ...........St Bridge '4 Claasified Ad ...... 42-4B Comic SB, SI Crossword'.'.......... IS EditoriaU Financial ....i. ...... Horoetop -t. IT KUgallen I. '.4 McGuT HARP ........ 11 Sport .............. 33-U TV, Radio .;.......... 34) . inw . . w Weather St Women' New ...... U-37 .Your Health. .,sk.lj I V

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