The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 31
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 31

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

J "t . i r a 1 v. Is Edie Adams to Wed Marty Mjl Is Sunday v weeks n a s opens at. . duak. 155 CarUrr ho 5: TW. mm I IfWWV. pj. ShVx ! . gaastrsM t ewntlM -Wench'. 1 : Sa XAy-M. Last Dancing Floor tarts at S "Samson and the Slave Quern4. 140 . 4 01 - 7 04 - 10 w The Wild iitar . J 51 - sit Centre -sUtydivera". Ifii . S 10 -5 50-I SV "Damaied Goods . t 4 -JS - I II - 111 Last show 53. J i S-Ctaeasa e Parts "iHs snatlsileura a 40 S 43 TLea hcenmee ISC penaent qu'a em", I . Last Show 1 10. , ' f - Klasdale . -Bikini Beach", 1 SO - J 55 ' J 40 , 7.4 - ao. Last show t jfamily business in Hollywood. a . - law "The 7th Dawn". 13 4S . 15V- T.a I 40, Last snow f JO. ' " Utile Klsia ' The ailenca". 1 10 . 130 - SOWS a so. LUtts ana. PlratM of Tortuaa". t 60 - 4 15- M: -aummer Maaic". 10 55- 40. Last show 7 45. -Wheelrr Dealers ". TJ M '- 4JJ- g.M: -KUsln Cousins . 141 19 110. uat snow a oo. Nelsaa Tall o( the Roenan tn pit,". 100 Ul M Last show r - siasaa naeenswaT -BlkVll Beach ': -Thunder tn i Carolina '. Bom ofllcc opens' rt a ) p m. tUiAw starts at dusk. - eteal. The Tkraw Uvaa of Thoma- U.OtV Z 15 a 3Q a- 5 V, mutt. S "ReptikcusV 1 40 the Thing Wit e 0: "Bldeous 99 V 0. 4" J? . ; "Zulu", mo 1 - atar -Take Her She t a race". 4 11' un Demon'. l..l- howr 7 04 . t eO . t ao aline 's "rive Box ofrtoe starts at a ' 113 -I show 10. Stow ' BCACOH ARMf Coot) a -- i BCIXS .CLAIM 1 from T tun. einuous ilnase-itj e CUES HS-T4TW Musse tn Use a or. xntanainment. v... OATTNEAu CLUB Danes) ' - tea ttoov anowa susnuy ! ni.eT-nvoors bowl Teen Mtacoum itoatAU I Dsn Saturdae and &unday nifhu I HOTEL DUVttlUSAY Txanetni an entertainment ntrhlljr la RirlM " . beta Lottna and Execuue-a :-nfTrRPTOVTNCtAL HOTEL . Dlnina ana danosng aurhllj. -OTTAWA HOUSB Muate tat Use UVIMtD HOTBL Danvrlna and entertainment In Use Bib Club. f entertainment In the lounaa and downstairs at in a :-rr LOUIS HOTEL DasKtna. CajTANDtsn ALL Danclna at entertainment atahtl-r. iTA i.lffMAN slsrtstsmtnt nlihtle Dandna Frldav and 1 aturdav nlthta -Tow is nousa motel Eaiae- tauunent oif huy fraea aou- S skiK SUN I .nlNM i"-..-ia How did they meet? The first time was back in 1953, at a party in Red Buttons' apartment in New" York." she recalled. "I was dating Ernie at the- timer I saw Marty off and on through the year, but ft was Hial " CALlTlTTOirTJATE- 'Then last January I was in New ,t York having dinner .with Janet Leigh and her husband. Bob Brandt. The next da he cinea me for a date. I had to break it because of work, and lt' a wonder he ever .called me gu- . a, . , , ,s ,;, But he did, and our first was Red Buttons': wedding Later ne took me to dinner at very fancy restaurant, and I remember' thinking how formal he was. t found out later he was ftlnilftg-ilseiuime Aboul me. ana added - thai Mart- aot along beautifully with the three girls 'of her family . from the tart. There are two daughters ot Kovacs' rtrevnus marriaee n nd IS. and. kit and Edia'a Mia. .. f ; "The girls adore bim'." said Edie, "He gives theni what they DITCH EXPLODES HAMILTON (CP):-. Natural gas escaping from k transmls- tion tine between Attratter and Caledonia Tipped a ll-foot-deep crater In ditch beside a roadway in nearby Art-caster Township Monday.' K spnketman for nion Gas tn Chatham said ipling parted a nreatnre was mg increased, partly to take care of tobacco curing require ments. HOLD SERVICE LONDON. Ont. (CP) A fun eral service was held at Dor chester Monday .Tor Mrs. Victoria treite Mayo, 32. stabbed in her basement apartment here last Thursday. Her killer Is still being sougnt. i . , itiB BtRTf LANrAST-rtt ' KKHVRII trlllMARR. MAai.ttvc nirrnicH et OS'.CABI.ANt) . JUDCKOffiT RUaEMBDtr '' idMN t rtn ' ;.? -mid iMDtr; , coiet- tOMttll MM TO 7 1 istrtaatui eetee- 7 3 r - i v ,v I iVilTDKfJPY tt.LrJ ' . iti tiirNpiLhiiDcf? rnrr5rr?nnrAn- COLPR -aa e-e icmaiiino scHNixxa tOMxea , ti:e six ksst Excm:;3 wcr:.EM n the .wchlo! STARTS TOMORROW i i A mm I- mm h . ( t . I , n4 " -'.wsaWa5L'.-T-s I - I ST 1 1 r5 1 ' i a . When the hofesscv'i Apptenttce sets his ..t. V v w-v-Dui ud la th we .craziest .jlu .f i , rtj KK -C rr.s in, i r i i am .ml tl - AT ist n otow orodoe . . ' Jets. rsa Mi 1 j,ir i .-.,.:'.'- ''I HI, 7 u j rtr-xiJ W fti ;Mii' Vesj. XI aval Russian Plans Visit ; to Canada A Whirl. WW 1U film tMt swa iiriistBiaribNi toattauitiH it h. I ammt I n asat I 'i vriVJUl rn- a I ira i ne hi a. II asr CNtltlSIOTfl eawaas lit som TtflCM AM8 W T I ra-w r" T't mm . r. I . . . . IX. . .. ... . u i I 1 t . . i. .1 I t IV amaai rrj7 CHAKI rS AZISAVOt JOHNNY M AO. YD AT stvt rwe DcssoM:vor 1 II BEIi rrt, a rats FCUIT aLMptooflt I DHAOEEBV , 'i t.! L. 4iqa st-ie--, T-i a At Ut l-li $M Ind. Sunday w iN) lYAU Y V U A nhtfAM V ! .',L M l& SCHEDCLED PERFORMANCES AT l.lS.4s).I.W BOX OFFICE. OPENS AT IS.4S r mi tmuttm mmm. imttxm mama wmum tsami i iti nut Lias' ii Aucun. billet ritttTt Prix populiirt. 'aiioasj. F'.v i t-.r,u.'tssl..r. 3,300M CONSISTING OF,. $1,800.00 IN CASH . . . 2 Added at tbtj Drtve-ln Only ' BOSIV. CALMOt'Jl' l iHUKDOt H OI0UIU- Otor 1b AftlM 140,720" -k -mm m m kb k m - am a a 1 ' Malla-e . cat! area Eeessaaa Adaits 1st siotents tse see aaitlme A an Ms Ms uaV 7tc REGENT TH EAT RE SANK AT SNtRKS ST. 235 Jill A fAMOUS PUURS THEATRf tUNDS TODAY WALT DlSNErS BEST "THE THREE LIVES CF TKOJUASWA" iTiiitrattygg 1 HULL KUf IAVAI - - " - a f.i 50OQ0 wrD SECOND BIG WEEK! SO MANY PEOPLE SO MUCH PRAISE SEE IT TODAY! . 611TT WORDS TO SOME..." QROISS 10YI TO OTHERS... 0ARS TO OVUm WHAT MOTHERS ANDFATHtrCAIfTv..CW WON'T! safriiairt-A-iMeafisWf aswasw-.i. x, ih OOLORE9 PAITH f J ; cat jean bjL 4 'U n2Sl imirrRtceill " l iifid t , ff dS oZvT, Music and Romance vjaitDisNey:' vaffi uliiNyT astf. A':yTDCHNKX)lPr,l ADULT atw ssasssw I na . an.isawai 1 SKY DIVERS" MHkitieir ill I'M J bates or lotumv" ' v .J Tiiir-JUl (tbr a ' PRZCLHYintv rcat - v -rhx Are h'trw! C I -. Ol.' I .'VALJCCI cd ntAI CBl, Plutl WHEELER DEALERS James ARDNER Lee REMICK , VISIT SARDINIA OLBIA. Sardinia (AP) Prin cess Margaret and her husband. Lord Snowdon, arrived by plane from London Monday for a Sar dinian vacation. They ware greeted by the Ata Khan, at whose villa cm' the Sardinian emerald - coast they will be guests, and by Saverlo de Icfe- eH. mayor of plbla. ',.' , . i TUESDAY. AUGUST 11, 1964 TIJE OTTAWA JOURNAL 31 N. If BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) Next Sunday Edie Adams will marry (rtdrty Millt of the musk pub-tithlng ' family, thui ending a Chapter of courage and deter mination. For j months, the -Entertainment Pi Directory : f jaovtE time schedule , ' Aladdta "fcunday tn New York' ; ' Klwin Fouelns". Box ollice opens at a pm. Chow starts at dusk. kv "Judgment At ! Ameion Trader" open at a P nt Show Mi I Hntanala 'Zulu". Bex office noens i. Know starts at duk. taniel "The Carpetbauera . 12 at 8 05 actress has followed a hard and lonely) course in untangling the financial mess It-It alter her husband, comedian Ernie Ku vacs, was killed in an auto crash. Edie eschewed the help, of ln!fn(ed trnic s many famous irirvxis. who proposed a telrVljinn special or series to benefit the comedian't widow and dauih-i ters. Instead, she undertook a non-stop schedule that ' Included three movies, a series of tele-1; vision shows, night club and summer (heatre lours and record I albums. '! Her industry succeeded in extricate the estate from . its burden of debts and unpaid taxes. ; NEARLY KILLED ME' j "But it nearly killed me,'.' she admitted. "After it was all over. 1 realized if I had to do Just one thing 'more, I would have collapsed, t didn't have the erf-. V ' I. ' . i- Edie is back at her Cold- water Canyon home, getting it ready for the wedding. She and Mills will be . married before their families only,' frith I big reception following at the Beverly Hilton. They will honeymoon in 'Hawaii. Mills, 37, and a bachelor, it a New Yorker who now will help conduct the he tells them they have to be m at a certain hour, that't U. and not five minutes late." . '. What will marriage do u fcsflr career? ... . ? -.- "I won't be flyin at the tame frantic pace. 1 do want to con- a pan or my me. but to enjoy the luxury of picking what I want to do. I warn to Agriculture Minister Hays has announced a tentative Itinerary It-t the Canadian visit A ...a. Wfc a - M' need: a man's authority.' When Una working, because that V. I want " 1"" fiaoYuinisa Final details won't ha settled mn Mr. Votovchenko arrives). aim or sBia.i.y "' wua- nd Mr H.n r. h. My. during half." fhirh la what I tuul tn lake.: - - --- - . - . the past year and a any latt-njinute changes. The" Soviet party la to land in Montreal' Aug. 20 and come on immediately to Ottawa.' Mr1. Hay says he expects to meet the minister on arrival at Mont- real. . Mr. Votovchenko it to atay in OtUwa Aug. 21 and 22 before visiting placet across Can ada. He it to return to the Capital Sept. 11. KILLED IN FALL DUNDAS, Ont- (CP) Mark Lerpus. I, of Du'ndaa wis killed Monday when be plunged more than lot feet to the brittom of a ravine at Tew s Falls near this community tig mile west of Hamilton. Police said the boy apparently slipped while playtng near the gorge and landed on ' i. rock at the bottom. 1 1 Drtee-ln . Oaevs at I f fAL laci. taadar I mmim C TONICHT SHOW STARTS AT PUSK Tski Her Shs's Miniv; JAMES STEWART . . SANDRA DEE .. Five Weeks In a Balloon RED BUTTONS FABIAN Always A color cartoon 5 DAYS! E Mri M ill ftfl aprM mK& noKts ram nramn laaasx. mao wifflwsa okjx smim- rKHNcotoir mbev Atwa, ' DOORS OPEN 1 U5 LAST SHOW 830 . FEATURES At COMFORT AgtY AIR CONDITIONED i - Ttoacamw..aTU wtttrt bally (excetsl BANK 'and QUEEN U2-137 ri fROt5ILJrlMrOtm-TOt,TE-L1'AMlLLE- (En Clnertvascope et,Technicolor) ''Samson and tha Slave Qiicttn'- Mark FOREST and Maria CRAC1A J Denxlema Attraction--- THE WILD GUITAR" Arch HALE tntt Nancy HOWARD J SALLE CLIMATISE -Via '. V" SAA.M WJh4 eaS Mrtt4 Art ' ' Ksx-sa-swsa T SB HELD OVER 4Ui BIG WEEK! KEVER BEFORE A SPECTACLE UKE color - - SOPHIA 10REN pTrMfM i' : iSTEPHEH BM JlllC6Uimc T""l W -J U CHRSTOPHER PLUUSUEft Mattaee: lutA lac. Adults at tTealat i tlad tl. Adaiu I St i ruidrest Stc a art late a.UUaUt aavg I 04 .U AT WHOM . CI 1-4 SOS Dally (tacL Sunday ) Yt 1.30 8.38 7 3 'M Daily . tact Sun. " loe-sis-tut S.30?3a.40' STARTING TOMORROW AT 2 THlATRtS m at TVAV champion surfers thallengB ttit world's greatest breakers! C wild sua? i r TsF?n ... -1 aiMsaa FJOI-UBtOTR "SRUliUioT V- 1 WUSM' I , . V S. I TODAY ONLY AT' 80TH THEATRES '6 1 --r f-ZULU-M Adult Enlortiinmcnt) llttRRY! A le premier tlrkrts BtlTI rrailabl tot the -BEATLES" feature "A HARD DAYS NIGHT-, lft)dav Augusl . t'. ...' ,' ' ' j SECOND BIG VEEK1 1v Vs.- "..' c '.: . ' - -1 'L-Kl T X-

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