The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, January 31, 1918
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T" TWO." I . DAILY COTJRISR, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY,'JANUARY 31, 101S, Mrs. J. J. Sleighter wrill" entertain the Busy Twelve Club tomorrow night at her home in Ninth street. Greenwood. Miss "Josephine 'WiUson was/i'qgtess at a delightful meotins of theiijt^ft.S.. FancyworSTClub yesterday. afternoon at her home In Ea»t Fairviewjavenue. Dainty- -refreshments -were i Served; Mrs.'Jjtwton'Wilsb'n'will entertaiffthe. club, Wednesday afternoon. i?eSruary 6, at her -home- in JTairvew avenutC- V . The Gl»d-U-Ku.m club ol Le]senring held a successful dance last evening in the H. C. Prick auditorium rng No. 1. Music was furnished by 8:15 o'clock. 'and .aa evening vof rare pleasure is in : 5tore-forVail trio 'attend. , The Smileage dance to be held tonight in Marketl hall tor -the benefit of^the soldier iboys at Camp" Lee, Petersburg; Va., promiscs'lo-be a large success. ; -Many out of. town 'guests are 'expected Iq attend. ; Music 'wljl "bo fur- nisfaed,.by''Kiferle's orchestra; :. '^ ' ' ' · · ' ' ' ' ' ·The ' Pi.trk.ett. class ;ot , . . . Meth'odisUPiotestan;t.churcti-.vHll meet tonight'in",thc:churclf.j; " ,'; has, returned .home from Washington, IZ -KiTetl£s; orchestra, *^TL .tJX' -'~ J ®- C. She t was accompanied by her ·;« 'tT'TT n ^"5; ^' ~-^-CC ~ .^7^. : ^ ;7 j ^ulshter,^MJ*s6^3^bel..'Gbfe^wb'b" has McConnell, .who will sing the leading musical -numbers in "The Spring morrow ^isht^and'Saturday afternoon in the new high school auditoriiim.fpjr the benefit of the Red Cross, appeared' today in the Pittsburg Gazette Times. Tne f egutar'meetihr of thV^nura's. Culture !ciub Trill be held Monday af- : .: ~3ernoontit;tKe3ionfe oK t7 Stouffer in South Kttsburg .street. ' "S -""^'Sere will "bc'a coriiinuatVon of pro- 1 .r : 5jam otrj -"Histoirical^ ConnellsHlle.'C ~ ·presented"at"la.':t meeting Mr. C. TV." '~ -^Brifeck, l«id«r. ?Phe- prbs'ram-is 'as -fol- ;; lows: "Coal ajid Cote," Mrs. W. P. ;; Clark; "Other Industries," Mrs. Wil:: -. Jiain HBgcrj.'.'Mn'chiuv^^f 4!o,T4r,Gen- t: eraflbns." Mrs. ^v; .li Wright; "Educa.-. ' "-" ""r-welre inemhers'o'f -the Over Th'ere' be.eif threat«nedWith"'aio altaok-'ofVaj pendicitis. Miss Core".was taken "ill while attending Jlount- yernon seminary, at .'3VaBninstp;n.j.-t;!£.,:;.;.·.-'..;.-^ *.;- ""Hcar'"Eyangelist- Nairn."at ,U..' E. church this week.--Adv.-^ZS^St.. v - '"Mfan3'Mrs.' 31 "JtrThbrtrpson have returned home after a visit with Mrs. Justin MrKunkle,.6fJOniontown..., '-., '-. The : best place-"to rsho'p'atter.'.'all.' Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. ·Miss N?Ue.-Barnjes.'Of-UnipHtowB', is k visiting,arid l friends2ier.e.,. Don't mhis'.m''es?. Syarigells SEAT SALE IS LARGE Prospects, Are Vine for Production of ' "l*e 'Spring Sonnet." | . N ·/. atlonsyat. noon ftSdayrwere,that, the seat salW.ior the '·'Spring Bonnet".'' the home-'talfii't plo.y"being "given at the high school auditorium tonight, ton»ofro"w~:B.lght and Saturday afternoon and. -for the benefit of the sol- diers,and'-sailors'is going belter lor tomorrow night's-i-ahow than for -the opnlens night. ; There are still many good-seats left oh the-first floor for-' .tonight-but the balcony has scarcely been .taken" up: -, _ · The committee in charge of the^play will turn over the proceeds realized .by it from the 'three shows to the Red Cross.. In addition to. seeing, an excellent' home .talent play, each ticket ·jiurchased v is'helping "tlie Bed .Cross work.'' Tbereiar-Bcores of Red Cross wotmsn -in ,tiie;citj- selling. ti'ckets:.,for ;thejplay-.and'members of the cast arq .alsot-supj^lied jwith them. " Rehearsals have ;beeir'-held regularly for the past two?,weeks,- those in° the play "report-? Sn^every-;.-nisht ; and :the- succeia of the musical comedy, which is given in two parts Is assured:;- ,ifost of those yw-toolCpart'in-'Miss DpUy-Dimp'les" ;iasi/-y,ear..'artt"''ta. tie; .'.cast. ,pi. ti?e "Spring Bonnet." · . Those in charge of the play hope to,.'.-seil-;6ut. the-' ioiiseithis -aflLerr.o.On, and evening.' Tickets.'are.'on "sale at Roy.'Hetzel's drug and' can. be your hair becomes '.beautifully dark purchased at.'the high school after 1 '-' --" --' ' ^--* o'clock tonight. COFFEE POT EXPLODES And Dtakerson Ban Xiin Is in llospit- Nairn, ;u,^".church;.;-^:AdY.-r728-5t£;' .(--. MJ}arl RohK. who is employed at the Mrs. J.. X Gilligan.ofjjatrqbe, .Is vis- Pittsburg and-Lake Erie round* bouse ttins heiC'mathetJlTS.'.ifoseph-.Soisson at ; ?Dlekersq.n,';Hun,. was. .painfully and other relatives .here..'. | '· scalded about the face and eyes Wed. Your opportunity "to'.hear a Tvortti nesday at noon. : when'he re- while speaker. 1 - i -U..P,.church.-7^AdT,.-5t i raove thC'.lid" from a can of coffee. At .S/'vVC'M'eUief was,b"ere'from"Union- j thft noon hour he placed the can, filled town today on 'business.'. There will, "be^a ,dance in Slavish Ha.ll Febrnary'^i-. iff ar'e'lnvi'fed/-- Branch of the N'avy. Leaiffue met last "ilglit;a£?{he r teine ; oY ; Mrs. David CuiP ningham in Vine street to knit for the sailors. A-special meeting of the Young La, dies' Sodality will be held tomorrow . night at 1 30 o'clock in the parochial school auditorium. A large aitend- .'Trice of members'.is"'desired. \ The T. C. T. 'Fancy-work club was · pleasantly ehtertJLined^Tucs'day- even-. ing ty Miss "wrnrfred^iirnell. at '.her home in East. nttmoa-arTie. .; The evening waifegpent-jit-jiinitting .for. the · soldiers an'itj'saijors" ^ralBry-refresh- ' ments were'-'seryed.;. *~^'-;"'^-l .'_· · · . ..The BosihesK :Woden's .-Christian · issScJition -will meet', tonight; irf.'"Odd Fellows' temple' in^South' Pittaburg street- ;· The Bible '---1-^ ---~-~---ceded by supp'er. ' : POIlo;wing th'e'"BiBle : stuifcUyr members .'JitiiU'Bdjpurnio fie" 1 neiv;Bigh school^ wigre instrttctiqnz · ·" in gynmiiium will b.e; given. liurkett. ?an Clareace" Speelman, bottlcl. this city?, wer'e.'nuir- · . ; { ' · · rie'S-yesterday aTYerndoSi'at 2 o'clock. ' ;; at the'-jarwnase. of · the"~Ceniral CKris- jt tian church in Oaipntown. ; Rev. Cloyd '. ^ Goodnight, the pastor officiated; There ;:' were no attendants.'-·'·· - -- -- ··- - :; Matthew Cw.wley of the West Side ;1,. celebrated his 73rd birthday at his *? K}pa f in: £H2U.J5ig2rtJbr str.eet .yester- Trlth."^_Cimjly.rdinner, at, which: his children anoi grandchildren, numbering .20 in" all,' gathered; All the sons and daughters of Mr. Crowley -were present at the anniversary, dinner with the exception of one · son, Clifton, who is ,in the .service--of the United States army . in training . at Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga. Mr. Crowley is' one of the most widely known and highly respected citizens of the West Side. He is a Baltimore Ohio pensioner, having been in the serrice of the company for...many, years. He retired .several years' ajo. : : Artis"G will appear Monday evening, February .11; tbernew" hifb. Mhool anditoriiim','lor ttiiAenefll: ot the Immacnlate 'Conctip: tlon church. Members-- of the 'young LWU*' Sodality are selling tickets laiaaite'a fewliave-b»cn disposed;of. - Ti»» - performiaee will"', commence; at you should use these days is Grape-Nuts Tib food i* a sugar- Mver--contain* over- 10% sugar by weight -.*--not "put there," tot''' developed in the mat-' -ing from prime-wheat J-fud. malted barley; i Cooed · N o Wa*te __, --i A food for tke times Mr. and Mrs. Jacob'- Bengel and ' ^ n . Bengal: are^in Pittsbnrg to-,day to attend the funeral.of Mrs. Con; rail Bengel, mother of the Messrs: Bengel. Miss Besse Lohr has-'J-eturned .home i W eek. ; rpm"'£-vT?itswith Iricsds at-'ScOttdale. I- ·*.-·. j · ;-. · · · ! with coffee on the stove, forgetting to 'lopsen the lid,.when the lid was ,removed the boiling cotfee 'caused' an explosion: ; · · .Young. Rohl^was .taken .to ^the office of i)r.' H. J. Bell -at Dawson" whore 'his .wounds were dressed. Later be was taken to his boarding house. He will bo able to return to work In about a fr_6i returned home from a'visit with friends at Confluence. ,,-Mrs. Pred'Munk of North Pittsburg street visited h e r ' son-in-law .and 'daughter, Sir. and Mrs. Mj-A. Renner of Scottdale last\ evening. ";·"' ' ·' : ' .Patronize' those- -who'.. advertise. For Jfcii and Jfoney .to .Start in .t'irr f · r °' .Febrnary/fl.'" "" " Eha Boy-:Scout._tropps/of the city '' 'ary ,3, as : a. part .'of...lhe'.' aatiqa wide .drive'fpr "Men andJrloney'.' being hflS 'by the scouts all over the country. The, local scouts" have been assigned. to : raising-a^uota of{7S-tdbe'turncd-ini- · a?-TM" «. get awamp- to-'t'be Na"0onal..he'adquartera ; for cat- :fTM»Sg! nt ' at .once. ..-,; ryins on 'scout-worfc-iff ."-the-country' -..-However, H you wisn'ft ryins on,;, and aHiinoney oyej^th'at amount Tvili' be ' turned · .intpv the local -counairs treasury. The, campaign wiH~"contlnue 'until .February ;J4? RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION FOR THE KIDNEYS For -many years druggists have watched, with: much interest the remarkable record, maintained by Dr. Kflmerji Swamp..Boot, th,e great kidney'.and bladder medicine. 'It is a physician's prescription. Swamp-Root is, .a strengthening medicine. It heips .the kidneys, liver and bladder;do the .work nature intended they, should do. ' ; Sjwamp-Robt has stood the test of years. It. 19 sold by all-, druggists on its{merit;and. It should help ydu. No 'othsr kidney medicine; has so many friendsr 1 :. : '. ".';: .-: Be.sure to got Swamp-Root and start To Barken Hair Apply Sage Tea Looh'Young! Bring Back Its Natural Color, Gilon and Attr4ctivem»3. Common garden sage brewfed into a heavy tea, -with sulphur addjed, will turn fray, streaked -and faded .hair beautifully dark'and llLcurianp... Just a few applications will I prove a revelation pi your hair is fading, streaked or gray. Mixing the .Sage Tea and Sulphur recipe at home, though, is! in- Germany. On coming to America troublesome. An easier way is to get. sho located at Pomeroy, Ohio, to which 1V1RS. CONRAD PENGBL. Mrs. Mary Bengel, 79 years old, who for a number of years resided in Connellsville, died' yesterday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jesse R. Reagan at 4114 Grizolla street. Pittsburg. Death was clue to infirmities of age. Following the.death of her husband, 1 .Conrad Bengel, a num-| b'er of years ago Mrs. Bengel came j to CoEnellsville .and for five years| made her home with her son, Jacob] Bengel. She bad been in Pittsburg for some years. Mrs. Bengel wks born a bottle of Wyeth.'s Sage and Sulphur Compound at any drug store'.all ready .for use. -This is.the-old-time recipe iiaprove'd. by the addition of other ingredients. While wispy, gray, faded hair is not sinful, ,.we all desire to retain our youthful appearance and attractiveness. . By. darkening .your hair with Wyetn's Sage arid Sulphur Compound, place tbe remains will be taken this .evening for interment. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal I church. There survive the following j 'childrea: Jacob and Harry T. Bengcl, Connellsville; Edward, California, Pa.; Samuel, San Francisco; Conrad Los ..Angeles; Ernest, Louisville, Ky.; Nicholas, Cincinnati; Mrs. Frank Rea-j gan, Scottdale; Mrs. Helen.Beck, Cin- naturally, so.evenly. You j«st en a'sponge or.'soft brush.with it and draw ,ihis through ybn'r haiar, taking one small strand at a'time; by morning all i gray . hairs have disappeared, and Vafter another application or two. glossy, soft and luxuriant. This preparation is a delightful toilet, requisite and is not intended for the cure, mitigation or prevention of disease.--Adv. MAY EXAMINE DRAFTEES T.tcal" Board Tor '-.District Ko. ft May Call in 1-,V It. is possible-that the local board for District No. 5 will send out the cards to draftees to appear for physical examination 'without 'official uo- ticu from the war department to Indications are that 'the local boards will be ordered to sijnd enough men 0'3 February 12 to make up deficits in their quotas, and if the men are to be ready to go at that time examinations will have to 'ae held immediately. ' The cards have been prepared and can "go out on a moment's notice. There Is a lapse of five days between thf date of sending out tbe cards summoning registrants i!or examination and the physical tesls. If this work Is not done soon, it will be.impossible for tfcs.boards to send riien away on the I'itti. do one can tell, because it does it so i cinnati, and .Mrs. J..R. Reagan, Pltts- ' burgh. She, also leaves two sisters, Mrs. John Keck, oC, Fairview. avenue, Connellsville, and Mrs. Anna Keck of Scottdale, and a brother, Leonard ; Hunker of Adelaide. MRS. AftTAiVDA CAROTHERS. Pneumonia superinduced by injuries suffered from a fall, resulted in the 'death of Mrs. Amanda Carothers, 73 years old, a former well known resident of ConnelVswlUe, Sunday evening at her home la North Side, Pittsburg. About three months ago Mrs. Carothere was stricken with paralysis and three weeks ago she Tell fracturing several ribs. Pneumonia followed, hastening her death. Tbe body arrived here today and was removed by Funeral Director J. E. Sims to Hill Grove cemetery for interment. Deceased was born in Connellsville, a daughter of tbe late David and Harriet Botker. She resided here until her marriage a number of years ago to John Carotbers. Prom Connelis- villo Mr. and Mrs. Carothers moved ta Pittsburg and later located in-Philadelphia. Some years ago they removed from'Philadelphia to Pittsburg. Mrs. Carothers was a member of the Motbodist Episcopal church and was well known among' the older residents of Connellsville. She is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Ellazan Helms of Connellsville; Mrs. Elizabeth Booth of Pittsburg, and Mrs. i Belle Jones of SmitUield. JOHN WESLEY; MILLER. John Wesley Miller, aged 67 years, died at his home at Indian Head yesterday "at 3 P. M. Mr. Miller was well respected in his community and an earnest Christian worker nearly all has life- 1-Iis death was the. result of heart failure. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Eliza Miller, and the following children: Franki Thomas, Horatia and Smith, all of Indian . . . . . . - Persons .who "contribute- to the 1 fund will be. pledged .tor three years. The amount they subscribe will be paid in three payments, one each ysar. If ?1 is .pledged,:lt will bo .paid, once ^a year in · the .''sirice .'. thb: organization here, the movement-, has grown con-. siderably and -the- Boys : :-tiave givenr free service on many occasions. Them is an. immediate need for three scoutmasters and there is room'for 20, ifho put into' the reserve corps and trained In the scout work so that they can take hold of a tr'odp-wbich may be in. need of a scoutmaster on short i wish'flrst to test this I grea't preparation send 10 cents fo Dr. j Ki'lmcr Co.. Bingharntbn, N. Y., for! a sample- bottle.-.When writing be sure and mention The Conuellsville Daily.Courier.---Adv. CITT LEAGCK GAME. THREE COME FORWARD tice tonight. The Maccabees ,have been defeated "by the Elks and Garage this season and the railroaders although they havu lost the last four^games are picking u'p. the Christian it' i- Three persons"re5ponded to the invitation' at ..the.Jlinited': Presbyterian "chiireh !ast"'n'igbt; The -evangelist'* topic (for. tonight-is "Turn?on'JBurn.' 1 .This' afternoon liel'will answer ,inestionB^-'concernmg -the. Chri Mfe and 'the.'Bible.- Friday afternoon .he-w-Uijell«of;his experiences in uriti- nlng]';peojl.e^.lp Jesus.Christ.-' · The sermon' last night was a vivid portrayal of sin. Dr. Nairn told of a certain town in Ohio where the following occurred:" learning that his- wJfe'H'aa gone to.,tbe. theatre with another," Thai" without' his permission ;-tqok a : -revolverand.'w.en''.wh;.to the theatre .'to meet "· the""'couple' "coming IlaltbmoTc Ohio Team AV111 Line Up . * : Against .Maccabees Tonioirow. ._The Baltimore . Ohio clerks and .the Maccabees 'will play-a city league basketball game at the Maccabee hall' tomorrow night. The Maccabees al- EMBARGO AMENDED J'cnnsytvania Now Accepting Gsoline anil Oil Shipments, Much of tbe freight congestion is duo, according to officials of the Pennsylvania Railroad'-company, to failure df some consignees to remove freight from stations. Thore is not much of this in Gonnollsville butt, in otbor towns a great deal of congestion is thus caused. The company asks that all shippers and consignees dispose of freight with as little' delay as pos- ible in order to avoid congestion. The freight embargo, ou. the Southwest branch of the Pennsylvania has been amended to permit acceptance of gasoliue and kerosene. is unchanged. Otherwise it K. OF C. FUNLT BOOSTED Minstrel in Maddns Hall .Sets Sum of $125. About $125 was realized tor the Scottdale Knights of Columbus war though-being a strong team, are not fund from the delightful performance expected to have a walk-a-way with j of the Colonial .Minstrels; given last the railroaders. The team will prac-' Head;'Mrs. "W. K. Sparks, Connells-j ville; Mrs. Royal Wbite, Mrs. A. B.; Davis and Miss Beulih. all of Indian \ Head. Funeral services will be held i at 2 P. M., Friday. Interment will bo! at Indian Head cemetery. i MRS. ORA B. STOKES. Mrs. Ora B. Stokes, colored, of Smithfleld, died Tuesday. The body arrived here today and was removed to Funeral Director J. L. Stafler's parlors. Interment'tomorrow in Hill Grove cemetery. BAJTSER. OUT SOOJf. The First Jfatiooal's Trmlc Ileriew HeadT.jn a Tew Days. Every ^should"rear! it be'caiisV .'and- figures Vongli Tent of Maccabees Possessor of Coveted Honor. Young Tent No. 159 of tlie Macca- bees, Connelisville, has received a ^ banner for securing tbe largest num- night in .\faddas hall, West Side, undci- i her of members for the year 1917. The auspices of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine of St. John's Catholic church .nt Scottdale. A fair banner will be displayed at the next meeting. It is planned to hold a banquet as soon as the banner arrives. sized audience witnessed the perform-; Tlie Maccabees are nov,- trying to ance and was well pleased with every number on the program. William Copley was interlocutor, Dominic Cafferty, Robert HIckey, TCil- .lam -Moran and'Joseph O'Hara, end men, and Masters Jobn ..Collins and James.Wardlaw, pages, ' ' First'ational Bank of Connellsville. out. The manager heard and an-. nounced from .the,platform that there.! that churcifc was.a man waiting .outside:' to shoot such -, a cotiple and to .avoid..trouble there was.a back door and.that couple ' le lleports:,V -';".-' .. A 'report;-,ofr";ffie'. Ndrin'aTv'lile Red Cross unit'received today shows membership subscriptions .there in (he recent drove for $78. Besides this donations of J315 1 ! were received from the Methodist -Episcopal. Sunday sc.hool mB"?!.!! from" the Bpworth'League of could slide out it and avoid trouble. Eleven couples got up and hurried out the back door.- . . . ^ i ..-··.---r 3n#fce:'.r?-.. I- -To the.-Patrons of-'-the. Railroads: j Much of the- freight congestion, in .this district is due to'tfailBre'^ofrEome con- ^·rftheir; freight- away.. ^Joseih:Decarejind.'Mary Dimla, both ttatjphs ; -and'ieam" tracks ~6f Alvertohy^J-.loydi'Ji.iiufHa Brown and " j.fronffreight.?( , , . promptly----The: 6pe"raUn"K^CpminiUee, |rector"GefleraTviof- . . . . . ,, . . - .-.. j-calls .upon-.;;shippers · an'|T'c''onsigiiees; ;} to^ ioadl'" 1 : unioacj. ; arid^rempy.e . thoir, -.;! freight ^ith thS;greatest'ppssi.b!e:;J!s^. .;.j patch/'ta-llie-end. thJLti'tEfe'fpads^inay: '-. better peridniriil'tieiKWnctibns'pI' Mr. Colborn Home. Dr. J. A..Colborn who'was discharged last week from, the hospital'service at Camp Lee because of physical disability, ; has" returned;tp Connellsville. to'resume-his pracfice. * ' ' ' : Gjrl at Uenner Home. Mr. and. Mrs'. .'.J. A. Renner of Scott- . dale, formerly of Connellsviile, ' are receiving congratulations upon the birth of a daughter. Mrs. Renner was ATTEMPTS SnOOTISG DETKCTIVE. liin Kscii]ios From Dlckerson .: linn After TTracas IVitb Uetcctiyc.. The police here are on. the look'out '[or a rod-hciaded- man .who yosterchiy .attempted, to shoot Pittsburg . Lake .Erie Detective. .Caalunore at. Dickerson win a silver loving cup by having the I largest number ot members by the last of February. This will mean that the Maccabees will bave to get to work to wbip an Ohip tent which now has 12 more than the Yough tent. Jtrakomnn Killed. Ralph M. Gehauf of Cumberland, a Baltimore Ohio brnheman, was fatally injured yesterday morning at Sand Patch when he fell from the top of a freight train and was drag, gel'nearly'100 feet. .His clothes became fastened in the wheels, but hir body was held from beneath the cars. Run. The man is wear-| He'was removed to the'Allegany hosing a red checked coat and a cordiiroy · pital, Cumberland, where he died, cap. Ho headed towards Connells-' ville. . ' . . N o ' d e t a i l s of the Dickerson Run .fracas were given when the call came in. to the police to be on the lookout for the man, . ' . Fi'ifect- IVomanhoOiI. Perfect womanhood depends on perfect health. Beauty and a good disposition both vanish before pain and suffering. A great menace to a worn- formerly Miss Delilzh Muhk, daiigh-! an's happiness in life is the suffering Classified Advertisements Bring results. Cost only Ic a word. tcr of Alderman and Irs, Fred Munk df'North Pittsburg street. - in Cninberltind. . . 6ra.Ma'y Sanner, both 6f ! -Rockwodl; were granted iicenseatp'wed in Cum"-, .berland'.yesterday^-/i'-r. . . Cranteii I/jceosc. : .John -Mockaber rani) Margie Juler, Iftitiv.otJSwa'Hgcrtowni. were .granted a 'marriage. license iniLfnibn^own 1 yesterday!-^' · ' ; "" ' :,:i: : -: ;: . that comes from some functional de-! Anyone who irics ibis pleasant tart- ' - ' - ~ rangemcnt .which: soon develops bead-' ing home-made ' cou^h "syrup, will I aches, backache, nervousness and 1 uickl T understand why it is used i n : "the .blues." For. such suffertag. i gSd.TM! »£,*" 0 £'^u^ro^ i , Tvomeu find help in that. famous old j Tlio ,wi^r it takes liold of an., obstinate root and "li ham's Vegetable ( three .generations has been restorinj teaUh" to iromen of America. pnh rp^mprlv r "~rlia f? "Pinir . cotijjh, givJBg irmncdia.te T(?Iii*f. will Tuako i ^^^^T^^^^^J^ %£: Veteran illiiier Hurt. -.Nick Collnick, a Riissian of liinn 1 1 fi _ · rpmcdr that shouldf be 'kept Ijandv In ' every liome, to use at the first sijm "of a. i coujili (lurinfj the night or day time. i Any dniRirist ct\n' supply you with'! 2V ounces of Pinex (60 cents worth). ! 3?our this into a pint bottle and 1111 tho ; bottle: with plain granulated susrar ; total cost is i' 129 to 133 N.PlTTSBURG St. CONNELLSVILLE. ?A. Eyery Coat in this Store Every Suit in this Store Every Silk or Serge Dress in this Store Every Set of Furs in this Store Every Evening Dress in this Store Everything must be sold as we will not carry one piece over. ""-."·"··;·'··Sine-pound' Son. ._^A nine pound son was born Tuesday night : to -Mr.;' and Mts. Frank Lyons at::their-home.-at .Trotter. Station, one of the oldest miners at the J EJT1 ]p^ r _ American .Connellsville .Coal t Coke' snd TOU have a fnU. pint of the most company mines,' was seriously injur- - effective remedy you ever used. J e d when caught'by a fan' of slate in \ thi^'lSent cMji^uJ^iff'i i the' He is suffering from broken surprise TOU. It"pro'mptlv hcala tho .. -. . . . . :_o!. J " ' " · '· ribs:on either side^ and a broken back., M-Sd TMSSL»^ ^S,^ j HAVE YOUB PEINTIKG D05IE AT~ ^HI^OPPIC No lumes lire entertained for his ro- UT. M ««. +:/i-i^ T^^TM. ii,^ «t,i MHn ,,-% -^^-wjj .KLJ. ixiao UJjpj.t/ No hopes covery. Col ure .entertained for his re-1 fchroat ticklC( f 00 ^ ng tllc pUecm,'and - oliniek is 50 years old; 1 soon, your couirh stops entirely. Splen- i | 3id for bronchitifi T croup, whoopljjff cough ' Bnd broach.ial' astlima. · j Pincx is__a lii^hly coticentratcd. com- · . Service -Resumed. "".' ! Baltimore '|o passenger' trains j are running . today between .-Morgantown and Tairmont,...the Service.being resumed last night;when Trainee: 70 came through. For head or throat- Catarrh try the , Vapor treatment Winiu-r of Sheep Frizc. ........ . _,, The State Department of Agricul- .' pound of JCorwu.^- pine extract, and is rp.ta Mmoimced^hat Polk .steal.' ^^.r^^*" its ^^ ICR'SVAPORUBj. tu . . ;'of Smithfield tvas winner of the, first ; to"avoid dfsapnointment nsk for "ZV1 ' ] prize for. pure bred merino ewes at ounces, of Pim-x" with .full directions i the" recent Pennsylvania Farm Pro- and-'dow* accent anything else. A jruar- .. . . antes of. absolute, satisfaction nr money ' - - - ·-promptly refunded poes \vith this prep, oratio-i. Ihe 1'mcx Co, Tt, \Tuyne, i Read The Daily Courier, blA - ( I.ducts Show, Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at Onie Cent a Word. They Bring the Results. Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd Children's Bath Robe Sets,.consisting of Bath Robe, Blanket and Slippers, all colors, sells regularly at $4.00, Remnant Days Price $2.98. Infants' Knit or Flannel Sacques, Remnant Days Price ISc. Infants' Capes, good quality, full size, Remnant Days Price 95c. Children's heavy Bath Robes, Remnant Days Prive Z5c. Children's Sleeping Bags, Remnant Days Price 59c.. Infants' Night Robes, good quality, .Remnant Days Price 29c. . 3 dozen Babys' Soft Sole Shoes in black, white and light blue, all sizes, regular 75c values, Remnan.t Days Price 49c^ All Children's Furs ar.d Fur Sets in all the leading children's furs, prices range from $3.98 to $20.00, Remnant Days Price One Half Off. Lot Children's al! wool Colored Sweaters in rose, navy, brown and tan, size 2 to 6 years, values to 51.98, Remnant Days Price 98c. One lot of Children's Sweater Sets in navy, tan, copen and brown, consisting of sweater, leggins, cap and mittens, sizes to S years, prices' range from ?2.50 to ?5.00, v Remnant Days Price One Half Off. 59 Children's Coats for boys and girls in chinchilla, plush, fancy mixtures, velvet, velours and broadcloth in all the fashionable and wanted colors in sizes 3 to 19 years, Remnant Days Price- One Half Off former price. . 35 dozen Giris' School Dresses in ginghams, percales, repps, chambrays and linens, in stripes, checks and plai4s, sizes 4 to 14 years, values up to-?1.9S, Remnant Days Price 9Sc. 67 Children's Velvet,.plush and velours in all the wanted colors, values to §2.00, Remnant Days Price 49c 22 Children's Raincoats and Capes with hats to match in sizes G to IS years, prices range from $3.00 to $7.50, Remnant Days Price One Half Off. A special lot of stationery, cards and envelopes only. .The value of this stationery today is 50c, Remnant Days Price 19c. Four-fold Germanicwn Yarn in hanks, Remnant Days Price 20c hank. · 44 pairs of Curtains in Scrim, Lace, Net and Marquisette. These are odd lots. Some have 4 pair to rwitch. Regular prices range from $1.00 to $7.50 per pair. Remnant Days Price One Half Off. ' 28 pairs of Curtains in neat scroll patterns, 2'/o yards long, regular price §1.50, Remnant Days Price S9c. 26 Lamps in fancy Cretonne shades, bronze stands, fitted with 5 yards of lamp cord, worth $5.00, Remnant Days Price $2.49. A special lot of collars and stocks in Georgette Crepe, Satin Lawn, Lace and Net, also collar and cuff sets slightly mussed from handling. Remnant Days Price One Half Off. 54 dozen Handkerchiefs in Shamrock lawn, emb. corners, full size fine and sheer, Remnant Days Price G.%c. One lot of Hat Fancies, including feather wings, breasts, flowers and stick-ups, values to $2.98, Remnant Days Price 9c. All our Baskets. Remnant Days Price One Half Off marked prices. 56 Velvet and Brussels Rugs, size 27x54 inches, neat small patterns,, value today ?3.50, Remnant Day Price $1.9S 18 dozen Hand Bags and Strap Purses in pin seal and other fancy feathers, values to $1.00, Remnant Days Price 49c. Special lot of Jewelry, Remnant Days Price One Halt Off. 3S- Children's Hats "in imported Velours, all high grade, u'p to the minute styles and colors, Remnant Day Price One Half Off. A special lot of wool remnants in odd lengths, Remnant Days Price less than cost. ; A special lot ot" Silk remnants in Satin, Georgette Crepe and Taffeta, Remnant Days Price less than cost Children's fine Camel Hair Pants, all sizes, gray, regular price $1.00, Remnant Days Price 59c. -\ Ladies' Fleeced 'Union Suits, high neck, long sleeves, low neck and elbow sleeves, worth today $1.75 and $2.00 Remnant Days Price, regular size S9c; extra sizes 95c. , : Ladies' fine black Lisle Hose, extra spliced heel and toe, regulaT 19c hose, Remnant Days Price 133/,c. Children's fine ribbed Black Hose, linen toe and heel, all sizes, Remnant Days Price lac. Children's fine wool and cotton mixed Pants and Vests, regular 75c value, Remnant Days .Price 50c. ; A very special lot of Waists in Georgette Crepe and Crepe de Chine, Remnant Days Price One Half Off.

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