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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, January 31, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Beet Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,484 VOL. 16, NO. 69. CONNELlSVILIaE, PA,, THURSDAY BVENIN f G, .JAJNUARY 31, 1918. TEN PAGES. FWO AMERICANS KILLED, FOUR WOUNDED, ONE MISSING, AFTER GERMAN RAID EARLY TODAY \ttack is Staged on Sector of French Front During Heavy Fog; Scene of Action That in Which Casualties Have Been Reported for Several i' Days, but News Has Been Withheld · for Military Reasons. I S. MACHINE GUN AND ARTILLERY TOLL HEAVY $69,000 PAID IN PPIONSIN1917 TOFRICKWORKERS ' ' · "· /' Sum is Smaller Than in 1916 "When Total Am (muted to *71,000. . - ' · . . By Associated Fro*. WITH THEAMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE, Jan. 31.--An American position on a certain sector on the French front -was aided, during a. beary fog shortly after daylight this morning, .'he attack was preceded by.a.violent;artillery barrage. Two Americans were killed and four wounded. One soldier ·tmiMing and is believed .to have been captured by the enemy. Casualties have-been occurring almost daily lor several days n this; sector.. It is now permitted to disclose that all the recent aaualties given out from Washington occurred in this sector. It-is certain' that.the enemy casualties from the American annon and machine gun fire has been as great or greater than urs.'V ·.: · , . ' ' . - Tlie casualties given out in Washington recently occurred ver ascertain recent period. The dead were buried within the ound amtrange of the guns. One man was blown to pieces by shell in a regimental headquarters town as he was following is colonel into a dugout. Three men were killed by. one shell which fell in a trench nd another died of wounds in a hospital. Quite.a few of the len sent to hospitals .were wounded in the upper part of the ody or on the head from shrapnel. ; For military .reasons it has been inadvisable to send earlier r other details. Last night ins fairly quiet through-* Jt 1 the American' sector. The usual' Jmber .of shells came over, doing no image and there was the cusumary xnradic outburst of machim gun re Iron' boltf sides it points where e opposing lines are nearest. ' At daj4re«i. this morning the heavy 2 .i*hich_- has been, -enveloping' the bole position and ; ttoe country Cor lies around for several days became ill .thicker, blotting oat all except ,e nearest ; enemy positions. At 7 clock, three muffled reports -5ound- l through the fog. There were three histlcsv .followed nuicilj- by .three irtt iuHfts. r .ei?lpdet i ttree;iure!i~6f an American listen-. ' '"" * Xocal .Hen o* Petit list Vvr JUrch (onrt. , "TJhen-: hell broke lqo»e," , said one th» men: there. For fifteen/minutes e enemy "broke hundreds 1 of hish ex- ostve 77s around the post and the irrbundmg rroumJa, cutting off the en^'tljere. Two; of them were killed tiU first few minntes. UUOEg TOASSPORTET). IN . ' - J'OKJIEH GKMfA* .SHIPS WITH THE AMERICAN ARifr IN RANGED .Jan. 31.--Announcement » raade'restextlay that total tonnage former German steamships ready t the high, seas' services most of Uch are now ^bringine men and ma- rials to France, is approximately 0,000. 'Amons ' t h e considerable iroiber already arrived, safely in En- nte Allied ports . is the '· Leviathan, rmerly th« Vaterland, and 15 other the .Germans' largest ships. These rures demonstrate the falsify of rec- t German claims, and the publica- m of th'is informatJbn is permitted r that reason. The figures are authoritatively der jred to prove that : Germany has en deliberately. circnl*ting false re- ·rts to belittle to; her own. people e"assistance given to the Entente lied cause by this shipping, and thus eate unjustified confidence ; in the' ;rman submarine*. unsH LESS THA DCSDiG DKCCXBER LOMDON, . Jan. Sll-^-BriOsh casnal- is reported during the rnontu of nuary totaled 76,017. They were ; as follows: Killed or died of innds. .Officers, 358; men, 13,698. Bunded .or missing -- officers, ;n, 57,75*. The .January, casualties shoiv a ght falling off from those reported rim Deeaiber Which reached a FOR JURY SERVICE 2333 ON THE PENSION LIST SercDtb Annual Report of U. S. Steel Fnnd Shiws Dlsbir»ements for Tear of $712^06 and- for the Severn Tears Since BegUnlng, $3,658^47.73. OSHC BKTCADIEtt GEJTEBAX . I IS AJCEWCAN RKGUl.AB AJOOC The seventh annual-report ot the United States Steel and Carnegie covering the year- 1917, made public today, shows disbursements during the year among em- ployes, »{ the H. C. Prick Coke company of $69,555.99 as compared with j J71.365. n during the year, 1916, while among employes'of the Union Supply company there'was distributed $1,723.80 and among those of the Hostetter Connellsvillc Coke company $053.25. Disbursomonts .among employes of the steel corporation and all concerns ·subsidiary to it amounted to $712,506,65 during .1917 as compared with J711.1S0.33 in 1916, $$59,389.42 jn 1915, $511,967.90 in 1314, »422,816J4 in 1913! $558,780.32 in -1912, and |2S1,457.37 in 1911, the year of beginning. The grand total for the seven" years ·amounts to · $3,658,047.73. The disbursements for the year 1917 exceed those of the next highest year, 1916, by $1,376.32. : A summary of tne pension cases shows 3,013 active as of January 1, 1917. During the year 241 were added bringing the total to 3,254. During the year 321 cases were discontinued, leaving 2,933 at the end of the year. The average age of persons pensioned Brig. Gen. Edwin B.. Babbit, has frequently for months a t , a lime acted as chief ot the bureau of iird- nance .during illness.of his chief, is the only brigadier general in the regular army. This distinction has come about through the fact that ail the senior brigadier generals of the old ALREPORT OF CONTROLLER IS MADE PUBLIC STRIKE OF GERMAN WORKERS GROWS; 700,000 OUT IN BERLIN, · ' · ' . 58,000 OF WHOM ARE WOMEN Facts and Figures on County's Affairs To Be Found in 'JChc Courier Today. 1917 EXPENSE IS $808,087 Improvement of Connty Roads, Embracing Sew Work and Repairs, led , in tie Department Totals. Criminals and Insue Patients Cost Big Sam, ENROLLING AMESS. Has The annual report or Controller Harry Kisinger, showing receipts and expenditures of Fayette .county dur- ing.1917 and the present condition of the treasury was.presented to Judge J.,: ; Q.;Van Swearingon in Unipntown .yesterday: and is to be found in full on pages seven and eight of The COOT-'- 'ier today. . . ," ." " . |The total resources of Lho county j are $l,771,S2fi.l3 an shown hy the re-j port witb liabilities of $859,8SS-57,' leaving a total ot J911.937.56 of resources in' excess of liabilities. The balance In the treasury totals $253,- S69J9, of which $168,292.47 is in the general fund, $76,550.62 in the special county road fund and f8,516.10 in the poor fund. A recapitulation of receipts and ex- Chief of Police V.'. B. Bowers located Several. Chief of Police William B. Bowers has found a scarcity of enemy aliens in Connellsville, there not being more than half "a dozen. Only one Germaii has been located and the rest are; Austrians. These men will be enrolled: and have their pictures taken in ac-, cordance with tae ruling ot the War! Department. ' j Four Austrians were located on Apple street and two'more are living j in Dutch Bottom. Tbe enrollment of these enemy aliens is to be completed by February S. Arrest of Socialist Agitators ic All furls of Empire Fruitless. TROUBLES ARE SPREADING STCB Apjwul of You Hiudenhcrg to "K«ep Steady" in Behalf of the "Brothers in the Field" Fnils to Curb flic Infuriated Workmen in Wnlkont. army are now serving as major j;en- Penscs shows that, during the yea erals in the National army, while ttosc j J who- hold commands as brigadiers in the · regular .array are holding temporary commission. General Babbitt's new assignniem. will be the command or a brigade ot artillery. This is the largest artillery unit in. the army., Several' CoDnellsville men and men living in this vicinity were drawn for traverse jury for tie first week and the petit juries for the'second and third weeks of March court.' The following . ware drawn tor the traverse jury, for the first week: Frank T. Adams, W. L. Boucher, C. p. Dane, George Campbell, E. "B. Conway,' t.- L. Goodman. Dennis Dicker, R. K..Miller, Charles VVPaync and V. H. Soisson. .Conuellsville; F.. "W- Krouse, Soulb. Connellsville; Curtis Mosser, Dawson. Men drawn for the petit jury lor the second week are: C. S. Campbell. J. L: Evans, J. C, Hcffley, J. Mirier, John Madison and C. B.-Smiley, Connello- ville; Thomas. Guard, South Connella- vUle; F. Harshman, Bverson; H. D. Louden, Dunbar; Thomas' Morris, Bunbar; ; J. Luckey, Dawson; A. P. Polak, Vanderbilt; G. H. Adams, W. A. Bishop, A. A. Clarke, A. Gigliottl, J. H. Lambertson, B. O'Connor, P. R. "vy"eimer, and Pred Harmening, Co,!!- nellsviire; H. t. Addis, Vanderbilt; John Kane and E. K. Swink, Dunbar; A. VanHorn and W. C. Glover, South Connellsville; during the seven years was .65.42 years, the average term of service 29.99 years and the average monthly pension, $21.10. .payments to employes of the concerns in the Connellsvillo- region rere: t H. C. Fricle Coke company general offices, $384.60; Adelaide Works, $1,- 377J2Q; ..AlverUm Works, $1.161.60; Baggaler -Works, $573.00; Bessemer Works. '4372.45; Bitnor Works, $190.-. 20; Brinkerton Works, $1+4.00; Buck- EXPRESSAGE STOLEN Butter, l.ard ana Other Coofc Disappear From West Side. Merchandise consigned to the American Express'company has been dis~ eye 'Works, "$4,508'25; Bufflington Works, $320.40; Calumet Works, $185.. county commissioners, expended from the special county road fund a total ot $273,42-1.0«,' principally .for new- road building and repairs. This was the largest sum expended in any one department of county activity; It cost the county $61,683 for the raain- tainence in .various institutions of its HOME ECONOMICS TO ? TO BE GIVEN ATTENTION THROUGHOUT COUNTY Meetings Arranged Under He Auspices of the Fayefic Farm Bureau to Start Soon. A series of educational meetings on food and clothing will be conducted in Fayette county during February and | change Telegraph dispatch from the By Associated Tress. LONDON' Jan.' 31.--The German strike is still growing in magnitude. i.he Exchange Telegraph correspondent at Copenhagen reports. -In Berlin 700,000 are on strike, 58,000 of. these being women. A great number of Socialist leaders have been arrested in various German towns. The fact that Berlin is wrapped in a thick fog has made it impossible for the authorities to prevent the.dissem- ination of pamplels the report states. Only a few telegrams have arrived Copenhagen from Germany, an Ex- .March by the Home Economics Extension Department of ti'e Pennsylvania Dauish capital says/ and news is scarce owing to the fact that most State College working through t h e j o t t jj e important Berlin newspapers Women's Committee of the Fayette j havc uot De en published. County Farm Bureau. Because of the world's food situation due to the conditions brought about by the war. namely scarcity of certain foods, and Lbe uniform liigb prices of food stuffs, every housemaker wants to know more about foods and their uses. MISS ANNE WHITE TO BE CITY'S FIRST PROBATION OFFICER Selection Informally Agrfed Cpoi uj Council Today; Mayor to 3lake Appointment; -Miss Anno White, daughter of 'the j the courts cost $37,503.88. Cost of holding elections totaled }12,004.51. Tho county paid out $19,149.36 for ll£ criminals and insane patients. Main- ' 30 that sic m3.y use all foods to their tainence of tlie county home amount-! best advantage. ed to $51,059.63 but there were re- j Tne lectures and demonstrations ceipts from the poor farm of $1.308.86 which, reduced the actual cost, for the county to }52,750.77, The county prison cost $19,997.92. Court expenses and the cost nt bridges and repairs and improvements ran Close together. The bridge expenses amounted to $38,903.51, while 40; Central Works, $1,S91J5; late Or. T. H. White, has been-agreed upon by members of cooncil as .the first woman, probation ofncer of the city. There,have been several appiica^ tions for the: position. .Miss Wiiite was the.first.-" - : ' : It .is expected that Mayor John-Dag- wlil make-announcement of'ithc brook Works, $460.80; Colonial No. 4 Works, $189.60; Continental No. 1 'Works, $849.60; Continental No. 2 Works, $252.6TO; Continental No. 3 Works,. $529;80; Grassland ..."Works $232.80; Davidson -Works, $4,475.75; Diamond Works, $265.20; . Dorothy Works, $538.80; Edenborn Works, $436.80; Bycrson Car Shops, $699.00; Footedale ' Works, $616.65; '.Grates Works, $108,00; Heel a No. 1 Works, $961.80; Hecla No. 2 Works, $1,380.05; Hecla No. 3 Works, $392.70; Henry Clay Works, $383.40; Junlata Works," $159.00; Kyle Works, $1,876.90;. Lambert Works, 55S2.20;'Larimer Works, $292.20; . Lcckrone . Works, $14.4.00; Leisenring No. 1 Works, $1,- 928.UO;. Leisenring No. 2 .Works, $1,.464^5'; Leisenring -No. 3 Works, $720.00; Leith Works, $1,938.54; Lemont Works, $1.662.30; Lemont Brick Works, $13.70; Mammoth Works, $1,742.40; Marguerite Works,. $372.60; i PJJ Coal "' any time. The -choice appearing trom trucks at the "Western Mullln Works, $184.80; Mutual Works, Maryland railroad station ptf the West | $756.00; Oliphant . Works, · $576.00; Side. The.shipments occasionally have been left on .the ..trucks for the night with the resnlt that in the morning they are gone, it is said. . Butter in tubs, lard and cheese are among the articles mentioned as having been missed. Ordinarily the shipments are transferred before night to, the down town offices of the company in · North Pittsbnrg street. The latest theft was last week, it is reported. WAGE DEDLUfPS HIGH. Painter Works, $1,581.00; Phillips Works, $549.60; Redstone Works,-$!,- 9S2.00;. Rist Works, $1,744.,30; Shoaf Works,. $48:00; South West No.. 1 Works," $4,728.75; South West No. 2 Works,. .$733^0; South West No. "3 Works, $2.149.40;. South West No. 4 Works, .$228.60; Standard Work,'$5,75.4.75''; Sterling Works, $583.60; Summit Works, $485.40; Tip Top Works. $273.00; Trotter ' Works $3,085.45; United Works, $706.80; Valley Works, $3,182.55; Water Companies, $617.40; White Works, $1,609.20; Wynn Works, gregatu $^00,000 Annually. By. Associated Press. . WASHINGTON; Jan.. 31:--Demands for wage increases pending before the railroad wage commission are for al of 79,527. The total tor No?em r r was 129,089, reflecting :the severe j hUng. oh the Cambrai front in that j ·"! fESTI JEOXCD IS -UK RAID, PARIS KKPOnT PARK, Jan. SI.-- ^wen : ly persons re killed and Bfty woun5cd in last rlu's air raid, it is announced of- lalty. . .. :.: ·Prencli patrols operating : at ' Increases Sfmpltt By Railroaders \g. | 5278.40; Youghiogheny Works .?275.- - - - - - - s Up-, Youngstown Works, $399.00. Total '.$03,555.99.' Hostetter Connellsville;Coke company, Hostetter Works, $144.00; Whitney Works, $809.25. Total $953.25: ·Union Supply'company, General Offices, $1;071.00; Brownsville Store. $144.00; .Bute Store, $144!oO;. Davidson Store, $144.00.; . Standard Store, $220.80. .Total,' $1,723.80. ' ., . ·American Sheet. Tin Plate eom r pany. Old Meadow. Works, $3,643.30; Scottdale Works.. $1;538.SO; Sabraton . . ,,, average of 40 .percent, s « i half of the railway operating incomes of last year. · ' :, RECEIPTS $2S4. Pietare at Orpheam Adds Mnteriallj to to 2f«Tj ]agne Fund. · i The receipts from the moving ua 'points on the Eront took prison-, i ture, "Heroic France," shown Tuesday says today's, official report, :herwise .there. were no dcvclop- .nts durinir the night." XOIIOX OTEBRULEI. Trial on AppenI of . Soisso* »nd Wife. \ n»- motion for a new trial in the afternoon and evening at the Orpheum theatre for the benefit of the Navy League amounted to $284. · Tuesday . .'afternoon and 'evening February 5,'."God's. Man" will be presented at the Soisson Theatre for the same cause. Theft Charged. James Lazclle was arrested by Con- must be formally approved by connc-il. The military authorities in the Berlin districts have prohibited all meetings convened to discuss public questions as well as workmen's demonstration. Fifty thousand workmen have ceased work at Kiel. The strike is now- general ia the Chemnitz district which, is the most important industrial section in Saxony. Field -Marshal von ^proclamation appealing. will be given by a member of the j Home Economics staff of the Pennsyl- ; ^ 0 "7he*-'workers"to slop striking ap- vapia State College, and will include e(J on al , K street con!e rs of discussions and demonstrations an tbe Ber , in ycst erday. tmrterlyins principles in foods and The · Germania of Beriin E ays that clothing, covering such subjects as the "Value and "Use of Grains," "Grain Production," "Selection of Food Ma- tcria "Planning of Meals," -"Meat Herr Wairaff, minister of interior, is still refusing to meet delegates ot the workmen and the strike continues to Savers and Substitutes," "Selection of Clothing .Materials." Meetings have maJdng the property assessments. jbeen so arranged that practically every housewife in Fayette county can con- '.Tbe sum of-523.857.42 was expended lor the operation of the county commissioners' office. Expenditures of, the controller's office .were $8,280, the treasurer's otBce, $7,890;. the county, surveyor's office $1,470. Neither of these offices has income to offset expenditures. · . · The expenditures of the sheriff's office were $14,52.1.24 but the receipts amounted to $15,300.73, leaving a credit of $1,046:48. The recorder's office lias.a credit of $1,250.15, its ex- NEEDS ARE GREAT Comforts, Branch Chairmen, Home From Washington, Urges More Knitting. : Mrs. J. Melvin Grey, chairman of the Charleston Comforts Branch ' of the Navy League, has returned from a conference io. Washington with officials of the Navy League and is much impressed with the need, of additional knitted articles for the men in tbe service. She asks that all. knitters redouble their efforts. Yarn will be furnished at the branch headquarters, No. 210 Title Trust building, to all who apply. The rooms are open each afternoon from 2 .to 5 o'clock. The next shipment will be made February 21. Mrs. Grey today gave out'a' letter from national headquarters which says In part: "In the first three weeks of January we sent -out 800 more knitted garments than during the whole month of December. Our stock is getting.alarm- ingly low and every day brings new calls. The worst of the winter is here, 12, _ , ; ' . ' ,. T"**~.,. but there will be many more cold »°:r «ckeo t p K j Police Saye He veniently attend an entire series. Four meetings will be hrld at each .place designated, holding the demonstrations on two differcm. days, and giving two demonstrations each day. There will be no expense to the local people fo? the services of the women sent to do the work as the Federal and State Extension Funds prov'ded, take care of these. The worpen. engaged in the Extension service have both practical and technical training for penses being ?9,909.30 and. its receipts!* 6 wort. The following is a list of .lowing: Register--receipts, $46,750, expenditures tho same; district attorney--receipts, $2,251,80, expenditures, $11,337.03, leaving debit ot $9.145.23; prothonotary-^--receipts, -$13,213,81; expenditures, $10,512.50, leaving a credit of $2,701.31; clerk of courts--receipts; $6,766.60, expenditures, $6,284.40; credit, . $491.20; · coroner's .office-receipts, $3,054-1.4; expenditures, $2,- 478.8C};. credit, $576.35. Sheep claims cost tbe county $921.30. The sum-ot $4,230.40 was expended for the work of th« Mothers' Assistance Board. Much other information is contained in the full controller's report In which are given detailed account of all receipts and expenditures. , . CANT FIND AUNT days and nights.before the boys canj do without the garments, which thoy lopk confidently .Urns-'to supply. We must not fail them. " · \ "We arc urging every 'State unit r.o UBO Us utmost endeavor -to.-increaaG its membei-ship :aiid to encourage its', old members to still greater effort. We would also urge'that each try to start one or more new uni'ts'in the neighboring towns." . . . ' ' . . " ' 8TAOT CAOTAJGLY. Making Progress in the 1 Section Serr- ed )y ConneUsritle I'ost Office. . Before 1-eaving ;today for iWasiiing- ton on business connected -with the 1 Cam* Here to Yislt Relatives, . William i McConnelly, 15 years old, who said he lived at 505 Euchre avenue, Hazel-wood, was held at the police station last night and returned to his borne this morning on Baltimore Ohio train'No. 69; He said be had come here to visit au aunt but could not find her. The police think the boy ran away from home but since he is willing to return they will not hold him for an investigation. Yoirag McConnelly said I lives: Meetings will be held in the Connellsville high school, in charge of Mrs- w; O. Sehoouover, local representative, February 5 and 11 at 3 and 7.30 o'clock P. jr. Meetings will be FRONTIEB TLOSEP BY GKSSIAS AUTH01UTIKS LONDON, Jan. 33.--No one has been permitted to cross the Swiss frontier from Germany since Tuesday morning, according to tbe Daily News correspondent at Geneva. Private reports received in Switzerland represent tic strike situation as having taken a serious turn late Tuesday night. The refusal of Herr Walrass, the minister of Interior, to confer with the strike leaders is said to have infuriated the strikers. Opinion in*Geneva, the correspondent says, Js that the strike movement will reach a crisis soon. It is felt that ihe movement either .will collapse or take a turn which may force the German government to its knoer* .The report o£ a strike in tbe works at Essen is not confirmed, but the held at Scoitdale on February 15 and {-Munich Post says Dr, Krupp von Bob- 16, wider tho direction of Mrs. S. A, Detwiler of Pennsvinc. Both will be in Odd Fellows' hall. These are the only meetings arranged for this section. " " len.^. has issued a statement to the workmen in the Krupp works urging them "to. keep steady, now in this moment. oC crisis, and .to remember their brothers the field." MORE MOTOR RECRUITS Four Cio to liniontoirn Prepared j Berlin and the provinces the. strikes STRIKES SPKEADDfG THROCGHOCT t'ATHERLAXD · AMSTERDAM. Jan. 31.--Both in to Enlist.' Four more recruits have been secured . for the Motor Mechanics Regiment and have gone to Uniontown to are" spreading. Reports, are that representatives of labor in -tie various cities in the industrial regions were expected to meet, in Berlin. Agitation take the preliminary examination £or a seneral. strike in Munich is said there. Three of the men who went | t o naTe telled ' but t^ movement went to the recruiting office today are from lo Nulenburg and Purti, .the largest the West Side. ! manufacturing towns in Bavaria. The Today is the last day for enlist- i newspapers say that the. demands o£ men is in the regiment and a man who ^ ^e-Fatherland party f or rcontlnuance wishes to go abroad immediately with- I of ^ e war an! ** bad f° od supply in. out a long stay in a training camp I ""e towns were the reasons given for could not get Into a better-tiling. Fay-I ^e strikes, at several .meetings. ette county will probably reach tbe j · (juota of 50 men set at a meeting of OEKJIAS'-JIABE STRIKE . . . . - . i TC flVl.' TICiT 1 * V tie committee in charge of the recruiting here. About a dozen men from this city i have already passed tbe examinations an aunt, whose name he gave as Mrs. i for * short period. A card received Harry McConnelly, lived in the North heve fl ' ora Edward Tipping who en- Endi near the coke ovens. He -said she aud written recently asking him to visit her. The boy did not have any money and City Clerk A. O. Bixler fur- sale of War-Savings Stamps Postmas-jnished the transportation back to his ter. W.'D. McGinnis reporter:'that Con- Works, near Morgantown, ~W. $327. al, i nellsville and the section, which local postofficfe serves as a distribut- . The United States Steel and Carnegie Pension Fund was established in tbe year 1010 by the joint action ot the United States Stee! Corporation, and Andrew Carnegie began operation January 1st, 1911., Pensions are paid from the income ot a joint fund; toward which, the United States'Steel Corporation provided $8,000.000.00 and Andrew -Carnegie $4,000,000:00, by the Carnegie Relief Fund originally creilt- .ed in March, 1901. The requirements in order tc- obtain le ot ~V. H..Soisson and wife Agaiasc j · Connellsviile school district · was stable Rottler.yesterday on-a charge! a pension are 25 years of continuous 'miled and dismissed yesterday, .of being a pickpocket; preferred by j service, and. the applicant must have portion, V year ago a jury awarded the. plain-1 Andy Eiko of Leisenring. Lay.elle and; reached .tlie age of 65' years. l t . i s ' ' f o r Western Pennsylvanii s J6.784.~U for the Fairview avenue Efko were on an inbound car when! compulsory, however., that all e-m-. ing center for. postal .supplies, .was making excellent progress :in the. stamp campaign. . . . . . . ' The extension of the campaign to, the v . local, schools, beginning next weeki trill'add very materially to the volume of sales being made here. .' Fair tonight except : snpw.uear Lake Erie; Friday fair and colder in south the noon weather, forecast iperty which had been condemned the alleged theft took place and when j having 25 years or more serv- part of the slte : for the new high the car arrived in town Lazelle was j jce shall be retired upon reaching-the lOOl... The .board of viewers . had ; arrest. Lazelle. claims the pocket- ; age ot 70' years. . Employes -who be-' ivtously /in»d« "an award of $5.500, ' book fell on the floor a;id he picked ; come permanently totally'incapacitat- nL p .wWc5' n appeal was taken to it up common pleas. The ver- Siefnff «ns»6*f«ctory a: mo- River Ttisps SloWly. The iujh river rose sligBtlj;. today, i of service," may'be pensioned. ed through no fault of theirs, as the rrsuk of sickness or injuries received while on rluh, and have fifteen years .Temperature Record. . . ' : '191S .1917 . Maximum. , -36 62 · Minimum _, 128 . 3 4 Mean ' ' ' 32 . 48 The Tough ruer ro=e during th» night from 1 30 feet to 1 30 feet home. IS 0-Vli HOLLA.V1) RKrOni LONDON, Jan. 33.--Among tlie views expressed in special dispatches from Holland in regard to the Ger- been sent, to a training camp man strike is one that the German 'government is exploiting what hardly amounts to more Uian a peace time listed Saturday says he has been made | demonstration with the object if pos- tempo.-ary corporal. He was former- i siole of producing a more serious ly employed at .the Baltimore Ohio I movement in allied countries where it shops here and enlisted as a la.the hand. FLORIDA. PirHS FREEZE. · Sea Gulls On River. A flock of about, a dozen sea gulls on the banks of the Yoogii ri%-er yes-j tcrday attracted much attention of j local Boy IVritos ThnJ Cold Snap apparently.believes the .governmentsv are less able, than itself to control · such movements.' · ' * Another correspondent gathers from the German press that the German government intends lo make thn Affecis Domestic Wncs There. j strike movement a pretext for' break' m g off the Brest-Litovsk. negotiations In a letter received here from Ray-j ...--j -. - -- - - i . . . . . . ... land is ascribing it to the machinatons persons passing over tbe bridge. The mond Balsiey who is m trammg with| o t the rJolshevki with whom therefore birds gathered on the east side ot the!the aviation department at Pensacola.l j t woujd be impossibl t h , d , , h river above the bridge and the railing ; Fla., he -says We people of Connells- I conf was lined witb. persons who stopped jvllo are not the only ones who are, _ .rT^-- ,.,,,,, _ to watch them. having trouble with freezing water, SOCIALISTS IVAST REICHSTAG Mnst Sign Complaints. Florida froze up recently. | LONDON,' Jan. 31.--The Socialist Balsley, who is rated as a qualified I party leaders in Germany, according County Food Administrator David- j machinist, isays he likes army life, and i to a statement in the Berliner Tageson has the same view on complaints j ls picking up" lots of army nicknames *·'-" ·----'--" - · · - - · . . . . about over charging that Mayor Dug- j - - - gan holds. Both have announced..that | complaints, must be- made in writing and signed- by the-complainant. Drift' ('loured A way. arc used for brevity. Tu Ku-rlnevrs Reserve. George P. .McCombs, of-New Salem, a member ol the class of '18 at Penn- Isylvanla Stale College, lias enlisted I n j I t l O T O r S C1T1KS FLACJil) blatt, fonvarded by the Amsterdam correspondent, have asked President Jaemps of tlie Reichstag io summon the Reichstag immediately in view ot ihe alarming events of -the past few UNDER JttARTIAI, LAW .COPENHAGEN, Jan. 31.--A state ot .'Alter being tied up since last Mon-Uue Engineers Reserve Corps. Only .day, by. heavy snow the Latrobe line; engineering students of the junior and . _ _ , ,. ,, ,,,,,, ul ofvth'e. West P.enn'Railways company.jse.nior years whose averages equal 01 Isiege lias been declared at Hamburg, WM opened up this' niornfn'j Therej exree'd the average of the highest one-JAltona and Wambsbeek accoiding to .was: 1,000 tect.of'.snow drift, ten" feet) third; of these classes during the past the Hamburg-Echo, a socialist news- deep. i 10 vears are eligible paper.

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