The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1918
Page 8
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-. PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, COIS'NKJ-.bSV.Lb.LiJil, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 1918. WV K~ ? . If' Remnartlt Days Wednesday Women's Underwear Wool and SiltMd-Wool Garments at ATtrage Savings tt Onc-Fomtt. Pants, Vests and TJ:aion Suits--exceptionally fine garments--in styles women like. Not all sizes in every atyle, but all sizes in the lot. The Union Suits have high necks and long sleeves or Dutch neck and short sleeves. Pants and Vests regular at #1.50. $1.75 to $£« each. Union Salts regular »t $2.75, $3, £0 to *S-00 each. Remnant Prices 25% Less Two Special Days of Stupendous Value-Giving A T this store the Semi-Annual Remnant Sale is an institution--dating back to our very first year in business. And each year sees it growing bigger and better Jis our volume of business increases, P*^y necessitating the carrying of larger stocks and increasing in proportion the number of short lengths Sg$§j2 and odd lots that remain after each season of busy selling. These First Remnant Days of 1918 Will Take First Rank in Our Entire History Hundreds of short lengths of piece goods, remuant lots of Suits and Coats, Dresses and Skirts,--odd lots of jewelry and dress accessories,--Waists--Men's and Boys' Clothing--and all at price concessions that cannot be anything but most welcome in these days of war-time prices and scarcities. Every woman, who has had previous experience iu Wrigkt-Metzler Remnant Sales will know the importance of prompt selection as the best of our offerings fairly melt a~way in the very first honrs of the sale. Remnant Days This applies alike 'o botU the silk and cotton kinds, involving dozens^of tilt newest and most attractive styles. The former , prices were ?1.00 to 532.50, but Wednesday and Thursday you buy these very same waists for only 50c to ?C.25. Dress Accessories! -REMNANT LOTS VELVET HAND BAGS ONE FOURTH OFF -REMNANT LOTS SOILED ILfNPKERCHIEFS ..... HALF OFF -REMNANT LOTS LADIES' GLOVES AT .._ ONE HAT.p OFF -REMNANT LOTS $2.50 $2.00 WHITE GLOVES $1.59 PAIR -REMNANT LOTS ODD BUTTONS AT ONE HALF OFF Women' 75c Fibre Silk Hose, Black and White, at the pair - - - ' - . Remnant Prices on Certain . Odd Lots Blankets The assortments are small -- the sayings big. Both wool mixed and all wool blankets of our usual good quality. We're not trying to be sensational when we say prepare for next year. Common, sense and the shortage both prompt it. Such sayings as these are most unusual, market- conditions considered. wooi MIXED KLAJOEETS $5.35 $10.00 WOOIr MOLED BLASXETS *7.50 »12.SO AIL WOOL BZAIOCETS $9.35 Odd Lots of Perfumes, Toilet Waters and Face Powders at ONE HALF OFF Remnant Prices on Women's and Children's Winter Apparel --A story of substantial savings tersely told, and told only .in part--as the following list does not begin to include all the 'economies that await you in these important departments. Every garment correctly styled and chosen with discriminating taste. 1 --O»e Lot Children's Raincoats at HALF OFF --One lot Sttk Skirts to sell at OAE HALF OFF --One, lot Children's Coats, all slies, HALF OFF --One lo Ladies' Silt and Serge Presses, large .sixes, HALF OFF.' --One Bip lot ladies' Suits and Coats, HALF OFF Remnant Days in the Dry Goods Department The primary object of Remnant Days is to sell remiu.nts as taken in the strict- J est meaning of the word--that is, short lengths of the various kinds of piece goods, j So the dry goods department-will-be the chief center of interest Wednesday and Thursday. Remnants by the Hundreds Are ready and will be arranged on every counter in the sections where yardage is sold, both upstairs and down. So arranged that you'll find them easy to examine, easy to determine their fitness for any purpose you have in mind. Every woman is sure to find some fabric suitable for children's dresses, boys' waists, skirts, and so on. Or it may be silk, wool or cotton materials for a couple of pretty waists, or enough cotton or linen damask for a table cloth, toweling, muslin, sheetings, ginghams, percales of draperies You Save 25%, 33% to 50% 'o Miscellaneous Remnants! --REMANAT LOTS OF STATIONERY AT ONE HALF PRICE --REMNANT LOTS OF JEWELRY AT ONE HALF PRICE --REMNANT LOTS DRESS TRIMMINGS ONE HALF PRICE --REMNANT LOTS OF LACES AT ONE HALF PRICE -REMNANT LOTS SOILED BOOKS, THE 60c KIND AT 39c -REMNANT LOTS SOILED BOOKS, THE $1-25 KIND AT S9c -REMNANT LOTS WOOL DRESS GOODS AND CLOAKINGS ONE THIRD OFF. Remnant Lots Women's Silk Hose Plain colors and fancies, regular at $1.25, $1.35, $1.50, the pair ...$1.10 Hosiery and Underwear for Women .Medium weight cotton stockings are in black or white at 25c a pair. Ribbed White Cotton Combinations-made with long or short sleeves and ankle length, ?1.00 for regular sizes. $1.25 for extra sizes. Bodice top white ribbed cotton vests, with ribbon shoulder straps, are 3oc each. Sturdy Winter Stockings for Women A lot of full-fashioned and seamless black cotton stockings of good quality in a weight that you will find comfortable these cold days. They have double soles, well re-in- forced heels and garter tops. 75c and Soc a pair. Remna.nt Day Savings for Men and Boys --Remnant Lots .Uen's Suits, neat patterns, all sizes, £10.00 Snits S2i,W; Si5.00 Suit* 1MO; $22.50 Suite *1SJ0; ?20.00 'Suits $14.75; $15.00 Suits S10.76. --Remnant Lot Men's Overcoats, up io §2«.OC Talnes S 13.50. --Retcnant Lot Hoys' ScJiooJ Overcoats Hoduced One Fonrtli. --Remnant Lot Children's fancy suits. WiiO rallies $2.95. ---All Men's fur-lined and fur-tn'mracd Overcoat? Kedncfld 20 Per One. --Remnant Lot Boys' Wash Suits, white and fancy, sizes 2 b to 8 yiwrs, $1.80 values $1.13. --Rcmriar.t Lot Men's and Eovs' Caps, blues and fancies. Special at 25c. Knitting-Knitting-- Knitting-- Everywhere women are knitting. And the more experience they gain,-the more proficient they become,--the more they prefer the satisfactory weight, the firm body, the superior quality of Minerva Yarn Our Art Needle Section is now well stocked with the popular heavy weight, balled, knitting worsted in both the army khaki and the navy oxford. For knitting women's and children's garments there is a plentiful supply of colored yarns in both the staple and newer novelty shades. Prices On All Yarns Exceedingly Moderate You Get Gold Bond Stamps With Every Purchase--Save Them. CASUALTY FACTS i ABOUT SOLDIERS SERV1NGINFRANCE . Be Supplied Friends By a Xew Tort Bureau of \he Bed Cross. DETAILED the Xatnre and Extent of " Wounds, CircMistwices of the Death ' ox Capture oi Soldiers to be Given - in a Personal and Humanitarian War tentiou. However, it is probable that with the increase ot-reports from the /ront, information will be sent only to relatives requesting it, except in cases oC those imprisoned or reported "missing." The bureau wil! receive through the International Red Cross office at Geneva, Switzerland,' the list of American prisoners supplied officially by the German government. In case of imprisonment, the bureau reports to relatives,-after which the case is referred to the Red Cross Bureau of I American Prisoners Relief. The American Red Cross committee in Berne se^g each American prig- oner, every two weeks, three 10-pound food packages. These aubsistent stores are provided by the government and the American Red Cross. A sufficient quantity of supplies is now on the w-ay to Switzerland to care for 10,000 American prisoners for a period ot sis' months. This bureau is also the sole agency licensed by the War Trade Bureau to transmit money to American and allied prisoners in Germany. Don't knock Connellsville by scud- ing your money out of town for your I job work when The Courier company can do it here at home. Let us give you prices. ^To give the relatives at American soldiers details of casualties at the (rout, the American Red Cross has organized at national headquarters a of communication. This Bureau will supplement in a personal and humanitarian way the reports of the Statistical Division ot the War Department, 'which gives to ^relatives ofttcial~riotice when a soldier Is reported killed, wounded, or, missing. - The knxtet}- which naturally results from'the official report to relatives that a soldier has been "wounded" or is "missing" will as far as possible be dispelled by the bureau, which will advise in detail the nature and eitent of the wound, and will gather evidence from comrades in arms and at the Hospitals and rest camps regarding those reported "missing." -- Any information of interest or con- 'eolation to relatives thus obtained will, the substitute for calomel. ; 6* transmitted to them through per-1 ,J)r- Edwards, a_ practicing physidra for sonal letters, while messages from the wounded will be conveyed through this whae treating patients for ^ same agency. j jtipation and torpid livers. -L'Tbe information on which the bu-' Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets do not! · Teon will base its reports is gathered contain calomel, but a foiling, xnthcif TegetaWe laxative. No griping is the "keynote" of these . , . . . little sugar-coated, olive^olored tablets, and rest camps to which They cause the bowels and liver to act soldiers ore generally returned follow- normally. They never force them to '..Big important engagements. unnatural action. -With the increase of the American H*TM have a-tfarkbr^ mouth" now Jprces and palpation in the .a, fS£K*S3' t *S -this number will have to be greatly are constipated, Toa'll find quick, «ure and ;,-Increased. The information will lor only pleasant results from one or twolit- ·-fhe most part be forwarded from the tie Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets at bedtime. ' faris office "to this country by mail. Thousands take one or two everycight !' ~ For Q« present the oureau is report- C?* *° * eep **!?·. T T them - « Get Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets ! That is the joyful cry of thousands -! since Dr. Edwards produced OUre Tablet* ELITE CLUB TAKES GAME FROM B.O. BASKETBALLERS In the preliminary game thc Soulli ] awesome and soul-btirring times, and Conneilsville girls won from lh'21 has led thc-thought of the world. He Scottdale girls Warn, 6-1. The gam; i lias done this not only in clear, toicuful was one o! the best girls games that' messages at eiiiica! moments, and by i has been plashed on the Macaobee floor | his words has guided tie opinions of 1 this year.. G. Shirty madi- Scottdale's! the whole civilized world, hut also in '' only field goal. She also made 2 oui insistence upon the furtherauce of JEWISH BENEFIT PLAY Theatre and Prorcs U'nl Amtilciir Event. l o t 0 fouls. M. Sherrlng, Walker and H. Artzman each made a field goal for Railroaders' Defeat the Fourth thc South conneiisviiic girls. Straight One of thc Season. ****** ·!· FEAM HAS HOPES YET Score I*st Sight Ote Highest Yet Registered iinil TVJth a 5ew 3lan at CeiiU-r the Mauager Believes He'll Cwnc Up; Loral Girls Win. HEAD STUFFED FROM CATARRH OR A COLD Says Creara Applied in Nostrils Opens Air Passages Right Up. broad, aggressive policies, like con-1 scription oE armed forces and other' big movements of greatest national! and international importance in thc} world's struggle for liberty, H :s in the carrying out ot detail that we have fallen, below-the highest efGcicacy. j The commercial supremacy of ; America is due to our genius Tor or- ganisation. Thc administration has on all cases that come to its at- l druggists. The Baltimore Ohio basketball team lost to the .Elite Club at the MaccafoeeTiall, 29-20. The railroaders played a better gam«, however, than they have put up for some time, and with more practice expect to finally get going. Pour defeats now stand against the Baltimore Ohio and it will take hard playing to overcome this handicap. M the end of the first half the railroaders were only two points behind, but in the second period the Elites increased the lead. One disadvantage the clerks have is missing the tipoff, as there is not a good center on the team. Manager Ash espects to sign a big man up for that place and thon he promises different results. The game Friday will be played between the .Maccabees and the Baltimore Ohia The Elks were scheduled to have played the Elite Friday but this game was postponed until Tuesday. The lineup: ELITE--23. B. 0.--20. liessig P .Fisher P. .Smith 1 1 Francis L. Smith C Hannigan Alderfer G Dnscoll Port G DeBoIt Field goals: F. Smith 4; Alderfer 4; L. Smith 3; Lessig 2;" Francis 2; Fisher, · Hannigan, Driscoll. Foul goals: Hanutgan 10 out of 20; Port missed 8; Alderfer 1 out at i; Lessig 2 out of 6. Substitutions: Huskins for Fisher; -Mosley for Huskdas; Wilson for DeBolt. Referee: WalL Instant relief--no wailing. Your clogged nohtrils open right up; the air passages of your head clear aad you can breathe freely. \*o more ttawiing, snuffling; 'blowing, headache, dryness. No struggling for breath, at night; your cold or catarrh disappears. Get a small bottle of Ely's Crvm Balm, from your druggist now. Apply ' a little of this fragrant, antiseptic, healing cream, in your nostrils. It penetrates through 'every air passage of the head, soothes the inflamed or swollen raucous membrane and relief coines instantly. It's just fine. Don't stay stuffed-up with a cold or nasty catarrah.--a iv. From. The Bache Review. Nobody doubts that we havo men brainy enough and expert enough to organize effectively the tremendous resources of this country so that every ounce of our enormous aggregate power shall do its full part in. helping to win the war. Have we organized effectively on tnese lines? Nohody believes that we have. * Every true American wants Jt done and wants it done quickly--only pro- Germans anc. pacifists are in fa~vor of obstruction and delay. How can it be done? America's practical part in the war thus far is a gigantic industrial proposition. For a leader L n national and international statesmanship, since- our break with Germany, the President has filled every requirement In these well organized; its operation has been paralyzed instead of being mobilized for the creation of thc utmost in results. And this is due to a failure to select a few men highly fitted to take responsibility and to achieve syucr- setic marvels. Instead We have lamentable evidence of wasted energies and wasted material, in transportation, in coal, in step I capacity, in labor, all working gradually to tho worst results instead of the best. In planning and engineering. In equipping a great army, in supplying enormous amounts of food, creating and shipping imnense stores of munitions and fleets of aeroplanes, and in driving shipbuilding to its utmost speed of output and of capacity, we need the highest type of business executives that the country can furnish. These men of thc largest experience in organizing and 3n executing, with full power to proceed under the President's direction, should he relied upon to place our great industrial machine on the same plane of thc highest capacity and efficiency which it has taken in peace times, now -n ', war times, when, we most need Its Irresistible power for winning 1 the war. The President has been unfair to hiirself, in that he has not availed himself of the close assistance of these powerful executives under his very eye and hand fiivinc; them power to execute promptly and effectively every mnve a^TP«t upnn hy wNe counsel In order to compel far-reaching results. Tacks : JHost Delicti Presenting a show that was away above the average professional one night musical farce, Connedlsvillo's amateur artists last night at the Arcade 1 rendered a pretty sketch entitled "French Before Breakfast." It ivas marked by the unusually good singing and even bettet dancing. The chorus, composed of seven pretty oucormes of "Parle Voi Franca is" and girls was compelled to respond to SIT encores of '"Parle Yoi Francais." four for "The American Beauty ROM* " The former wSfe led by Mr*. Mabel Boulter and the latter by Jnnniii Garrow, Lesion Crawford sang delightfully "Joan of Arc," auU Miss Helen Levy bang "Bluebird." Mist. Betty Newburg had an old selection. ".Mammy's Coal Black Rose,' lint she sang U ivf 1 ]]. But what lifted thc show out of ibo amateur claw; t was tho dancing \\lucL ran the entire gamut Irora iirouy iose io buck and wing. Miss Keen Guynn is a born, dancer. .Little .Mi^s M.-.iy Elizabeth Clark, a little nite of humanity, aid a toe dance and won instant fa\or. Freddie Lund was billed as a, plain "hoofer," but the audience wondered what he called fancy steps. He got four encores and a bow. iliss Syreita Caplau did the Hungarian scarf dance and gave evidence of careful drill tag. Harry Percy's Italian uBpersonat:on was good. The chorus ·\sa.s coiaposed of the Misses liessie Goodman, Loretta Goodman, Ruth, Ethel asd Rbea Grodzm, Ruth and Helen Levy and Sretta Caplan. A. .M. Groenbh-ut as the old English geuielman, had :Le bulk of ihe lines and he deliveri\l them like a profes- sioual. Mar* Lcvme as the pompous major looked and Dieted Uie part. Jsa- jloro Vogvl made an ]deal French lover. Miss JMary Rosonblum as Mrs. Spngsri'ns made an ^xceUeut shrew, and Miss Ruth Grodzm as the major's \vsfc did %veil. M:SS Hricn Levy va-* iht) sttoei girl of sis toon and didn't need to at.".. Miss Betty NCA\- burg furmsawi plenty of fun as the u m u l y maid. Miss Nuoma Rosenblum h:»i cuurgo of tho -4 children in the la;i^ii (kinee. 3lri. S. M. Levy Tvas thc promote:- ot ihe entertainment and much of iw success was due to her cjfo: Is. The* entire proceds will be ilouuu'd to the Jewish war sufferers. Tho theatre \uii- packed to capacity. MECHANICS ENLIST s to o do to France* number of ConncllsviHe young havo enlisted for service with r;U Jvrslnng's forte of mechanics iu iYunco. Among them are a number from iho BaHimoie Ohio shops. ,,, , .. . . , . . ,, , · '^ luvv m^de Edward Tipping, lathe We publish, the forniula.w Vino] h a i l d ; Frank Rjcbtei . ( , athc hand; "UHck" Smith, lathe hand; Martin r.vluniKO, Chris Yeager aad Albert O'Donnell. Positivc--Convincing Proof to prove convincingly that it has power to create strength. } Cod Livrr orvl B-«f Pe^t^Bva. Iton Q inmo.»im Utiata,. Urn* »«» ^^* The men were to have reported Mon- Any woman who buys a bottle of ! i: '11 Uniontowri and to have depart- Vino! for a v/eah, run-down, nervous *^ for Phtsburg at once but tbo inter- . Try Our Classified Ads. One cent a wortl is all :hoy cost Patronize those who advertise. conduipn anil fiwds aftyr giving it a fair tiidl jt ti.d not help hcr will have her money returned. You are, there M no Jfueps -tvorlr about Vmol. Its formula proves ·here is nothing like ic for all -weak, 1 tin-down, overworked, nervous men Mid \vo f nen and for feeble old people id delicate children. Try it once Laughrcy DniR Co., P. H. Harmen- ruption of trafBc by the storm caused a change in their plans. They did not get away until yesteiday. Some were still about town at last reports. Fred. Bass enlisted .Monday in PHisoarg. leiscnring Haiice. On account, of the unfavorable weather the dance which was to have been held Monday night m the H. C. ing, CumislljHlIlc; and at '.he best, Frick auditorium at Leisenrins by the drug store iu every town, and city i n ) Glad-U-Kum Club of Leisenrlng," was iho country. I postponed to tonight.

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