The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 29
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1M1FORD k-TON PICK-UP, ONE oanrr. 72a-lt77..' 17 CHEVROLET 1-TON. STAKE txxij, cam. truck, ptrftct condition, sat-liat. IPS OMC HEAD VAN. BODY trura. lot. 2ot AMUon Avenut. 805 MOiOBCTCicJ MOTORCYCLE B S A SM cc Aakini $32i. T2t-Saaa altar 5 MVLES AND CO. WE 'SELL AND SERVICE HON-da BSA. aijd Harlay-Otvidaon motureyclai; ' alao : Vaapa and NSU acoofcrt aus and u? Aana Straal. la6-.i. U6U MORTGAGE SALE Under and by vtrtua or .the powara contained In certain mort-f agrM made by Bertram Allan Witt to Tha Huron and Erl Mortaaaa Corporation., which morjleagee will be , produced; at ina time 01 aaie, there will be offered tor aaie by public auction on Tuesday, tha lh day of Aiiiuat. 1W4. at the hour of loao a'clock in, the fore noon, at UT Dalbouaie Street In the City of Ottawa by Ac Liquida tor Limilod. Auctionaora. the) fol lowing, propertlea. namely. . i4-lli Trejaa Aeeaaa belnf eompoeed of part of Lot Sa. tha whole of Lot U and part of Lot It on the want aid of Trojan Avenue at ahown. upon reen tered plan number 078, ae mora particularly deacribed In a mort; fate refllatered in in neaiai Ofllc for the Reclatry DtvUi of the County ol Carleton aa In atrument numbw 47X upon which ,landa and prewlaee it reeled a double dwoitinf houae. each of which la rented- K ax-aa TraAeae belnf eompoeed of part of Lou 35 and It on the wrat aide of Trojan Avenue a ahown upon reflate red plan number 07. a more particularly deacrkbed in a wiorU aanereaiatered in in netwry CMtfr tar the Re.utry Divielon T of the County of Carleton at llnatTunwrit number 473. upon which land, ana praiae la erected a double dwelling houae, each of which la rented. ; : uaaaa Trataay ATeaaabelnc enwooaed of parUnf Lots M and IT oa ' the weat tide of Troian Avenue aa ahown apon retmurred plan number 074. ae more particularly dearrtbed In a moH- 8ae reeMered la the telitry flic for the Retiitry Dielalon of the County of Carleton at lnatrument number 49717,' opon which v lanoa and premlaea to. erected a double dwellin houae.l each at which it rented. aaa-aea Trajau Aeenu peine pom posed of the whole of Lot SS and part of Lot 17 on the weat aide of Trojan Aveoue a ahown upon registered plan otianber S7t. aa more particularly d-erribed la e mortgage reftetered tn the Reentry Office for the. Registry Dlviw of the County of Carleton ea lnatrument number 471l. upon which lands end premlaea . te erected a double dwelling house, each of which la The aald nrooertlet are eltoate on tha watt aide of Trojan Avenue which It situate le the City at Ottawa-being located three blocks east of St. Laurent Boulevard. approximate! two blooka oaot or the auaeau rlign acnooi. Terms tad CeadlttMa The aald tande end pram I sat may be urcheaed Individually. The terms are a follows t One-tenth of the purchase price to be la caafl or by certified eheejue et the time of tale and me neiance to be paid within thirty days thereof or on auch other torme at may bo eatUfeatery to the voodee end auch other conditions of aaie et will tie reed at the rime of tale. For further perueulare and conditions of aaie. apply, to MeaarB. Greer. berg. Corse., and Greenberg. IIS Li agar Street. Ottawa 4 Ontario. Solicitor for the Mortgage Dated at Ottawa thla llth day of August, lent. THE HURON AND ERIE MORTOAOE CORPORATION. By Ita Solicitors. , Messrs Oreetvberg. Oorsky and Oreenberg. lid Lis ear Street, Ottawa 4. Ontario. TENDERS SUB TRADES SHOPPING CENTRE FOR ' A. L. RAYMOND LTD. HULL ' Tendere are Invited ' from' the enb-tradee and will be received until l noon, Friday, August 14th. 1M4 tor the abova. ranted Job et the office of i. G BISSON CONRTRUCTION , AND ENCtNEERINO LTD. 14 FRECHETTE ST.. HULL. P Q. TEL. TTI-deOI T DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION (1951) ; LIMITED PROJECT: Construction of a High School Exlenaion, Camp Peta wawa, unt. rue: ee-Pt-ie ' REALED TENDERS, marked to onntent addreaaed to the under- signed will be received untu t oo a m. eu t. ,ur,ini, intMtM l teat Plana, apeclflcatinnt end tender rnrma-wlll be on view at Builder Exrhaneea at Ottawa. Klnatton and DCL Toronto Brtneh Office end may be obtained by General Contractor. Structural Steel. Mechanical and Electrical tub . eon-tr actors only from DCL Plane Section. Ottawa, at the arid rear below on deposit of S1O0 00 payable to Defence Construction- llt.Ml Limited. As the supply of plena and apeclfiratlona it limited De fence Construction ilisil Limited reserve the right to limit the number of sets tn be provided to tub-oontrector and to accept or reject any sub-con tractor appitca- Serurity depnalt at railed for la the Tender Docwnenta mun company tondrr. S. 1. SMITH, Secretary. - . ih rioor. r - 'Krneon RirtMmf ' ' 12S Metcalfe Street. c-r-r . u. A a CniArln. GERRY AUGUST '0 . I 1 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS , TRENCH EXCAVATION AND - WATER MAIN INSTALLATION ; Healed tender addreaaed to the Chairman and Member of the BrMTd of Control. Clly Hall 111 sneers, sfrtve. the Inttallatlon of 4" and g y water B-..-l-,nW IlifM M ..... loopa Avenue, Dorothea Urlve and Leopoiaa iwive. win o -- untn .30 pm.. Eaalern .Daylight Saving Time, .Tuesday. -Plana, eoeclfrcalront. formJ nf tender . and other Information available at tn oft ice m me torn-mlaslonef of Water Works, city Ha'l ill Suaaaa Drive, Ottewa. Thel Corporation reserves the right tr retrrt any or ell lenders or to accept anv lender should It be deemed In the -Interest nf tie Corporation so to do. and tn -par. Ikolsr, If on'v one I nrfer It received1 the Otr. rreervet the right lo reject, It. - , 'i 'AT HAIWI.-':. . lit) Or. . . . I J in pi up . urn , pj-tpp -p. v. .TV'ri.'TTV W ; - JT Tuesday, August u, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 29 S03. TRUCKS AHD TMIURS 1 McGILL'S HARP (4) HOUSE-CUANING PLAN -f HUT t (Cont (rom Prccadini Colunuit am. i t imt nnufi I lltlfarc tlllOMOSU .... m v DON'T DEAL UNTIL YOU SEE PARKWAY 1963 PLYMOUTH Belvedere. 8 cylinder, automatic, ridio, metallic green, 1962 COMET, automatic, in black and white, match ing ' . interior $1795 V962 PONTIAC, 6 cylinder. "1, metallic .maroon and : white, matching in- ,.- twr.v$l695 , .Ml VALIANT V20O, auto-.. malic, radio,, metallic green,, matching tn- : terlof ';$H95 MANY- MORE TOP QUALITY. 1 J BUYS ON DISPLAY.' PARKWAY ,V "The Bright Spot" ' 72.9-5121. 729-5121 Sports Jobs IM MOA im tlJlQe;- Mare. IVcleea ' tMl TRIUMPH TR3. Superb - condition: A $1695 ' . steel at . Il VOLVO S44. radk). . red, . zrpr. $1495 IBM VOLKSWAGEN " Deluxe. ; leatherette. Mil belts,. get kHH.' $17.15 , . . or Haat oAvr, .B FORD rlrUn.-V. 1-donr ftardtop, automatic. r $445 CARliNG . ' -.MOTORS. 149 Carllng Ave. - .US-TIBS ' AUTHORIZED VOLVO. PEUGEOT. MERCEDES-BENZ . AND TRIUMPH DEALER . 192 : IDTOi WANTED ' tCont. from Preceding Columnl 1 mivATBLv owned car per- ,im conditio. Cash. 71S-i:4 SIlll WE BOY LATI MODEL CM AND Foe product. izmio. wa, ov ..a., aiwa-. and Ponlisce. par top cash prlca er trad down at Dominion , Automonllra lata varung see-' nut. Ttt-IMT. ' CARS AND TRUCKS ' WANTED tar wracking. sn-SSIg. . 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Gerald Bull the Head Of Key Scientific Team , This Is the fourth at a serin f live articled dealing with HARP, the High Altitude Research Program of McCill Universliy and the Untied States Army,' carried rat aa the Island el Barbados. It deals with the fifth aeries ef firings frem a M - year IM -. leu naval canoea. The program may change . the whole paliera of space re search. By ANTHONY J. PATTERSON Special Journal Correspondence . BARBADOS -The largest . rocket motorever to be fired from, a !guahe been- flown, successfully here by the High Altitude Renearch Program of . McGilf University. Built by Canadian Arsenals Ltd., , the loloi roared to. life some" IS seconds after It- was launched from the II -inch HARP can- ' not) at a velocity of nearly 4.. 000 feet per -second. -.' This spectacular first flight of the Martlet IB rocket-assist vehicle has brought awed praise from the V more than 100 scientists and observers who were crowding . HARP headquarters. And to the three 1fternrirtH ARPJt -lias oeen- the4ct6.-ljiJuieir L hard - won development of a stable of vehicles that will probe Hhe skies. - .'." The HARP troika - a Canadian, an American and an Englishman - provides the bead and heart that conceived and mothered the project, and the muscle that gives It strength in operation.' All of the same age, M, these three breathe the talent and leadership ihat : keep morale high through a succession' of bone-wearytng days . and sleepless nights or testing and research. IN FIRST PLACE y . Undisputed . first i p I a ; among them belongs to Dr. Gerald Bull, the McGill engineer who "ran off soma figures" m ltST'to show what guns could dV1n the rocket-locked world of upper atmospheric research. Before be re-' ceived bis doctorsto from the - University of - Toronto, Bull was already, at II, chief aero-dynamacist on Canada's air-to - air missile program, the Velvet Clove.' Today, - apart from his position as Project Scientist for HARP, he supervises the McCill ."Impact" program,, a study of missile re tjntry and apace re'oel-ing 'ronducted under contract from NASA. ": A typical HARP day begins for Bull at the crack of dawn, when be starts for his lead-quarters at Paragon ' House, and finishes well after midnight' as he collates ami assesses ' Information from tha day's aeries of firings. In between, his staff car Is hurtling over a network of primitive roads tn the gun she, the machine shop, camera ststkt.ta or control room wherever there Is an Immediate problem to be settled. Before a shot, he will pace the Paragon lawn, eyes focussed intently on each blade of grass m his path. TWO ON TEAM ' Often he Is accompanied In this lonely vigil by Dr. Charles Murphy, Technical Supervisor for the U.S. Army's contract with HARP. Chief of the Free Flight Aerodynamics Branch of the' Army's Ballistic Research Laboratories, Murphy was the first to put Bull's 901 , . DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION -fl9Sl LIMITED PROJECT: Asphalt paving and teal coating, tima rrtawawo. vn-File: let-rt-IS TENnrafi. marked a to content addreaaed to the- undersigned, will fee received until 00 am EOT. wvnweantv. Aasust . 144 - Plane, speclfk-ationa and tender forma wl'l ae on view ei .iimui KxeharuresS at Klnaslon. Ottawa and DUC Toronto Brandt Otflee and mav be obtained bv Prime Contractors only from DCL Plana Section. Ottawa, at the address below on deposit of Sion 00 -tpayahle tn Defence - conttruction 1 iHltjl ' Securltv deposit a railed for In 4ra - Ttrmdee-Ooeuananl nv tender. N. J. SMITH. Secretary, tih Floor.' ) Kenton Building. tl Metcalfe Street. OTTAWA 4, Ontario. TENDER FOR BUILDING WORKS . " vrntWi kr tnvfteNl fnr . Atlrtl- IWnti tn th "SDirka Hoiiw'' (kl ft- 4A Rlvtrcklfi Driv, Ctl- of P- -' TmAmf rtll Mftw ( 11 noon AtiariiBi 94. IM4 and will be open- ttt puhik-r 1 J IS p m. kn th Cnmm.Mlrn lnrt. twvt b.rvH tU to orffti ui iawmi or any (navr. ArfrlrfM all tndrr.. In Mated virtp anil f rlfurlf , mark) Tamrter fH- AddllUnM ' to 1 ftparka Hauat. to Mr. O L MrDnnaM,vr Dirrrtnr of pianntnf and Ai PrnfMirty t KaitnAa) Capital Cnmniti Ni Carting AVnu. Ol a. ' riiMaiia, airir)rat1mui nd d ana ( an b nb 14 from CAtlini vamiiw OlUav nfttrra M h ,tw.m'aaiim at eld. V l V- -lraJ. - I iea y ' . ; , , Bill Mermegan, left,. of Murphy, centre, and Gerry Paragon House, theories to the test. In I96L using .a five inch tank gun, be fired specially . designed missiles to heights of SO miles. Since that time, he has provided more than 3.600,000 in' matertar Support arid another tl. 000.000 in cash for HARP. ' The third member of this formidable team Is Squadron-Leader John Jepson. an RAF. officer "on exchange duty with the "United States Air' Force. Jepson is stationed at the Eg-11, Florida USAF base, where he commands one of the tracking stations for the American man in space projects. Each six months, IvWever, be is loaned to HARP to serve as Launch Control Officer for the Barbados firings. Associated with the project only sine the it' Inch gun was In- Eaton Settles Canadian -Tax Dispute : ; HALIFAX CP) A dispute between Cyrus Eatonl Cleve- lan'd Industrialist, and Federal tax authorities of Canada and the United States has been settled,. a spokesman for Mr. Eaton announced today. The disagreement involved death duties on the. S356.600 estate of his sister, Mrs. Florence Eaton-Kaye, of which, - he is executor.' .u The rpokesman said In I statement that the VS. Government has withdrawn claims against the estate and that Mr. Eaton has made a final pay ment of ,11 13.864) claimed by the Canadian Revenue Depart.- ment.''i"-'''.-':-v''..;; , . Last month the department sought to have Mr. Eaton re moved at executor because he had not paid money due from the estate as stipulated In Pro bate Court orders issued here. A delay in the court action was granted last month. . Mrs. Eaton-Kaye. like ' her millionaire brother. Was born in' Pugwash. NS. - She died in Rome In 1958, where she had lived for. six years, and is buried there. She lived In Eng. land for many years before that except for- two years In Vic toria, BC. In ntfatera, leal . kgau XTm. .... .... .-;, Democratic MP Douglas Fisher of Port Arthur failed In a Com mons attempt to have the gov ernment disclose Its corres pondence with U.S. tax authori ties In the Eaton-Kaye estate case. , , . . . F. L. Howard, Seigniory Club Manaofer Dies . MONTREAL (Special) Frank U- Howard, manager of the Seigniory Club aUMome- beiio. Que., Since November, 1963, died there suddenly Mon day. 'He was 49. . i'i f . ..." ' 5 Before this appointment Mr Howard served as manager of Canadian Pacific hotel proper ties in the Maritime. He joined the CPR's hotel department at Montreal In 1937. In' 1944 he wa ap pointed assisunt manager of the Hotel Palliser at Calgary. He later served In this capacity at the Hotel Saskatchewan at Reglna. Chateau Lake Louise, Alia., and the Empress Hotel, Victoria. '."-., ,u .,, , ' Mr. Howard is survived by his wife, the former Joan Hal Jett, and tour children, Aralee, David, Christine and Andrew. and a sister, Mrs. A, G. Greene, e-. .. (. nf 1 nnrinn. Hnl. Funeral arratigemehts he gnrmiirtced late. , 1 , Will WT- Nl A . r- t;.V, 2cW--l K AiM-rsA. - --t I ; Iff TIIE KEY TEAM - ' - the Ballistic Research Laboratories, chats with Charlie Bull by a telemetry receiving antenna on the lawn at : ' ... stalled In 106), Jepson has i moulded a makeshift firing janjje.irito an ellective instru-; ment for pursuing" the "Corf--eepts of Bull -ana. Murphy, j Others who are more or less Intimately connected with'' HARP comprise a "Who's Who'' of Canadian and American engineering. Prominent during the current series have been Dr. Norman W. Rosenberg; bead 6f the USAF Cambridge Research Laboratories and one of tha world's leading vertical probe scientists;. Wing Commander H." Hallett, newly appointed manager' of the Barbados range, the man prl-marity -responsible for the studies leading to Canada's unified armed forces plan; and Dean D. L. Mordell of the McGill Faculty of Engineering. . It is this high calibre of leadership " that keeps the technical personnel at its corf fident best through long waits tor clear weather and the occasional failure of a 'vehicle. The spirit of the group In eludes a continuing optimism llf u.i. company Buys Interest In Courtaulds CORNWALL. Ont. (CP) Cabin , Cra.'ts Inc.,' of Dalton, Ga a major United States manufacturer of tufted car pets, has, purchased a minority interest in the Cornwall opera tions , ol . Courtaulds , Carpel, Ltd, it was announced here Monday, '''- . " N. 1. Battista, president of Courtaulds Carpel, said a new company, C a r a v a 1 1 e Car ets' Ltd., has been formed to operate the enterprises a a Joint Ventura.- w . - y , Courtaulds' Carpets Is a wholly owned . subsld'ary of Courtaulds Canada Ltd., which is owned by Courtaulds Ltd:, of Britain." 1 - - '- "'' ,'' - The - share in'erest acquired by Cabin Crafts was not disclosed. - ; v--..'. Courtaulds Carpets was . es tablished In 139 and the company's Cornwall plant employs about 100 workers. . Employment Service Joins T 1ft rt ' S Labor Dept. VANCOUVER- (CPr-The Na tional Employment Service is to be taken from tne wing the . Unemployment Insurance Commission and become a part of tha labor department. Labor Minister MacEachen aaid Mon day night. -; ;..'..- Mr. MacEachen told the In ternational Association ofGov-ernment tabor Officials thai the emDloyment service had been - working under a cloud because of its association with the' negative aspect, of trrtem-ploy mem Insurance." -'.-v. -v. This has tertalnty allecten its nubile imaae and has fn some extent limited its effectiveness,' .ibe-.-mtnister said.: The basic alms of the em plnvment service would remain the same after Its transfer. ! "But let arranging this move we wilt be able to make It eas ier for the employment service to provide the kind of service that K needed today, and o olaV It part more effectively in the organiiatton'of the labor market and the Implementation of an active mtpnwer policy." Journal Want qukk results. ternatiunal Union of - Canada (Ind ). , ' , Their first announced objective is to unseat present members of the SIU executive who have been ' closely associated with the rough-and-ready gime of deposed president Halcotte said. C. Banks. J ; j He said the group wants to The next. aim is to persuade junile the SIU with other Cans-the federal government to call.dian labor groups, olf the watchdog board of mari-l Mr. Devine said in Halifax lime trustees appointed last ( thai If he wins the presidency, year to ensure that the SIU and, he will "take all positive steps" four other unions involved in la-1 to end the trusteeship. He prom. hor . strife on the Creat Lakes jlsed a ' "progressive drive to behaved .themselves. TOP OFFICERS The challenge for the top, SIU offices to be decided at un-i ion elections this fall was anf! nounced Monday by a slate "of; eight men headed by Stan De-j RAWALPINDI (API More" vine. Halifax-based SIU port 'than 2.000.000 grass-eating fin-agent for the Atlantic provinces. gering carp from Red, China live candidacies was made at ' a press conference here at;""" c,"" " ns , which erjual e m o h a s I s wasi""""! Karachi from dorse given to the demand for withdrawal of the trusteeship over seers. faces Mclaughlin ..rJlevine-.WilL be-nnrnglflrt.forCifvl.lna has aciotewl for the presidency against Leon - ard (Red) McUughlirt. 'present executive vice - president whoiManaeer David H.ll a d ih. TrTnakrnga""brd"for SIU control. --"--:' '!?.' '; . The contenders for the top spot are seeking to fill the vacancy left March IS when Banks yps, mixed .with pride.' For everybody hereis.welLawara-thal ihis ino ordinary research project. Nearly every launching breaches a new front i.r in thrthfflquNnr plorstion. And of all accomplishments, there' is none so satisfying as that of the pioneer. L.3 SERYU SAYS; 111 "", M I iccejjorief TRANSISTOR lONITtOV- KITS Manollck Motors Sports Car apeeiaiigtai. Bg-J3as. - ' - a - ' PARTS AND SERVICE - An Raglh cart Eagllsh Mason Ltd. , t!7-!Jt AUTHORIZED SALES AND SF.NV- k-e. Morris, MO. Riley ana wo-aeley .car.. ,'., u .e v BEAUPRE AUTOMOTIVE Service- Lid. ' ": ttt Otadatea. tlS-XIt - - OPEN DAY; NIOHT. ALL EXCHANGE UNITS AVAIL- ahle. Alao foreign parts, etrvtc. Waldlns. ia.'l. ilfipnment .'';''- i '.'- . ; FRONT END" A tj I 6 N M E N T. brake apectaiisu Kotrman Braae and Alignment, sj iwing latsra Avenue. CEI-S41S. Radiator Service rnrr testino. free EST! mataa. free cneraing on tne vehicle. Hy a Radiator Co Clean ing; eepalrm recore. Saa eVei-llnglon. PA-SSJS VphoMerf ... ,. -y' -.,-' ri , rf--,,,' IP AtRINO TRUCK SEAT cushion comber Auto Top up-llolttarer, 383 Queen, CE3-1A43. V. P. CLOrTT, AND LSWNMOw- era. general repairs. 1S3 woooh roffe. 7-4Sta. . ,; , .'. .,-..- RECREATION' ROOMS. REPAIRS. Jarage. free estimates- A. Bruce ignaon Limited. RE3-03S3, . ... i , e i C. A. JOHANNSEN and -Soot Ltd. ' 71S-4S1S .( ... ,.- VERANDAHS. alterations. lore front, and aortitlont. reps tn recreation .room ronfing end shingle. You name It. whatever It I and w II ,do It. Juat dial Ih BIO "J" and we II eee H today. .',' . .. - ... ADDITIONS. ALTERATIONS. RE- palrt, aluminum aiding supplied and Inetalted, all work guaranteed. Call ua today for an estimate. Armstrong Construction, 731-4313. , ,-'. . . CEMENT .WALKS., BT B PS, nattot . and 1rco. Free c..- males. 34 won the lo pay. SMALL CEMENT WORK DONE BY 1 err? voniracsor. guaremrea a to S year. Always check WIU1 a regisrerrd oontractor. Free esti-maie. 34 month to pay. 34-Xtus. ALL TYPESI fATIOS, WALKS. curbing, guaranteed,, free estimates T2S-4U1. .VirCi'.Ill EAVEtrWOtNJHtNO. REABON- able price Free estimates, t D. Trvrtr Plumbing and Heating. 1331 Bank. ,J3-tlM. ; . . t AYgSTROtiaHINO SUPPLIED and Installed: aoMelina tomta. gtiarantred workmanship, tree estimate. Anyllmo. S33-4433. SI U Challengers Step Into Open MONTREAL (CP) Chal-wa ousted by the gmernment- lengerr have come forward appoihied trustees in an aimns-promiting a house cleaning phere of mounting public criti-leaderahip of the Seafarers' In- cum of Banks' activities. Thil Co,omB contains list of riptrtaUt. qualified busirmsts . who "o'v to servo yoti. Donl delay call todgy. 1 t'eftj't,1 MrEVOT BROTHERS ' , 1JJ Kent Street UJ-43SI .. ESTt.BI.tSH ED l2J. PARKING : oo premises. ROAM RHHBER AND POl.VrOSSl! fabricating. Brattle roam Rub-- bar. 433 Kooatveit. PAS-poej. TOWERS- PRODUCTIONS. - 7S Sparks Street, gai-3ll. Closed Bauirday tor August, . UP TO te TEARS TO - PAY tor the beet tn warm air heating, call -Hubert Stov and Furnace Ltd.. 73S-37SS. REDOES TRIMMED. YARD , cleaning, cement work, chlm-awya, guaranteed. 133-147, , GENERAL RKPAIRt FOUNDA-- tiona. pauiting. eacavat I n g. .' cement work. Fro estimates. ..73-3741.,. ..,,v . , D1SCAROIU FURNITURE. CLEAN -up refute, removal to city dump. . Madrrate rates. R3- . S7SS " MeKLHERAN. YOUR LANDSCAP-. er, garden loam Free nf and, tone or clay. Prompt delivery, . I44-S.1II. TOP QUAL1TT FIELD SOD. IPC per aq. yd. 44-34l3 NJrth ' tiowsr. collect. .h. - . : i , . FIKIJ - ROD. 13c PER YARD. over lou yarot. :-. , Q .,-.''. ' WANOEBI.ET SOD -.- TOP QUALITY MERION BLUE grass and mtxen nat grass, nursery and. 131-303. , TOP QUALITY FIEUJ SOD. ISC S aq vara oenveren. rnwmw collect kemptvllle 1VS-11S1. gPEClAt LIMESTONE. REOULAR sis;, reouoro I sc r..-, . wallaton,. tod. 14S-1S1I. s. ANN'S NUBSBRY SOD - TOP QUALITY MERION AND Bod et reduced price. Phone U,K. S1IM. MIBB HO. M I1UIPIT collect. Oroeley too. BALE. PATIO STONES. WHITE. Ten eeti. green, black, tejaes. '. CLEM ACRES WOO ,-' USE OUR CERTIFIED MFRltin Blue nursery soo-eni acre Blend tW-lie -nn4si PMUilTrRS LIMITED. fine auelltv commercial prest-1 in. 461 Prealoo 117444. LO-MOR PRINTERS 'JMKIAh, Cnmmercuii prini.... "--, el .-i wedding UleOreater. CI Invltttiowa. S3i , , , l I For. Information on MR. SERVU caU The vice-presidency being vacated .by' Mr. McLaughlin is being sought by fellow Monireaier Rene Turcotte. main spokesman at Monday's press conferences I tie majority ol the mem- is behind us." Mr. Tur- promote the growth of the SIU and keep the union within the law. to avoid legislation like the trustee act." - . RF.D CARP lttve Purchased by Paki- -. J -II . . I I weed growths which choke the water system. . ' II , . - ATTRACTS ATTENTION BglSTUL. tngiand (LP) color for i. t.i... e.r.. liner. Halifax City, General liner Will be plying the Great Lakes ''where roads run along, side, and if we want business we must attract attention." The color: vivid orange. ' T YOUR r 1 INDEPENDENT TRANSFER. 4-ho -r eervice open for monthly contracts Alao piano moving. F Insured. 101-347 or Sat- -S43S. ... i M;.i:Tn S. B S O V T t SATISFACTION. pe cm changing: maid. rxltsld Kinting rteaonab . . 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Free . ruimale. gt month to pay. 3S-3toa. , .-. .mi. - 11 QUINN INSt'lATION ' COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICES. on wore guaranteed rree estimate. Telephone day or evening. PA3-3333. CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS RY a Bruce Benson umlted, res ,033a.. ., , . . ., , ,..,. Il ;;.,; WELLMAN CONCRETE LTD. i for reinforced pools, sales ana Bervtce. 7SS-P4M. S1S-I7S4 BLUE LINE TAXI J4-rtOtlR ptompt arntr. call CE4-3U3. RED LINE TAXI" l.TO . 34-HOUR . ael-rtc. Call 133-3311. iaks KeI.ECTRIC. STANDARLf AND. lL-portabl Remington typewriters, for sale mt rental J at HUI abd! Son. til o Connor, CU- 11S3. 236-7511 ' "I

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