The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, GONNELLSVTLLE, PA PAGE s-SVEN LonoLive tremely close to the edge of death j ger "It is a marrel' he sneered I "that such flight ns yonri lias not brought the police In a puck at -rour heels " "I had the letter Herman replied snlkily 'It -was necessary to save 1L lc Tou were to eee where "Niburg took the substitute THE PAilAMOOTt THE G-IRL BY IHE ROADSIDi; , o^«. u TM^ A flva P"' Biuelird featl re -with Vio- But here Herman was the one to | let Mersereai in the leading ole is sneer "iVihnrg!" he eolfl "Yon know befog presented todiv Something I Tiell euonch that he will tnke no Ball- quite unique in fiction « s well as m I Bttttre tonight or any night Ton motion picture plots is offered in ,the picture The ierv first icene oftot s a strlkn hard my friend ' Th« concierge growled ana together I whole bookful of romantic poss till author h«is made Judith Rulston yoi they entered the house across the ! ties and the street | most of th*m In the absence of Humbert his I pretty and fond of riding 5s thrown niece daughter of n milk seller nenr j from her hprse and Injured Tlie mis kept the bureau, answered the bell aad. hap orcurs inile« from the nearest after nine o clock when the doors were settlement and uigut and a thunder bolted iiclmltted the \firtous occupants of the house and gave tbem the tiny L UU - , , ,. , . _ , . Vi U l C liUUaC UllU K U V C t u c i u LH« U"7 TM ld eved yomg 0 m n ^ C w1tn"^ TMt"iiT^i ' ta P m m t h "hlch to light themselves the the put on all his Jfnlly too as one -who -nust make baste but cannot afford atxidcnt. NiUky KTCW very uncomfortable fels Ions legs ached. The place between the shoulders where the con clerge hrd landed his powerful blows throbbed and beat Also he was puzzled and he hated being puzzled He was unarmed too. He disllted t That saves yon- worrying incut She was sewing and singing said , H imbert r ;^TMs s: v*.iUj?-'r- ^ ip to ?r When she was gone the concierge The chauffeur muttered something in | Iw , tK , the ,,,,,,,. b( , h[nd hor the peasant patois of Karma "Come, come J * Nifcty observed ' Speak up, Iso hiding behind strange tongues Bat first I have the letter he said for a look at it "And now the treasure " He rubbed his hands together as Hernnn produced the letter Heeds that most of all | lou can clear your mind for action" After a tine he rnived his head He ! Suddenly Nikkv dropped his mocking made out that they were going east I t o n De ufls in earnest grim and toward the mountains and he cursed earnest "I hnve a fancy ray friend he said "to take that letter of Tours OH to its OD tne ground grinned Ton know better than ne sala l1 "I" DeTer close they examined it tinder the lamp Then they glanced at each other "A cipher said the concierge short!} It tells nothing tho lucL. thit hart le't his revolver at home Still he hid no plan bnt to watch Two hours' ride at their pres destination But what that destination ent rate tvould take them over the MS rou are to tell me.'" border and into Karnia Thc man ^Ith n squealing ot brakes the ma sardonically chine drew up it th frontier Here to ask * bat wis a chiln ncnw the hfshwnv with tel1 ? ou - n *wo sets of guard" Long before they Mkky had thought things out fairly reached It, a sentry stepped 'nto the ^oll for him In that ten minutes In rond nnd waved his 1 intern a businesslike fashion he turned the "Nikkv burrowed lower Into the car prostrate prisoner on hi* etde so thnt ·nd attempted to lool like a rug In he faced toward the chasm A Inte I the Alienee, while the sentry evident!* nioon showed its deprh and the valley examined a passport and flashed a *n which the air flowed swiftlv And lantern over the chauffeur NIfcky ' having thus faced him toward the next curbed the ticking of his watch t h e ! w ° rlfl Mkky throwing awnv his beating of his own heart , cigarette because it hurt his lip put n Then c»me fl clanking as tl« chain s one or t w o ^ r( m the rondwav behind dropped in the rnnd The en- bumped nls prisoner nod anchored him there over It and halted again The snrap' Then he sat down and waited formalities this tine bv Karnnn f Anv news/ he atked at the end of ten minute*' unbroken silence His prisoner said nothing He was thinking doubtless Weighing things too--perhaps life against betraval a I fnmilj against separation NIkky examined the letter again It was addressed to a border town In Livonia But the town lay far behind them The address then was a false jone He whistled softly I Half an hour "Come come said Nikky fiercelv 'We are losing time He looked fierce too His snollen lip did that L hair\ flst "Everything goes wrong toim are tast approaching By mere chance she is -escued b? Boone Pen dleton and carried to his hunting lodge where Jie stonr keeps them prisoners for three days long enough tor them to discover thut they are in lo\e Along comes old Mr KElljoj m the person of i government secret service man who has been trailing' Judith 01 suspicion that she is an ac complice of hei brothel m som counterfeiting opeiauons Following her through her experiences the itid lence is offered some rire excitencnt Thursday Ethel Ciaytot wil' be fea tured in Stolen Hours Clara K i m hall \oung the ce ebrat d screen star ^ i l l be seen Piidav anl Saturday In Magaa the stage clasnc turned i n t i "ITS WONDERFUL," ASSERTS MOTHER OF ASSEMBLYMAN I am yow Convinced of Xanlac's Merit?,'' Says Mrs. Clements. ching Eczema Code' And struck the paper wltt a screen triumph Miss Young th sup ·entries Then tho jerfe following a hnstv letting in of the clutch and they ·were off astaln For some time they climbed steadily Bnt TiiLby who knew the road, bidea his rime Then at last at two o clock «ame the steep ascent to the -?ery crest of the mountain and a falling back gear by (jear until they climbed ·lowlr in the lowest. I Nikkr unfolded his length quietly The «e»r» were grinding the driver tieot low over his wheel Very deliberately now thnt he knew what he was going to do "Ntkkv unbuttoned his tunic and slipped it oiT It was a rash And he w»s nervons It occurred to hint that his pnsoner in desperation roll over the edge himself which thing this plan he had in mind rtth ·wider any circumstances in a moving " ould bc mosrt uncomfortable tar-- particularly rash here where be- i But ^ e Precipice and Mkkr's fierce *wten the cliff and a precipice t h a t l l l p and other thln S* nna *°* ln thelr Said the Concierge Short It Tells Nothina ' ported ill} Thorris Holding -\nd otlier sen-en ".wars of prominence. Normn TalmadoC w i l l be setn soon in The Moth a screen \ e i s on de lu^e o£ i famous story of passion and intrigue in a fast social set showing the bril Hani stir of Poppy me. Panthea as a j o u n g wire whoe ovele°s mar r age has set her cruising n danger oils waters Mar Mir' 1 - w i l l appear m the near future in Sunshine Al lej TH SOIS-SO'V \IAM1ATI \N PLAY.ERS--Perhaps the greatest proof of the popuja Hy = amed bv the Manhattan Flavors was evidenced Monday if lei noon when A r»o o clock the Soisson theater was jammed w i t h people wai ing to bc ac milted to the matinee performance There v,as no electric current available owing to the storm bub with he an nouncement that he West Perm was doing e\er}llung possit le to Ugh. the theater and w i t h tho issu-ance t u t the show would go on lome time dill ing fie afternoon hundreds wa led patienth until ihe dooi s were hnalb thrown open but not mill half past four did the curtain ris» on Ihe splen did production of The Tu-mng Point The play was uugely enjojed by all and added anotbsr to the list of real Manhattan successes The Turning Point w i l l be the offering at :be matinee and night perform ances 'VScdnesd.ii and on TUursdav '·LJ13E uiuuu uutii luierj ui t"- ituu uu»» t»m-*.T ,-~ j this letter speaks but of blaDkets and *Hl be followed bj Lh3 birth control Taat lanUc apepals o the best, peo pie In every community is again shown, in the remarkable tribute paid the Master Medicine by Mrs Sarah A. Clementc mother of Nobel Clem enth Assemblyman from No'-thum berland County wbo resides at 310 Sham akin street Sbamokm Pa T feel better today than I ha^e Coi years said Mrs Oleuenli receath Tan a.c is certa nJy a w o D c e i f u l in d icine and 1 can iGCGtome d. it most igili kuowirg o r w h a t L accoin ^lishod in TIT ca c e she continued t was a s t i f i r e r r roBi i u enora] run d o w n condition I h i d absolutely no ambl ion or no energy L f e l t weak and listless mosi of the L me Fmalh my appetite went back on me Notb ing tasted goo J 1 w *u, bad con stipaLed too t decided to tn th s Tanlac u hich I had heard prated w) h ghH AVoIl sir Tanlac was exactly wliat my poor run down sybicra needed ]t iestrcc. mj lost \ i m and %igor ami d o\o that tiiet listless fueling out of m s^s tein My appet le has ncieased ma t* 5 lalrv and m j food digests pe-fect I I am no longer constipated In short I fell like a ncv, woman Tan lac is wonderful Tanlac is being spfciiih introduced and explained here bj The Councils \ i le Drug Co Tanlac can also ue secured in Dun bar at D C Lison s Di ug ^tore--ad\ Never irmd how often you have thed and failed you can stop burning itclhng cczetraqujckiy by cop!/ing a little zemo furnished by any druggist for 35c. Ellra large bottle, 5100 Healing begins 'the moment zerno is applied In a sho-t ti-nc usually every trace of ecz n ma tcttT pimp as, rash bin vbeads ard, smilar s cm diseases wdl be re-ioved. For clearing the skin an^ malanjj it \igorously healthy, al vays u^e zemo lh- penetrating anti^pac liquid It is not a greasy saH e and it do^s not stain Wl c- othera fail it is the one dependable «jea* ment ^or si in troubles of all V - J« The L. \V Rose Co., C e\ eland, O LIFE Demands Robust Health Ohiopyle. O H J O M U f a r 3 0 -- N o i n n n Hall c-ppartod ves or da* foi Pi t bu 3 to s*Hiid a few d iji, in 1 ^inos ind gro ing friends I S Jacison sp"ut Tiu Ci_i n Lr ' lontown and Council ullc on b _i \ 1 fi sue and d a u a u e M du of i3cai Run bpnu I i sda Cu. ling on Ohicnvle T I I C T O S j John ^^aflcr of Ke nick \ a ^ in low ,, \Veduesdu nn uiume^ J R Coll am of Dj.wsin =pem I i i c - ^ da^ at J is office here LPM Hall of C o u D c l l s M i U Tuesdav heie on u me Gpoi^e Shafjpi of Ct 1 G i o \ c \ ' c u l k r u lovui tester'a^ I \\alter bhiple, or bip - \ h o boeu icportpd q u i u ill *, g i e i t H n pro^ed at Lbis s rmng Oa \ i n B n n c i\as a cMlor 13 o\ I j t b i e r d a Abraham b k i n u c i o" \V 13 L i spent T tiesdaj 1 erx Indian Creek. I \ D I \ \ C R F T K J a n _S-~\!r a n d Mrh Ldivard S Ico\ tnd tlaugbfei spcn over Stindav amonj, Normal vjlle frionds ! ^^rs "U [Hiam Beuitv a^d children of Connollsville spent o \ e i Sundai here among fiiend-, [ Mr* MUford Tigor of romellsvil e 'spent over Sunduv heio w i t h her pai ents Mr and Mrs Bert Moore t J M Jlhg -was a business c a l l r i i b e t e ^ | Mi and M i s Tom Mossburg of Vl B rid clock spent a da\ \\ til M i s Moss b u i g s parents Mr and Mrs Daniel Grimm I) P Hildtibide captured i fine joung coon esttrdav morning lusiness on tht Indian deck \al ley Railroad has been on t b p stand ] still foi rhe past t u o ddv-5 T h e pas I senger tram got snowbound at Indian ! Head Saturday night and the train i ib M i l l ir a drift toda\ H B Broun bos m eipiiijU i large fat Bernard dog which escaped from the baggage cai of tram No S . Mr Brown took tl c dog to Confluence 1 where Ihe owner can get him The i dog lipb the icales at 120 pounds ,rous tired, worried ot despondent it is a sures gnvouneedfoSOTT'SNERVERINE PILLS They renew the normal vigor and make life worth living: Besureacdnsfc fo- Mott's Nerverine Pills RSSSt, AMLLIAMS M^G CO Prop. Clavelona OLic t o r sale bv Connellsville Drug Co F5gM to get it and keep it Fight--flfibt day In and daj out to prevent being overtaken by Ilia and ails Keep wrinkles from marring tha che°k and the body from losing Its voiith r ul appearance and buoyancy Tight when ill hea th Is coming "with its pallor and pains defects and declining powers Tight to stay its course and drive It off. But fight Intelligently Don t fight tMtJOut weapons that can win the day for the intelligent use of ef- fcctno weapons the pallor spreads and Vieal n^sp grows and a seemingly 61 onfe n an or woman ofttimes become* a pray to ills a r ter all \oa w i l l not find this class of per- "t s in t-ie ]i )ofcrnu rank*» Xo un- hc iltli^ iu]] draggv droopy persons In that line It Is a hale hearty ro buc.t aggregation of quick steppers "who view life in n jovous frame of mind and are nicntallr iLd phvslcally equal to an pmerfcrcv lljjioferrin stands f"- sound bodv and sound mind--it Is tLc 'nvigor itinc tonic of the times --power ill and nn^jnassedasabealth restorer \ itaiiaer and health preserv er Pigh to hold the vigor of a sound bodv with hypoferrin or to stay the proc°e.s of de av and icstore health nnd strengtli--jou win This tonic of nirazing won^e" orl ing p"opert*ea has b- en apnrov d hj phyiic an 1 ? as a ro torcr a J "afojuard of health. It is i tborojsbjv sfiet-tifc p-e^ars. tlon of the vr'-v elcn ents nece c sary to tone n- the stomath and nerves to b« n d stro"-. vita! ti^^-Le m a l e pure blood Urm Cesh and solid active, tire ess mnsrlefa Hvpoi n ror^ ins tho^o miKhtv GlreTp h producing' URent*- lecithin and (ron pep onatp in a fori be«t adap ed to briifllt the bod-v and i s orininH Its Jn£T"dli_nts ire tt soJuipJ necessarv to 11^ Iloo 1 In nine ci«»"* out of ten a n n down coidltio -a ov\ pa!o com- pl«xlonb tl a ill In ffflincr and fi~Ul loli(.° irf due to lic^ of lecithin and i o pntor ire in the *;tcm "iour ni"TJtn! (3 ph\sical strength and endurance depend^ upon a lecithin and- iror peptonaio laden blord steadx Je- pendab e nerv es an 1 a healthv stomach \Vith these xou oan meet life at any If I tell you what then' 'This If ^on u l t me pioperlv and nil goes well I \rili return nnd release you If T do not '·Mum nntnrallv YOU will not he r*-lPts«il And for fwir tito a Trr cher\ T «halt TM p a sho passed flistnncc Irr the vvood TCP Jnst And bccaa c e vou are n brave Himself did XV Ky-not his own o f ' lo " wi " foliow me £o th(J endr of eourse, he was far too poor--and he the earth--although that will not be Vountctl on one thin --an automobile ( TM u s u r v because I don t Intend to go driver acla from the spinal cord and H^re--and finish me off Then Mprn not from the brain Therefore his !T ow wnere dn ^ th * letter BO* bram may be seething with a thousand r l m e a ^^ foc delivering It m j fren/ics but he will shove ont clutch ·nd brake feet Jn an emergency and bold them out So it happened The m a n s hands left the wheel, but ht stopped his car Not too soon Not before It "had struck ( the cliff and then token a slckenin? i ^ ou curve oat toward the edge of the precipice But sljp it did on the very eds* 1 of eternity and the chauffeur held it there^ ^'fcet the haml brake'' Mkky eair! The lamps were near enough the edge to make him dizz The chauffeur ceased struggling and set thp hand brnkt His head was HtilT covortd "Hut hm. Ing done that he commenced a struggle more furious than forceful for both of them were handicapped And now MJJcy v.s *orced to an unsoldlerlike thing that he afterward tnpd to ftrset For the clrner dp \plopwi unexpected strength refused to submit got the tnnlc off his head and seeing himself attacked bv one imn only took con ige and fell to HP picked up ft wrench from the sent beside him and made a furious paps nt N I k k y s head Nikky ducked ami aftet a strutgl^ secured the weapon All this in the car over the ^eat back concierge returned Old \delbcrt, from tbo opera he «aid Tie has lust 1 N position -ind would hare spent the nlt,ht Ur'ng hla grleMince But I spnt him off 1 £»ow as between tho n\o Blncfc ^Humbert furnishi.U e\ll and strength but It w ib the pallid rlcrk who fur nlshed the cunning And now he made c si {,gestioD 'It is possible J H F A Byrne upstairs -- toulfl help · A d e l h i r t ? \ r e y o u m a d ? "The other Up knows codes TRIP TO CHINATOWNS i, Bj-rnc and L h a i r Oiddj s this atteinoon a-nd evening aud tomoriow present the brilliant musi cai coraedj A Trip to Chinatov i at the Arcade Judging bj the ippr ciatton of this company at the Monday p said ' t h a t lie-- performance tbej w U be greeted ty packed hous= it ever f 0 r ihp-balanct ot the week ^nd Us It v b l e to come ear! r to get i gocd When you are weaned from over work feel listless and languid cai t sleep or eat as jou should o u a/e getting run down--an etsv prev to dangerous disease genr= Hollister s K6ck Alountaan Tea--nature s herbs --should be taken without delay Con nc IsMlle Drug Co--Adv HAS STOOD THI TEST OF TIME Foi P veara this bank has 1 «e-v cd t h i j conunun tj in all mone tarj matters It hab stood ibe te^t oC urae \nd todaj because o' its solid bubs antial growth far reaching connections and membcrsbn n the ^ederil Rebeive Svstem it of fers a wider range of service than e\er before Prompt Loans and Discount" Con^u tation m v i ed This wo-t'fcr tonic bypafer-in whlcb Is n« pprfetl IB ·jclt'iice : in prat to nature me^ *· t- -i e^sentl ii demand of the hu m^-n ur JUISPI It is so-'e and sure ana * boon to ru do-vn worn out men and women Hvpofenn meaui natures own Tva\ t f hnn^lnff color lo the cheek?: s ren^th to ihe l»ou\ and IteepInK t h e fle mil p 11 \ ^ of efft-cllns bca«t ii not uceavd b\ bypofcrrln v omen and Rlrls The!" biood Oiled vllh nature s bpj^ ·» stores cieaies conditions tha.t Rjxe flrnness and grace to the body and the g\ w Q* lii h to the cheelcs Jsio need of L f i t, thro ffh. life sickly arfl ftl'tsa H fee Jn njlseraUe In this are oi medical sc c Joi i the hypoferrin rarks. It pu^-5 Into \oa the sprlnpv sna^ and i-i^or j o j ought to have and pute life into %oi.- bod and irlnd that Inspires the confidence t at -^ou confront ihi ·world on ai equil footing -with anyone Hj-po'ernn mai be had at our druc- ^t P or direct from us tor 51 00 per nack- H i^ *el worth the price Thi 1 HemeUes Co Cincinnati Ohio. When Tou Wont Anything Advertise in our Classified Column, "The Bunk that Itoes Tlunps icr Ton" U9 Tl Cra^ionl Aie- C o n n t l K v i l Capital aiU SnTplo*; $.10000000 min and this thing may be less fieri ous than I think, it is I give you my word of honor that If vou advise me correct!* I sliaU return and liberate you' I h a \ e only your word Aifd 1 vours quid Mkky Jhe chauffeur took a final glance | lay white tapers ini one IIP lighted around ap fnr ns bc could see und a i shielding it from tlio (]ra''t Ir Hie hoi final shudde-inff iook nt the vtlley o f , low of his great Innd Then he led UK. Ar far below I will tell yon h e ) the w a \ to tho top of tin housp sniri «ullenl j Hero were rhrpp rooms Oni? the h\ nit-ins of nne we ciueht him bea , Bl)he B y r n e r a n k s n O B T have heard t h n t nil those things have lh( , best temale l m p er=onators on Hit. ' OOP basis and a simple one The concierge considered Then he rose It is worth trying 1 ' he ob served DP thrust the letter Into his pocket, nnd the two conspirators w e n t out Into the gloomy hall There on n ledge CHAPTER VI Two Prisoner* Herman Spier had made his escape with the letter He nn through tor tuous bywavs of the *ld city under arrhes into court yirds out again by doorways spfc In the TvalN twisted doubled like a rabV»t And nil this American stage and. hi* support is cellpnt The comc^h is refined and cfean and all the son§ numbers ai e written in the manuflc-ipt of the plav The plctire ~wi 1 be the la^t episode f The Fighting Trail On Pudav and Saturday Miss April Fool will be tho attraction and the picture "% 5 Hart in Dakota Dan O R P H F I M TBLF4TR! It was then that Nlkly raised fte I »»h no purnlt sari, the prlckln* one InsiOe Hie room ^as dark. .Che taper wrench nnd stunned liib man with it of terror It was hatefif The ^tr dull thud , J llt at Inst hc ba)te(1 looked nbont - f , , , of It wai flickering And there was a ! pertti.ed that only his own guilty line? of the ittlc stood regaled a JunL bad minute or two when he thought. conscience accused him and took loom piled high « th o d trunks and he hid killed his opponent j.h.» man i brc«tli He nndo his wa^ to thp hoise had sunk down ID bis seat a sodden ^ the shadow of the "park until lump of imnfmiue human flesh And ikky who«tt, business in a way was killing was horrified The chauffeur wikpnecl 'en rnlnutwj liter to find himself iccurelv tied w i t h h,i3 ( w n towlag r o f c and ling ex a n , letter now bnttoned Inside his coat, · and finding the doors clospd lurked I D o n t knock ConiicllsMllc by send In the shadow of the park until nn I Ing your ;mon9y out of t o u n for vout hour I iter Black Humbert himself ap- ! job wo-k when Tho Coi rler corapan, 1HI PRIDE OF NE^V b t r t s A.t the extreme end of tbe nur ^ five rcel ^i ha ^ ^ drama fea row corridor in a p.t^age ilmost tureb George "vValsh IL is rot siran* o blocked b od faraltuu was another ^it motlor picture lo lowers have room u sort of attic, with a slanting I likoct and applauded lias photoplay It Is one that h^s a strong appeal o both rich and ioor Billio Rhodes tho prettv little comedienne appears m a Strand corned) and th« "Mutual Week \y w i l l also be shown Tomorrow tie versatile ictress OUv Tell appears in Her Sister It is a modem drama the scene of waich is laid in New ^ o r k The p m ijwt charact'i is Tleanor Aldcrson. y no in older o support herself and sifter becomes a fortune tellei roof Making sere tint old Atlelbcrt did not h e i r tliein tlic w t u t bick to this, dooi which the concierge unlocked showed little As thcii eyca became accustomed to the darkness the out loom piled high \\ th o d trunks In r u e corner i bed · TO 3E C(1N penred He evtd Ills creature -with cold an can do It heie it home 5011 prices I et us £iv 6 Thousands of dollars in job prmtiut, leaving Councllsvillo every month Give U8 a chaTire to biJ on I t i Tile Courier company Don't Delay SAVE Your MONEY and Buy at Come in Today A Woman's Good Judgment in the management of household affairs attests hei aliihU to make e\ en dollar do its full dut\ She pa\s her bills bi check because she knows it is safe convenient and economical \\ e unite the Checking Accounts of "women and have special laciliUes at their ser vice J J. N. Trump ITE L1N£ « 0 ' O R TitLClv and \ \ A G O \ 5 . 310 V I N O A N D f t O S f l l K O 1*1 A % »jy i fci»fc,ci A.ITrv. GOGOC "C J. B. KURTZ, No'y'ii PUBtit, AND RtAL ESTATE. No d South Meadow Lin«. Conrolltvllli P«. want Ads--1 Cent a Word. PCTFY DIAK-- BT C. 1. VOIGHT GCB. '-- i HAD To COME OP . Top I=LOOK. 15 SET PROM THOSE. AROUHO ove»a_ MV HEA.D

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