The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 28
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 28

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 28
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! i 1 rVOTSfl MTMNU f M YOU -CAN'T GO WRONG WHEN You Put Your Confidence.- CABELDU'S t070 ltt BUICK Jnvio-' w u hardtop. AT. B. H, PS. pfi. - . tOO rruDraAX- J7J M Commander ee- aaV-AlVa,-l tOiloe; ord dea, AT. B. H. Ft. VS. . - $2295 Sabre aadaa. AT. - - B. H. -PS. n. , $2095 22 . ps. pa. ' t 1 OOC ' CHEVBMXI '1773 wtfaa, AT..K. 1 1 00 OLDSMOHlia . $I07J ,rtn. AT; B, B. f . PS. PB. , . $1795 iitCT ' tnoe. CHtvaourr f IJ etatloa ww AT. , .- T '-. ' . tIAOK l1 PONTIAC I 07J hardtop, B. . $1595iT'c?Mlfr'ta- c. 1 0 M1 Chevrolet . I ?7 J Hta, AT, R, H. i $1495JSi2,S.,loL,T t $1395121 ' one imi comet ate- ; I - 'J ttoa nn B. H. 1 "JOC IMS PONTIAC ee-? I 07 J ejaa. AT, B. H, VS. ' HOO ins CHsvaotrr - I J etatloa ma, H. - $1295 iSF.0 ,rmmw mmmw ay e H" tvxsaiiAi, AUOUST 11,-1964' .8 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL"- Used Car Buyers Look for This Sigh of Protection Tht Franchisee? Automobile Deal en of Ottawa make this pledga ta amy used car buyer , Accurata Description Advertlsinf Standards Proper Prfchif Truthful Selling Dependable Warranty aoaaa. AT. B H. 1 ftOC 1U STUDSBAX 7 I Ve- BB Lark Mdaa. H. 1 ftOH BUICK flV" AT. B. K. $1095 ipm Chevrolet $995 ou? b?0 70e If VAUXHALL cylinder aadaa. R, V$795mrtJODM"M !v$695 IS ST" t.. , 07J AT. B. . ,$695 tgST PONTIAC M- Mi at. a, a. vs. $595 $295 IS MSTSOB a.- POKTlACfi a. $295 2? ' ATAotomttle Tranwnitwtoa ..,-idto-H Hwter PS rvwsr Steer v PB Power Brke PW -Power Window s - - -Z-t't. AT CABELDU'S , '. ' Tour Authorized Bui-a, Pootiac, Acadian, VsushaQ bb4 tSMC Track Dssiar , ALBERT at BANK ' 33S4371 nucsammMuf ' yiilKSirnia I M YOU TRADE FOR LESS - AT JIM BROWN'S - Ottawa Motor Sales :: -' . . M OALAXIB SO V S-4aor hardiaa. automatic radio, powar ataartix. fowar .' brakaa, whitawaUa. aw roon laiartor. naamlnf 3795 xtarlar . IMS OALAXtB 4-Ooor. I crl-kidar. " automatic, radio. wiuiawaua, balfa InUi lor. itm latai lor. $23? eiaea enarry starter' IMS VAUANT l-door bard-top aoach, aulomatla tranamlailon. radio, rnlaa ; assrr$2i95. MtS COHTT t daar oadaa. aulnmatle tranainlaakin. ' radio, whltawalla, rod and "-"U tntarlor, blacli ax- rtor $1995 a OLOSMOBOB' M Ptw UlaO va4oOa COaWlta lATMf taarlns. aotatnatla traaa - mtaakMv. radio, whltawalla. batca Intarlor. QQC ' wane exiarter 1 07J tMt BKMAULt DaupMn aa. daa. aro aad rad Interior. $695 tt CHCVaOUCf eyttadar . anaeh. automatic tran, ' . aikaloa. radio.- wkttawaUa. tray aad white Intarlor. : alaeh . , tiriOR YOUR FORD DEALER ' 1850 BANK ST. (at Wattle? Boed) 733831 PRICES REDUCED .- on " TODAY'S BEST BUYS " SEE THEM TODAY 1 IMS MKBCVBT Montenr -.., door aadaa, radio, white . $1850 1M1 roKO aadao. crlledar, Italdatooe tea with match- ' iriw- $1475 ItM UNCOUt Peamlere S door hardtop, equipped aa a Lincoln ahould be. black with white top, red - end black ulterior. A ; beautiful 1A-7R 1MSPOMTIAC Pertriarme apart coupe, Vt enftne, ; JukTSSw $2875 IMS POKTIAC eedea. S erlnv , ear. radio, . whttewaile. ST. $2250 IMS CnsVaOLrr Inpele door etatloa waioa, Vt, euiometle. AM-TM radio, poapar brakae, puwrr -etaattef. whoet eoTare, dark ajraea with match- terv 4J $2850 IMS COBVAIB Monta eemei . tibia. automaUa. radio, whlwwella, wheat diaee, 1 - white with red Interior top, eanlliei $1925 ' ' ' " .V " 1MS PONTIAO -door wam. eatomeue. ladfo, apoUaei THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF . OUR MANY EXCELLENT . USED CARS. : u n . . - ; ' ' Quebec ales tax doss not apply to Ontario residents. BLONDIN MOTORS LIMITED Rome of Reliable Used Cars snd Tracks' 1SQ-19S MONTCALM ST. HULL PR7-I2S1 rMC!sn miwnau f tnrieiajl . I' ' at eeaia,aw- USED STUDEBAKER 1 SPECIALS FROM SLB MOTOR IMS STUOCBAKIB. t, auto- -anttie, eedea, radio, I full - warranty $2095 IMS STUDBBAKSR Deytene . V a-door hardtop, kuckat aaata. 4-apiad iranamte-abw en lioor, Iwta tree- TSnw : ... $2295 IMI STUDrBAXra atdan. ' teadard t OC ' traaaailaaloa 4 1 7J 1M1 nXDIBAKEB Vt aadan. SSTT. $1295 lm aTUDCBAKXB e tylln- $1195 SLB MOTOR SALES Your Authorized - -Studebsker Dealer . 895 ST. LAURENT BLVD. 74(4874 We Are " Cleaning -Up' : Our . -1964 MODELS AN EXCELLENT SELECTION AWAITS THOSE WHO -'- HURRYI TOP TRADE-IN ' ALLOWANCE j Ontario Residents Do Not Pay Quebec Sales Taxi GUEST MOTORS LTD. " AathorUrd Cbavralet. Cervalr OldeaiebUe. tavoy aad CaMwTOlM TniCk DaWaaw . 73 LEDUC STREET . HULL 777-2735 PRESTIGE CARS FAMILY CARS ECONOMY CARS WHATEVER YOU NEED ' ' WE'VE GOT -THEM ALL 1M4 FORD Oelexte MS ecn-vertlbet. VS. power etear-,", Int. power brakaa. auto-: me be. radio. Mw ear " warranty. SM MOB aporta readrtere. eve . $500 ! rmimatiim J m A Feieorsd asraaaai r pmiriel I M . ISM CHITIOlIT Super aperta. SM VS. power eteerms. power brakae, bucket Beats end eonsul ablrt. Mew ear Wm " $3895 ISM CHEVROCrr Bel Air ' etatloa weeoa. Vs. auto- .. Battle, power , brekae.- ' ' .' power eteertaa. ' radio, SE::.2095 - . VAUXHALL SPBCIAta -lMt BirvoT Super, with . aueket eaate . COOC I.; and radio 77 J tt VAUXHALL $545 SSIfiSrt $495- TODAY'S BPBCtALS ItM VOLKSWAOBr $395 nx $495; OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. ; . y . NIGHTLY, . LELAND LOVE' MOTORS LTD. NEW AND USED CAR LOT . 1143 Richmond Road 73M1S4 726153 NEW CAR SHOWROOM 398 Richmond Rd. "72X151 KaftaWftMql flllMl ClMllraVe a4ffc . Bh-1 Fucmi HioMeu 7 I. ACCURATE DESCRIPTION : The daacrtptioa of apeelHe vehicle la aa edvertleemrnt. hall be accurate la every re-apaet. Cute end, UluetreUone wUI oonform m eloeely M poe-Hble to the vehicle advertlaed.' PrteM ahall be ahown ta e manner that leevee a lor ealaundaratandtns. V PROPER FRICINO The price advartlaad. ehaO be the tatel ceeh price of the vehicle, alua Ueeaae and local tezM tf any. When "Dawn Payment" la mentioned it ahell be the total amount payable by the purchmotrj delivery, plua 30-Day 100 .Warranty. IMI PONTIAC Leurentlea Beds n. AT. B St.000 Miil- $1825 ltke I 'Ml M)iT Deluxe eedea, AT. ilejeaed la arlitnal ST ,$1595 IMI PLVMOOTB ' aevoy M-: dsn. AT. eae owner. ST $1295. Itt CHCVBOLCT pickup, tons box. excellent condition ' and reedy te warm $1295 IMI OLDSMOBILS 4 -do or eherdtop, Ue M eertee - with every option ana tae wkjiaai . - - - paint . $2195 tie eedea. IMI roRD . Oalexle . fully equipped end ?$187S ' , weU malnUlned IDEAL SECOND CARS 1M0 rcPKVS eedea. retln-. laned aad re- - tQQC eondltKmad lMt SKPRTB eedea. .rebuilt mo tec ana iransrmesrn : A seed ' buy at ... $695 IMS CONSUL SIS eienilate with aiaay more , ailtee of troubla-rraa driv- ' r " $1095 ISM SHVOT aadaa, SO.oee miiea, e aaw we ins $795 . Check These sad Our 40 Other Choke Cars at MacKenzie ' MERCURY SALES LTD. , Htnurt Utttor Comet , 1377 RICHMOND ROAD ' - (Curnor Croyeonl 828-5154 'Vher Our Cntlomtn Send . "he rrlmAT Have An Eye For True Value? ISM BAMBLBB , , etatloa wafoe, AM-rM redie, whlteweB Urea, ' Individual eaeta, padded . ' daah. i loathed la told and - $3195 IMI VOLKSWAOUf etllK raam, euatont anterior. . wntie - finish 1 $1150 IMS BAMBLCft etetiea wacoa ... Am be seed or, automatic. . airliner reellalne aaata, . ,'.'"' equipped $2395: IMI BincK hardtop, eutoma- ' tie. power ateerirx. power brakae. redle, wtiltewall 2,. $2295 IMI SlafCA esdan. tCOC . elMa Snd ear ' J7 J IMS BAMBLBB station wacoa S-doer. standard trane rvcltninir reete $.1495 : ItM. PORD iPaleea, etendard trsnamaailoa,, , metallic v jb ...... $895 ' tree kAMBLn aadaa. ftan dsrd transmission, rerun- awtellle fresa $109.5 IMS srUDCBAKtN Lark, t freen MteaiaC 7QC Intarlor .w.... -p 7 J IMS RAMBiaa atettoa waaew. standard transmission ' recUnuui aaata. lose mile-red hi tartar $1395 MILTHURD , MOTORS LIMITED 218 Mootreal Rd. 743-9118 . r pmne inisi tSKnSmmSuT f'ursejniei I OUR PLEDGE . - :y r: ' To you as a Purchaser -of a New or Used Car S. DEPENDABLE , WARRANTY . - The Daalarl Warranty (when one la iiauad) ahall be explained to' the purchaser of each vehicle. The purchaeer ahould be eaked ta read the warranty and underatand Ue benetlte end UmllaUona. 4. TRUTHFUL SELUNO jl A thorourhly accurate araaan talloa of each vehicle ahall be mode ta a prospective purchaeer. and all queatlone en-awered te the fulleat extent at the laformatiaa avalUbla. . a. ADVERTISINO -STANDARDS All PADO deelete euhecrlbe te , all the terma of the -Ottaara- Hull Advertialne Standards," eatebllahed by the Batter Bust-: Bees Bureau of Ottawa-Hull and . eupported by all the kseal ed- veriialas media. v - . I -. - - .- ' . THE HOME OF "GOODWILL" USEDCARS ISU CRBVROLBT Impale S-doat hardtop. At. PS, - rm.. $2995 ISM PONTIAC STa $2895 IMS MEBCURY Monterey ee- daa. AT. B. COOOS r. pa IMI PONTIAC Strata Chief elaUea tlCQC. . .. -P I.e'e'V ISM PONTIAC S Irate Chief $1395 ISU COBVAIB (tetioa waeoa, , - $1295 ISM PONTIAC . LeetenUan - $1295 IMI PORB Palrlane Tudnv, $1195 ISM PONTIAC- wwoer hard- j r..AT- $ii95 ISM PONTIAC LaurentUn S- $1045 JIM. TUBMAN . MOTORS LIMITED ' Pontiae. Butek. Acadian. VeuxkeU aad CMC Truck - 1 1770 BANK STREET at Alts VliU 733-4050 pi'lKP ine J War rim. EXTRA SHARP -W63 METEOR Custom S mdaa. aateatatle, tit? .TO?.:. .... $2395 ' 1958 0LDSM0BILE use M eedea, eerai end trey S-teae. fuUy . qq equipped 7YJ . I960 FALCON : ' ' Coach, smart Week end tray S-eone. No extras bat OQi to oondltloa . 77? . ' 1963 CHEVROLET Ceach. VS. autcaaa- d-5 ine tie and S-teae .... - J 1955 F0RD" Coach, very lew mile- 1QC ese, vary ekaaa P7J 1959 LARK $795 HUotvian)anu r . Jflllrira, f ; M A Pine sMeettoa ef Other Vm4 Can at Varloue Lew Prtoaa. I OPEN TILL B PJaL ' SATURDAYl PJ. LEWIS MOTORS (Ottewe) Laarltad . MWaTuea", Ma4asW COHMV - Bella rorea, 1 BANK at CATHERINE . : 333-5577 . -.-' -' i i " i in' in " BUstesa MTMati r Ifiiirsepueil Vkrik 2-1963's THAT ARE SURE TO PLEASE THE MOST DISCRIMINATING BUYER FROM -"THE BIG DEALER :' BELISLE ISM CHrVY II etetlon wefua, - eulometle . tranamlaalon. silver blue finish with - whiiewall tlree. the Idaat . - enawM to your holiday ' tr so ports lion needs. n . ell around family wacca . that'a euro to please. IMS OLDSMOBILB Sterflre t-aoor hardtop, eompletely -- ' power equipped, also ln-, .clMdeo Prujldalre eir-con-' ditlonlas. Waa M.m : "ow - ; $4495 Truly eutstandmf Bevrnte - on tale luxury OMamc-bile. , BELISLE AUTOMOBILES LIMITED Tour Chevrolet. Cerverr. OMamoblle. Envoy and - Chevrolet Truck Dealer M MOffTBBAL IAD. OTTAWA Bvealnse ?4MS, tt-MI "MID- ' . SUAAAAER "7' CLEARANCE : IStS BAMBLBR Ambaeaadnr. AT. PS. PB, radio. Ooty I0.SM aauee. IMS CHCVROUCT Bel Air. AT. PS PR. radio. Mat belts. " - wladahleld wssbsrs. Take Cr pick of 4 of IheM -BtlM. IMS RENAULT . . dear eedea flrat-esMe enadlllea, ISM RfNAULT Oordml t-dwwL adaa. epaed floor ealtt,- . . - Cully ISM CRTVBOLBT Bel Arr t-x pessenaer atattea umia, . AT. PS. PB. VS amine, , , absolutely aa-tftaal eeadi- , IMI VOLKSWAOSN wlU am Bhlne roof, blue with . white' mterter, llrstlasB IMS BAMBLBB Claaale eedea, auloavatle -- treAamaeuua and radio. A reel Blase, . ISM PONTIAC Parialerme S-.. deer hardtop. AT. PS. PB. , redie, lew mlteeee. arift- ISM BUICK . eutc Butte and- radio, exceptional , condlttoa throuaaout. ' ' LETS TALK A DEAL. WAVERLEY MOTORS a . LIMITED .' -'-; 180 DRIVEWAY 333-3501 TODAY'S SPECIALS FROM THE GOODWILL ( CENTRE " 4t9t BVfCK Laatalir t-4M kardtasaa, utomatie trftnav Uoim4. flnlhha3i KestftM $1175 IMS CHBVROLST 'aiacayna . d-ooor etatloa vegoa. ' - - automatic tranamlasina. and red S-tone with red en- $1965 ' ISM Ot tMMOBILB Dynamic - M endear hardtop, eute- i matle Wenamlaaloa, radM and power steerui c. fla- lahed la aieroon end rmry S-tone. A to, tlOCA -s, w - UaoS BUICK lmrteta 4-door hardtop, eutoma tic trane-" m'atton, " radio, power ocfins and brekee, fm-lahed la dark nsaa end . - tvery S-tana, with match- an aytea Interior, like a r :-r $2450 ism tmrvtoi.rT Bel Aw . . door aadaa, automatic tranamlaalon, nn laned ta -atodiiaa hrewa avstallie . with tea Intarlor. new cer rr- $2375; v.TURPlN. PONTIAC, BUICK LTD. 424 Richmond Rt ,728-1001 THuoenmmmif KMineiinei , . " mXV W'aaOoU f pii'KBliiel ki 'If. . : , - .-' . j V . v' . - ' ' ." -' -' I- ; JTi: i .'. xXat X.Xit'A.-','AV.ahaV4eVj.-Ji.Jkla ia.aaasaA 4,s.l a,u.v.,av tvt,4a.t av a. .a -aMa e.'4- as, :a a. a a s. - kead 4leB-aaBBaeWakeBaWaBB V- fUarauiaiaaaRi' RU'riSjiuejl M MYERS AUGUST SELL-A - RAMA ' ALL UNITS REDUCED IN PRICE - . ' i. ' ISM CHEVROLET Deluxe door etetiea wagon, baiter, s-toha, economical t eyllnear ... tfQCL f IVfV StS PONTIAC 4-deer sedan, heater and defroster, black In color with con-. raterE" $1675 IM4 CHrVROLXT Impala . doer hardtop, heater, -, -. eutemetle tranomlseloo, deluxe custom radio. power steering, maroon in eater with matching ; LSrtee. $3495 IMI CItCVROLrr Deluxe 4- - doer sedan, beater and da- -:jU7j. IMS OLDSMOBIL8 Super M 4-eaor eedea. eutemetle -rsnsmlaslon, radio. 1 $895: ISM CHEVROLET Impala 4-- doer hardtop, eutemetle tranamaaaloa, radio, power r ataerlng. 010; ISM PONTIAC eutoeaeUe . . redla . . transmission. $1,695 MSBuii "dsn. U1CK Elsctra 4-door aa- eutoaaetat transmie- - stun, redle. powar equip-' ' pad. - including power - windowe end 4-way power , $2875 4S0I BNVOT t-doev aadaa. -irrr $895 IMS xnvoy i noor fUtm $1295 ISM ZEPRYB -,$795. IMS K ARM ANN OHIA eoa- vertlble, heater and - -$1195 4MI AtraTOt $795 IMI MORRIS Oxford t-d.or : $1095 CHOICE sasaioN BEST OF TERMS ' YOU iyY THE BEST WHEN YOU BUY FROM MYERS MYERS ELGIN at CATHERINE ' f 333-5653 333-8411 : Avantvi mivmi A g. u, i. 7 f -a. as, IAAAAEDIATE DELIVERY" AUSTIN 850 CoschM -el 1100 S-idans - A 40 SUUon Wagons ' ' Cooprrs A60 Sedans V MGB Sport Csrs : -', Austin Healey Sprites ' Aotlin Healey Cylinder : Mark HI fine Selection at Cotera, Optkma. USED CAR SPECIALS ? IMS CORVAIR TOO eeaaa, , automatic, whltawalla. I owner, original la.ooe ' ST uw $1895 IMS METEOR Tudor, automatic, redla, whitewelle. . - auMB with rae end bleck anterior 7$1895 ' ItM MERCEDES SIS aedan. 1 n in ;r $1495 CANADA ' MOTOR SALFS (OtUws) Ltd. r PAUL CARDINAL Limited- 12SQ Wellinron SL 728-1838 - Aijstin-Ratiibler Dealers ' ArWarnaaMai "" ej M OUTSTANDING VALUES ' IN : CAMPBELLIZED cars ; fiAQK PORD OelaxJe it'J tOO aadaa. Vt. . eulornatie. Claar-. ance Special. tlRcJcctsts poan sm I OtJ eoach, S cyl, aula. treae. Clearance $1 CQC ISU POBD Oelaxle J'J aadaa. , S eyl. heater, Spaalet 1 rnc IMS PORD Oelaxle I J7J Coach, s eyl. auto. Claaranoa Special. 100 S CHEVBULET 7l47Jcitil eoupe Hester. VI Iloareaea Special. 1 1 OOC; IMS POBD OaUaie. f I 77 J got Mdaa. Fully equipped. , Claaf-. 1 TQC. IteJ POBD Oelaxle eivv Mdaa. heeler, automatic arena. Clear- 1 1 AOK tSM COMET aaUsa. eis eyU heeler, . ClearaaM SpecuJ. (I CQC IMS PAXCON del. J7J Mdaa, eatocaatie - redla. Clearance ' " Spaclel. . , tirtOst lad . VAUXHALL y 1 Mdaa. beater. C las ra rase tpaclal riOiC IMI POBD Pelr. f I eW I ClnQC. IMI RENAULT f 1 w j Carevello e e a p e. naaie, vaaereiaM - 1 ZQir ltd) PORD Oaiaxle lUe1 aonvertlbla, . redla. $845 IMI VOLKSWAO- . EN coach. Clear- $1195 1MS CHEVROLET Baweyae Mdaa. S ay tinder, redla, heater. Clear nob . Special. '- .'x MM PALCON Da- . $1145 krxe 1 matte 1 heater. ClMrearq Sperlal $1095 IT ISM PORD Pab a, euie- aiatla transmission. -Cieeranea Special .t I, 1 IMS PORD Custom eedea. ey Under, automatic trans $895 mission, heater, de froster. . Special. CampbellV voW Ford, Fttcon, Fstrlsna,. Uaieqie Dealer tor 44 'Yr laurier vVest 333 9445 332 94474 , Z-SM-A IMS CONSUL 4-djeor aedan. . atanderd . -1 JQC " ' t-SSS-A ' ' ' IMS CHEVROLET eoach Bla eayne. a, automatic, eswer - , , leering, very tOUQt low mllaan 9d.7j rW-Be '.''A.- l"- A; ItM CHRYSLER Windsor 4- doer Mdan, power sterr- vttJT7:.--$2495';,: -B-ttO-A - -IMS PLYMOUTH 4-door ee-dau, S. automatic end , a - $1395 B-M-A - IMS ME1EOR 4 doer eadaq CAPITAL CHRYSLER bind eeuaa. auto matic, t eyL Clear ance t pedal. nVucawmavai -Ji inner "eg LTD. - v .- '- 1554 CARUNO AVE. 729-3118

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