The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1918
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNt,Ub VJ.L.U, I-A. ^EWSY NOTES TELL WHAfS HAPPENING IN THE ILL TOWN of Isabel Bold g "Common Sense Part)." I01EK ARE ATCffE IB l'«z the Punch War Orphui; Wll H*it lutititc r*hm«ry 27; Othtr Ii»w* »l the D»y. * Special to The Ccmrlsr SCOTTDALE, J»n 30.--The body ol lames K White, aged 64 years -who lied at Ills Washington, Fa., home was brought here and buried in the 3t. Johns cemeterj yesterday morn- ng. White was a former resident ot Scottdale, having been employed by h«- Steiner Brothers for a number ot -eirs Coalman Seue Pwtr. The Daughters ot Isabel held a netting m the Knights ot Columbus ·ooms on \tonday evening The rega- ar business was followed br a 'Common Sense' party and proved to if. a very pleasant affair Games were olaycd and prizes were awarded the winners Miss Margaret CTDonnoU *on the first prize and Miss Kathar- Jie Fmnerty the booby prize Re- "reshmenta were served. The committee in charge was "Mrs John Men- =er, Mrs William Doorlev, Misses Mary Bojle Mary Arfcwnght Agnes Blenn. Margaret Pinnertj, Regma Vash and Maude Eekman, Basketball (.»»e. The Juniot Phy Mo Me Club will play the Imontown Tigers at 7 35 on Thursday evening, at the local T M C A There will be a preliminary game Boj S*»«t Bally. The Bo^ Scouts of Scottdale will held a rail-* Frdaj evening in the V M C -V All abottdale troops rendered 130 per cent service in the Boost America campaign H. C. T. U. MeetUg Mrs . Alden Marsh entertained the ladies ol the TV C T U at her Loucks avenue home last evening Mrs J E Steelsmith presided, and Mrs Anna owe led the devot'ons Mrs C D Reed reported that four dozen petticoats had been completed and sent to the French war orphans They also decided to hold an all day institute in Scottdale on Wednesday, February 27 with the county president, Mrs W H. Spangler, as the speaker of the afternoon Two new honorary members, Don Hindman and Josiah Reynolds were reported to the union These-' ladies decided to pack a box of out sfGv- n or new garments from j infanta size up to 1 years old for the children s home at Edsewood The garment* must oe sent to the home of Mr*. C D Reid so that the can be packed on Saturday February 2 The ladies set Tuesda February 1 aside as the day for the TVillard Memorial services Hurt m tall. Mrs Dorothy Fields who li\es o» WVst Pittsburg street, was home to call on her daughter Mrs William Budd, when she fell on the ice receiving internal injuries that are lery senoui Meetings Close. KIT. PLEASANT PUBLIC SCHOOLS END FIRST HALF OF THE TERM Explicit Program Has Been J*At i» YarloM Urnes, Preliminary lleport Indicate*. Special to The courier MOUN'T PLEASANT, Jan. 36 --One ii-Uf oC the school year is past. The cietles and are planning for inter-so- was remarkably good The work: by tLe pupils and teachers were equally good The bdvs and girls on the whole are Industrious. This is due to the interest and enthusiasm of the leachers for children show no greater interest thau their leaders ^fthilc several of the teachers 5elt their schools, no difficulty was encountered m setting substitutes This was the yeai o£ organization and classification Three choral chisees were formed with competent directors The schools are anxious for the .public to hear their choral classes and judge for themselves the value to the student. Then, two orchestras have been formed under the leadership of Prof J Hunter Gambles. The schools are plannig for a musical program to piuch they extend an in\Italian to all persons The teachers and pupils ha~ve felt it their dut} to organize Bed Cross units and lend a helping hand to the fight for democracy, but the school »orit- is not neglected for this. The" high school students have two active literary societies, and are plannfg for inter-society meets As soon as the weather permits athletics Till be taken up In the sccool Physicians Explain WhyWomenNeedMore Iron in Their Blood Today Than 20 Years Ago Say Anaemia--Lack of Iron i» Greatest Curse to the Health, Strength, Vlfcal- ' ity and Beauty of the Modern American Woman. DR. FJERDtttliD KIM,, ftew Totk HEALING RELIEF FOR TORTURING ECZEMA A X Clarke has sold hundreds of Jarrs of Hokara, and although the offered to refund the purchase price to any purchaser, not one jar has been returned tais is surprising In itself, yet the most marvelous thing is the reports of chronic cases of eczema that bate been cured by this simple skin food People who have suffered with scales, scabs and even bleeding itching na\e found relief in Hokara. No ^natter where the eczema pimples or other breaking out occurs, * farther on the face* bands, legs or bocK, the application of Hokara should give quick relief, and even, the worst or most chronic cases should be cured In a short time You can tmy a IJberal-sizcd jar today at the Terr low price of 35c, and » ith every packages goes A. A. Clarke s guarantee to refund the money if it is not satisfactory -- adr asd 3E«dic«l V nth or savs sheuld prescribe riort organic lro» -- mated Iro* -- to supply the iron defirkncy. Opinions of lr. Sehayler C. lacques, ~\ isitinp Sarpcon, St. Kljzab*lh\ Jlospital, ^«n Tork City; Br. H. U. ail, formerly Phrsirmn in Iht Val1i- mnn Hospital and n TlcdicftJ x- uminrr; J»r. lames rraneis SnJlj- TW, formerlT Physioian of Belli THC H««piUl (Outdoor Ie]it.). ew York and the flc^chr^ter lonntv HospitiUf and other phv^icmns who fcnc thoroughly tested fhr talne 01 Xnxated Iron: Anj ·woman who tires etsily is nervous or irritable or lookb pale haggard and worn should at once have her blood examined for ron deficiency -administration of «imple Nuxated Iron will often increase the strength and endurance of weak, nenous careworn women 100 per cent in two weeks timfc There con bo no strong 1 health \ beautiful ren\ cheeked women without iroCt aa 3 lr Ferdinand Jxinc a ?.ew York _Phsieia.n and Medical Author In m recent talks to phj-aicains on the grave ana serious con-fcqutnccs of iron deficiency In the blood of American women I have strongly emphasized the fact that doctors should pr scribe more orgT-nlc iron--^uxated Iron -- for their nerv ous run-dowiC ^ «ak hae^artl- looking- women patients I'allar means anaemia Tho akin of in inaemic wo- flabbi Thn the brain fag* and man is pale the muscles lack tone _..,, ___,, the memory fail* and often they be come we ufc nervous irritable despond ent and melancholy When the Iron Koes from the hlood of women the roses so from their cheeks JPhc Child's Appeal--Ifhut Is Troar Ansncrl 4*n 1 t VOB tnke L \ VTfcD IllOA ·nil br NtroKK and ircll and hare Ic« rony cbeek* In- Htca4 of Wlnic no iicrvDM ttnit Irrl- tahle all Mic time and loolclitK "* Ji»frjc*rd and old-- Tk« rtoM»* am~v* w»inr to fwnle ^mltk'H m o t h e r ·Jid »h* ir*» w»r»c olf (ban T«n «re and now ·»« ]oofc» Tear» yminirrr and feel* J««t Ane " LU tell tJ»e iTpmen vrllli p h u l of Iron In their biouii ttfttt hen I thy TOHJ- clicrkci! %oini»n f u l l of life. Mm and \ K . l l ( y -- w k l l « ihoHc *rl o l i n k Iron are ofUn crosn n«TA»OM f lTTlt»)ic vt ak 1IreO, coiujtlalntnu treatiiren whom nobody n«n(M to h a \ p aronnd. cd Dr 3I/B Hall formcrl Phjsidin in tlio Baltimore Hospi al ana a Mi.dtc.o.1 Examiner siyn .Throughout m\ experience on hospital staffs and as Mod leal Examiner I have betn a-tonlihed at the number of patients who i-x% e \alnlj doctored for \ariout J!Raises when in real 11^ their dellcite run d o w i statt, was simply the result of luck of iron in the blood Time and aj,a1n I ha\e prescribed organic Iron--Nutated Iron--Rnd surprised jiatienta at the ra. pidity -with which the*ss and In the most common food of Amerl- general debilit were replaced h a ca the starches sugrar^ table sjrups candies' polished rjce w h i t e bread soda crackers biscuits macaroni Kpaehettf tapioca, sagro rarina dcpormtnated cornmeal no longer is Iron to be found Kcfnine procestei ha^e remo\ed the iron of Mother Earth from these Impoverished foods and sillj methods- of home cookerj b throwintr do'nn the \va=te pipe the water in which our cooked are rebponiible nrwed feelinr of strength and vitality I took Nutated Iron mysrlC to build me up after a nerious case ot. nervous ex hauation Thr affects were apparent after a few dayi and within three ·weeks it had \ t r t u a l l y revitalized "^^ Sauer a» who to transform tho food the ent into brawn muscle tisauf ni d brain jut beware cf Die old formt of metalMt, iron which f r e q u e n t l \ do more him than gocrtl Notwl hs andinp; all that has been | «»Id and w r t t t n on thib subject by w e l l knou n phBtdans Lhoutards of people at U fnslBt in dostnff them^el'ves \t lth metallic iron trfmpU T suppose because It costt. a few cants less. I htronsly jd% ise readers ^n at! cases to get a physician tf prescription Cor organic ( I o n -- N U T tied Iron--or if you don t want to go to ll Is t-on bio th n purchase onl "SuxntPd Iron in its j original paekag-cs and fee that this par j Urular n* me (Nuxated Iron) iippeprsj on the pe.ckape I t x ou havp talc en i prpTantlons fauch af/ N u x and Iron Mid other similar iron products and failed to pet result!! rcmombrr that such i are an en Irelj different thm# has studied both in. this counlr and great European Medical Institutions from Iron I am a great believer in Nuxated for another gra/ve Iron lo*i Therefore if you wish to prcserxe your voutlif,ul [Iron, It oflCTi acts almost like Mm and \ig-or to a rlpo old atre j o u f ^ o t l° n a ff° a man cams to me must supply the Iron deilclencj in \our was, nearly half a centur old food b unine: some form of orgiriic NOTE--Nuxited (rr n v h l c h is ] r*» scribed and recommended nbo'v e b\ Confluence. iron just an you ·« ould U-K salt when your rood has not enough * tit i Br Schuyler C Jacriuec "\ Kiting Sur- peon of 3t Blizabeth s Ho-?plta] New York Cit ^aid I hive never before ffi-ven out anj medical Information or advice for publication as 1 ordlnarllj do not believe tn it. But ao man American Twomen suffer from iron deficiency with Its attendant ill»-- phvslcal weak-] Don Hindman, the evangelist closed hi«r "evangelistic campaign in Scottdale Sunday, at the Methodist Episcopal church He (hanked the people of Scottdale ten their kindness to Mm duTing his May In Scottdale After leaving Scottctale he will go to Illinois to conduct evangelistic' services £Mt rtain at Dinner. Mr and Mrs Joseph Goethe enter- tataed Trith a dinner for Mount Pleasant friends on Friday evening at their lijOme here l'CTSU»»I -tlUIC Carlson of rorsonl Sot Mr and Mrs Charles North Scottdale are the proud parents of a daughter born jesterday morning Miss .Emma Bierly of Greensburg was the guest of Misses "Workman for a few ua/s Mr and Mrs Oscar Dennicker and son ot Bo\ard, spent the past few- days »ith fninds here Mrs Paul Hammer and baby of Greesburg are tae guests of Dr and Mrs Marvin Muses Pearl Thomas and Maude Ritchie spent Sundaj with Mr and Mrs Arthur McCtoy of Mount Pleasant. * Miss Pearl "White of East Pittsburg. was the guest of Mr and Mrs B F DeWKt for the past few days Fry visited Mtss Kate la^engoocl in the Memorial hospital at Mount Pleasant ye«*terda Kenneth Bryan, aged 14 years, of Kuff'wlale underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Mount P'easant fco«pftal on Saturday evening Mrs Ed*anl TVertman and daughter Miss Jennie left Saturday to \isit pitt^bure fnerds Mis. Sari MUliron an,d Mrs Gear- bait of Mount Pleasant spent Saturday with friends Mr and Mrs James Beatty and fairil'v of BickTson Run, and Mr and Mr* Robert Moran of the Overholt apartment^ entertained a party of frfwd* at thfii hnme^Cor Mr MorRi^'s brother "William Re'rcements were CONFLUENCE, Jan 30--The public schools are progressing very nicely under the prtncipal«hip of Prof T Frazee and his edlcient corps 'eaclicrs Helen Bowlen still shows some improvement from her severe attack of rheumatism Hev TS S Bracken and H C Trimmer were visitors to Connellsville yes- ·erday Harry Van Sickle, the Somerfleld liveryman, was a business visitor in town esterda George B Cramer, a well to do fann- er ol Unamis was here yesterday transacting business Re 1 . Baker of Gettysburg College will preach in the Lutheran church here nert Sunday evening The Red Cross society held its usual Tuesday afternoon sewings in the various homes yesterdav Mr 1 ! Orville Burnworth left yesterday for a visit with friends m Pittsburg John Truitle, manager of the 5 T Downs bakers and grocery wa» a business isitor m Connellsville yes- terda- Harvey Umbel has returned to his work in Ohiopyle after a few days' visit with his family here Mrs E S Thomas of Mt Pleasant formerh ot this place arrived hero yesterday for a visit with friends Jessie Burnworth, the grand old man of Maple Summit, is here visit mg friends at present PatJ'omzp those who advertlie The Sunbeams the fourth of a series of Bve entertainments of a Lyceum course, will give an entertainment in the Christian church tcmoirow even ing STOMACH MISERY served and spent a rerv pleasant t\ening IP YOU HAD NECK SOIETIROAT Kid of Tfcrt When your stomacli is out ot order or run down, your food doesn t digest. It ferments m your stomach and forms gaa s -which causes sourness heartburn, foul breath paJn at pit oC stomach and many other miserable symptoms Mi-o-na stomach tablets will give joful relief in five -minutes, if taken regularly for two weeks they will turn your tUbbj', sour, tired out stomach into a bweet energetic perfect TrorK- ing one v nervous irrltabxMty indigestion flabbv meJancholy muscles mo to pli c h i m i prclimlnirv r*x . phBiclann in sueh n. g-rr-it \ a r i c t j who cAso^ Is not a pa ent redlcino nor nnd cret romed} but one which am (nation for life Insurance I w»a astonished to find him u 1th the blood pressure of a boy of 20 and aM full of ·vtc-or vim and vitality as a \oonf, rnnn in fact a young man he really ·« at. not ·\vlth3tandlnff his agro The fftcret he «aid -was in tak inff iron--N utated Iron hod filled him with renewed life \t 30 ho WIB m bad health at HS he was carewDrn and nearly all in--now at after of vitality Iron a mir- and hii face beaming etc. etc and in consequence of their ^eaVenefi ruu-doim condition thej are so liable to contract serious and c^en fatal diffefLses that T deem It m duty to advise Nuxated Iron I ha-ve taken it mjself and {riven it to mj putienti with most surprising and satiRfaclorvj results And those who % ish quickly; to Increase their strength, power n.ndj endurance will find it a most remark-i able and wonderfulry effective rem- [ i cd btood corpuscloH to enable naturo 1 with the buon.ncj of outh Dr JamM Frincis Sulll\an formcrlj PhyKfclan of Bcll^^un HospilT (Out doo- Dept.), ?*ow Xork anrl the West cheaper County Hospital sayH Thou- jtandn of persons gro on stiftcrinR- ear ifter jefcr doctoring- themnelrea foi to Irus'). 1 I tlti ' attt ^ whose iron con stiLuolits irf i\ i lt.l pre»eribtd 1 v pmineiit phhlcainn both in Lurope and Air^iit-a. L n l l k e Ihc older Inorsan c Iron productH It is cosilj asfimHiLted doej not Injure the teeth make them black not up^et th · stomach on the contrary It is a mos potent remedj Sn ncarl all forms ot InUlfceitlou as ·well as Cor ner\ous run doiyn condl tiont!. Tlio manufacturer^ ha^e such Kreat conildence 'n Tsux iti d Iron hftt they oftcr to forfeit SiOt 00 to ani charitable In^tltutton it hej cannot tike »n inan or woman tinder 6ft who laoke iron and Jncretae the r strength 100 per cnt. or r c* In four v eeks time pro\ ded tli** ha*o no «erloua or- R-anic trouble Ihej ^ilso ofCer to ro fund our rnonoi if t loe-3 not at WBSSSB'fflK son CHILBKEVS $2.50 SH01S Gun Metal Leather wnh Kid 01 Cloth tops button style all W7es from 8^4 to 2 a,. ?1 98 MISSES' §«J.50 SHOES In bo h Gun "Metal and Patent leathers b\ Uon style all sizes 1iy 2 10 2 at ?2 G ( Little Gents' $3.00 Shoes olid leather soles button .45 Gun Metal Leathpr, -with style all sizes, 9 to 13 yi, at . __ . MISSES'S3.01) SHOES $2.98 Patent and Gun Metal lel- thers kid tops button stjle all sizes 11% to 2 Special value at ?2 08 s:{.-0 SHOE'S I nghsh su le. Gun Metal leather Neolm boles lace st]e= all sires 1 to 6 Special at ?2 91 Children's $2.00 Shoes clo f h tops button Gun Metal and Patent Leathers srylp S'ze 5 to S, Special at KOBACKER5 * " " THE BIG STORE kinds of ill* when the rc-xl and true double you r strength and frduranco In J 1 EVADING INCOME TAX UNPATRIOTIC PASTOR ASSERTS cause underllnsr their condition Is Ilmplv alack of imfflclent Iron in the ten dav citj bv l i m e It in dispensed in A A Clarkr and al' good j Riving to Red Cro 1 !- s T Oun Special t« Tne Courier MOUi\T PLEASANT, Jan 30--Tcs- sic -was provided hy the St Cecilia s SLHPUOIIY IS nil choir ot 30 members Addresses were glten by Burgess Samuel P Stevens and W A. "\\eillbski, A Ice president ot the citizens committee. Participating in a tableau vvere .Libert} P S* auXov, sfci Poland · J Sw ankow- terda fhen there were no cars out of ski 'Uncle Sam, J Jurczak mas- town Yoney 1 Cunningham went to ter ot tarbleau 'SV A \Melobski reci- the rooms of the Third Ward Hose tation, W Kljmowsfci The jiain ad- company on Clverry avenue to clean, dress of the "afternoon was gntn bj up the rooms and as he entered the Lieutenant J larekic/ ot the Polish door he saw a vvindov, broken in attendance during the firs,, bemeetev ' from the outside Burglars had been boys under tho draft ago and men there and left nothing in the room over the draft age for the Polish that could be earned out The ms army Several volunteered T h e v o l - i was taken off the floor tha punching untaiy collection netted 4 about $500 bag was gone, several gum hats of the Moving pictures showing the lite of old type, a uniform that hung on the | the Polish battalions m Pranri con wall composed o[ a gum coat, hat and eluded the program A recru'trag of- test, boots and even took; the broom that was partly worn out, »ere missing Gange Afire. Last eenmg at 8+5 a fire alarm was sent in and the firemen responded quickly The fire was very small one at Grindle garage on South Shupe street and was extinguished without much damage HospiUI Alii Xwting. The Hospital Aid society held its regular monthly meting jesterda} at the hospital and oily routine business »as transacted. Personals. Lieutenant Boy ViClam, from Georg"a, Is the guest of his parents here .Mr. and Mrs Omer H- Roderick and children of Jeatmette are the guests of Mr and .Mrs Glenn Cribble of Smithfield street J N Rosburg of Fittburg spent a lew days with Iriends here Mrs Ma-r Wilkins and Mrs Kichard King ot Jianor are the guests of friends here J TV Gribble of Jeannettc is the guest of Mr and Mrs Glenn Griihble John Haas, aged 25 3 ears, son of flee wlH be opened here this meek ·with Stanley Kurplcl as recruitint officer FOR INDIGESTION JRY BI-NESIA It K Better Than Irn K » Many people jurt now are complain Inif of Indigestion, the most commonly met symptoms being a burning en^a tlon in the nit ot the the belching of eras o- wind acid haliva risingr to the throat flushed face and heartburn Contrary to genera beUct these symptoms do not always indicate any constitutional fault In or weakness ot the digestive apparatus In fact in nine cases out of ten It will be found that the trouble arises solel from an excessively a_W condition of the stomach and consequent fermentation o fthe food contents Medicines and artificial digeulives are not onlv unsuit able In such cases but they may do positive harm because thej do not neutralize the acid which is the root of the trouble For this purpose the best thing: to use is a simple harmleuR neu- trate such atf the pure Bi nesla notv so easily obtainable of any s~ood druff eist Readers who are troubled with Mrs Mary Haas of Jftrst street, was, any of the symptoms name*] above brought to the Memorial hospital suf- , ^TMTM Bet a supply of El nesia and take a. tcaapooniul in a little hot water terms vnt -h a broken leg that ne celved in the mine Sylvia Bolau. Sylvia Oolan, aged 20 ea s Tou tant be very strong and vigor-1 died at the Bridgeport residence o£ ons if jour food onlv half digests Tour appetite milt go and nausea, dizziness, biliousness, nervousness sick headache and constipation will follow Mi-o-na stomach tablets are small and eaf.y to swallow and. are .guarn- teed to banish indigestion and any or all of the above symptoms or money back. 1 or sale b A. A. Clarke and all leading druggists--adv MOUNT PUEASANT Jan SO--The Board of Health organized by elect- line Dr J TV '\1 A. King he-r father, William Dolan on Wednes- da, was buried on Saturday morning in St Joseph's cemetery following mass in the St Joseph chunJi Kegisirr Aliens. Chief of Police Robert Smith vill , after meal-? It will instantl^ neutral zu the. harmful acid and prevent food fermentation and rna-3 probablv also prove that the trouble which appeared so serious ft as nothing* more than an accumulation of acid in the stomach after all Try it and see--Ady "Ce«l Sivcn." Various preparations tae ·drcrtlaed In this connrry at present ·Mch »re presumed to coatribnte con- begin the alien enemy registration at elderably to the hcntlnt power ot cml the borough building February 4 from 6 until 8 o'clock each day Poles Show Fktriotisi A large patriotic meeting was hdd when applied In the prescribed doses, write* Consul General Robert P. Skinner, London The director of fuel research. In aniwer to an inquiry as to in the Cox /theatre Sunday afternoon the value of tkese preparations, itates br the local Polish peopje nev M Uurt tt e »e proprietary nbttaneo h»ve Koilowdu pastor Sbeiar president, and, church, opened the ot tb.6 patriotic Polish been In tb* market a lent time, but cere- °*t there dOM not appear to be a*y secretar Secretary I mon- »ith an eloquent address, in- cemlne ·ciendflc evidence IB tonport ; r W)K succeeded Hugh Close, anil) troduclng; to the people the cause oE M - . B 1 B m a ^ Milton Metz succeeding Prank E T D N S I L I H E ^«ln»r. are new members H C · " · · w " " * " * TM T. ir . nilll Tf^ «-*Q *ie*.taA healta officer of the claims of their manufacturer? Hm»ttig will find thetn tn our id columns the meeting He then called upon . He eondndefl "Th* aatorc cf the his assistant, Rev A Oalnsld as mas- MbWancM makw it highl? improbable ter and chairman of the program I That *** have any effect wiatsoerer Music was furnished by Prof J Hun- °° the «unbttffUou of cot! or othac ter Gambles and eighc fellow music- i fucls when they «re nsed In the qnan lans Durrasr the program YOCA! mu-' 11 "" prescribed" ^ ^t tlie Coiiprt tradon ' Is Manicd \ Special to The Cf. j r i r r Jan J O -- U is not patriotic to contribute ?25 $50 or ?75 to the Red Cross and then trv to evade the Income tax Rer Father M A Lambing rector of St Johns Homanj Catholic church, told the members of j his congregation Sunday evening in a n j address on the occasion of the ua | ·vuUiis of the service flag prepared m honor of the bo;s who ha\o gone to' Ihe Croni He urged upon hib panbh- ioner e that M bolli deed and ^ ord must they support the government and thus indicate their patriotism On the flag ire j? stars represent ing 57 hovs who ha\e goro out from I tho church to the various branches of miiltarv ind nava^l scr\ ice The names 011 the honor roll 11 e Ralplaj j MACK SIGNS DAVIDSON ' Former Captain of Brown University With Athletics. Claude Davidson mfieldcr and former captain of the Brown umversitr baseball team has signed a contract with Connie Mjck He played base balJ two %ears on the Bro^n t^am and was known as one of tlie heaviest hit ters in the college same. He can play third or short and college men of New England arc sure he will make good -with the Athletics. Tr our classified advertisements . f i ' ! »a"d "wood hiodjactui. tool* t . Machinery Gaa and G*«rt]na enifne*. electric liloto-^ EnEnes,Bolers.Plan ? in machmeir » rdivard 4. Bvme James Ounmnsham IPietio Catral-ehia Antonio Co^natto, Sinto DeClfmente Pasquale DeSan- Ui Cdwaid PinnertN ^T^ncls Olos» 'William K Gallag^ei Alfonso Gioia Thomas M Hughes John Ilarpei "\\il- liara Hirper Pitiick Hickey Joseph Hickej John Kenned} Francib Kel lei loseph Killaney Paul Kiilane\ Michael Lucia John McGivern Rav- inonrl Maiov Joseph Miedel Marcan toni Micoz7i John Noi ns Thomas Newton Daniel Noins Joseph Tliomas and Vincent ODonnell John 0 Brien Joseph Wagoner, Francis Zaffino, John Roadman William Shaffer Paul Sheehan, Fiancis Tosa George Tulley Joseph T\agonri Francis afflno John Boyle James Casbar, Antonio \mor oso Viichael Seamaii and James Presto t JOTI overworked ^onr utrroua c *nd caused trgnblevrith yourkidnejsand liver? Ha/re yuu pains m loins Bide and. buck? Hare you a flaDby appearance of the ia.ce and nnder tbc eves* II »o use WILLIAMS KIDNSY AND LT\ ER PILLb For sale by ail druggists. Price 50 cent*. WILUAMS MFG. CO, Props* Cleveland! OW Foi sale bv Coiinens\il!e Drug Co oaoooooooooc Homer's QotMag OOOC2COOCOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOO used in The Daily Courier always bring results. Try their j,ooras- Tot some Uine styles lta\c beon becoming moie aid more simple until now practic iHy all e% ideace of extravagant and =tyhsli one-pit ce dress uj the old favorite olue seige is made on When the Children Cough, Rub simple lines It is trimmed with ball, Musterole on Throats buttons The white satm vestee and I and Chests collar ate iiistmcti\e tjuches that make the dress decided!! attractive FLINT'S QACXDiG U n STORAGE. Motor Truck Service To All Parts of Region. COAL. FOR SALE BOTH PHONES The half-tuiiic eect shut is nev, Not One Came Down The day yas dull as days cnn br rtnll, sometimes only In (he trenches Suddenly high up In the sky snlllnp over the? lines was discerned a floclc at wild geese. In a moment, rifle* were blazlnf upward from all qnnr No telling how soon the symptoms may develop into croup, or worse. And then 3 when you're glad you have a )ar of Mus- terete at hand to give prompt, sure re* lief It does not blister. As first aid and a certain remedy, Musterole u excellent Thouss-ds of mothers know it You should keep a jar in the house, read/ for mutant use. It is the remedy for Edults, too Relieves sore throat, bronchitis, tonsilitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, head ache, congestion, pleurisy, rheumat =m, lumbago, pains and aches of back or MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS rers; even machine guns were requlsi tloned while a^ ay at the other side oi jomts, sprains, so r e muscles, chiibJams, No Man's Luna the German too wa-, frosted feet and colds of the chest (it roosed to ai'tlon But the flock ot sw sailed on tUeic long necks oat" stretched nn-l their ·nlng! rising nod falling ID nudisnubed rhythm And never a om came Science Monitor down, -- Chrlstlira Read The Darty Conner often prevents pneumonia). 30c and 60c jars; hospital size $2 50 I B01HPHOMES OPPMAK'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVIULE, PA.

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