The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1918
Page 4
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'-'-."V "PAGE *;ou«,: . THE DAILY COURIER,' CONNEtfcSVILLE, FA.. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 1918. ; "··"-": HESP.T P. SKTOEB.-v ; v-"-v ' Founder ud Editor. 1»7»-U1£ v ;: JAB J.;DKISCOLI» , - . ; . · . - S«e'y u4 Tremurer, r.uilness Manager. '; JOHN I* OAN3, .;' i'. IffanaKinc Editor. · . ": ; WA1.TEK 8. STIMMEL,. .': ' City .Editor. :·'.. . · . - . ' HISS UTNNB'B. K3NCEEL, - :· . Society Editor. M 'MEMBER'OF: · · · · - . :1 Associated Press. '·'- Audit Bureau of Circulation, ^Pennsylvania' Associated Dailies. ITwo foMati "irer -cojjV; '5Jc-per. niorith; $3*p«r-y«»r toy^TnaU-U' paid-in advance. *^nt«red as second class'matter at the peatoffioc, Connellsville, Ta. ''· ,. a ''· biherwi** reverse tbe. attitude con- sUteatly maintained by th« majority of the Bej»*lic»n;Sena£bni In prerlons · - ' ·conjrnli«».| - ' The roUd Vith! tie PemocnUs-ilmMt as a- unit on: »1I- war measures,^ submerg- : in their patriotic de-'j- WANTED--COOK AND CHA-WBEH- mnid. ARMSTRONG'S RESTAURANT frajevthe privilege of submitting to tlie legislatures of the several states the approval or disapproval- of- a constitutional amendment granting them the right-of frani-hise.^.Instead,..there is thVve'rj- .urgent obligation- to' hiiin- tain the leadership on this question!. -WANTED--OLKL . FOR GENERAL -.which Republican memljers in both i housework; 304 E. Payottc St. the Sena'teVand House Yhaye already. \ established/' '.»'.'...,· ;-Ui . J WANTED--CLEAN' COTTON RAGS, 7e Ib. Courier Office. lajun-tfa lir* to : m»keur country; fit io wage f buVin^sS^'RE.VDINE-S. tiie great'war lai'wMcnx-we are, en gag-' cd;' Joining-witlr .the; opposition on these measureg .has incurred no obli-. gation" upon tile -part : o£ Republicans 'CO.. follow-.the .lead of the majority- party-'in Congress which has uniform-' ly r i)Bppsed -granting to the friends oE. BARBEHINO . W.-UVTBD -- LAVKDUY BAI/TlilOHG HOUS13. by said Act of Assembly, ..-and the supplements thereto conferred. STERLING, H1GBEE £ MATTHEWS. Solicitors. JjinSOfebS-13 SherlVN Hales. The rc'lou-f.nt? described properties will be oxposeil to sale ))· Tliomiis L. Howard, Sheriff oC Fuyette County,:' it. wits struck' off. who in case of ile- licieney in such resale, almll makii good the same, tlie biil.incc of tlie-purchasf- money must be paid Before "Wednesday . oC tho (Jrst week oC March Court, j 1018 the day ot acknowledgement o f ' Sheriff deeds'. THOMAS I,. HOWARD. Sheriff. ' ISjanbt-wed : STATKMEKT OF SATUHDAT, F E B R U A R Y SUl, IKS. Rt 10 o'clock A. M., -it the C o u r t , - , , ,,,. House in Unlontown, by Virtue ot the ' State oC Pennsylvania, Councy of Fay- BALTIMORE HOUSE. below stated writs, issued out. o f . i t h « C o u r t of Common Pleas oC Fayette ,, ,, ,, , , T Z , County, Pennsylvania: ll-m tfd I Geards Tatturson, Attorney. J ! Henry Roebuck and Jain; Roebucl WANTED--DtSHWASHEK; SLAVISH or polish. TKAN9-ALLEGHENY HOTEL. . . 22jan-tfd 28.ju.n4td.* | WANTED -- FITRXISHED ROOMS, i {suitable, f or ligh' t houBekeepin^. .Ad j dress "L"- ciire .Courier. - 30jan-tfd -· ' T,he Associated Press ' la ex" clusWely entitled to th'f; uso [or republicatibn- of all-- n'ewsj dispatches credited to it or not/ otherwise, credi.ted, i n - t h i s paper ^ and also the local news published "i'jhereln. ' . .. WANTED^-TWO OR THREE FUR- nished rooms for light housekeeping-, withjall conveniences. "ROOM/' care Courier. ' 30jan2td* vThe formal,establisltAient 'of"\vheat- less Mondays'and-Wedixusaays -and orje wheatress^ m^eal on all other, days of; the, veek;- ,an.d meatless Tuesdays ·I . TO t'OXBAT A 3tE5ACE. | It seems _ to have been'reserved to j the members of the Western Pennsylr j vania Firemen's vAsociation to recog-r j nize an emergency as well as to plan meet it. vlTritlT-the meeting of the. I board of control'bf this' organization; in -Aleyersdale recently there had beeu' no: systematic effort, made,. even, by those: in-authority in the state gov- WANTED--POSITION AS BOOK eminent,, to make adequate or eftec-.: keener or stenographer by lady. Huve live provision against the menace j had tweu-e-years' .experience. Can "whlcri^eiists'in'almost all sections ofi lt M o n L W. arc Fi. Fa. N|o. 12 March-Term,'1918. K. D. Sur JuiibrmeiH No. 354 J u n e Term, 1917. · - · . .· · AH that corluin tract af land situate, lying;-and being: .in U u n b a r Township, Fayctte County, State of Pennsylvania, .laounded and described as Collqivs, to-\vit: Bcsrinning- aC a corner atone of l a ' n i s j « j A j i f o r m e r l y qt Henry. Hoebxick a-nd ·J a n e ,DaI*ly Aver age Before inc, the subscriber, a Notary Public within and for aaid County and ; State, personally appeared Jametr M Drisnoll, who being 1 duly sworn according to law, did depose and say: . That he is Assistant Manager of Circulation ,of The Courier, a daily news- 1 paper published in Connellsville. Pa., j and that '-he n u m b e r of papers p r i n t e d ] during' tfce week e n d ins Saturday, January !ifi, Jan. 2 L Jan. 2 2 . . . . Jan. 2 3 . . . . 6,400 M O ! .G,418 .Tan. 1H .ran. XT, J a n . 26 S.-17 G,5JiO . Houbuck, h i p w l f o ; thencii;. alone lands of Cor t Sine's S. flfty-X'aree (53) de- fjrecH East onn h u n d r e d nineteen and two- tenths (119.2) 3f?s. stone. by a line: thence. N". forty-threo (3)-desr6es Eaat one h u n d r e d tjighty-thrce .and six tenths (183.6) I's. stak*; near a beech: thence N, forty-seven : ( 47) decrees ""West - WANTED -- AT ONCE, BL.ACK- smith. Will rent or pay good salary. Oooil 'tShop.' Goofl tools. Lifetime job- for f?ood man. "BIiACKSMITH," care on« hundred ciyhtitcu and (118.5) J's. to stony' by five or dojnvood; thence South forty- four Courier. 26jan-tfd the country in the form of iaeendiarj fires. These" are universally, "admit-: ted-to be of pro-^rinan origin and ftirnlflh referencol Address "BOOK- care Courier. '3D3an3td aiiother-or.-tHose .mcas.ureB,- rendered i TM s - , -"- ' sn ^'TM* ted ; --* 1 1 p r op ,f rty ' WWSS.-UT -by war conditions. Not tnat i TMlued-at'*60.000 MO-has alrcadr been we ire without-sufficient, stocks of I destroyed , h ! ^ me ^ s ; . No ·»om- wieit and nTeit-T6 ^ppTv- the ineedsj mllmt - oaa s.^elj- regard .iteelt as m- cf oir OWE people, but in order that i TM u n e fl ? m ^«' ^r ftn °' ' kllow5 - when °" what fo we miy be' able-to ship both in -larger to" our -.lilies in - Europe, there-" is an :increasin£ sWd presing needs iu flour it is csti- ifiated that we must increase. our h ship-. -.lients^by 30" per c-enC"."Fhfs cannot be done without we restrict ourselves in our daily consumption"' of" wtieaf - . 1 cv " fle - 1917 January .. February . March April May June · JuSy ...... uwKices, ten m i n u t e s ,W'iHt' one h u n - A.uffiisc dred n i n c t y - e i f h t and two' t e n t h s 'September (198.2) perches to the place oC bepin- S i October .·.. nini£. c o n t ^ i n l n f j 0110-Jiundred and f o r t y (HO) acren wtrict measure. Being 1 the same premises convoyed )jy Henry. Roc- buclf -and .lane Roebuck," his wife, to Mont W. McCormlck by deed dated the 12th day oE Slay, 1917, and recorded In the ."Recorder's'Office of Fdyette County. Pennsylvania; In deed book. Vol. 34-1, pape -IC-O. Seized, and taken, in exocution as the property. i»f the d e f e n d a n t at the suit of Henry Roebuck and J a n e Roebuck. , That the daily circulation by monLha for the year 1317 to date was as Col-' lows: Month. Daily Av. "WANTED--MINERS WANTED "WHO are studying- for examinations to get thc best m f n l n j j book published, ."Mining In a Nutshell." by JAMES WARDLAW. Seoudale. Pa. Thice 52.25. CunditioiiR of S^le:--TJti per cent of W.AMTED--ANT KIND OF PRINT-| the purchase money, or a. sufficient intr, whether it I B - a calling caret. sitU i amount to pay all cost?, if the 10 per b.Ul or tho fittest engraved wedding { cent is not enough, shall be paid t o - t h e invitation or announcement. Wo pr.ini ! Sheriff when tho properUy Is stricken 167,S61 130.S52 148,«3t 13J.180 US.162 343,535 163.C7S 1C5.695 3.'i4,19.'3 16G.233 153.192 I55.S4S 5,821 5.453 5,5:4 5,007 5.62-1 5,4-) 6 6.1-13 6.18:1 6.IC7 December 155,845 G,l'3-i Total 151,343 ii.859 And further sayeth not. JAMES M. DRISCOLL. Sworn to and subscribed before me this Sttth day oC .lanu'ary, 1918. ·J. B. KURTZ, y. p. anything--everything--do It p r o m p t l y and do it right. Call the man at TH3 signs of the plotters-wriJl-take, - - COURIER omce. Both phones. 2 7 - t t . The firemen have.a realizing sense! -TCANTED OI^D FALSK · TEETH of the danger and propose to do the-·wanted." Don't matter If broken, l pay most they-can to com-bat it. Through t * = t o * 15 » crv5C V A1 !° ca18h or Sl d 7°! d ' the or^ization of their membership gj" ^ ^^ce^hZv by^j into : fire. protection · units they will man. Will hold eooda 10 days for provide an efficient^ and ei- senders approval of my offer;' L periencad. force .that will ic in con, 3rAZBR - ?00r So "' h ith St " Ph "" i!! off. Otherwise the property will be sold · t h e followlnir Monilay at the ex-' COAL Good Cunl. C«ll llrll I'ho PromDt c IBS or t« I7ff. - penee and risk oC the person to whom . rcadines both as flre figbters ts; ''of ever5». kind. - o b j e c t o f the order. ! communities. The tonder of their services- to- President ."Wilson- and .Gov- While r .tbe,^regii|utipnEi 'are ; manda- _^rhat the nroposed organtzalion. faasis tn te 315. *'" S«TM the"movement', added inter. est.'in. .this coinmuflit5" ; 'and. also ''' " 2Sjn.n-trd . tip-"proportion lir'nner'pound of*flour' ttt,TOTie- ponndrrpt: uer.eals- .others than- those made from wheat.-"Consumers Everything: fias' Its ' comperisationB." For instanco*'those.cltlzens-'trho~ha' ROXT--OSK EIGHT KOOil'l liuusu.. All -modern Improvements., Patterson suul Chestnut street. I n t t u i r e j S. M. Goodman, Youtfh Houae. 2Gjn.n-tfd . trnr Sfllr. FOR SALE--BUICK FOUR/ROADS- ter, 1917, in good condition. Mc- CAK CO. 26jan6t ].'OB SAX.E--HOUSEHOLD GOODS ·will make their purchases from the | been eating'the., .oycnins meal by [at private sale. MRS. ALICE HECK- retalleis.uiion the famerbasis;:That is, I candle lisht'have" thel.satisfactloh o£; L.ER/; Third Floor, Arlineton Apart- for'every pound of "flour bought they. I fcnoirinfr that the'brciilc iff the wires; merits. ZSjanltd' ducts of corn,.rice. o"atmeal or other! " · ' * sinjilar foods. . - · . . . . . - . i _ f,-«,.._ cll ^- a yp roTe d the hudcet w i t h o u t .this could bo constated to j applying a SRlety razor. meaa that consunivrs caa^ecure their! otlicr reducing, instrunienis or customar/.requirements,'of. flour by i t o any of -the .approprlatlana. anti-Cat ncasurea also taking aa- r equivalent in weight ofahe cereals specified, the intent and purpose.-of the. nigiaation i s . t o . reduce the consump..^^ of. flour by In--! creasjEngr the., consumption of. cereals. It is not designe'd to lessen the quan-. titj- of food a consumer may buy, but it does mean, thai .the proportions "which have hereto] ore existed between 'W(th the.boj-s of the ilOth' rejrfment taking 1 ovcr-JO. 000,000 in ^ife insurance, i''^^^".^^ ti?^ ^Vrov! jhjr that they are much /-concerned f f r t ibout -making things safe wheat products av.d cereals purehas- [hack..home in ci ed S ha.U,be To: further in- |]$J; t ' h "i!£i£ r f°. r the folks they have to pay 'making things unsafe the- ,; saying id flour, ana ;_ adapt ourselves. to amew.yarfety.- : of. bread "havfrig.A sniailecjllqur content, bakers must mix five -p'er cent of other-- cereals.with. VJifte tloui- andvgraduaHy" increase.- the .perC'jntago until, ..bogia- ning with .Febrnaiy 24, a m'mininni of "It taHeri the .Interstate Commerce Commission' t.n say when ft discrimination. Is nol ;i : discrimination, as note the decision sustaining tlie order ' t o j-ive tli^ team''loaders nothing- but box carp.. · , - · · ' . . VOR SAl-K-^JST.OO STOVE POU 525. Used- 1 two" months. Good cookinj? and heat in p. Call at 503 South Pittsburp.. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE --TODAY-- PITTSBUKC PRESS! WEEKLY SHOWING OVXIP USE AND CAMP HANCOCK. BLOEBIRO PEiBSENTS VIOLBT MERSEREAU JN "The Girl by the Roadside" KO COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. - -- - T O M O R R O W WJf. A. BKADY PRESENTS ETHEL CLAYTON IN "STOLEN HOURS" A WORLD PRODUCTION IN" G ACTS. ALSO THE "ANIMATED ^^EBKLY" SHOWING THE LATEST WAR NEWS "OVER THERE." FOTl SALE--JEFFREY Ifi-A - crtc-.ralnluE machine for low coal, in j /rood condition. Boll 55-J" Vf*m Nekton or 510 Unlontown. ^9jan2td . FOTL SA1.E--THItEE INCUBATORS, brooders and brootl coop. Complete poultry raising outfit. COXNELJ-S- V1LLT3 GABAOJS. 23jan-eod-tf FOR SALE -- USSD. CAHS. WILL ll on payments and store free til! April la-L One S5 Four Overland Touring Car. One Overlanel Country Club. ' One ' Overland ' Roadster. One Hup Tnuring- Car. One Ford Touring Car. One Six Cylinder Seven Passenger Jackson, suitable for tixt service. One three-fourth ton panel body Republic Truck. One three-fourth ton express body liepubn'c truck. One two-ton 'Re-* public Truck. WELliS-MILLg MOTOR OAR. COMPANY; zsjanata , 20 per cent 'of such cereals shall be;' Ho\\- lias Uniontown l?«en able to bear | JJOST-- SOMEWHEBK IN BUSIKBSB used " . . . " ' ·"--. ;... . -.- ! the disLress iiml inconvenience of beinf?.i district. broou7\- set with diamonda .and vhcn we a Food - -- . _ . , t . . . , .... . . -. ;· w · e ut o(T from the P(rt=t City oC Payette'j rttMea. Jteward If rfiturned to Courier rcguiatioas: no : prov\sion is; made 'for j ... *. .... ^ ' ·_ :i systcni of fines or- imprisonment'."! . .TUia- is anotU^r ot the day-" Other -measures' no less effective will "I nre reminded that .we hav. be employed. If licensed wholesalers·[ Adminfatratloa. / l rgfusp,to..follOTy the rules the Food ! ';ni. t~iT m- 'than a"'con-r*s- A(lmmistratfbn "cun" cancel - t h e i r - I N siona^jnvftstlsaiton ,toLTroyc that the cen3e-and'close tbeir doors.- IF retail- weather man is .n. friend . of either ers~c6mn?it, violations ihe ivhorcfialers j Garfield or ic'Adoo. caji; retuSc.. to. supiily. .them witli.j stocks/.;'.-Insofar, .is .eonKumers. are j conccrn'ed'ih'e' resuIatronH"are'without i The "blow"' almost apllled father. When · the volunteer · -firemen. .,£jet " LOST---GO1J- BRACELET - WATCH; Elpin-;.between high school and StauC- for's book store. .Return to hlffh school o(»ce. - ." SOjan^td FOUND -- LADIES, . CRITICS - IN style, found LaChLmla's, tailored auit; dlMtinclively fashionable. Order yours now; 209 Pittsbtirsr St. yojan-tf paaalties,eJCCCpt M iJiat..teLaileva^jixusl{ t hfir" lire.and,.police protection units relase-to sell, them flour'.unless they i workintc, they will make it warm for also buy cereals, pound for pound. In i t h c pro-qermnn.flrebues.^ the^hojne abscryance of the food, re-.' .'_' · --r-- -- s^pl^crionsT co'nsumer's* wYir*Vc"goveru-X tll ' p ' a ^ ci by .Jkcir own \viHingnc5s_pr un^.| waVkft" r ":a;triflin;- " - - ·, UuggaTi ia.iletcrminetl to take- L a out f'f the', slippery side- Oeaial an4 thereby shpir-t'heJT paTriot--} The 'iiV pepbrtment h-iia'not fallen ! i^ 1t.- ; ---- ····** · "! down on 'Its preparation, of · · s t u m p j o £ - "-1^ __ ^- .i-speecb^-ror tlia emerscncy use oMta t JlKrUKLlOASS ^l;SlTFFKAGK'.r eCrC ' ar " ' ' When " JhV"". Sn?f rage" Amendment I "^ '.; B, TO afKP-CHAXTS AXD VENDETtS;-- The City license tax for 1918 is due. All i persons rertulred to pay "a license -tax i:3liould ...make* payment .on or before February. 10th, 191S,, This city license 4 Lax incliideo all merchants, venders, restaurants;; brokers, bowling- alleys., places.of amusements, hacks," taxi-cabs, horiies for hire, real estate aeal- . ddlers, 'hucksters, etc.,- and any other business transacted In the city .hat; TCQUires* 'the payment of a license JOHN DLfGGAN, Mayor. 30Jan . ^ . v lurjrcl.v- .Spoken,'. before th«i Senate, ^as % is ex- !: vvyayn|sburp . .beiuocrat-Me'ssenger. -. p'e^VeH""s : ortfy~ the' Republicans "Tn'l A "man" 'Way "'be able to" speak seven thrir. tfot votes bj^-tho -attiTuae* arid record oCJpipeiTIa usually unprintable. te majority.-rf)t-the rnaembers«o£..,tiie I j __ __ _ . _ _ partv_m if^fitfr-on ihi's- question.:] the --one-- h« frozen -water of Congress"^n this~issue 'ia""an the*. ycars.tshat-it^faas been before-the-nai-" ipnal. L^islalurOj^^tbc.^niajprHv^^of Re- puoHc£^, *j5tdirb'er?i'*tiarfi T"?corxf£(i tbcii*" vote in. itsr.favor and-the'taajority of s tfte Oenioccats «itii. eqnal..ft4eliiy to.! tn'^f-r against H ? A. Guest. 3LBKITV -...'^.7 Charte* X» , it, wnon, iB--ls8i"^tQ6-.resoIutioii pro-; pOBing_theJ.6th ;imendment was first! broug'H' t6TMa"vo'£er I'ETRepubTican' He djd.-i't'-'make a-.flourish "when the boas was pasFlnp'by;;,; _ . . Hg' dijin't .brae, of what ho-knew, nor talk''ab'otit'.'what "h'e "coiild : "do, *'""' ?for''blow' a Horn of -Wrasa -to. catch' at- ·to -tlay. he did ... , . TMt«*Xe,wMleI^' 0 jV^oi^fabor^Icft'^t^'hiRaa/.in- 12:Jlepiibltcans;ii.^d;22;I)eniQ:rats vat- i ' Difference to-teU; .-! . : , ,, *d-no. " r ln the ilouse f^e proportion I On hini always, they could depend, to. do haX .been-relative^ the'sam,e;-the'ma- - t^.ff 01 " »^ * 0 ,, e - nd ' , ·',-.. jo^r ^ tHe.Jl^nblicanrSbers v-ot H * a ' d h ' S *TM cheerfully and dld H ing-, in and.. ' ; NOTICE IS -HERT3BT- GIVEN THAT an application wilt be made by A, E. JEood, j.'.S. Madigah and R. S. Matthews to the Governor o£ PennsylTa.n-.ii. .on Th-tirstlay, Fcbruar"-21, 1918, at 10 o'clock A. lt..."\zndor thc p r o v i s i o n s - o f a n / A c t of -Aasen»b'b : entitled "An/ Act ty.-'provitfc for 'the incorporation and rcg-iilation .of certain corporations," approveil the 2Dth day of April, A. D.. 1S74, and the supplements thereto, for a charter for an intended corporation to be oalled UNITED FUEL COMPANY, 'the character and object of which is the m i n i n g : " o f " coal, and the manufac- \ ture of the same into coke, and the eale-,of .coal and coke, and -for these purposey to have,.'possess and enjoy all the -Tights, -benefits and privileges, SOISSON Matinee and Evening Today A Corking Good Comedy. "The Turning Point" Three Acts of Bc»l Pleasure -TOMORROW AND FRIDAY--' Thc Birth Control Sensation "A Warning to Women" JTIGHTS, 20c AJiD 30c. MATINEES, lOc AND 20c. ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY William Fox Presents 3-EORGE WALSH iu a Stirring Patriotic Drama . . . . ' . ""I'HU TRIBE OF NEW TOJRK" Also Billle Rhodes in. a Strand Comedy and "The Mutual Weekly." ·"irERSISTEK". Adapted from JTrohmaa's Play, Starring OLIVE TELL. Big 15c Dai ,. at 2:30 : T Evening ..'' Shows'at · 7:30 and 9:li.. . . . . . . . . . ossible on!y"6ecatj«ie Itiui And witti vated a y, aai 10 4. DerHo- ; ^ -witl thi-tu, as : agaiOit 23 ; u,e ri!! who joints with "10:1 'Deni^ ·· voting Mf~ '·' '.-'·' ' ' " · B l S bu ....... a siiout-of- lioneat gleo, ,' ' Clean, - Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. i ro -warrant' -"or induce Re; ' V. torr, a co.Utl W with ^ Democrats against uus measure on tlie;sliK^fest.'doubter-.^.^.^ ''·' . _ u will., not^havc'rlb 'runt'antl..tell thc [I wtU ,5nd you outl . j - ' -- 1VEDSESDAY'AX Byrne Byrne and Their Giddy Girlies . I n tlie Tuneful Musical Comedy "A Trip to Chinatown'* On the Screen--The last-chapter, of "The .Figbtiig Trail." Friday and Saturday--^". S. Hart in "Dakota Dan." , BttOli BYBITE' America's noted double voiced Female Impersonator.. JDQtlE W.iLTEKS fa Songs and Dances. rtlWlT GIBLrES The Sinking Tirc-e. CHAItl.n; BYli.XK In Songs, Talking and Music, What is the difference between a Thrift Stamp and a War Savings Certicate Stamp? The 25-cent Thrift Stamps are issued to help you to save and exchange for a $5.00 . War Savings Certificate Stamp. The Thrift Stamps bear no interest; the War Savings- Certificates earn interest. Why do I get a $5.00 War Savings Certificate Stamp for from $4.12 to $4.23? The $5.00 is payable January 1, 1923. It includes the return to you of your money with the compound interest that the Government will pay you. The sooner you fill up and exchange your Thrift Card for a War Savings Certificate Stamp, the more interest you'will receive. Why should I exchange my full card of Thrift Stamps for a War Savings Certificate Stamp? Because the War Savings Certificate Stamp bears interest and the Thrift Stamps do not. What becomes of the money I pay for a, stamp? It is a loan to tlie United States Government. How can my 25 cents really help? A ioan of only 25 cents by every person in the Nation will provide the United States Government with 25 million dollars. There is now on sale at most of cur stores a bargain lot of overcoats for men and boys; a bargain lt of top coats for women, misses, and children. There is not a great quantity but what are in stock are high class goods at wonderfully reduced prices. We do not want to carry them over, although it would be a good investment to carry them as the same class of goods next year will be worth' : a lot of money, and for that same reason would be a good ' investment for you to buy now, even if you do not use ? them until next year. There are many other bargains throughout the department. " ' A t3 Lanre Department Stores, ' Located in Payette, Westmoreland and AJlegheny Counties. Buy Your Ford Car Now If you want one for next Summer.. I can make immediate delfrery of FORDS, although I cannot promise: deliver}- next Spring. Everything is in your favor--cars ivi]] not be any cheaper and deliveries more uncertain later; and the FORD car is- the only car that has not advanced in price. The same quality that you have always expected--the greatest automobile value at last year's lowest price is still yours if you place your order NOW. Price of 1'ouring Car $860.00; Runabout $345.00; Chassis $825.00, i. o. b. Detroit. Delivery anywhere in Dunbar, Franklin, Connellsville, Lower Tyrone,. Salt Lick and Springfield Townships; Dawson, Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs. Hyatt Motor Company WEST CRAWFORD AVEXUE. G IG'S ·ffSJT'' 1f\TT A T hLlb 1 WAI (THE SSPEMSE3R, TMs W©@lk Excqpft S6SS®®S«SSeffi®J®S^ ^ PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS I WHO. ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. 1

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