Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 29, 1975 · Page 74
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 74

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 29, 1975
Page 74
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--June 29,1975 Sunday Gazette-Mail Charleston, west Virginia Your Bridgework By Jackie Wilcox North dealer. North-South vulnerable. North 4 Q 7 5 V K 8 6 3 · A K 7 5 West J 9 7 Q10 A K J 7 6 4 3 South East 4 K J9 * 10 5 4 2 · 9 8 6 4 2 4 8 V MRS. WILCOX 2. Mrs. Tom Moore and Mrs. Robert Bailey 3 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spence EAST-WEST t. Ed Maier and Link Young 2. Jim Morrison and Lyle Sanes 3 Cov wnrte and Tom Moore BRIDGE CALENDAR Week of Junt 29 SUNDAY -- Sunday Night Duplicate -- 7p.m. -- Public inviied. Morris Harvey College Union. 1MONDAY - BridgetieClub -- 10:3Qa.m. - Homeoi \\,-s Harry Welsch, 501 WilKie ftrive. Public invi!ed. v.onday NigM Duplicate - 7:30p.m. - Homeoi Mrs. Harry Weiscn. Public invited. TUESDAY - Tuesday Night Duplicate - 7:30 p.m. Public invited. Homeoi Austin Miller. WEDNESDAY - Easy Aces -- 10:30 a.m. -- 214 D. Street. So. Charleston. Closed. CLUB TOURNAMENT. West Virginia State College Duplicate -- 7:30 p.m. New Dormitory. Public invited. THURSDAY - Novice Game - No Game. FRIDAY - KVBA - No Game. SATURDAY - Bid and Made -- 7:30 p.m.-- Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. Big City Police Feeling Financial Pinch (C) A'eir York Time* Sen-ice NEW YORK - Because of financial squeezes, police departments in major cities across the country are cutting back on personnel, or at least not adding people, at a time when crime rates are spiraling. This reverses a trend of the 1960's, when police departments had little trouble obtaining the funds they felt were needed to fight crime. A check of several cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Boston. Cleveland. Atlanta. Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Detroit, found police officers and citizens worried that the situation was approaching a critical stage. A few believe that stage has been reached. "We have the same apprehensions here as all over the country," said Gerald Rademaker, former police chief and now executive assistant for law enforcement to the mayor of Cleveland, where crime was up 19.8 per cent for the first four months of this year. The city's police force is down from 2.459 in 1970 to 2,255. * * * RADEMAKER and other police officials said the money pinch was compounded by cutbacks in federal funds from the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, funds many police departments had become dependent upon. Police Commissioner Robert J. di Gratia of Boston said Law Enforcement Assistance Administration money had been cut from $1 million to $500,000. "Local funds just aren't there to pick up the slack," Rademaker said. "In these times, people don't want to be taxed any further, and that makes it very difficult to get any new money locally." He said that Cleveland's situation was not as bad this year as it was expected to be next year. In Dallas, a hiring freeze is in effect; the city experienced a 16 per cent increase in crime the last year. Los Angeles officials said there was a slowdown in the hiring rate rather than a freeze, but that the effect was the same and the police authorities were concerned. Only vacancies are filled. The city recorded an 8 per cent rise in major crimes in May over the same month a year ago. Pittsburgh, after crime increased 19 per cent the first four months of this year, decided to add 50 officers to the police force, the first new personnel in five years. Mayor Abraham Beame of New York City submitted a budget last month that threatened the jobs of 4,725 policemen, which would reduce the force to 25,860, the lowest since 1965. ·'We find ourselves unable to respond adequately to routine calls." said Lt. Dan Cook, assistant to the police chief of Los Angeles. "We don't have a problem responding immediately on a hot call, such as a robbery in progress. But what a citizen considers urgent and what we have decided must take priority are not necessarily the same." OF THE CITIES checked, only Atlanta experienced a reversal of the trend. Throughout the 19C-0's, the city enjoyed relatively slight shifts in crime rates and became an attractive area in which to live. But in the 1970's Atlanta has seemed plagued by every urban ill. especially a rapid rise in crime. However, this year, crime decreased through the middle of this month in all major categories except assaults. The Atlanta police force has increased . to 1,561 from 952 in 1970. The department is now hiring only to fill vacancies. Police Commissioner A. Reginald Eaves attributed the decline not to the size of the force but "to the techniques we've employed, the improvement- of our training and better supervision." Some police officials complained that court orders concerning female and minority employment had added to their hiring problems. A discrimination suit in Chicago not only held up hiring and promotion within the police department but also resulted in a cutoff of the city's $76-million in revenue-, sharing funds. * A 10 6 4 3 2 * A Q * J 3 4 1 0 9 5 The bidding: North East pass pass pass pass 4 * South 1* 3 4 pass West 2* pass pass Today's hand is from a column by R. M. Woodworth which appeared in the Petersburg, Fla., Times, South and his partner, a bridge pupil, needed a good score to make up for some deficiencies that had arisen on earlier deals. The East player was well- known for misapplying the considerable amount of bridge knowledge that she had stored away over the years. iWest led the king of clubs and continued with the ace on which East played the deuce of diamonds. East now concentrated so hard on her next discard that when West led the club jack and declarer trumped with dummy's queen she became confused. Instead of overtrumping with the king she played another diamond. Now positive that West held the king of trumps, South realized he could still make the contract if the king was either singleton or doubleton. He led the ace and a low spade and to his amazement East produced the king and jack for a one trick set. . At every other table where the contract was a spade game East overtrumped the spade queen and later lost the jack when South finessed with the 10. LAST WEEK'S WINNERS BRIDGETTE CLUB 1. Mrs. W. L. Pyle and Mrs. J. A. Galens 2. Mrs. B. N. Kissinger and Mrs. George Woo 3-4 Mrs. J. G. Miller and Mrs. Clarence Young 3-4. Mrs. Russell Van Cleve and Mrs. H. C. Riley MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE .1. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Singleton . 2. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Crow .3. Mrs. Mimi Lawrence and Mrs. Harry Welsch WEST VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE DUPLICATE NORTH-SOUTH . 1. Jackie Wilcox and Robert Bailey . 2. Mrs. Austin Miller and Mrs. Tom Moore ·3. Mrs. John Gatens and Mrs. D. D. Smith =AST-WEST -1. Dr. and Mrs. Ed Sheen 2. Coy White and R. R. Kiser 3. Alma Perry and Joe Ballew EASY ACES NORTH-SOUTH ' 1. Mrs. Clarence Young and Mrs. L. T, Snider, Jr. 2. Mrs. R. D. Keightley and Mrs. L. G. Huston 3. Mrs. A. J. Carey and Mrs. R. G. Markham EAST-WEST 1-2 Mrs. C. E. Ellis and Mrs. J. G. Miller 1-2. Mrs. Tom Moore and Mrs. Austin Miller 3. Mrs. W. L, Pyle and Mrs. K. H. Hill KVBA NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Clarke 2. Mrs. Flo Rawlings and Mrs. J. A. Gatens · -3.-4 Mr. and Mrs. B. Y. Hill 3-4. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coghill EAST-WEST : 1. Jade Wyatt and Lyie Saties 2. Mrs. K! P. Engle and Mrs. Tom Moore 3 M. J. McChesney and Tom Moore BID AND MADE NORTH-SOUTH t. Jade Wyatt and Robert Bailey Fire Hits Radio Studio In India (C) New York Time* Service NEW DELHI, India -- An unexplained fire, thought to be arson committed by opponents of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's regime, broke out at a studio of the government television network here Saturday, the government radio network reported Saturday night. No casualties were reported. The radio network, All India Radio, said in a newscast that the New Delhi police suspected that the blaze had been an instance of sabotage by opposition political parties carrying out prepared plans, announced earlier this week, for a national pretest campaign against the Gandhi government. The fire, which broke out at 4:30 p.m. local time, took firemen four hours to bring under control. The fire did not disrupt television broadcasts of the TV network, which is also part of All India Radio, directed by the ministry of information and broadcasting. All India Radio reported that the fire had broken out in the basement of the studio building and had spread quickly to the studio itself. ^Schwartz Named Deputy Director Gerald Schwartz has been named deputy director of the West Virginia Department of Commerce's industrial development division, Commerce Commissioner Ralph Albertazzie announced^ Schwartz, 43, most recently served as state director of WIN (Work Incentive Program), which is administered by the Department of Employment Security. · Albertazzie said Schwartz will be involved in all phases of the continuing program to attract new industries, expand existing gpes and provide financing^ relatedmanufacturing and idust What do you look for in kitchen cabinets? -·*, '^ 'Vi'V.Oi ··_± *t*i »^I ,//^i 66 INCH KITCHEN STARTER SET TIARA STYLE Whether your kitchen is country, contemporary, or colonial; Tiara styling has the good looks to blend with any decor. Each cabinet is beautifully crafted. Includes: Base Cabinet -- #29006 Combination Wall Cabinet -- #29008 66" Custom Top Cut Out -- #29003 Regular $234.91 S 189 Comtemporary Style Tiara Style 96 INCH SET You'll also find the versatile Tiara styling in this 96" set with room for everything in your kitchen! It combines good looks and practicality in a combination especially designed for today's larger kitchens. Includes: 66" BASE CABINET -- #29006 15" BASE CABINETS (2) #29269 15" WALL CABINETS (2) #29214 66" CUSTOM WALL CABINET -- #29008 96" CUSTOM TOP -- #29485 Regular $399.82 p jt For Just Married Couples 66 INCH KITCHEN CONTEMPORARY STARTER SET Clean lines and contemporary styling make this the perfect starter set for your new kitchen or your kitchen remodeling. Both cabinets come already finished and ready to install. Custom-molded countertop, too. Includes: 66" BASE CABINET -- #29001 66" COMBINATION WALL CABINET -- #29002 66" CUSTOM TOP CUT OUT FOR 32" x 21 "SINK --#29003 Regular $184.97 $149 72 INCH KITCHEN STARTER SET Includes: 18" WALL CABINETS (2) #29216 48" VALANCE BOARD -- #29350 18" BASE CABINETS (2) #29270 36" SINK FRONT -- #29336 72" CUSTOM TOP -- #29481 Regular $260.79 $·19997 84 INCH SET Includes: 18" WALL CABINETS (2) #29216 48" VALANCE BOARD -- #29350 18" BASE CABINETS (2) #29270 48" SINK FRONT -- #29336 84" TOP -- #29483 Regular $267.62 $214 PATRICK STREET PLAZA Phone 344-8071 OPEN noiiDW truisms A.M. TO i P.M. TIES., WEB., THK.-lftJ.TISM. SftTllim,lftJ.Tt3M. CLOSED SUNDAY \ \ N- I -i^ r \ f f - f * -.-' J j?j'" ^"o-' CEIOTEX BARRETT BUILDING PRODUCTS Asphalt Roof Shingles The roof of your home is probably one of the most neglected areas, yet it is exposed to the elements more than any other. So, it's necessary to keep it in good repair. If it hasn't been inspected lately or if it's approaching its -average life span, you'd better start to think about re-roofing. These asphalt roof shingles are self-Sealing to make a solid, one-piece roof, impervious to wind or water. They have a felt base ... an asphalt saturant to protect base from moisture ... an asphalt coating ... and mineral granules firmly embedded in the coating. Available in a variety of colors. 1797 PER SQUARE 3 1 /2" THICK FIBERGLASS INSULATION Experts recommend at least 3 1 /2" of insulation in walls. #12341. 6"THICK INSULATION #12342 15* SO. FT. 1/2" x 4' x 8 ' CDX PLYWOOD Ideal for side walls and roof sheathing; gives rigid base for roofing; braces building; insulates. #12192. 69 4 x 8 SHEET/

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