The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, January 30, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Swarn Average Daily CirciiSation Last Week, 6,484 VOL. 16, NO. 68. . CONNELLSVILLE, PA.. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 80, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. MER1CAN RED CROSS ATTACHES ON ERRANDS OF MERCY KiLLED BY GERMAN BOMBS 1 ITALY aths Are First in 17. S. Forces GERMANS MEET WITH Engaged on the Italian Front. JE FROM PENNSYLVANIA DISASTROUS DEFEAT ON ITALIAN FRONT 1 Just Arrived at Bed Cross Hos- itol I 1 ) hen llald Begun and Were j afe Bnt They Monnted Jtotorcjcles nil Knsbed to Aid of Wounded. With Aid of Allied Aircraft Italians Take 1,500 Prisoners and Many Gnus ou Brenta Hirer. By Associated Fresa. ITALIAN ARMY HEADQUARTERS IN NORTHERN ITALY, Jan. 30.-Italian, troops struck tbo enemy another hard blow yesterday in the mountain region west of the Brenta river wiiere his efforts have been to push down MINISTER ENGAGED IN HOLY PURSUIT VICTIM OF BOMB FINAL CALL OUT FOR RECRUITS FOR Strnek Bmn in British Shelter While Addressing Refugees There. 29 BODIES RECOVERED TRAINS ANNULLED Ice Gorges Interrnpt Traffic m F« 3L i 1*. Jim nch. i Owing to tie high water Baltimore Ohio trains arc not running today hetvreen Morgantown and Fairmont. (Trains running between those points "last night were compelled to g o ! . _ , , ' , , ,, ,, . . , -* f through two or three inches of water.! Enlistment of PersJnntr's Me- Ice gorges extending from Ufflagton, I clliinics Closes Tomorrow, three miles south of Morgantown to Van Voorhis, six miles north, formed in the Monougahela river yesterday morning at 10 o'clock. Thi; river rose to the highest stage in the history. Several boat housees wer!; wrecked From Spot Where Service .Was In Proprt'ss "When Oorniun Raiders Made Tinir Appearance and Firemen Ver« Still Working Today. By Associated Press. TALIAN ABMY HEAKJUARTERS NORTHERN ITALY, Jan. 30.--Two Prenzela valley to- ·e killed at Mestre Sunday night by j wards Bassino.. Tbe action lasted obs dropped by German . raiders, i throughout the day. The Italians made machine* retu-n'nc safely iy were William Platt and Richard\TM advance ajong the whole stretch Bntlsh mach ' n « safelj. from, the Brcnta to Asiago and captured- 1,500 of the enemy, including 60 officers. Announcement Says. QUOTA IS HALF MADE and several barges carried down the streaci. Efforts were made to dyna-1 Situation PROMINENT MSN ARE GUESTS AT DINNER GIVEN BY M'GINNIS; rittsburir Bnnlter I? Chief Speaker nt EJabontte AiTitir at. the. Ar- linglun Hotel. Prominent bankers of Western | ,, , ,,,. . Pennsylvania were guests cf Post- j ^ oa :_ J J PP jes master "W. D. .McG-innis at an elaborate bantjuet hel-d last evening at tbe Arlington. Sealed at either head of tbe t a b l e were .Mayer John Duggan and : Ex--Mayor Hockwelt Marietui. : Jf?CJ?nMQ FW Following Uie banquet Harrison |IiuiJU iVUliiJ 1H I A. way Boats and Barges Sunk. vite Lho gorge at Van Voorliis with no avail. Morgantown has bnen cut off from telephone communications for the past 4S hours. By Associated Pres 1 LONDON, .Jan. 30.--In last night's! air raid bombs wtirc dropped at vari-', ous places in Kent and Essex it is i announced officially. There \vere sev-j cral aerial engagements, all the ?airchild and were the first Ameri- .s to be killed on the Italian front :; eiact addresses of the men are sing but one is believed to be from msylvania and the othCT from New ·fc. They had not enrolled in the nerican organization, having- en- ed previously in the Wynne-Sevan | in S the Italians bringing down 10 War material also was taken and havoc was spread among the enemy forward trenches. The aerial activity was especial!}- lively during the fight- nch ·iatt si the British Red Cross. machines and the French two. About 15 airplanes took part in last night's raid.' One of them dropped bombs in the southwestern outskirts MMERSMUST DEPEND-ON EACH OTHER FOR SEED Xesbit, president of tlie Bank of l j itth- i burg, National Association, addressed! Made at Meeting of Committee m ; tlllf gat i ic nug. His subject -,vas "War j ' of Semiring' Pnyett-o County; Conditions, War Necessities and t h e ' Allotment last, Night Indicute. The last opportunity to enlist in the' motor mechanics' regiment ofc the aviation suction which will go i n t o training 1 immediately for early service in France will be tomorrow (Thurs-' day). Enrollments agents of the United: Slates Public Service Reserve in tills, country will not issue credentials to i Duties of t b t Bankers.' 1 Mr. Nesbit,: who was formerly chief of the. Nation- ! ai Bank Examiners, has given up his ; active banking duties and is devoting ; xti'ul of Tlie Destruction Cannot He Learned L'nlil .Menus of Communication are He.stored; (*reJit (Jorge At Alicia Threatens llore Jlamiige. was ; Ins °. of London and another in the outlying northeastern districts. There are a j few casualties In southwestern Lon-i don, A lar^e number of the persons feill- ed in Monday night's air raid. accord- Central News mot their . Red Cross hospital on a motor- fought by montnain troops with the death in a building, the basement of !e when the raid bejan. Five abs fell in the court yard of the pital, killing four persons and unding a number of patients. The .ericaus were killed outright. !ompanions of. Fairfield and Piatt they were Silled while performing * act of bravery. They wre at a 1 Cross camp far oat of range of the 1 and could have remained there support of Italian and Allied batteries and large lleets of airplanes manned by' Italian, French and British aviators. The Italians took the initiative in a surprise attack at daylight. The enemy trenches being reached and his liaes driven back, over a long front. which Tvas used as a shelter. It is believed two bombs struck the building as the walls were blown out in large sections and all the floors collapsed. One of tbe touching incidents in i connection with the raid was the | death of a minister vfbr vfhenevcr raid Shortage of Corn For Planting is .Reported in All Tarts of tlic County. BUYING IN WEST IS RISKY Connty Farm Airent Cauttuns Against Planters Seturinp Supply low J'owur and Vrftes .Thul llTto Jlarc Shnre With SieighJbors. Late in the day the enemy made a | warnings were given bad been in the series of violent attacks which were -. habit of visitiug various shelters. aly but with two others they de-! broken up by the steady resistance of j Monday night Ee was addressing peo- 2d' to go to Mestre where the" raid the Italians back of the allies batter-j pie who had collected in one shelter when a bomb dropped on it k i l l i n g GONNELLSVILLE . BOYS TO BE IN BIG SPRING DRIVE Activity at Camp Indicates That 1 already begun and to give aid and p to probable victims. It was just they reached the Mestre hospital 3egin their hnmane labors that the nbs dropped and Wiled both, of a.. '.ALT1MORE. Jan. 30.--William .tt was the son of the late William Platt of Baltimore. He went to rope last summer to drive an am- i JPrep«rati«ns Are Being Made For ance at the battlefront. He was Overseas Movement BRITISH years .old. CAMP LEE, Va., Jan. 30.--The sol- towns who left their homes last Sep-jment o: -rtember, vrill b e - i n the western front \ '-he British the minister and a number of others. Use of homo corn for seeding this year is urged upon Fayette quota, but it is expected that this nuni- ; of the committee on civilian service and labor of the Committee of Public Safety met .in Connellsviile last night and again canvassed the situation. Encouraging reports were made, particularly by Chairman Boy3, who told j of the cooperation the committee is i from tlie recruiting officers. Already there are 10 enlistments on tho rolls, with approximately t h a t : number still to report to tbe recruit- j ing officer for examination. | The motor mechanics' regiment is · germinating power. · In a OTmmuni-jPerience as machinists or arounrt The Central News says that 28 bod-'cation to The- Courier Mr. Dougherty | automobiles. So tar there has been a ies alreadv have been recovered. Fire-i urges cooperation on tho part of j Predominance of machinists, although mun and soldiers are still pouring i farmers BO as to brfng abonl as good several of those who have enlisted water on the burning debris. Many j a crop as possible under adverse con-,-*' bodies were burned most severely. Iditions. The farm agent eayii: ""' Among the number was that of a wo- [ "Each farmer in Fayette county if j man who still clasped two small children to her breast. POKTS OT UPHEAVAL Ef GEBXAXT CONTRADICTORY J3NDON, Jan. 30.--While" iun he does not have seed corn of his o w n j should immediately inquire of bis neighbor for seed and start a germinating teat at onct 1 . There is a serious GKIIHAX AKJtY STBOXCIIOLDS, shortage of seed corn in practically LONDON' Jan. 30.--An official state- j every county in Pennsylvania, also in the leading corn producing sections !(lr j Te WQJcll wi ,, b(J wagci| in 1 n aerial operations issued by the leading t1sh war office last night r e a d s : o f '^e West, .. Good T i s | W ilty Monday enabled! Ordinarily when a Pennsylvania e ^, ,,,,,, ,,,,.,,.,,,, ,,-.,,,,.,, ,,, ,, rning .newspapers print with much , spr|ng and for wh , ch e:ctensive pre .i muc h aviation work in canjuction with! farmer does not have good corn be . Thura , ay eveaillg . The agents in the ·mlnence dispatches from Holland'. parations are under wa _ v ' indications} tbe artillery and also some photos- · c o u l d P urRhas c same trom I Switzerland repiesentlng the, kere po - nt tQ thft move:nent o£ troops railh y to t» carried out. British air-: states in the West. -Should the corn; ike-iu Germany as beang on a great le and very serious, the Rotterdam here, both white and Negro soldiers, ._,._ - thls " ro " Connell, Room 310 First National' men dropped 400 bombs on various ob-'ci'dure be followed to a marked ex- ^^ BuildlllK| Conuellsville; Harold: JCeniiT'ent this year, no doubt some very G aturgiSr The Herald, Uniontown; ! virtually ail of his lime us a govern- That niciu ufficial. ; T i I I e coke region fronting on the Mon- Cousressinan Bruce F. Sterling, i ongabela river has suffered verj- scr- wbo camu especially i'rom Washing- : ious loss and damage from the break- ion, D. C., to attend the- banquet, was i up of the ice ami may even suffer still called upon for a speech, responding, greater before the unprecedented con- wilh a fine talk. He relumed to j ilitions are removed. With higher Washington today. Other out of town ; temperature and rain along ihe upper guests were C. G. Leivellyn, collector : reaches of the stream in West Vir,,, , L .. L . . . . . of internal rove-uue, with beauquar- 1 ginia. the river be.g'an to rise on Tues- her wiil be reached bofore the enlist- J I C R . ^ p i U f i b u r g ; w A Co8grovc , | day afternoon *d during The night ment period eip ires. 'cashier of th« First National bank of i and yesterday ihe ice began to broak Chairman Bentou Boyd and members , V a a d c r j j i j t . H o w a r d AdamSf c a : 5 h i er|and move forming gorge:; at different of ihe First National bank, of Ferry- \ point The first cxicpdr-d Irom Van- opolis; C. H. ixiutks, cashier of tne I Voornis, a snort distance above Point .Pirst National buijk of Scoudalc; C.!-Marion, to Uffiington, W. Va., a dis- S. Hall, cashier of tbp, Broadway Ma- i lance o! nine miles. Another formed tioiiat bank of Scoudaie; J. M. Zim- | at Jxck No. 5, extcuding u) Alicia No. uic-rs auti Walter Ft Stauffer, prebi: 1 plant, a tiaiance of about one mile. dent and vice president, respectively, . This was perhaps the most menaciug of Lhc Scottdaie Trust company; J. L. \ of all, Uie ice having piled to a height!* Kendall of Piitsburg; \\ T . II. Bowden ^ of 25 feet and threatening the destnic- of Dunbar; C. B. Franks ot" I^eisenrJng ; Uo of much property ai Alicia, New- No. 1, arid Guetano Corra-do, president ' tow, Bridgeport and Brownsville. of tbe First National bank of Y u k o n . ' M u c h damage has already beun done · j to the marine ways of W. Harry Brown a short distance down stream from Alicia Nn. J. plant. Tbe steamer Alicia and several barges of coal have bec-n in imminent danger of beius crushed or lom loose from their moorings. Scarcely a tipp'e or other structure near tuc water's edge at ISie mining plants along the fifth pool have escaped injury and in many cases have been swtpt away entirely. Among those destroyed or damaged are the tipples of the Vesta Coal Coko company and the Reliance Coke company at Deu'bo; H. C. Prick Coke conipany, Belle; Hecla Coal Coke company. Isabella; Hustead-Semans Coal . Coke company, Kast .MiJlsboro; H. C. Frick Coke company. Gates; Diamond Coal CoKe company, and Knob Coal company, "West Brownsville; H. C, Frick Coke company. Bridgeport: Vesia Coal Coke company and · Moore Coaj conipany, Fredericktown, county farmers by Farm Agent P. 13. j one of four to be formed at Camp I Dougherty. Purchase of seed at thia'Hancock for immediate training aod ! time from"the west may, he said, re- early service with, tbe flyers in France, suit Ju the planting of com low in There is a demand for men w i t h ex- u^u on- have had experience around auwmo- .08. In addition to the men wanted with experience in automobile mechanics, men in otber lines are also desired. Carpenters and painters are wanted for work on aeroplane and motor truck, bodies, wheelwrights are needed; harness makers, and, in fact, meri in almost every line of endeavor. L agen tfi "TEEN AGERS" OF THE i SUNDAY SCHOOLS OF j COUNTY TO BE HERE Coniertniw on JbVbniary 21 Is Expected to Attract HOC to 700 from All Parts of J-'ayett*i. Pupils of the teen age of the Sunday schools of Fayette County will gather in Conneilsville on February 21 for a conference of the second ay division department of Ui£ county, according announcement today by of th. United States Public Sen-ice Reserve will ac- |Sa5 QQt been deicrlllitl( , dp Mr _ F( ccpt and examine recruits up to county are as follows: George S. said . There are between GOU.asd 700 of the 'Leen age members of the schools and a represeniauve aUeud- ; . i ance will be Uie aim if the county or- An excellent program is being ar- Jan. SO.--The B.ritish, completed. pedo gunboat Hazard wa^ sunk in. j louaced tonight. TUree caen wero t. The torpedo guoboat Harard was It in 1894. She was 250 feet Ions j 1 her normal complement w; a. 1ROQUOIS INSTALLATION Members of CaUwha Trail Also Surround the Festal Bourd. In connection with the installation ·as'TlS ' Df officers ' members of Catawba Trail is Lodge No. 20 of the Order ot the Iro- r GAME BECAUSE OF HARD WINTER URGED " U y o u have more selected s:d than) o r the fact that the privatr-s are in the | rl "S«d, Mr. Porsvllit! stated. Morning, you need or a good crib of corn from ! which you think seed can bo selected. Local Haulers llclicvo .Mortality i! please notify the Farm Bureau, Un- MSA GRAEf STORES GO IT IX Among Game Birds 3Tast Have Been Heavy This Weak. iontown, at once. We wiil thc.n fur- i nish yon instructions on bow to sc- is believed by local hunters to have resulted from the sleet storm of Sun- quois enjoyed a banquet last evening : day night. Buried under the icy cow at the Youga House. Visitors were ering from half to three quarters o£ present Conn Scottdaie, Dawson and !ect samples, which we will test for Heavy mortality among game birds germ inaUon. We feel that a large other places. Short talks were given . . K, Jan. 30.--The grain ware-1 t, y ' a number of members of tho trail. ises of the city of Vienna are afire i enormous damage has been caus- according to a Vienna dispatch warded from Amsterdam by the The following- officers were installed- ed by J. L. Thomas, of Dawson, representatives of the Grand Lodse. an inch thicii. thousands of quail must have perished while mortality was amount of seed will be :icedcd in Fayette county, and where seed shows good germination tests, it w: 11 be easily disposed of. "Later after the germinating: tests minority. More than Im!? of each i Afternoon and evening sessions will company win rank as a corporal or higher. The following from CA'.in»Usvil!e have enlisted in the Motor Mechanics regiment, Marco Co'arusso, William Fortach, John Caahins. Fred P, Bass, j Ray Kepner, N. T. Gilmore, Carl Tan- gretti. Homer Smith. Eugene Johnson, Ferdir.anda T. Mazza and Thomas I Cunningham. be held. The program will be announced early iu the coming month. One of the features will be a mass meeting of adult members of the schools of Connellsviile ami communi- have been run, information will be presumably heavy among other game furnished each farmer in Payette birds and perhaps some of the gamo animals. It would have been impossible for game birds seeking shelter :hange Telegraph. Revolutionists ;j. formay, president; George A. Clark, suspected of having started the! V j ce .president; S. R. Cox. councillor; | C. B. McCormick, secretary; W. J. Hicks, collector; Harry Jennings, W. E. Chorpening. past president; P. j on the ground to have broken through LEAVE FEBRUARY 12 treasurer; R. C. Dunn, prelate; J. C. McCormick, marshal; J. "\V. Cole, guard; J. B. Marietta, sea try: P. K. "VVeimer, Joseph L. Stader, Thonias Donegan, trustees. ibe covering of ice. Because of the rigors of the winter, the hardest on record, local hunters arc advocating a closed season for county, in reference to who has seed corn, also giving him the germiaating test from each crib, providing he BO desires. "There are farmers i a Payette county who havo good corn and anticipate selling the same on. the market for feeding purposes. This corn BENEFIT -risburp .Inuoancemcnt (Jliangcs Time of Draftees' Departure. .ccordins; to an announcement from i rrisburg made yesterday tie first j fted mou to be sent to Cainp Leei 1 leave February 12. The local j .rds for Districts Nos. 2 and 5 have. In JTaildas H»Jl Tooitht for K. of C. yet received any orders to have i Var Fund. a -examined or any information ou j The Colonial Minstrel will appear sn they will be sent to the tram- | tonight in M a adas Hail, First street, j camps. The order from the state j West side| , or (he beneflt of thc | .itol says that 2,503 men from tae , Knights of Columbus war fund. The pamc ot all kinds for a lerm of years in a ii instances should be saved for depending on ability to reproduce. EC(;(!i and instructions should bn ask- During the pro]on£ed cold, lasting now two months, sporadic efforts ivcre made to feed quail, but they must have failed to save more than a few ed of tlic farm Bureau, on the: germination. "The value of good seed cannot be over estimated for a .good utand. covies because the movement was not Home grown seed in most case;! will general and because sportsmen as give better returns for tuc first year a rule have been engaged vrith other Kj,^ w i u secd introduced from other matters too closely to permit giviagj sec ,[ Ona . This is a very important " "~" '" . - . - - . . proposition and we ask that a|I llarm- ers cooperate -with the project." tjhcic time to conservation of game. stern counties will go into camp to j was Ivo a U ced two nights at ie up the deficiencies there. | g co ttdale under the auspices of the £ the announcement that the men i confraternity of Christian Doctrjne. va- here February 12 is conarmed, · Thc performance consists of a regu- local boards will litely receive j , ar flrs , part ^tngtrei, (otiowed by. a ice to call registrants in the' Class : playlet, '"Wanted--A Young Lady." division tor examination in t h e j w i u j a m Cople; . wll , Mri . t tte per . -t few days. ·· j formance. xjcal Board No. 5 has about SO ra.en 3 are yet to be seat to Canr.p Lee i Board 2 had almost 90 to go. number of men is required to GIVEN GOLD WATCH Jit. )$r»udock Employes 1'ay Tribnte to Retiriiis Superintendent. J. T. Harshniah, who has resigned up the quotas called from these .rrts last fall, 'he No. 5 board has sent out the !"i] 1 Xot Appeal. RICHMOND, Va., Jan.' 30.--Dr. Asa Chamberlain, tinder sentence of life imprisonment for the murder of his brother, Albert Chamberlain, will not Wcensed to fl'ed. George Bosa ol; Smock and Francesco Constant! of Mount Braddock; Norman B. Ritcnotir of Springfield as superintendent of tho \v. J. Hainey i township and Laurena Brim ot Bull- skin township; were granted marriage licenses in Uniontown yesterday. STREETS MAYBE LIGHTED cola snap in the Touight Reports I'rom West IVun! Virginia checked Offices Today .Indicutcd. j hmd . w; , ters of thi COLD CHECKS ROOD L'OtI Minurs Kfscued N«ir BrOTrns-y From Working llt; Today. By Associated I'reas. PITTSBURG, Jan. SO.--A sudden ' cold snap in the mountains of "U'est jked the flood in the . ,,, the Monoogahela ear- Prospects at noon that the street | ly today a,iid ice gorges'at Browns- lighting circuits sion again tonight, the first since S u n - j instead of ] be in commis-jvillc, Pa., aad Morganurwn. W. Va., inoviug out as the local Say night's storm. West Penn elec-i weather bureau anticipated helrt fist tricians were at work today on clearing up the situation on -tile West Sido pie of the Lilley Coal Coke company. Boats and barges totaling thousands of dollars iu valuo and possibly hundreds in number have been snnk at different points. Among the largest caught by the crushing weight of the ice were the Robert Jenkins ol the Pittsburg Coal company, valued at $50,000; tbe Little Jim of the Dravo Construction company and the Hazel Watson of the Crossau Construction company. Only meagre reports have been received from the fourth pool but the destruction of tho lipple at Chamouni fairly well authenticated. Other equally serious damage will certainly be found in have taken piaco once communication can be established willi tbo isolated sections. At .Morgantown and above the river rose a record stage. The tracks of hiil. This was tbe only section o f : eos.1. with Uie result that mills in the Pittsburg district wore still short o f ' ^ ADD FLOOD More than 15 coal bar; town that had not been covered in the I removal of telephone wires from the lighting circuits. Unless something · them loaded, swept unesrnected was encountered (luring after the break came. Lhc day District Superintendent G. M. Crown had hop^s of both circuits being iu use tonight. With .the exception of a few o£ its town lines broken off at the insulators I swept her away. the Baltimore Ohio railroad arc undur water and traffic between Mor- rantown and -Fairmont has been completely suspended. Iu the vicinity o£ j Randall and Granville, beuveeil Mor- fs" several of ! S a ! l l o w " ancl r °' nl Marion, the great- l-.iire shortly jest damage has been reported. This A hall h o u r ' includes the washing .out of several after the first movement thu river: miles of track of ihe .Morgantown was a raging sea or tossing ice and : Wheeling electric raijraid and tho in- soon picked the lug Hattie Brown from ; uadalion of ihe town of Granville and her moorage mi Uiu Kentucky side and ; destruction of many houses. Boat the West Ponn's trouble was traceable to snapping of telephone wires ! house's were wrecked flnd many barges Word reached hen- that Ihe big o x - j swept away.. Two sand busts of tho c.ursion steamer Princess had gone j Mt(-lai'.i Sand company were sunlc and their falling on the electric lines, j down at her moorage at Carroiltown, ; near Point Marion. At latest reports In East Crawford avenue there w e r c j a t uj e mouth of the Kentucky river, | the ic- in the Cheat river had not a few breaks. The storm seemed to i bit that section harder than other pariis of the city. .1 classification cards excepting j appeal his case and -will begin serving se to tnea whose cases are befora I sentence February 13. according to Crecnsburg district court at this an announcement of James O. Page, There are about 125 cases of Mo. 5 board there and as soon as decisions in these are returned, Bnal classification cards will go . to tbe registrants. Wed in Cumberland. ·etor. Poorbaugh of Hyndman and nor ThHHos ot Smlthfleld. were rrictl. yesterday in Cumberland. Dr. Chamberlain's counsel. Thomas Discharged. E. C. Thomas of the One Hundred and Tenth Hegiment band, has been honorably discharged from service on account of physical disability and is on his way home from Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., according to reports here. plant at Mount Braddock, was presented last night by Attorney H. K. MacQuarrie o£ Uniontown, in behalf of the employes of the plant, with a handsome gold watch, a chain and Elks' charm, as a token of their esteem and respect. Mrs. Harshnian was presented with, a beautiful si'rrer service set. The employes safety first hall 3Ieaslfis Cases Reported. Two cases of measles, the first of tbe year, were reported to the Board of Health this morning. Bovrers Acquitted. A Coleman Bowers of Cheat Keck, "WV Va., was acquitted of the m u r d e r of his brother-in-law, Dr. James R, and that little hope was held out foi broken. K it. should come out and the fate of her sister steamer, Island . i t s mass md weight b e added to the Queen, moored at the sauic place. I accumulation in the .Monougahela even greater damage will result at point: Nearly jdown tile river below Point Marion. BHOAVN3V1UJ5, Jan. 30. - 2uu :ninoi's were removed from the i of uhe Fifth Pool Coal company! near hove today wlteu the rapidly ris- Hurt in Wreck. A letter received by Mr*, iv. U. Sel- assembled at the at .Mount Braudock and went to the Harshman home in a body to bid farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Harshman who will leave soon for Herbert, where Mr. Harsbmaa has accepted a position with the Connells- viile Central Coke company. Senator Hnghes Dead. ·WASHINGTON. Jan. 30.--Senator Hughes of New Jersey, died today after a long illness. Word of his death was received at tha Wllte House. Snow tonight and Thursday; co.lder Thursday is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. ' 1918 1917' Maximum 38 54 Minimum 19 S3 Mean .__ _ 20 46 Goodwin of Old Frame, by a verdict ] ing water of the itoiiuugaiicla ap- ! lors of West Peach street from Mrs. rendered in the Mcnongalia county j preached w i t h i n two feut of the o p e n - ; F a j r i am i, , 0 |j s j] lllt ^- H Fairlaml courts at Morgantown, Monday morn- ing. The shafts are 3,200 feet from j WH s in a Texas train wreck about two ing. , the river but the water backed tip by | wee ks !lgo and !)a i :i (-,,Hy Inirt Mr an ice gorge quickly covered the low- , Pai.-lamb is now in a Texas hospital · Til With rnrnmimiiu lands. Water is passing IhrnaBh the j v - llt ser( , r , bruises over his wholt A. H. Shaffer, of Tlic Courier force, gorge at lUirgaiitown and the river jbody. Mr. Fairlaml) is a former Con- received a message today saying his ! has risen IT feet since yesterday at- j ncllsville man. but is now located at The Yongh river fell during from 1.15 feet to 1.10 feet. the brother, August Shaffer ot \VilkJns- | ternoon. burg, is very low with pleuro-pneu- monia. Mr, Shaffer formerly lived in Connellsviile with his brother. Kansas City, .Mo. Killed in Wreck. PITTSBURG, Jan. 30.--Three men were lulled soon after noon today when a snowplow was overturned on Arrives in Frunze. Aeru Plotoirraplwr. Clyde Smith, grandson of Mrs. I L. Scolnick, former Connellsvilit Joseph Gray of Gallatin avenue, i s ; photographer, will be graduated this somewhere in France, according to : . week at Langlcy Aviation Held neai word received by his father, J. i Washington, D. C., in a course ' ot Smith of Uniontown. Clyde recently j aero photography as a member of thf , enlisted in the signal service and WHS ! first class of its kind over turned out the' Bradenville branch of the Penn- j stationed in Jersey City previous to! Mr. Scolnick expects soon to be sent sylvania railroad near Derry, Pa, I leaving for "over there." I overseas

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