Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 16, 1972 · Page 8
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 8

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1972
Page 8
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8A--July 16, 1972 Sunday Gazette-Mail Cturlttton. W«r VlralHU · . 0*t* From NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE, NOAA, U.S. Oept. o! Commerce Figurtt Shaw High Temperature! Exp«led For Daytim* Sunday '(,. liolattd Fr«cipita(ion Net Indicated--Consult Local Rain and showers are forecast for most of the East today. C o o l e r weather will m o v e i n t o West Virginia. (AP Wirephoto) /· 'rom SPYING 17.5. Intelligence Held Encircling Communists Engineer Society Elects Officers B. V. Binford has been elected chairman of the West Virginia section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Other newiy elected officers include L. *). Lee, vice chair, man; A. H. Werner, secretary; R. L. McCoy, treasurer; and C. B. Stewart, Jr., R. E. Kopple, C. T. Alsup, G. ft. Heilman, A. R. Curtis and J. W. Greeolee, directors. The fatality rate on U. S. toll roads in 1971 was 1.06 per 100 million miles, compared with 4.7 on all roads and streets. The Weather Sunday, July 16, 1972 Sunrise 6:15 Sunset .. 8:49 FORECASTS Zones 1-5-4-7-8: Thunderstorms likely with heavy rain and strong gusty winds possible. Highs in the low to mid 80s. Partly cloudy with a chance of showers thundershowers at night. Lows at night in the mid 60s. cipitation 70 percent night. Zones 2-3-4 (Charleston) Probability of pre- n d 50 percent at -9: Thunderstorms likely with heavy rain and strong gusty winds possible. Highs in the mid to upper 80s. Partly cloudy v/ifh a chance of showers and thundershowers at night. Lows at night near 70. Probability of pre- tivitv expected In the mountains. Lows Saturday's low 70 Record high for this date was 100 in 1936. Record low tor this date w»s 53 In 1967. Precipitation hour precipitation as of 7 p.m. .01 Total for the month of July 1.00 at night In the 60s higher elevations, lowsll the 70s elsewhere. Highs in the 80s|J in higher elevations, lows In the 90s|| elsewhere. WESTERN PENNSLYVANIA: Lows In the rnid 60s at night to the low 70s. Partly cloudy and warm with a chance of thundershowers. Highs in the SOs. KENTUCKY: Highs In tho 80s. Cloudy with a chance of showers or thundershowers at night. Lows in the 65 to 70s. Partly cloudy in the northwest and mostly cluody with a chance of a tew showers southeast. Highs 75 to 85. OHIO: Variable cloudiness and warm and humid witti showers and -thundershowers likely. Highs mostly In the SOs. ciptation 70 percent and 50 percent sti Partly cloudy with a chance of showers night. lor thundershowers. Low at night in the WEST VIRGINIA: Thunderstorms likely|60s. with some heavy rain and strong gustyi SATURDAY'S HUMIDITIES winds possible. Highs in the SOs. Partly cloudy with a chance of showers and thundershowers at night. Lows at night in the mid 60s to near 70s. VIRGINIA: Virgorous thunderstorm 5 a.m. .. 72 11 a.m. . 82 5 p.m. . . 86 SATURDAYS WIND Highest 52 mph. from the SW at 6:20 p.m. U Temperatures aturday's high 89 From Page 1 Irish WHT TUCWIA ZORK rOUCAIT AllAfc Charters Granted Beer Distributing Inc. Principal I Williamstown. Authorized capital, 55,000. Dubinuss F. Mor- City ofiice, ParKersburg. Authorized capital! 5100,000. Par value, $100. Commenced business with 585,000. · Incorporators: Rosemary T. Gilchrlst and Mary Kathryn Gilchrist, both of Parkersburo., and C. D. Corey of Mineral Wells. The Little Inn Restaurants, Inc. Principal office, Wayne. Authorized capital, 55,000. Par value, SI. Commenced business with $1,000. Incorporafors: David L. Reynolds, Helen C. Reynolds and Virginia Mae Moon, all of Wayne. Kirk and Garrett Co. Principal office, Fairmont. Authorized capital, $1,000. Par value, SI. Commenced business with Sl.OOO. Incorporators: Dorma D. Kirk of Fairmont, John E. Garret! and Melinda S. Garrert, both of Weston. F S, B Inc. Principal office, Parkersburg. Authorized capital, 500 shares. No par value. Commenced business with 500 shares. Incorporators: William A. Fields, Reba H. Covell and Lucille Ramsey, all of Marietta. Paint Distributors inc. Principal office, western Belfast, where troops have battled IRA gunmen over the past five days. Their deaths and those of the two presumed gunmen brought the total in three years of violence to at least 439, of whom J231 died this year. IN LONDONDERRY, Northern Ireland's second city, gunfights and riots forced the army to stop building permanent barricades around their controlled Bogside and Creggan districts. The barricades were intended to cut off a wave of bombing which over the past week has devastated the city center. The city's Chamber ' of Trade had d e m a n d e d tougher action against the bombers and the replacement of the area's military and police commanders. As troops moved in to build the barricades, Catholic women staged a sit-down protect and youngsters pitched in with rocks and bottles. Within minutes the Par value, $100. Commencea with 51,000. Incorporators: John riSr Norma J. Morris, Rachel J. Morris and Elizabeth A. Morris, all of Williamstown Tri-State Inc. Principal office, Oak Hill. Authorized capital, $5,000. Par value, S10. Commenced business with 51,000. Incorporators: Bernard H. Blevlns and Diana G. Blevins, both of Oak Hill, and Buford A. Blevins of Fayetteville. R. V. Golden and Co. Principal office. Bridgeport. Authorized capital, 510,000. with 51,000. Incorporators: R. Vance Golden, III of Vienna, Karen Miller- ol Parkersburg, and Sharon Bell of Marietta, Ohio. Wavie M. Starcher Store Inc. Principal office, Nebo. Authorized capital, 525,000. value, 5100. Commenced business nal techniques to develop coun termeasures against them. This claim has been challenged here by indspendent govern ment intelligence experts, who said that there have been no authorized, as distinct from inadvertent, violations of Soviet or Chinese airspace by the Unitec States since the U2 flights of the early 1960's. The experts saic that satellite photography has replaced aerial overflights, conceding, however, that U. S. electronic intelligence planes often I fly along communist borders to provke reaction and collect sig- 'nals. *IN THE CALIFORNIA interview, which was recorded on tape, Peck described his early life in Joplin, Mo., his enlistment in the Air Force in 1966 when he was 20 years old, his subsequent recruitment by the security agency, his specialized training, his promotions and his three years of duty overseas. He was discharged in California in November, 1969, and says he turned down a $10,000-a-year job offer by the Central Intelligence Agency. He decided instead, he says, to end the Vietnam War. A highlight of Peck's disclosures include a report that hi 1967 during his duty in Turkey ;he agency monitored a live Soviet television contact be- rween Premier Aleskei N. Kosy- ship, the Liberty, was ordered near the Israeli coast to intercept details of Israeli military intentions. The -ship was attacked on June 8, 1967, by Israeli jet aircraft and torpedo boats--an incident that cost 34 United States dead and 75 wounded and which President Lyndon B. Johnson later described in Iris book, "The Vantage Point," as a "heartbreaking episode." Before the attack, he said, the Liberty iearned that Gen. Moshe Dayan, ihe Israeli defense minister, in:ender to order his forces on to Damascus and Cairo. PECK STATED that Johnson tiien brought intense pressure on Israel to halt further troop movement and warned Kosygiil on the "hot line" against what appeared to be an imminent Soviet airborne operation from jases in Bulgaria against Israel. Intelligence sources here said hey were unable to recall these details, but a veteran of 30 years service in intelligence said of Peck: "He's obviously familiar with the NSA--its organization, operations and many of its techniques. But no sergeant in his early twenties would know how ntelligence is handled at the gin, who was an emotional in tears farewell bidding to the cosmonaut Vladimir M. Koma- troops came under sniper attack but none were injured. Earlier Saturday vacationers returning home from Spain by plane were caught in an hour- long gun battle at Belfast's Al- dergrove Airport. As passengers were walking Di luytijjv i. /-suiipwr ii.cvi v a j j i t a i / *i w ( wv. ' . .. A * i i ·« i- par^ vaiiie^ sioo. commenced^ business j from the terminal 'building to , ._,,. o ,,,, 'their cars, terrorists opened up on airport police. More gunfire came from a white panel truck parked near the airport. Police Komarov was then in orbit in the spacecraft Soyuz 1, which was still two hours from re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. According to Peck's account the astronaut had just been in- ormed by Soviet ground control that the braking parachutes designed to bring his spacecraf safely to earth were malfunct ioning and that there was n hope of saving him. Soyuz 1 crashed on Soviet ter Par with $25,000. Incorporators: Wavie M. Starcher, Jerry E. Starcher and Ray L. all of Nebo. returned fi nn ,5 rt , uoners the fire as the vaca- fnr rnuor tor cover. April 25, 1967, was killed. He anc was ritory on Komarov posthumously granted a Seconc Order of Hero of the Union and is buried Kremlin walls. Peck also said that during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, the Unit ed States electronic intelligence Soviet the in 1 99 yd. Popular polyester doubleknits in a wide assortment of fashion patterns. One to five yard lengths. All a full 60" wide. Choose from a great selection of colors, too. 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