The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1915. THE DAIL.T CpURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. ; But disaster. Inglorious disaster, waited for Nikky. Peter Niburg, face down on the pavement, was groaning, and Nikky hud felled one man aad was starting on a second with the lighting appetite of . twenty-three, when something happened. One moment NIfcky was smiling, with a cut !ip, and j hair in his eyes, and the next he was j dropped like an ox by a blo\v from ; behind. . Landing between his shoul-1 der blades. It jerked his head back; with a snap, and seat him reeling. A j second followed, delivered by a huge! fist. j Down went Nikky, and lay still. . The town slept on. Street brawls were not uncommon, especially In the i neighborhood of tho Hungaria. Those ] who roused grumbled ubont quarrel- j eoiae students, and slept again. I : Perhaps two minutes later, Nikky | got up. He was another minute in lo- j eating himself. Bis cap lay in the j gutter. Beside him, on his back, lay \ a sprawling and su-rtorous figure, '. with, so quick the downfall, a cane ! stili* hooked to his arm. Nikky bent over Peter Xibnrg. Bending over made his head ache abominably. "Here, man!" he said. "Get up! Rtvu«c yourself!" F'oter Niburg made an inarticulate reference to u piece of silk of certain quality, and lay still. But his eyes opened slowly, and he stared, up at the stars. "A One night," he said thickly. "A very fine--"· Suddenly he raised himself, to a. sitting posture. Terror gave htm atronjth. "I've been robbed," he said. "Robbed. I am ruined. I am dead." "Tut," suld Nikky, mopping bis cut lip. "If you arc dead, your spirit speaks with an uncommonly lusty voice! Comp, get up. We present together a shameful picture of defeat." But he raised Peter NIburg gently from the ground and. finding his knees unstable, from, fright or weakness, stood him against u house wall. Peter Niburg. with rolling eyes, felt for his letter, and, the saints he praised, for Emergencies Alays keep a supply of Dnffy's Pure Malt Whiskey in your medicine chest. You never can tell what day or hour of the night some member of your family may be stricken \rith cramps, chills, indigestion or more serious illness. Emergencies demand quick action, and if you have Dnffy's Pure Malt Whiskey to administer you csa be sure of instant relief, because it is made especially for medicinal use. It ivill prove agreeable and beneScial to the most delicate stomach. Duffy's Fisrs Malt Whiskey is absolutely pure and dependable and its quality never varies. It is used in many reputable hospitals and readily prescribed by unprejudiced physicians. Do not wait to have this matter brought forcibly to your attention by unpreparcdness, get a bottle today and be assured of protection. "Del Buffy'fe and Keep Weil." Sold in SEALED BOTTLES ONLY. Beware of imitations. M Duffy's tram ynu local druggist, jroesr or dfater MOTE " ha eannol supply yen, writa us, W9 wjn tR you Vftiara to pat it. Medical bssklit fr«. The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, N. Y. found it. "AU!" he said, unfl straightened up. "After all, it is not so bad as I feared. They got nothing." He mtide a manful effort to -walk, but tottered, reeled. Nikky caught him. "Careful!" lie said. "The colossus ,-mtB doubtless the one who got us I both, and we arc likely to feel his i weight for some time. Where do yon | live?" "^ Peter Nlburjf \TMs not for saying. He would have preferred to pursue his" solitary It uncertain way. But Nikky was no halt Samaritan. Toward Peter Nlburg's lodging, then, they made a slow progress. "These recent gentlemen." said Xik- ; ky, as they wont along, "thoy nrc, per' haps, perspnal enemies?" j ! Peter Niburg reflected. He thought '· not. "But I know why they came," he I said unguardedly. "Some early morn; ing. my friend, you will hear of a m:tr. ! lying dead in the street. That man j will be I." ; "The thought has a moral." observed i Nikky. "Do not trust yourself ont-ol- · doors at night." ; But ho'saw that Peter Nihurg kept, ! his hand 'over his breast pocket. j Never huviug dealt in raysteries, | Nikky was slow at recognizing one. : But, he reflected, many things were I going on in the old rtly in these trou- ' bled days. Cnme to Nikky, nil (it once,. ! that this man on his arm micht bo one ' of the hidden eyes of government. ! "These are difficult times." he ven- j tured. "for thnse who are loyal." ' Peter Nihurg gave him a sidelong ; glance. "Diflicnlt indeed," he said ! briefly. | "I think," Nikky observed, "that. I after I see you safely home, I shall i report this small matter tn the poUee." 5 But here P^ter Nihurg turned even i paler. "Not--not the police!" ho ! stammered. ! "But why? Toil and I, my friend, ! will carry their insignia for some days. i I have a mind to pay our debts." i Peter .Niburg considered. He stop| ped and faced Nikky. "1 do not wish ; the police," he said. "Perhaps I have ; said too little. This is a private mat! ter. An affair of jealousy." j "I sen!" · "Naturally, not a matter for pnb- i llclty." j "Very well," Nikky'assented. But i In bis mind was rising dark suspicion. ' lie had stumhled on something. He cursed his stupidity that it meant, so · far, nothing more than a mystery to him. He dirt not pride himself on his i intelligence. "Tou were not alone. I think?" Peter Nihurg suddenly remembered ! Herman, and stopped. I "Your friend must have escaped." I "He would escape," said Peter XI! burg scorufnlly. "He is ot the type i that rnns." ! He lapsed into sullen silence. Soon · he paused before a quiet house, one i of the many which housed in cavernous ; depths uncounted clerks and other ! small fry of the city. "Good night to i you," said Peter Nlbarg. Then, rather i tardily. "And my thanks. But for ! you I should uow--'! he shryKged h'.s i shoulders. , "Good night, friend." snld Nikky. i "And better keep your bed tomorrow." : He had turni'd away and Peter Ni- hurg entered the house. Nikky inspected himself In the glow ! of a street lamp. Save for some dust, i and a swollen Up. which he could not \ sec, he was not unpresentable, \Yell (enough, anyhow, for the empty streets. MEAL Every Brass Bed in our large stock is included in this Kale. · ·- ·· This one illustrates "what a sensation- a'l bargain evem. if. is. Our former low price on the original tag reads-- YOU SiMPLY DRDL'CT ONE-THIRD, J T COST YOT ONLY-- It's Exactly Like the ^LOU^'^-A--^-^ ~ A _\D WELL M A K E TERMS so EASY Picture. 2Z . . YOU'LL NOT FEEL THE COST. Excepting that there are no center husks on the vertical center filler. And just pictur" its massive elegance and how it would look in your home. 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COMPARISON ALWAYS PROVE - "YOU'LL DO BETTER" AT Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. Don't make the mistake of thinking that all beers are alike! There's a surprising difference and you see it immediately in . Finer materials in this popular brew! Better brewing methods! No expense or effort spared to make it best possible! Ask For Gonnellsville Special Beer at Hotels, Cafes, Clubs ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOME But before ho started lie looked the honse and the neighborhood over cure- fully. He might wish to return to thixt house. For two hours ho walked, and resumed his Interrupted train of thougt.t At Jast, having almost circled the city, lie came to the Cathedinl. It wus nearly midnight by the clock In the high tower. He stopped find consulted his watch. The fancy took him to j;o up the high stops, and look out ovor the city from the colonnade. Once there, he stood lenning against n column, looking out. There TVIIS someone coming along the- quiet streets, with a stealthy, shuttling salt that'caught his attention. So, for in-, stance, might a weary or a wounded innn drag aloog. J3.T«rtIy so, Indeed, i hnd Peter Niburjc slwmbled into Ills j ;house but two hours gone. - .. j The footsteps paused, hes.'tatud,, icommenced a painful struggle up the 1 1 ascent. Nikky moved behind his col-' : uinn, and walled. Up und \ip, weary .'step after weary stop. The shadowy !figure, coming close f took a form, he-' .came a man--became Peter. iNLburg. Now, indeed, Nikby roused. Beaten 'and porcly bruised. Peter ZSfrbiirs .should have been In bed. What jstcalthy business of the night brought |hini out? o . Fortunately for NIkky's UUling place, the last step or two proved ton much ·for the spy. He groaned, anil tint 1 down painfully, neur the top. His head lolled forward, and he supported ; It on two shaking hands. Thus he sat, ' huddled ' find miserable, for five minutes or thereabouts. The chime rang. ont the hour. · At ten minutes past the hour, Nikky heard the engine of nn automobile. No machine crimp in sight, but 1:hc throbbing kept on, from which he 'judged that a car had been stopped around the corner. Peter Xiburg henrd It and rose. A moment later a mun. with the springiness of youth, mounted the steps and confronted the in£ss;n- ger. A Sentry Stepped Into the Read. Is'Mvky saw a groat Jijrht. When Pfter -Viburg put Ills hnnrl to his · breast pocket, there was no longer room I'or doubt, nor, for t h a t matter, i t!mo fnr thinking. As n mailer of j fact, nevfr afterward could Xlkfc.v re-j cull t h i n k i n g at all. HP moved a w n y : rjuifrl.i 1 . hidden by Uio slidoivs nf the polnnnaOe. Rehina him. on the slops, t h p rvvo mnn wore tnllvlns. . Ahsorbntl, In thomselvps- and tln;ir businppFi. they ndlhni' hnnrr: nor f=aw thf 1 fijrni'G thai ,' sllpppfi thrrmcrh the colonnade, a n d « flrnppofl. a blond riirdllng drop, f r n n i | f h « h^b pnd of It to the stroflt b o - , low. Nlkfcy'B fir-t impulse, beside the cnr,'_ .was to cut a tiro. By getting Ills op- j ponent i n t n a stnopi:ig position, over rhe dnrnng( j d ·\vhf 1 1 !. it -vvo-.ild In- y.-isirr :o over con f 1 him. But :i li:isty sonrrh revealed that hp hnd lost his knife in . the roeltv. And sfcnnd tbmight guvo ·, him n heftnr plan. ' A f l o r nil. to g,- ; t.; the letter was not e'vprjfthlnff. To' know £t.« rlosrinntinn· wmiM bo Impor-. tr.nt. HP lijul no Hino to think f u r - , ther. The mpsscnccr . \vns cnmlntr · down the steps, not stealthily, but clat- j .teripg. with The ring of nnils \n the| hn»!R of heavy boots. X!i:l:y ilnne Tii.s ]nnc length into thf. 1on:u';tu. nml there cruuched. It was (Turk enough to runmnl hinj, but Nikky's was a Inrge body in a stimll place. However. ih» chauffeur oaly glanced Jit ilit* rnr. k!*-kod a lire with a practiced foot, and sol in. TO !3«: Cn Try Our ClodCTfled .Ads. One cent a word is all thej- cost.

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