The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 21

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

iuiwujAX, AUGUST-XI, 1964 ' m I . AT "SW' - i 1 ANN Dear Ana landerst Please don't think, I'm a crewb a 1 1 because I'm using this bright eraage paper. 1 want to at-'tract your attention. My butband and -I have been married 23 years. Me It well-educated. Intelligent, and neat about his perton, but he U a pack-rat All our married air. 1 1. . i . i .i 1. - me un mo i pwnv uuwgo tons of magaimea, asaorted trash, odds and ends from bis Navy days. - The yard looks like the city dump. He hat parts of o 1 d 'cars, lawn statues that be bought at unk yards, and second hand toys he hopes to repair one day. I have given up trying to raise flowers and shrubs. ItSf hopeless. i I am. ashamed to have friends over because of t h e 'way our yard looks. Our children are ashamed too. I have pleaded with my husband but . he Is deaf on the subject. If I throw anything out there IS war. You teem to have the answers for to many people. . . Can you help me? Desperate Dear Desperate. Na maa ,bas the right to turn his heme and yard lata a Junk heap. , Give your Husband precise-, ty one week to get rid of tha ; trash and put the things ha wants s tha basement Alter-1 ! that throw out everything pa , lhasnt set. aside and let him ; declare war if he wants to. It witt-be worth K. - Dear Againeter, I hope year win heme grown spy ring at eace. The little game be at playlntr wU anquettleaabie develop 'eeme very desirable efcarae. tor traits ha kit seas. It will aba teach them to d Is trait and despite each ether. If your husband must play games he should encourage each boy to report on hint-. self. Such reporting will foster truth and Integrity. -,' mrrnnfrVA nttnt 'tl11111eaajBr tein , iJff CoaiaMSittt Clearatice gf ft Tha most fashionable hlghllghta of our COAT ' ft IM " and. SUIT Collection. Perfect featnerHght ; , ft . ' aulta for early Fall and later under fur. , llll I ' A superb sekcttoa of CoeU to span tha . l 1 I f 8 ' J ' - ' aeasona. . 1 1 VV z SUITS it 25 off Jlji , - Jx SPORTSWEAR and DRESSES j( ' "'T0 HALF 'Sr mr- 149-151 DANK a -AKwfc..wJa jf. Queen Elizabeth the right hotel in Montreal Jb drive right in.i.-fnj(vml,MirWn e right dtmntown In thhrlvbuslft,; shopping md thealri districts e right rooms at tha tight pries a right bdlitles tor svary ' ocasioa e tha right address for the tight impression a right npstiitt from trains e ,.; direct sarvica to and from gee your Travel AysAf or Vone Hilton, OUawt tX-TKi , -Tthf - AIM Hilton operated: and Th Montreal Atroport LANDERS Husband Neat But a Pack Rat Dear Ana Landersi My hut-band's Job takes him out. on the road four days w a e k. Lately be has started some;' thing new. When he returns on Thursday night he lines up our three boys age U. 10 and (. and Invites them to tell on. each other. Tha one who has ..the "most Birthday Club AUGUST II Richard St. Georges, age 9 Dale G. Grant, age 1 Harold Watchom. age II Peter Shane Wilson, age II Th Journal, Birthday tutor, Ottawa, Out v k - ' . Meat enroll aia (a Th Journal Birthday CWb. ' ' y Immu years eld on ...l...L .. Addrtu .... PLEASE PRINT NAME (EC Hem These um wtf not he sutotftMticeUj . esrrte forwere yeer bjr veer. Ttwy will be rriftrf w i If emt ia wen bt xt-Uetlnee ere itilfe eUiw U eo4 yeweerj "Retailer STREET lamrteTT AWt airport e : it COSTS 110 , The Hotel Vancouver In Vancouver. B.C (a CN Hotel)! V Hilton at Montreal International complete" report this means the child who tells the most on his brothers Is the winner of a nice, new shiny dollar. I didn't like the Idea from the first and I said so. U makes me sick to hear these children tattle on one another. My butband says it ia the, best way to keep them la line,!; Last night 1 beard the middle boy add all torts of curly-cue to an Incident which be was reporting about his older brother. Later I asked h I m why he embellished the slory beyond., the truth. He replied, "Because I wanted to win the . dollar." ' ' . .; , Please print my letter and your answer. I would like my husband to see H. -THE AGAtNSTER r THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 21 sere'uis a V- JP -"TrAthenc rfkvatfleadTffr.: gift from the bride' parents to the groom 4a -a quarter interest In a privately, operated city of Tina Ladief Woof . f Ttm PaiUng AMf MkBcmkt UL ACN more tO 06 right H ttO TWX HW-mT Airport Dorval, Quebec 1 0, n i v A 'Al tf 7 ;? - ,. V' aw., - COLUMN OF -. . c .v a.. : -r. J.eWt BsW If BROCADE a".,. Under a totig, near-white brocade evening coat, fitted In front with a tingle column of buttons, it a matching gown with bateau neckline. Created by Scaati Boutique for Martini of New York, the outfit Is . meant for elegant Fall evenings. ' - ' '', ' - ."UP! Jeaneil Pbeteei a .. .'t i By MYRTLE MEYEK ELDKED It ia difficult for a parent to assess child's behavior and determine Its seriousness. Every parent expects that her child will misbehave, at timet, and the soothing phrase when this happens is: He'll outgrow , k. The chances are very good that this ia true, as develop- ' menu! behavior Is good and then bad by turns! , But certaia types of behavior are not of a transient . nature and it la thin behavior which can confute a parent and make bar wonder whether " or not it la normal. ' It It certain that if tha behavior It too fantastic, the parent will recognise It at such; but all abnormal behavior does sot teem that way. It may teem only to In- ' dicate personality quirk. LASTS TOO LONG : How thall the parent determine whether a child' behavior le abnormal For ona thing. If It continues everlong. It is normal for a child to be ' possessive of the mother and dependent at two years, but not at five. It la normal for children to quarrel and make np and quarrel again whea they are four to tlx. but when they are IS or over they have other fish to fry and are not always embroiled in feuds or fist fight. ' Any child likes to play alone tome of the time, but be should grow more gregarious with age. If ha jrowt lest to and shunt companionship and want to beV alone and have no friends this it abnormal. All parents become aware of their children'! personality differences and take them Into account, so that if this personality changes noticeably, R It something to worry about. The friendly, outgoing child who become withdrawn and suspicious, would cause the parent to suspect tome other : reason than growing and changing. EXAGGERATION The child who shows exaggerated responset to trivial events should cause tha par-, ent to question such emotion- , alitm. She mey expect a child to feel, badly if be quarrels with" a friend, but not fall Into a melancholy state over K. A low mark In school should not laad 1himtoJeelulcidal. These are responses beyond the normal and should arouse skepticism and a determination to discover what Is bap- penlng that a child should act la to abnormal a rasnion. GENUINE REDUCTIONS ON QUALITY FURS ; Chateau Furs LIMITED ' ' "Serving Oentrationi of natiifled easterner" : 17 Bank St ZU-777 Quirks "The answer, of course. Is the help of a professional who can attest such behavior correctly and do what la necet-tary and possible to end the child's disturbed Mate. This la note problem which can be solved by waiting until the child outgrows It. The parent, however reluctant, must admit the seriousness of It and tura to professionals to take the corrective steps. ' , , ' AH perent face tha task ef punishing their children tor mtbthavior. You'll enjoy reading my booklet "Obedience and Punishment.' To obtain your copy tend II cents and . stamped, self-eddressed envelope with your request for It to Myrtle Meyer Eldred ia ear of The Ottawa Journal. FROM S3 TO SIZE 4 ' Lac sets the fashion I Crochet lacy square of string Join Into a lovely Jacket ' Wear with cotton m warm weather-use string and metallic for dressy Jacket tor Fall. Winter. Pattern 7087: sizes 34: 36-38; 40-42; 44-46. ' Thirty-five cent (coins) for Ihl pattern (no tump, please) to Alice Brooks, car of Th Ottawa Journal. Reader Mall Ltd 60 Front St -West. Toronto 2, Ont Ontario residents dd 1c sales tax. Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER. NAME, ADDRESS. . First timet 3 free pattern hi big. exciting 1869 Needle-craft catalogue I .200 design nart Mole. Jacket, hats. toys, afghana, linen. thing 1 Send 25c. Deluxe quilt book I IS m is V V ' (fill w plet quilt patterns - pieced and applique, for beginner, experts. Send 60c bow. - :, f - ' ' - :7 r . Stretchy You 'may be water-logged but what won't make yon fat-Many reducers' have the Idea that a d r a s t i c cutback oa their, consumption of liquid Is necessary ia order to lose weight. , Water has no calories and therefor cannot possibly add to your fatty deposits. There are some conditions la which an abnormal amount of water is retained la the tissues. This is a problem for your phytic ian because there may be abnormalities which c a a a e this and they should be in-vestiated medically. Salt has some Influence on water retention In the body. Therefore, when reducing you might restrict, your salt intake to some extent However, remember that during not weather we- need mere salt than we1 do in cold weather. We ' also., require more liquids since we lose to much water In perspiration. The average reducer aeed not be concerned about water and salt. Exercise Is to Important K you wish to'acqulre to keen a lovely figure! It la essential to the silhouette as well as to health. Many of the best reducing exerciset are alto nludtis;TlMM ar the stretchy kind. ' The following exercise spWdtdfy pllmfnwg t waist and the Stand toll with art tad. Raise your it - diaphragm your feet sec- trmt over- I- : head and clasp your band. Keep your elbow stiff a yoa ' twist as far as yoa caa to the left. Now twist to the right. It Is essential that yoa go a far w each direction aa comfortable and that yoa . keep your elbows straight. . Also, remember to p a s h toward the ceiling with year hands as yoa twist Here's another beautify I a g stretch for yoa. Stand facing the wall, feet fairly dose to the walL Bend your elbow end alec your hands eo the wan ia-front of year chest Now slide your fingers of both hands) up the wall as far as yoa possibly caa. Reach for that last mcb. When your fingers ar a far vjor.icrj r mttmtnrmmma,r Correct Teenagers' Food Habits Idea on ood eating wet presented tt a meeting of the American Medal Association In San Francisco, as aa aid to parent who ar concerned about the eating habit of their teenager. 'Before th young people head beck to school, make a complete daily food record. If It doesn't teem adequate according to th standard est by th ' Canada Food Rule, do something about UL When talking with teen- agert about their food habitsy keep the following tion in mind: 1. Dialogue, not monologue. Let the kids do half of the talking. The food they want to eat may be nutritionally sound and practical. If not It may sound foolish to th teenager, too. when be bears It tat hi own word. X Listen for feelings as well a word when a teenager ' talk. .-- S. ' Approach a teenager with 'respect but authority. ' We find that boy and ' "' girl take ' themselves ' seriously but welcome ' ' thooghutrtil authority. . 4. Ifcecognlza that some -people don't work effectively with teenagers. Let the parent who doe tt best do It The phy- 1 " slctaa may be of help toe. - He ha high statu with - teenager as a source of J . Information oa health nd diet' : 5. Keep In mind . that - teenager's itrongcst moti-vatlon It to be attractive ': ' and - accepted by other of hi see group, and In boys, athletic prowess. 6. Keep the refrlaecstor and - the table well stocked . with food that art antri- - ttoos and pleasant to eaU Yotj may be surprised to see how readily teenager will down fresh orange nd apple from a convenient fruit bowt and 'consume a fresh fruit salad at dinner row Old ? Exercises up the wall as they can move. bold this position while you DOWNTOWN 9.00 to 5.30 236-451 1 WEST END 9.00 to 5.30 2364662 BILLINGS BRIDGE 9.30 to 6.00236-3681 SPECIAL 7 count to six. slowly. Return, bands to the in-front-of-cbest position and continue. s , ''If you would like to have" my tested waist slimming exercises. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for them to Josephine Lawman In care of The Ottawa Journal. PURCHASE! Italian Marble top vm t ftf-rTeft T A - IIUfA.aMUlNAJL. TABLES FRUITWOOD FINISHED BASE Special ' ... add beauty and ' ... charm to your living room and realty save substantially. Beautiful occasional tables with th added luxury of an Italian Marble top , . . and with a fruitwood finished base. Top measures IS inches in diameter and it stands 23 Inches high. Get yours now while , v. , . .- quantities hut " rURNITURE, HOME FURNISHINGS V 1 BUILDING, DOWNTOWN, AND AT ' . BILLINGS BRIDGE AND WEST END . STORES Summer FURNITURE Clearance! r .v.,.'.';..T;.'''...'jV -.. Z Chaise Folding Chairs Garden Gliders etc. . . . . here's your opportunity to buy for , - ' the remainder of thla year and tor next summer too ... and your chance - . ..... to'saVe half The "regular price orr ' . ' - ' ' " - - quality summer furniture.. Come In early for the best selection front this clearance grouping. ' niUmTntE, IfOME FURNISHING BUILDING, DOWNTOWN, AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE r .: LfOngues iatitcct Price Oailmad

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