The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 20
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 20

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 20
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. . . -i llwlaJljsJjBB ? -.; - - TUESDAY. AVQVST 11. IBM t ' .-. : T 20 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL COOKING COLUMN Use Berries Now in Desserts By NORAH CHERRY The soft fruits of the berry and apricot variety make delicious desserts that are most refreshing when the temperature soars. Some of the dessert have a more delicate flavor when served , warm; others reach their peak of flavor perfection when chilled. - v ". If the family like a dessert - with authority then we have two choices uiing the soft fruit either black Currant - .' Roll or a Raspberry Crisp, v Both are old lashohed des-' setts with plenty of flavor. They will appeal to the men folk in the family. - Cobbler are conaidered a " Winter dessert but when ' fresh blueberries are on the market no one will fault you when a blueberry cobbler tol- Iamm IU ... -J ' lalad." . ' GOOSEBERRY. FOOL 4 cups gooseberries I cunt sugar . - - "1 caps water v V4 Maspeea salt i cups whipping cream , cup king sugar Wash, top- and tail goose-berries. Bring, sugar, water and salt to brisk -boil. Add gooseberries. Bring to boil; , reduce heat to simmer. Cook , for IS to 20 minutes or until soft and mushy. Put through s.eve. vniti. t serving lime, icing sugar. Fold into gooseberries. Serve in chilled sherbet glasses. Yield: eight servings. "- '' Note: two cups chilled soft cooked custard may be sub-' st 'luted " for the, whipping, cream. . Salad 8uhwm A (HllV WMl t'JKflefetJsIf W f9t (HMIMIvsW eswlrf ON yMT fOtttS , ttUN tagillj flfwarf itiwHlM sM M . rio M imokt nd M oM m polrticiwM't ftMrtl . Crai gr ildt) u a vrity of orMn-(ttue. ntvs, 8pfVCh of ten4on ytintV ottery, ond choic of V4MorcrM, punk. cw9 Of Ontppotf OfMOfl tOOeV AasJI for 9 "cMuxo touch", cnimot In . arttte tojty ConodiaMi bkio . CStOaMO ttSon OPOM ti uoi ko fofo oteTvino vtfitf4 yoof bMttwl ' FrOftCll oVotstHlfJ. TrpOfw) ft 0 aeladmatlSaaaledl "Intha Ba."fienies Everwy'finQei food auppers, packed in paper bags for easy wtmf, to the picnic spot ? With on be for each "picnicker", vice is smpS-' ned end the efterwiem ia a snap, a bag, pep serviette end cupe are I into locoptectee tor Pood might Consist of ham burg or Kaiser buns nNed with a nippy cheeeo and becon sprssd. e foil wrapped bundle of raw vogetebto mbotefS,' blue grape end e fresh pear for out-of-htnd eating, some ' butler cookies or e brownie square, end a carton of eotd strew. Deck the beg with nemee of recipient in bright eotor. or use picture for the ; children, drawn fiee hand or out from comica. And. for a thoughtful touch, tuck in an envelope containing a pro-pered (asps') fecocloth, mcety eetnngeriC 7 ' .1 ''. PiM to Parf action Neat time you bake a summer berry pie. remember that fruit , piee just love to run out in the oven ... but they heven t the nerve to try It when there' s tnta) euick "cooking tapioca ineido. And by the wey, moot people ake fruit pa served t le mode, so have plenty of Ice croom handy to serve your pie mmim fen th lahl atiS hum Majtc f i - -- I I from the i Stuff 'am With Qoodnags . . . latVd 0tlfftd tOilKOJOM lt407 oo wthm for stim- or : BUppOf ttffl WlhOf OjO fgHn ooppOTgt, MiQrit Ml Www with fncroftl n4 (don't laiifrip on ihn ohosos tic ptMX f) snd top Itwm with butttrcd erumot or enmerty crol tk tr tM tOtltMOOS ftndOf ffMH MO r aro ttndr nd N Mocorow ptpioQ fwOt lV atwB MeBWrn (MfwawrwaI4fe 4sf THi taoA oait sooos Slavics auaiau 147 Doinewl U towns . 0M. RED CURRANT PRESERVES I quart red currants' " 1 cups sugar I cup water Crisp crackers ' Camembert cheese Wash: top and tail currants. Bring sugar and . water to boil; add currants; Cook for 2 minute or until thickened. Ladle into sterilized pint Jars. Seal. Yield: two pints. Serve for dessert wish crackers and cheese during Winter month. BLACK CURRANT BOLL S cup black currants 1 cups sugar I cup water t-M teas pea aM 1 cup sifted afl-purpete fleaf ' I loaspeena baking powder S teaspeea salt . 4 tables psoas saarteatng I ttblespsea. butter , cap milk v .1 teaspeea) grated lemea rind Pour cream, Wash currants; top and tail. Bring two. cups sugar MnA one cua water to bnskl . hoiL Add. rurrantt.-I.ook minutes or until thick. Cool. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Sift then measure Hour; re-. sift with baking powder and salt into mixing bowl. Cut ia shortening finely. Cut in butter to sizl of small peas. Add milk to make soft dough. Turn out onto lightly floured board. Knead for It seconds. Roll into II i I inch rec-. tangle. Add lemon rind to currants. Spread - on dough. Roll as for Jelly roll- ; Place seam side down oe) lightly buttered shallow baking dish. Bake 23 to M minutes or until rightly browned. Cut in slices to serve. Serve warm with pour cream. Yield: 'eight servings. ' ' RASPBERRY CRISP I I ejuart raspeerrte tt cup sugar H cup tleur ' L, teaspeea salt , I cups crashed shredded .. wheal- biscuits . 'i cua brawa auaar a cup butter" part - vaailla lea cream , . Pick over raspberries. Com- bine with H cup sugar, two Jried ice-cream, made by dron-tablespoons Hour and tea- ping frozen Scoops. in batter and poon salt. Place la buttered deep-frying them .quickly.' one quart baking dish. ,. ' Preheat oven to I7S degrees. Mix together crushed biscuits, remaining flour and salt SttT in brown sugar. Cut in butter to form tine crumbs. Sprinkle over berries. Bake 3 to 33 minute or until berries cooked end topping brown. Serve slightly warm with a topping of ice cream. Yield: six servings. ' ' ' BLUEBERRY COBBLER ' S cups Mwoborrtce -' uhlnpoeaa sugar VH cap water ' ' I tablespn cerwstarcb ' I cap quick bhwuM mis ,' v I tableapesa batter : H cup cereal erwm'- Place blueberries. I. 'tablespoons sugar and K-cup water in electric skillet. Heat to boiling: reduce, heat to aim-i mtr. cook five mlputes. Blend cornstarch with remaining 2 tablesponna water; stir into berries. Cook one minute longer. ' ' s ','- Crumb together biscuit mix. one tsbinpoon sugar and one tablespoon butter. . Blend - in cream. Drop dough by tablespoons ovtr berries. Cover skillet. Cook with beat turn- (ijijiEiOim -VPM Shop Friday 12.30 to 9 p.m. f otbr days 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mill mum ISawaSskwlimBSma SH0PPINC - It A PLEA5URX AT- rr Cart ir Psrhiae' I47 R1DEAU T. onm hi IrtsM Oftrrt rWtfi4 m mm st mwim m MM Im tk wtal Hrm.4 Ik. Ml IMI arw. ski swit ft.r. lw..,irl,l Im)W O. tmHm. Wmlli f mr rrto aM. Ii 9 fit waJsT 4fWy lrt4si e..i.f mh w M.ii imi (in. utm M.I S.s ed to low for 'It to 2J minutes. Serve warm .with pour cream. Yield: : five servings. APRICOT COMPOTE M cap sugar ' I cup water . .. . IH tbs. fresh apricots ( squares spaag cake H cup whipping cream 1 tablespeoas Iciag sugar 1 drops almond extract Bring cup sugar and wa ter to boil; reduce neat low. Simmer-five minutes. Wash apricots. Cut in half and remove . pits. Drop apricots into hot syrup. Cook for five to eight minute or until tender. Place Irak and syrup In bowl. Cool then chill - for four hours. Whip cream, beat m icing' sugar and extract. Spoon apricot mixture over sponge cake.-' Garnish - with whipped cream. Yield: eight servings. , v..: . RASPBERBY VHIP .... . I egg whites " ' Ptock el salt .-..- can sugar . 1 taolespeea km hike 14 teaspeea grated Is man ... rind ' J cup raspberries I recipe soft custard saace r vBeat egg whites and sali umH soft peaks, form;, add sugar gradually beating to stiff 'meringue. . Stir la lemon lui juice and rind.' Fold, in rsip- berries,. .spoon tmo sneroet glasses. '.Chill for three, hour. Serve with chilled soft custard ' sauce. Yield: six servings. SOFT CUSTARD SAUCE '.iegg yelks .' - 1 tabkspasw sugar ' '" ' -Pkecll ef salr I cup milk .'::' ..-',...' ' taipsw vaaiBa ' : ' Beat egg yolk slightly hi top of double boiler.' Stir m sugar and salt Gradually add milk. Place over hot water. Stirring constantly cook until , mixture coats a Silver spoon. .Remove from heat and water. .Stir m vanilla. Cool then . 'chill. Serve a en accompaniment to raspberry w a i, p . Yield: six carving. ' V BUILDS SCHOOL J. SEPT-ILES. Que.' (CP) A S1.2OI.0N high school I to. be built at Havre St. Pierre, .f mile east of, here, h will have )l classroom's and' living quarters for .students from the re mote hamlet along the rugged Voaittine. : In Japan, restaurants serve Playing With Fire Is For BatonTvirling. twirler who has performed across Canada and the United States U a'tterflngers. offstage, she says. ''-r-" 1 caa't hold '.a cup of. coffee without spilling It,", says Barbara Lounsbury ' " "And ' she ' burns boles In 7 everything," adds Joan Lounsbury, her sister and partner. .'. flaming batons are twirled la a pool of fire as part of the act developed by the . sisters from St. Catharines.. Ont, New mink ' eyelashes were Singed once during a performance of the fire ;'act;, Barbara .says.1;, ' "The girl, who have appeared at the Calgary Stampede the last tour yearly agree, bow vr, that slippery floors are .more hazardous than the fire .act. :-: ';..,;' '-.' "we've taken some pretty . hard fall but we've never been badly kurt,- ; - . y TRAVEL FAR .. Z' ' . Travel ia one of the dividends of the girls' skM. They have performed in Europe, the Far East, Middle East, end. even the Arctic. - , In fact it Was travel . that prompted the Lounsbury sisters to turn professional. They already have bookings . for 1M5 but insist that '-'next year Is aur . last for sura." - ... "We know our limitations and neither ol as is career-minded,'' Barbara says, c . To keep m shape the girls ski whenever, possible during the Winter. And their diet are watchad" carefully.. .r'T "We cant put' on a pound." sayk Joan. 'f'Our costamet are kia tight". The beaded and spangled costumes are made In Japan, with' all the beadwort dona by hand. "If we bad to make them it would take two month hist for one costume," ey Barbara. , SAVE MORI ' . " DtttlatOur , iucasT ra sue SHERRY PARTY FOR DELEGATES WIVES -1 Wives of delegates to the- fourth triennial convention of the National Defence Employees' Association being held at the Chateau Laurier this week, -were entertained at a sherry party on Monday by Mrs. Gerry Chariebois, wife of the conven- -tkm committee chairman. Mrs. Chariebois. at centre, is seen with two of her guests, Mrs. H. W. Holland of Victoria, at left, and Mrs. A. R. Donald, Upper Blackville Bridge,: NB.t-- k-y vr ." t t , t j ... ,. . . s ,.'.','! ' Jaurnal Phots av Dnpilalea-Widet U .- By HELOISE CRUSE -DEAR HELOISE I use fitted sheet when making dust ruffles. It sure 1 keeps the ruffle ia place! - I put the fitted sheet on the . mattress, mark around the, sheet with pencil, using the mattress as a guide . .'. .theft sew' the- dust ruffle to the ' fitted sheet, where I have marked it. ' - .. .. ' When laundering. It ts not ' necessary to iron the filled sheet as the mattress aides., the un-ironed part. It sure stay put. ' '"" - i .'..''. i - , -.'- -EJ.F ) ,.ii".i-ii'..v-.-' ' For thoe of you who have sick people who lie in bed. . day after dey, and who are ( quite Incapacitated (they ' can't turn themselves o v e r,-etc): -' . It the TV is near the bed 4 ' 'J ' --i f ' i j - " V I7 Rideaa Straat - - Z3S-SS4 lanssin Bank and O ( SISTER ACT , The baton twirling act of Joan and Barbara' ' Lounsbury . of SL Catharines. OnU began about 14' years ago in a spirit of sisterly competition. Joan, at left, has held the title of All American Majorette Queen. ;t ' , ; ; ?V-. .';',-' -' - tCSWavraal Phosst Preleifed Senrice That Im Costs More ' . rUNflAlHECTOIs""' 315 Mcltod 231M43 MmStfffffg side table try putting a mirror .oo the opposite wail as that the television will reflect in this, mirror. . . 'Here's what is good about it: - . - , - People who are bedriddea get very tired lying oa one side. Even if they are lying oa their backs their beads have to- be turned to one side la look at television. -' By putting this little mirror (which can be bought, at 'any 'dime, department, or drug store) on the opposite wall to that the television can reflect in h, It not only relieve the muscles on the back of their neck, but they can lie oo the opposite side of their bodies! This prevents the e t h e r pressure on all ; muscles. . . Fun Sisters - IMS Byrea 1. 721761 tasfsi.Waadraae and caanai : . . 1 DEAR HELOISE: , I use my leftover adhesive- - backed wallpaper to line drawers, closet shelves a a d shelf edge. This oilcloth-type - wallpaper is also- good -to cover children's books, or shabby-looking books which are oa display. ;- - ' It's so colorful, and economical, tool " M. McDesmel Heloite welcomes all mall, especially household hinu which she can pass on to readers a apace perm 1 1 s. However, because of the tremendous volume of mail she receives daily, Heloite is unable to answer ell individual fetters. She will sntwer read- ' "i.. -",ton her column . Cavjrrigbt, IM4 -'.-v.-' '.'iA of serious Council Plans International Conference (By The CP) Mrs. J. Philip Matheson of Oyster ' Bed Bridge, PEI. national president of the 700-member Federated Women's Institutes .of' Canada, it to attend the . 26ih -annual meeting of the Country Women's Council St Louisville, Kentucky, Aug. U-13. Plant will be made at the' council meeting for the inter- " sr . Ig rnducina national conference of the Associated Country ' Women of the World, to be held ia Dublin Sept. 14-24. 1963. m TNKOUOH IITTtS 0 . a-aw awuDv rref ' (-fXamoaa'Pair ).twtrf 'i Us ' .Y ;;. V-'.; -r-r- V'-'.'. ''', : MjcctMsntly ' Styltd ' ' m a.- aVtt 1 - New Royal Family - - ;V;aJDkuods - ' -S .r CartifJed Perfect ttM' j. ... . world's bifhest .- , ( sundard of quality y J., ."'' cut. and colour' " , .. a aweie vjjuk "vietia fully backed by t our 10-point .. oooey-back -i "-.-. . v r . .;-, 180 Sparks Stre3t , Open Daily v le 5:45 Friday night till phone 235 6706 ' Journal Want Ads -bring quick results. . , AUGUST ; FUR SALE I 1 , AV 3 'i. i.:, 4 v-j etltttTT AND VAVUI, '' f f I -. m t"- Vi in fur - jrej . ... ' . t ' ii ' m. ".-f 'A . .1 v.i : V: ) 4 'l orrw vninAY Yk---r i is i 1 I I I I V y Peoples yY Friendly X -i Credit ." ;;.' f -. - v. - : public announcement '-. interest to every woman who is ' planning an investment ;-iian 5. - prt-Seasotr Savings C';'.',.;.; .'S'iM0S 8 petite to 40 . but not in every fur In -Ottawa .r''? women who know FURS prefer Renfrew furs for SELEC-J TION. QUALITY. STYLE and WORK-' ' MANSHIP. Why not join Nthese wise . fur buyers? ' Coma see . . . come save ... now during .our GREAT SUMMER -FUR SAtE. .'-. . ... 'Check these examples: y'i-i v'- NATURAL MINK STOIES 53,99 from at low as : SOCIAL GROUf OF tram low as v Asm many, twtay other .. an to IM -. , . all at COATS $169 fun - tea ewer ttmHar ssnrlatsl '- ' - - ; :.k : f mi J ' " ' ' " " aw .it.inS 1 oi.'w . alia wttk -. iO'L tt 136 RIDCAU STRUT . J324207 ; V -. """ . rrew lumiomei ranung aw z tnjr Lots y ,, . NICiHrS Til.

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