The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 19

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 19
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tt ona day a waek tbera a 1 am working. PrudMKS. It's the same old relrain: ' call it aha Sum mar Cm. "tags Bluet! Yet most guests like to help if somebody organises them. It should be part of the fun. At the first get, . together ' (probably bitting around t h e table with second cups of coffee), discuss tt. Say you know, everybody wants something to . do and gat them agreeing that many hands make light work. From there tt'a a short step to getting volunteers for dish washing, fire tending, awi ins. cooking. Don't be so all- fired eager for perfection that you insist on one hundred per cent performance. Praise all., efforts, and whistle, while yon work! ' - JEAR DORIS: You -ware a; great help be broad axparteaca ia a 4 a I-fora you sent me Information work. If you would like help on modelling as a career. I. ' hope yon can help ma again. . la there a Miss Canada lust aa there Is a Miss America? Can you tell me where' to write to find out about it? V - Ruthia. 1 There's Miss Canada .chosen every year from an '. A."Z u ' nuHin ow .ties; at the Miss C a a a d a pageant, which Is held at the i O'Keefe Centre, Toronto. For ' datatli a.riia h. Ui.. r.j. PitHM Huilmiartr Innl York Hotel, Toronto, Canada. DEAR DORIS: c Usually wbea a girl mar- rTies, the gradually sacs less . and less of bar former girt ' j fnanda whv have choseti to . . p i 4 It; 'i remain aingia. CfcnnbeO May ' , . . Mr. and Mra. H. MacDougall Campbell announce tha engagement of their daughter, Cairine Margaret, to Mr. Robert Clarence May. ton of Mr. and Mra. Clarence W. ,A.. pm. in Northwestern United lUdbouim Burke . , , 'H "-i Tha engagement it announced of Carol Irene, young-eat daughter of Mrs. Fredrick R. Radbourna and the lata Mr. Radbourna, to Mr. Paul Burke, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Burke. Marriage to take place on Saturday, Sept S at two o'clock in Dommion Chalmers United Church,' Ottawa. , - , rstu auu tcrsw - - .- I Mr. and Mrs. Jamea W. Peterson announce the en- I gagement of their daughter Mary to Mr. Francesco Paolo V I Cerate, ton of Mra. Anna Caraaa and the lata Mr. Alfonso I Caraaa of Foggia, Italy: Wedding to take place fat Ot-, -i tawa on Thursday, Aug. 27. Miss Paterton la a graduate , r of Queen's University and Mr. Cerate it a graduate of tha University of Rome, Italy. : -' ti BusJutrrl Knipka Mr. and Mrs.. Wsrren Buslurd announce the en-. ; gagement of their daughter, Ruth Ogilvie, to Mr. Ivo . ; Krupka. ton of Mr. and Mra. Milot Khipka. The mar-- rlaga has been arranged to take place on Saturday, Sept I f 12 m St. Joeeph't Church. Ottawa. ; f Arnason HoUebone '.". Mr. and Mra. A. K Arnason announce the forth-5 coming marriage of their daughter, Jeannle Elizabeth, to Bryan Ralph Hollebone, ton of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Holle- r bona on Sept. 12 in Parkdaw I '4: ' 'IS- T , Bejilt-Gcrwin " -t-V :' X - - Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. BeaD announce the engagement of their daughter, Elma, to Mr. Martin Gerwln. on of Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Gerwin, Garden City, Mew York. Tha marriage will take place at II o'clock, . Saturday, Sept 12 la St Matthew's Church. Ottawa. . , . . . e ' e e '. ua. Weddings ; ji f Morrow Macqomtld '""" : !': : On Saturday, Aug. B, 1964, In St Matthew's Church by Archdeacon. Eric Otberne, Janice Alexandrina. daughter of Mr. and Mra. Alex M. Macdonald of Ottawa, to Dr. Donald Ree Morrow, eon of Mra. Ralph Morrow and the late Mr. Morrow of Regina. i- -- i KanrnoKUDov The marriage st Elizabeth Margaret Dow, daughter. of Mrs. John Park and the late Mr. Park, to Mr. Walter Tbomat Reynolds, son of the late Mr. and Mra. Samuel Reynolds, wss solemnized by Rev. Frank Harback In Kings-way United Church chapel on Wednesday, Aug. 5, 1964. gmltb-Cortsh . ' - . The marriage of Barbara Mra. John Corish of UverpooL England.' to Mr. Peter :. r Anthony Smith, son of Mr. and Mra. Walter A. Smith. ; ; "took place on Saturday, Aug. at 11 ajn. hi St Peter'a Church, Pakenham, Ont Rev. Arnold J. Stanton officiated. Kuttf ' "'.'. '.',." ;;?'.'; "l 4 The marriage bf . Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mra.' ' Ronald Kung, to Mr, George Lee took place Aug. in Dominion Chalmert United Church, Otuwa. il following rooeption-at-tba Cathay Restaurant tha aa4 Wtaf awa mt waeetasswor ai ta wars, rwaane wm aa F""i a aaa . aar rtaV eaiaaia aa at" la Z1 wltli a ta ss wafei T1r raaeiaf aaMar aa4.r trn aaa r aat Saaau ..laaia a ta S" " a Sail aa lata, ft aas'lKnal mmJk ' . But not always... Myljjart'v cular (rtend. flva years and thrM pre-school kids later, is still inviting ma io her boms "for supper" actually to watch bar keep house and listen to her yell at the' kids and bicker with her husv band. She la Impervious to my numerous excuses of previous engagements, and Instead Just tries again in a week or so. . Do you know of any method of conveying a definite NO, without giving .offence? -Bacheler Girl I'd hate to think marriage' meant cutting oft all single contacts. This mother-of-three is offering you hospitality and trying to keep a friends h I mended. Rather than cutting her off, Invite her out for dinner. This way she gets change from her eternal round, of child and husband care; and you et the penoa-o-person chit char you used to prize. . (DoAs Clark, Master of So cial Work, ts graduate of McCill. Toronto and Mc- Master Universities, and has with your problems, write to her hi care of Tha Ottawa Journal, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope.) . SAVES M CHILDREN ' LE LAVANDOU.' France iPi A 23-year-old Summer amp leader iammed on the brakes Entertaining yesterday - ....a snaoe more subtly, in met, fV- i' properly used, you shouldn't be Monday night after the driver ,blt w Uentity h, tBlc, m died of a heart attack- Monique food; Mys Jack Curlette, assis- Bardet was aitlina-close to tha .... .. .w. I 1 .1 driver. ViCfOT Pellet: When Pellet collapsed. The bus clip- pea tfiree cart before Mist Bar- det pushed, the driver's foot from the accelerator and put on the emergency brake. . . ' : Jottrnal Want Adt bring quick results. : .' cmcnts - - Church, Ottawa. United Church. . . . '.'' .f . ' '" ' t - ' Mary, daughter of Mr. and mumana aa r :? 'TmM. r" SaaUi a arareata, alaaaa , ' r - ' ; - .k , '; ' A 4 II j (l ECUADOR MARKS INDEPENDENCE DAY casion of their country's Independence Day were the Charge d' Affaires for , Ecuador and Mrs. Alejandro Davalos. From left are the Ambassador for Argen- Spices By JEAN SHARP TORONTO fCP - The first ' P'ces was to hide the 01 tointed meat " ""-7. -- . .k.t - "Spica is as much to bring flavor in other things aa u is to impart-a taste of its own," be says. "Celery seed, or instance. You've never been in a restaurant and said. 'Gosh that celery seed ts good.'" .. Mr. Curlette't advice to the novice it to "try a chart and a Uttla bit of curiosity." With practice you can find out which' tastes ad bow strong a taste your family will, like. "Make a little gray with snica and soma without mice to taste the difference.' " cookbooks have spice charts P - gested uses- on pacUge labels. .wi JL I... than, yesrhecsusewhe;; am .i ,k. i. .k.i. -BoostV- i I 1 if IT 1 IUVUIO at a reception on the oc Conclude S uffeVN e MONTREAL fCP) Women - laKbusiness .take. less care of alone as the result of being tered insurance company and pJtai. was hostess at a meet-theihhealth than men. says single, widowed br separated former meiica joci.i worker ting held at her home when Mrs. Rore Jutras of Montreal, Canadiahvp r e s I d e n t of the Femmes Chefs d'Entreorii. a worid association of women ex - ecutlves. .,'7r:,VZ. " """"'' wnre on the Diseases of the Executive which' she attended In Munich show that men are becoming inrr...i..iu rj ik. for an annual marfiral rkarki x Although this is Urgely be - CmU 01 concern of their ive. women in -business are 1,01 following suit. Mrs. Jutras My- -' "Many women executives live ana nave no one io -urge mem "to having a check-up." It was even more imoortant .for a woman with a double role as. breadwinner and bouse- -sn, may nave children to bring up and no husband to fall hack 0n U l" " r. t,nM mc siu ragnsisuj . nrougnt to ngm ai tne Wierence was the fact that meq are likely to suffer from beai rt attt attacks from Overwork and 1 from I stress while women suffer nervous disorders. of Hamilton, had often talked to Lura Secord and had gathered niswric uiiwdmiiwi doui ner. Tkars ! If atAnat latKi-lawl ka4e SOth wedding anniversary Aug. . j , . MrathBraahwurf this town northwest of Toronto, Mrs. Jackson formerly ur. cor cartnew - re- xecutives Story of Laura Secord and Her Cow Is Still Upheld as Family History BRAMPTON, - Ont (CP) Laura See ofd'i descendanu doot share the 'scepticism of w,,n """'" law kami.v h.. r.v ,hmt..k .mv line. inth. War of iia Th . .. . . ' true, cow and all." says Mrs. Clayton L Jackson Edmon- ton, Laura Secord's great- Mme. Nhu's Sister Teacher In U.S. ' ; FT. BRAGG. Nfj () The He explains that h't ail that frenddaughter. . -gives the taste. ' . ; Legend is that the heroine PEPPER IS OIL ' lhed 20 miles through Ameri- Sk Th.TO z: ,bp. - r u age. to keep the flavor." -." COW f . . I that the Americans wouldn't be Spices are made from aeeds, ..m-i-i bark, leaves, roots, fruit. They ''cma-come from all over the world, Sot question has been raised a fact that sometimes creates ho,r fer she walked and difficulties. Fer example. Mr. ""tartans nco"i Brit-Curlette t a y a, tha world't M ,'re,d mti u best cmntmon comes from Sal- th "ck- - goa and the political strife In But Mrs. Jackson '.says the Viet Nam bat made It scarce family is satisfied that the de-and high-priced. tails, as it knows them, are V The company gets Its mustard accurate, largely because her seed from Alberta, paprika father, the late A. M. Carthew from spam, pepper from In- die's Malabar coast, chile from Mexico. . ADDED VITAMINS Incidentally, Mr. Carlette tayt paprika has a high vita-. min C content but if you use It In recommended quantities It's' probably only of academic inwim. : 1 , ..... And an indication of how far T M '"f M- apices go ta that only tO.M di"'- T Lchlv,55'. .n.,y tons of pepper, the biggest ,Mtr ? 3 N,ra ,M"- seller, are sold In tha world la tam Dinl NBU; . - a year - . guage instructor at the John F. Mr. Curlette. whoso company Kennedy centre for apecial It a food processor, says most ' ; .v ..- t of Its spices ire milled in Can- A copyrighted story In the ada and tested by expert! who Fort Lauderdale Fla. 'Nwt taste, them, smell them, look at Monday said Mme. Tran was a them through higlr;powcred, language instructor and pollt-: magnifying glasses; even listen." leal adviser. A . ,to them by rubbing grain tq. , Nn0( ivin m gether. They are checking fla- ilr Fraace. Jiaa been a bitter vor, frMhnest, censlttency and citie.of the United States. Her deairitoes ' husband and hit brother, Ngo - X - ' Dinh iDem, were slain k) the , ? FREEZING TIP - overthrow of Diem's regime Uutt Ascorbic acid' may be used to year. prevent the darkening of fruita '' ' when freeiing. Use W teaspooa Journal Want Adt bring to one pound of fruit ' quick results. . .. . HOLT REM FREW Canada'$ loading fuftiwn tine It 37 ':'-'!i:'V':V;-:"f;-VtV;'; Tha H;tt 'label in Furs 1 v mfopi Superior Quality, SlyU Coaectnes t .,, v ond .DepefldobU Satisfaction. ' HO IT REN iw iV'.' 1 9 2 0jyf '$': tins and Mrs. R. H. Pueyrredon: the Ambassador for Mexico. Mr. Rafael .Urdaneta. Mrs. Davajoa; Mrs. Urdaneta and Mr. Davalos-Alvarez. . (Journal Phota by Domtnioa Wid.t Women E rvdus D isorde rs President of her own char- j..-J . with the department of veter- n r atlatrs, Mrs. Jutras saia executives .need annual health checkups "Just as their com- "" yar,y dk". . . . .. .,. ' 'hree grown children and eight .uun. .1.. ,.,h.r.. ..,..: ... j...h in 1944. " received the silver medal of the .City of Paris for her work as founding president of the Canadian Femmes Chefs of the Cans d'Entreprls. marked In an Interview that her eldest daughter is Laura Secord viiOt win ui vr. V,. is. ,iim Dnaalnum Cat W m,nA wWiw eldest da u g h ter is another , r j TZcito our firs, great grandchild and we are hoping for another Uura cord this smart Vogue frock for a . fabric cost of less than $31 1.49;- A TIMELY VALUE! New Fall Prints to Sev Into Smart Dresses . - . . j . Imported. Fsbrics Acetate Ettron, Surrah and ' "' ' ' , -.5, , - Arnel Surrah ' U ' 1..... ;., Prints 'witlj- Autumn 'taccltement In rich, .i;." silky textures, til glowing new season . ' colours. Our lucky purchase Is your oppor- tunlty to save SUBSTANT1A1XY! - on dresses for August-lnto-Autumn. Paisley patterns. Fall florals and other motifs. 45 ' inches wide. Very special, yard h t v - ' : , . : - In Our Complete Pattern Selection . McCAU. simpuoty yocuc patterns V't. ' fMc Cntrtoui-tH floor '; ;. "' rrr 1 TUESDAY, AUGUST II. 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 19 Successful Living r by DORIS CLARK ' A Canadian Social Worker , Helps With Human Problems i mm u.j ,;tj 'nyy-nwy aa. aaaaaaaa rnt " I jpsim m 1 1 1 1 ii ssheaawMii a iisasssaaMestaatwtstess DEAR DORISr Tell mt how to entert a I n people coming to our cottage invited and uninvited? Should I always ba lb one to do the work u far ai Mood oaa dishes and to on?I , love tha eotuga but I only ' Social and ' Mr. Hari Nolowidigdo, of Washington, is visiting with his parents, the Ambassador of Indonesia and Mrs. Mocks no Nolowidigdo. : Miss Enid Lowery, of Wolverhampton. England, is In Ottawa visiting with Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Buckland. '. 'Dr. R. Barry Farrell. who has been travelling in Europe for the past three months, wss in Ottawa for a few days to visit with his mother. Mrs. R. B. Farrell. before ' returning to Northwestern University Evanston. 111. . Mrs. Clifford Johnston en- ' tertained at a dinner party ; in honor of Dr. and Mrs. R. ' M.' Petrie. of Victoria, who were visitors in Ottawa prior to sailing for Europe. Miss Tina Hird returns to Ottawa today after having been In Switzerland for the past two tjjonths attending French Summer school. . Mrs.- f.-fc- Guesuen. nres!- denrofThe-tadles Auxiliary of the Ottawa General Hot- plans were maae to noia a Souper Gourmet" on Thurs- d(y. Oct. 15. at Maison des oenvres -Hall. N Parent Ave- nue. Mrs. Eugene Turgeon and Mrs. Joseph Smith are the conveners. ' ' Miss Ivy Hobbs, bride-elect of Saturday, was entertained at a miscellaneous ' shower at the home of Miss Lueen Cook. . .Mist Diane Morin, bride-elect of Saturday, was honored et a miscellaneous shower held at the home of iMrs. RoHert Caldwell. a' Guests from out-of-town who will attend tha Mc-Siravick-Morin wedding on' Saturday are Mrs. H. G. Kelly and her daughter. Colleen, of Weston; Mr. and Mra. Charles HELENA RUBWSTHFS ONCE -A-YEAR OFFER WATER LILT CLEANSING CREAM NOW $295 LIMITED TIME ONLY L i Important Beauty Benefits at a tiJ Saving... Leaves Your Skin as Freeh ' and Silky as a Water Lily enough for ' .montha of beauty, to give yott m cleaner. clearer, amoothar eomplexkm thaa you aver dreamed posatbla. "Water LOy CWanamg ' : Cream goat down deeper into the pores, floats . out over bit of .sub-surf see dirt and grime. ' Bare la your perfect - taring. ' inOTED GENEROUS Persona Conwsy, Demers Centre. Que.; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pigott, Ancaster; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Roy,. La'ehine. and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Morin. St. Hubert. ' Mrs. John Ryan was hostess st a linen shower at her home given in honor of Miss Disne Morin, whose marriage takes plsce on Saturday. Miss Monique Breton entertained "at her home in honor of Miss Patricia Johnston, bride-elect of Saturday, Sept. 5. , Mra. Richard Lacelle entertained at her home In honor of Miss Sonia Lea Lacelle, bride-elect of Saturday,' Sept. 5. Assisting the hostess were Mrs. Gordon Mersereau, Mr.-Gerry Martin, Mrs. Bertha Leonsrd .and Miss Gloria Guilbeault Miss Cprinne Wooding, bride-elect of Saturday, was honored by her office-associates of the Public Works Department, at a luocheoa held . at the Green VaHey-Ri rant. Mrs. Morin Entertains . . pQp DOUQnter -Mrst-J. R. Morin entertained at a trousseau tea in honor of her daughter. Miss Diane Mnrin, whose marriage 1. to Mr. Glen McStravick will take place on Saturday.' I Mrs. Jamets McStravtcR. mother 0 the bride-elect's fiance, received .with the hostess and her daughter.. Pouring tea were Mra. H. J. Kelly, Mrs. Don McStrav. Ick. Mrs. William Lamb, Mrs. J. L Morin, Mrs. John Lewis and Mra. Eileen Morin.. Serving were Mist Debbie Caldwell. Miss Sharon Caldwell Miss Nancy Lyons. Miss Judy Hebert, Mist Margot Ryan and Mitt Suzanne Perraa. ''..-. generous U OZ. SIZE cleanser at a i TTVfB OKLT ' 14 02. SXT9 Telephone Orders 155-3355 Cosmetics 5 parts St. floor V v- - fcdfcdMsgfc.sggktsVsjfcdtfcal

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