The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1918
Page 5
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1918. THUS iJATLY ooCHTEn, CONWETXrVTTXE. PA. APPEAL COMES FOR i B. A o. NOT REWIRED RED CROSS NURSES TOFURNBHOPEN-TOP TOSERVE IN FRANCE Bctweem M,000 Mi 40,OM Are A 6£tt£Ky Iv^wvV HMTC B«« InroDed. 1,000 ADDED EACH MONTH CARS TO WAGON MINERS Mi 2^00 Are R*Wy lor tloa; Agt Umit Is lewere* to 31 Tews. Despite an enrollment of 1,090 nurses a month for Red Cross nork, the American Red Crozs, through its department of nursing, the mobilizing agency for nurses in the military service, has announced that it is in urgent need of recruits. *"" fc . It was stated that the military needs ot the government cannot be mrt by 1000 nurses a month, as it has been estimated by the surgeon general's office that within a short time the Red Cross will need 'between, 80,000 and 40.000 nurses for the army. The Allies also are depending upon the United States to supplement their own cursing service.' There are 'between 80,000 and 90,000 registered nurses in the United States. Approximately 16,500 are enrolled Red Cross nurses, the majority of whom are in active ser7ice, ready for mobilization, or prepared for specified service.' It is the Red Cross tnrolhnent which forms the reserve of the army and navy nurse coirs. According to .Miss Jane Delano, halrman oj the national committee en Red Cross nursing service, the fact that the recruiting ol nurses 15 not Keeping pace with military needs does not indicate that the vromen are j,lack- urs, but merely shows that the sud- ilen and extraordinarily heavy de- -.nantl has not beea thoroughly realized. The nursing service has sent abroad 1.790 nurses for the array and navy; The litenUte CoBMierce GeMMiniw Uyh*U* Order of t**t J«ly IJ»- itatar SW-T to Vox Cm. According to decision, of the Inter- sttie Commerce Com minion tie Baltimore * Ohio railroad is upheld in tta refusal to arapply open-top cars for the uice of team track! loaders. On July 24 lut an order was issued tpeci- fying that box cars only would be fur- 'nished to this class of mines. The .._ j * ti. j i order was protested vigorously and an Airway S«t Atoiwd; | appeal ^^ to the j^.,^ Com _ C*mjs 'art C**to»»»to mcrce Commission'by the Fayette. Couniy Team Track Loaders association, alleging discrimination. The railroad continued to supply open-top ' cars to mines equipped with tipples and to wagon mines loading on private j tracks, but to the team track mines j without sidings of their own box cars | only were placed. In its decision the Interstate Commerce Commission holds: "Although in iU nature a discrimination as between shippers as a class, this practice is shown to operate in the interests ofthe public as a whole; and in the light of such results it is neither an unjust discrimination nor Is it unduly prejudical within the meaning of the regulating statute." Why Don't You SEE ME AT ONCE Don't Take Chances With Your Health See TkMt Tom (-*t the Be*t Tre*ta*v*t Vlrmt. DR. R. W. MACKENZIE TELLS HOW SHE DROVE AWAY DIGESTION TROUBLE Prominent Tetorianian's Wife Tells of I/on? SnffiMiug. Despaired of Finding a C»re. TOOK ACID IR03f AXD IS FKA1SDTG IX 5W and has 2,000 organized into units ready for mobilization. By careful adjustment, the nursing service so iar has met the demands without seriously disorganizing the ranks from -which they have been taken. But as these demands grow daily, a serious problem arises in home nursing for civilian needs. It has been estimated that 30,000 nurses will be needed on the basis of present estimates for an army ot l.dOO.OOO men. This situation is made doubly serious .because the conditions of war, which, take wage earners from the homes and nurses from the civilian hospitals, produce an increased amount of sickness and distress among the civilian population, with d« creased facilities -.lor gnarding its health. Since the "entrance of the United States into the war tte number of pupil nurses entering training schools has increased 20 per cent To meet the increasing demands of the army and navy the Eed Cross has modified its former requirements for enrollment The age limit is lowered to twenty-one years and in special cases nurses past forty may tie accepted. Smaller schools for nurses nave been placed on the recorded list and applicants are jndged on their merits. "J almost despaired of ever being relieved of my digestion trouble," writes still another lady who at last Elizabeth City, wife of a -well known veterinarian there. 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A most unusual offer. Take your pick at only 59.S6. KILLS PAIN IN 5 MINUTES ACTHT of Rheumatism and Goat. Xon- raleU. Lnmhwco, Chest Coldj and Sore Throai Kmled In Half Ute 'time It Take* Othrr Remedies. BIG BOX ONLY 25C Dawson. Smithfield. SMITHFI.BI.H, Jan. 29.--The following named persona of this community attended court in iMorgantowu, \Va. Va., Saturday as witness in the Bow- ers-Goodrwia case: lyph McCelellan, J. Honsacker, J. H. lioser, Hays Hon- sacker, Van Low, Bowman "Hendershot, Isaiah Cover, James Shoaf, H. C. Dils, J. H. Dils, John Lailt, O. S. Vance, I actually want to work, and talk , E. L. Downey, Harry High, E. Hum- about eat, I am the last one to leave tlie taibte now." It is a simple, harmless prepartion that removes the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically all stomach, Uver and intestinal ailments. Including appendicitis. One dose will con- riace or money reroaded. A. A. Clarke.--adv. Ohiopyle. OHJQPYLE, Jan. 29.--Miss Certrude Sipe, of Mill Run, is clerking in the store-for Bundette and Sailor. -Mr. and 'UTS. F. K. Bailey spent Friday at the Frantz hospital having the tonsils removed from their daughters, Roberta and Virginia. ,£. J. Bailey, of Uniontown, -iras a cellerhere Monday. Mrs. Marshall, of Somerset, returned to her home Monday after visiting her parents, Mr.' and Mrs. Michael Rafter. Edgar Glotfelty is visiting reiattres at Ohiopjyie lor a lew 6ays. M. H. Hoehstelier of Cheat Haven, is visiting at his home here. Frank Stark made a fino catch Monday morniirs when he came in town with three large foxes. TEAMSTER'S LIFE SAVED PETERSON IS HAPPY Ait** everything cl*c Jail* Petnion'* Ointncnt Cure* Cld and Rnaaiatf Sore*, Ecxnu aad FUu. I was afflicted with a TCTT verere Mro «n my let: for years. I am a teamster. I tried all medicine* add lalrc*. but without aoc- coas. I tried doctors, but tbey failed to cure me. 1 couldn't aleep for man/ nlsbM from pain. Pocton aald I could not lire Maallr Peter- phreys, M. S. Sangstoa and H. O'Neil. James Keneily, aged 72 years, died at his home here Saturday and was buried in the Baptist cemetery Monday afternoon. Services -will be conducted by Rev. Ralph Bell at a later date in the M. E. church. The storm Sunday night played havoc with the telephone and electric lines in this section. Every lino SO ing out of the 'borough was out of commission Monday morning. Every wire, 2S In number, on the Bell company poles was broken at the top of the hill on Main street and several on the Tn-State poles on the opposite side of the street The "West Penn electric wire 'broke east of town at the Kiger place and came in contract with the telephone -wires made a fine pyrotechnic display until the wires burned off. The Prospect Coal and Coke company trucks hauling coal from the Mathest mine sot tangled up in the wire on Main street winding it around the wheels until they cut two or three hundred pounds of it. TJhe doors and windows in houses facing the mountain wire hermetically sealed with ice that had to be chopped away in some instances before the occupants could get oat ot them. Weather observes say there has been nothing compared to it for 36 years. In February, 1££2, they say there was a similar storm but not so bad as this;' Mr. and Mrs. Lee Crow and daugh- 1 ter, TheJma, and son, Cameron, of i Maple farm in Nicholson township drove up m a sled Sunday night and \ called on relatives in town. Arthur Cirrn from out R. D. No~ 1 was a borough business visitor Monday. DAWSON, Jan. 29.--Miss Margaret Garsinger has resigned her position as clerk in th| C. J- McGill genera! store She is succeeded by Miss Lena Eberharter. Wednesday is pay day on the Pittsburg Lake Erie Yough diyiaion. Mrs. Arthur Fieldson was the guest of friends in Dickerson Ilun yesterday. Mrs. William H. Newmyer of Belle- viie, visited friends here Saturday, i Mrs. Charles Gaal is a Pittsburg visitor today. Mrs, Joseph Kishoddeu of McCon- nellsnUe, Ohio, attended the funeral of John Dom Tuesday. Mrs. Anna Slierbondy was a recent Connellsville visitor. Banns were pu)»U£hed for the first time Sunday''in -the Sacred Heart Catholic church of Dawson for the marriage of M.irgaret Gertrude Grasinger of Dawson and Thomas A. McIntyre of Lefsenring. Word has come from Camp Gordon stating that Theodore VanHorn has been promoted to a corporal, and since ; has been appointed to an acting ser-j geant. He is in fine health and has r gained 20 pounds in weight. i Mubltirine won't blister--It Is ajways ready for iiac--it 8 grandmother if old- fashioned mustard plaster v,Hh other up-to-date pain killers addetl Thft best and fiiilf-kest renruidy In the worid for lamenoss, ayre muscies, stiff nock, cramps in tfg cAraeho, Imcltache, hepdachc and tooth.ichf.' Beey's Mustarim--a^k for 11 by name. Is made of real, honest ye/low mustard--not clieap HubBtltutei 1 Use It freely to draw the pain from those sore feet--it's yreru for chilbiwiw, too, and for frosted fpet--Ad\. Big 15C Matinee Dail at 2:30. Evening Shows at 30 and 9:1 Clean, Progressive Amusement fortlie - Whole Family. BULIE BTKX1C America's noted double voiced Female Impersonator. IVAITEBS In Songs and Dances. GEDDT GEBLIES Byrne Byrne and Their Giddy Girlies In the Tuneful Musical-Comedy "A Trip to Chinatown" e last chapter of "The Fighting Trail." rnARLIE BIE5E WHY WOMEN DREAD OLD AGE Don't worry about old age. Don't worry about being In other people's way when you are getting- on in years. Keep your body in good condition und you can be as hale and hearty In your old days as o u were when a kid, atid erery one will be fi-lad to see you PARAMOUNT JHEATRE -TOMORKOTV- PITTSBURG PRESS WEEKLY SHOWING CAMP LEE AND CAMP HANCOCK. BLUEBIRD PRESENTS VIOLET MERSCREAC IN "The Girl by the Roadside" L KO COMEDY 3N 2 ACTS. clean and in proper working condition Drive the polMonous wastes from the uystem and avoid uric acid accumulations Take Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Cap sales periodically and you will find that the system will alwaya be-in perfect working- order. Tour spirits -will be enlivened, ynur muscles made strong and your face have once more the look ! of youth and health. , There is only one iruaranteed brand | of Haarlem Oil Capsules, Gold Medal) There arc many fakes on the market. Be ffure you jrct the orig-inal Gold Medal imported Haarlem Oil Capsules. They are the only reliable. For sale by all first class druggists.--Adv Dunbar. Reaches Fruc«. SOMERSET, Jan. 28.--Mr. and Mrs. James McFarland of Somerset have Saturday. receavcd a cablegram announcing the safe arrival of their son. Lieutenant Fred McFarland, "somewhere in for more than two years. ion's Ointment wan r*uo»iBe«iaea to UN and hy Its u»e- the sore was entirely healed.. ThnniftiUT your*. Wll^a^ HUB*. Wot j a member of the Thirty-fifth Engineer ""* , Unired States France." Lieutenant McFarland -vi-ab DUNBAR, Jan.20.--Mrs. Ella Hamilton and Mrs. George "Wagner Tvas calling in Connclls-rille Saturday evening. The Knights ot Honor and the Star Bible classes ot the Methodist Protest- at churrii enjoyed a sleigh ride Saturday night to the borne of Mr. R. M. Watson, of Connellsville. The evening was .pleasantly s-pent m games, j luncheon was served fay the -classes. Miss Lottie Haunan visited Mrs. "William Reynolds ot Uniontown Saturday. Mr. William Hannan is seriously ill at his home on Railroad street. Antonio Ruse is seriously ill at his home on Speer's Hill, of pneumonia. This being the third attack. Miss Katheryn Springer, of Connellsville, was a business caller here ORPHEUM THEAT! --TOMOBEOW-- IS YOUR BOY IN THE DEATT" If he is the right kind he has a chance to make a name for himself. See what a poor boy did an? how a rich one fai-ed. Big battle scenes. Wm. Foi presents , GEORGE WALSH IN "THE yEIDE OF WKYf YORK" Also "The Mutual Weekly" and a Strand Comedy. THURSDAY--MISS OLIVE TELL IS FEATURED IN "HER SISTER" ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY A Plea For Preparedness Photographed Under the Auspices of the American Relief Clearing House of Paris. EIGHT BIG ACTS See the^AlIies in Action For the Benefit of the U. S. Navy League ECKMAtfS , ^^ v -luiAno . alcerb FIR COLDS If taken In time thla Calciam compomid iMBt-nB thf- rlalc of chronic throat or laiur trouble, All the reinwilsa and tonla qual- Jtiwi are combined in this Calcium compound. No harmful drusa. Try them to- 50 ccnU * box, including war tax *T *Ue by »ll Laboraioir. Dunlbar is ahead of many tofwns is keeping hcatless, meatless, -wliestless and ·paperless days. No papers of any kind toeing received here Monday, !et*r3on; "U makt* me hippy. I km bJindf^i of others tbat tell o£ wonderful c^-3 c£ Eciema, 1*11«* and. Skla Ols««sec. Pi.-ol«, Blackheads *d ugly bl«-Mish«." Peterson'* Olntntebt 1* ) cents nt tH .·-«¥?1*P*- and th*re Isn't :i broa«^ minded ·Irusirfat 1«* America tbat m*a't prifae It. Sold by A. A. Clarke. Efsry merchant, erery bank and business man advocates buying at home. Then let us give you prices on' yon prices, your job work this coming year. The' r Job Dept. Don't loiodt Connellsville by sending your money out of town for your job work when The Courier company can do it here at home. Let us give Patronize those who advertise. ooaoooooocoooooooaocaoaoco WEAR Homer's § Gotlihg § OCXX 3000000000000000000300 OOOOOOOOOCKV tOOOi J. B. KURTZ, N O T A R V AND REAL ESTATE, ·k a ««uth MaMlaw CwHMllawll)* Pa. aooooooeoooooooccaoooo WcwhmUag .n3 Cmtnuton' Mtclurcrr aodaMODiiB*ad34aclwi«lixuv«tc, Gan«-» iMrr. Gaa and CaMLmo UBEnneft. Fumpa, rie Moton, Eartoea, Boilra. Plisncri. Baad} etc* SinraiiU oottA. Bdtm£ PuUen, air. Coatracter's cqnlpnumt. Concrete mfxj!7«, (250 up. Ercrytli^: fa ctccMnery nod suppbe*. Special Prices. BAILED ilACHIKEEY CO., Plrt«lmr«!i. Pa. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. F. T. EVANS THIS WEEK THE SOISSON "BIGGEK AXD BETTER ALWAYS" In the fewest Plays. Monday and Wednesday A Play With a Smile and a Tear "THE TURNING POINT" A Really Broadway Comedy Thursday and Friday The Truth About the Birth. Control Evil "A WARNING TO WOMEN" A Powerful Lesson for Women Who Will Learn Success SIGHTS, 20c AST) 30c. MATISEES, lOc AST) 20c. IF YOU Anything, Have Anything 'o- Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified A d j at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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