Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 29, 1975 · Page 66
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 66

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 29, 1975
Page 66
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Page 66 article text (OCR)

Pact Reached in Sanitationmen's Strike Court Will Adjourp WASHINGTON-lfl- The Supreme Court adjourns for the summer Monday after acting on the rights of public school students and mental patients but failing to rule on such issues as the death penalty. Except for a few weeks, toe court has been short one member on the bench since Justice William 0. Douglas suffered a stroke on Dec. 31. However, of the 123-full- scale opinions handed down by the court, he took part in all but 17. There was at least one-indication that his illness may have deadlocked the court on some issues. » * * BEFORE DOUGLAS' stroke, the court decided six cases by 54 margins in which he was in the majority. After he was stricken it handed down only one 5-4 decision with Douglas on the prevailing side. Seven times, however, the court ordered attorneys to come back next term and present new arguments on cases they have already beard. It will be the most cases reargued since 1969. Among the cases set for reargument is a challenge to the constitutionality of the death penalty. Douglas was in the majority in a 5-4 vote in 1972 striking down the capital punishment laws then on the books. ....... ....... Since he heard arguments on the new cases, he was presumably prepared to vote on it. The court may have decided to take a broader look at the question and consider or more of the 22 other death penalty appeals it has been asked to hear. Other issues slated to. be reargued involve protection of minority rights in redistricting cases, the right to counsel in summary courts martial and whether resident aliens can 'be barred from government jobs. Among cases which it did decide, the court showed a trend toward further curtailing, or at least refusing to expand, the power of federal judges to act on behalf of citizens who argue their rights are threatened. The justices also told federal courts to, keep their hands off of court martial proceedings except in very unusual circumstances. . * * * - ' - . ' THE COURT WADED fifc the first time into the F':-"ing area.'of or "titutional righ'r ior public school students with 5-4 rulings which held: · -, . ; "-Students suspended fron} school for 10 days or less must be given at least an informal hearing, usually .before being sent home. · : ' . " . . !; ; . ""';;; , . . ·"School officials: who ln't show they acted in good!faith may be pay damages for violations qf students' rights. The court also.handed down one of its : first rulings in the touchy field of mental . health. It said'state mental hospitals may not hold, against their will and without giving them treatment, patients who are not dangerous and can -get along on the outside. In some more familiar areas, there were these ruling: On church and state -- States may not lend instructional materials and equipment to privateschools, nor provide therapy and other services" for handicapped children in them." - . : . Q i On sex discrimination ^ States must make the age of-majority the same for both sexes and may not automatically excuse women from jury duty; widowers as well as widows are entitled to Social Secu- ' rity benefits when 'left with children in their care; but the Navy may allow female officers to remain longer in the service than male officers without getting a promotion. On criminal procedure -- A statement illegally obtained from a suspect during police questioning may be used at his trial to discredit his testimony. But federal prosecutors may not make similar use of the fact that an acccused remained silent ^at the police station. Nor. may a confession ;gleaned from an illegal arrest he used against a suspect merely because he was fiven required;warnings. On censorship -- Drive-in movie theaters may not be prohibited from showing any and all; scenes depicttog nudity, on grounds that an unwilling bystander outside might catch a glimpse; stage productions are subject to the same court restraints on censorship as movies. The press -- A state may not forbid news media from identifying a rape victim who is named in court records which ;are open to the public. , , Although the court by no means always splits on liberal-conservative lines, it was ;still generally true that the four justices named by former President Richard M. "Nixon formed the more conservative elements. . '" ;'.-'· · · In close cases;4ustices Potter Stewart- land Byron R. White most often provided the balance. Seven times one or the other, ·of them joined with the four Nixon justices ;tp make a five-member majoritty. ; On the basis of lone dissent, Douglas and ·Rehnquist obviously continued to repre- ;sent the extremes on the court. Douglas ·was alone in dissent 110 times, Rehnquist 'six and not other justice more than once. ; Here are thumbnail sketches of the jus- * tices: Burger, 67, a former judge of the U. S. ;Court of Appeals in Washington, was named to the court by Nixon in 1969.. ! Strongly interested in court administra- ; tion, he has devoted much energy to trying · to secure more federal judges and higher ; salaries for them. Douglas, named to the court by PresF '.dent Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, has ;been on it longer than any man in its history. Brennan, 69, a former New Jersey Su- 'prerne Court justice, was appointed by · President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. : Stewart, 60, was elevated by Eisenhow- 1 er in 1958 from the ,6th U S: Circuit Court 1 ,;'of Appeals; XV^ " ':' ; · White, Sl^^warnarnetlftopthecourtby ^President John 1^ Jfcr^ytfn 1M2 after /serving as an assistanf attorney general. T Marshall, 66V"w|»; appWfil by Presi: dent Lyndon B; Johnsonin'1967 after serv- · ing as U. S solicitor general and a judge of · the 2nd U;S. CircuitCourt of Appeals. Bl«ck*un. W, picked from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals by Nixon in 1970, is a Minnesotan. Powell, 67, a Richmond, Va., lawyer and former president of the American Bar As- sociation, was appointed by Nixon in 1971. Rehnquist, the youngest justice at 50. was also named by Nixon in 1971. NEW YORK UP) -- Agreement was announced Saturday to lift the suspensions of some 200 sanitationtnen and have them return to work to start collecting tons of trash that accumulated on Manhattan's East Side during a protest work stoppage. A sanitation department spokesman said Commissioner Robert Groti and John DeLury, bead of the Uniformed Sanita- tionmen's Assn. conferred for several hours and agreed that the suspensions would be lifted if the men resumed work. The men began the work stoppage Friday to protest the scheduled firing of 2,900 trash collectors in an economy cutback. The department suspended the men when they refused to work. State Supreme Court Justice Andrew Tyler temporarily barred the layoffs Friday, but a city spokesman said later that the city had won a stay of the injunction order with an appeal to the Appellate Division. The union plans to try to get the stay lifted Monday. The department spokesman said the men would work a full eight-hour day after they returned. He said the shift would not eliminate the trash pileup but would make a start and normal pickups would resume Monday. ff) - ^z Patrick Plaza in Charleston FORD r- rS ~" 4T ^. M .£ "iZ o -C U HOURS 8 A.M.-9 P.M. Weekdays 6P.M. Sat. 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