The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1918
Page 4
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TPAGE FOUH. THE DAILY COURIER CQVNELtSVTLUS PA TUESDAY JANUARY 29, Jii^ Satlg (Emorirr. £ HEJ»EY P SXTDEK , Sounder and Editor 18T»-1S1S- - TUB caronw COMPASI, K.-X. EVTDI.R, x President. . lac y and Twuorer iusiness Manager J JOHN L. GAUS. ; ManiMClnr Editor ·; WAI.TEK S STIMMBL. Clty~Eilitir MISS LYWB B KlNCEIi, J Society Editor J MJuMBER OF Associated Press Audit Bureau of Circulation ,. Pennsylvania. Associated Dailies munities They knoir that no objects are sought sought other than to enable our country to hasten the shipment and to increase the quantity of .food »nd others supplies for tie men and j ^gnns on the other side and to issist j in* clearing up the freight conception at home When these things are done we-will prcsentlv be able not onh to make up ajl that -vvc ma.\ have loot bs the idle ""londajs but ilso to iivell mdustn s product lo a volume never oefo e attained CANADIAN HEAVY ARTILLERYMEN HAVING SOME TROUBLE WITH A HOWITZER IN FREEZING WEATHER The n tuberous complains Uat d i e ! (omin from men rhose na*tie- ^ero i.icii d d mo ig the Efst-, of tho^e w ro Oc per monil Bailed to make ruurn of tnc - que ! uonuairea is not to he talen 23 an in i jllntered as *wcond class matter at the lication that the local boards ha..j Two cents par copj |5 per year by raali If paid in 1 wtofflce Coanells-v ille la. KVIXIX^ J V N . 2S, 191» * HeniW* ot Tke AJWcJated Vr**» , The Associated Pre^s Is et £ clusi\el entitled to the uso for * qtpabltcitkm of all newt, dig patches credited to It or otherwise c-ed!Ced In this and- alao-the loca v nc^s pub: not not full\ faitufullv and co scientious lj discharged their dun It doe- roean t lat a number of leeistr'vnts ua^ L themse \Gf, beui negligent Lnder he draft rules anl re e uli tions the local joards \\eii- required to do nothing more in t.he matter of reminding registrinLs of their obhga tions intiii to mail tbe ffupbtionnalres to the addresses given it the t me of legislation The questionnaires stated ver plalnh tha fiti were to be returned, vrithm a specified tlra^ ^ --- _'_ '-_""=** olhervnsa the registrant irould be iu- TM c o r d e d a s a delinquent Jso icspon V(»HUI1 lAJIHJb sibifu* icstttl upon the boajd aftei * TttrMUtS*' " dehverv of the questionnaire* at the ^The slowness of Am nca to become Postotfico- rt was the dutj ot the im acave factor m the *ar ». exhaust intrants to ascertain if theli naraeb iJSS the patiencYoC*the long-buff en n S * erc included among those to nhom ( eipeciajit artf hopeful rrenchmen ' oupstionni res had been sent and to i ' *ho*.ne:xt .to die Belgians ha e borne scfinr,e an additional copj if the first ffie brunt -of the Carman m\asio~a of [ mailed. HRd1eea )« or miscarried "ft estem Europe K for aiu rcaso whatever the ques "The arrival of Berthings arraj in tionnatre was not returned to the lo #nroce=-"ei-e»Tea~Tfie"laivfeS3ton'-both- °** board-as required thcne is noth \menca that it *a s but ing m the draft rule*! requiring the " to start a search for the de tnt " Their X trol udiaa heay 1 . irtiUer mt,n g IL i lo be fired under tbem beior c t no«H7cr n to position e could be used J h i s J I ho COLS *er*» frozen ^nd rags ^oil od m pc scea Jn optntion over the CBDICI vbrc! Tfefe Rj Hmerson Hou n li He stepped so silcntl/ into the om, advanced so siJentJ to his iuu .tu. d»^» »« . -- -- r - . ,"r -*·,,*,. ,\, * ,v« ^«« lt ,tr^n* i«ace. at the table that .for the moment taken its place on the firing j record trf mo ^ that the resistraat aot ^ t u r n u j to , ook at tlm Hc h n d to Oue Cem n Word. No advertisements for Lent Than lo v^entjt Claeained columnn clove at noc^ Advert scmenta of wants oaie rtctivcd ifter th^-t hour will not aur-far until tho dap follow ux i latvim us yia-u uii VLIV jniii 0 i , it woulfrquicklv and permanent |had failed to perform his dut m the »as to come , m e n c a a I record" His auluidc »as ea» sm lp k not Ite^'t ho-r en S.»"now Vat ive had I bo man% mmes ot men »Uo ^Hnmg h earning not tho least W armv reld^o sen" TheV d-d no , ha« eniistod a,e found m tic lists race of b,aggadocw u, he Mood te no armv rein u a ^ camps and that nave lieen iuolsb.ed would m- Tore this, compunj where h«. had not dicate thai these registrants verj | been asked and took that place which w \ \ r i n--rooK nil AI MJ.1PJN ; lOdet tfd \M ( II V M K i - I b P L a T V L l AM JA.MI · d t n M \} \ n ml r I r that the men in 3SjitonmeuU were wi hout equipment tuSitorras and supplies necessary to Meantime th.i BE them for diers :acitj and rtmragi \ N T U- pof si probahlj felt if thej received a ques- to hunself seemed jit for mm tiomaire at all that having alread His flgure i\as that oC a ^ouug man armv w'ith a ci-iered the aulitarj ser/ioc a return | His, ikm. smooth and liaid drawn that will evta of the docuraenrt. vraA aot nccessarv j ^vati that of a. voung man But his ot-as one of the most re- This »as a mistake as Is now being, eve clear deep and bright Ijespo o .^ ilr- _ n,« co nn^iitiot. fahwn b the lirge number of j o u n g i t h e man \vho had Jiought intl wlio %\ \ \ T *D--BARf I II AT U N C L \ P 1 ! N D 1 N L S E1A.PBJ 1 SIIUI J hi IP I i uon l j \ «r E j a n Ltd o -these qjialitiei . in Jii; houbc\ orU 30 i I- N u l f t r 1 STV^i Ol 1\ ILI \ H I II B \ l M S lati. o£ t t. C t ot C( n ]l·'^ 11U C ount} of 1 ^v tt .ind Slit of ( n h in t Lpttt. 3 of U m i Isirat on t u o t l i l,r inlet- to fie u i dor" zne 1 not f H h(.r*.b ^ j \ e 1 i l l p i t h o n s i n t l v n t i 1 t v ho a e being found to oe lion held himself competent to think '^rac liive held Tb»' eneTijT at a r m b ' o n W ^nd fajth f ill} solving Uncle His fact nstomshingh high bied Sn-th -nhile slonlj egainmg the m Sam instead ^ p f m hiding somewhere and lofu attracted the auenroa ot 1 1 ' raded soil, of their behnad countrj to e\ade servi^as fieit name on the «ienone at t!ic great table Men I - ·In PQOI Weedta" Ft mce--bled waite delinauent list \\ould indicate ( t u r e d one in anoLhet wh apermg--' Wonl} I« her o»n 1 te and for the I _ The nen«.--"- '--' -" "·· 1 n ^ r t ui,NE Hll, FLif. K Slan tCd stale to n i u 1 I 1 1 t. tl c in 1 L u h f n t i f - mcd 1 iMtlt o i r e s i 1 f «e i. I 1 t h e m ! P f et l had no means of 'Iiberu of her own cit z ""cus to[ foi Knowing what ram« on the lists as .America as well --the hope that the famished to too local boards wereim- ·Kme-ic?n army would socm come to properl) included among those to the askance of ,hnr own has ocen whom the oppiobiou 0 term slackc- So Ions detcrrea t i anxiet\ le^t the 'has been applied The} -re a -lad and "nccor come too Ian is being eveo Iwl ling to remo%e th. ignid. upon * f pip.i ft,Ti\ youno roan slio hciT hown n s 3 . W "ou'do not kno^ , saa Major (true grit The locil boirds compiled "cravsoR M P Murpiv who has -been these U=ls from their records of ques- ; in char»e of the \mencan Red Cross,. tionnaires which bad not been return- ir" V** » . . . , ' , j i, v , i n V . t r - o c i r i r t o n 1 - w mn-a'nR i1ip\ He looks like ni grandfathe-' 'vorfc in France wh U America means b\er i - there I v r r v w l i e r e oii go td which was the only means thej had of knuwin-gr who should not be exchumed one I was o,bout to sa^ the same of m ovm was the repl Th(y both had ceased to laugh and jeta It seemed to other= that the e^es of the oung man himself turned no^ 'i and again to the pictures thai hung j upon the -wall--pictures of men of aii- I ~~^ w \.M h p -- v r ONCJ- BL.\CK. «m th V- li r e n t or pa t,oocl £,i.]ar\ ' Oooil bhop Good t o l C 1ft. inic j b foi tiroo i min BL \CKS\nTH r ire Courier -jj.j ltd WANTt-D--lfJNKS "\\ANTh.D WHO n.r^ stu t inp: f r r t x i m l n a i l o r s to g th T e a t m i n i . book publish U Min 1 t a Ct-mcHsUlk 1 a SON 10 ilkJLT IMItll b i V J K S in a % Jtshell b lAMt-S AV ' \\ bcotnlale Pa Pblce 5--f njtd Svfaemei jou art talking to soldie-s In ' ported is delinquents If a name ap- S*he icBac,Ses mea m the hospitals the peared on tn 3 list it is proof that lae i aboul the bo ^ rd W i d o w s and tbe mothers lhe rear legistrant had cot taken the nccto ' ^hohetyottare talUn-tostaUbmen air/ stops to keep i off The boaidb Mnisne»s men colltgc piofessoi, M uore not n«gltge)i{ but some rcgis trant-j appeal to ha^e been otht,r generation Bui his own eyes pased on and bojond tbe wall as though he looked into another da Vf ho is he * / i c ked one man of another nou That qaestlon ^en 11 He seemed no ir rogant, sa\e as out t i and abilitv al T \ j b are ar"ogant I?ut w h a t did he not the quest on i» a l w t » Hov,~soon v.iH America tl c be , \\hat an^wei ha^ \e per s onb to uhom this rfiujous inQUio has b e t n - addie c = I -d to ie_ot ier than to shame '{facedlj sa^ We~~cU not know* But he"e in. America -we ara begi \ 'Ining to know \\o-\ ve don t know ,,-ftnen Fiante-, appeal toi aid -nrVJ be an^weied V call foi in awaken d JiAmenca bab been Bounded The pco ^lc are beginning to arouse l lemseUea to tbe absolute neet of a denVue ag gicsaive efftcie,n^ milJtai poltcj ui "athe pro ecution of which no man no · M,r»w-nor anv paiusanibip shall be ^ptrmrted. to ^tand for a single pie- CIOH moroert ^""TbiVdctermirtatr n"1s -ctenrg upon ·'patuotic Lit /on* of all paiueb becdxr tlie\ i c \ l ie as o i Ulu mo ions on in do not i Motionle Straugol men began io luok into Tcoml PU e ~Muru^ it b l e w , f h e ^ rcal mirrors dt each side of lhe K s 1 banquet table \ et more strangclj . the. ejes of the oung man aNo turned ike an\ to iliem soberlj questionuislj is '*" Mon though he saw hiraself _ I He did not speak at first had not .t n have t h e ' b e e i asked to I^'^ None too less i i =temeti that when fiuallj he raustd bis nand to command attention all n «iy ^ ere Tsalting for bis \oicc HP raised bis g-Jasij, einj?t\ But as though it i had been full o[ some stiong wine nHltarists seem to and m German 1 . C! t, foreign born res tU ha\ t, CS.C.IPPd t h e or t f t b it it ^ U take i a ] l t t l e draft 01 clicck torn them to evcipr tbt. penalties of the Income Tax IV SNTKD--A '"i K I N D Ol P ^ I T tut, w h e t h e r U Si a. cn-lllug card sxle bill ( r the finest en^raAed weddni, i n v i t a t i o n r i. nouncemenw W e prln anytl Int,--(·ve^^thln r ?--do U prcm^tl 1 * ·vnd d it riprht. Cull tho nun A l 1 ££A COLP1J I allico Both phoneb J7 tf "\\ \N rrt^)--n jt FAT si TFI IK v, tnte 1 Don t natter it b r o k e n I pi I" to $L. lit" ·?«·[ V so cT,"h jr oil ,,ild pirccl po»t ind receive ch ci b i c t u r n m n "ft ill h o l d goods 10 daj b f )r ^e-tderi *ppro\a of mj c fft,i 3* M \ ? f R . 00 South ^ t h ^t 1 h I idcl ph 1 Pa. 16Janl4LiI* ! fmr Reuf. ~ i i ort i FM -inun i L H M ^ n r o l roon s for (if, t houvfkeepint: J - 0 » l b.ulh llat.c *.t *.ct Trl b ttt b i o b j t n Udj FOR HI/NT FPONT OFPU 1 h O\ rocoid floor of D u n n , L \ ins build. Int, I n q u i r e of HAf 1 \ DUNN Sjari tfd I There i mo-e le-^s this w e e k than i i ponmocuTe ,,. ~, . . u ^ t , . v , . ^ t i n L C -n i r.i B niipa,i anu coniposuTe something waa giving his voice cai rv |and clearness his bro-in aiiLCl roomi "Uondaj uas a \ c r Cloea~^d.j0i Muvpb priate nmc for council to d iv irni t- ibject like ff«irbaffr .. . that whtttlcbs an 1 meatlesi, , IT.VC been fix^d h^ presidential f I h a i e come f i o m inoihei coun i ni u the We t ivnn ^ i s io*».r trj said he simply On. L "T Ined i t 1 pJitJcH-* on hciilrs^ Monda i at ^ c ^ ^ Qu do j p ] ave( i ult ], ],f t ' " I \alued not the great things of lif i EN1 -- l U n t L , I L R M i a H l I ) fo l i D b t ho sckeefiint, no children 1"00 so ith Race s t r e e t 1 ri S t i t e Slo -Sjan tfd I OP J E N T -- O N L 1 IGHT 1 ouse Ml in uc n impi ' P i t t e r on ind Chestnut street. EOOil ciuonts I n q u i r e b M C oodmtin 1 oufeh IIous bjan t f d I" "Uiat T le men "m tt is coimtn w h o foi ' v .r "·am sclflsh putpos,, personal ^amt « "" " oE Wcc stauda m the id effeTStue de IM .£ ns^ t us war ib Worse "than a'^c-nnai " r^tUV fenchc^ tlm i u c lite fire h; place ·of the of tl L citj nt. hdTs b en tin ^uhe it not ^l^Q l,h "" th. now the pro.a.c S I M t O K M ( L O S f N f r K I L L ^ *· '\ ith tac adoption of uniform rules "',oi the obserianct of the Monda\ ".losing theie will be less occas ;· on for comp'aint that it permits prin- ·;i»gcsi to some business enterprises ot " i certain line that iro not cnjO}ed bj -- ill For matance thp prohibition oE " he sale of nga-s b\ drug stoies | -"lotcls and restauranU will lenove tliC| ~ apparent unfairness of the earhci nil ~mg which allowed this privilege but ~dii-pot- pennjt_siore6- dioted e\ | .clnsrvdj to-thtTsrte of^igai^. to ic -tinam open for buMnesr a { I amused, myself J cared for the lunero. j small things about me t sought riches because some men called superman b-v their felloes had. attained riches and \vere praise 1 for t^em I was concerned \\itli the un^s material of life the thi gs pel ishable hat, is to say things having _ to do \vuh luxury and ease This Tht. co n t, region h is to stand pnc hird , made m horizon I kne\ no beHer blow tftt-r mothet Bui it is ab)o o{ \t« I come from a far countrv of the domestic iffecv ont FOn SALE -- ADVER In his pnpe- A a k for FOR bVL.L--BL.1CK I Ob t BO \DS ter 191 m *,oo 1 c o n d i t i o n "\tc CPL.\RY MOTOR C \ R CO iJanSt -land t h e n no longet ta^c j o u r bread * OH fe YLE--JIOUSEIJOLD GOODb at pn ale silo MlvS ALICt H I C K LFF Third Floor Vrlingrton A )ttr menta _Sjit -Hrt* 00 STOVr I OP $ 5 fadd two mo itbs Good cook ni, and PUine. Ci 1 it o"/ Eoutl J lUsblJrt, SSjan^td* m\ brothers white yet it is verv neai I ITU a ne\v man but I am otd^ I am i stranger but I ara our brother It is as though I were jour son yet also your father and your grandfathei though r am young Do vou rca 1 this ! £° £ co ^jjTMn ^ Bdi 5' j riddle" _I i I come to t«,ke you iito a ne%\ i or s-\LL-HOTibC { counts I shall speak to you so tint ^deh«» i «o ibs TOP bAT^E-- JI L rftLY It. A fcLBC trie inint, 1 1 at. lime for ]o v coaJ in J ~\\ «t.t New ton 9j in ttl 0 \I Mis OL ound ind \\ U \ 01 k ro v \V ha.t if I ne'vcr reich the hill*; where ^lor s jovs abide \ V h a t E mv little ahip -.hill fail to iras«* Jifet* Ocean \vide Confining dnjg. sfcore= to the sale of "tt hit if I end m span of toil vritn \ ::3rues and*medIca3jnwpUea onlv and, r sh TM*£ t ^ ^.ue^Taff .inatkis my country was yours 01 is jour ^ limiting department stores to sales | in time vou shall be as I am not, and w a E O 11 hall lio as you ought to bo aid an. , rov* now I am. the now man m the uo^ld I come to youi table--and I came irom youi table I come to \oui lam- lij--and I, cami. ot your lamlly Wha r l p M \pi s i ar SI side f it\ ^ \\ fjan it **of food is a stricter interpretation of JJthc order 4han was- first given but it *j is plamlj ^i correct application of it j* an,d_\v ithin its let er and spint Restricting meat ni" ket*» groceries and "-orr fate. I s ill maj ]ib]d my head up high aid claim thia elftdneis true I t s sonu thing to hi%e Ihed and kno\\n so fine a frient. as }ou IVtre T to rai^b all eirthtj goats that men «?o m idl seek now As my wsion is so yours must FOR SALE--tf ROOM HOUSE NICL location paved street and sldowall* Pantry bith and t^vo po-ebes Hot air heat AddreBb D J care Courier t may tr jbakariM * the sale of food onlv and We TM££ ^ort t"".! m^e doonwd Irenuinag closing a noon will work iiwujs to be ueak TS^oD. consumers Thev tf r e ^ e r l m a K n o w the jo of ·victorj -cau rea.djl do all their shopping in _ . t r ni ud this Jine within the fir^t half of thef cruelty of life 't for mrennff a]] i-grainsc the * If thex had formed JE. ot tmvmstJn « tho atiernoon ^ -^ "t^ith a bettet itid i or*. »en*.ral ·J notftratanding wbith (Ut people noft ^ ha\e of the clom» ordei and its pur "^ pose together fci It an apjjHcation. of IT *1^ pTOvision=. wl ich ts Tree of im ^apparent Or leUl di-.Limunation the o^ser\ance o£ lit succeeding 3aT; of the series of 1dlr Monodav; mil no donht be marked bv a -very Renerai cooperatioa of th-* people of all com ^ r u e f u l through and throug-h : ojjn«.th(nfT to h v \ f lived ind kn v\ n sell on \pril 1 yours he--you must put awn the i n t . C_r h tie things -\ou must see tl c tru h and meet It as I have done You ask What, is mj coantrj "Vou ask, "\Vhere is tbe countr to MhiJi I summon rou 9 Ixok about jou That countr% is America' '1 myse'C am born ott of it--I am the nenA man--the Amencan 1 The} looked--and he was gone Does what he said rema n 9 "- S \IiL~-LfeL.t G ^R5 imv n cnts L id store free til! One S 1 ) l o u t O x e r -UK! Tou On O v c r l i n d Countr C u b One T9 Ox erliiul Ro tdt-ttl One H p Tourlnj, C n r One l o r d l o u i i n p Ca.i One Si\ C~\ 1 n(l*r Sex on ribscnt, r fiok 1 : suittblt, C-^r trixi i^rx ic One t h i c o ourtl LOI ncl f j d j K j biic Tiuck O P tlupe CQJI h ton r \prps b o l j Hcpubli t uct. One t« o ton R p u b ) c TiueK tt LLLS VJL.LS ^iIOlOl 2"jan3ti] . in LJ go D Annunzio sou of I Major Gabriele D \n,nun^io Ital s fa ' b poe and novels hoj armed m United States to M.pemse iho 1 construction of Caprnni an p a n e s for Uuclc Sins neiv air fleet \ o u n g i DAnaun7io is a captain n the Hal | la aviation corps and chief engineer for Ciprom the designer of tbe fa moua airplane L \ e r \ Cipioni ma chine noTA in Ube was bull under his supenision He hab biought \vlth him 21 skilled workmen from Ilalnn Cactorie'3 \o assist IP building; Uie giant planes here 1 Answers V, hat is tl e d Uriel ce between a Thrift Stamp and a \ a. Scivj-^ Ceit/t^ie bUmp 7 Ihe _j-cciH TJinft SUn p= ue issued to help (Oil 10 u e and exdiange lor a $500 %\ar Sd?u fes Ltiuficate Sump TLe Thrift bta'i ' - bcai no ntc c~t the \\ ar Savings CeiUS ic P ' r n nunreot 'M/y rto 1 · i ) 00 V r SdAiiigs Certificate v tu.i ip Loi 1-01 ^ ' 1- to ?l -^ The «·:)( io a ) l e J a n u a i j 1 1023 It m- cjudc trie i L i u i n to o i of vour iuo'ie-\ \utli the co i po -J mteres.* thj.1 the Government % i i l ,. j MH, The j jo'isr vou fill up and ex- caange VOID Tb ift Card for a War savings Cfrtiflcate bt.a np the moie interest ^ou will i ec^ive \Vh\ should I excmnge ni\ full ca~d of Tlmft Stamps foi a \ \ a i saunas Certificate Stamp' Because U~- War Savings Certificate Stamp beaia intoiest ai d the Tlmft Stamps do not "\Miat becomes of the mone\ I pa for a stamp' It is a loai to tne Lnitcd btues Gcncm- ment IIo\\ can m\ 2~j cents realh help 9 ^ loan of onl 2~ cents b\ e^er^ person in the \ation \\ill picn de the Lnited States Government with ^5 million do'lais There is now on sa!e at Most of our stores s. bargain lot of overcoats foi men and bojs a bargain lot of top coatg for ·women misses and child'en There is not a great quantity but what are in stock are bigh class goods at wonderfull reduced prices We do not wai.t to earn them ovei although it would be a good investment to carry tnem as the same class of goods next \ear will be -worth a lot of mono and for that same reason would be a good imestment for -vou to bin now e^en if vou do not use them until ne\t -yeai There are mam other bargains throughout the department 68 Laree Department Stores. Located ID Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Buy Your Ford Car Now It jou want one foi next Summer I can make immediate delivers of FORDS, although I cannot promise dehverj next Spring Everything is in vour favor--cars will not be any cheaper and deliveries more uiieeitam later, and the FORD car is die onl cai that has not advanced in jrice The same quality that \ou ha\e ahvavs expected--the greatest automobile \alue at last -tear s lowest price 35 still jours il jou place jour order NOW Price of Touring Car $360.00; Kuna)out $345.00; Chassis. «J25.00, i. o. b. Detroit Delivers anv^here in Dunba: Franklin, Connellsville, Lower Tjrone, Salt Lick and Springfield Townships, Da\vson, Dunbai and Vanderbilt Boroughs otor Company WEST CRVWFOIU) AVE^tt. Ihej ie/iJ me b u n ) t e n»eii vr th ^orgx u i t It i e if I 11 en 1 t nij.kc i e VTLI Ui withu mi, \ v i l d c s t dr tin" Ol K a i \ f i I in i » )td tt -uv h-it lutilt- llt-j bee-u r ij -itrflt h of "vea ·* i all th it life 1 ts broii{?h[ t i CtmiOH-'aLioris, ha\e bet i f r all hat T h^\w loni. kn u n t h f b r t u r v f tht stnrs **pl6ndof of the ^utt And [ choiiJd m u r m u r at the end before mj -?on) withrtrf'tr U P t p m f t h i n p t o har« «o fine a "ri»nd a" m i n t the Nevt JPfllitt Oftietr MOL\T PLC^SANT Jan _^~Coun- cll Ufld a ^pectal nieHinj la,et p \ e itifc, and elected James C Neat )ol tt ofll ei i to fill the ^acauc^ (.uused bi !af resignation o* lohn Hoki* Nea] is a Pcnn'-v \ania rttiro id 1 tecti\o ind comes highh iccommended Hokf wbo hart nerer done any nut-ide unrk 1 rub oflir t brooi, H vv i 1 r I., 3\ BLSTM b et W i t h til 4.0 oniK \i t ret rn L to "*ouri SJin t f l and known could not 'UnS the "e\ere colri ind i^n bad to resign r K I O^T--ON ^ \A T( T I b i a w n In li no k i buol onn n rif, small mom i i t/ R J J it uJuab V e n t t - r d i *.tut i i Ct P \ l L Me r J\ \] D h j u t i id LOST--b-MbPn v\ \ior\i\( o\ \ in o I^in o!n \\ c Bt. t\\ i^en IT t, Pcbnork P an(3 ri KT ^ 3 piccp hincheon pet RewTrrt l* rer«rnpfl to K_FHRS RFSFDENTD "Sjati t how Dan c I u tun lau^herl on t, n t b \\lio tried t i c ^end i t.rafl n n d r h e j zrr\\ b-i th r k h "W ij d 1 ^ l i b o r hi mv lu the cht r f u l « n t c -, aisk ^hcn if 1 d o n l j bu i sha.'-e n o 1 ell mm 01 uthci -fi ii c in 11 ileni_e I d bail \\ 1 -v do I 3 ra ITU b i to , - a] o a pit im e Un, t ^et- 9 H i d in ' \ «Bt in so ne o e o ik_ I boon v ould ! 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