The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1918
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE THREK. FOUGHTTO DEATH ASAINST CAPTURE BYtffiGERMANS First Americans to TaH la Franc* Keinsed to Snrrevder. THEIR THROATS WERE CUT B.t the Cochts WTio OBtauhered uti Them;' Sanl-ion OPeU Gruesome Stories of the Straggle After Jttttora t« the X. X C. A. Hit ' How the first Americans were killed or captured bj'.the Germans is a story that has not been fully told. Two accounts of the fight received at the headquarters of the* National Wai- Work Council of the V. M. C. A. throw! considerable light, on it. '· A French boy who fought in an ad- j Joining section with the Americans : and who helped to hury Jame T. Gresham, of BvansvlUe, Ind.; Merle Hay of Gliden, la.; and Thomas 'F. Bnright of Pittsburg,. sent a brief description of the flght to his godmother, who gave it, to a Y. 31. C. A. worker in France. At the same time Chauncey P. Hulbert sent a description of the return of the Bnrrtvors of the fisht to" their quarters in a Y. M. C. A. hut hack of the firing line. :' ThrFreach boy says in pan: "We are now right in the midst of the Americans, but I assure you we were la a quiet section until the moment the Boches began to get cross and started to attack the Americans to make them prisoners, and at the same time attacked us also. "They killed some and we have had the honor of burying the first Americans who have fallen in France. You wit! see this doubtless in the .papers. It is the division and they WATCH This Page Tomorrow! It will contain an Announcement that will be of extraordinary interest to every home-lover in Fayette County. Don't miss it! Established 26 Years Connellsville have taken a photograph of us. "I tell you they are very -good soldiers. · They do · not surrender easily. They defended themselves 10 the death. "We found them with their j throats cut "because they would not l« taken prisoners and the Boches killed i«jM.*.****«****»*»»*· » thcni," · «8»«lt«»»«t »»»«*»»» ; ; You Get Better Cough Syrup 6w Making ,!: itatHome f ' W»«t'« nwn. ro» f | Jt. SttUr iwuto urf cwto KM* Ohiopyle. Toull Mver reilly know »h»t » fine In telling of the return of the sur- eonst syrup you can uakc until you - ·- - - - *-·-- ' i---.--i - QHIQPYJuE, Jan. ^8.--Freeman Mason ol . Brownsville, spent Saturduy ' and Sunday at hia home at Kentuck. ; Mrs. A. J. Colborn atid daughter, ' Edith, of ConueUsviHe, are the guests i of -Mr, and Mrs. Frank Bailey on j Sherman streeu Cuarles Blair of UniouUnvn, spent BE PREHY! TURN ' GRAYHAIR DARK Trj Grandmother's GUI Fa vorito Kecipe of SajjcTcu anil Sulphur. home | Almost, everyone knows that Sag; ; J Tea,'and Sulphur, properly compound- Tlvors and drawing* a .word-picture ot weptw this famous homcnaiide remedy. ! Saturday and Sunday at his the, village m which they are stationed;' i^^SlldTkU? fit'^Twffl *lso I here - Mv^HuIbert, -who was ar visitor, says: ; iaTe^» .inore_eireirtiTB T jiicl_ depradiblo-i Fred Hafferty of Uniontown, spentje,), brings iback the natural color anil j ! ."The men from this village had just returned Irom their training in the front trenchfsa.' - Besides the fiften straw billets' there had .been fifteen others, Tbre«" of their number had teen killed and .twelve captured ID a : German raid. "The men around the but. stovsWITO not disheartened. .They', guicilly as- i Jiiy''c5~«nt»^r lea. 'eumed " " " ~~ remedy injsverr" w«y. It overcomes the | Sunday at his home here. j Juatre to the arLOTMelwv«riv*^whMplnE 0l co UKS) Jtre " lrvia Shipley spent Saturday j streaked or gray. quickly. . . , . . . j shopping and calling on Connellsville i waj - to get t j,j s t Get 2%' tmctt ol P5iiex "(80 tents !friends. iioin MY eood dn« rtore, poor j -Lloyd Linderman and Milton Shipley ft pmfc oottte -*DU 'fill tuo r-**-**'- ' ire among the Connellsville callers Her* you bare a full pint--a famifr j Saturday. o^^ effective «JU*H \ Mrs. Frank- Bailey of Sherman Jtt never *^oi£ I street, spent Saturday and -Sunday the sangfroid of the French i * The prompt and positive results (riven 1 calling on triends at Continence. · "· · · : v - * v: - 1 *-.T__J.I-- --L. i -- . - . . several weeks' hair when faded. Years ago the only it at home,, which is roussy and troublesome. Nowadays, 'by asking at any drug store for "Wyeth's Sage auiJ Sulphur Compound.'' you will get Jarge -Dottle of this famous old recipe, improved by the addition of other ingredients, at a small cost. "These men live in a little Village _ 1 that line! .Quite a fe^ from Ohiopvle attended i · with .narrow, main street and rush- i i"ef'.SS lL^TM^dUrtriy "pl^ I t h e «ea: Cross chicken and Tvnfflej ing stream from which horses- arej tid^lor, tyrant-ti)c, 'hautata*, bron- j supper near Farmington .Saturdays Wnalow Llndertnan and faraJly | who have resided in. Charleroi, have; men washing clothes.,. Line.dn low quay are an ,.American soMier shaving; another brushing his teeth; j a Hftle.girl dipping a pail.; a grand-' Mother trying to capture an elusive | duck and three French -women up to' th?iv elbows in soapsuds. "Half-way flown the street is a large barn; the bar at the double door playfully humps all who attempt to enter with unbowed head. A dirt squtrter, large enough to hold three farm carts, is sirrrounded by stalls for cows and horses. Two rustic staircases mount the next floor, ten feet above. This is a T. Jf. C. A. and the home o_f the men who "have had the honor to" take part In the first trench fight."' j ehitit, croup mud bronchial isthra*. Pinex is a highlr concentrated com- i pound of cenuine Norway pin« extract, I And ]u« been .used for. eecratios ipr been wed for. eencr*! wroat »d cie«t.»iliDeiiU. fif ful with this Ft, ived their household goods to the of Kn«" with i I''ndcrman farm near Sipes. ^nd don't aooept «ny-' ' ~. ~ J\ NO MORE RUNNING SORES f inex 1 Confluence. CONPL.UENCB, Jan. 28.--Joel Diehl a prominent farmer of near -Addlson, j Don't stay, gray! The Laujflirey -Drug Co, Connellsville j caa P° E sibly lell thai you darkened or Brondtwiv Drag Co, Scottdiile | ?° m h!iiT ' a s il 'does, it so naturally Sells an Ointment Called San Car* Th»t is a FosiBve Kclkf. and evenly. You dampen a sponge o: ! soft brush with it and draw this i It .matters not how old, persistent ^ rou p your- hair, taking one smai; straad ac a or-.poisonous the sore is, Saa Cura i , ". ""," " """=· u v raornmg tne grav o in ,m S T,t tho Dftwertnl aniiseot^ will i hair disappears, and after another an- SALTS IF KIDNEYS OR BLADDER BOTHER Harmless to Flush Kidneys and NentralJzelrritat- ing Acids. Kidney and Bladder weakness result from uric acid, says a noted au- ·hority. The kfeneys filter this acid from the blood and pass' it on :o the bladder, where it o/ten remains to irritate and inflame, causing a. burning, scalding sensation, or setting.up ah irritation at the neck of the bladder, obliging you to seek relief two or three times during the night. The sufferer is in constant dread, the water- passes sometimes with a scalding sensation and is very profuse; again, there is difficulty in avoiding it. Bladder weakness, most folks call j It. because they can't control urination. While it is extremely annoying and sometimes very painful, this is ready one of the most simple ailments to overcome. Get about four ounces of Jad Salts from your pharmacist and take a tablespoonful in a glass .of water before breakfast, cqptinnc this for two or three days. This w:ll neutralize the acids in the urine so longer is- a source of irritation to the bladder and urinary organs which then act normally again. Jad Salts is Inexpensive harmless, ,tnd is made from acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined with lithia, and is used by thousands of folks who are subject to urinary disorders .caused by nrice acid irritation. J;id Salts Is pplpndid for kidneys and causes no bad effects whatever. Hers you have.a .pleasant, effervescent lltbia-water drink, which quickly relieves bladder trouble.--adv. Pa., was a business visitor in town | Ointment the powerful antiseptic will j ,, ,, . . - -·- Saturdav. . draw out the poison and promptly) ^"'°".. or , tw , 0 ' ^ u ? ba "' *«omes The li'tUe 2 year old daughter of Mr. | heal the sores. I beauLltl111 ' tork . Slossy aud attrac- and Mrs. E. W. Shipley who. has been j So sure ot this are the owners, tile suffering with a severe attack of pneu- i Thompson. Medlcai Co., that they have monia is reported better at "this writ- authorized The Laughrey Drug Co., | Connelsville. or Broadway Drug Co., i ing. live. Wyeth's Sage and' Sulphur iund is a delightful toilet rei dark hair Com- pike was a recent business Scottdale, to return the purchase visitor, to Somerset, Pa. | price if San Cura Ointment doesn't do N. R. Selby was here Saturday on j al l this paper saj-s it will do. Xo fair- his way to his .home in Selbysport, er offer was ever made. · Sfd'., after being east on a -business I B. D: Dutton, Tltusville, Pa., says: trip. · . i ''My. arm was covered with twenty- Charles Hileman, a well -known res- | four running sores and swollen to idem of Somerfield, Pa., was 'here Sat- ! twice its natural size. San Cura Oint- tenfled for the cure, mitigation or pre- cows come ver f he lop Here's a Grafonola programme that will make your next dance the talk of the town. Let's start with Over the Top," an up-to-the-minute military medley one-step. . A6009--51.25 Riviera Gisrl "Waltzes Next we'll have a whirl at these toc-ticfc- waltzes -- introducing "just a Voice to Call Me Drar," "Will You Forget," "Man, Man," and' "Life's a Talc." They re good for at least three encores. A6010--JL2S Chin. Chin. Chinaman- Then a fantastic fox-trot that will set you hunting for your favorite-partner. On the back, ' Da'mg His Bit fir the Girls." It will make you do yours. A6008--$1.25 Next the great Western war song--played Tfeifiifl fee caws come home A fox-trot medley from "Jack O' Lantern" that no one ever sat out yet. Introducing A. Sweetheart of My Own" and "Along Came Another Little Girl." It wi]l make them come alone! ' A2448--75c ^ The Hand*} Orchestra's Jazz Dance"B!ues Old Mr. Jazz has been out-jazzed by the delirious novelty dances that Handy's negro orchestra records exclusively for- Columbia. A2419 and A2420 -- 7Sc each lombia Record* on Sale the 10th and 20th f Every Month COLUMBIA GRAPHOPHONE COMPANY, NEW YORK Food Witt Win the. War-Don't Waste It urday. transacting business; I meat relieved the pain, drew out the .Miss Nettie Jfanst one of our teach- j poison · and healed the arm in an in- ers spent over Sunday, with her par-j credibly short time. It is the greatest enta in Meyersdale, Pa. . · | compound for healing I ever used." Jim Wirsing a leading resident of i The healing powers of San Cura Harnedsville, Pa,, -vras a week end | Ointment are little short of marvelous, business visitor here last week. It gives relief, and is guaranteed to Mr; and Mrs. Thomas Connaty have i help salt rheura,' eczema, bleeding, returned from-Lisbon, Ohio, where j itching or protruding piles,' ulcers, they was visiting Mr. Counaty's par-I boils, carbuncles, chapped hands and ents for a few Says. Mr. Connats'. who is a marine on the TJ. S. Ship Virginia, and who was enjoying a week's furlough, has already left for ois post of duty. Patronize those who advertise. George Lenhart a Baltimore Ohio carpenter, of Connellsville, Pa., was here Saturday on his way to Somerfield. Pa., to yisit -friends. . Dr.'H. P. Meyers has returned from 3. recent business trip to the county ' ' ' chiBblains. In cuts, iburns, scalds and bruises, it- allays pain and is healing. 30c, 60c and f].20 a jar. By mail on receipt ot price, it.your druggist is out ; of it or does not keep it. Gir] lit Cohen Home. Mr. and Mrs. HeBry Cohen of North Prospect street, are receiving congratulations' upon the birth ql! a daughter, Helen Eea Cohen, Saturday. The neft- arrival is the first child in the family. Sirs.' Cohen was formerly Miss Anna New-berg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob -N'owberg of South Cottage avenue. RICH.KVKM.VU WHAT OK Fulls From Eriiipre. Marshall Largen was admitted to the Cottage State hospital Saturday night for treatment ot contusions of- the forehead suffered when he fell from a bridge. seat; Mr. O. L. .Prott, of Sleyersdals, Pa., SA5 erau SOAP. · For tender, itching or irritaile. slcln, wash with San-Cura SoaD, .the antiseptic soap that soothes and heals, and kills germs of disease. Great for pimples, blackheads, and makes the complexion clear and attractive. 2oc at The Laughrey Drug Co., Connells- was seen on our streets -here Satur- i ville or Broadway.Drug Co., Scottdale. day. ,, 5Cail orders for San. Cura Ointment and -Soap flllei! iy Thompson Medical Co.,-Titusville, Pa.--adv. Mr. Will Knight, of Ashewa, Canada, .-was called here on account of the death ot his brother-in-law, ,Fred Koontz. Hunting Bargains T . |; You will find them in. our ad. columns. Based On Cost Per Tablet It Saves OUT SO05. The First Jfat)o»*l's Trade JJeyiew litiulr In » Few I)»ys. Every business man should read it because it gives .facts and figures i which have a vital bearing on trade i cond'tions- throughout the country, j It's fret. Send your.address to the! ipjrst; ational Bank , of Comieilsvilte.' CA5CARApUININE ' 30-yor- old landT-Uc for 34 Ubfcu-Somt cold l.bltt, now 30c for 11 ubkb-- Finred on proportjomate coit per tattet. ym ,, CANNOT CLAIM REWARD Draft Boards Sot to be Bccoinponseil For the Arrest of Deserter. It having coine to the knowledge ot the draft authorities in Washington that the members and cierfcs of-some local -boards -have claimed and received the reward ottered by the government tor.the appresion and delivery of deserters from the National Army, an. order has been issued percluding such persons, from receiving these rewards in the. future. . "It is of the utmost, importance," says the order, "to relieve the public mind of any suspicion that persons engaged in the administration of tie selective service law are using their official, position to derive, personal" proSt from this source. ! Classified .IdTr.rtiscnients ·' Bring results Cost onlr le a Try our classified advertisements. For Bilious Troubles That heavy headache, torpid liveiv sick stomach, bitter taste in mouth, furred tongue, du]l eyes and muddy skin, all come from a poor supply of bile. These unhealthy conditions are promptly corrected by FCK Emm PIUS which stimulate the liver, regulate the flow of, bile, sweeten the stomach^ and renew healthy bowel action. A household remedy ap- , proved by sixty years of pub- i' s lined wltlv Uesn satl!i veiled with A TWO ACT JirSH'AI, Ft AY. High School Auditorium Thursday, Jan. 31 and Friday Night, Feb. 1 with a children's maiinec, Saturday, Ferubary 2. at 2:30. The play i» for the benefit of War Puntl for Soldiers and Sailors, ['rices ail over house 7ijt'. riiiMrcn's }['c. Admission :£·", Venormunres at -**:l- Sharp. Reserve* Seal Salt' Opens Jnituarr £S«Ii at 11) n'rlock al HETZEL'S DRUG STORE TEY OlFS CLASSIFIED ADS. ONLY le A WOKD. 'I'cre is an evening wrap developed { . ; entirely'of chinchilla fur. a striking! ' .feature bein?_the arrangement of the! | "ran" in the stripes to form a yoke j | and deep border. The. entire garment lie service. For everyday illnesses, Beecham's Pills are a gray chiffon. Don't knock Connellsvitle by send- ing'your money out. of town for your job work when The Courier company caa do it here at home. Let us give you prices. rorfi. I j Classified Advertlsementa i Bring results. Cost .only le a word. OACLIKG AX!) STOKACE. SViotor Truck Service To All Pans or Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. fHITE LIH1 TRANSFER J UCK »»a WAGON* AAD UOISTMa A KPKCIAI.TV, oinco IOS E. arniw Alley, ; P. R. R. totfot. Oath P

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