Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 23, 1976 · Page 72
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 72

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 23, 1976
Page 72
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Page 72 article text (OCR)

4V -- Mav 23,1976 --Cft»rt«Xiv *«' Virjini* When You 're Into Boats, You're Into Trouble By . -Lreally didn't want a boat. I didn't have to keep it. 1 didn't kno* how And I didn't have any lakes, rs. or oceans in my neighborhood. ·^Looking back, I feel certain that I was lotted to buy that boat by the same people )rib made it legal for drivers to turn their cars right at red stop lights. 1 used to c'pend most of my time sitting at red lights. But when they changed the rule to illow you to turn right on red, I started accumulating all this free time. I saved so Inuch time by turning right on red that by the end of the day I would have several hours left over with nothing to do. *·· And for a month after they changed the rule, I always found myself getting places earlier than I had planned. Once 1 got tired Jrf getting everywhere early and I started b sit at the red lights refusing to turn iight. It worked for awhile until people be- And me started getting angry and eventually took to pulling their cars up to my jumper and pushing me through the red ·»* I finally figured as Jong as 1 had all this jiew free time on my hands, 1 should look $r a way to use and enjoy it. So I bought a .| Of course, in the meantime, the people T%hVsaid it was legal to turn right on red JKW have come along and posted signs at ;jivery intersection, which say you can't .turn right on red. Then they cut down the 'speed limit to 55 mph so now 1 don't have ·any free time left. But I've still got the boat. U fashion specialists in sizes 18 to 60 and 16)4 to 32£ * It's nothing fancy. A 11-foot, iaboard- outboard with a 2W-fishpower engine. If you want to use horses, it's a 135-oorsepower engine. But I thought it was silly to talk in terms of horses while on a boat so I converted the hones into fishes by a special formula I picked up at a seafood restaurant in Myrtk Beach. I had plenty of warning about boats. John Poffenbarger once toW me the two happiest days of his life were when he bought a*oat and when he sold it. But that was before he became a politician. Then the two happiest days of his life were when he won election to the state senate and the day he lost it. Someone else told me it was stupid to have a boat in West Virginia since there were only three months of warm weather when it can be used. But there's no law that says he can't spend Christmas Day on the Kanawha in your boat. A special problem I have is my keen lack of ability to fix things which involve mechanical ability. While other people are amazed at how we landed men on the moon, I'm still trying to figure out how a wheelbarrow works. But I bought that boat because I wanted some new worries. I got tired of having the same old worries every day. I used to wake up in the morning and immediately start worrying about my car, house, and children. Now when 1 wake up, 1 worry so much about the boat I don't have time for the other problems. It's refreshing to shuffle your worries every now and then. The first two or three times I got into the boat I didn't have any problems. Maybe that was because it was still in the garage. But I even put it in the river a couple of times without any trouble. I guess my biggest fear at that time was backing the boat down the launching ramp behind the C 4 P Telephone Co. I had visions of my car, boat, family, and friends rolling back into the beautiful Kanawha with the family and friends still in the car sinking to the bottom with the boat floating down the Kanawha to the' Ohio and out to sea. But it didn't happen. The first few times were great. But the fourth was a killer. It was an evening outing I had planned on the river. I got off work at 6 p.m. and headed home in a hurry. When I got home I started throwing things we would need in the boat and ordering my family to hurry so we could get OB the river before the sen started going down. By 6:30, we were heading for the C 4 P launching ramp with everything seeming-. ly in order. When we arrived at the launching site, I got out of the car and walked back to check on the boat. That's when it dawned on me that I didn't have the key to the boat. After a few seconds of soft whimpering, I put my head down, walked back to the car and explained the situation to my wife, 7-year-old son and 22-month-okl daughter. The only one who didn't look at me as though I were an idiot was my 22-znonth- old daughter--who refused to look at me. I headed back to the house, got the key and headed back toward the C P. On the way, 1 passed very slowly on a residential street. That's when the trailer carrying the boat fell off the hitch. 1 heard a thud, glanced in the rear view mirror and saw the boat rolling backwards, away from the car. I jumped out of the car with hopes of somehow stopping the boat. That's when my wife started screaming something about the car rolling backwards. And that's when I noticed the boat had come to a stop but the car was rolling backwards about to smash into the boat. I jumped back in the car, hit my head on the side of the roof, but stopped the car by diving on the brake. A neighbor came out and helped me lift the boat back onto the trailer. Then I got back in the car, put my head down and started whimpering again. My body also began to tremble a bit although I did manage to slow down my heart beat by taking deep breaths. As I sat there whimpering, trembling and taking deep breaths, my wife suggested that we take our boat and go home. And that's when I said that we were going to put the boat in the river come bell or high water. And they were going with me, which, I suppose, amounted to kidnapping. But I figured if they turned me into the Coast Guard, I couldn't get in much trouble for kidnapping my own family. It was getting dark fast as I drove back' down to the launching site. Most boats on the river were coming in, but we were going out. I successfully launched the boat and figured things were going to turn out all right after all. That's when the boat wouldn't start. And that's when my whimpers turned into short sobs nixed with pleadings to God to take me to that Big Yacht a the sky far away from the shortcomiap of earthUafs, their trailers, boats, and eaones. When I got hold of myself, [thought how nice it would be if 1 had a paddle which I could me to get me back to shore where I would, promise to stay forever. But I was up the Kaoawha without a paddle. Luckily, I spotted a friend, Jim Waybright, in his big shiny boat. I called him over and explained my plight. Jim, a jolly fellow, said I must be out of gas and offered to tow me up to the Charleston Boat Club in Kanawha City. To the boat club we went, with Waybright laughing and my family hardly speaking to me, except for my 22-month- oW daughter who was mumbling something about going to the big potty below us. My wife, who says clever things at least once or twice a year, suggested instead of having the boat fixed, we should pay Jim to tow us around the river for awhile. We got gas at the boat club, but the engine still wouldn't start. The man there was nice enough to find my problem, though, which had something to do with corrosion and points. Evidently he uncor- roded everything and scored the points because the boat finally started. By this time it was close to 9 o'clock, the river was dark and the air was cold. Our boat ride consisted of a quick trip up to the Patrick Street bridge and back to the launching place. By some miracle, we got the boat back home with no further complications if there were any left to have. During the next few days, I seriously considered sealing my garage with cement and leaving it there forever. That way I could still tell people I owned a boat but I wouldn't nave to use it. I have told other boaters about my problems and they all laugh and walk away from me shaking their heads. It wasn't until recently that I've started to hear about some incidents from more experienced boaters, which makes me believe that some sort of group therapy should be offered to the whole lot. A fjoating psychiatrist on the Kanawha River, that's what we need. Yes, I'm not the only boat buffra ia towa. Betsy Jaopet told me about the time she aid her husband, Dick, haded their boat all the way to East Lyt« Lake near Hmbnftoa. It wasn't until they got the hoat into the water that Dkk remembered that the boat lights had been kft OB for a long time which was loaf enough to leave them at the edge of the lake with a dead battery. Expecting to learn how to deal with this problem, I asked: "What did you do then?" "We put the boat back on the trailer and came home," Mrs. Jacquet said. Neighbors Herk and Sherry Simms told me about the time they took some relatives to Sutton Lake where they ventured back into a cove far away from the main entrance to the lake and their engine went dead. "We didn't have a real paddle," Herk said, "so we spent most of the day paddling back to snore with our skis." I heard my favorite boat story the other day from Jim Samples, a man I have known for years who I would expect to know what he's doing most of the time at least in boats. Samples told me had been using a make shift anchor for years that usually consisted of a pipe or some other heavy object. But he said he finally broke down and bought.a real anchor in the $20 price range. Samples used his anchor for the first time the other day. "I stopped my boat in the river, threw the anchor overboard and was getting ready to enjoy the sun," Samples explained. The anchor went down, down, down into the water, followed by the rope. Right before Samples' surprised eyes, the rope disappeared over the edge of his boat. Samples said the next time he gets an anchor he's going to hook the anchor rope to the boat. In my opinion, that little trick puts Samples in my class. CAPITAL I am tooki* for bi«er i* better ttap in tke toatug *«id. My «ife a^ 1 have spot oany swuner days as |«esU 01 tie boaU «(fiieadt aid tnly fell in love wits the'mil While the Kvuwta River m»y act be the eteweit water arood, it often a COB- vttttf* place to boat A* the new im- pnmn«U made by the city OB the CiP lamdbiBg facility should make it much easier to eater and leave the water. And if the thoofht of *eafaf the day oo the Kanawha. side trip* can always be taken OB the Elk River and Coal River in St. Albans. However, both the Elk and Coal Rivers should be navigated with caution since they have shallow areas and some debris. For cleaner and more spacious water, the lakes at Summersville, Sutton and East Lyim offer excellent facilities and are only about two hours from Charleston. To me, a perfect day of boating includes an all-day outing at Summersville topped off with a late evening dinner at Mama Jamil's Country Roads InB in Zela, which is located on Route 39 near Summersville, which is on the way back to Charleston. A few words of advice from a new boater: always take a key to the boat along with you; make sure the trailer Is hitched to the car properly; make sure your battery isn't dead and never ever throw your anchor overboard unless it's connected to the boat. 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But there's another breed of pet owners. They're the devoted "parents" who forego the holiday rather than subject their dog to a stranger's care. There is an alternative. And it doesn't involve leaving the pet with friends or. family, two sure fire ways to lose friends and alienate family. It's possible to take the pet along. And, with a little advance checking, an in-state trip with a dog can be relatively painless. It goes without saying that such an arrangement will only work if a family is traveling by automobile. Moreover, stops for mid-day meals must be kept at a minimum during the summer months. Travelers can't indulge in leisurely lunches at air conditioned restaurants if the dog is sweltering in the car. Even with windows^ cracked, automobiles quickly turn to ovens when parked along a sunny, street. But when you think about it, there's nothing unplesant about picking up a quick snack and brown bagging it to a park where both two and four-legged members of the family can picnic under a tree on a breezy knoll. At the same time, travelers can look forward to an elegant meal once they've settled into their hotel or motel. VACATION TIME IS HERE SELECT YOUR WARDROBE AND RELAX, Sportswear for fun in the sun, on the golf course or by the lake. Choose from a variety of t-shirts, tops, shorts, skirls and blouses. Long Beautiful Gowns for the Perfect Evening. Surprisingly, a number of the state's hotels and motor inns have few, if any, pet restrictions. It's best, however, to check in advance. One couple traveling with a dog last summer drove several hundred miles to Maryland's Assateague Island, home of one of the nation's national seashore preserves, only to team that motel operators on the island snared a policy whereby pets are allowed in rooms only when their owners are with them. Vacationers can't leave the family dog in an air conditioned motel room while they scurry to the beach. And signs on the preserve caution travelers not to allow pets out of the car. Those regulations encourage unthinking animal owners to close their pet in the automobile while cavorting on the beach and dining in one of the island's restaurants. It's a safe bet that the Charleston couple wasn't the only pair to flee the island, dog in tow, and head for the tasteless neon and boardwalks of Virginia Beach. In West Virginia, both the Holiday Inn and Rarnada Inn chains allow pets in guest rooms. A spokeswoman for Holiday Inns in Charleston said the management prefers that dogs not be left alone in rooms, but added it's unlikely that anything would be said if a quiet pet remained in the room while its owners left for dinner.or evening of entertainment. : Ramada Inn's representative said the chain has no restrictions, whatsoever concerning pets in West Virginia. She said some states do have laws, however, making it impossible for public accommodations to allow dogs and cats. West Virginia, happily, has no such law. Neither Ramada nor Holiday Inns adds an extra fee to the room tab for pets. West Virginia's opulent Greenbrier Hotel, where one would assume the guest's wish is the management's desire, bars pets. They are allowed, a spokeswoman said, only in guest cottages. Moreover the hotel, with its lush creature comforts, has no kennel. An employe of the hotel recommended a veterinarian's kennel in nearby Lewisburg to persons interested in traveling with a pet. quently, weekend travelers planning to take pets along had best avoid the state park system. For those who are determined to travel unencumbered by the family dog, commercial kennels are available at approximately |3 per day. Prices vary depending on the size and breed of animal. Many veterinarians also operate kennels from their hospitals. In all probability, the pet will be safe there. But face it, A 10 by five kennel can't compare to a cushy hotel room and romps through the. state's mountains. TAKE A WHS WITH YOU ON VACATION You can always look your best for those special occasions in spite of the "rush" 'schedule you have to keep. Beat the frizzles and never worry about how 'your hair looks. Come to our new store and see our large selection of top-quality wigs. OVER 500 WIGS ON DISPLAY! · l«k Amerkwd tUyaway CAPITOL WIGS 811QUAMKR ST. Open 10:06 to 5:00 Mon.AFri.lOiOOtoTrOO Phone 343-8144 H)R A FUH-FILIEO VACATION! OPEN THURS. NIGHTS. ChofOe i'. SOUTH CHARLESTON--Complete Dept. Store ST ALBANS-- Clothing Fashions For Your Family For "Fun Things"Make A Trip To Our Store Before You Go! SHOP FOR A FUN FHiED VACATION! Charleston 9l4tMnhr$f -3*05 1 SHOP THE BARGAINS Paradoxically, Lewisburg's General Lewis Inn, a Colonial hotel overflowing with antiques and memorabilia, welcomes pets. The General Lewis staff appears as interested in the animals' well being as that of their owners. For the privilege of keeping a pet in a guest room, the hotel charges a nominal $1.50 extra per night. An employe of the hotel recalled an inck dent in which century old furnishings of the old hotel suffered as a result of the lenient pet policy. At the same time, she smashed the rumor that small dogs are mannerly guests while their larger cousins can be destructive. Two small poodles, she said, chewed the upholstery from the arm of an antique rocker. The owner agreed to pay for the damage, she said, which was estimated at $65. "When he heard that." she said, "he agreed to buy the rocker." Nevertheless, the incident didn't prompt the General Lewis' management to reverse its policy. State parks have a uniform policy. Pets may stay in cabins, but not in a lodge. During the summer months, cabins are rarely rented for less than a week. 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