The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1918
Page 2
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T\\O liiL UAiljY COURIER CONNELLSVILLD 1 L E S D V Y JAJSL VRY 29 191S SERvlCE FLAG F§R SOLDIERS DEDICATED AT DUNBARO. CHURCH On account of tin. -unfavorable I J 0 [JIi ARI I 1 * wea her the meeting of the I H N class of the F rst Methodist Episcopal Suudaj school which vva** to have been h°ld last night at the home of Mr** "U T Aluir m North Pittsfenrg street was postponed indefinitely I Thc regular meeting of the Chris tian Lndeavor soc eu of the bnitetl | B**' 1 thern churec v 11 be held this eve j ning at 7 3 ) o clock in the churoh A j large attendance is d'sired I MenibPTa of *he B sinews ^omen s j Christian association met Ia-.t night m | the -ieU Cro»- headatarte-s in the old , high school building to sew for thP Fed Cross ' Committees m charge oC the Val en me paru to be held \S ed.nesda'-- n gh. February t. in Llie Odd Fellows iem.ple in Soutu P ttuburg street un der Lh.e auspices of the "\\oman ^ Guild of the T initj" i-pi^c^pal cnurch met la^t night d thp honii of Mrs, G N · \\ood In Cast -Vpple street and re j ported excellent progress in the work I ^ Brown w i l l ha\e the I di»on rec I r*.atior on the »econc floor Tae door , committee is compo »d of \ G I eon ' ird and J b Br nei wh U. members j of the floor commit f are V. I V ood head. Char es \S elsgerber anJ Earl , \ anaua . The \ I. club wil gt\e a dance tonight in "\taddas hall %\est Side Kiferleb orchestra mil pla\ The 110th Regimen Band rendered a program, at the settees Sundae e\^ mng m the Baptist canrcn a Vugusti Ga Sergeant D M Evimmel was lead er a^sited by assistant leader Hard} and Corporal Rov rnentv-One foang Men on Hon oi tlit UxtNdist Protestant I Cpnt,'rttfaf.ion, \ service flag toi members of the "\ietaodist Protestaut church at Dun bar or men some vav connected with the church TV ho are in the service of the cotinr-y was dedicated Sunday e\enmg with appropriate exercises The orchestra of the Connellsville Methodist Protestant church asiated in the program The address of the pyenmg was deuvared by the p-astoi Kev Theodore Darnell I h c bene , d ction was by Re-v \V H McKlveen pastor ol the Baptist church at Bun bar The men of the cb»-cb irho hae ans-wered the call to the countrj are William Hardy \orrn-\n J Carr Harry -Haste} Willlani Bron*n Julius P Frichow Jr Alpha Leroj Sturt7 Charles Seat on Chalmer Bryson Bry-on. K Dunawaj E-duard H "Welker Chalm-cr ^\ ilion Lmil Barnes Alva Grev Robert, Grey -\1 bert Grey Edward. Clwncnts Mat then Scaton Luther B B-yner Jesse MoVanus Darnel Mi nerd and Robert II Mor LSOTI OFHCERS^HOSEN Corps ior Civilian lioln t (mjiutt«-e is Completed 4.t a meeting Uekl yesterday afternoon called b* Cba rnian W D Me Gmms the Civilun Relief committee organ zed by electing Mrs George W Buckner MCC chairman Mrs R. S McKee secret ir* ind Mrs \nna Johnson Brendel treasurer In addi- J t i o n to these officers the following are members of the committee Miss Peail E Thorn Miss Rose Donegan R "U Ixjibergei Ralph B Hyitt and rrrwarri L Duggan Thorough o,nd svstema.tic plins for thc handling ol its work were made b--. this committee whicf benefiLted matenalK from thc in tructions gucn h Mrs 73uckner who bos worked both m ihis counts aad England at civil ian lelie" Merv kind of assistance a Three Generations Testify to the Efficacy of-- DR. CALDWELL'S . Syrup Pepsin The Perfect LaxatrLe in maintaining the family health. A combination of simple laxative, herbs with pepsin, free from opiates and ijarcotic drugs, and pleasant to the taste, it acts easily and naturally, restoring normal regularity. First prescribed by Dr. Caldwell more than twenty-five years ago, it is today the indispe nsable family remedy in countless homes throughout the United States. Sold in Drug Stores--50 as. and'$1.00 A trial bottle curt be ob-Fimed, free of charge by anting to Dr. W. B.Xildwell, 457 Washington St, Montio-llo, Illinois OLD IRON ON BATTLEFIELDS J COR Bui J Corblv Girard i prominent resi dent of Greene county and well known in J^ayf tte county died Satur diy morning at his borne it "Waynes burg Deceased "ft as a son of Jus'ns and Dmeline Meetreza Girard natives J j Metals That Are Supposed to Accumu late fn Great Quantities Bong Si! vagcd and Used Again of Greene county He was raarrlpd in S"9 to Wiss A B Srhrojer of Mason town He served w\ * ears as ch rk of couits of GTMeene countj M- C.irard WAS a cousin of Jostice 1^. S, Mestre zat of [ T Dion to* n CoDS/derable spocnJatlon bas oeen going the rounds ah to the amount ol scrstp Iron and steel tha*- Is nr-c imo- latfnp on ttit battlcfleWs of Eu "ope, and how it is to be disposed of 1 oulard is a popular material but it The regular mee ing of the IXU 'is going to be rcjre popular during the possible will be rendered and clti) ivi-jch was to iia^e- beea held coming apnng and °imnier a,onths thorough and searching m\es ig-ition Thursday nigh' at tba home of Mr This f ock is made mos Dimply M m idp of all cas-es irpnrttd It is and^Irs H E 5chenck on. East Greon line with -war lJe*. hi L it has appcii statt-d t h p t the couinii tec w i l l "welcome atreet has been po^tpoaed to TlurB and attraction ?or the buds The apron reports of an\ families 01 md tiduil* dav mgh-t February 1 J or panel effect m front is unique Tho that will comp undoi its charge and * d-e^s is n red and w h i t e i\h le the {requests that the\ be kepi advised of Owing to the ineUmeut -weather the front panel of w h i t e regular meeting of the Outlook, club I bead emibroiderv which \-ras to have been held vester day afternoon at tae home of Miss Phoee Dunn m South Prospect street was- not neld. georget e has [all cases tint should gtt bmi atton tion OTinflDC 1W Ol/llflTO In DAY OF PRAYER The following program ias been ar j ranged £o~ the supper for the men. s class of the Christian church Thurs day evening at tht cdurch Solo ifrs J J Enos, mtroductorj rema-ks J ilehin Grey class president solo Barnes add e 3 s Re\ George "V. alker Buckner on Pi "Chefs of Men" solo Mrs Enos fl/e minute talks Paul H Beighlev, peter R "Weimer j JOHN i HESS John J Hess one ol the best t nown residents of Favette counts died Sat urdav at his home on the L n j o n t o w n Morgantov-a road Since carh man hood he uai member of the M o u n t Monali Baptist c h u r c h it SnuthlKld Dero (spd ^as iho onl% j»on of Jarae-*-; and Christ aa Franks ind fo rnani jpars followed slock raisins ind fa-m inj, f u n e r a l semces w o ^ c h e l d this afternoon from he f a m i h r^s done w i h Re\ "V-^ilham Kan Mount ^ronah Baptist church official American companies which regularly deal (n saeh old materio 1 hive for some tlmt, boon looking f trward t ) thp hurvcbt to be reaped from tliuse bat tlcflelds nftor the war ^avs London Tit Bits, These hopes havp no\\ been I «. Jwr mdcly shocl eC by obsprvei s rc- . cently retiiTied from tfle front who ' fits to that this mat er Is now liebiff handled by the respective fe ove-n ments ^rcordirff to the s-\*steTis now csrab Hshcd In r-odern Wi r ire it is siatH tt sal\age corp^ is diiU polng o\ r nil the ground near the 1 Ttlle f i o n t t s pfispf] to fro nnd is suthnrHr fill the d« bris dlscirUed b\ thp (on eiding arraies Vne of tho "cru; is ne T leci etl with steel worth 1 p nee t l 1 ^. } p^nrp ppr pound and copper and or! r pastor of t h e 1 mrtaj , |p p rnporUon A U t h p n c Us Students at 111 Sell Hls 1UU lc f i U m Opened b* ttomen 01 PirrjopoUs Opportnnlt* to Saix 3^ne. tntiuntinHj Beginning "Mondaj e\er room m A daj o f p r a j p r for national probi all the schools and high «chool of the bition \sas obsei\cri Sunda* afternoon cit\ w i l l be supplied v,ith Tbnft b^ lie ^omen i Chnsitan Temperai ce Stamps for salt, to the students of the · Union w i t h appropriate scivices held schools Tuesda\ bas been made m the MeJiodib t piscopal church The eurrcd at her horn* at P\rk Ri i banking da-v v h e a tho scholars can j following program was rendered J f o l l o w i n g i lingering illnes purchase the stamps from thei- T-AO songb Mrs Fife M i « U S --teacher" } I u o Mrs William V^elmer and Miss 1 MRS ANG-ELO GIRARD The p!itn Is to increase the sale of l u c e song Ann t LoUhcr Reni| Thp funeral of Mrs \ngelo Gi-ard MRS SOPHIA CRLVM f\G J Stutci ot I asl \Vasbmgton HIP has receivfd -vorri of the deaJi us sister Mrs c lophia Crenel us of Chtst r Cre-ieli^g w h i c h or N nighc will be obsen ed and the classes and ttoair teachers will attend each class taking pa~t in the services This Ralph B Hyatt, and Harry EL Schenck JThnft Stamps and learn tho school Blair and Helen -Vimstrong pravers | was held this morning from b-i Rita-*-. An orchestra in charge of Jame5i cnildren how " to qave Tne ai(J of the Rr ^ Huffer and Rev Lav, addresses Italian church m the preieice of a Charlesworth will play pirents is asfcpd HI this move The William H Marf n B S I ntc and stamps can be purchased for 25 cents \llss Helen Cole papers Mrs .Law The Fatherhood of God Is the sub 'each and are pasted m the students an I Mrs M V Bjers the latter ject o! the sermon to be delivered to | took as they are bought V book ot paj nr being prrp tred bv Mrs I Itza night m the "Ousted Presbrtenaa ^tamps worth ?·! 12 will be worth $5 beth Luc-u recitation Odessa Butter church-by Dr Nairn Sabtoath school mfheyea-s 'more drill l \ a number of ch Idren J -V. \.nnstron£ cashier of the who carried banners representing all Second National Bank ga'.e a short of the dry state--! jtibilf*- song \ tain, on the purpose^oj! the Thrift collection for the I illian- M N Ste^ons campaign fund i as taker V O N / A SKt'MAKLR Alonza H bhuraakei supeimtord cnt of the [JrKpd Cm! companj died Suniiar at his humc at Jeron^o Pa, ·atit Motion I'lttnrt nt Orpheum follow mg a month s illnes Mr J htaU r I oda I Shumaker was one 3f the best known Heroic France Na;-v I tague benc | raining men n bomer-set county He wa.5 a brother of ^lilliam S and In in are tofcfD to shops !n bp rt ar nml there workfd into rh*- 1 \nrion---i -aiuni tlons that u nodtrn ITU\ u-ws All thn IPIII ( h u t Is fre I is p-a Ucnl ly lost, as T bullo! f n v Jin r ar a ·ve- Incitv of J OHO f* Pt or mi ro pp SPC 0 id hnrle 1 -! Jt plf ^n iln^p into r r v ob j ct it hits ns to be lo t « n irei\ O h ^ mftals hn\·\p^pr --nuh is t ·- u I from WT 1 f 1 motor rars 1 U ee--: of s)ip]K !iis of ( opppr jf nlu"iinnni otc nr* curo^ull l^ri-pj n 1 i to- lurried into t milt tion te « col ijsull p number of n l a t n e s and /nend of the deceased Requiem high in as. was celebrate-d b^ Rei Pa her Do M v o Interment n is mode in Si. Joseph s cem terv The pallliearers ·were Pe n Bpllac mu Georgt ] lydell John Ferner Daniel JVrncri C u i seppo Piltratlli inil Sicola p Hra clh TFJ I10SPITAT diaill--!-^^ Sf-nj-i.1 Fpftre afiernoon. the topic of the Bible study i Stamps in the ch ipel at high school -was "Contrary ^nds Desp te the this morning The eachers of/the dif unfavorable conditions of the weather last eramng a large and interested an dien-ce beard Br Nairns sermon, on, "The Second Coming ' An impres sive and delightful icature of the serv ice was th« singing of a solo The Old Old Story" bv Choir Leader Robert "W-enrer. ferent rooms will I ring the. subject of saving for Thrift Stamps before tho students frequently and the aid of the parents in cncourae^ng their children I to save and buv the stamps is earnestlv enlisted "HEROIC FRANCE" BOY SCOUT DRIVE Two Vrc Barnes tJUcLa of Dnnhar under v. em *m operation toda at tL* Co tage fatato hospita Ui ta Boiafc of ]yCi*itnring No 3 -ftas admi ted toda f*)r -in opeialion I J \\ SS aiker and Burrelf Ki\**o*i of bco tdale w h o wore burned -.'lieu a bollei exploded i thp 'VNes. Penn rower hon-iP md Mrs 1-inui^ rch er w * r e disci irgtrl from he hospital on .S-uurdi*. J C 1 aucrsor l e t \ r s terdi} and Patrick. Malone\ etliin eel to his h-Miie toda*. PERSONALS Mr and Mrs John Bradley and chil dren we-e guests o-'^r and Mrs P J VTalsh of Patterson avenae Sunday Dr G W Newcomer left this mornmg for St. Petersburg Pla. to spend the remain* r of the -winter Hear Evangelist Nairn at T, P chorea this week- Adv-- 28-6t. Mrs Sarah Markle.oE Crawford ave nue, went to Pifctsfcurg this morning " and; Mr and JMra Vi illiam- Percy- son, John and "VIi^s Cat-rle *Sne_Percjr were guests of Mr and*Mr and 'Mr** Harry Porter of Scottdale Sundat J J Patrick was at Star Junction today'on business The best place to shop after all Bro-w-nell Shoe Co --Ad\ Mr and Mrs . T Hunter of Pitts burg have returned home after a \isit with relative^ here They -ft ere summoned here b*. the death of -Mrs Hunter s fatter E J White Don t miss a gospel treat EfTUiselist ch ^'ge "of "the Nairn 0 P cnurcli-Adv-28-5t mgn cnl|=tert . Mrs Kell Long and daughter Mr, s . outmaster;! fit *la at thc Orpheura toda sho-fts actual v a r conditions on the west front in France **,here our books art. TM S ^^£ laM ^ The first step^ m the campaign '^ S Lord^L^hener ind^oJiei BnT sUrted b^ the National Headquarters lsh officials thc f l l m makeH O nc ac of the Boy Scouts for money and men j quamLed W L t k president Polncaire aad Through Verdun b motOE over thc encampments speeding 100 miles an hour m a \ plane through Ihe ho-b Shunnktr and Mrs of Me*, ersdale ha^e bete taken to get the campaign l going here The drive is being madt-* for $200000 and "-OOOOQ men Thc monej w i l l be used locallj and the pl , als and drcssmg Bt atlons close to men onl sted will be placed in what the thlmd61 . of the blg t . m , and dear will be knovm a= toe scoutmasters reserve corps The ln\e will open on February 8 and last until the 14 tb The week is! known as anniversary week in scout j circles and is the eighth anniversary | of the Bov Scout movement in Amer ica. The scouts e\pect to secure a good sum as ther ha\o never as \et asked any aid from the citizens of the city although the organ /-ation has been doing good work here for two ·v ears The monev recover* will be in il council and the be used as sub to t1)e German llnes sho *v,rg a sur render o' he Teutons under fire in fte flrs , lme tren , hes are sho , n SCOHDALE CONCERT ORRINE DESTROYS JJQUOR JiABIT Keen inier si m Ornne Ihp bcien tific reatmcnt for the drink hibit now on sale at our store continues unabat ed Orrinc has saved thousand*-: E dr nk ng m a anc is sold irnder a giiaran ee to refund thc ] urchase price \ f after a tml JL 'ails to benc it Orrinc No 1 secret treatment. Or rme No 2 vo)untai treat7Tent Costs onlv $100 a box Ask for booklet Connellsville Drug C o m p a n j "\Sest Joseph Shellbaer M(n Q-R M , ( n L N , ( s 1 ttliHtm-Mii (it Men (o b«* Discn-tspd at Mr-Tir-iVis of tht (onuni ico 01 C i \ i Han Senice and Labot w i l l m« el th s ( u n n g 11 " 30 o clock n the ofTcp of Gco i, S Cornell in t e Tirst National b ink bu Idnig to fui Thei d sens--) tho 01 aniza.tion of the motor mechariCb n^imoni for scr\ r e ' ir Prance ittt i u Ling of Ui I i\ ito cc im\ i ont intent low ir i t i c - 1 )03 P u*^\ vatna i--- asked lo p) c udt i goi c "long b'-isklv ( Proceeds Are to lie (»nen f« Rc-d (Crawford A\emip- Vdi Cross Spec -·) to The Coarier SCOTTDAL-E Jan S9--The Mondaj I PATRIOTIC RALLY "Musical Club assisted bv a male rliorus which, included Eo'bprt Barkell T C Alcorn \? P Housoman Arthui [ Mclntjrc A. 1^ Limber Donald j Shotfcs Cly-de Parker Ralph Sherrick They will be trained in T Porter John Clant Frank V like Leroy Guiiord. ot the West Side will the , mes of scm]t w o r k so that the, Hither Brown Chailes D riigle , leave tomorrov^for St Petersbtirt places ot ^y men now m charge of thp I Harold Hn^chmson Clyde Kell John OeorB ° G TMSKK of Ijniontrwn - " ---- " ------- "' " ....... Fla. to spend the winter Your opportunity to hear a worth while speaker --TJ P church --\d\ 5 Miss Minnie Sol-son and Miss Mary Kobaugh arrived home from Indiana, Pa. this morning d*ter spending a - fe% days with the forners sisters Misses Bessfe and Franco Soisson students at Icdjana Normal troops can be fi led w i t h competent men on short notice FYTma EJ-JI CROSS lliTICLlS Vnother Shipment !·* Completed bT the 1\ p-it Penn Conntictoi ^ ictim ot \cu~~ dcni it Jxiiiifj. O«y I Mitchell 2J jear-, old a "We.* Penn condtictoi vas ratatly m jured Satarda-- e ening it the switch at Leith \\"hil n *-tanding on the rear tailing o£ his clt he "wafa clught b\ a cai going in the opposite direction Lslo Gove and b D | Fuller dircctoi gave a sacred concert in the Pres-bj tenan church Sunday atterroon 3 Ah offering was taken the proceeds to be turned into the Red Cross Mr GoUIe thc violinist assisted Teisennnp No 1 I roplmes and I amj lies Jlold (omznunjt} (»jitheriM f f O\P- 500 peifaona attonde 1 a com munitv meeting at Lusenii ^ No 0 school house Sunday afternoon Hooda N Cair D \\ McDona d diid Rc\ aid of Connp Isi i ie on pati lot sin and Perry The Perryopolio Eed C'oss au-sihary pital has just completed the delivery o£ an I Mr and so badly squeezed that he died an houi later it the bmoatoan hos Mitchell was a son of Mr and ·Other lot- of various articles The Mrs Chalfant Mitchell ot White Shipment embraceb 22 pairs o£ socks Rocks and a brother of Mrs Thomas t» o-scarfs 24 toy sis 24 hospital bed, Burlev of BrownsMlle t formerly of shirts, 34 sweaters lb helmet= and ConnellsMlle one Otttch cap The shipment .epre- I seSts sfc of the mils Star Junction I J)ance at the U-tnorj beenanneved last weok as an The dance of the Nei*. Haven Hose Four Want* Talks B B Smith pnncipal of the Jigh school gave a foui n mute ta k at the Arcade theater last evening on what w e can do to help win this war lie spoke on thnf-, stamp Other speaker-; 1 last night were r E Youni-un at tUe " Paramount and H G (Mav at the Sois son au-tilia-y company which was to have been held More than oO people are asking lor m the Elks Home on Wednesday een- -.arn is soon as state headqnirters j ing Jzmuan. iOth his been trans delivers this more knitted articles ferred to the State Armorv In order will be rapidly completed | to accommodate the exceptionally large crowd that is expected to attend 'iaken to Jail Kell Harvey was take-n to Uniontown this morning bv Constable Viiison to await the Marcu term of court Lrn est Breadlat. of Broad Ford brought suit against Harvey on a chaige of stealing two watches a djimond ring aid a dia-nond scarf pin from him Jacques- Snnllenire Party. Beneflt Camp 3^e Bovs Thursdaj Jsnoa-T .ttsf Jff-wi-rtt Hall fflferle --Adv - 2S-3t New Haven Hose Company--28 3t ITTicn loa trsat i Advertise In our Classified Column. | Granted 3Iarniu**e Licensp. John v Henr*j Lovvrr and Kdith M n me Foutz of Dunbar were granted a i marriage license in Lmo*itow**i Mar on Dertncin gave excellent talk.: war baungs Superintendent Rex talked at some length or --.afetv ami accidem pre vont on and Sergeant La-t'islaw Red mbkj a c ounei L-usenrmg ^o 1 me chanjc home from Camp Let on fin lough ga\c thc mer a detailed account of camp life and told them v hat vv i-, being done wit i contributions to tl o Red Cros-, K oC C and "i M C V The sergeant also gave the nen good advice to work every hour of c \ e i \vorl ing day to produce the noal need ed bj the government and plants en gaged in goverrment work The general ar angemen-_s were In charge of C ^ leerbowei* T-nlists in "SiiTT. Clarence Dahel of M^eyersdale en listed m the Umied Sta es Navy m Pittsburg ytsterda Oil Yielding Plants in Denmark A n lilrgt meeting c f far*! ··p* as -·odiition'j recent! iiohl in "'^ponhii gen th*.rc T.US inn 1 dlscu^ i i Lout Chp pi iDtlnp of oil \ i 1 li ^ pi in «; i i*- lla\ and hoin* 11 h:! 1 - 1 n a ketKuil tcudtnc"v to *. ud iicri. i MI? t h e firt is planted to gr i n 1 ut on iccount of thp ·.roiling -·n ! r \ ( f f i ·- a i 1 tchl k oiN it no\s qp'.ip-- t l i ' de^ir nbh to grow *no e oil Mild nj, plants especially ti tl:e rtii IP k f r aff r pressing nut thp oil (oil cal o \ \ i l l help to uppl3 ihe gieut dt-Sci *ccj tn cattle feets* Will Purchase Foreign Hid"*s Tl Sole published nt Mll^n \irnn* an tirtirlo on fii f j r n i u l o u ni · -sfx 1 ! tJon fur t 1 ^ pur(lm-*t of f-n-rii,n raw lii-J^fe Ihe dlr^ctiiiB co niiiltit it st tci met ut Rorue nd nf nitut ti ji-*. f re sjdtnt GTmiiH nd tore t n i ir ) MnlTctoi e of Naples Che snit c ( t IP nssocii tion In Rome T\JS fixed it he Hotol SpJcndH] wJure tbo woo] IK--SO ciutlon Is installed It hng been posst ble to onable the (Ike to bi g r with out f tln\ tlit jfJufssjon of ib ociaros imd tlu orgnuiy-ntion of pu chabes fiouncea in'-.ji iucc fi eights «tc. iutteridj "The Store Ahead" Special Sale of 9 Vie h i \ e pio\cd to a great many mothers that their confidence in our CLilorej s Department is not misplaced Start ng toda\--e\tr* CJiikls Coat in tin 1 ; store wji! be sold at One Half the n aik d pncos Tbife absoHment of C oats con^isTs of plushes broad- clotLb seiges elm chill ^ velours and almost every ma terial that can he n^ac in Childre i s Coats These Coats can be found in all the leading colors and in si/es from 2 to 17 %ear« Come in earh and i^cf a Coat before Jitv ai call pick ed o\ei--it will be v,ell worth : our \\hile Kemember VII Our Suits jnd Dresses Vrp One Half Oft.- SHIPPING ROSIN FOR WAR PURPOSES The deaiaiia ''oi rob a fci in tho manufacture of \aiiou^ w a r ni 'OD L b 0 ^en --rc-j 11 pel o ilu u^-pcntine d btHle-ii'-"-: The ])h graph sbc\\ a part f h i p t o (H OUO barrels of osm iead 10 ^ent from Sa^ inn uJ C a Kft^^^^Tf-KVMttJUA a-CTggP-gCTKaiiaa-*^^ shortening and salad dressings Mazola is more economical for general cooking than butter lard or Sjtet--because it can be used o\er and over again--does not transmit tasteor odor from one food to another. And Food Admmist r ator Hoover asLs you to save these inimal fats, Mazola is pressed from the heart of golden American corn--is as pure and s^veet as the most delicate food coo'ced m it Thousands of housernes ha-s e solved the fat problem \ rh Mazola--and so can \ou. Ge* it ire T ] our ^roce 1 * m pint, qja-t, HJf gallon or ml] O n tins--the lai ^e s zts are r^o t econo'p -al Also ask for thc free Ma*£ola Boot-, of Rci_jpt.s, or \ r IA, Ub d rect ^01. morcv re ided M- o!a dw rot c vc c c t c- Corn Prc 'u-J' s ?ef n «« Co. JAT^ONIZE SOME KI TV HO ADx"EHTI* C A T A R R H For headorthroat Catarrh try the vapor treatment Thc regnUi weekly riLiiccs are nold as ^lsl1al on Monda\ T id Thuisiila\ evcninss m the Standard CIul 10011--! I niontown Dane ng irora 8 0 to 32 P M Music by B o w e r s luo pioco oichestn--Adv --2S 9 L Patronize those who advertise Harried in Cumberland. Dexvev Tj van ^ O f I nonto\vi3 ind Miss Dollv Brooks oC this uU were iramcd m Cumberland na SatLida\ aitet noon The; will i e o itle m \oun n ---! town 0 The bn^esroom s acoi, cuctor on the Pennslvanu railroad. \ S o i d s cannot desei L L tlif Ln(.hantir e qu u c o hi 0 \ onJci*"u cieation The seufat of i ell a onr ^ i l l en p ^Oll t) i p p i c e i a e tin r alizannn of a Peri imp s Dre^m This i U I j s h t f n l doi ;, ran dli gaining foi us t le iiost exelub \e p^trouiri. of aimhmi- ^c ha%t e \ e r oftcied 10 oui c s t t m e i b It is a plp*su i i sho*. \ o a il is p r i f ine So d on j bj u-j T -LK-IIKI i JV ( OUI'VMi.

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