The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1918
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. I'AUJB BEVKIM · If SOON TO SEE SIX SEASON'S SHOW SUCCESSES It -was still but little after five. She | Drought her papers together on her , In a shop where, that afternoon, the srnnll mahosnny desk, from such hid- countess had purchased some Lyons Ins p'aces ns women know--the linings ' silks, one of the clerks, T'eler Jflbnrp. i of pe'-fumed sachets, the toes of email was free at last. At seven o'clock, sllppi-rs. the secret pocket in n muft: \ having put away tlie last rolls of silk | ant] hnvln? locked her doors, pnr on tne shelves behind him, and covered | them In order. Her hands were- them with calico to keep off the dust; j trembling, but she worked skillfully, having given a final glance of disdain j fShe was free until the dinner hour, at the clerk In the linens, across ;| but she had n great deal to do. The having reached under the counter fur | papers In order, she went to a panel ' his stiff black hat of good quality and j in the wall of her dressing room, and. j his silver-topped cano; havini: donned ' 'sliding it aside, revealed the safe in ' tho hat and hung the stick to his arm ! "which her jewels were kept. "ot that t with two swaggering gestures: having ' her jewels were very valuable, but fix-, prepared his offensive, so to speak, he | safe- was there, and she used It. , i advanced. j The countess took out a jewel-case,, Between Peter Xihurg and Herman [emptied it, lifted Irs chamois cushions ' Spier of the linens, was r feud. Its ' .and took out a small book. It was an j source, in the person of a pretty i indifferent hiding place, but Ions ira- mnnity had made her careless. Rt- ferrin? to the book, she wrote a letter in ode. It was, to all appearance;., a friendly letter rcferrinc to a familr in her native town, and asking that ' the recipient see that assistance b e ' seat them before Thursday of the fol-, lowing week. The assistance w a s , specified with much detail--at her e\- peus^ to send so many blankets, s-o 'many loaves of bread, a Ion? list. Having finished, she destroyed, by burning, a number of papers, watch- Ing until the last ash had turned from dull red to smoking gray. The rode book she hesitated over, bnt at last, with a shruj; of her shoulders, she re- c:ishier, had gone, bnt the feud remained. It was of the sort thut '·miles with the lip^ and scowls with the oycs, that speaks pleasantly quite r.wful thing*, although it was Pcrer Nfburg whn did mnn of the talking. ' And Herman hated Peter. The ciish- ler was s one - had married a restaurant keener, nnd already "he wased fat. | Mnt rjonnnnX hatred srow with* the'i flays. And buslne^ being bad, much ! nf the time he stood behind hi-; linens and thought about a certuin matter, J How did Poter Xiburg do it? ' They wore p:ild the same scant:' wage. Kach Monday they ?tood together. Peter smiling md he frowning,' General E. M. Johnson, command- Generals commanding cantonments ind mtional puard camps arc en-| i n £ the camp at Yaphnnk, in whioh -husiastic over the plan endorsed by, most of the men were drawn directly Secretary of War Baker to provide from th^Olj of New ^or^has :n tertamment for the soldiers The training commission officers say. "It plan, it is felt in official circles, solves j is a sev ere tost ,to take men from many serious problems which camp [civil life and subject them to djs- turnpd it to its hiding place in the nnd received into open palms exactly Jewel-case. cnouch to l i v p on, without enrn^. And . Coupled with her bitterness was a each Monday Peter pocketed his cheer- cen^c of relief. Only \vhen the papers fully, nnd wont luck to his po^t, t^irl- werc destroyed had she rc.iUz(*d thf* Ing his mustache us' thvii^h all (he weight they had been. Shr* summontd money of the realm jingled in h i s ' *3I!niia, her maid, and dressed for tle trousers. stre-'t. Then, Mmna accompanying To accept the inevitable, to smile ·Jier. she summoned her carriage and over one's poverty, thtit is one thing. Vent shopping. But there was more to it. Peter made She reached the palace again m his money go amjizinply far. Tt was 'time to dress for dinner. Somewhere Peter, for instant e. who The summer 'on that excursion she had left the 1ft- before, the American Iconic Rallwiy ·tor, to be sent to its de^clnatiofl over h.'id opened to the public with much the bolder by special messenger that cros^ine; of flairs, tho national emblem night. and the stars and stripes. It was Peter Prince Ferdinand William Otto, at who had invited tho lady to an eve- 'the moment of her return, was pre- ning of thrills on that same railway, paring for bed. He Cashed himself, at a definite sum per thrill. witb Oskar stiuidiui: by, holding a It wa= EVter, then, who ra.nde the great soft towel. Kv.^n the towc Is impo^ible possible, who wore good wpn* too litree. And he brushed his clothes and did not hnve his boots teeth, and hnd two drinks of wah-r; patched, whn wont, rumnr snid. to the bed-use a stifTi*:h feeling in his throat opera now and then, nnd followed the "persisted. And at la it he crawled up fc-ore on his own battered cop/. Into the hish bed that was so mm h . How? too Mg for him, and had to crawl o i it Herman Spinr had «UKpfcted hlin of again, because he had forgotten his ; many thinj;.*: hnd j-errotly audited bis propers. cash slips; bad watched him for siir- W h e n everything was done, and the reprltlous parreN of silk. Once he had hew of p u t t i n g out the light could nu* thought hf had him. P.nt the package longer be delayed, he said siood night of Lyons silk, opened by the proto Oaikur, who bowt-d. There was a priotor at Herman's suggestion, proved grp: i deal of honing in Otco's t" be material for a fancy waistcoat, Tlu-n, \\hl-sk: it was dark, with only and paid for by Peter NIburg's own taken from an everyday life tiey did about as they pleased, have found relaxation in nearby cities and towns near the camps where influences have not been of the best. Under the new plan, some of the best kinds of entertainment the country affords, including six or more of the season's best successes, will be presented in the camps, in theaters built by the government. Friends oJf the soldiers throughout tm I T !i " States will pay for the cnent by buying 1 Smilea^o books, containing coupons pasting soldiers to '·flU the shews thU transition into the military service in a smoother and less abrupt manner will tend to the comfort and happiness of those who have willingly entered the service and are cheerfully performing their duty under a \ery intensive schedule of trainine;, "We have at present over thirty thousand men in this cantonment and it is out of the question to allow more than one-third or one-quarter of them to go to the city on Saturdaj' ne United j nights and Sunday on account of the camp commanders for dii: 2 entertain- lack of railroad facilities, and they sec fit. St. Paul qaently the entertainment which ' officers as well/' Smileage Campaign on January 28- In every community in the United States, January 28, a campaign wili be started to provide high class entertainment for the men in the cantonments and national guard camps. The campaign will he for the sale of what is called "smileage" books, h'ttie books containing twenty and one hundred coupons good for admission of any soldier to the liberty theatres anc! liberty tents in the cantonments and national guard camps. Tha little books are to be sent by the purchasers direct to soldiers who are relatives or personal friends or to the camps for general distribution among 1 soldiers who otherwise might not £jet a book of passes. Wea.tby individuals and business organisa- tions, clubs and societies, it is understood, are planning to buy emileage booka in quantities and send them to "i^tribction as has already ordered 5,000 smiJeage books and undoubtedly be furnished of a high ' Minneapolis has placed an order for class nature will be a great boon to I 7,000- In a window and nrdon-d hi*» dinner, pallid face gn whiter, "Kor t h e rvul ! From tho outside Hnrimm «t«nil fn\*-lopc will he MiliMitutix^ aanUier. ( In. lie lurked in the shadows outside. In his hroii*r pocket. o« ald Well, f and watched. Peter snt a Inn p. and stared out. rook f-heUer, and u f i f h i t i . then Migecst t:oi may." 11 dried the quin- your H«s1s lodging, but He ig \tt his romn. ronri*-rge irr-mly, "rc- imt'p. LiMtve him nt .vatch the hniisi-. It "But stiroly," Heowiff gasped, "surely T shall be consulted?" ' Annunelarn shook her head. Thoy ' Imil :i'l risen. AH for Olgu I^oschek, she was very still, but her eyes bnrnprT. "Mother, yon canir.' look back, and --jinrl remember your o w n life, and allow me to be wretched. You can-! not!" ! ll^dwlR begun to cry. The nii'hduohess hatrd tcarH, and IHT softer moments wtre only nio- Hi»*nts, "Dry your eyes, and don 1 * be silly." she *aid colrtfy. "Tou h:ivf al- irn.vs known tbut =omfilling of the sort was Inevitable." She moved townVd ihp dour. The t « n princessf*, and hr-r l:idy in v,-;i!t- UiiT remained still until '-he h:in Ir-ft die tub]" 11 . Then they fc'l m liobind hnr. and the little profession moved t*i t h e stulty houdoir. for coffne. B u t ' Hilda sFlpped her nrrrj around b«=r *i~ fpr'K waist, and the toucu comforted II od wig. * "Hp raay bo very nice," Hilda volun-1 tpcrod cautiously. "Perhaps it is Karl. I uni quite mad about Kirl, myself." Ttodwlg, however, v,-as beyond lisic-n- InTM. She wont slowly to a window, and ptonrl gnzing out. Looming njiaiost ttif sky-|inp. in flu* wry ffntf 1 :* of the plii'-'p. WHS th° hproic fiirarn of lior dwtd crtnd'roilier. 5?bp f"ll to \vftndenng o^i'Jit tho.s» roynl women 'A!MI hnd prp- roc'od, H^r mother, franklv nnlmppy in hor m-irrlage. pcrmnnortly ombit- t'T^'i; I'T prnnfi^otlipr H^'lwlc hnd Dover feen the king young. She could not picture him as a lover. To her IIP wa. c . a fine and lonely figure. But ronuiQtJc? Bad he ever been roman-, j tic? She slipped out onto the balcony nnd closed tlw curtains behind her. S A a her eyes grew cccusi.omed TO The [ darkness sbf snw that tbore was some ' one below. unoVr the trc^s. Her heart , beat rapidly. In i\ moment sne ~wna ' certain. Jt wns Nikky down there. 1 Nikky, ga^io?: np at her as n rtifld may | look at a star. With a quick gesture I Hpdvfjj; di-pw Uir- nirtain back. A ) thin ray of light fell on her, on her I'slLii b~irp aniL-;, on h*u* Hcht draperies, on ho- yonng faco. HP had wonted ' to sn-p nor and ho should see ber. Then she diopped tJie cnrt-iin. and twisted her h and.*- toget her let, In fipite of her, Oipy reach out toward him. Did sho fnnt'y it. or did the figure j salute her? Then mine fhp quick ring i nf heels on the old stone pavement. Khe knew his footstep* even ns she 1 knew pvery \-1branr. enper inflection of bis voice. He went awiiy, acro^ tRfe squnri 1 , like one uho, liftving bent his 1 knee to a saint, turns back tO"tne bnsj-' 1 ness nf the world. i In the boudoir thp anAducbess had picked up some knitting to soothe her. | jangled nerves. "Ton may piuy now, Hilda " she suld. Annunciata dowd, and Hilda played of the family intended going to his apartments." It wh 1 ; a nmnieiit before Hedwlg comprehended. Then she turned 1o her hnii^lit.lj. "When I wish to have (Oil will; JEV rauvin." she Mlid coldly, 'I slnll She Ipfr Ooniajt ih Ibc Ktefi it- oneiily, Important to know to whom he Hut PetPr Niburjj did not see him. HIP eyes were nxi'd on HIP gloomy mass across, phot with small light^ f' v *? r! = these hitters." from deep window*, whk-h wn«* the As the man «tood. be sei-med to (ho palnce. ( o u e r i n ^ Herman to ^well u n t i l he Peter u a s mlm. He hail rarnnd tloniln.itrd UIP room. H*» look on au- many such letters as :h* uno now hid- chority. To Herman came suddenly dnn in his breast pocket. No- con- the memor of a hidden room smd ·wipnce *.Tlrr"d 'n lum. If It*- did ranny aifn. nnO one, Incc and towrr- not do this work, others would. inp. who held rhp others in t h e hoMon* He hnd until ml'lnighr. At that "f hU hnnd. Back went Herman ovr hour a mes^ongpr w o u l d rrivlv.- t h e his enrHer roufe. But now hi- did not yuu frequented Lhe Huugaria?" "I feel In the mood," was the some- wtiat hullea reply. "I work him! I enough. Uod knows, to h a \ e a little softly. The countess' opportunity had plr-umire now tnd tlien." Danger was. come. She put down the dreary en rnntiiiir him ftbrewd. HH turned a ^ u y bra/df-ry with which be filled fhe from I'etcr XUturg, tbi-u faced hlru dretir er eventncs, and moved to tho aculo. "If you care in come." he eug- window. She walked quietly, like a gen ted. "Not a supper, you understand, but a jrlass of wine, Italian cbampagnt 1 ," he added. F'eter .N'iburg was fond of sweet cat. Her first word? to Bed wig were those of. Peter Niburj? as he linked arms with his enemy and started down "A fine night, highness.* champagne. the street. Quietly be purfhctl his hat to the she snid. brick of bis Load, and hang his stick ' B*Jw1g: raised her eyi* to the stnrs. over his forearm. ' ' ' Marie was gone. hand. "\VIth what? Herman stood confused, even confounded, hut still snspjfious. And now, this very day, br had stumbled on something. A groat Indy from tho court bad made a purchase, and had left, under a roll of silk, a lottrr. There was no mistake. And Peter Niburg had put away the ?ilk. and pocketed tin' letter, after n swift glance over the little shop. Something \nstly more imporranr, the discovery of which would briug Her- rctiC n e( j man prominence beyond his fellows m B[ftck H u m b e r t ,_ , fl t ' ert -' lln secret ordt;r to wnlch be hG ' loa £ed. the moon face of the cathedra! clock for company. And as it was now twc-ity minntt'a past sevpu, the two hnutls drooped until it looked like a fatv with a cruel mouth, and \\ua really very poor company. O^kor. having bowed himself into the corridor and pn^t the two sentries, reported to a. very gre^rt diguitnry ncrt»«s^he hnll that his royal highness the Crown Prince Ferdinand WiHinin Ott« was in bed. And the dignitr.ry had n chance to go away and get his dinner. Eat alone fa his great b°d ( the crown prince was shedding a few shamefaced tears. He was extremely ashamed of them. He felt that under no circumstances would hlb soldier father have behaved so. He reached out and secured one of the two clean folded bnndkt'rchitfs that were alwuys placed on the bedside stand at night, people side by side with the heavy and iitew his nose very loudly. liut he could not sleep. He gave Miss Ernithwaite time to go to her sittlug room, and for el;;Rt o'clock to pans, because once every hour, all night, a young gentleman of the court, appointed for this purpose ami dubbed a "wet nurse" by jealous comrades, cautiously opened his dnor and made a stealthy circuit of the J room, to see that all was well. , -3 lie crown prince got up. He neg- j leered to put on his bedroom slippers, i nf course, and 'in his bare feet he ; paOded across the loom to the study ; Uo'r. It was not entirely dtirk. A i night light burned there. It stood on j a table directly under the two crossed , sw.-rds. Beneath the swords,' In a ' burnt wood frame, were the pictures ' of Ids father and mother. Hedwig had t gU en him a wood-burning outfit at Christmas, and he had done the work hEi.Kelf. It consisted of the roval amis, somewhat out of drawing nnd , not exactly In the center of the frame. letter from him in the colonnade of the cathedral. On this night, earli wpok, the rne^enper waited. Snno- times there ivas a letter, sometimes none. Thnt was all. It was amnxiug- ly simple, ftm} for It one received tlie difference between penury and run. His rraven knees shook beneath him. [-*r*'«h swetit. nut of luiste hut of foar. broke out over him. He who was brave enough of rongne in the moot i nes. who wns capable of rislBg: to h^j^'ht.-- of cruelty that amounted to com- femcity when one of a mob, was a coward alone. Seeing Peter settled, a steaming However, tho sight of the restnunmt, platter before him, Herman tnrned and of his fellow clerk eating caiuily, and hurried through t h p night. Tills quieted him. Peter NibtirR was still which he had happened on wp.s n big ulone. Ilerninn tnok a table near him, thing, too big for him alone. Two and ordered a bowl of soup. Hla neads were better than one. would take advice. Aiter all, why not? 1 «jt J P very lovely. Let the past die,- « A nlgbt to ^ o-at-of-Ooors. ia- If Oennirt could nrnke the first move, stefld of ^^ ahut np _.* g^g fc 1 TM 1 e t C r ' n a k e = ' PCODd - He fliiisbed her sentence wit* a ehrag ot the shoaLdera He4\rtg was not fond of the countess. She did not know why. The truth being, of coarse, that between them lay the barrier of her own In- nocerice. When the countess* arm linked arms with hi." old enemy. "A fine night," he «aJd. CHAPTER V. The Right to Live and Love. Dinner was over in the dull old din- hag room. The Archduchess mmclata lighted a cigarette, and glanced across the table at Oedwig. ^ frfl Hedwlg hud been very silent during tho meal. She had replied civilly He hands shook, but the hot food revived when gy Q]ien tQt but l n a t waa fliu Hpr him. After nil. it wn.s simple enough. mottttVi wha ^3 caught the countess' But, of cour?p, It hanged entirely on touched hers, she drew aside, An '! "Tonight," ea3d the lady in waiting i dreoinQy, "T sitooJfJ like to be in a 'i inotor, speeding over mountain roads. smart trot. hi.« fellow clerk's apreeiuir to ncco An intrigue, then, with Petersburg pale cbpek ^ A co , d swca ' t orote out p n n y Matf · astbego-benvcen, or-Romethlng else. ovcr WnL He wns short of wnid from He glanced acroas. on trick of narrowing her eyes, inspected tene , K After ^ y^y her from under towered lids. ! from ^ Q mountains. And "WeU?" she said. "Ajre you sail moo DrtWT *,,*. iHl ^««t« and a floral border of dai^iec, ex- tre nely geometrical, because he IiatT drt'un them in fir^t w i t h a compass. The boy. however, gave the pictures only a hasty glance and proceeded in a bosJnesi.nke njnnner. to carry a utr.ught chair to the cabinet. On the tnp shelf sat the old clotli dog. Its shoe-butLon eyes luoked glazed with sleep, but its ears were quite alert. Very cautiously the crown prince un- not in his bureau, behind the grating. With eaay fnrniHjirJIy IJerrnnn tarspd to n donr In a way, be was a stupid man. this Deyond nml eQtcr( vd. A diity little pale-eyed clerk who sold tlie quaint rocit ^ u w a g Iittered uow w j l h , th( , red and y-How cottons of tlm coin icon preparations for a men!. On fhe barn luhle were a lonf, a jug of beer, and a dish of fried vent. The concierge was ac ihe stove making gravy In a frying pan--a huge man, bearded and heavy of girth, y t stopping- lightly, like a cat. A dark man and culled "the bluet," he yet revculed, on f u l l glance, eyua curiously pule and Hat. No greeting passed between thum. Humbert gave bis visitor ,i quick glnncti, Herman cfosed the door, nnd wiped out tlie bund of his hat/ The concierge poured the gravy over the meat. "[ have discovered Fometblng," Herman taid. "As to its value, I know nothing, or its use to ns." '·Let me Judge that." 1 "It is a mutter of u letter." "Sit doivn, niuu, and tell it. Or do you wish me to drtiw the Information, tike bud teeth?" "A letter from the palace," said Hennttu. And explained. ' Black Humbert listened. He was skeptical, but not entirely incredulous. He knew the coun--none better. The- women of the court wrote many letters. He sa\v a number of them, through one of his men in the post office. There \\ ere inttny intrigues. After'all, who could blame them? The court was dreary enough these days, , and i f ' t h u y chose to amuse Uiemselves as best they could--one must make allowances. · "A liaison 3" he said at lost, with "Well?" she said. "Ajre you Peter NMburg j 6U iky?" mnny cigare-tte.q. But ut last be wns eating, but bis eyen were fixed i "j^ y 0 ^ B j a u mother" Her head on Madamu Marlp, at her hl^h desk. ; wcnt UP( anc j gne confronted her Hiorp wns sTP^'ilntion In them, nnd p mo tbor squarely. "7 Rhould like to inquire, if I may, 1 observed tho archduchess, "jupr how you have spent the ciny. This mom- Hetrwlg shrugged her ahouldere, but h"rr color rose. "I rode." "Wberer "Al tlie riding school, with Otto." "Only with Otlo?" "C«plain Larlseh wa« therp." I "Of course! Thou you hnve prac-l tlciilly ppent the day with him!" ' "I have spenl moat of the day with Otto " I come from the raocntiiing, you know, And I miss them." HedTPlg moved, a Htde impatiently, but as the countess went on, sbe lis- too, came id because ehe was eorry for the countess, wbo was hom/wJck', and perhap,3 because just | then she had to speak to some one, sbe turned to her at last with the thing that filled her mind. '"This marriage," srre said bitterly. "Is It talked about? Am I the only one In the palace who has not known about it?' "No, hlshness, I had hoard nothing. Ot ftrarse, tbere are always rumors." "As to the other, ti» matter my mother reterrecl to," Hedwlg hfibl her | head very high, "I--sbe was "nnjnst. j Am I never to han; any friends?" "^Mends, Mghnetw? One may have Uiey fenr." "What thenr "A IOTCT,*' said 1 tho emmfess *ofQy. Luny abruptly, abaa- to polli.iry fary, e irjumph bad ·jppini'd stijncjir. Aimi*-. she went red nnd white, b i t h«*r -Ips behaved ae- corOJiiK 10 l 'l ^1 1C time-honored ^ ra ~ Ab't e\on won*--In a polite. l:fdv-;n-i ;:j'j»;r fashion, to l.e snre-- '« K^t even. * * · » * * * * Tiling \\ere going very wrong foi Perhaps ut the v-ry first, lie hnd o--en in "love with the prmce^s, not the woman. It had been rather like him ro nx on the unattainable and worship It frnro ttfar. Be"uii5e, for all the friendliness of their growing Intimacy, Iiedwig wa^ sU3l a t--tar, whose light i ion eh Hi him, but -\PboHe ·wtmntb was not fnr him. He would nave died fight!UK for her with a smile on his lips. Bur he had no hope of living for her, urle^. of course, she should happen to need him, which was most unlikely. He had no vanity whatever, although in parade dress, with -whito gfoves he hoped he cut a decent figure. So sb^ bad been bty star, and ns cold nud rpraot o. And then, that very morning. Hedv,Ig had b*»en thrown. Not badly--^hi j was too expert for that. As a matter o? fact, feeling herself jroiag, Rhe had flung two strong ' youag 1 arms .'.-round hvr horse's neck, and had almost succeeded in lighting on her fret. It was no! at nil drnmnfic. But Nikky's hf^irt had stopped beofr- ing. He hp.d lifted her up from -wber* she Kit, half vexed and ·wholly a t -bnra«"d, and carried her to a chair. Tbat wns all. But when Jt was all nvpr. and J-JfdwIg was on?y a trffie wobbly and horribly humiliated, Nlkky Lariscb kaew the truth abflut himself, knew Oint be wns in love vrftb the granddaughter of bis king, 1 find t h u t under no '·onceivnbh' circumstances would he ever be able to tell her so. Knew. then, that happiness and he hnd said a long farewell, and would thereafter travel different ror.ds. So that night he started out to think things over. Probably no-ver before in bm life had he deliberately doce surh A thin^:. He had never.-HS a fact, thought mucb tit all. It had been his jonjfortabie habit to let the day take care of itself. Br-youd minor prob- · Ipms ot finance--minor because bis income was trifiicg--he bad considered little. 3n the last border war he had distinguibQed bioisolf only when It was a matter of dome, not of thinking. But be was young, and the night was crisp and beautiful. He took a long breath, and looked up at the fitar^. 1 After all, things might not be so bad. iJeuwig mjg-ht refuse ibis inrirriuge. They werv afraid t h a t she \vuuld. or why have asked hi« hdpV \ V i n n lie ihocglit of King Karl, hu dre\^ himsi If up, and his hovls ran;; hard on the pavement. Sari! A bard in:in and a good kirg--that was Kirl. And old. From tho full manhood of iu« tw*»niy- tbree ywirs I\*Ikky surveyed Knrl's al- mosr forty, nn fon'-iderfd Jt age. It was typical of Kik^iy to decide that ho ueedeti a hard walk. Ho translated most of hi? ..motions inio motion. So he set off bnskJy, turn- Ing into the crowded part of the city. And bore It was that Nikky hap- i pened on the thing that was 10 take 1 him that night, and bring about i many carious thinps. Not far alieud of him two men were talking. They weat slowly, arm in arm. One vras talking loquaciously, using bis free arm, on which liung a cane, to gesticulate. Xbe other walked with bent head. Xikky. pausing to light a cigarette, fell behind. But the wind was tricky, and with bis third match be stepped ' , Into a stone archway, lighted his t cigarette, buttoned bis tunic high I ngainst Uie cbill. and emerged to a silent but violent struggle just ahead. The two men bad been attacked by three others, and as be stared, the loquacious one went down. Instantly a huge flgureof a man ontllned'agalnst Uie iight from a street lamp, crouched D-ver the prostrate form of the fallen man. Kven in the imperceptible second before he started to run toward Ihe group, Nlkky saw ihat the silent one, unmolested, was looking on. A moment later be was in the thick of things and fighting gloriously. His soldierly cap foil off. His fair hair bristled with excitement. He flung owe ttrms that were both furioaB and devotion to Otto--It is new, j «it ^ iinpoflsfblo to nee Captain Lar- I think lou wore eagt'i- to get o u t , j Rcn in your prepare, and not of tho runery. Now, 11 appears, you realize '* m r * t fly back to schoolroom tens and i "Q 0 QQ" Miner absurdities, I should like to', ^AQ^ n ' ot rm iij ze , highness, that he know why." [ 8 j u ] O90 \vith yam" "Ho-w Biny ! M said the Princess Hed- wlg, with glowing oyca. *^ut highness P' implorco! tne, conut- "I think Otto Is lonely, mother." The areht]u''!u'i« was i:i one of her sutitl '(i mco'Jy ot trr.ditfon. Ht.dwfg's remark about Otio'n lonulmess, the that, day, smi'-k home. In her only you would use u little caution. Open defiance la its own de- anger she forgot her refusal to the \ fent, 1 chancellor. | "I fl m net uahunaed of what I do," "T have soinethlug to say that will put an end to this Buntimental non- of jours, Hedttlg. I should fnr- sutd Bed wig holly. , "Ashamed' Of course not. But Ihings that are hurmloss In others ! his mouth full. "The countess is hand- locrfefl the door, stuped precariously. He Lurked in the Shadows B Rn(1 borpll A n n u n c l a t u lfe {lriv . t» the lower shelf of the cabinet, f and Watched. liuncr there by one royal hand, and lifted the dog do\vn. At nine o'clock the \vet nurse took off his sword in another room and leuneti it against a chair. Then he ex: 1 mined bU, revolvi-r, in accordance wi:h a formula prescribed by the old king. Then he went in und cxaral'icd ! thr room with a flashlight, and lis- , S ] anco f n t o a s i lop w indow, a halt to 1 der a small meal, that you may havo tened to the crown prince's breathing. I tle a shoe( may 1)e ft mse fop pass .. finished wh He had been a ceoupy babj. ' " iai-r. he turned the flashlight 01 'bed. A pair of shoe-button eyes j sw!flly than usuul , to his customary! "y u u will need no money. Xow, ·tared at him from the pillow. restaurant one which faced over the ] mark this: At :i certain corner y.m "Since When," He I n q u i r e d , "Have? You Frequented the Hungana?" j lOrtit'tliing else. Triumijli. perhaps. Suddenly Herman became calm. Calm with hale. ' ! And, oiVr all, it waa vcrv ensy.; hid your seeing this liny, this young j your position--you are y-oung. You Lnrtsch. if I foit It necessary. I do should have friends, guyety. I am," not. You would probably ^ee him ; she smiled grimly In the darkness, anjHow, for that, matter." She rose,' "not so old myself but that I can nn- and thrpw her bolt out of fi clunr sky. derstiiud." "It is Hnnnccssirj to remind you not Bedwig stood £ti!L The old city WHS to make a fonl nf jonrself. Bur it preparing for sleep. In the place n may not he out of plnix? to SHJ that Sew lovers loitered, standing elo^e and your gratidriHln'r has certain planb for you t h u t will take your mind away from this--this silly boy, snon eaough." hm , ing her to wiokndnebfe, Hb she drove ] linens that furnihed forth the tables her husband. Uut it Is worth consid- , of the rich. But hatred gave htm wits. ' eration. Even thn knowledge of uu Gtive him spi-ed. too. He was only intrigue is often helpful. Of vvlmt thirty feet behind Peter Niburg when size was the letter?" i that foppJyn gentleman reached thn "A small envelope. I sa\v no more." ' corner. ( "So." The big niiin rose, and un: Herman was skilled in certain m a t - 1 tied bis soiled apron. ''Go back," he j tore. He knew, for instance, that u ' «aid. "and enler the restauran'l. Or- 1 ^-«iu,u s . | tle a sn(le may i, e n ^g,, {or pass-; Hnisheri when he docs. Leave u And. a t , lng a papf , r to otllcr hands. But Toter, liiirf and suggest the Ilnngarla." on to the j ^ not ^op He went| not more ; ,. H r m . j have no mone} .... ,vanted tho comrort of ,,,,,,,.,, eonv, r . sat.oa and the reassurance ot * familiar face. Wlicii tllu two met at Uie rack by the uoor wlilih contnlned (heir hats, Ills expression was almost rrt«illj. They u-ent mil totrcthcr. sind was stnnd- i her hands m-, mother?" I'll!' fniut tlnklins rf a bell told of tht- Blcssert Sacrament being canlnl through the streets to some bedslcic nf -Well, I'm - ' said the wet narse. And went oat, looking thoughtful. square and commanded a view of thej^ii] be attacked and robherl. A mere palace. And tbere he settled himself | form," he added, as he saw Herman's dying. The I J r!ncess Hedv.. on 1 bowed her huad ! U seemed tn her, lill .11 once, tha' iJip world was f u l l of wretchedness and death. :md of spnnnition. which slight be uor^p than death. ( "I wieh I could help you. highi^s." ' said tin 1 (.-ounie-ss. "1 «-houhl like i* 1 ' _ _ sei' jou happy. But happiness dn- s "A rine night," s.iid Herman, anc a li tliat'elie was not gt-n'lo und ronnrt , no; rome of Usplf. \\e must fight for cast an eye ut the sky, , cm , Suddenly a!- it." 'Fine enough." m o « ' ' l i k o n*srM stlrnnl in her. "Fight? What chance h:nv I to "Don f ?nok like Hint, rlilld," she fight?" JJr i 'lwm nsked '-cornfull.v. said. "It is not settled. And, after "One thing, of course, I could do," all, onf 1 man Inge of another--what' pursued tin* countess. "On tho*e day'; difference docs it make? Men «re w h n you wish to have tea wiUi--h'^ nion. Jf one dues not mre, it mnkcs royal liighnese. I could arrnnge. per the thinca titey dt unimportant." | haps, to Jet you know if any member , "N,, t -I nm noMo lie married?" Tho 4rc hdi]d)es', A n n u n c i a t i t was not ,,,, h a n , Shc ,.,,,,,,, n o v e r f orf ,| Te llr , r cl ,n,i r( , n , hc | r fmlii.r. But thpy W( , rp her ol ,,| (1 ,. ( , n . nn(1 1 I P ,-,ftiK was !n the Thick of Things and Fighting Gloriously. st-mis. ;md w i t h e;ich hli\v ihe proop apsunu'd a new forumtion. UnJiickfly, a f;n»at UonI of the fi^lii'nti; wns done over tiio proscrato forr: 1 of Potcr Ni- TO : CMN r "Too good to waste to. sleep. I was, flunking, 11 observed Herman, "of aa hnur or two at the Hunguria." The Hungariu E Something in Peter's pleasure-hungry heart leaped, but be mocked his fe(iow cierk. "i^Ifice when," he inquired, "iuuw !" tf-^nd*- 01" tiol.'ars i", JQ!J pnn'iiig itx Conn^llsville every jnoutn. - us a chance to bid on iL. The i u r company. Tfy QUr classified

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