The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 13
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..A ! -r ,y ; . , , v t ; v jv . j. .a a ... - i Tuesday auoust n, ise4 r THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 13 The Ottawa Journal Long Warmup ' For Short SeaJon mi few , WESTWICK sJj gjgg jj I 11 i : 1HERE h4i to be nervous touch on any typewriter touching ' ' on th affair of the Rough Riders thii day. It was ajlot easier In the days from 1956 when Frank Clair took over. . : The club waa in state dl chaos, and in the day following. ' and the yeara too there waa much wondering about where . they would go. ' .- That opening day In Toronto this year waa bound to be '-' discouraging,. It wouldn't have 'been if Jackson had been. throwing the ball to his receiver aa truly as he had been in l the past. It would have been a big night if the team had been 'foiling in every department a they had been in the loose . and lovely day of these exhibition gamea when the coaches take what we still feel la a day off and keep looking and ' stadying what they have in personnel and wondering what ' they'll all do when the schedule gets going. r 7 "" CANT BLAME COACHES "!: Nobody can blame the coaches for that They have a long season to go and why get terribly excited about this. The general idea i for th public to accept these exhibition game aa Just trial tests. It hit been given out as that and the : football public has been schooled to expect aa much. , ' ' To tell the truth these exhibitions have been labelled as fomeuiing less than what they should be a start to ,full interlocking schedule of the Canadian Football League. w There are few valid reasons why Ottawa, for instance, should have played four exhibition game against Eastern and Western teams without them counting for a point or two. '.The clubs involved can black jack home town fans into going to them if they wish, but the notion here is that they can't y Kp"RTiifon6ver. : . ; -.- n-,. - wv B.UUW au nw n"i'i w ml,J ucfw,i . football schedule shouldj begin earlier. We've heard it a ; ' himdred times, or maybe a few hundred, times. But it seems , Just a bit stupid and bit rough on the football public that i.they begin playing exhibition games between East and West as a substitute for scheduled game and bring in the lam .excuse that exhibitions will satisfy fan in both sectors and tnat ail wis ts necessary tor ine coacning suns. . . ... J If you were to ask the coaching staffs, they'd probably ;leU you that exhibition are so necessary that they could spend the better part of season playing Ihem. The latter are only human and so are the football players. You can delay this thing Interminably, and must be nearing lbs time when , "the coaches and club realize, this. But they won't until the ' public decides that an exhibition program almost approximating half the schedule It necessary (o get this operation under ''y. i , .? - STARTS IN NOVEMBER .' What have we got anyway? The exhibition schedule has produced four straight wins for th Rough Riders. The team didn't coast on- that record ' in their opening gam in Toronto, but they lost a gam that they should have won. And the Hamilton Tiger-Cats took a lacing at th hands of the Alouettes that made many fans wonder what there is to all these exhibition games. . i . Bui Smyth, the Rough Rider line coach and assistant '' tn Frank Clair, lone haa aucaeated that the nlavoff season " doeant atart until November. And that's really true, par-' ticularly if you figure that three of th four club involved in th Eastern race have the chance to make th Eastern (Canadian finals. 1 '': r ' ' 'Y : v ;';-!.'' : if i This is a pretty good setup anyway you look at it for .' the operators, and it's useless to criticize it so long aa they pack the stands. If was borrowed front the hockey playoff ; system, and it will continue so as long as it is profitable. ' But somewhere along th tin this has to .become - Canadian Football League; This may not b th appropriate Jttme. but It must be coming close to it with everybody playing ,,th same schedule. . ' ' ' ' J-y -ROUGH RIDERS' PROBLEM i : J . Rough Rider have a problem that th coaches have taken cognizance of in their owa way., Hamilton has one too, but K's a. little different Coaches will alwaya tell you that winning a Grey Cup produces a sens' of complacency in a . team. They insist it's a hard thing tat overcome,' that coaches just can i over-Two n unui uiei a oeen provca to ins p layer. Rough Riders have fto such problem. They made it a . good season last year until Hamilton took them apart In the playoffs. The Tiger-Cats made them look like a act of Juniors when It came, to a acor in last year's playoffs.- The fact they won four exhibition games shouldn't leave them with hs ' impression they can coast in th schedule. And their tackling' '.. last weekend in Toronto left even their coaches with she impression they were coasting in thif department All of these exhibition games were nice. Everybody. got a chance to play. But the fact still remains they never produced a point If they ar to product any in the league standing it had better be Friday. . f 70 Youngsters Attend JHockey School Opening t. For. about 70 , youngsters Monday was their first time on akate this season , ,'; and quite likely th earliest date they've ever started shooting pucks. . . . -. It wat the, opening el the three-week Eastern Canada Hockey School which it being new in the Hull Arena under the organization of directors Rota Tyre!! and Johnny Wilson. ' This it the first of an annual aerie of clinics to be held at the same time each year In Senior Ball playoffs Tonight ; ; , 'Both-, Senior Sportsman' Softball League befct-of-aeven semi-final series start tonight Pennant-winning Hugh M. Grants play Interprovincial Paving at Sandy Hill diamond at 630 p.m. to start their set' 1 The other two playoff teams Ottawa Gaa and SL Joseph a play at 630 p.m. at Larocque Park m Wrlghtville. , Hull '. Youngster register for one-week periods although Ty-relf stated quite a- number ' hav signed up for two weeks ' and a few others for th entire , three. -vr. . "O' " Chicago Black Hawk slsrs Bobby Hull and Kenny Whar-ram are the instructors at the school on Mondays and Tuesdays. Quebec AcM'gosltenderi Gump Worsiey along with JJ trolt Red Wings' MarcProno vost are the teachers Wednet-dsy and Thursday while New York Rangers' coach Red Sulll-van with assistance from Johnny Wilson uke eve' the drills on Fridays and Saturday . morning. , y -. When the majority of this : week's- pupils, finish up this Saturday at noon another group move In next Monday nd the : whole process I repeated. g'eaterday the 70 students were split Into three groups sna mey divided their time between the , ice,, the film 'room, and the chalk room. -' -Tyrell stated that over the , three weeks th school 'will';1 hav an average attendance ?f at least 75 per week making this first year venture "a very successful one Cards' Leads St. Louis to Win Over G . By CURT BLOCK DPI; Sports Writer The hottest bat in the major leagues belongs to Bill White. A non-starter in this year's all-star contest although named to the team, the St. Louis Cardinal first baseman has boosted, his average,, from a mediocre .263 at the mid-season break to a highly respectable .306, up 43 points and earned at a time when averages do not fluctuate greatly .because of an increasing number of at-bats. The 30-year-old ex-Giant, acquired by the Cardinals in March, 1959 for pitchers Sam Jones and Don Ohoate, ex-1 , tended his consecutive game-' .hilling ureas In 18 last with a first inning- rutT-sro- duclng single at be helped St Louis to a 2-1 victory over- hit former teammate. V - In the last IS contests, j White, who played every inning of the 1963 season and has missed only two games this year, is 34 for 73, a blistering .466 clip. . Th 6-foot, 190-poundef - wasted no -time carving a niche for himself In the record books with home ' run in hi first trip to the plats in the majors, which Incidentally was ' ia Busch Stadium. St' Louis, a feat -the 'Cardinal obviously remembered when ' searching for first baseman three years later. White's firtt-inning tingle ' I... .l.kt u . I ..j mn i 'a1 ,L wnni umiwicu Yanks Pin Hopes On Modern Science For Pennant Push NEW YORK (UPI) Th New York Yankees - drive toward a fifth consecutive pennant may depend on modern science. . What it boils down to is whether or not X-ray treat ments can-eliminate a calcification "in ace ; southpaw , Whitey Fords'; right hip. The calcium deposit ' hat .' prevented the Yankees' star hurler and , pitching' coach ... from throwing effectively in ;.' recent outings. .;; '.' '':.' .;. . ' Ford, . sporting a ' 12-4 record despite the ailment which hai-plagued him in at least a minor form all season, haa been visiting Lenox Hill Hospital daily for X-ray ' treatments, which are ' I 1 ) V t rA -y '.y-.i , Bobby Hull, the high scoring Chicago Black Hawks' forward was at the Hull Arena Monday along with teammate. Kenny Wharram to instruct youngsters attend- ing the Eastern Canada Hockey School w hich , began their first of thtew week-long . aesslorjs. Between Instructions Hull took ' ime off to satisfy th autograph htinger of " lwlS awml,"l Bill Wtiite Wielding 'Hot9 Bat, Lou Brock who had aingled and sped 10 third on Giant suiter Ron Herbert .wild ;ckoff attempt The de- cisive run driven in by winning pitcher Bob Gibson (10-9), whose single brought home. Tim McCarver in the second inning. .-; , . '; The Giants were not as successful scoring men from second base on hits. Catche Tom Haller .was nailed at home by right-fielder Mike Shannon in the fifth and leftnelder Brock cut down Orlando Cepedi at home when he neglected to slide in the eighth inning. Jim Hart's 19th homer of the year in the seventh was the only extra base hit of ss-the qiants-t" aWpiJwtthree-jamM" behind league-leading ; Philadelphia. In f theonlybther major ; league game, ' righthander Bob Pufkey breezed -4o - a four-hit. 7-2 victory over Los - Angeles after the Reds staked him to a 4-0 first-inning lead. Steve Boros had three RBI't and Frank Robinson two while rookie outfielder Mel Queen stroked three of .Cincinnati's 10 hilt. NATIONAL tXAGUK San rranriaca eoe eoe IM 1 II 1 St. Lowia iee eoe oox t- a I HTMr. Shaw OuMala (Tl ana Hallar; Olbton. SehulCt ? and MeCamr. WP tlbm 110-ei. If Hartnl tt-ti. MR Hart 1S1S). -.. .1 tat Anielas. eoe J 00 tie S a CmelnnaU . oa 010 OOx 7 it I Moallar. Read III. Sxtar (. frr.nm a and Rowbora: SSir- '- ana Hwm. u aaan- yf (S-ll) designed to "improve the entire condition strain. Inflammation and calcification,' a Yankee spokesman said yesterday. , If the condition improves. Ford could be back in action by the end of the week. If not, the Yankee will" have to do without their "stopper" of the past decade. : The pain occurs when the little t lefthander - throws breaking balls. , :- i "I come down harder en that hip when I throw a curve than I do with other pitchee," Ford said. 1 Although Jim Bouton and A! Downing have shown flashes of brilliance, the ataff will be looking for Ford to come through aa In the past POPULAR TEACHER,. .: in in 'r jH r rlS" 'Trj - -Zi3 A ill a"' , m ' sTsaat. T -aaSaV 1 Russ Jackson (left), star quarterback of the Ottawa Rough Riders, gives the Ottawa Red iross uimc-a pass bv tenaing assistant nurse Connie Pejtg a nand in ping a pint of blood from Marv Da.e. is, MohdRy. Several' members of the Rough Rider club joined Ruts In helping the Red Crete reach its annual blood-drive quota. 'j. ' - f ,iJHiraal Photo tar DftmtnMn w4 Aiders Review Errors In Top Shape for Tigers Ottawa Rough Rider got out'' of Toronto .with a very tljjht ' harvest of lumps and bruises and, they'll be in top shape to meet the defending champions from Hamilton at Lansdown Park Friday night. After' a painful review on film of their carnival o! errors Toronto and the review of Hamilton's f mlscues against Montreal, the Riders started gearing up for a battle against the' club who they' expect to get the biggest argument from the Big Four this year. Ronnie Stewart who came out ' of Toronto on the limp, with a wrenched ankle, it back running again and will be In A-l shape. Billy Harris, who played his first game for the Riders against the Argonauts, ; .'vU.' ' . f I : .. i Jl''' 1 1 II .11 . I VaVn i,,r isjfcin.j , i PASS FOR 1?LI) CROSS wi!l be orating agaitl at Jcfr half, .' . j j , .' t' . 1 7 1 The' new acquisition? Chuck Killett. frm the Giants, Is Just . : . I w -1 aianiux (u orraa. inio m aya- tem and cannot possibly be ready for a test against the Ti-Cats. However coach Frank Clair says he has surprising speed for his sue and appears to be quick enough in hia moves to make a capable back-fielder. . , The Hamilton Tiger-Cats did not get away from their opener with back only humiliation. Hll - Willie Bethea who ia cumiiig aiung airungcr each year, suffered a dislocated elbow and will be out foe at least a month. The Riders have another two-hour session planned today to introduce all the hew stuff and shore up the old. Toe Ti-Cats are due in - Ottawa Thursday, afternoon. , ESKS CHOP WRIGHT ' ' EDMONTON CP) Edmonton Eskimos of the Western Football . Conference released one player, placed another on; waivers and picked up two linemen for fivday trials Mbnday. , .4 ' Released was James Earl Wright-1 injury-troubled Mem-' WITH ' ' sftitMl as j.aaW saaW , r 1 ! ; phis Slate quarterback who had been expected to replace Jackie Parker in the Edmonton oacxi,eia. . . i . . Wright was placed on waivers last week and passed up by all eight other Canadian Foot ball League clubs. Pearl (Junior) Hawthorne, a 23-year-old defensive end, was placed on waivers. Duan Cook waa picked up from .Calgary Stampeders and Larry Gergley from Hamilton Tiser-Cats. Cook ia a defcniive eni.UttUt ,nd Geralev 'ia a .uard linebacker. TIGERS CUT ROOKIE HAMILTON Cf After their 33-5 loss to the - Montreal Alouettes here Saturday. Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Eastern Football Conference Monday cutl one player, signed another and brought in still another on a five-day trial period. Coach Ralph Sazio cut rookie halfback Charlie Calhoun of Florida State. ' ' . ' The club then signed Jackie Simpson of Florida State, who w tul oy Toronto Argonauts i,, stmi Tvi- a i. wiy n,ck from Baltimore Colts of tne National League, was brought to camp for a five-day trial. . ' . team's end zone on a straight kick nr missed placement and tackles the receiver before he can get out. ; i The tingle point demands heads up ball at all times. It wins many ball games, 1 and often adds tremendous drama: You won't see' more wide open football under any circumstances than when one team it trying for a , single point, especially when it's the winning i point. ' It't strictly Canadian and an asset to the game. -, , If you have a. point you'd like parnie to discuss in future cntuntns. drop a line to "Let's Huddle," . car of this newspaper , - CavriM-lMi ; : Let' hee Canadian scoring. point. ' or "rouge.' This, ' of ' ' On 'or Xm mbsTTntcf eitmg Ttrrarse; happens when one team aspects of our. Canadian game; kicks the ball Into the other is the scoring with five ways to score, as compared .'With four la; the American ' ame. ' ; i ' Everyone ia familiar with the 'touchdown for six points, the conversion for one and the field goal for three, common to both games.' I wonder how many un derstand the tw-point "safety-! tawk " I "..''! It happens when the ball ts (impelled back 'over , the goal iine(from th line of scrimmage (whether carried or - tossed back) and the ball ; carrier caught behind the line. - But. the ball has to go back over th line before two points are Counted,- r'' ' One" of the finest aspect of (Journal Photn by Dmioit Wkli1ln Canadian game is the single Baseball Records NATIONAL LEAGUE " , St. Louis 2. San'Frsncisco 1. Cincinnati 7. Los Angeles 2. (Only games scheduled.) STANDING ; . ' - W L Pet. GB Philadelphia 63 43 .602 San Francisco 64 48"371 3 Cincinnati 62 51 .349 5H Pittsburgh i 59 50 .541 6Vs St Louis 59 52 .532 7', Milwaukee 56 54 .509 10 AhgflSS Chicago .., Moushn New Yurk-. 52 37 .477 J34 48 66 .421 20 34 78 .304 33. AMERICAN LEAGUE (No games scheduled.) STANDING . W L Pet. GB Baltimore .. 69 43 .616 Chicago .. 67 44 .604 IV, New York . .' 63 43 .602 2 Los Angeles 59 56 M3 114 Detroit 58 57 .504 12ft Minneaou . . 54 59 .476 ISVi Boston , 53 60 .469 I6t Cleveland . . 53 60 .469 16 Washington 44 72 J79 1 27 Kansas City 42 70 .173 27. INTERNATIONAL , Toronto 2. Atlanta 0. -! Rochester 4. Richmond V "Syracuse 3, Cohimbua 2. Buffalo at Jacksonville, postponed, rain. V STANDING '' : i ' f W L Pet GB Syracuse i . 70 47 .SM Jacksonville )?0 48 .393 ' Buffalo 64 49 M , 60 54' .526 61 67 .517 53 61 .465 i 46 71 .393 41 78 Mi 4 54 24 30 Rochester . Toronto . . Richmond Columbus . Atlanta . SECOND ENTRY WESTBURY. 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