The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1918
Page 6
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THE D4ILY COLIULR CON'NET LSMLLB PA MONDVi JAMAHS 2S 3 ) 3 8 GEORGE S1SLER GIVEN CREDIT FOR BEING MOST VALUABLE MAN'IN LEAGUE BALL PLAYERS SHOULD FIGHT British General Believes League Stars Should Set Example. CQVELESK! CERTAIN HE CAN COIViE BACK 'C BRIG. GEN. WHITE'S OPINION Major and Minor Lcigue Crack* Are Most Popular Athletes and Should Be In Prince With thc United State* Army Baseball players in the major and minor leagues should be In Prance with the aimy This is thc opinion of Bng Gen Wilfred ArthLr White, a M. ., who for tiree ycra aew active service with the British trmles In France and Flanders and Is BOW In chargo of British recruiting In tils country "I should like to see overv baseball player enrolled in the army la the way General White expressed himself "The baseball players ore easily the most popular athletes and they should take the lead In fighting the nations bjtties The eiample they conld sot x\ould do as much as any other one factor in blaming a glorious path to Trance. There are many reasons why bace- bill players should m«ke eiceptlonnllv fine soldiers A baseball player should be an erp"-t throwing hind grenades These men nro of necessitvall In spUn did physical shape nnd could do mnih to help condition their fellow soldiers. The etnmpln sU bj Hnnk Gowriy of the Boston team oni* ethers is hi^h y BEST AU-ROUND PLAYER tN GAME. commendable Would Contlnut Sport. George Sisler of the SL Loms Browns his been pronounced the best all Vnt by ac hoenting enrollment nf ; player in the major leagues Sisler \\ is not far behind Ty'Cobb and u, e ^ iar p i nTtrs j do not ,,,,,,,,, thc Tilt Speaker In the Am ncan lenijne batting a\ erases this year and wlth| elosing d ( n n of htt * eMt On Ulf , con the possible exception of Stuffy Mclnms of the Athletics he was the lending trarv I would stro^slj reconracad tin- first baseman Sjslcrs calm to the all rnnrd title is based on his ability to continuance of all sport Tbe U-irans cover each of the infield positions and the outfield. lie also has shown un coul( j be kopt up w i t h ne-nlv recruited doubted skill as a le't handed pitche- He i= a fast base runner and one otjpi a j e r g Thl , ,,,,,,,]_ o( co Ir , e lessen the most intelligent p!av,r. In the Rime The White Sor tme no such star the qnatl v of the panics for a lone although Outfielder Jatk ColllT. c in plnv first base in a pinch Heilman ot ttajj, |,nt I do not think it would ilc the Tigers who covers nsht fiild rewlJrtr aNo plajed flm his» now and tract too seriously from public Interest then while Harold Janvrln of thc "Hed Sox can fill any of the Infield positions ifclnnis and Schans a! o po^-ess «im al! round ijinl n llclnnls prob ahlv could cover second third and ^hort, ni hoc^h ht is beat at *'ie Initial corner Scban£ a preat catcher has plavcd tlurrl b ise and If ft fl*Mcl with excellent results second and third · shifted from short to thud or opecialis T^os'* w h o THK f M - I l Tl FSD \ ^ Tlooni i DUGH nnn i ·* \ M nd upn 0 SI t ( 1 A J I 1 At H Y. 1 M S t c j n 1 1 loor OONM ' he · Im he had ^rmndod out Oh it was a sacrifice I Then all grourdtrs aron t bad? o Insisted 'Not ^ ic-Ificcs. 1 Rut v. uit Is u snrrlnce* \t tli ? point lh«" husband stirted in to explain flhln t soo IK, nm driven home, mid refn * TCI t ilk for the remainder of the af t. n o L. JACK DILLON TO QUIT HooBier Light Hcavywe ght May R- tire From Fignt Game Tuck Dillon t'if T »wkr Mpht hea\v \\eight v,ho hn^ fought over 200 bat tlci In Ills car(pr an t h^Jd the dtk hi that r! i* b( ^idin; bnint; considered a ntar chjimplon \ \ j fMi h^ 1 wns abU 10 nmkc th mlddh vrism 'mit, is thlul ig of qu itinv, the gnrae fo 1 - ^od nuti rnkinp up ho old u-ailc-- clectridin Jack Intt-nt 1 d enler ng Ui nn^al seivice of t'ie Lni ttJ Sjites I i t \ I d t n t K there has beu a hitch soin \ li re for noil ing has be^n eiiJd about It In ely HARRY M'CQRMICK IN FRANCE TWO COVELESKIS HARRY AND STANLEY Harry Co\ole ( :ki former! \ tho lend np l i f t h a n d c r on the pitching staff of" tho Detroit V i m r k in* will try to iome back i xt spring He uu* almost ·worthless to the Huh ln*=t s i=ni b en is h * pitch! ig arm wnt back on Mm. CovLloskI hns been tak'iif, treatments n id v o f M S to convince Maunder Jen nlnps tJint he hhoull rLteKo an th r t-fa Co\lc i raarri d and not subject to tho draft. Hi ^ rho bi 0 broth r f l Stnnl \ Covelcsk v h j n idt; good ·\vlth a \ c n M ante on CKvol ind s hurling stall Ut season. L J l l \ C l \ IK tlC II I 1C COSC C c p t d ^i Ij c it.c vvt, can k r ^ i J icl[ r ur_ J iijtferjnjL, do n i d* J-3 ui a l l T. e w a n t i j LU J H i th a.11 j a ten s s l i O S ma,IdCft !l.i\t. r dlJt-tl I % 1 1 1 !0 Her neihods of t a t m c i t nU o hi.r p c. i.I sii uj arc int. i r i H \Vc iut **\ r v ] cr n Lh t s uffcr L, fr in L \ d tat r m d i t n t · o n ind ha.v t rial chat T. h 5 I f u c uni iii 1 tim np t p Ir u i b l r u ir HIP c v w i n t t t i n i J h -t (-TIU -3 - to r J i W f l^ L n u LI 1 ' stjs su ti ours 1 T I t ut, i hen c]\ ncur tbl i UL ? i u r ( f i t i n i ai (, p ni.n s u i . r rt, L r 1 j t r m i ntl T h t. \ h n i 1 s us * ^ 1 3 e \ ! l i i s ·* c 1 1 "f L iir n u! h c h i c or t, n v m I d e v e l o i ^ d a f t r ur w l 1 J f ( xi ri ncc J i i r i t M J "t n i t e i I «. I] pn e l ncur III i t.s Utl s i ^ Former Giant Outfclder Now an OH ccr In the Army Hnrrv Mc( o- nick former Giant out fiplder and pinch h tt« r now an ofh r t r In tl c T nmil ^ atcs ar m ha« IT rl\e(l in I runce Be and laddie Grant, ai^o j.n 01. Giunf Jitt i tlod t it PLuts burg camp BUI O Hi a ^ho «au flghtinff in France u i t h thc Cinadnm ami McCormitk and Grant a ' plme ·^ 1 b the G]JJ t» vi dti Mcdraw 3 i-. borae^liut note\^nhj tint t i m e j.or irer members of Lhe ^»n f club ·were imong the flrst pld*ers tn -how thei- Hilll it,uesi, to figU 11 Huns. A FldQC*y Youtn Son *bat are vou do ng with that , , i ^ iTM, ,"" j rlns heir schulules and remains at a hlrt pitch PRESIDENT TENER A IVSIGHTY STRONG MAN Foster of the T\a»hiu;tons has done Rood ^ork at short,,' 1 ?. ' . " ,, C .'!f lt f '" e '" Ot tht Yankees Pockinpaupl is the only player *ho can be cally a1 '° v b f "i 07 " 5 ar ° ln thc """'" vvorknjea 10 the munition nnd CHAMPIOJ^SHSP PLAY IN SPORTS IN 1918 Competition in Practically Every Branch Will Be Resumed | During War. | Championship competition in prac- ? Hcally every branch of sport ^hlch. Z comes nnCcr an orEranIz»d head will ? t)e resumed during the cmiDg year ^ jCne sporting baromet r forecasted this turn of events last fall when a number of colleges which had decided to abolish a!3 Intercollegiate sports underwent a change of bea-t, and the action of thp United Stites National Lawn Tennis association in recora menciing the restoration of all chum pionships for 101S sot a precedent ·which has since been followed bv the Squash Tennis association and oth ers The return to cbamplrnsnip p'tj In SPORTING JINGLES. German drive In Italy \;as the greatest disaster sliioe Heinle Jim Gilrnore was not invited xC to the annual banquet of the Na » tional league 5 Cheapest thing: on the market 3; is a franchise in the laternation 3. fll league g There Is no truth In the report 2 that "ftilHara Baker v i H be the g nen mayor of Philadelphia. 3 Alexander Deal was a great g deal for the Athletics : Baseball outlook is RS bright £ as the spots on the ten of spades p Magnates can t lose much £ Tbej haven t much left to lose, g Ball players will henceforth 5 work for wages Instead of sal- g dries G Prank Kramer trained on golf yj and lost the six day bike race 5 Great boost for golf. other factories arc tnklnj, more Interest in thp sport and «=omc fine players ire being developed And the men are better workers for their piny Amatiur sports or all kinds are to be enconnBed I lune found that the nmatenr sportsman has kd the ^Jiv among the Englishmen and that is also to be eviec ed In this counfrr Arnu tuir athletes were tie be^t fitted phys Ically to make soldiprs and thpv stt tht pace under the volunteer svstera of recruits Their PTample proved a \alu able asset In the recruiting Value of Athletes When tbe athlete has gone to the front his place in athletic rani q -;hot. d Immediately be filled for olnious re ·»PHS Athletes hav* so- pro\ed their value tliat their runks must not remain depleted "Sport li the foundation for health ind too much emphasis cannot be luld upon Its benefits and necessity i h Ictics are of paramount Importance In Keeping tie soIOler nt and the snmt K true of fhe man who must be prepurcd o become a potential soldier Athletics proxido the \ery beM T ant of taking a raan s mind off his work be it building ships adUng fig ures or fighting Germans Th«y aforcl National League Did Not Fully Appreciate Htm Until Term Had Expired. Tbp ro-plection of I r h n Klnle^ Tonpr n«3 i resident of the National Itagut on II!Q OH a tc"nis shnv\ s th«t lie in a mlpbty bit, man In busebal No league in the hi^tor^ of the git" e ha* \ r ( U c t c d 11 prpsl Knt under tlu conditions luld d o w n b Tcncr ind uc ceptLd. uronim )iish bj ihp tnf»thtr leu^e, No leagw n u L%er do so again The \iition il le ^UP dl 1 no 1 - full iipprcciiite Tent r until It faced th 1 problt ti of AUlac i^ nhoi s II hu« often betn rritldz d ftr (us reUcent ni turo and his r fu«sal u t rone In \ o h t r t In tin. w r nj^los h i t are *· j common iu biist.1 ill circles e\erj whore He ha-i stt-adfn^t!\ m ilntnin» d i ktndb fiii^tittj In- The jxr ormnnce of tJi duties of hi« offlu a id the on!i time dntiti^ his rrplmc ah pr.xy cf the "National eagu* 1 tb«t be actcpteJ TWINKLES OF SPORT Alpsnntlcr (t I unpo^u lor w i t h N t tlou tl IL iguc bat ttrs Tl t v \nn*cd to see Alex i ld to tlu Vrn i i tn cti^io On i n d has not £ n I e J Trls Sp il t r for Pint, Bodle And I j Is nnh li If the ston I mut ^ e n ers will Hoover Iz next season but that w o n t I t ] en oft Mjur toes U ». h n \ t it (n gi od* authority th it susMp in I l j vill ton Jn ie tp I o a popnl 11 drink In tl ball puru.? dp r u ih° u ir nls body Is expected to reflect Its In lluence when «e United States Golf -ssoclaOon holds its annual meeting , the complete relaiation from menu in Philadelphia nat month That the strain b substituting temporjrllj a golf solons \rili restore championships different kind of mental strain and a is practically certain and It is whls pered that Trnncls Onimet and others who have been lept out of tourna meat competition for se^eral .ears will be returned to good standing by the golf association Ou«met besides Francis Ouim«t. mil onp»nized sports Is -^tronglv recom jnended bv governraerft officials The cancelling of title even s it Ins been found worked no benefit but rather caused n falling off of Interest A? long as sports ai e to be con tfnupd--and it «ecras certain now that all forms of sport will lire through tbe Trar--titles nn£tht as well be con tested Pablh. ^ntiraer t leans toward tfce belief that the aho Ition of chnm- plon^hips as a wir me ^nrp has bee a failure a hasty mo e Urspir^d M a-do^tn. ta snow patrittibm t'jat wa^ entirely uncalled -foe. The lead-taken bv tho parent ten varied muscular change "The soldierly qualities developed are many Discipline is encouraged scnco of team play Quickness of do playing exhibition matches for the Red rC l S J,°^ "^ S f!t d fln , d ? f c l h t v I nre not rv.«r.» i^ ._ *i,_ -i ,, to ne overlooked and what critkPt anil football do for Lhe Englishman base ball and footbal and track athletics do for tbe American "Again the desire to win sprrs the athlete on and encouragos thc spirit Cross Is now in the army and there are several others who desc~ve credit for the work they have done. INDIVIDUAL IS SUPREME Play*r Cannot Win Unless He Plays that carries the trained solder to victory And. lastly sport mal PS for fair- . ness of play E true sportbfnan and true man the Best Game Golf is the one game where the In dividual Is supreme No matter bow poorly one man plays the other can not win unless he himself plays better Taken Literally The mistakes of one player do not Tho whole atmosphere of this themselves rid the otlicr unless he ! neighborhood has changed since the avoids making the same or o her er- Appeltona moved in rorg The tennis player drives out of , J m not surprised to hear tnat I bounds or into the net The football team tallies when the punt la dropped or the baH is fombied A dropped fly ends mnnv a baseball f,arae when vie torv seems sure fo 1 - the other side And BO on in every sport bat one and that is golf If the one golfer drives out of bounds nr tops his drl\e or shoots Into a trap he other man henpftts not at all unless he plays better golf. "\\hen I* in T ihn^i n made the hnstj nnd prob! I h i inch rti,rt.ttel ^tnte- n u n r to it t eff* ci tlu tht major f t n c t r t s u m f lit fire tK t ded if the ^o\ernineirt w o u U l oxunit 18 pla ers on *a h t!uf fr m i«iJltdr ser*ict T i.ner li irf m opj nrtunln to plaop h inst f \ o i \ nnicl in tin thru light foj d e l U t r n g 11 i,liririK tlraUi against the Vnii-1 un K ij-t * lit. id But though he \^ \*i i n d t ^ n u p L o\«.r it he chosi 1 tu ^n\ t ut a feu w rds describing thi. t-tatt- nictit IH a \ n u n p t t n o t k Hi tig and Ictling It fen it th t 3 ittr, whtn TRIO OF CONNIES CHAMPS Bender Coombs and Plank Havf JVJsdo Sp'endid Records A n \ t i i \\h tl ulHs the one-tlJi right of 1h M h t t k i to w i n world thainp[on i -hI T i ! e m i t reftr'-cd to the* fnct*; Charlo" A.Il(rt I ontkr one of th 1 f?t i s cut 1 c \\ (tn Si "\Iack when h urcck'd his f i n m* teiia Jus won three Micti *i »iM f.iur 1 s shutouts T id IMS a uhi£ ot ooiibei.utE\e vktor ies Jnrl Cootihs h s l t n -\ toU'-l^tent [iltchi ft r Fr -i MI un !1 thi t f-on nnd "Till has ti urh ] It iiir, i billtv to discount mnn\ a \ o t n g hiirlor I cl [p PI ml i n n i in h m ifotn on'v i fou d j j r^o-- t 1 -r i ^t. 1 i? i d no dn^'r } S h but nu^ l e ns 111 lit, n \b having n *-nccL^ful ·!PIIS( 1 I h « i ' fhoj ir" 1 --the throe MIIS o* the 1 st * nr' hupo rn sht r--t nri t h t y u r t , ( inn« \\hcn Sfnok dicldeU o ih up them IJT nt our i thai 1 V in C)M \ f i t L s j can J r, l u M ' K . 1 4 1 1 O 1 I » I M I M V i i K i - ^ l M V r j J f i't L \ m k u v. e ii 5 j ur fj.s i ncu-^b]t v \A i l he ne-*il «.!! 'i i ml ^ 1 ^ KP t s r f n uitir cir f r u n t h i i d « L *~7 1 n u i c c. t r i r ihle \ f i l l s t n d tre -u cur %ou f c u r - v b l an % n i i k f r ITV t M n n n re rr--\ n^blc V. w i l l 1 11 is \ e * til 1 u in i o i t 1 l u *f n rite o r posin n ^ ^ c r c r o e d *5* "ft Q r HI P h c u m il n L.n PL, i * st ITpTie I J i t « r uc 1 ?u c '·full T BKdd r an! I irtn I r r a n j , nci t i 1 v N o r v n j - , I j « ? o r h J h N r \ o u I 1 v * -ind N rxr- 1 PI. :nc Si m ich P ^ul *** O i t t i i«- V c u c n 1 h n r P ] t j i Y T ~ it \ t h t - 1 - c i d e r 1 f ! D) .j, f i ·= such a I If t I r rs I ur ^f an 1 i « t u l i s "\ )r rol ^ ( ins Mi n ·J 1 f thc H r i d N o - e T h r n i t an i St m L f V r - s r h n r j i n h t Ice r*- v. ire i ol c f 1 3. ) o n ^ ^ t n n d l n t , J e i r L I ^PR« T n u f . ^ k i n V l«on P^ I r 11 1 m c J r -x * "=· h a.11 I iT)t n I pilep'-i m a t t e r f J how l ^ n e M i n d i r i f , ut n ij. f I c T p a t i e n t W p h n L tl be tr atrre i .{.I HI pd DS^*as«;«5 urc? s f u l I r 1 4- Golf* Bronch II Troui It. ~\\ o *. *r nf-^se i Do%"i Four f- r TIII n\\ Z j Tl/J s r 4 . 1 J- \1 II W I 1 J\ 4 l O l ( l [ H O T 1 I ( O \ M I l l * M I I ! Spp il stP n i^ · mt ii 1 f, b t The f n t f c d SpcrJaliMC* ^ *V " A I « 3 T » . hr 1 Hcr«- t 1 ! r u-pp n ted da\ P I T v ce« M i l f nnd In C n d l t i u n to Render Itrxt , '«cr%lr(- ind i h ^ i no c-^i c f el t r t i t m nt ^.n 1 I T nK I -ut bit n a.v tr m 1 - in ' f^f 1 w t,]l I I'HOOI- 01 R F L I V B U H Y j Mr Tn Juff fM *.mvtl o l l z c i n ! it 1 c c rkt, oilici il r f D u n b i -a ^ I 'i d br*-n ick i e ir w i t h \ f r \ 1 t id en e f stotn cli ind h irl I r o J b c VJUitHijrh I ^rptnl « i,r?at tl it of m ne\ nd t i m o t,ottint- tr ilcd 1 re \ t d n i c-neht w h i t \t-T 3 ^ t o ad the ont\ j tl inj, I coxild tan.*, w as i -^ i 11 quanti \ of 1 j t m Ik ind I u o u l d c o neti "es ' omit t h i t | I ha I \t sit u j n bo 1 ill nip 1 !! as T C iltl n t sleep 1 if, I Inn J u IH rompeJJtd to ]av ^ f ni in\ poiftion tntl hid not i o K U to j tv.o m o n t h s I commenced t r t a t ent Ml 1 ! the L n i t e d Special ·=;« i n d n short ime m\ ^t n ch f i l s fine ciu poo i cm sleep koo i \ iim (i^ n nd i feel ^tror-fc. cn^u^h to j, 0 t v.orl (^ un d) J-r D u f v 1 unb-xr Pi [ J a n 1« 191S I ra trving to locate tre seat o' ·ft ai f athf- ^ ell don t pq irm so in vour chal" You H v.ear out he seit of jonr troo c crs oefore \ou f nd ih« seat of -Tar Hard to Believe SpHdllft seem^ to ue rather vain of his personal appearance sa.d Grabscom He cortalnlv 1= a^°ertod 7aq=b\ 1 ve seen him admi^f 1 hi"iscl f o ^uch in a baTooni mirror hat h( d forget to order a drink J-01 -J- reurs ib 5 as c*"^ i d tm coiiTTiun 1% in i 1 n e iir) mainrb It ho,s stood the ti st ol t me Vnd toda\ because of H so]i Mibsiantia O r o w t i fai reach n eon leet ons an i member h p i be 1 etk ri li-^sei \ e bv tern i f ferfa a vid i ringe of semcc vh i c\er before Prompt ! oans and Di c counis Consultation i r \ i t e d tern to flic BaitK tJiaf Does rhinos ior Ion" 20 M. tra-niord Vio^ Connells^Illc. Capital S^OO.OOO 00. WOMAN'S FIRST BALL GAME i never saw such people as they are I to fumigate No lndlc*ment Young Jinfcs drinks Hko a flsh Thit 8 nothing against li m It Isn t? Certain y not Did ou ever hmr or a flph s drinking any mere thin it needed?' President John K Ten^i n chnlongo by rousing b s Imr i to tho rJn£ uis Jn tin* ^i^ of J lin K O r i H T f n o r le u big mnr Iu tht 1 isfness world nnd he \v uU 1 p u b r r m r In anv lint ho ft t r^ 1 lilt- IPM li i 1 tm tliod oC hn t 1 ! Jyn I *ss i iu 1 L mm he rmus Inn n i l i 0" n li, judm d but It will be mlhjUi^ed no m n i e Mfserabfe Work Because Home Player Had Grounded Out. The "ornun attended her ;1r«t bill gtirru and It wns her husband who ' summoned up courage to take her As tt"e home club pHyers went ou* in one-two three onler on infield ground ers her hubband groaned nnd snooted for be wns a real fan -she naturallv wanted to know \\ln be wns depresv^i In spirit nnd he told her that anv bat U r that hit n flounder should be shot nt sunrise. This shi ibso-lwd for tu- ' tiiro usa In the second imung the first home pliuer i p singled und this wus duly explained. Iho next bftUer bunted nnd w i x an ons\ out ^lir wis tiuia'od when Fr\nl yelled w i t h Rlx * UTii that w n 1 - cnr- of our men \\asnt it Tuxi? *-ho nsk xl ^"li n b« ""ho «51im \ f rk i ^ \i look UU * « r I Ij toil On --Oh 1 m u l l r t j it f"\ 111 I l U l g f I L. t 1 "»Ilf, ' l r * iite I n f n t f ( n 11 d ro u i j ^ rt - « « wui-. t cj vr\vlNATi o THE OF ALL FORTUNES Tbe foundation of al 1 f ortu n es starts uitli saving tbe first dolHr--but if it "were not for ha\mg bank accounts nain men \* ho are ncli today would no~ft be poor \ e-- an account w i t h us s -ves the de pov '01 ar ^t encour- icen tnt to accumu- 1 ite more mone\ 4^- Intoro^t Paul on XrtMtiffs Accounts.

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