The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 11

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 11
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 194 V Journal Cross-Word Puzzle .J.YY iJ iCBOSS 1 Dollar Abbr. j i-. eklea ' .letrvagantlj) 11 worfk. Modish. 14 Cerlala slocks. 16 D band: Slant, ' - - 17 Apportioned ' II fpua Age wri lVVuts. JO Coloring a Small land bum. 24 Wild duck. J? Hysuul woci " M Pyrin. . ttCin. M CoapdcMh. 17 I-irt ran answer: 1 Ontario: Abbr. J knotty. 41 Mohanuofd . 42 LyrK. 44 Fer-ifn: Pnfex. -4S Card. 46 Electrical will. , . 4 T bra Ira initials, SA RrifiH. SI Duuk rWtr. SI Inner:' flftii. 54 Yum leoL , 57 Port el ancient Greece. ! 61 -Sound ( Mask" heroine, 64 Settled. 66 Surpass, ,67 PaU BMtr U 1 7 unking lund. M Afpfocb . 6 Montage awn. TO Sunetlilwo umi. ' DOWN I Ootka: Slang. 1 Oi Ik nr. S Not on up. 4 Mariner's com. 5 Nii of: Snfts., 6 Flint holder. . 7 Hollnroed-Mine. t g To be: Let. "H j o Ufkiini astute, j 10 Fiaencies's family. II Ambassador: , Abbr. 12 Baseball . abbreviation. 1 "ii " it "f" "7 r zT "" J '" ' " ' Jz- 2J. ' " " ii 3" 3" "" 0i : 4 5" 43" i " "" fT r """;. """ ' IS"-"" "T ' ' jig " M 1 SJ i T " "" " T" - . . - Solution of this puttie evill Goren on By CHARLES H. GOREN North-South vulnerable. North dealt. NORTH a. A43 ' aVAJIfttf '''WEST-:", EAST HI- Alt! C4IJ1M VAIIJ " V ! OK4M ; SOUTH i: C 1 1 . ; CKQJI0II . The bidding: -rrth Eest Seeth ' West la Pass 10 Pass t " ' Paa" "Ids : Ps NT . Pass 3 0 Pass 14V' ; "Pass 4 - -; Paaa pats ' Pass r Opening lead: Queen of ? The World Bridge Olympiad recently completed In New York City witnessed the return to the irttemational scene of one of the outstanding partnershipt of the current ere Terence Reese and Boris Shapiro of England. The British team, paced by this redoubtable pair, swept all before them in the preliminary reands before succumbing 'to Italy, the eventual Victors, in a. semi-final match. -hi today's band. cuSed from our archives, Reese and Sha piro collaborated to defeat a game contract , with a "veritable masterpiece" of defensive manoeuvring. Although the bidding of North and South fa 'somewhat Involved, they reached the only contract that hat a chance to succeed four spades. Reese seated West opened the ejaeea of hearts and continued the suit. Declarer ruffed the third round milk the tea . of spades. South played the king YOUR . By Lester L. EXCESS HAIR v v - , , 'Are there any special kor-y'mone treatinenu for excess amount of kair on the upper lip tod chin of adult women? ! - The promiscuous ase of hor-, asonet erithout doctor't su-. pervlsion may even be re-spomlble for the production of exeess oair on tne face. This condition, known as , hirsutism, hat many causes 'The exact cause must be de-: termlned before any treat-"ment Is started.' , The use of electrolysis, when Indicated cn be gratifying, Only If a . hormone deli- 'ciency ts definitely known to ' be-Tbe ' cause should v hormones be used In treatment, i VWHAT can be done for a sprained ankle? The Immediate' application of tot or cold compresses it beneficial In keeping the swel- , ling idowa to a minimum and rhtMMng tome of the ditcom-fffrf. Keep "off your feet" until the exact nature and extern of the Injury it determined by 'physician.' .What may teem to be a simple sprain may prove to be a to of a dislocation .or fracture. For .; 11 TL'uuc MM. IS 21 Adherent: Su&x. it Htrowd uu 25 Low. 2 Pw of pattry. 2? rWrwd. 21 Blue . 29 Starts. 31 Senior. 33 Spenders of iraaea . 36 Land, of shrewd tradrn. 40 Diriiuj bird. 4.1 Bolder: ii S. American rndrnL 47 Transierable design. S3 Too muck : Mua. . BliodV-Prrft. .1 Takn It T-M Ancrn. 60 Syate : Abbr. 61 Toaa. Dirk and Hury. 62 Edird loo L tfl N.V.C kaildins. 65Br(on.. I I be published tomorrow. Briclqe i f diamonds end West, after prolonged deliberation, ducked the trick! Declarer continued I with the queen of diamonds and when West refuted once awre cover, a club was discarded from dummy. I The lack of diamonds was put I through next and Shapiro, teat- ed test, was able to wia this trick by ruffing with the five spades. He now applied the finishing touch te the campaign I which his partner had inaugur-1 to I l Jotocope, r i By FRANCES DRAKE Look in the section In which your birthday comes, end find what your outlook U, according the Man. .tar Wedaeaday, Aecuat IX, 1M4. March II te April 2t (Aries) Mixed planetary lonuencei. Advantaged will outweigh the disadvantages, however, so seek Ihemoul: andmake the oesl use of them, fie tactful In deal ings with the opposite sex. April tl te May 21 (Taurus) Venus continues auspicious. ated by leading a Jourta round work for it. Aim toeolve prob-of hearts. The ruff and eluff (ems with equanimity, through presented to the declarer proved to be In the nature of a lethal I gilt.. ; . v.. j .. In order Id protect his own trump holding. South discarded diamond and won the trick with North's three of spades, Declarer led a trump to hit Jack in order to finally ruff out tne ace oi diamonds wttn dummy's high spade. North bed nothing but clubs left now and. in order to re - enter his hand, aoutn was oongea tq nut a i club. This left him with only one spade, the king, while Reese retained two trumps one oi wntcn owe tne setting trtct. I Observe that; If West covers the play, there to) no wey to prevent declarer from winning the balance of the tricks, for the diamond suit becomes et- ttblished at toon aa the ace is dislodged. -- v However, West's boldly conceived dock la diamonds was not quits sufficient. It was also essential for East to lead the fourth round of hearts when he ruffed the tack of diamonds. By forcing, out one of dummy's small trumps, before the dia mond suit became -established East . punctured Scuta's vital line of communication with the North hand ; and there was no way declarer could recover. HEALTH Coleman, MD this reason It Is unwise to' neglect an injury or delay ex- by .a doctor. It it true that jnilkDes not have to be warmed before feeding to an infant It has keen successfully proven that babies and young children flourish last at well on cold milk. , It was found that tired moth. .ers and fathers, too, flourish without the added burden of 'cooking" at three o'clock lit the morning. While Dr. Coleman cannot l-uerfenahe-tor-dtif dual letters, be will use read ers' question in his column whenever possible and when they are of general Interest. Address your letter to Dr. Coleman in care of The Ottawa Journal.,. ;i . ' DSCOUIT DEPT. JTOCB BELL'S CORNERS Dlt; It sa pra. Is H te. Suaraay a.aa. tn'e m. -' HULL 121 Eddy St. . txir-s ess. s a' pes. : VrMav t m ese BROTHER ... ' "Greatest Urvcnlkn alnc the whMfe k' tailed the alette.' - t "' 1- : : YbUlt INDIVIDUAL You have fine opportunities to aavpnev, wo o nut an iwmuii while others take their place in the sun. A tine period la which to brighten up even the bum- drum wttn your ainaie. sense, oi the artistic and the novel. . May 22 te June II (Gemini) II you will Maintain a calm attitude toward work and other obligations now, you can avoid a lot of frustration, in deellng with ethers, bear in mind that you can accomplish a great deal more through gentle persuasion then through the use of force. June 22 te July (Cancer) w Making progress may not be entirely easy now. but steady advancement is possibt If you restrained discussions, July M te Aeguet 2) (Leo) 1.. The mauturarioa of methods may lead to opposition Iky . adamant viewers with alarm." But if you are sure yo, ara right, go ahead. You are usually good at ironing out personal . differences, Several good , opportunities await you now. Aunst 24 te September II (Vim) Planetary aspects neither an friendly, nor other- ise. Put your thinking cap on early, and keep H on; then you will know what to do, what not to do. There are some mislead ' ' 1 a r(-na rrn I I A NSW hit 4 r T i 1 QUESTION: The future looks uninviting to me, a teen ager. What is there for me in Hfe?-Ur. ANSWER: The "future" is a reflection of our hopes, our inmost deeires. ' and our dreams. When you say the "future looks uninviting." you art really revealing the scope of your hopes and ideals, it is a reflection, not on the world, but upon : your vision. "'', , ' A psychiatrist recently told me that more than half of the people he treats lately are under 21 years of age. Per baps R It the condition of the world, a lack of faith In our society, or personal problems that disturbs these young peo ple. But tt it distressing to know that the generation -that must run the world of tomor row feels so Inadequate to day. May 1 confess to you that when I was a "teenager" the future also looked uninviting to me. But about that time, I met Jesus Christ, and "He took my life." From that day to this the future bet looked bright. My problems today are greater than ever, but I am not 'Marty' so distressed as when my problems were negligible. We don't know the future, but we can know Him who controls the future, and we know that all will be well. SAVINGS : , IN ALL DEPARTMENTS ' IN OU : .'" SUMMER SALE , ltd Wellington St W. anoe aotxra rainAT to s THE OTTAWA JOURNAL JUNIPER ing influences now. September 24 to October 23 (Libra) Give extra attention to business affairs now. The slightest carelessness or neglect of detail could -cause needless losses later. This is the time to ' ' emphasise the Libran's native shrewdness. I OctoberJM. tq.Novem (Scorpio) Banish humdrum thoughts: reach for higher ones of better content and aspira tion. This may demand concen tration, of course. You have the ability to absorb a great deal of knowledge and you cannot be happy unlets advancing, so be YOURSELF today. November 21 to December 21 (Sagittarius) A day for dis-' cretion: Be sure that you do! not offend co workers by ! thoughtless words. Work out dis- j agreements, if any, with logic a Saglttaridn strong point. member 23 to January 2a (Capricorn) Aim (or your finest goals,, make careful decisions and put forth your best endeavors, even in "minor quar ters." This day has many rewards for the thoughtful, diligent worker and. thinker. January 21 to February II (Aqutrlus) Fine Uranus .in fluences. A good day in which to tie up loose ends, conclude pending matters, clear your slate generally to that you may be able to take advantage of a opportunity indicted by your stars. Give of your best unstintingly., - ' FebruaTV M to March 24 (Pitces(-Traits to stress here: , vie. .., r,i,v,nMi w IUUi proper distribution of energies. your ability to work with others toward the benefit of all. Handle ' all activities with your innate integrity. "''"'. YOU BORN TODAY are an ' unusually quick-thinking person. I but on not alwava Inllnw throuoJi ' on your best ideas. Do not lose Interest in well-thought-out en terprises without giving them a lair chance to prove themselves. You usually give excellent ad vice to others, but are not always ready to 'receive the same yourself. Yon have tremendous driving powers, so should be careful not to overtax yourself. unce sen-uiscipiinea and educated along the proper lines,' you could excel as an executive, lecturer, banker, explorer or entertainer. Avoid making haatv liorlnlntM orwf Hmi'i h ia extremes . In ' anything. . Keep : Mir .vrtM v. Inu. rf l,lw,av:u I within bound. Birtbdate of: Robert Southey, poet, litterateur 1 V v V . usm to tttym n inn B R 0 WIT-; 51 TlTHBl Oi SaiOCiLiSflHiisI 1 8 OUT OF 10 CHOOSE GAS Natural Oat U the leading fuel for house heat Ing. More homes-are heated with Qm than with any other automatic fuel Eight out of 10 new homes In North America are Qu heated. 7 Bank St. 23SV9491 HI br22 ! MR. TWEEDY Ill I " by Ned Riddle weren't tuch en ev!d Heine. TRUDY II Be-P fr" eMM M HHMM Tve been meeAinf to ceil you eooner, Mpther but I couldn't eeem to find the time to di' " v. ... . , , ' ill ii "Mi "' n I i n i just Y ho ioooino? OH7"be vdo y ( e-Lrr r know IJJO- V UDOOtD V I USED TO KNOW STRAIP0S7O I NO. ) DIXIE ON tVTI tSTSSc laSim on tme aont kJ (we -oftfJIzllJ . A "Sometime I wish you betebeD ten,: AND LOIS TftK.V MOROAN. Mil JULIET JONES ARCHIE .. ' ii how uong 'av-rri ice . Mr J. uttJt TUE SmT -v., Kr'HItY DRAKE ;; , 1 A.- ru nei if lli - VUTB, Jlrl F A0 TWO QMS I 1 il 1 1 LJ ewosat " r : ''";v i L-J- l j I KFVfe TTXD V0U I N -ioiv b- ZarT II"' wv-viv, , nooss. vke H ..wMrl I (Ttkkj we; oocm, 9onny as frr was only a Lrm-E W in vz Trt; rms- 96T. CSfAKE TKYIHd TO OeDtCg Ke Ar T ROOM T.'.. OW SttTIB O SI, JdmUlf, AtO, I tm A WSPlCK' ' i- w t4& rZT-l WOrn OWHMY'g oml, m. J fCU TW to locate yeusati smmf ciAxf uz. uh. that am. r sninTiritin rrrfT I"rwifiTnrfnnnrTiiTr'r"n r"T,rTl fir- '" ---- ATKKtTJUJ1 rTHWWfWNOAWUPlrai) avxATTJ I I TMtR OarTA wOAAN IN THIS CfTV WHO -f evAYlNCi WOV LH I mkOMJUfiHn j fWWMWrO WrWTT I WOOLDWTOIVl Hoi Etc TOOTH TO taU Sll F V TFRoipUy ue5r!T tv IT I I LET AUONt MAVt AN ANNOUNCEMENT J I igAZy' ! Wi , . a - rr 1 TrlAT HE INTtNOtO TO X1 r-mr?!3 . f Me Moofi iNs-STf o I movt? 9oMa A T why Dto wo sav Y ctxADarY msl acrr fL "' ( currwee cvsatotms; -armmousc. I BcmoFTHU'?JwciC-n4i)NoiMl 'fffmt THSVha OUCH LOVtLX COrveiDeAAre'j ' MB. aSAtAIW AS I Jw( 9tOPI,K9. r nnnTl:t1 ANXIOIJO A MCM BAOTHta r- TT Vri-J7 VAJui.?f FW-I MWi H tV.I d I I - ' i. itU taur ep.T no hav TMt UMCA9V reetiNO that mik. miain aiways) wwrcHiMO . iwt. jn"SHr eve nw a Menu out oc Hen. House; jM sw1 APARTMENT 3-G . . V r" J :. . ,. zr, i.wr., v.:.v,' I m'ft ,, ,rm WMtr.0 N'sT" mrym-rffT, i nun' ni iwt" y ni iff ftfl I tw I V' yts' -JZ'JL. " ; i HMt nyT pv at T2uytesrry m the monmnsy 5cmY' l 1 Gft si t j just bought 1 ' rTawy OUT A CCAint. Vrfr j ..... -17 IMA9 Oer I BOTTte I Zim7Sv ' rn Of ASSoNuf NT5 I it 'rdlsl! II I l -J " T cTJr 11 a so lmntr!l mem mmm wtm STTiEROPER ' 1 1 '," 1 - " '.' ,lu ' -L: .' oKxt, ncwao.' J But, s site mitm tft inen,jusTAs ' m Mtxs&s At" - a spomw f voune my J THiGSfvoFPfAtnsxx, ' MFffsnich.u, toes ctrAtsms mur ; Tension mourrs I V Pxon A. his we thkv6H m WtAiw swrtiK m an? AS Txg AvOKUCi I -Vvvav $NKUIA9S KBlOOftDff "(? X L , I - scges MiKts I xT Am of wo stni yep AfifiAuol 1

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