Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 23, 1976 · Page 67
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 67

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 23, 1976
Page 67
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Page 67 article text (OCR)

«·* 1 1 E -May 23. 1976 - --------------- - ------ Ctarttfn, FIAT INI 7S5-12SJ « SMJE - HeO. W5 MGB-AM*M '" miltaoe .,, ir#MHio*ing. call lvfc l»75 - Slim whh blKk ^ *»«io and h«f«r. 12MO Iff3 *X 2, factory ·! jffluftflk: JOE$-BENZJ3im»-top Itlwi, wljlMl owntr, I2.MC Mldj«f - 1WO, UK 727-5553 contlltlon . p«lnt, wlr. whttlt - ..--ntw Mint, good bogy tod ·uMing condition. Afttr S:M - »UIHlt :ft U N T A I N E E R DATSUN Cm ItT hpiilil. Tirti Trr METLE HH-lfcO* _n»tc. AM FM lUdkl. TAG IMPORTS PMnont ftMrf tt troHt Strott 343-0111 Tony Wegmann Imports «55IMKCorKliA««. BS-TTJI « lion. M. By 0-i». OYOTA pickup 1»73 - wtll m»ln- t*lnc4 Md tconnnlckl w o«. inn JO-P74. *^" ' rOYOTA 1»74 plckuo-ticlory ilr, cor- 1 *' radlt , ttttt t VOLKSWAGEN Bus-Ctll ««ort3 PM. 741-5575. VOLKSWAGEN Bus - 1HI, ne« w- lnt. t«t VOLKSWAGEN RAIBIT, i»75 PHONE *.** VOLKSWAGEN SquwibKk, im - y.m miin. BIM BOOK mn. NMH minor \nork. J4J.1171. M4m VOLKSWA6EH Suytr BNll* low mllwgt, wMmttk: »r»mmlt- tkm.c«ll7»HM,i««rt. OLKSWACEN - mi «lc«, twirMf. «c*U«t mating cwdltiMv tin. MI-Mtf. VOLKSWAGEN - 1M7. very toot c»n«lll»«, nin Mint |ok. J5»5. 1^C-MJ5. VOLKSWAGEN IN* tut - II.IM. VOLK3WMEM HI7-IM. »«. C*tl JO-HM inytlmt. VOLKSWAGEN IM. »««wntl«. C*U 9Um. VOLKSWAGEN 1»J - sw rwl, nw motor «M «nty IS.M miln. tM J45-PW. VOLKSWAGEN m» »i -1 cictlltnt. ko4y fair. flKoli UiO. Oil Mort i. Mi4WI. VOLKSWAGEN IH» - Automatic PIWW 7*4-5241. VOLKSWAGEN mt tut. «59R. VOLKSWAGEN INI - Runt jood My,(lr«tctll«nt.MN.SM« - BHCh Avt. VOLKSWAGEN 1174 - blu*. kv m VOLKSWAGEN 1ff3 - mutt Mil. S« to »pfocl»h(. tl.JDI. . VOLKSWAGEN 1W4 - tut, Ikt ntw JIM mlln. M-37H. PEL Kxt«n - INI 47.MO rnlKi, M . I UlUnHHw. HtO.75i.tU4. " ** HONDA-MAZDA-AMC AND JEEP TRADE INS MM"Lsuxr.4^,^4 72IENIILT. ««^4^WM H ..M«Mi. L,Lr fc ?!V ;--i- ' . ·4 SAVE CAS! RaLYSOIfS locltry air tonj.. llnwd (loll, to- 1 ·Htwkt. rodiil iw«i. i«wU 75MAVBIICK^^ I. Mm. pM Mnig, WSW *«·.! i MC o«*» HKIM. « 74MHAcMc4^.»i«,4| I Cyl. M4JIM, MM. frM., pMMT IkMTW^ |y||d (n B U » H t R [ P O H [ R [ HLll TO MUNICIPAL A U D I T O R I U M - A C R O S S (BOM S ( A R \ 7 2 C V A s* c PHONS j i o - o a u ; SPECIAL FACTORY PURCHASE OF 55 BRAND NEW 1976 4 WHEEL DRIVE JEEPS IW VOtKSMAOEN - 71 EngM. M. f *k*i. p»!et, tirti In lint ift*#». tgu i «rw*i jrwt! HIM C»U VOLKSWAGEN, mi Su*v iHtlt i Me. 7Z7-37U. XKSWACEN U«. itlcur. U.tM mi**, nke 'OLKSWACEN Wl. SM ttta- 5 PM »l t!3 VOLKSWAGEN P»ru S*IM in* Strvfe* V-DUB SHOP tody SlMB Mm OLKSWACEN 1«74 Witt URTMf «c*ll««t condition. 744-2152 or TTMttt. 24.000 Actual Mtn Svpf CoV ro Jw 1969 CYCLONE "SO" H^i P(rforme«» Hd lop Cpc.. Automttk i Peww Sto*«ng. OLKSWACEN 1172 - Mil S - I1.7M. UU TttJttl. VOLKSWACEN-1M tu«. *«f l*«, nodi i»mt My vtrfc. DM. 74MSTMCI VOLKSWACEN-ltXl ·MNMtfUf UM^ 1^4)5 74CHIIJMIM THSVBI'S SKOALS! UIOWWHOUSAII HTUUHHKI NMIEI1UIMEK W«SJIO« 71 CQHfl ·«- AUIO WAiJIJOO ........... SMH **SJIMO ........... HIM MM "" TJowoKcn wASjuw um 7HO*JN040«.AU10 Utt 7HTOMCIC* WASJIIW 7} OATSUN WACOM II Ml 74 PIT. run ii WASH495 ilW 72CMN10UNO WASH!*) ms 7IWJSTANGAUTO WASJIHS IMH 74VKAHATCI«Aa wASHitj sim 72KJWH01C* WASilOti UN TZDODCtFOlAU WAJJI2W S7H 70MNMIltt-16 WASM95 MM 7IMMOU6WGN. 74MSTAKI **S»I«0 ............ 71M»Vt«IC«40«. 411 WAS!. ST. L-MMIM244S1. _ INOIISiTIICISTOCIIISlFNM. 1 3 PHlllC, Gw4 fr». «·. Mm, «-«rili»in i braUi, ferny US 4ManvQiTncis iZJUl Cfli4.hMl«ll..J»Mj '229S WA5JI700 ............ MM / MUSTANG Ct WASitlM WAJI400 UN Nning. p«Mr kraUl. iHMir · cod. SI 7fi IV MW Van KM. Horn.. po in9 brolttl, laclgry air cwtd SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICES! RAINES AMC-JEEP 5 U 1 Mo(Co^leAve., S.W. at Dunbar To!! Bridge South Charleston Ph. 768-1251 COMf SEE US ... YOU'LL LIKE THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS 'DIFFERENT' -- f 2 MONTHS Oft V 2,000 MILES --i WARRANTY USED CARS WE CHECK ALL OF THESE AREAS: Mechanical Engine Operation Cooling System Storing Brakes Transmission Boflery · Tires find. Spare) Windshield Wipers Washers Drive Train Universal Joint Instrument Ponel Gauges Interior Appearance Chassis Seats, Door Trim and Shock Absorbers Headlining Exhouit System Instrumental Panel, dove Front Suspension and Trunk Compartments- and Wheel Alignment Exterior Appearance Lubrication" Paint, Bright Metol _ ." T and Glass Road Test Cleaned and Polished Roadabtlity and Steering Equipment Noi« and Vibrafion Radio and Heater Air Conditioning Other Accessories ... it's your assurance of getting ^^^·^··^^·^··MB what you pay for in o selected used car 75 CHEV. Nova, 2 dr., 10,460 miles. Stock #2753-A. 75 DELTA 88 4 d r , 14,662 miles. Stock # 1889-A. 74 OLDS Cutlass Supreme, 2 door, 41,319 miles. Stock # 2574A. 75AMC Stock #1931-A. 74 DODGE miles. Stock #19626. 75 DODGE Hornet, 2 dr. 8,927 mites. Dart, 2 door, 22,269 irmiles. Stock £2552-A. Coronet, 2 dr., 9,958 Monre Carlo, 22,551 74 CHEV. f wiles. Stock #2555-A. 74 OLDS Cutlass, 4 door, 23,061 . miles.-Stock £1636A. 74 PLYMOUTH Fury \\\, 2 door, 29,353 miles. Stock #2538A. 74 OLDS.Cut Salon, 2 dr., 14,389 miles. Stock #2599-A. 74BUKK miles. Stock #209"!-A. Regal, 4 dr., 20,030 7 4 CHEV. 133 miles. Stock 22626-A. Caprice Est. Wag., 26,*L #· OiOi A 74 OLDS. miles. Stock # 2616-A. Delta 88, 2 dr., 26,730 74FORD Stock #2719-A. 73 DODGE miles. Stock 22673-A. Elite, 2 dr., 23,018 miles. Polora, 4 dr., 33,340 73 OLDS. Cutlass, 4 dr., 36,589 miles. Stock *2348-A. CHOOSE FROM 8' 1)71 CITLASS SVIQK, 2 coos RENTAL CARS. S.DOO MI. TO MI. All CARRY 12 MONTHS OB 12.000 MILES SE1KTED1SED CAS WAK»ANTY.' · Wt DO NOT TWIN MCKSPBOOMfTBS PATBttSTlttETflAZA · Wl INVItt TOO TO CHECK WITH I iNt mvious OWNER 344-1(71 Free Portrait and Lowest Prices Ever on UDs Lowest Prices Ever! Limited Time! Harvey Shreve Ford, Turnpike Ford, and Bert Wolfe Ford Have reduced the prices on these LTDs lower than ever. Below manufacturers list price. Get in the picture. You'll save a bundle. See your Ford Family Dealers today! FREE PORTRAIT WITH ANY NEW CAR OR TRUCK Now, with the purchase of any new car or truck, you can get a beautiful, lifetime, love-on portrait of you or your family.FREE at your Ford Family Dealers. It's in full color and the size of a full page of this newspaper. You can get the luxury you. want at a so affordable priot now! In fact, because the prices are so low and because this is a special purchase package, this offer is good for a limited time only. We have plenty of LTDs in stock now. So get your FREE PORTRAIT with the purchase of the luxurious LTD and the best deal at the lowest prices ever. FORD T Ford Family Dealers URNPIKE Harvev Shreve hrtrkk Strttt ««* It. 11f MtxCorMt A*«. ·ttwMfi Kimtnvhti Cty emel Mtrm*t

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