The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1918
Page 5
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MONDAY JANUAIvT 28 1918 THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLE, PA PAGE FIVB3. AUTHORITY GIVEN , TO RECONSIGN COAL AND COKE SHIPMENT; St»te Fuel Admialstrittoni km- poivercd to 3Ie«t tic Smciecucy FIXED PRICE TO APPLY On SkipMciite KlTcrtni for I Ms IMir- poso; VPTTeBtiigc ^llnwwice to Ihe Original Shipper! Foci Thm Taken to be Ji«il«ccl l.uter: an in t.O'cot. VINOL CREATES STRENGTH Positive -- Convincing Proof It is all very well to make claims, tut can they be proven? We publish the formula of Vinol to prove the statements we nuke about it T CodMTcrxadBnfPcptone* Iron and ·** M«ft£«n«ie Pepton-itea, Iron and Am raocJumCivate Litne end Soda Qiycero* phosphate* Caacinn. Any doctor will teli yon that the -gradients of Vino] as published -bo\ e corcbras the very elements -ceded to make strength All weak, run dpwn, overworked rsrvous men and women may prove Jiis at our expense * There is nothing like Vinol to rc- E'ore strength and vitahty to feeble eld people delicate children and c*l "crsons who need mors strength Try it. if you a^e not entirely sat nsd we will return your money itfaout question that proves our SPENDS $1,500 IN HER SEARCH FOR HEALTH Telia How Tnnlnu Relieved W i f e Wlicn All Else failed. Interesting Coat Dress With Novel Trimming Drug J5 H Harmeu THEFTUHECKED Formal . uthorltj- to diver: cCMl or COKC to meet tbe eiuergenc demands o£ domestic consumers has been conferred uyoa state luel adan istraiori, in a regulation p-omulg-ued bj iuel I Administrator Ouintid rui. aiitnor I itj was lir»t gnen tj t tt i^iaui to j state administrators on Dect-nibcr 31 anil is confirmed b\ tae wniU regu- I lations eaecthe as of JamiA-y 16 us follows I "Whenever the state fuel admiius trator iu aio state 13 of opinion tbat, m the preheat esigeacj occasioned bj | tae mar in whicn the United a-aies is. I now engaged, the consumer in any Insurance Embargoes OH South city, town or other locilitj in such : impnpan state are in pressing need of coal or| coke for oomesvc- use, vtiie htr Uy reason of a general shortage of coali ,, . , . . . . or coko therein, or of mi uuecmal di 4 - p " f rt '" Formerly W» Credited to tnbirtjon imong the residents hereof *he Canal Zone but Has Been Re. and tbat there is actual or th~ealenecl duced to Minimum iacon\ enience and suiiering of th» :~ populauon therein or that an pub- Hlftrtng is till a sreat problem n lie uulitj in such state cond a « »se of merchandise shipped to service essential to the heal-h con- ports on the west coast of South Amer ^mtnce or industrial acmtt, of any l«- At several ports tho «Unt of the people of s-uch state ,s -a tongtr ol «*« *" been B~«' '*"*»* « « «· ducouUnuance for lack of uiai or coke io that in either case he eia- c encj and abilit of the people of such ^tate or am part thereof lor piriormmg Uieir part m the Conduct of the war mav be lessened or imp*ur suit of niurance embargoes on goods - ^ to ^^ qo ^ on 0)c ^ ,,, ^ j neeg BC cordm K to Commerce R ^ ^^ n)? so fnr !,,,,,,,,,,, soodg are conc erned has j^^ rcduce( j f g,.,,,,, proportlon3 in ed the state fuel administrator may consM]u(lnct of an aBr eement between take the action hereinafter md cated the Perovlan anct BoUv!aa KOTe rn Ut may divert to or for the u*e of meof , ^ h|ch proT , dcs for ^e prompter such flomestic consumers or to or ^patch o f niprchonrlise for Bolivian for the use o' an such pabltc utility definition Never hele^s ,tht prob anv coa 1 or coke in transit I v rail [ em ,,(· pitfrrlof! remaHs a serU'ns one load or other conveyance with n such at p rau ca iiy ererv port on the west »tate and consigned or in ten t.d loi coas t delivery* \.o any consumer de-tler or Form^rlv It was thp fashion to sity other party therein tor cousuiapt on thtt nnch of thp pilTerSns; took pluoe sale or u^c in such state Su-h di in the Panama Cam 1 ! 7une and thprt 1 versions shill be mad« in accordance wa s probably some basis' for thn statc- with the lawfully published taniftvand ment in the days when traffic through -tasonaJble ^guiations o£ the rail- Jic canal wai popped by the slides in oads nou unier control of tht Lnucd GatllTd cut anJ freight WRS ba^iy ^tat(s Ui-ector Genoral of Rai -oads conrcsted at Colon and Balroa It Is U ioou as practical after duers on protnbly tnie however thit ?ven in 16 state fu 3 3 administrator shaU thtit* 1 tinier much of the loss attributed lause notice to be sent both tt the to pilfering was due to unusual Vmnd hipper and to he consignee o* the llnj or exposure Since traffic throaRh oai o r coke so dnertcd and th slip the canal has been resumed on a nor per thereol w i l l be e\pec ed ,o fJ mn! bail 1 ! the loss from pilfering In and as oon i- prat ical to ivplice the Cnnal 7one hns been rednced to nn j« such consisnee an equit amount almo-rt negUt^ble point. of coal 01 coko of the same grade and 5°*ls trans-shipped to Colon «nd iualttj as that dncrted *« lb "* are s ored in P Ier sh "^ ' mme Vs a iiippiemin In i legulation diateh upon dlscharen The sherls are \rtmmistratorGarf.e t t i n t l i a t a l l large well built fireproof nnl nn ,P iirded and t-rotected B«th In " 5 - f to pler and n Hit, in«i friends of Mr" \\ V, \ Heru ot Souderatourg Fa near Lan caster hvt. remarked on hei almost I rnlnacuJoui return to health and Mr ! Kersh feels that he owes it to Jio , public to m*ke known the true facts in the case lie said i I During the pibi Uurt ^ears I j j n a v u fapent at least SI aOO 00 in aitdi- j ernes and doc ors bills in an s-ffort | to rind a curt for loy wife a stomach [ | trouble bu it na» mono} t h i o w n away for she Kept geU ng worse «ind The ining of her stomach, was as raw as a piece of meat and bhe couldn t eat anything without causing her terr ble distress Anything fried or greasv v.a- poison, to her Her nervous sj em was a total w rt,ck and liie least little thing would irr tate hei md at night hoi iervc c v«ould Jump and tingle so that bhe Louidat test and hc would t,et up e *.*· morning: with i bursting teail uche \Ve decided to give Taniat a trial and to our delight nd surjnse it helped her right awa^ and nx~w ' s,he Is m perteet health ! She can tat more fat meat Uian i I can lean and. \vbatever she eats fli gcsis perfectly her bowels aro rcga ar and -sleep--wnj she can sle t p ike j a baby ami ^ako u-p itfrea-jed a n d ' hfipp with n e v e r a headache Tanlac is being sold here by the ConnDlfTuIle drug L.O j Tonlac tan also be secured in Dun bar at I) u V i ^ o n s drug store--aJU PLATINUM "FAKE" IN OREGON In Co-Operation With the Government in the Ccnservatiers of Fuel. | SWW««WSW«9W««»»«WW»Ka*!tniW^R*^ Pnnamn Rail-oad cnnpaoy eiPrci'ws st-Ict s^ijervl«Inn «f*r all ojK^rations ^incp It has charge of nil port fucttl rfp« and does ino^t of ihp stevedonnp To protect Itsrlf nsrfn^t claltis for los*? the railroad company long sinie mstl tilted an elaborate ch*cUng -btera Checkers not onlv take nccount of the Lc n arte at the ^o^ernuienr pnc ^ for tat coi or «k Lndei the ngula t on all coal whether it has beer sold a id bhilifcd 01 DO tlvall be bv ojev-t. duer^iono at the govt.rnmen price 1 ' T h e *.li pi i r of di t i ed co 1 w i l 1 now L cr be allowed to collect a charge of j -ovided no Bobber s commission is ad, niim ber ind w plight of cases and pack d. d to th price a^e^. loaded nr unloaded on the piers T 1 L r-aUUi on on thii p o i n t t adb nt:t also note th? condition of Ihe t o n Vll shipment^ of coal -.nother f talntrs as thev pass o\cr the ploni ind o b nur r « or otnerwiie aid all ship- put asid* 1 for (ireful inspection ^aie't v en*b 01 eok o » tn on i r it thnl nppe«r To he urjd rwei^ht or to y ace of «. ori^t. 01 othe~\ ibe uxll ha've hppn tnmpe-ed with In imnv in ^ n-ad" siuhjoft o he diversion o -rnnces pllfpjinp can he detected hv uth coat or coke bi tae I nl ed i atej» j j t l Vdmmi^tra. OL 01 am pe^-jOib acting und^r his a-ithoiia lo an per on** or md £01 anj Qi the purposes hpretofore or hereaftP- an thjruea b^ him The title of the pur t-aser coj°ig e= 01 cork-umLr in the t tie of an} such -hipment a of coal or Vceomo Basted a ihe t ie and of ^uch shipment shall from and af U the effectiu * e htreo 1 " be ub ct to the cond-ttion tha, the coa or haad , e R in tho "prorclfd 'ucipht ind rlie weight on nrrfxal In Pan trim though pilferers nre rlever f-noaprh n*; a rnlo to *nih^titnt* nrticlos of the sLme «eight for tho^e ther have ab itracted "\Ioreovei a number of watr-h mon nnd detpctlve« ar? emploTetl bj th*» Panama Riilrnnd cornpanr Som« of the detoctl'vc^ v~nrk n^ lock laborers The watchmen cannot bp In all parts of n «hed or n hold tho «tPYf»dore* rnm Geological Survey Explode* Report o Find of Precious Metals m a Western District The present shortage of platinum and the ronsiquent preatH increased pnte of the metal bid fair to result In a considerable Increaso In the do mestic protiucdon of platlnu-n during the comlig sear according to the Unit ed States j.foloplci'1 Mino) \.t th vime time while le^itiiaate miners are incren^Int; their production and *o M)me extent -eUcvlni; the countrj s shortage other per=on are US^QK the mien, t irou*etl by the pr**sent nation wide '·cijch for the metal to muke extrava g tnt claims for utterly worthless do posits and some honest pro i *peotors are ied by*false assays made by In efficient or \enal assuyers to beJIeTe miatakenly that they have valuable pin imim departs Reportij of p atl num In some mythical combinatica-- "volatile platinum or "colloidal p ad num --should be regarded as sufficient e\idence of tbv incompetence or dlfr lione=ty of the assayer Daring the season of 1917 the geologist* of the United. States geological sur\ ey department of the Interior 'Tit nt much time In visiting piatlnam dejKwlts that proved to be "worthless A AOtable »sample is seeji in tlie sup- po ed platlnlferous sands of the D«j ehuios river near Terrebone O-e 1 hf raarertal collected there consists of loosely cemented dark vdcanic sand and conglomerate Interbedded with basalt and volcanic tuff. The black bn^altic sand in supposed to have the richest content of tfold and plati num bat neither ID. panning te ma terial in the field nor in thf ehemical tests made b the geological snrvev eould anv trace of platinum or other rae*fils of the platinum group bp found Jseither was any gold found In the con CPnrrntes and it is concluded that ma terJBl of this tvpe is very unlikelv to contain workable amounts of goal I The ladv 'n Uie picture hns t o ou of those coats (or is It a dress?) wLlch leaves us in doubt iu» to Its Identity "Will you remote your coat?' might Tariag tlie answer ' I cinnot this is also mj dress without surprising anyone T'le eont dreis ( *TJ ed a con veaionco to th« tourist v.hi wished to t m \ p l light especiollv v-nen dcsipmod to nJlow nn eitni tinder^armrnt upon need of warmth and a coat-drebH 1 Ki that pictured is a thing oE bt-ant^ and dlstl action If yon are looking for a Mirment Terbatlle enough to pla^ this double role, he assured \ u u w i l l not Gnd any thins b-atHlsome 1 - than the model shown here It Is of plain smooth faced cloth and ·will appenl to good taste If we imagine It In prn\ or tan or M darker colon? I* is lifted into tbc ranks of the «cceptianal by its decora tion Thii is a bordered scroll In ·which cabl** cord coverei \vlth cloth like that In the drees la used Instead of braid 1 he large c*)\ e-red cord, wonnd with a small irilk cord In a darker shade of Its otrn color Thi* cost \s siraplp In desigj vrith straight full shirt Joined to n semifitting: roomy bodice, ha* ing plain coat sleeves ind a long equaie cnpe at t^e back ThJx ^vitb the turnover eol ai rlie ciiff^ mid belt gl\i nddl tonal op- porruniti to feuturo the novel theiva tton Tl e Inrt,t scroll pattern npptmr las on the «0 rt is -openttcl n smnlkr motifs on the belt acruss tin cape and collar and ou the cuff 1 ) LnerpfcteG dftails In U t costutoe t\ppp«.r in tht slit p V^ls D ench eifif of the s] In and In the small scarf node to mnteh tht com Tlu* eeorf fden h j ^ bfpn dt vtloppd h co^tumer" In i \ ml cipher wnv- somtilioea nt t iched to thf coat nud soiuptlint'fa not The turban worn with Oij« ve*n inter ostlnj* gnrmt nt IB e\ldpntlv a pnrt ot the outfit for It depends upon n cov c-ed cord to furnish Its decoration, bat goes further nnd odds an oe-d new porapon which lo 1 b mucti like a chrj win themum made of ostrich tinea VoUiInK IHuntratcs better the *dKB- cnH Klmplldty which ia demandwl o* liefii-Koerb of tbe dn^a of t«Jay thmi this smart coat-dress To the f r i ; rf, j To Why Don't You SEE M AT ONCE Don't TaRe Chances With Your Health Vrc J h » l \ uti « r( Iltf He«l r r r n l i n - n ( DR R W. MACKENZIE so be dnor.ed as It to hreak opell enahllnc (ts Alovesaid a d that in case ot auj such rontenr( - to he ^ ea9 |] v cnrrfpd off De dner^ion the title and interest o/ such tcct i veg Cftn g^f^ ftn effectiTe restrain pu t-hasei consignee or cnnsu aer | nff influence j n ^h cnflcfl v, rt-,p ct to an\ coal or coke so j rt In clear then thnt fhe precnutlnri dn^-r ed haH be- coinple 1 d vested against pilfering in the Panamn Cnnal anf terminated and his I'lbilit/ to par zo ne are extnslve nnd effective nnd therefoi sh?H cease The person or that the source of the ptlferlng ranst bo consumer to %bom an such coal or pou^ht for elsewhere coke is dueled shall become liable as of the time of s-icb. diversion ^o Salaries Art Incresiad pa 10 'he «tupper thereof the price Owing *o the great advance In th» m 'orce a tne date of shipment as cost of Uvlnc, tho locul government flxe 1 therefor hj or undei authority hfte Increased tho salaries of ullits em ct ^ PrewideTt of the I mted States, I pIoypM ulm were paid under t 800 pju_ transportation charges thtreoni cacudc (?1 W6) p«r annum The In- axid plus a bAndUng charge df 15 caiUn i crea»e*i in snine- CJIHCH b*ve araountcrt a n t ton to cover costs ot robillirg to 46 per cont \rrltcs Consul Tohu V collection and replacement If soch, Jewell, Lonrenco llaranea Portupitie haii4iMn«, charg" is ma,'c no jobber i. East Afrlcn LOinmission '-hall bo added to is T^ 6 resultant wttess ot Hxponditurft mm K price If he coal or coke ,o Q ^ er the budgt t «stluatp for aalurlei diverted wa^ otilpped mdc a \ai d ls In wTMd flgure*. $.ns^! Aa th« mil cnforced*le contract tne « u a » «u^ffW could ror bear any additional it* tncreof v diverted shall not ·*· «cp*ndUure without a lefldt tliat ebareed oag nst the amount to *aUd would emt«n-ftsg at present sud In fn- the ontract ipp'ied ture ninder tn ^ development and tlie f ptogress of the rrovirce of Sfozuni _ _ bfqup, r/ mept r'lie new eifnse item tt»» soversraent lias increased the fees for llepQaefc for tuirs t, (Hteectj kiosks, ete rhe (elegruph am' telephone nite--, i rid rh« pyp irt fux on btigar and has Increased iiese :X On UQ.F and other t iiBis aad fees An Incident cf Sea War Wininrn Mr-Fee autho- of 'Ct^nnls of the Sea" telN In an Hnglish pap^r l a n d and \\atfr of an nttnck bv a f snbmarin* upon n steanpr and d» | acrihes this Incident of thp onjpne room before ihp boat v.i* sunk For tho^e three men (the offinrs) FtontJ bj for the better part of nn hour The stokehold Tvas cr ptj the »rfaro was dropplncr and Thprt* wn*; rrmsidernblp j | water in tha hil^p 1 ; hur thev «trood b\ ( warrhinp. th* pp aMnj* r :bo find thn blind white face of rho t^leffraph j pointing l-Teiolnt#H to 'Stand Bv' (the j orders from tbe hrldso) And prpsont | ly the htraln ct \ \ n l d n g jritm ^PPrPS sivo so rhat t h p rh!c" looking up ^o v\urd the skjllffht, Huld to my friend i 'Mister, go up and ^.eo wliat'K doing It rjust be dnTll^ht now And lit* went up and cHme nut on deck and found hluiHolf fn t to fact v l t h ti problem of somf r unplcilt% Jfor tlio leek of tho Rhlp \\uo deserted nnd fur terosfi tho diirk spurkle of t^p b\*o. he snw the bonw trnwilii,; toward a smettr of hmokc on tlii Dr. Edvrards' Olive Tablets Get at the Caase and Remove It [ Dr Edwards' Ohve Tablets, the snbsti- tu c for calomel act geitly on the bowels and positively do the work- People afHictcd with bad breath find Siick relief through Dr Edwards' live Tablets. The pleasant; sugar t · coated tablets arc taken for bad breath by all who know them Dr Fdwards' OI»e Tablets act gently but nrm,y on the bowels and hver, stimulating then to natural action, clearing the blood and gently purifying the enure system. They do that which j dangerous calomel does without any of the bad after effects. All the benefits ot nasty, sickeomg. Rnping cathartics- are derived from Dr I Edwards' OliTe Tablets without gnpjcg. pam or any disajrreeable effects. i Dr F M Edwards discovered the fornula after sevcnt i en years of prac uce among patKnts afflicted with bowel and In cr complaint with the attendant bid breath I Edwards' Ohve Tablets are purely a vegetable compound mixed with olive oil ,you will fcnoff them by their olive ccior Take one or two every night for a week and note the effect. lOc and 25c per box Ail druggists. To For Itching Tortile Bermuda PetEto Crop It Is ohil is tul ihnt HIP Trlnnmh nr frlJ (rop of pf I T I )ps which will be -»rped in n i n u d a w i l l he S- oOO huiln K u f f iiiuij, r » V i f e CODMI! Still iidJi \% i Ills 11 uni ton TJi ^ s IPRS hv SOOO Huslul 4 * thiut Hie fall trop if inio in spltf of HIP ftirt tliat more t r u w e w a s i l a r t e l in jiolaro^ tlie | as 3cti lm» n i ,,ive i for tins l tiiL director of i ^ntuHu r "t. 13 that i 10 ( urhLf jil iiitit z 4 - h L\»_ l »een uf p^ted t j unfavorable *=t ison and \v[II 101 prod iCt a riorncl crop The fit Iris 1 u n i ed 1 nter gl v e pi o^nse of good rti it- i m\ ] i ur* v. hen i rr UT! b mp p»rsnnilf \ each ·V 1H t T h e r e is r "rononrv n mplot i n u ar \ m a t ^ u - i n (}n \,\ } x p o r t d^K an 1 R i R h f Hero i V ) f-r- T ( rr o In ' FOOD f O K ' H O I GUI I t t o tr^a · o i is in i -i n r t i n nii t c r -- l n fa^r THr \1 ^T n T r O P T A S I \ o r preclnu* I f * t a^» 1 » K nf praf tici o ' t p T l f n for t, \ I T S l i f e ;rlt tnp: t " ? a t m « n t i i n d i h o n ' t i l " Pittai 1 * t° t o pro\ tin. tl " ctv e nf l o u r d n o t n r or -ijnci i i«t i \ i t 1 one 5 offer 3 on PI ri [ Lu « - p^rlrne* L a d v e r t i"* 1 1 * n a r n n I opnrn.t« p p r f l n n n l l i. u n l if )IA\I* no ns-iiitanl-" \H n h i fin ui f ^ t r l ( * t t tip t diiti* H i i f i l f j h i JionoHt l n « H o r v i r t un 1 no! o n l \ I \ t h o usr rtt i n p d J a l n c s tt k o i t u t t h e Ht n ^ch hiif. tidm n i n t r w h n n t n l t t c t U -u i\ * c r n n (lUnot f*r\ ° M i 1 tlwo j tiH( "0 h c « n t u r \ flit ·* rf i c-ts "WHAT IJTREAT Vwttur u, H P f (ilillla "" iL( r r l i r ribl n a U i nyap^o^Ss. D«\ i l l t v kpil«i ^ 1 t zi m ( I r- IT i i l l nit. 1!« in M.^KdiHI 1 1 5 . 1 S K I d l - " i - U I I o u h i J i s u i «*i- f U i e unit i i i SI I -a ·as a ruin rs "\ j i f . an i n f a L i l l c h r o n i c ha ao«a f nif n Hi 1 v. t e u ·,(· lly tr u . r o t ·u mcr n nuttti wi i ui i il d J O f O i l 1 5,1 v U L i n f . K C J i WpJ^i t i l l MI' f Fi FLINT'S HVL'LUit. «T biORAGl- Motor Truck Ssrvico To All Pans ot lieglor. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. FOT2. BETTER NEKVES B*tt*T nwvoa--better health For the run-do* n ttred *x\ and worn EiYPOFERRlN Tabled furnish the nerve food fiat Nature has denied %PU (nr Jl» fmm tour Dri Cfiit or direct r»Jn "· if « ca- "I · i f r ^ ^j,,^^ 1 ' 1 ^" 1 ^",^" ^ t:loi"»*l*»»m«lhw Co iip*ny Iw. M«*BM: T«uyltf Ciuucja 01 o Of All j Kinds- noi the cheap kind but the good kind done here. ia ore remedy that to st o itching re rtmsdy that se'Jo-n f i 3 j c,t-ibll-lu i a ' millturj tax Sfc^aX-T'tte s^t^-' l r r I -" B - »P-ct e J from ti: 31^"" " ' S °" ores as fotlo-*-- 15xpirt tus dear and hsaltl Anv dn.gsist can si-Tjply GJ sit'i which generaLy overcomes all zana, itch, pirn s m most casr , ·km diseases. Acne, pie*, i ashes, tl-ci .. give * a/ *o ze^ o fcicmi nes dJQppe- usna 1 ; stops m^*.' »T *is-otjc LQ Ji '» de $-46 1 U, » , 7 t costs only 35c ' (X 1 I v,nl! not - -vcir «"J u p Itci mp i O S^-I" frir" to use ard U til i2« Burning Mine's Bla«t L £*MCi*ar n JSDXIJ \ n fire u, sti ni'jg 1 r \ ..P hurt I'M - Jitu v- r v " fifLu wljctt bfgsT n 'i i. ift^- nr Poetry fay tne Foot The fniUmiQg letler was received lv tbe principal of a eouttauatioe sthoort "somewherp m Oanadii" from no intiignau mothpr wiio felt tbat her bo? had ben overworked 'Mr son writes no that iis has to ui i ed n Tb« D^ Jy Cour-er a.1 Try tbAc- -ii t J n ui, the Is*; 'n v»finp«- nf \g i i h r n i U j a'-t t i t ni itu i it L urii tli i f - \a.i' v " « or lOU M j a v ,K u is i^ O H v I think ihuuf ImJ/ tl'jt i\ W jndi°a hi *^ of bu .i£e tn tma»- You will be in reed oi r^ _pnng of some kmd. Whesher it be letter- he zds, s.a i emenls wedding i n v i t a t i o n s Ci( public sale bills, re-, n ern'oer ve can turn out the work at the lowest cost consistent with good werL J. B. KUHTZ, KI- Mfr\ H L » t t l _ l V A N D R f c A u ESTATE. Ma a South Mndovt Lifl*. C o u c i l u v l h c Pa Gi'MH! iL n il 11\«.. ! v \ 11) ( Jl( . Mil b COaK. V . U . » ! » . . fcLi i. ISeth j'iieni s. « onneiisvii'c Po. vJ ^ , -i«- LJ*S R actjtn . c ntl hlLuU j: UijOOto'j.u «tt G«r ^.-~ Cafl and GaacOne enr'neB. l*uu ji. ^otor- Eortncs )x.JJers PL c c, Ejnr-ml 1 «u Contra-tors fitters. 52SOup KvcrjthlaB; in marten or n Wl^en. Yott Begin to ITs^ COURIER WANT A D 5 Yoti Begin to Travel tlie Road Leads 60

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