The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE" FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLE PA MONDAY, JANUARY 2s 1918 iat (tarter. . SVIDER Founder a*d Editor JS73-151S JAS: . . . . . . fcecy and Treasurer Business Manag-cr JOHN L GAS Managing Editor _--WALTEP S. STIMMEI* ~ _, City Editor -HUBS L^NVE-B iaVCKLb Societv Editor MEMBER OF 4 Associated Pro 1 * ^ Audit Bureau of Circulation Pennsylvania Associated ^Dailies. Two cents ier copy SOc per month $a per year by mail If paid In advance Dnterfed as second chws matter at the jtostofflce Cbnnells\ illc PA or lii tiic firing line in nance Their j places must be taken bv the tenrgor- at qfflcw willing to f sacrifice private j income and s or reader his own Misi ness interests I'Juwd be There is onl ono business toda and that is business of winning the f "SHIPS MUST HAVE COAL TO CARRY FOOD TO OUR MEN FIRST PICTURE OF THE "RED GUARD" Is ",, Buaojess men. ace noi aolj the onlj ones eligible for this roll of honor o£ middle aged patriotism Once more let me point to the precedent of England "i ou -will find that nrtua !v ev cry outstanding British author s "do Thev might be writmg books and, D l I t R f l A D S ADf fHflKF.D plara that Trould net them fortune* I MILftU/llW AAE UIUOCV i Like mittens ot other Britwhers thc\ belu^e that no book and no play nill 1 be worth "While until German roilnar ' ism is defeated and th« menace ot HohenioUerniQi i3 romovod Irom tbe I face of the earth There 13 much, food for reflection m the Reason Dr. Garhelil| GITCS For the Closing Down of Indnstr}- i Hcnco It I* -Worse T h a n Lselt^s to fontLitui to Jfanuf»ctnre ami I'll* f munition on fop ot (onfnMon*" fongtst-nn Hnst First He I lo irtd Herat** »t Tk« A*w*ei«t«d PrcM Th« Asswciated Pres-t is er ' cJSslvSy «H\ltl«d \o tua-use lor reputthcathm of -all news ais patches"or«d!ted to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and a'so tbe local news published herein. BVESLSGr JAJi, -"S. 191S.f thls spectacle of British mdtUc-aged patriotism. Behind its drama of satn " j fice anjl service is tho larger reali?a I rion that the Geraran is fir from being beaten and that in \menca as Great Britain it will tax ever) ounce [·of. enerfo .and enirst every talent to ovrthroft him in the end. 'We must mobilize all Ikor elper t icnce DOT* otherwise it lull be too late f itany thiosb tan wait but Time is i not one of infra The preparation that u c should have made in peace must no^ be made m^the stress oC ·wir TVe should concentrate a-ll our training on mone /or fighting For the p-urel administrative tasks ot | the v,ar we should h\ve thousands of ·willing vo'unteers who need no I schooling ISOTT is the tnne for the ^Axtiercan temporary officer to make good , I F MARCOSON In Philade piii* I,Hlser ot the gfSlost obstacles to war, fr is the average maas mision i l atooui iw age requirements j i Blaster- rtjakes the form ol j . behind the newly popular | thirties with the man ot forty and ( ~evan fiftj^ it-lies, in tu§ ignorance of · luuTown possiblbties^ror ettLstment in the Great Cause The outhtul side Tfie -Liberb Bond is i government i bond--a gooa a bond iu the ^ovel ti stepperTt taiTnaUoMl obiigauon can mem has ever isswd just as safe. fortnnat,el be dealt wni b% the law Just as reliable Even, if technicality sues him im- Don t forget this munitj from khak, hi- first duty Nor that m all its hlstorv lie go% xhduld be to find some other meLiun ernment has ne/or defaulted one of for the employment ot his youJiful its bonds There" is no better se energy tJeL « experience "*} on earth It is as good as a VSt America haTno, lul , realised i greenback so tar as Us safety is con are the opportunities for middle aged I cera_ed savs the liberty Loan Com patriotism This is a mar of service and in that »enice there are BO age. creed caste or color litter Universal mittec It pays ton four per tent jnterest inaua Ij just as much as vou can get service wi -- ev er\ ma: lTmaSe"t'whi"titshOTiw"be for jou- greenback at any savings arTswar ^e can leam ' bank And its lace value will never eminent bonds \v cut below as in, recent months 1,ibertT. Bonds have sold below par But thcic -v-ts never an'v -ilid reason whj they should ha\e done bo And the ne\er stared there \er long a* a time ^mcc the war of 1S12 there hat never twen an issue ot United States more useful than the participation of her middle-aged men"! L the conflict. It wasabrougtot fecane LO me in thrill ing fashion one da list autumn at one ot the immense army supply depots m France, I was. taLfcittg to tho commandant--a colone) in the rcgrular a-m In iho m det o( OUT con-ie-sa lion an erct stwc* looking mar *to ^rtb^n^^tTr^f^sutal- Some dropped bclo* fo- a time bu tern on h, U«e e«e «P ^d. ^^^^ 8 £ Bdllc m 186 , «| fl delivered a message and the asked ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ 1SSJ sold at 323 in 1S73 four per nt "bond^ due m 190 ( sold at 130 in S9 another four per cent issue due i cent bonds due m ID'JQ ^ent to 109 ' And th- 1 dar as comins ^ h e n these Liberfv Bonds v.ill sell abo\o pal "Where the government bonds w ent Arp there any more orders sir* \Qien he was told that was \ with a click, saluted again and Trent M\ compan-LOB turn«^d to ^ne T^th a peculiar «cule on his ""ace and asked "Do you tno^s who that man is 17 " 'No I repf}** » i below par there was alwaTs just ore "H-c is my faiher *as tb answer ^ L _._.i-.i , This old man--lie T* as then exactlv T~TM swventy-^two--was a -etired businose qt lc man when the war b-oke out After two years of tiie heroic strugsle, and seeing* the flower of ais couatrr Iai- IDS -before tbe flfere« Blasts o£ war, he decided tnat his plact, was in France He was too old to fig?"-, but after Ions insistence he securer a commission Br one of the mao* cunous coinci deuces o£ war he -was assigned to s«rre nndw his son His work, is drastic and eaaeting, be is eJ3»osed to wind and weather ^et he carries oaT--and alfways with a smilo endence of tb old : patriotism is being duplicated all lyver Englatxl and. Scotland. "Wnerever you, 50 you find men of fifu and sirty smbbini away at de?ks working from early in tb-e morruas until late at night--often for a mere stipend--ail j"^ ^ proud and glad TO do their bit in what · th«y call "Hie Great Show \ff Another mcideQt will illustrate j One daty I sanr a man ot sixty three i leaTing the pnncoptl British arm j j service depo. tmtnm? camp in Prance H H« was on. bis way to join, ft h«tt is f ^ technically kco-wn ao a dn isional horso train. This is the branch, o*, atony transport thai carries food and shells £rona railheai up uO the fir us line It Is U»e d'-am itic link » t h rc-U fightms. aiwi it^ ca laities are almost as grsat as tbo^e o' tbp un ts in tho trendies- I sa d to hini Arcn 5 ou too old to go up tie lino" Too old^' lie snorted Not nitrch I nave lost my oiy cwo son=j in this war and J want to kill L least one ficrmin before^I die.*-This is the patriotieiu iLat w i l l v\ n tbeusSTT this is-tb (tl»jeci. Iti^bon In sendee Uia±- should bf biouchr omt to c£Pry""3.nMncazi T O H I ^ tm old T]irs*~-s3Tty-thTeG-3r ar oirt i h u i o n ti bretT-was wixat thi2 Ci ti^n call i temporary officer"--tht olftcei win comes from oiviliai !if- r n Lac cluia tion of the war Tuou^. id-, t h n [ ' have come In troti ever "b limits v [ walfc. "\\ithout th-am it voa d i i ^ e r Someone needed In orde to get it bonds we re offered on tbe market for whatever pnce they would bring This hctppfii ed usually in. t ght more\ periods "v*"ith normal conditions khev TV ent back to normal -values Loss is impossible upon a £o*ern ·mo-nt bond investment. Back of these bonds arc all th p wealth of the nation something-more Jmn $2oO 000 000 000 £,verr dollar ot th s wealth cin be taxed by the go-verameiit for the r° demption of its bond c So long as there Is a Imited; States its bonds will be the be^t investment on. «arth No other countr is so rich no otaer has such secuntj back of its bonds Don t sell vour i,fbeny Bonds Keep them You bo rewarded I v pT . jte p{]ual and PIcefKl whal d fQr tfaeTU lilt SWU/I comt et us sit l u U e v,ihi c Vnd t r j to ·vn.iKxe the sm \* Man u n t o bini]t,a ha« been i- bli ] }· rom h s white era il^ tn h *, The first t,lad *-ip"ht b s I ttl e U i % e 1*-ir od t u K n j w n l rr-c To lo k f r in eartl = dTi,ilint F/TJ been his rrotlie b vin J i n t , j Though nothing pl^** h* utujors JlmL -m It betok TP 1 nil thins: \nd l i t i e IM hf «a int, vi a phce | In expKnation oC thr necessity for) the action of the rue! 4dmimsira i taon m closins 1 rlov.n mdustriLS for I the five das ending at midnight on' Tuesday and foi nine consecutive Mondays following Fuel Admimstrn | tor GarfieUE has isbut,d the follow ing I statement The most urgent Lhme tn bo d o n c j is to send to the Amprican forces abioad and to tbe allies the food and war supplies which they vitallv need War munitions food manufac u r r d j articles of everr description lie ,at our por s in tens of thousands of ton=5 | while literally hundreds of ships vrait- | ing loaded with war goods foi our i men and the allies can not take tbc{ (seas because their biinkc-s a-re eniptj i ,of coal The coal to send them o n j 'their wa* is waiting behind the con I ges ed freight that has jammed all) terminals It is worse Lfaan useless to b p n d i j our energies to more manufacturing j when what lies at tidewater congest ing terminal facilities jamming he 'railroad yards md sidetracks for long , distance-- back into thp countrv \o power on earth can mcrve this freight into tbe war zonoe where it is needed until wp ^upplv the ships w i t h FUP j j Once the docks are cleared of the ! valuable freight for which our mm and associates in the war now wait n vain then again our energies ind ! power nn b^ turned to manufacUn ' I ing more efficient than ever so thai a steadv and uninterrupted sin am o f j vital supplies rm br this nation s answer to the ilhe^ cr for help It lias bfen excels cf production m our w ir time speeding up that has dont sc much o cause (ongestion on 'our railroads that his failed t h o j 1 freight *ards to oerflowmg thai hair c uuend. the docks of our Ulantic ports with goods wailing to -,o ibrnad A), tidewater t^e flood rf from u Eios j stoppe*t Th** ^nips w ro unih c o complete the journ - i r ron) our far tones to the v IT depots b*hird tho firing line ' \daed lo this hab been the d fTiculty of transporting co ii for our o n n do mestir needs On top o ihe^e jfQ coJjes has comr one o( the most r e r ' nbly te\eic w i o t rs w e h i v e k n o w n ! In ^ears Tbe wheels wsrc chiikcd iml st ip j peil 7^-0 weathti J id no» boumj trains tennmals con^ tbt d harbor^ , vntli hipping iro/cn in n \ o r s an canaln impaiSAblr--it w us listless in continue* manufac tnrt and pi I ton fusion on top of confusiot ( A cltai JID« from t h e manuf ict ir mg estabhshmonU 'o ih st iboi tl and licyqnd that was tlir- i m p u a t u need H was like soldier-, m a t Hit, 'to th front The inpn fn tlu for*most ranks iiufat ha^p loom to n me i More than a --ho k wa-, neetlc-d to j moke a way through tha* c nces on at the terminals -«nd on the dorkb so ' that the am ^o \ tallj needed I j ibt I allies could get th ough j Tho incident il effect of t h i s rans portation Fiina ion on coj.1 produ^tio i has been disastrous There is md il jways has been pltnty of fuel but u 1 j cannot be moved to those pUtc- where ' i t is *n badlj needed win c lines and lerTimals r i oh »kod Th-oughont the toa] fields «n res even hundreds of niiies arc I M P K idjp because of railroa-rf nah h ( \ o s p ph the carq to ctri awa^ (lieu product foal mines canntt opt rat with out cars Cars can IH t I P snnpli t' w h i l e the railroads Arc crippled 1 v tht, present freight rong s ion w h i c h keeps idle cars lying use esq ni tlic f r f j ^ b t }irds In the past week, th production of coal ha been dihastroubh roduttd Repor s in some cases h u e sao^ n f per cent of thi. mines ui cr( un Tields cJo od tonplotelv foi (k of car E a i s i-, wai "\\hat v t r the (Osi w e nnisi pa\ it so tbit in tin fici the onemj iheiu can never be uc proit-h Jiat w n held tick from our f u l l slMre Thisc ship 1 kn w ih ou sup hos of ir j l ni i tn nd food foi guns must ia\(_ (_ s U ami ut Tbe first photograph o arrive in th s cmm ry ot members of the Bo I fahcAlki Rwt Guard about ·fthich much ia.s been hear-d dunug the o\er turning of the provisional government "VAiJioiit the a d ot tins guard tbe o-veit'iro^ of. tho nroM= onal fcovcnimeuL under Ke ensnv \\ouid n o t b a \ o [ possible Th ^ picture was andt irtei lat. tatving- o»er of Uie contro of the gQv(.muic£t by tbe BoJsheviki during a £~*eat mass, meet ng in Pet rograd. Oiic Cent » Word. ?v0 adv*rtl»ement3 for I^cca Than 15 Cant*. Classified columns clos* at noon. Advertisements of wanU B.IM. ijtc rtcetvecj after that hour w ) H dot au^ear until tho day ZoJlowm* \ N T i - D -- - V L ' L I int ^ J 7 M I N J i, Vi \ N T f U--» OUK V I (. L L I ·» J vi K A N T Jj^nCi \ A N I t ! ~t 1 J A N OT1 i. N - 11 u ii_r Hlt, 1 j i W A N T b 1 -- 1 U N D I \ U MA B \l TLilU i' IH IL ^f 1 j-i fd WA-NT1 I -- 1 SII\S VbH K \T U J - r M f I J J I J L b l ij i f i l -i 0(.I V \ 1 . ll\\lL 1 m Id V F MiTJ UNO S I I ^ T \ l 1 ^ l O d t c If ! In. 01 U L t\ r o n n o l l lie Lour j f 1 o t i l r i --irit I n i = 1\ t id. !«-·- i- i I tl r C ](ii tr i C J r on J i m i r n ^ i f it 1 Mil* b r-n K I I tt-U I i t i c u t d c - s i p r i 1 l u i c f- h r I \ ^ en to !) pef n* nt) bi d !0 i L s L a i to ii ».k«, inin 1 -\t \ m L 1 I 1 tf Sf. 1 aV Hr, C ( 1 -*fr l U K t t l l C trn i r b t , n L iroi o r l j i U l t r-n I U 1 f 1 U 1 t l t 11 V I \ 1 \ s M f r n \ r t m nH or -f i V K ti Mo n f I j n t 1" o i J f i r i t o r . . \ U The main reason for the put chase of War Savings Stamps is b^cau^ our country is at war Your country np^d= even penn* which every man, -woman anrj md u * i save artd lend in order to leed clotbe anv iml equip the soldjers and sailors of America ·! fl o ^in this righteous war ID defense of Am win honor and the cause of democracj throughout tnp Vrorld ^ Country ·worth fighting for is a Count-v worth saving for To save raonev is tn ^vo I fe I m \\ar-Savntgs Stamps at post officte oari-s Trust oonipanies or other authorized ago 10 iM ^ ° a blo^ for our Country from one of our stores "\Ve ba\c enjoari;oes on flour, in sugar "Ue a d \ ^ s e A O U to conserve on nit* *ts na\e meatless da^s Jiavc wbeatless d«*A, ha\e \\a,steless da^s Y*u can do t h u and h a ^ e an abundance of good noumhiig food In c peci our grorerv departments our m* it depar- raents our produce departments see tbe \ondprful \ai- letv of foodstuffs tha*" "we ha~ve arucleb that ou can sub stitute for treat \aneties The\ ^ill co-it vou le^s moae^ than meat and are eaualK as nourishing fish cheese eggs butler milk cereal^ fresh and canned \egetables ot all kind Conseive on meat oonbene ou sugaz I i p r l t 1 1 1 i U f n ru C i 1 ! t I K! \ d m i t i L U n b r 83 Larffe Department Stores, Located m Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. u i \ n t \ t-lf rl \ j i \\ b^, T I T t 1 M i l I 1 -1 \ [ I U l M 01 ( , I K t \ I VI 10* S i I c n 1 a 1 ^ of I i i It f r h b il i b r a N i ir f il J c u j i jr i 1 J U T l i an ^ i r -ill [- 1 K i M I r I I n t Urif, 0 ill r i arto u l \s,^ ] H i it\ r 1 i i h I p r 1 C H l v. iL,t *i p[ \ ( N S i J s \ 1 U I I J } S V\ T K S M O L 1 J i l i rh i U \ \ I I I I IV 1 H V 1 ii Mi U It r r t r i LJ (.« l la u u l f 1 c 1 I j 1 01 i i m \ v b M i i ii i t. ( f l f J i l l u \ \ n i \HM us u \ \ ri £ \\ n u i , f \ in t l n r- [ I j 1 1 blHl f M !t t, i \ f f J V \ tl I I » J n - I n i \1 t r uf ( I I i t i/r c 1 e i [ l ·*! t i ( ol l i e t -i ha. Ii i I r l [ i t _ r i i n n ur (,, t ck j d ,, S i urd j I i 1 1 f I n I ! I r ! l i l I n f I I j \\ \ \ T l I \ K I N in h tl c i t I I - j 1 U t l t i n si r t- 1 1 1 nv i i c i i. I J 1 ai I I t rif. t t 1 i [1 Lf t I F 111 f tl t t t ! S 4 ! X \ I r i. i 1 i r c u l i H I bj m rib To l l tJ-r 1 ^ tu I tc t a fo M i l D i l A i a ih i i luy Your Ford Car Now lr \ou w a i t one for next Summei I can make ITO- mediato tlelner% of FOKDb i tho igh 1 cannot promise ne\t burins l^\e!~\ thing is in \oui f u o i -- cai- \ \ i i l not be am cliea])ei and deln erics noit, u n c e i t a i n later and the FOR1) cat 1-5 tbe onh t n i thai. Ins. nui uUanccd in price The same qiiciliU t'ut \ u i i h j \ c a!\v i\«; txppcted -- the greate t automobile "ia'ae at luM \ i n -5 Io«e«t urice is still \ o u r b if \ on place "s mr cid^i NO\\ I'not ol ronrmir I u "· Jblt.UO; l?un ilion *.M").0(l: Chassis -.T.)0, l. o. ii. l/(roi(. D e h \ e i \ iiniMiLre 1 1 Dunbai I ranKhn Connells- and bprnigfield l o w n - .hins ^awsoi Duiiliai and \ nuJti bill Boiongl s Loo n He kn* Mc^ni vnd «ft«. T*hf [ \ E l i U \ t M '"*r mm I ». t n _ n l i f t o t h l n l or p^ % iha.t -=m ie th j\i, f m I rt-itn^s^ in I Jo\ nf, t. ire . f mil all h r pa n \ o r t i 1 ( r« rMurn*-* 1 h r sm to l i ! fo t h r i o L l l L 1HT.I j ht. t f f i bel i n d th , tl btu unpOasible to orgar /e md 10 ject t^'lt \at and fa.r reaclu to i_.enc%\n is "-ivpp "* and t n ^ p rr bati^ 1 i aia ; six million n i i i L ciff rant theaters f wa- "\Vithoui, such ai anm ( i i i-, de\oied and unbelosh Tiorktr, \I gor General GoethaU tbo ue% at. us? quartermaster ^cnfra) to ai] th \ui( --itan O^K will be anable to u p o i I un a Uib \»o*t oi re-orguaiza- \ rni\ ] p ne I lit ili b-it* need of tumdred.-, » Bdanr-: ' n i · F- r i \ i 1 Tl i ( t «r 11 la 1 t 1 ix LI Uwn L i j *i U ilrtirni of f u t [f t o shall proud! r p father -w ith a t tt ho leave-? j. f ve f* 1 Where other nit-n r Nor ^li-vll h* 1 "inite vn H ». bob- is stroi s n u a.11 ^r olod tl t bifrai*ti "ircm «J of ti T. 1 fl u h tn ch f · I u po htm n o i d ! } ur I t h e i m l i t o _ais an brn ; I ^un ^ ( h t c n is --o j ,\« n IP of n \ «· 1 r^nn I us sic of t \ oeetied in ' for M h o 1 I'alr ni/t i l i t r j o t h ^ i r j i n t J I l t r t S I fl . 1 r i r I t r c l\ I J.T l. p t tl 1 c 1 f 1 I l r m U U 1 1 1 1 f ·?p i Mr p r 1 f ft I M \ 7 l II " l I ^ 1 1 1 ! 1 T t f" 1 V M 1 S M TI !·- OI 1 I u 1 1 »· f y i 10 f f r ] · ! J J Iv TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADLSTS 1 ( 1 1 \ ! I Ml 1 I 1 n 1 i- I I i nt. 1 S D I H ) J L ·-, « 1 I I M M I N ! ( M l S \ in a ! i lr f I V I I \ erti 1 - 1 1 1 M I ( 1 I I M l M - U f 1 t~ i I u ( M r ( ^ u! 1 t u S f "! I l l S 1 M P t M · OU do 1 'l lca\« your rifl in the m i d d l e o f t h t road ind fo ro a ^ead i *-ale bill cio 5 ou? 1 iu" don the other Jo H LO do if Put an - d i n l its-pci Ii ^T rcH'rdle-5 o f t t t c *.t tl i thf " i l o - w v o u w t m t j cue "ei syoi. "Q ni t nfc n c i i v Iv s at d at fl SJJ If JK s a prcfii » 11 ha c m v mr*a t ne tf T rj J?uj · otlcn pa t IL ei lire t. I^CIAL of tl ad ind c a po nd v t n t Dull t ar buy - t n - i i i r c r i cnchts ^ people s ou art. *«£« 1 ] s \ | 1 -- M " - i l l ! \ 1 n 1 i ^ 1 i *.s f f ] ° 1 1 l 1 1 \ \ i j I I 1 t ( U 11 Cj 1" t ic t \ t, hu ** r h a t he bui n*. Don t n« of having (. al ^ t l c v jihout usi cr is itf i p » w i - in I I at a i' ! - a/ j n pays o't 1 When Nobel Cut H i s F m a e r ** L,rf i t w a r m sht bn tn 1 obof s oaf fin jr^r T r wri OT in tho 'Npw Tn-k Ind j - n n l o n r A frod \O!IP! ^\ i« n SIA -- ind T pnr-!fiit One (J me m tlif» I f t l m n t o r v he \\liiln nf h ^ ns rhcrnEeft -ipo fipt fo d^ nr d n, n^ f h p n u s f s nro npt tn f] b ^ ni^ "itncntton In r - t h r '·[rohol frwihh d it r n t b o T \ o n n l *t PO nt h n w o r n r M* rnndn frv ru tho ordin i r v for f n « t P i d of in,, idlo m i p i t i o n r t j w r \ m ^ in tbe air to dry the fi n» t s IT i pl mclu i i u ^ chnmsts ar^ n p t to do ho put his mmd on it nn I if ocr r- (I ro h i m t h n t rhK =tf k; s t i f f hanl^jiin^ to tn o l i t r m-« he ju^-t the thin.? h ^ is 7 mt ns t s no ahiorhprt n n d solidlflor of niti ~ h onn r 1 - x ) i ti ni \ f ATEONIZn HOME SfEfiGHAKTS WEO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER

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