The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 9
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 9

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 9
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Boee away feat with NEW IMPROVED TUMS Fresh mint tut I Improved buffering action! Easy to taka anywhere. In the aama familiar Handy rolla, economical t rod box and 100 table family bottle. New. mart than ntr, . k its TUMS tar tha TUMliYI 1 E f 7JNTERLUX--, PAINTS 3 Stone to Serve You uk at Aiken . tu-slst IB Clarease it, . left carllas Ave. tn-et itt-:t ii it c i?jv? awua BUYYOUR , BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND "CHARCE-IT" . 1 CREDIT PLANS! DRINICA IPINTA; l.MILKA DAY arteriei are pipes that carry Arteries are vessels with pie ( wans ' in which blood moves away from the heart In veins the blood comes back to the heart The "capillaries- are tiny vessels for carrying Mood from arteries to veins. They have thin walls so that water carrying oxygen and 'I . 1 V Tuesday, AUGUST 11, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL How Does Blood Reach Every Part of the Body? win me la-vwum Britannica Junior tncyclopedla lor school and home. Strut your question, name, age, address to Tell Me Whttr care of The Ottawa Journal. In cat of implicate questions, the author wilt decide the -winner. , Today'! winner Is: Marietta Standi, $. Watemliet. AT.. My A. LfOKUM tint of aiL why mutt blood read, every part, of the body? lorn enter reasons are to carry oxygen from the lungi and food materials front the organs of digestion to the rest of the body, and remove waite prod' ucta from' the tissues. To do this, we have a circulatory eyitem In which the heart U thcpiimp and. the vein and I WW" VYad now you don't f - I food material can pass from them into the tlssuesp If we traced aMrop of1 blood in its course through the entire body, it would -go Mm this: The blood with oxygen from the lungs goes to the left side of , the heart (first the left auricle then the left ventrical) and then to the "aorta?, This is . the great artery, and it and its branches carry the blood to all parts of the body, . , Through the capillaries it goes from the smallest arteries into, the smallest veins. It flows through veins which be come larger until It reaches the right -auricle of Jhe heart Then it goes to the right ven tricle ana eventually to the left auricle and 1 ready to start off on its Journey again. This is thOi process of bring ing oxygen, to the tissues and getting rid of carbon dioxide. Another part of the blood passes through the wall of the intestine, where it picks up food mterials. Then it goes to the- Uverr-where "It discharges waste products' and leaves certain materials. This Mooa also ptcxl up substances which the liver makes. Then It Joins the main vein coming from the lower part of . the body and returns to the heart. Other parts of the blood pass through' the . kidney, to the skin, to the bone , marrow and to the spleen. So you see, various parts of the blood are sent by the heart to every part of the .body to da spe cial Job there and it all has to return to the heart to be pumped out again. - ' fUN TIME The Kiddle Box ' 1, What Is a horse's sense? z. wnat aid one goat say to the other? 3. What did one faucet say to the other? - - ".' Answers 1. Just stable UiUiklna. X You're sweet kid., 3. You're v drip. ; - p 'i, ..t , . 4 ..,, -. EXTRA PRIZE! YOU ...... FINISH IT , K ' "11 rXCl Jewellers of Integrity "1 WKSIT TJJKD . PKVStTATIVE -Ml Jar at extra f CI IM Hint Mhl A VJ S-rrrwiSeerra let n. SUB !-. SWrlMs, silver. C.K.eU C.B. WaSr a wirwwn :' One Location Only ; lOt leak Strati xt A&trl For Immediate Service ' on . .'..,, r - FIRST MORTGAGES " - Can or Write , ; Canada Permanent 4 51 42 Sparks Street . , 233-3795 , ; . errait CaiwdUM Over leS Tears in You may win a Britannica ' I World Alias plus a Britannica j i. l. : tut- I hiwm . iur unning : uus drawing. Originality and imagination count Use this drawing, or copy It any size. "'Important entries must be. addressed "Drawing." Tell Me Why, and give your name, age, and address. ; Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Svente. Send gour riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tell Me Vhtr Today's winner to.' Jaw Ouyette, $, San Diego,' California. MAJOR SQUEEZE . . BAKEWELL. England (CP)-This year's strangest record has been claimed by M children from . the - Methodist - Junior School here In Derbyshire. On a trip to Sherwood Forest tbey all squeezed into the famous Major Oak, easily smashing the existing record of It people in tha hollow tree. 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SA Bockwrtti St., North. 2nd tX. . i , . . .2S3-28U oetM tvtmnas ev areoiNrMf nt pmoni row rrtniNS Mount ; Vi J S .MB. J. C BISSON, PRESIDENT, , t sf. a. at . tiJ 23Y. QUEEN STREET ' 1 1 ' . , i v BISSON r o o o ; .... -1 v . . i ki -"On top of tht I .... . - , . : . . ii - " ' .-'. . 1 Journal t list as : ' I ....... . . J, .- S1- a regular adrrtlsr" ' , ; - . .i , ; i . ' i a.- tm,el1 Ca'Vti' :... dip w tft- ' r...v Mr. Ca-pM"- eoMis"- - lJ Ul v j ., lt00 .-Jt. - Hull. tv. la rot- .r... r??. 7;;. r.i ami ur.: r.i u,s'. , n aaiea - . , ... V. . " .i?i. '-. ' 4Ie ""! ..- ,,- - V J. r. .v.,-' ;.. ....... f' . rv..',:;, SUeeraly. . r,esUa " .tlea tU. . Blaseo Catratio ; ' . -oil. ", '. , . , i- .'.ii'f' v.'.. ", : .' ; "";.,. ,, ,A (- my r - f '.""'( - 1 - .' r ':"" " , Seated Left to Right: Pierre Crevier, Sales Manager, J. b. Bisson, President and General . Manacer. D. J. Campbell, Journal Classified Advertising Manager. . . i " " w nij,.... vcinniu rn.mBnip, rfuuniNi vim "lit irq rfprncm.urv,. nunm Lajoie, Saiea Staff,, J. Paul Oeschampt, Office Mannger, Michel , Crstton, Public. Relations Officer. ' :.;,(. --":.!' . . " - ; , v ' lallJrU Atj. . . iif works! Li V "' ., i .. ... ; ' '. ' '.' ' ' : ' .i . ... . .... .. u u ULzu; t t' k v t t M i V .i - . t ".rr 1 , -.' :-'. Iff.- rfaZ 23G-75111

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