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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, January 28, 1918
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IT Da Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,424 OL. 16, NO. 66. CONNELISVTLLE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 28, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. IKE REGION IS PARALYZED BY WORST MOUNTAIN SLEET STORM IN FORTY YEARS Sift "Winds and Coating of Ice nse Hundreds of Telephone Liries to Snap. IS OFF AS RESULT Supplied By West Jean wer Cense to Tarn All 0cr Ren for Hours; Lives Are Kndaager- by Charged Electric Lines. e worst mountain storm in the cry of old inhabitants'in its ef- in demoralizing transportation, service and business pnd indus- n general struck the, coke region night, Connellsville being well rd the center of the blast. Ac-j the air. Red streaks and blue -flashes appearing every second made a -vivid scene. Two men were crossing the bridge at that point at the time. They stopped as if glued to the spot and stood motionless, fearing to take a step that might lead them to electrocution. The section of the pole that broke off fell across tie mam tracks of the Baltimore Ohio railroad. Yard crews immediately began work on clearing away the debris to allow the movement of trains. Persons going to work this morning had to use the back streets in many sections of the city. Wires on Crawford avenue on the West Side, and on both ends of Pitt-.burg street, hung about in clusters, showering sparks in all directions when the ftiad blew them together. The cold wind during i the night froze a crust on the snow, ranted by sleet, which coated' and m P i ac8 s it was thick enough to s with ice, it wrecked telephone { allow walking on the surface. It was almost impossible for an ·ms and completely paralyzed troi. raffle- for the greater pirt o£ the besides seriously hampering steam traffic. Not in 40 to 50 years has ; been a storm that played such c wtih the telephone and tele- fa systems. -\Vues were down in ections of the city and lines lead- into the city were cut off. com- ly interrupting both telephone and ;raph service. le danger from hundreds .of teie- :e lines falling onto power and ing circuits made it necessary i- In the day to cut off the electric ent until the troublesome tele- le lines could be removed. The It was that trolley cars were at a dstill and homes without light. It S the second of the we;kly heat- Mondays business houses as a rule closed and the storm worked no t hardship in the matter of light. n the telephone companies will re- ·r is a matter for speculation. f never were so hard hit. le wind which blew into a gale it 2 o'clock in. the morning m- sed between 6 and 7 o clock and AMERICAN AMBULANCE CORPS REVIEWED IN ITALY automobile to travel through the West Side. A chauffeur was taking a risk in driving his car up through Craw{ ford, avenue. Alter the telephone pole I broke on Water street, causing the wirei to hang thickly on tne bridge, traffic ended at Arch street The Pennsylvania train due here at 8.06 o'clock for Uniontown, did not go through today. It was more than an hour late arriving in the city, and conditions between here and Unicm- town made it necessary to annul the tram. It was .reported that the train leaving Uniontown this morning, due here at 9.25 o'clock, was stuck on the Mount Braddock hill. When the 8.06 train did arrive passengers were unloaded and those at the static a told that they could be taken no farther. Orders were to take the train to the West Side "Y" and turn it around for the return tc Pittsburg. As it pulled out, the thick ice turned the front trucks from the rails and the drive wheels followed. Before the engineer noticed tJbat he was not running on the track every CUT 50 PER CENT Busy Scenes. Enacted oil Pin- That Is Effect of Xew Eoling of Yesterday VTiieii Firenieu Came. the Federal Food Administration. SITUATION GROWS WORSE MUST USE OTHER CEREALS I Each Krre/juir OiiJ Adds to the It a m - { A n d Grocery Are AkPd to Sell Flour I burs of Service Lines Put Onl of | ('ojumiKMOii. (' nditiuus ire Not i I'd ulmr to This Cilj, However., in (Jiiiuib'lies Kt|U»J to Other Cereal Products Combined: ITliwtlctxi Iu.ys Pntuded: Other 1'cud Ecjrniations. General Gastaldello of tho^ Italian army passing in review before the volunteers of tho American lied Cross in Milan. » * WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR SOON i TO REPLACE FANCY SORTS m LOCAL HOUSEHOLDS - fell away. It blew violently until r noon, however. arsons going to work early this nmg had to step carefully in or- to keep away from" live electric js, which in places hung from the « in masses. Until the power was led oS sparks flashed continually, out back streets were used in prefer- j scbool ; to the main thoroughfares, ·umellsville was completely cut off wheel of the engine was off. Water was running low and it was necessary to get to the West Side before a new -upply could be' secured. A work train finally arrived and after a three quarter hour delay the engine was again put on the rrils. " School J was di: continued through- city today. The Crawford West Side and the TBTCfG TO SAVE LITT1E BHOTHEJ1 TALT/S OS ICE AND BKEAKS HER ARM. In attempting to prevent her little brother, Donald, from falling, Eleanor Tippmau, about 10 years old, daughler of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tippman, slipped and fell on the pavcmenl in front of the Tough Plumbing shop in West Peach street Saturday afternoon, suffering a fracture of the right arm. She was removed to her home in Sycamore street and a physician reduced tho fracture. Mixtures Wth Eye, Barley and Corn Vtll Shortly Be 1'Iaced on Sale Also. AIM IS TO AID THE ALLIES Whole wheat flour wtll shortly be on sale in Connellsville, replacing the fancy patents that hae been tu use for many years and there is the probability also of early appearance of mixed tlour, made of wheat, combined with other grains, principally rye, bar- lev and corn. Local wholesalers whose orders for the regulir grades western flour were placed FIRE PREVENTION Scheme of local Man Adopted By Western Pennsylvania Association. Scene,, uat greeted spectators along | Co-incident with too observance of, 1-JAhl Cram'fOjJ avenue yesterday he second Jieatlest -Monday the fed- morning when tin hydrants vvere --ral locd administration uda put apei.ed to supplj water for domestic iuto euect a set of regulations intei.fl- GOnaumiHiou 1o peieons whoc sen- ed to cmtall the consumption of wheat ice Imps aie fro/'.n -\ouid iia\e been and wheat piotluctb. The ruling of ivoi th} of t£ie attention of the motion the fooa .iduunistiaUon followed a. pictuie puolojrrap-her. Tbiougs of proclamation of President Wilson is- ·A ttitrlubs ciu/.e'is biiriounded each sued SatLiday alternoun setimg forth hvuraiiL They caLie. with pails, dish- 'bit it is necessary that the country pan.., .ulj£ and vviutevei otiiei vessels reduce thu consumption 30 per cent ju \ oouM scrape up iu\»out the house, in order to provide the nccubsary -dor;.. U I - I L piovidiid with hand sleds supply for overseas. in lieu of better means of transpor- ' The ruling issued by the food ad- '.ation. Wrecks marked tho patho of ' ministration as a sequel to this is 3 he sleds over the lough s-de streets i mandatory on the part of aianufactur- and not J. few earners were compelled ers and wholesalers in wheat products to ifcturn for a new supply. .and amounts to about the same thing Hydrants were opened all along on the part of the retailer and the -Sast Crawford avenue in the pinnacle consumer. The food administration, section vuth I3iernters of the fire dc- has coined a new phrase--"Victoiy j oarunent in charge of the operation. Bread"-- made of a mixture of other ^Superintendent M. B. Pryce of the de- cereals with wheat flour. To heip I partment of public safety has asked win the war two days a week--Mon- that no hydrants be opened unless day and Wednesday--and arc set aside someJjody competent to dram them as wheatlcss days and one meal each after use is on hand. Failure to pro- day as a wheatless meal. Wednesday vide proper drainage will result in the ' "5 set aside as meatless day and the ! hydrants freezing and. affairs will he i public is asked to refrain from tne so much the worse from the stand! use of meat one meal every day m point of domestic water supply while , Uie week. the territory aifected will be menaced The provisions of tho food stale- in event of fire meat in part are as foUows: Not all hydrants scheduled to be ; "As their part in reducing the con- opened during the morning were j sumption of wheat flour, the consum- UTILJZF ALL VOLUNTEERS! !ound to 1)0 worklns - Tnat al Edna'crs of the country aie called upon, in For Service aM Police Body; Tender to Be Slade to President Wilson and Gtm'rnor Brumbaugh; Xained Is to Orgaiuso I'ollce Arnrj. Through a plan fostered by Super- of I ititendent II. B. Pryce, of the Depart- ,1 \ ire communication. This is laps the first time that the city j po ,. cr Tem ofr and thus isolated. Since early this , ion wiros had beell - I months ago Lave received notice that -- -- -- -- , , . , . , , j i tho orders must be cancelled and that Third ward schools were dismissed i Unity, were they found a fairly good ( , ustead thc w h o l c u b e a l proQU ct »U! this morning. The ventilating fans | road into Groensfcurg throusu Mar- substltuted . Nonc has arrived but were put out of commission when the I Sprite. Earl Keslar o£ the Connclls- the high tend ea d c ned the * 0ttt into Pittsburg by route, but returned by train. The | sMpmems are on tne way , lt lb antl adopted by the Board of Contiol of the V* '-stern Pcnnsjlvania Fire- Mejersdale Saturday night from 12,000 to 13,000 volunteer firemen in this treets refused to produce. ' purchasing such nour, to buy at the The fiiemen asserted the mam IB froz-| bame time an equal weight of the en. They baid the trouble is not in ! other cereals (corn meal, corn starch, the hydrant itself. Not a family m i corn flour, hominy, corn guts, barley Edna street has water. Some have i Hour, rice, rice flour, oatmeal, rolled been without for nearly two weeks. j oats, buckwheat flour, potato flour, The night last weefc that Lbe water | sweet potato flour, soy bean floui, ·ning telephone and telegraphic pu pi| s we re allowed to return to their i other party returned by the Pleasant j ^ e P e ununication was imposuble with|j, omes _ Unity route, driving through from uon , its outside the city. Locally the i j n th e other buildings there was no ·ice was demoralized. lafi'ternoon session. The building he storm early put out the Game-,'were well heated and school was held ! fire alarm system out of commis-; i n the morning but the students were i. The Tri-State lines into the fire| told not to return in the afternoon, ion on the West Side went out i it was reported that a child had mg the night. At 7.30 a live wire been electrocuted by touching a live on the Bell line and ihat phone wire on the West Side, but no con- it out in a flash. Fortunately there' firmation of this could be made. ; hut one call for the department, Superintendent S. P. Aghe investigated ing t'. j morning, that from the the report hut could learn nothing. 10 of A. I. Cover in Eas( Crawford I It was though that the rumor was nue.. This alarm resulted from an' started by the children, but it gained trie current burning oat a tele-1 much headway, and reachpd persons ne ' all over the city, .ai! traffic was little better than I Dunbar Township high school e service. Baltimore Ohio trains' teachers who go from here to Leiscn- ie through hours late. The Penn-| ring on, the street car were not able ,ania had no service through the I to re-port this morning. the The High school students coming in from Smithton and Jacobs Creek say One train arrived from th but could get no farther. thbound branch tram was lost the storm did not strike those places. lewhere between Faircliance and \ T!le ' TM e surprised when they ran , place. One report said it was at | into the hl E h B ale "««. rchance, another at Mounl Brad- The fla S stalt on ^° Carnegie Free I Library was blown off. Many tree j- 0 Trace Has Greenaburg with ilr. Council's Stutz roadsler. The change of holiday for.the theater from Tuesday to Monday failed stated. When they will leach here | part of tho slate n ill be organi/cd ill- depends largely on freight transporta- to hre prevention units. There arc 3n about I'l.l'OO \olunteers in the asso- Except for quality of the breucl, as i ciation but many of them will be call- pcrtams to the genc/al appearance i ed into army SCFMCC 01 mad.e use of o( the loaf, it is cxpjcted not much fault will -be found with the change, benefit the movie houses. They which has been decreed by the food in industry. All who remain are to be moulded into a huge fire proven- Uon atid lire police orgam/ation com- mstalling four automobile headlights supplied with currant from battenes. The illumination was not of the best But it served the purpose. The Soisson theater opened the side doors during the afternoon in ordei to get light for the vaudeville show. For selling tickets candle lignt was DUNBAR TOWNSHIP WOMAN DISAPPEARS IN NIGHT CLOTHING k. 'lose as is the West Ponn power were broken ofr d( * rls nlle(J tit to the city, that too. was isolat-j from the general officer. Word to I ^' I from the plant was conveyed byi ssengers afoot. Under the direc- ] i of officials men worked during the I ,?'., "3." enoon clearing the power lines o f j phone wires in order that the pow- the streets m different parts of the i Discovered Bclievos She Hnj Be llentl. and , y, rafl f along country roads is virt- 11 * at a 1 "'' * r ° Clad only in her night clothing and pair of her son's shoes, Mrs. Mich- »el Thomas, 59 years old, disappear- .ack of Dicfccrson | e( , Frida} , mornmg ( rO ni her home near I". 0 TMl y ,.^. hi !L? ble J_° ' Duntar m Dunbar townsh.p and ef- '! forts of srarching purtkb TO locate ties say it is raorc beneficial to the A committee, composed of M E. Prjce, human system. Thei e wul be no | cb airman, W. E. DeBolt, president of change m price, a wholesaler said. j the asbociotiou, and H. U Beegle ol As indicating that mixtures may soon b e found in the Conncllsvillp mafkcts attention is called Lo the machinery in working order. Scottdale appointed to effect organization of the LiuHs, and get the statement ot the management of a largo corporation whtcii operates a large mills in Minnesota that his company has decided to begin supplying at onco a mixture oC flour made of combinations of \vhat and barley, wheat and rye, and wheat and corn, in about the proportions required to maintain a uniform mixture until thci committee is engaged now m out ci plan of organization. Lach unil v,ill consist of every man supply Viat tut off in order that repairs might be made at the pumping station proved d-isastrous to scores of s^irtce lines, according to reports. Dead water in the Iraes froze and they bavo since been useless. Although the water company and the mayor have advised agninst allowing water to run. v that has been the only insurance against freezing in the pinnacle section. Service lines not below the frost are era-bedded, as it were, in ice and it takes but short time for water in the Imcs to fre-axe if circulation is suspended. Connellsville is not alone in suffering from the abnormal -winter's effect on the water supply- Reports from various parts of the coke region supplied by the Trotter "Water company tell tho same .story of frozen service lines. Farmers depending on the TroUer supply are hauling water, in some places for mates Tor both domestic purposes and stock The situation i; not as bad as it might bo for the reason that if every other source of sup-ply is cut off there is plenty of snoiv and -cc to 'all back on. A feft have restored to melting snow rather than carry water for long not cdlled into the service. In num- distances, bcrs thi- unit members w i l l range from i 30 to 200. In (Jie ditincts about, Pittsbuig are a number which have upwards of 200 men In ConncllsviJle there ai e between "JO and 40. The next harvest m July asd August, j local orguih/auons w i l l be foimed We reah/e there will not be enough! tjiough the local officers under the wheat flour to last the country until next barvcbt time," he said. "Rather than grind all the wheat flour now and later have to depend on substitutes entirely we have decided LO begin at once furnishing thane mixtures. "he West Penn did not have any ough service to Umontown today. 4 o'clock cars were runr mg as far Scottdale and could go no farther n Percy in the direction of Union- rn. For a time this morning Phil- 3 and Vanderbik care went as far Trotter, hut by 4 o'clock were re- ·sing at Leisenring 4 No. 3. IN EVENT OF FSRE TONIGHT CALL BELL : 291, TRI-STATE 612-Z Gamewcll System Out of Order 0uo to Storm anil Care on the Part of Public is Urged. The storm last mghi and this morning put the Game-well fire alarm system out oC commission. In oidei that Teciisvme~road!"DUt m'o're°pirticularty j is known had ?2 in change about her., calls tor the Ihe department may wires from tiie road. He passed one team which was apparently stalleu. Black was headed, for Scottdale, but roads in that direction, were reported to be dangerous condition. The Broad Ford bus was not running today. Sherrrck BUGS has a narrow escape on Saturday when his huge bus nearly overturned on the Broad Ford hill, which is reported to be a glare of ice. brothel, wno lives on tne wvsi OLU.U, came to The Courier ofSce this afternoon to ask that any information as to the woman, dead or alive, be conveyed to tho family. Mr. Thomas lives in the Smut? apartments. A son Mitbuel lived with the mother. Members of his family discovered the absence of Mrs. Thomas soon after she left, but were unable to get any There ar Ul telephone communication being! oetHee]l Iron Bridge and Mount Pleass-n West Penn officials hfre did not! ant. This road was barely passable jw how conditions -were beyond | on Saturday and is said to be com- ·so points. Cars with scrapers on j pletely closed today by snow and ice. ·m. designed to push the snow off There is only one route between · tracks, were battling with the situ- Mount Pleasant and . G-reenaburg. on in an endeavor to clear, the i Some travelers last week made it es. With the thaw iolpins out some; through by going through Pleasznt'i igress was b»mg made but there Unity and -Marguerite, striking the -s no indications when the cars Lmcoteggighway at Brechbill Lane, uld be running through to Greens- j The maffi road to Greensburg is im- rg and Uniontown. passable, as is the main road towards A. scene similar to that ot a minia- Latrobe out of Pleasant Unity. One ·e battle, which had all the explos-j large truck, loaded v. ith whiskey, is of shells but without the loud i started last Monday for Wilklnsburg ishes was witnessed or several j and by Saturday had gotten within Dple this morning about S.30 when j five miles of Greensburg, traveling telephone pole near the Trans-1 over the main road, legheny hotel on Water street broke I there by drifts. It was halted The wires fell over the trolley! William Htrleman, George S. Connell and Andrew Holsing flivered to Greensburg on Saturday morning. Thex ' bucked snowdrifts over the main road until within a few miles of Greensburg, when they were compelled to return and make their way back re on the bridge and it »as burned in a flash. 3nokc from an engine in the Balti- re 4 Ohio yards was blow ing across 3 bridge, and as the heavy current wires came in contact with r'on work in the fall fljjjhes filled! to Calumet and thence to Pleasant The shoes she wore were of English meet with prompt i espouse it will bo style and were left at the home last)accessary tonight use telephones. direction of the governing committee. The object of the movement is the protection of property that might be menaced by pro-Gorman plots. Mr. Pryce has been at work on the plan for some time He wrote the resolutions and had the satisfaction of see- thciu unanimously adopted. MORE CONNELLSVILLE BOYS SAFRY ARRIVE ON EUROPEAN SOIL William 1'. Howling and Joseph Scarry Arc Members of the Pershing's Jliichanici, Forces. "William P. Dow,ing, of Connclls- ville, is salfe in Europe a leter to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Dowling, received today, s'atcs. 'Dowling is a The meeting oC the Boa-d ol Con-' mcmtier of the Repair Shop Unit No. trot was with the members of the 302 of the mechanics organization of MeyeiMla",e committee relative to the Aanencan E-pelitionary forces. lion to be held o.t Moyersdale the second week m August. Report 1 , submitted showed the preparations are corning along finely The committee has the fmaiic'al end well in hand and pi onuses thai Mevoisdale will do her f u l l part in ptovlding entertainment for the thousands of fire luddics at the convention One 01 the leadirg features this year will be a dav foi fine Dieveution work This will he put summer by, John Thomas. The wo- 1 In case ot fire oali the departmont on lmdc '. thc auspices of the National man had been ill and in bed, it was- by these numseib--Bell 291 or Tn-- Association for Fii e Prevention stated. der the date o£ January 10 reads in part: ''Just a note to let you know where I am. When this reaches you I will be safe on 'the other side. I am now on boaid our transport, one of Ihe laigest afloat I am enjoying the best of health," Joseph Scarrv of Conncllsville, also a meaiuer of the mechanics' deparfc- and feteria flours and meals). "The retailers are to sell wheat flour only with an equal weight o£ these other cereals "Consumers will be able to obtain mixed cereal bread from their bakers, who will be required under the license regulations to mix five per cent (5 per cent) of other cereals with their wheat flour, both in bread and rolls, and will be required gradually to increase this substitution until, beginning February 24, a minimum of twenty per cent (20 per can!) of such cereals is to be used. "Wholesalers will be required, under license regulations, not to buy more than seventy per cent of their purchases of flour from millers as based on their purchases for the corresponding months of tho preceding year, and their sales to the retail trade must be in the proportion of one pound of wheat flour to one pound of other cereals, this being tho same proportion in which the retailer sells to the consumer, unless the wholesaler satisfies himself that the substitutes have been already purchased from another source. "To assist farther in conservation, Monday and "Wednesday of each week are to be observed as -wheatless days, and one meal of each day as a wheat- less meal. This applies both in the home and in the public eating places and on such days and meals no crackers, pastries, macaroni, breakfast foods, or other cereals containing wtoeat should he used. "It is further desired, in order that meat and pork products be conserved, one meatless day (Tuesday)- in every week, and one meatless meal in every day be observed, and, in addition, two porkless days (Tuesday and Saturday) m every week, be strictly kept. By meatless is meant without hog, cattle or sheep products. On other days use mutton and lamb in preference to beef or pork. By porkless is meant without pork, bacon, ham, lard or pork products, fresh or presejrved. Use fibh, poultry and eggs." BREAKS AKLK. Miss Rose Brcnaan Painfully Hurt In Fall on Inn. Miss Rose Brennan suffered a fractured ankle this morning when she NOTICE NOT KEQIJIItKD. When One Decides to Enlist Usual Formalities Are Dismissed. "Dear Jim: I'm sorry but I'll have to lea-ve on account of enlisting. Goodbye." Signed "Frank Mazza." ' The above message, H.. Vmcent Rcn- dme. South Pittsburg street barber, found at-hiE- place of business when be came down town this rooming. The signature is that of his assistant and it offered the only explanation Mr. Rendine was able to give. When Frank had enlisted and m what were not stated. The young man was at work Saturday and said nothing of leaving. City IJcagiie Game. The B. t O. and Elite Club Baskel- toaU teams will play tomorrow night- State 612-Z. In event o[ thoie uemg i About -:0 poisons attended the meet- no telephone in the immediate vicm- m s · n 1 took P arl ln discussion of I plans, amoutc the 1 !! being Supennten-i Chief DeBolt. I the Meyei sdale! rnent wjo left about tie same ^tirne j f e l l 011 Korth Pittsburg street near as Dow ling, lb also m Europe paper dispatches lell of the a? hib organ'^atiou, Unit 301. ^ News- arrival ity o£ the fire the pertou- making the discovery should make all possible haste to some nearby phone--and give the exact location of tho trouble. Snow probably turning to rain tonight and Tuesday .i the noon weather forecast foi "Wustern Pennsylrvanla Tempi'rittai'u i.'wonl. ISIS .Maximum _ 33 M mm urn -- ---- 11 Mear _ 32 1917 ·iS The Yough river fell during the night from 1.10 feet to 1.05 feel- dent Pijce and Fire Lunch was terved by firemen. SK Get Six prisorms were given hea.'mgs befoie Mayor John Duggan at police court yesterday mornum. Thiec gol 18 hours cadi and one 24 hours An- REAL LIGfflISS NIGHT Seitliir Street Xur Home Jilnmiiiation Ijkelj Tuuiglii. i LiRhUesc night wil Iprobably be oli-j served nore geaerally tonight than j at uny lime s'lice the lucl admuiistr.i-j tion began uigmg the people to con-f serve luel There is no prospect o£] the Pennsylvania station. She was on her way to catch the Uniontown train, bemg emplovcd in the record- ei s ofHce at the coun house. As she was classing the tracks she fell ia biich a manner that the ankle was broken She was taken to her John- slo:i avenue home. The injury is giv- ir.g her much pain. T h e l e we numerous falls on tho ' ce =° a «d TM° w "ut no other serious r °TM'^ «'ere '0°rled. othci discharged. JoJ n Fpiith, ' either home or street lights, owir Brooks Serious!;, HI. Reports O'om McKeesport tell of the arrested by PatiolniC'i Thomas and I ihe large numbtr of lelephone lines serious ,lluosb of Mrs. Rose Cochran Emmous for fighting, was fined ^.10. j dov/n IE all parts of the city and the j BrookSi u h o lb ,,,(.,[ ^cm-n about Con- I danger that would attend t u i u m g on , nellsviHe and Dawson. An examina- IVed in Cunibcrlaiii]. i the current except in portions of the t !0n preparatory to a serious opera- Geoige E\anb, of Yojngwood and citv in which the power and light lines \ ^ on ljBt wcek rev ealed an apparently Doroth} Mae B'-ooks of Caniiellsville, h.ue be»n cleared of the telephono ^ incurable malady. Mrs. Brooks was Clarence S. Einger of ConncllsviJle am Isabel Long of BiownsvilLe, were Ministers holding evangelistic/ ser- grantetl to wed m Cumber-1 Mcea were notified to be prepared with 1 land Saturday. i substitutes f»i electric illuminaUon. formerly Miss Hose Cochran, daughter of John M. Cpchrau, and was born and reared ai Staufler, near Meant Pleasant

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