The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DA1L.Y CotntUJBR, CONNELLSVT'L.LE, PA. SA1 DAY, JANUARY 26, 1918. MOTOR MECHANICS GREAT NEED NOW OVER IN FRANCE Regiment Forming: Offers the Opportunity for Covntiaas. PAY IS UNUSUALLY HIGH C»M»«nMtioii Is Also All (rued by the Gorenmeit to ike Itependeals 01 tk« Hecrnils VTiio Are J/eit »t H«aw, 3U»»r Children Included. Early service in Prance, and in the most fascinating branch of the mili- ervice, is the opportunity which. REMARKABLE CURES Thankful PoopJe Tell What Saa Cttr» Ointment Did for Thorn. , Laughrey Drag Co., Conaellsvilie; Boachray Drug Co., Scottdale, sells San Cura Ointment ou the money- back plan--no relief--no . pay. Guaranteed to relieve eczeftta, tetter, salt rheum, itching, bleeding or protruding piles, burns, cuts, brnises, old sores, pimples, boils, carbuncles, chapped hands'chilblains, 'festers, insect bites and poison from ivy. ''My face and nect were one mass of sores; doctor said 1 had eczema and erysipelas! .1 bad not slept lor weeks -with burning, itching pain. The first time I used San Cura Ointment I:slept all night and In a short time was completely cured."--CUas. Fay, ·To-ikTiviUe, Pa. ^ "My wife s-tepped on a rusty nan and ran it into her foot. San Cura Ointment drew out a poisonous brown tary is aibrded recruits for the motor inecfcan'cs'.regiment waich is now being recruited in Fayctte county. Four . regiments are being organized in response to an. appeal from General Pershing for support of our air program, and after a brief period of training'at Camp Hancock, these four regiments will sail for the fighting front, there to take up the highly im- . portant task of maintaining in at Scottdale. and is a splendid remedy shape our rapidly growing air corps. The men enlist in the aviation section ot tile Sigual Corps. Men with special training in several lines are being accepted. The Committee of Public Safety, which has charge o£ the recruiting campaign in tils coun- ] skin velvety, 35 cents at Langbrey ty. under direction of Chairman Ben- Drug Co., Connellsville; Broadway ton Boyd ot the commUtL-e on civilian Dru g Co., Scottdale. service' and labor, has received a list If yonr druggist doesa't Veep plis and cured her promptly."-Eugene McKenzie, Plum, Pa^ "I had been afflicted over thirty years witb. piles and spent over ?SOO lor pile medicine, Two. jars of San Cura Ointment cured me."--James Lynch, Enterprise, Pa. San Cura Ointment costs 30-and 60 cents a jar at Laughrey Drug Co., Connellsville; Broadway Drug Co., for burns, scalds, cuts and bruises. SOAP BK3CQTF.S B1JOT.KS -San Cura Soap will remove pimples, blackheads and. many skin diseases. Makes the completion clear and the- GERMAN ERFORTS FAIL Impossible to Destroy the Xatioul . UDlty pf Belgium. ..'AMSTEKDAil, Jan. 26,--Jitter more than -three years of'effort the German aurhorities-in Belgium have to admit the failure of their attempt to drive a wedge between the two races and languages in Belgium. The unity of Belgium still exists, arid, tiero arc signs that the Germans have given up, at least for the time being, their attempt to break it up. - . The authority for this statement is the. German, propagandist -weekly iu Holland, the Toekomst, wnicb. states that the present-policy, of the Governor-General in Brussels is "more moderate," and, that "Berlin approves this policy as r a means of gaining peace." The article concludes by advising the advocates of the former German policy to "steer a middle course and give up their.flourishes o£ rhetoric." - The attempts of tlxe Germans to force the. Flemish language on Brussels and Antwerp are declared to have completely failed and the government has iad to confess itself beaten. The supporters of the German acheme .imcr.g the Belgium population, are known as "Activitists," and are very unpopular among the majority of their fellow citizens. An Activitist "demonstration" was ar-| ranged in Brussels recently and was j much exploited. in the German Press at the time. But according to the Echo Beige, the demonstration was a fiasco. 1 ' "Instead of 3.QOO, the audience.was only 1,000," says ihe newspaper. "Moreover, one-third jot th«se were Twitch and another third Germans, partly in uniform. The p'rocession to the marketplace was attacked as soon as noticed by the crowd, nothwithfitand- ing the protection of the' local police. Next time there cay be a riot Now the Activists are beginning to divide into Maximalists' and Mtnimalnists and are becoming very difficult for their iGerman bosses to handle." ' Food and Fuel Control Come High. The annual reports of the food and fuel administrations- show that the combined expenditures of both to December 31, amounted to $1,498,932. Every merchant, every bank and business man 'advocate's buying at home. ,Then let us give you prices oa .your job work this coming year. The Courier Job DepL Try onr classified advertisements. · : . of Ehe personnel of the four regiments. ·In each regiment there- will be 2,600 men qualified to work on motors, vehicles and chasses. Of this number, 160 will handle gasolinr- engines, 520 ·will specialize in transmissions. 440 oa rear axles, 80 on front axles, 80 on steering gears, "00 oa frames and attachments, 80 as motor testers and 40 as vehicle testers. Motor bodies will receive the attention, of some 920 men. OE these, 320 niil be body workers, 200 carpenters, 200 blacksmiths, 40 upholsterers, the same number of painters and a like number of painters and letterers. There will -be SO canvas top workers (sail- makers, orient and awaing workers.) The electrical workers will number 200, assigned as follows: 120 on mag- j netos, 40 on lighting .generators and i starting motors; and 40 on batteries, j Tliere will be. 400 sheet metal workers, 40 working on steel 1-onnets, 280 on copper radiators and SO on gasoline tanks of copper an] steel. There will j also be 80 instrument repair men, experts in the repair of oil gauges, gasoline gauges, ammeters, speedometers and clocks. One hundred and twenty men will asemble .and adjust car- bureters, while 320 will repair solid and pneumatic tires. There will be 1.SSO machine shop workers, apportioned 1 as follows: send to the Thompson Medical Titusville, Pa.--adv. it. Co.. Smithfield. SMITtHITBU}, Jan. 25.--A baby oof ·was born to Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Costelio Wednesday. While attending a' young people's meeting here recently a young-man of town, while 'engaged, in a tete-a t'ete with his partner, a young miss about his own age, made some remark that the young lady took exception to eluding plain tool operators for small lathes, millers, drills.' shapers, etc.; 600 all round ^ench hands; 120 cylinder 1 regrinders (lieald grinder op-, erators); 80 piston and p.iston ring 'grinders. SO toolmokprs, -10 oxy-acety- *lene welders and 40 braziers. ·. In the repair of wood -wheels some 200 wheelwrights i\ill find employment. : . . . . Th'ere-will bo two truck .masters, eight assistant truck masters and 140 chauffeurs, a total "n£ ISO-chauffeurs. The 118 clerks will be composed of 14 sergeant majors, supply s-ergeants "and .ise;S sergeants as.\i. 101 .clerical workers. ' . Doys with a mania for' speed will- be placed'among the 24 motorcyclist messengers. There will he a place ' for 504. unskilled laborers and 208 . craks, 42, of the latter -bein-g mess ser- The pay of enlisted men will, be as follows: . Master :nechartics, 581' in [ ' ihe 'United States and $D7.20 ia foreign 'service: serseaiits, first class, 553 and J-13.20; privates, first.class, 533 ted ?jS.60: privates. 530 and'53l. and expressed Iter disapproval by a gentle slap with her open hand on the young man's-mouth, dislocating one of his front teeth. The young lady, when she discovered the result i testing her innocence of any inten- ! tion of injuring the" young man. He took it philosophically, safd the tooth was about broke anyway, and he intended to have a new one put in, j which he did, going to a dentist at j Fairchance to have it done. There he { met with another misfortune; The' dentist by some manipulation of his instruments in preparing for the insertion., broke another tooth and he had to put in two. The whole operation cost the young man $15. A, H. Areford, principal of the bor- j ough schools,' threw up the position. He turned the schools oven to the teachers and walked but at the noon hour" Wednesday. He bad written to the directors a few days 1 previous asking an increase of salary, .which, it seems, the directors did not receive promptly. Not receiving a reply to~ his communication Areford concluded it had been ignored by the hoard. . ' · : ^ T. O. and Charles .Wise, and James ; R. Stuck were In "Wnarton township. Thursday attending the funera^. of Karvey Wise, their uncle, which*toofc nkce^near Chalk'Hill. - « BoniT--To Mr. and Mrs./ Clmrles O'N'ell "Wednesday, a 10 pound boy. : Earl Delfenbaugh .of Bowood was' a business visitor 'Thursday. · John Campbell of · Pitisburg a business visitor Thursday. PARAMOUNT THEATRE TODAY GOLDWYN PRESENTS JANE COWL IN "THE SPREADING DAWN" SEE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN S PICTURES. MOXDAY ARE YOU SURE TOUR WIFE IS THE WOMAX YOU MARRIED? SEE EMILY STKVENS IN "ALIAS MRS. JESSOP" IN 5 ACTS. ALSO A KEYSTONE COMT5DY IN 2 ACTS. PITTSEUKG PRESS WEEKLY SHOWING CAMP LEE AND CAMP HANCOCK was WAR SATI5GS, STAKE'S; · NEXT WEEK AT THE SOISSON "BIGGER AST) BETTER ALWAYS" In the Newest Plays. Monday and Wednesday A Play With a Smile and a Tear "THE TURNING POINT" A Really Broadway Comedy Thursday and Friday The Truth. About the Birth. Control Evil "A WARNING TO WOMEN" A Powerful Lessoa for Women Who Will Learn Success SIGHTS, 20c AJfD SOc. AND 20e. "Tery Man. Woman and Child Shoold j Buy Them .Von-. j To help win the great war in de-j fease'of American h o n o r - and the j mei' *-:ves and children are as fol- I body ^'^ saves 25 cents and buys lews: \vite. but na coiid ?I5.a montii; ['thrift stamp is helping Uncle Sam. T.-ife and one oiuld. ?23 a month; wife I T)le 'interest is liberal; the security aud tivo children, ?32.50 a month, with I bes£ on eartt - Thrirt stamps and .cer- I 55 a mcisth [or euoh additional child "Spates are sold at the First National | Cu.Tponratioa for other metii-bers ' of the.t'aini!;.' are: One parent, 510 a. jr.oath; both paren;s, ?20: each grand- cblld. brother, sistsr and additional parfcnl. 5w- Soldier-; may assign a por- ] tion of iheir pay and can, without \ grsat 32t-riacp, bring -family allow" acces up to froni ?6S.SO to fl2ii.70. In:, each cccapaEy there will be two " masteo mschsnic?. 12 first class ser- Eesats. 42 -seregants, -i5 corporals. 49 first class private.-, and 12 privates. Prospective recruits, who must be 1 between the ages of 18 and 21 or 31 'ar.d-40, -may- appiy at the enrolling offices named below for credentials to present the recruiting officers. They should bring recomenojations from present or former employers as to .their qualifications in the occupations named above. Enrolling omc-ira of the United States Prfblic Service Reserve .are ' Harold G. Sttirgis, The Herald, iin- iontown; George S. Connell, Room 310 First Natio.aa! BanS building, Connellsville; Henrj B. Reilly. tie Tele- rraph, Brownsville; John S. Carro)!, , Dunbar: and J. F. Black, Dickerson Run. Ihe last (lay to enlist is January 31." . ' o/ Connellsville where full information will be given.--Adv. Jtore Tbnc For Klins Tax Belarus, I Eitensioa or time for flling income- j tax returns after March 1 will bej granted by Inlemal Revenue Commis- j siocer Boper in any case where it is i demonstrated that accouating dim- i : culties of a business prevent comple- i tiro birfore that time. This rule is dis- closcd in. regnJations accompanyins " the tar return form lor incomes'of " 13.000 or more. Huatiug Bai^atn I You \rill flnd ti»m in trar md;.column6. PARAMOUNT THEATRE Program for Next Week Are you sure your wife is the same woman you married? See EMILY STEVENS in "ALIAS. MES. JESSOP" Also Keystone Comedy in 2 Acts. WEDJfESDAT Pittsburg Press Weekly Showing Camp Lee and Camp Hancock. Bluebird Presents VIOLET MERSEREAU in "THE GIEL BT THE KOABSIDE" L Ko Comedy in 2 Acts. · ' ~~ THUBSBAI Wm. A, Brady Presents ETHEL CLAYTON in "STO1E3T HOURS" A World Production in 6 Acts. Also Animated Weekly Showing the Latest War News "Over There" 1'jaBAT SATURDAY CLARA KIMBALL.,YOUNG and Her Own.Company in -In 7 Acts. : "31AGDA" ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY MARY PICKPORD IN "TaK J/ITTIE riUSCESS" An Artcraft Production of Frances Hodgson Burnett's. Book. Also a Good Comedy, - M O N D A Y , · \ Captivating VIVIAN JIAHTIN in "XHK SiniSKT TKAH,? A MOTHER IS A MOTHER STILL. For all. the faults of Ibis mountain mother tier winsome little daughter loved her only better/ Something new. A radical departure in motion picture stories. ORPHEUM THEATRE Tuesday, January 29 A Plea For Preparedness Photographed Under the Auspices of Ih'e American Relief Clearing House of Paris. EIGHT BIG ACTS 'See the Allies in Action For the Benefit of the Navy League Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. With the Exception of The Which Announcing Jamiary 30 aad 31st. See Tuesday's Courier for Details, High Scfcooi Auditorium Thursday, January 31 and* Friday, February I With a CL dren's Matinee Saturday, Feb. 2 at 2.30. Performances Commence at 8.15 Sharp. Prices All Over House 75c. Children's Matinee 25c. Seat Sale Opens Jan. 29, 10'A. M. at Hetzei's Drag Store · Big 15c. Vlatinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15, Clean, | Progressive j Amusement ; for the ; Whole Family. TODAY-REYNOLDS' WONDERLAND GIHLS -- FEATCEHG-- · The Blackface Comedian, "SKEKTKR QU1S5" .HISS ABA BAXKS, On the Screen--"NY. S. Hart in "His J-ast Haul," with a little of all his Iricks--gambling, darc-dsvil horseback faU. hand to hand fight, pathos and heart interest. Next Week--Byrne Byrne and Their Giddy Girls. ADVERTISE

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