Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 23, 1976 · Page 61
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 61

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 23, 1976
Page 61
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SE -.Hay 23, 1976 Smuta' -Alabama Alaska Arkansas California.. .. Colorado Connecticut Georgia Hawaii , Idaho Illinois Indiana · Iowa i Kansas Kentuckv.. Maine : Maryland.. i Minnesota. i Mississippi Missouri... Montana... ' Nebraska- Nevada _ NMfctr ..............lT{bu.i 12£47 586 6,883 62,245 5,461 7,005 11^00 8,647 7,057 26,915 19,000 24.J06 5.365 10,764 12,697 8,638 5,599 15,363 10,004 3,532 3,821 3,535 West Virginia IM4 MUHuM WO $105 $213 *3,«6 $528 $723 $911 $594 $137 $1.213 $283 *S $364 $474 $190 $885 $511 $386 $725 $103 $71 $290 Ranks Last tore*.* per ratine! $47,351 $179,110 $31,917 $57.916 $16,685 $103.211 $81,211 $68.894 $19,413 $44,950 $13,S42 $25,195 $67,847 $44,035 $14,964 $102,454 $86,824 $25,125 $72,471 $29,161 $18,581 $82,036 New Hvntjwhtre ... New Jenev NOT Mexico NOT York N Carolina N. Dakota: Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Pureto Rico Rhode Island S.Carolina Tenoesjee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin m 1MB 4,100 38,7«6 S,«5 2,800 38,077 11,850 21,062 41.117 5,690 2,074 13,561 21.929 53,207 4,494 1,607 22,185 12,067 ....:.. 14,554 14,300 677,1)1 $1M $1 6tt saw $4.647 $1.837 $« $3.041 $235 $764 am $m $701 $2,615 $311 $81 $945 $545 $180 $2,000 W.ttl $106.611 $84.925 $41.668 $126.600 '$73.218 $16.428 $77.824 $19.831 $36,273 $60.228 $16,197 VW.W2 $32.331 $49,147 $69,203 $50,404 $42,596 $45.164 $12,367 $139.800 Average $16,382 in Money Invested in Teachers Retirement Fund NEA Information Used to Calculate the Amount Per Member ow weu me *ir« t*!d GXM tet tluiel* twurs. poe inn _ ___ CONCESSION Help'.antea Appljllc S p m , Lyric Theatre, 305 Washington Si CONTROLLER S-10 V mart yv HP. m mlg or Bio. ca tee paid lit HlC A.C E tH Quarrier 344-WII ~ DELIVERY DRIVER SALES $140 PER WEEK Must have c«r and be willing to tearrv 7(4 12H WANTED - e*c*icaio*fice«rt Mu^oeuj*; r^ncM in electrical e»nme.t*g for crwrucal piaet InilaJlatonj te fa ' miliarii in «l«r icaJ tquipniant anc: material Salary Telephone 4*94123 An Eqml Ojpanuniiy tmetorar WANTED - Swimming pgol tn National Contracting Corpora tion, 1715 |lu*ti«M Avenue, ·** twld. Wnt Virjlnla. :COI. Ptxjtx SECRETARY tix ·** VkfST VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION £««"«"' DISTRICT SALES KEPRESENTA TIVE - National Company, comp* ny car. expense account. Financing knowledge helpful. Send resume tt P 0 Bo. 4431 Charleston, w. v» 2S3M. WASH PERSON (or law)*,. Apply Ir parion. Mound Clt«ntr»-3ie - rtf Avt Sou* Charknton. WE WILL Employ two pacwntatonct tar appliance oorK. II reu are no' mtklng UK per wit*, apply Holl aay Inn II between 11 AM and 3 M* Monday. May 24. ask tor Mr. Grim Drivers OWNER/OPERATORS Come loin the Nation's moil modern and fastest growing van linn. Your future It secure wltn us! You have a NAME, not · NUMSER! Wt oHtr you year-round work. Call Mr. Powell «t (TO) SMW or wrltt him ·(: INTERSTATE VAN LINES SK\ Rolllni Road Wnt Springfield, Va. J3152 An Eqml Otttfy. Employer M/F WINDOW TRIMMER New laditl apparel store MtkS txptrl eoced. Imaginative dlsclay Ptrur with · flair tor fashion and design Apply In person at Reflections Ir Fashion, St. Afeani Mtll or phom 772-2*31. "-irt' Apply i" Pfi»n Peruxvntt Dtp! CHARLESTON NEWSPAPERS 1001 Va St E. CM'lM'OO, W Vj i RECEPTIONIST SECRETARY - » C E " SECRETARY. . CaM SECRETARV-5 days, lilins. O'limg. »t»rting J2I5 ·"O' JiHD* tor «poanti*«it SELF M O T I V A T E D perion w a,ctapri»ne orti iSOO tni oop«- tum!y to wor^ on your o*n Loti 0* «;i Action Perionnel GIANT Shoe Mart - Ml an optnlnt tor Manajtf Train**. Apply In p*r son 1315 Plata East. Charltslon. Virginia Teachers Retirement jFund Ranks Low in Study by NEA EXPERIENCED Carptnttr nttM. Doug's Construction Co. 343-IM6. EXPERIENCED truck drlvtrs nttd ed-good pay, Ir Inge btntf Its, Hoylman-Huttman. Charley Tlniley, 7SS-I234. i" *CENTRAl GRADUATE -ve'ec'ywr j va Most'e p'ace^e"' se'- TYPIST OOO-OOO" 10 MOO SECRETARY . . WOO i.te shoT'iaod. good typ^ Cross GEK Off - SEC8ET«RY ,,, M33 lnuir»nc» ··rioui duties do«"!o»" SECRETARY pwsonMt eiB WOO SECRETARY-lrcntt'Oniit 15W Ihorthand. tTO"). li'* 6N«»f»0"4- gownto^n IOJ3 Ouarntf S! (81*3 I 34J-5' H t-r (C*ttlMe4 Fran Pi|t 4E) ^ As the older retireants die the cost per Myear to the retirement fund will diminish lil'ur-xier the grants enacted by the legisla- ·--tiire. (Grant isn't a term that is used by ··~»the legislature.) £1 However, the members who elect to re- £Ttire under the 2 per cent formula aren't £-necessarily retiring on the basis of their ^-contributions and the state's matching £:share, which again creates a solvency ^-problem. 'C- The legislature has permitted teachers £ to transfer service from out-of-state to the rawest Virginia system, and to credit mili- ·5-rtary service. '*f*- * * * "fa "CONTRIBUTIONS, whether in the £-public or teachers retirement fund, play pio part in the eventual benefit. What's im- ;;|£portant today is the average salary and jF«service," Ansel said. B"-' For example, a person who retires with £; average salary of about $31,000 with 39 years of service had a pension with in actuary value of $310,332. His monthly benefits would be slightly more than $2,000. But, if he credits military service and transfers six years, he will have paid in only about $25,000 including interest on his money. The state will have matched the $25,000, and the total will be $50,000. The $50,000, however, will buy an annuity of $331.50 a month. To transfer six years of service from another state, it will cost $675. with military service that individual would be entitled to about $445 a month in benefits for which he paid $675. Ansel said the West Virginia fund is now fiscally sound which means it has enough money to meet its benefit payments on a yearly basis. But the fund isn't actuarially sound which means if every member cashed in today there wouldn't be enough money to meet the demand. This isn't going to happen. But Ansel personally feels that unless the legislature stops the give-away of ben- efits, the money needed to pay them will tax the Fiscal soundness of the state itself somt day in the future. Gardener-CARE TAKER For small Long Island Estate. Ptr mananl employment with irftal apartmtnt, lor tiptrltflcad gard- ntr, highly outlined, handy with tools, willing worker, dttlrlng to relocate. Pltaie wrltt, itatlng agt, martial itatus. txptrltnee, dale! available, salary dnlrtd, and phone number. Mr. S.L. Lawrtnce, P.O. Box 1072 Manrnuet. Ntw York 1IOM. Managers To mttt growth objectives, we arc steUng. Retail tumtwr Yard Man agers and Assistant Managers U complete a highly struchirtd and K ctlertltd mtnagtmtnt develop ment program to otcomt MANAGERS ol one ol our sales ctfiltrs (currtnl Hi In 37 states), high Income + bo nus -- outstanding company pale Irlngt benefits. A very rtwtrdln( career and company. Please stnc resume to Don Taylor WICKES LUMBER 515 N. Washington Avtnut Saginaw, Michigan HH7 An Equal Opportunity Employer MULTILINE Adlustor - at least years experience nttdtd lor Char leston, ParKersburg, and Whttllng Send complete rtsumt and salar requirement to Bon M-)lMc/oCha leston Newspaotrs. GENERAL malnttnanct wprter n**d- td. Call C«n* Woods at 343-Wt. ANYONE Knowing the where abouts of Alia K. Dean please phone WS-52W. GENERAL Malnttnanct-lnslde cleaning and outside yard work. Chris Collls-727-22H._ CROSON DETECTIVE AGENCY POLYGRAPH SERVICE LICENSED-BONDED 343-15*4 _ _ GENERAL WORKER-Famlllar with ottlce work. 344-mt 727-3531. FOR YOUR HANG-UPS RUNYAN'S HOUSE OF FRAMES X» THIRD AVE., SO. CHAS 744-1376 GOD OFFERS a wonderful plan for your life. Call 744-6301. a recording. HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM? NEED HELP? Call Alcoholics Anonymous 342-4315 or for more Information write P. 0. Box 3121. Chas. 25331 Bonnie and Clyde Just Won't Die HAVE YOU READ "A Voice In the Wilderness" by Loran W. Helm, a humble writing telling of over 32 years of how God has provided ever ything he and his family of fou needed. It describe! how you can ac lually and Intimately begin to walk with God from day lo day. Avallabl at The Bible Book Shop, 21? Hale St. Charleston. Bible Book Shop, II, 4001 Teays Valley Road. GRADUATES; VETERANS; and DROP-OUTS (I* to 2}). Earn As You Learn! This Is the Job Corps way! Special opportunity NOW, lor the youth In Kanawha County. Visit our PLANNER/MANAGER Individual lo design and administer county rural bus system In Fayette Greenbrier, Nicholas, Pocahonta and Webster counties. Transportation background very desirable. Send resume by June 1st, 1976 to Mountain Transit Authority, c'o Region IV Planning and Development Council, 7I7B Main St.. Summers- vine. WV, 26451 An equal opporlunl- fy employer. NOTICE CC**llANCt *IIH f EOdtU KQU«( MINIS IN Kf tEMNCC TO THE HOOD IN- SUUNCE mocuM. intcmi JUNC t. 976. lultDiNC K«MI1S »»l l( IE- oumto iff ow AW WIIDINO is uwiit M EN WITHIN PUTNAM COUNTY THISACIION ISMANOAlOn IT IK ffD- EHM OOVEINMCNT KKXl CI1BENS Of ANT COUNTY CAN CaTAIN IOANS KX HOMES. 0« ANt 01«l PUHfOSE. I«OM (HA. VA. SMAU lUSIUSS AOMIMSUA TON 00 ANY (EKHAllY HEOUlAlEO OS SUP(VISiD BANK AND SAVINGS AND lOANINSTHUUO!. PtKMlti KM It OUAWD F*OM 1NE PUTNAM COUNTY ASSEUOK. WHO IS THE IULDINO PtlMI! O((C[R. At IHt OfflCE Of IHE ASStSSO*. PUTNAM COUNT* COUIIHOUX. WMMID. WEST VKGINIA. INFORMATION RtCXKDlNC SAME MAY K OlAINtD BY CAIUNG W6-25I I. CMMSSIM GENERAL ACCOUNTANT local monufanturfr hov on opening for a gtnerd; accountant. Applicants must have a minimum of two years of accounting experience plus a Bochet lors degree with a major in accounting. We are looking for a highly motivated individual who will be able to advance rapidly. Excellent salary and fringe benefit package. Send resume, in strict con fidence. to: Box M-315) C/0 Charleston Newspa pers. C''tl CPPCU'l'MTY Sf'PlC" youth n a n a w a ouny. s our oDnTc'i-T niocrrnp' i «MI,-..4kllw Ir.smt.l-'Mit 1011 Kftn* PROJECT UI KtL 1 UK-l A l l " UYA1 - Ilv r o m 201 or ThtrVl M rtllaatlon \M TMriniTUNrm much OPPORTUNITY! GROWING COMPANY-ls seeking · I self-starting Individual who It know- [ ledgetble m starching records at the State Government leva). Individual we are Mtfclrn must be wdl or- ganliedamlafclttoworKwtlllnoi- pendently. REPLY In writing, wllfi An Affirmative Action/Equal Oppcr resume, to P.O. Box 1 HO, AHnny, N. | tunlly Employer Year lor Action. (UYA). une 15th l»76. strongest preferences given to persons holding a Masters Degree In a Public Affairs related Held. Salary range, 114.000. Send resume by June 1.1976 to: Dr. Jack Robertson, Dean. School of Human Studies, West Virginia Institute of Technology, Montgomery, W. Va. JS136. INSIDE lain trtlntt, malor co. Mil to mgt. HSC tr somt coll. : A.C.E. ll«Quarrl«r 344-W1 SUPERVISOR PRODUCTION Manger needed lor quilted bedspread and related Hems factory. Promotional opportunity. Cincinnati, Ohio. MO-543-U70. ·*/ ARCADIA, La. (AP) - Bonnie and -^r Clyde ran into a wall of bullets near here ?~42 years ago Sunday. But they're still ^causing trouble for residents of this north- r~ern Louisiana community. t-I The back-country outlaws, accused of · grilling 12 people, nine of them policemen, £-were cut to pieces in an ambush on a lorie- ·Zwly gravel road in northern Louisiana. For ^;their trouble, they've become folk heroes. ;^; In 1967| Warren Beatty and Faye Dunai-.way transformed "rat-faced" Clyde and Sfthe' tiny, hard-looking Bonnie into a win*: some, winning pair of kids out to find ^themselves in backwoods America. . ; £."/ Ever since, moviegoers have! bm wan*- dering into Arcadia, wanting to get alook ;»?at the kind of folks who would gun down Clsuch beautiful people without giving them 'ft^a chance: : , : . Si ..·; ; v ·-,**.. fci BONNIE PARKER - the real one^"pumped two bullets into the .head of a £· dying Texas lawman lying helpless on the , Aground, police said after examining fin' ? l^gerprints at the scene. "Looka there, his £»head bounced just like a rubber ball," she - S squealed in delight as the bullets banged ^'against the skull. *·-- And Clyde Barrow? He was the fellow, v~.police said, who once jammed a gun into a ,,! storekeeper's stomach during a holdup. ·--When the man backed away in pain, Clyde : i-.roared with laughter, then shot him twice. ·£? Then, as now, townsfolk have had just ·"about enough; The bandits had been seen ;t; around Arcadia' and law officers began *-;closing in. t- Early Wednesday, May 23,1934, the two 5-1 had coffee and doughnuts at Rosa Can;l* field's cafe at Gibsland, then went tooling ·--along Ringgold Road in a stolen 1934 Ford *i Deluxe V8, Clyde at the wheel. i* Down the road were six lawmen, who'd *r~ been waiting all night. Frank Hamer, an v^-ex-Texas Ranger who'd been tracking the impair for months, heard a sound like a sew- King machine. It was the Ford. t-i in, the movie, the car stops, Clyde gets f'.out and the rifles bark, f. Hamer told a different story. He re- V--membered stepping into the road as car ^'.slowed and telling the pair to "stick 'em J-'up." When he found himself looking down ?-- Bonnie's sawed-off shotgun, Hamer fired I-lhis Browning automatic rifle and Bonnie 'I; "screamed Uke a panther." 1-*. « * * £*' THAT WAS THE END of Bonnie and StClyde - or so everyone hoped. £~ Word spread like brushfire across the '-^plains and the curious came to see the rev-mains. A souvenir hunter had to be re- fctrained from cutting off Clyde's trigger finger. *7 At Conger's Funeral Parlor, gawkers el- 'S'bowed their way in. standing on chairs and t tables to get a look. One sightseer sawed a *· hole through the floor of a room directly ^?over the embalming tables. j: Bonnie and Clyde, have been a top at- j^"traction ever sines IRON WORKERS Local 301- Special Meeting - Contract negotiations, Tuesday, May 25,1976.7:30 P.M. All members urged to attend. JIM, Greatest in Everything. Happy Birth- 4»y_ LABOR AND MAINTENANCE IN CORPORATED. Will conduct Inter-1 , - ^ ,,-. , view tor full time employment at II--MllltllK, (MM lit* West Virginia Employment Itcurl- ty-211 Broad St., Charleston, W. Va. Monday, Mth, Tuai:, J5th, from 1:30 to 3:30. Benefits and salary to be discussed during Interview. Wt are an Equal Opportunity Employ* Low Rates All Types Of Insurance . Cancelled Auto Insurance Revoked Driver Licenses Reinstated SR22 Filings-Mobile Homes Motorcycle Insurance HAGGERTY INSURANCE SERV. Phone 744-2526. Day or Night .ARGE Independent oil company -- . --, needs paopH over ?1 ta train as ser- BABY SITTER needed-Elk or Dutc - ' ~ - ' Road area. Call alter 5. 344-2717. MAKE NEW FRIENDS. Write CWV Pen Pals Box 415, KC, Mo. 64141 NEW Tupperware at 35% discount Phone %5-6412 - former dealer. NOTICE - Anyone interested in start ing a church in the Tornado Area call Brother C h a r l e s W. G r a y 727-6632 after 5:30 P.M. A churc built on the foundation of Christ where Christ will be the head of th body, the Church. OVERWEIGHT SLIM NOW NO PILLS, DRUGS, SHOTS OR SPA Scientifically proven method Pennies a day Phone Mr. Thomas 346-5363 l * B ,l SI J Th ! uR ' ' *««· ,i h u,S ""· '· 432 -" w - G ' BABY Sitter In my home - Mature person. References. Must have own transportation. South Charleston. vice station managers. Gasoline sales only. No mechanical repairs. . . In addition to a good salary hoipllillutton, malor mtdleal, pa a . . wtofltr BABV SITTER - live In or out, tree WM)( ends. 343-2705 alter 5:30 P.M. vacation, ad 1 and other benefits "·«=»·» BA ?« ITT " ?«° EtD · -W mtfin. Applyln ptrton, ' °« TM n1h - c «" bctw "" 5 ' 7 pm ACfHH)STRIS,KC. kit Ave., South Charleston or write COMPANION for elderly lady, Live I resume to: Don Harless, 5301 Mel-1 Call 343-1415 between 10 a.m.-l wood Dr., Charleston, w. Va. 25312. | noon. MANAGEMENT · Tralntt-txctlltnt salary, benefits, and advancement! with a national company. For ap- polntment call 744-«461; MATURE Lady to make her horn with elderly lady starting June Light housework, salary. West Sid 344-4144. . MANAGEMENT TRAINEE, start I PREFER MIDDLE ioed lady to H SlSO/wfc. with dynamic local organl- In or out. Help wllh elderly lady, ni .latton. Anticipate expansion of 30o% nome. l day off. 744-64M. this year. Move up atltr Mining to SOMEONE to c | Mn hmjse _ Islon w/car I expenses! ^-.v c, »it,, n , vidnitv ~" Action Pwionn«i I WM "' a ' v y'".".L rvACfMTAl IV\CUIV.ML WANTED - EXPERIENCED HO SEKEEPER AND COOK. 5 D WEEK: MO. CALL 925-2726. Modern new hospital, located In small PRODUCTION FOREMEN We hove immediate nndi for experienced foremen with tlronp eaderihip abilities to direct fabrication, auembly and lirmhing op*r- ationt in the manufacturing of railroad freight can / 1 - Our current openingi exUt primarily in our Welding, Machinery, and Finishing (surface preparation ond pointing) areav The qualified applicant should be experienced in one of thei* functions plus have a minimum of three years wperviiory experienct. Above overage starting salary, * ( Send resume, including salary requirements, call collect or apply in person a); .V.v 25710 (304)529-3211 An Equal OppoMWtvrjr E(*i[ioy»f M/F .HlKilMM.11 N* 1-iWuilliMiii N* Witt I d MOTOR ROUTE DELIVER mCHMUSTONGAimi PIANO Lessons - Beginners only. Any age. 744-8573. TWO Tickets for Wildwater Expedition r a f t trip, for June S, 155. 343-0571, 343-1709^ WILL CARE for elderly or sick persons. Experienced people in my country home. Call Huntington . 1-762-2S52. . ' : - \ 5-kn«Nl -APWircphoto Dead End for Bonnie and Clyde BulM Holes Mark the Spot "It's a nuisance, just a plain nuisance," said Sidney Conger, mortician. "These were terrorists. For them to be glamorized and made to look like misunderstood kids... they were terrorizing a six : state area." As for .the movie: "It upset this whole area. It made our police officers look like they're stupid." Sheriff Henderson Jordan "turned gray overnight," says his son, Larry Jordan. "It was the only thing of consequence he ever had to do," says the son. "He was just a typical country sheriff." * * * SEVERAL YEARS AGO, the Bienville Parish Police Jury -- the Louisiana equivalent of a county board -- put up a granite marker, now pocked with bullet holes, at the site of the shooting. It would give the visitors something to look at and get them out of town, it was hoped. Not far away, a small farm road turns to the left, going to the W. B. and J. C. Long farm, identified in one version as Bonnie and Clyde's goal the day of their misfortune. The farm gate is plastered with "no trespassing" signs. The Longs won't talk, but others say souvenir hunters tried to carry the place away, stick by stick, before the signs and big fences went up. For 42 years, they've been trying to kill Bonnie and Clyde. They still won't die. 8 4 S ABORTION, BIRTH CONTROL INFO 8. REFERRAL NO FEE Up to 24 Weeks. General anesthesia. Vasectomy, tuba! ligation also available. Free pregnancy lest. Call PCS, Non-profit, 202-298-7995. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK PLEASE COME. HOME JERRY AND MOM progreisive tofiiiiiumiy. c* program. Call Mr. BarKIt, Collect, Roam Gtneral Hospital, Spencer W. V 304-937-4444, Ext 222. MOTEL desk clerk - Part time. Apply Rustic Motel, 5»10 McCorklc Ave., St. Albans, phone 76I-7N6. NEED OWNER - optrators, latt model tractors, yttr round employment, Irom West. Virginia to Mary- Freight, Inc. l-(KO) 634-1015 or HKXJ) 43I-10J6. NEEDED Immtdlaltly-Concesslon Kearse Theatre, between noon and 4 pm. No phone calls. NURSE'S AIDE - MAID, shiftwork. Apply 11 AM to 2 PM Kartell Memorial Nursing Home, 1514 Virginia St., East. No phone calls. OPENING due to promotion need man or woman to learn ratal! business. A Mrmanant nflsltion benefits and lib- I t^"VllllVf l*t»n^ A.C.E. EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ADM. ASST. IMOO-S7KO 916 Quarrier 344-9141 May Bldj. AL MARI NO -- Needs a lirst class secretary wllh excellent typing skills lor our direct mailing system and temporary job that may develop into 'a permanent position. 912 Bridge Rd. Call 343-9467 anytime. Because they're a good co. assist office manager, phone, type, learn A.C.c. 114 Quarrier 344-9t41 BEST JOBS HOLMES EMP. ASSOCIATES Room 307, Medical Arts Bldg. 1023 Quarrier St. 343-4113 Eve. 344-3965 it CAPITOL * Area Mileage plus commission Coll Mr. Phillips PREGNANT? And Need Help? RIGHT TO BIRTH Call 755-1103 24 Hours 7-CMMttrr Utt CUNNINGHAM Memorial Park One grave plot - Garden of Luke Call 727-8700. FOUR choice grave lots in D Section- Montgomery Memorial Park W-18S2. · 2--In MAUSOLEUM for 2 people - Tyler Mt. Memory Gardens. 51,500. Ca 768-7114. .TWO lots in Hall EdmondAddition Spring Hill Cemetery. Sell for 512 per lot. 768-6993. EMPLOYMENT treat the business like their own. Apply 4856 MacCorkle Ave., Spring Hill, between 1-11 a.m. OPPORTUNITY LARGE safety equipment company Is expanding In West Virginia and has openings for distributors and man agers For personal interview ctl collect Mr. Lavery (304) 342-0214 Monday only, » AM to 3 PM. PART TIME STOCK PERSON - IVi hours ptr day, 5 days a week. Ship ping, receiving. 1100 per month 744-5341. PERSONS-Free to travel. Learn trad on construction crews. Good pay Have openings your area. Writ Winsndy Greenhouse Construction 2!ll Peacock, Richmond, Ind. 47374. Public Relations to S9.000 Teller -- (Computer Terminal) Fee Pd Open Sec'y. (Shorthand, Typing) Open Sec'y : »SM Dr.'s office (So. Chas.) Open Receptionist - Gen. Office (Nifro).. J441 Ins. Sec'y. - (Free J550 Sec'y. (So. Chas.) to M50 Mag Card r to **00 Call 314-9664 901 Quarrier St CLERICAL POSITION - General (HI ice duties, good typist, customer relations, filing. Reply by resume onl to COOK MOTOR LINES, INC. C/ Mr. Summers, 159 Campbells Crec ' Drive. Charleston, 25306. An equa opportunity employer. PROGRAMMER Analyst RPG II, Fortran top benefits incl. dental lOpen A.C.E. 816 Querrler 344-M41 ROUTE SALESPERSON - Experience preferred but not necessary. Salary, commission, fringe benefits. Mail resume to P. 0. Box 1109, Char leston, W. Va. 25324. 348-7903 An Equal Opportunity Employer DOCTOR'S office: Full time key per son with primary responsibility. Ex ecutivc Secretarial skills essentis Medical secretarial experience desired but not required. 925-4756. IN MEMORIAM SPECIAL NOTICES To Be Published MEMORIAL DAY May 31 Should be in our office no later than Noon, Thursday, May 27. $3.50 (Minimum. 10 lines) Each additional line. 3Sc Pictures, S4 to S6 additional. Mail your message today to: Classified Dept.. Charleston Newspapers, P.O. Box 2993, Charleston, W. Va. 25330. or Call 348-4848 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily: i a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. CLOSED SUNDAY I MilUMMMH iMp WtlL sllGOO per year positions for career minded professional persons, with the ability to learn driver training. We train and furnish car. Capitol Driving School. Call 744-2552 for appointment. SALES REPRESENTATIVE - S1000 month. Guaranteed starting Income. Paid fringe benefits. Profit sharing Ian. Metropolitan Life, 343-5654, jjual Opportunity Employer. SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT APPLY in person Kanawha City 76 - 5330 MacCorkle Ave. S. E. A.C.E. EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Management, entry level s!500. 816 Ouarrier 344-9841 May Bldg. ASSISTANT Manager and saleslady. Apply in person, Budcy Dale, 241 Capitol St. SMART PERSONNEL 512 ATLAS BLDG. CHARLESTON, W. VA. MANAGER TRAINEE - Restauran exp S165.00Wk MANAGER TRAINEE - Merchan disingexp 5675.004- ENGINEER - Piping design tip 3-10 yrs. exp $10-120 I DRAFTING - Civil or structural.... lOpe PHONE 345-8272 ·^^·WM I^ FfiUND-Small female Cockspoo do?. Brown black. Chappell Rd. area. 935-2693. LOST MAY 15 - Large oxygen bottle between Ravenswood and Elkview via 1-7; and AARON'S Fork Rd. Reward. 984-9780. AUDITOR TRAINEE-Accounting Degree required-Excellenl Benefits--Local Corp J10.000 RETAIL MANAGER TRAINEE- Coll. Grad.--Learn Marketing Nat. Co. Hiring--Promotional-Supervision Inventory Control S8.600 MCCORKIE EMPLOYMENT 812 Ouarrier 344-9616 SOMEONE WITH experience buildin rip-rap retaining walls to build rii rap retaining wall. Call 344-679 days. 925-5555 nights. LOST - Slack long hair male cat. with flea collar, v i c i n i t y o! Garden Heights. Davis Creek area. Reward 7U-5134. Interference in Monetary P Policy Feared by Burns LOS* - 3IO"l!e Longhaired Chihu- anua. Marmel Reward. 34S-0844. LOST -~Ma!e Cat. named "Morris", yellow and white. South Charlestor, vicm.ty. Reward. 7»s-^4St after : BEST JOBS Two Pharmaceutical Sales positions- related e*p. reauired., co. car. fee paid ....$13.000 to 515.000 plus bonus Coal Preoaration Engineers-Design and erect coal preparation plants(low char! e«o. no degree required, fee paid 520.000 to $21000 Buyer Department Mgr. tor whole- 58 l5 merchandising CO- S" 5 " S8M HOLMES EMP. ASSOCIATES ROOTI 307 Medical A r t s Bldg i02: Quarrier St. 3J3-4183 Eve 3JM?65 TELEPHONE INTERVIEWERS Work from home your own hours prov iding credit card convenience t area residents. No selling involve Reply in confidence to: Box M 31 c/o Charleston Newspapers. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY-Accurate typing and shorthand needed. Good command of English required. 35 hour week. Equal Opportunily Employer. Send resume to: Box M- 3155, c;o Charleston Newspapers. Charleston. W.Va. ____ TE PAID RECEPTIONIST needs typing 60 worn and some bookkeeping sense. It you can do the typing. we'll train you for the rest! 3O-H2I Action Personnel ______ GENERAL OFFICE CLERK type. post. file, phone, some local travel 5450. -LJL 816 Quarrier ___ Jf^MJ NSIDE Telephone Sales - invoicing, typing correspondence experience necessary. Free parking. Starting salary $112 per week, raise after 3 months. Submit resume to Box M- 314? c/o Charleston Newspapers _ JOB opportunity -- general office bookkeeping with cn-the-iob training Previous office experience and typing required. Work approximately 3 weeks a month. Write J. J. Cooper Co. P._0. 8ox_529. SV Albans. _ JUST'YOUR KTND OF JOB F r e e parkina. super benefits, well national Co.. fyoe, lite SH MOTOR ROUTE DELIVER THE DAILY MAIL Rutledge Rd./Baker's Fork Area Mileage + Commission Call Mr. Phillips 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. 348-7903 An Eouol Oonorfunily cmn/over '*************** . _ - - _____ . LEGAL S c C R E T A R Y ~ - " T y o i n g 70 WOM. Shorthand preferred Work- ino e x p e r i e n c e r e o u i r e d C a l l TRUCK Driver wanted lo deliver produce and frozen foods to stores, restaurants, etc. See Mr. Corey, 1410 Lewis St, after 1PM. LOST - Norwegian Etkhound. three year O i« m»:e. answers to "King." South Hjllsarea. 343-12M e»y.ings 1 LOST - t-t eyet) Tom Cst. EasJ End 34*0049 - 346-M44 - 7W-2524 I I SMITHFIELD. R.I. (AP) - Federal ;.I Reserve Board chairman Arthur F. Burns l~:said Saturday that any temptation to in--- crease the President's control over mone- -~~ tary policy must be resisted. !£' In a commencement address at Bryant '- College. Burns said the recession has re- · · neved calls to turn over some of the Fed- .1 era! Reserve Board's power to the execu- -~L live branch. Bat he said such a move ij would be "unwiMpnd even dangerous." "I doubt the American people would want to see the power to create money lodged in the presidency - which may mean that it would in fact be exercised by political aides in the White House." b* said. "Such a step would create a potential for political mischief or abuse on a larger scale than we have yet seen." He also argued that opening the nation's monetary policies to political influence wouiHead to worsening inflation. LOS" - Part 3iue Tick. -ale. Si$ LOS* - Bo~r»ri'»n- of L»iSev ?i»is. Reward. Vicinity LOS" - l year old Res^'ered V. 3er- r.ard answrs to asm; cf Skipasr. Has co"r btf «o :»j. =oca area. Sunday. Mar 9tn. Reward i-S«.»i55. a- 7S5-7S5 LOS"- Sm»!! Srswr. ^55. 5 ISs. fe^r '«. »'i"'' o ! »u'i»Ss« °.t. ar * " 3W-S746 TRUCKERS Need owner-operators with Twin Screw Tractors. Start immediately. Guaranteed Rale of over 4!c per mile, loaded or empty. Trip advances and weekly settlements. Miimum weekly mileage. Pull 45, trailers, between Atlanta and Indianapolis. Kentucky. Chicago, Ohio snj other Southeastern points. You i can be ho^s most weekends. CaM: ! 3oB White. Monday or Tuesday; '-tOO-24l-C5W. Toil Free. : MEDICAL Reces' ; OniSt-5art time, typing. East End Send resume to M' 3142 c o Charleston " - - - -NO FEE TEMPORARY SECRETARIES, TYPISTS UNITED TALENT M Casiioi S' _ 3J .! 5 ! 5 "OPEN MONDAY"NIGHTS Th»:'s' : ;ht 7hr KELLY GI'LoHice i.~,r*i war * CAPITOL * Mintns Eo-J'P. Sa'CS S15.000J industrial Sales 515.0001 industrial Trchnolojy Dejree. .Open WANTED experiFiced Cook for nutri fu9 Sales s'ISM 1 iivde Sales s'-OOO Can 57.000 Ml Ovarrier St center Eiksa'e. am to 3 am. $2 X str hw. S days 9 «t»k. hosai- 1 !a!8ndvacation.Cont8CtUnC Kin-, ier. Directs' a! Usoer * CENTRAL EMPLOYMENT* CONTROLLER £S. ?'P_ ... SM.OTj . !o. v*w. MWJ71. TECHNICAL Ol? . 35 C".» .s3S.OOC| wtNTED E'5-^e^-ceS coos for tn;i«i i T O S t U T O e - s coe^JI care-rijr.tionce-.*. 5315 Rave-i »io raenj! D-.Ran«.Hours7AM?o3 l '.«.I2JCi issn.OCXl-' ^e-^cur.5Baysawee*.^ VK»'«* Cor!jc! Lofl C fair. [ SRIOC-E DESIGNED · CONSUMES S'LES 35-V. CO. C»r. !! SSC U E-BSI£ etc S3EE. :*t t*s . 520.0W INS'Or Mtl **-.»· S'9* . . S 5:2,« !:iL ENGINEER !5 SUJOT, «.««» View '0 "JO-Jc" s .t*a? 35 5'300'i 5CV.= NT. -Mi f i t 5^5 '. US I ·'*** M3-5"! WINTEO ".AN 0 s ? WO»*N HELP CL=tN 0=FICE SU'LD ING PAST TIME WORt IN EX CH*NG= »3*»7M=ST. UTILITIES CLUDEO *P?L V TO 30X . W V» CURRENT JOB OPENINGS JOB SERVICE OFFICES HOUSEKEEPE TREE TRIMME DERATING ENG» DRILLING MACHIN AUTO MECHANIC Ca.-xiiCa6inCrRk.fs.' =

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