The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 11, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Page 4
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PROCEDURAL TRUCE Recreation Board Bury The procedural the city' wan be- Recreation twen and Parka .Committee audi Board of 'Control terminated Monday night, bringing to an end tome 10 month of in votved wrangling over . the, order of busines between the two bodies. Mayor -Whttton and Committee Chairman Alderman St. Germain negotiated the truce. but tt was not certain whether all member of the committee were in agreement with the alderman. MAYOR'S DEMANDS The mayor again and again insisted that the committee be strictly confined -to an advitory role -and that in all event it avoid considering estimate. The understanding now it that estimates be sent from the Department to : Board of Control whicS would have the preroga tive of consulting the Commit tee on details of them. For almost a year now. the recreation committee has bat tied the mayor on this point. insisting time and again that it must consider estimates in planning a program The mayor's school of thought, derived she said from the Municipal Act. gives Board of Control sole administrative power here. When the commit- -"lee considered estimates rrrcuii' I neetion with planning and sent recommendations based on these consideration to Board of Control, It was, in fact pre empting a responsibility of the boar ANGRY EXCHANGE The angry exchange which led to the truce was prompted by Inclusion of rink estimates for 1964 In the minutes of the last meeting. ; .' . ; The minutes show the com' . mlttee will have to operate for Eastyiew Council : Adopts Traffic Bylaw Third and final reading on a proposed new traffic bylaw was passed unanimously Monday evening at. a short Eastview Council meeting. , - Cky Clerk D. L. Morris explained that the It page document represents consolidation of existing traffic bylawa. There were no significant : change in traffic regulations, the City Clerk said. . ' The proposed bylaw will now be sent to Toronto for authorization by the Department of Transport. The compact document was W. R 1 Book - . - r ;x ' .'( -.A. both bids would be for identical price of $7,000. 'Tenders were also opened for the Templeton-Hull and Tern' pleton-Gatlneau Point routes. Hull Metro bid $4,600 and $4,200 on the routes. They also suggested combining the two circuits for reduced price of $8,600. - . The other routes, for which Hull r Metropolitan Transport Company were the only-bidders. included transportation between I Aylmer." Desehenea and Hull- Total of Individual routes bid on by the company amounted to $31,100. ; In ' special package deal, the company suggested a nnc of $48,300. . ' ' Commissioner Dr. H e n r Robinson objected to U the tenders received, stating none bad mentioned the mileage of each route in the tender. : . The bids were referred to the transport committee for study . The recruiting of a qualified teaching staff still poses a serious problem' to the regional board. . Commissioner J a n P a a 1 Tremblay suggested a list of 26 teachers to the board Mon day. He explained that their hiring by the board was sub ject to approval by the Quebec Department of Education. .."These teachers do not meet the requirements of the department" explained Mr. Tremblay. "Some ar recognised by other provinces, there is ' even one teacher from Alberta." The list was referred again to the committee,: for, further study. Hiring -of these ; teachers would still leave the staff short 40 teachers for September. The . board needs '1322 teachers, and the hiring of these 26 would bring the number of -available teachers to 282. Armstrong . Hlh Qvalttjr 17 1 15 1 13 1 11 14 1 12 - 1 6 18 ' Canadian ana 14. sjg , . raatilaaa 200 SPARKS & MORGAN'S ' ' 74 SPARKS DOLUS SatUlartlail iiirfAA 1 , '::AA THE OTTAWA JOURNAL TOTSPAT. AUGUST 11. i m, j,. - if ' it arm. it. ,- - u BIRKS - Ji- ; L R. FISHER ITD. - " 4' OnAWA LEATHER GOODS AYANT' GARDE SPORTSWEAR 11 "Cstue- LMdtn Jrvllra- 'v 1 Speeiathrts a QuUtr Mf1 and Boirs WW - ' 1 K " '- LarsMt Stactk of Uirr. ' Y ' I T 1 ' ' Knlusiv Knits n awntm .' ;. ... ..,,. . J Knc. lss ,. i. .. XJ - iHlkM Good a CUU ....: X '. AllloBa. . ... v : . -. 101 SPARKS ST. . . 113.115 SPARKS ST. i 131 SPAKICS ST. , , XSIVx SPARKS ST. in' , 91 ISbN : f oc : 07 Mean's Mde and Gown Shop 147 SPARKS ST. - SPARKS at O'CONNOR ; MM717; ' ' 189 SPARKS ST. - . 191 SPARKS ST.. OA THE DAVIS AGENCY CAMERA HOUSE LTD i -1. .'. ' Z9 ..or. ( 3J ro,,"" j ; -. .FREE PARKING -Ask the sales clerk to stamp your ticket ' - 203 SPARKS ST. ' 207 SPARKS ST. ' ' ' - . . f & bf! FREE PARKING e Committee, Hatchet the period Dec. 17 to Dec 31 at a deficit of J6.577.S7. The minute then go on to record how the committee figured it might make cuts in the rink program to meet the deficit. In doing so, the committee made reference to specific saving which could be made in those parks. The minutes, then recount whether or not the committee rejected or accepted the spe cific saving. This, says the mayor, Is where the committee is taking over from Board of Control. In its advisory capacity, the committee' U asked by the board to limit itself to studies of the needs and priorities of recreation In the city- Last November and this year in February, Alderman St Ger main issued strong protest from the committee charging on one occasion that either the Board of Control or the com' miitee "would have to to. un less difference were resolved. ' They evidently were resolved in the mind of Alderman St. Germain, but Alderman Claude Bennett indicated he was far from satisfied as be quit In exasperation making 'point -to the mayor about the neceaeny of relating "needa" to "dollars" even at the-odvieory level, . v OPENS JUBILEE ST. ANN'S. N.S. (CP)-Dame Flora MacLeod. 28th . chief of the Clan MacLeod. Monday for mally opened the silver Jubilee! of the Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod In this historic hill-top settle ment. It was her fifth trip here from her home in Dunvegan. on the isle of Skye.. She recalled she had officially opened the first . mod. a gathering of1 the clans. 23 years ago. . '. designed to simplify reference to traffic regulations In court OTHER BUSINESS - . Council in other, business an. pointed Roger Grand maitre to eastview High School Board re placing former board member (.amine Major who died recently. ' Alderman Guy Cyr closed "the meeting by suggesting Council meet with the) City of Ottawa ooncerning a heavy growth of aigae m tne Ktfeau River. The river should be dredged at certain areas by centennial year, the alderman suggested, to SMITH & SON StattorMrr Smivnlr Tnyi 61 SPARKS ST., 31 1 29 1 27 1 25 34 1 32 1 30 1 28 R.P.T, Hum e TaierlsiM cirtu 58 SPARKS ST. - ftrsusraiit e rarklna - - MURPHY-GAMBLE LIMITED 14 Th Smart Department Stora en tha MaB a M REITMAN'S .' - "afa Smart Wamaa Shoa . , -.180 SPARKS STREET "On tha Man" 1 " 'i M 1 atkar Sr. ark Maraa - ; FREE PARKING . " tha M.H.cfarfc stamp yow tkkat Gloucester to Study Gloucester' council Is going to consider a request from South Carleton High School - Board to help pay tor a 21 room addition to the high school. . The S223.U7 addition of. 10 classrooms and II general pur pose rooms will be needed by September. IMS. High school students from the southern section of Gloucester township attend the schoo, 21 mile from home at Richmond, We should give this matter very serious - consideration. aid Councillor Tom Keenan. If Gloucester keep ' growing Mayor Urges Long Range , Planning' Mayor Whitton called Mon day night for long-rang look at planning for recreation in Ottawa. - . .-She outlined her hopes at a' meeting of the Recreation and Parks' Committee, which met at the home of the com mittee chairman Alderman St Germain. ., z . ; f-..'-,,:. . The planning would include representations from both the Federal and provincial governments, she suggested. - The mayor hoped the plan would oroiect Ottawa's - recreation nef-aver theTtexno years. la line with her proposals was a letter from Aldermen Murray- Helt and ' Don Kay which asked that priorities system be established, to pro vide wading . pool locations with toilet facilities. The committee chorused agreement to the mayor's pro posals and after amending the Gloucester 4rd aldermen's proposal, to include all the city's wading pools (not just those in. Gloucester Ward) they pawed It too. v r OTMMMMMMM. ..... Canada, Japan Settle Export Control TOKYO (Reuters) - Canada and Japan have reached agree ment on Japan's voluntary o trot on. certain exporta to Can ada, for this year, Japanese gov-ernment sources aid Monday. . The point agreed upon at the protracted negotiations will be announced in a few days. No agreement was reached on the exportation of woollen text! lea. - Difficulties developed during tne talks because of a Canadian proposal calling upon Japan to add wooHen textile products to the controlled list. - OTTAVWS FINEST SHOPPING A SPARKS STREET MAUL 1 26 1 24 20 8J H Hmvm 68 SPARKS READ'S , Varaltm -I rrwti No 16 25 PEOPUS 190 JUDY lli(h rsahtea Stwas f ' , 206 32 BATA rmwM . 142 the.jray It is now we mightlsupport two schools." have our own i school soon. "If we have our own school here It will seem strange sending our children 2t miles away to school, Mr. Keenan said. Gloucester "township- has a proposed high school site onfwill have to be approved by the the Armstrong Road. ' "Ratepayers tn the southern part of our township are paying off loans now for the Richmond school," said Reeve Earl Ann-strong. "If more loan are taken out for the needed addition resi dent won't be able to Join the Gloucester .school. They can't WESTERN QUEBEC AREA $80444 Contract For Transp Contracts totalling $80,444 for transportation of students were awarded Monday night by the Western Quebec Regional School Board. The biggest slice 'of the cake went to the Hull Metropolitan Transport Company, which received SS5.49S.40.- ' ' - i The transport committee had suggested George H, Hebeit, of St Pierre de Wakefield, be awarded the contract for 13,- 400. This wax not the lowest tender for tlte route. Commissioner Jean-Paul La- belle proposed an amendment suggesting the lowest, bidder. ment," explained Mr. Tremblay. rout at $4,800. The. amend ment waa carried.1' f'.l'i Robert Robltlard. of Gatineau Point was awarded the ' contract for the combined circuits of Perkins, at $7,997.50. Emite Bigraa, also of Gatineau Point, received the Gatineau-Gatineau Point route for $6,949. - - . Contracts awarded -Monday solve the transportation, prob lem Tor the eastern part of the regional board s territory. Bids were slso opened- for transportation In the western part uf the territory. . Pontiae Bua Lines submitted the only bid for transportation between Campbell's Bay'' and Calumet bland. Their quoted price was $28 day. The same company entered a bid for -the Quyon-Aylmer route at $33 a day. Bernard Quinn, of Aylmer, submitted a bid for the same Quyon-Aylmer route for $3,250. However, hut bid was condi tiortal oh a five-year contract Hull Metropolitan Transport its entered; a .bid . for the Quyon-Aylmer route. Their price was $7.000. ' - Compared to the Pontiae Bus Lines bid. and based on an average 200 school days a year PHOTOGRAPHIC STORES LTD. - rut 8rrlr Off TO.M DrVKUPMENT. ' J . ' KODACOLOn 4 Hour. BLACK and I WHITE. Iiim D Snric. " i i 21 1 19 1 18 1 16 1 ..j-"'-. HMK UN K l.ratlA Uat at STREET "On th Mall" DRESS SHOP Now a hmrw , Ynrt lo Bhn on Sn.r- . : SHOE STORES to the WMk rmmllr" SPARKS ST. CREDIT JEWELLERS SPARKS ST. - JAY SHOES t at (lie Sruat gvassnable FtMm SPARKS ST School Board The Ontario Municipal Board has notified Gloucester council that it approve of council's planned five year budget but in principle only.' Each individual expenditure OMB before work could begin. OTHER BUSINESS In other business council is making application for loans totaling tlW.tM. The loans will be for construction of a sewer system for Orleans at a total cost of 37l,- M and a 11 inch water main sorting Students Minm rM&wc u... t..tu. g. IffllVVtawMlwerl - VJ-''' t 201 Request to run along Inns Road to Cyr-vllle Road at a cost of $M.tO. Council Is seeding road foreman Norman Piper to examine aix acres of land on the 8th line. Robert Fortier told council Wednesday night he had been promised council help In levelling ' land for ", recreation area. , ; "That was three weeks ago and I'm still waiting for kelp." said Mr. Fortier. Council agreed to send a grader as a recreation grant it H was needed.. Parsons Seek Liimpa Surrender : LUSAKA (Reuters) Twelve Northern Rhodeslan' pat' sons armed only with religious arguments planned a trip Into the bush today In an effort to persuade, f ana tic a I Lump Church followers to surrender.' Rev, Colin Morris, bead of the United Church of Central Af rica,' led the group on be trek into the remote northern prov ince where U. more Lumpa followers were skilled In a violent belt! Monday with securi forces, Morris seld be "bad beard rumor that' many of; the outlawed sect's followers wanted to surrender,- but not to government officials, soldiers or po lice. ' , j More , than 4N persons were killed in the northern and eastern province since July 24 when . routine" police patrol was attacked by Lutnpas wield ing axes, spears and knives. Prime Minuter Kenneth Ku- anda has. banned the sect until law and order is restored. He also demanded, the capture of Alice Lenshlna, leader of the sect who believes she was re- incarrMed from the dead to fight witchcraft and has ad estimated . follower. . Northern Rhodeslan troops and riot police pushed south ward Monday from their base at Chlnsali, : about 4S8 mile front Lusaka, and met stiff re- slitanc from the Lumpae, kill- mg S. -;. ., ',-- ,,. . TOLL RISES KUALA LUMPUR (AP) Th death toll in the cholera epi demic' sweeping Malaya's East Coast states l'ro4 to lM Monday. Twenty-nine other persons have died of the - disease ki ether regions of Malaysia: mat mg the country-wide total 11) Premier Khrushchev today was called "a . big conspirator, careerist . and double-faced hypocrite" in the publisher's introduction to a collection- in Chinese entitled "Khrushchev' statements." The. first- volume of tit col lection went on sale1 here today. The collection, compiled and published by the Shiiie Zhishl (World Knowledge) publishing house, contained 98 speeches, report; article and letters by me Kiusian leader. - -All appeared In the Soviet Communist Party newspaoer rravoa between 1932 and September, 1953.. . The first volume contained material up to 1941. . : NO SURPRISE NASHVILLE, Tenn. m Airman Joseph T. RooOr ( noroy aewart Air rorce Base told police Monday it didnt surprise him when the driver who gave him a ride Sunday night jumped out of the car and ran. Root recognized the driver, too. The man gava him a ride week earlier and rob bed him of $42. Journal Want Ads bring -4mc -result.- Ct Your run WOOD STIREO,. rUFI 1MFM .free: JOIN . oniwi vauit musk am . M Baita ; 2U-S2II 6 Uvat Hull - t r7l-$U mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - 'FRED. N. GARRET,!. 'FUNERALi service J: Qufet, Coarttou$ X Dijnified : - Modtritt lares . Dram, n OBuciTni 7. 2334773 1 584 Somerset St West 'pK'-OlVWfV . for Service and Selection Richardson Ltd. Laew m4 Mm' Ihia j i iSlJt ndmm pl I: I 6 I 4 2 . . . '? rtm ki oi'itni . ST. "On th Mall" SHOES tmnoriM Ooainr rtsa Ouaranta SPARKS ST. ftiftrtnr Itm ' ' ana taertawaar ' ST. "0 tha MalT fivwarv wt amrvtv SHARKS ST. ,f ' K. Called : Double-faced By Chinese ' ' PEKING (Reutersjh-Russisn 12 20 AalU U.S. Group Will Honor Peart, G. D? Cameron Douglas R. Peart, executive" director of the Ottawa Civic Hospiul, will be advanced to the atatu of Fellowship in th American. College of Hospital Administrators at the professional society's 30th anojpl convocation ceremony In 'Ichi- At the 'aame event the college, will confer its highest corn... mendation, honorary fellowship, on Dr. George D. Cam eron. Deputy Health Minister. ' Ar::ur:cEf.:ENT ' 5 MR. BOB PARKER - i V ' -ilk Minute Car- Walt Ottawa s Ltd. i pleased to announce the appointment st Mr. Bob , Parker to Manager of the Automotive . General Repair f Department of Minute t Car Wash. Mr. Parker formerly, operated service stations . ta -Otuwa for the past six years. Mr. Parker ia well qualified and equipped to answer all your automotive problemv including tune-up, brakes, electrical repairs, .- Ignition' tune-up, 'wheel balancing,' alignment, etc. .-''. .:i SHKI.L naKDT-ANOT . una MS Braaa OUM, 0U, lU-tlt : MwM eweeeeeeeeeeeee i por..,.. ; Fcrnitere VaSieS;;- . ITS ' ;' SVEDLOVE FURNITURE CO. LTD. $74 Ditoousia St 23C-S4M 221 Rldeaw St , t$I-9M CHATEAU LAURIE e - . . Klw A CN. HOTEL on Confederation ' Squwt I Meeeeeeeeee)e ! tc. -.-asriSi ajS5un -et; j .it mm GILLAN'S DRUG STORE r.nj.rrre araiwi.c tebl H.ana Ers- ac spcui eee piw s rra Mds .aw'eV e"f. ai-'jtVbAi. 3 1 JACK SNOW JEWEIUXS e DlMnoml ., e Wichu rin '' '. 112 SPARKS ST.-'i,, ZEUIR'S " rsaVHIen te Thrtn Canaaiaaa . : V 154 SPARKS ST. TIP TOP TAILORS ... Win Ft Voa rWrarttr " . Or Your Mafm Back s 202 SPARKS ST. : hit. PARKING . ' Atk tha Satat Oairk, to Stamp Yow Tkkat

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