The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1918
Page 6
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SIX THK DAILY COURIER CONNliLLSVILLK, PA SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 1918. tvvifinn/tnn* Bonded Prisoner Penrod»nd Sam'sThrillin* Exploits in tha Neighborhood War Game By BOOTH TARKINGTON Copyrl»ht. 1317, Whwler Syndicate, Inc.) IBUMg the daylight hours of several f cec | ed thc po mt , Sa wSays tbere bad" been se* j M^ ^t. ^ e and chce -falls - - , tl ,^ _, ~ Twe i on»breakg i of cavalry i tLe Scho- followed his captor to a hidden place Held n»ighborbood The sabers were among 'some bnibes in the front yard, of \vodtf, the teeds were Imaginary, where Pcnrod lurked imi! both were employed In a game 1 Looky what I got allied bonded pris'oer" by its In Tenters Masters Pparod Schofleld and Samuel WUFarns. The pastime was no intricate When .two enemies wet, Sam suld 1m portantly pushing his captive into this retreat "No^, I guess you wont say I m not so mnfh use any more' Squat' down Vermau -o s they can t see you Ton watcb me, because this biz'ansa has got to be done right'" Sara muttered something, he was becoming more Insurgent every moment but he obeyed. Likewise, Ver- raan rose to his feet, ducked his bead between his shoulders and trotted out to the sidewalk at Sam's heels, both following Penroa and assuming a stooping position In imitation of him. VMTOOB iaj, delighted with this phase of the game and, also he was profoundly amused by Penrod's pomposity Something dim and deep within him perceived it to be cause for Euch mer'iment that he bad ado to master hlrastlf, and was forced to bot tie and cork his laughter with both hands They proved insufficient; sputtering^ burst forth between his fingers "You stop that I" said Penrod, loofc- Injr back darkly upon tbe prisoner Verman endeavored to ' oblige, though giggles continued to leak from him at intervals and tbe three bojs stole along t"-e fence In single file proceeding In this fashion until they reached Penrod's own front gate. Here the leader ascertained, by ft recon- fenceu spectacular!.,- until t h e ' f t thev're hi n t h , for us Thats one perswi of one or the other was touched o 1 tl e rules--honest You got to squat by the opposloi weapon, then when' «hen we n i l }on to ' thi: ensuing claims of uul pin; had Vermm (- itprt ible ^Te squat be n disallowed and the subsequent ted and then begin to laugh uproar- nalssance as far as the corner, that ·rsuojenl settled the combatant iously the hostile forces were still looking for touched was cousIJereo to be a iris- Stop trit no'se!" Penrod com them In another direction. He re- en j - untii such time us he nlghi be minded "You vson*- to betray us' jtnrned In a stealthy but important tc 'died by the hilt of a sword hcf ing 1\hat you luughlu'at'" 'manner to his disgruntled follower »n; tu uce of his own parrv, -whicii o£- "Cp m"ik 1m muumup," Verman and the hilarious captive, fe'tetl Us release, and restored to him giggled. "Wei! ' said Sam Impatiently, "I it* fuL enjoyment of hostile activitv ' \ \ h a f s lie mean?" asked Sam. guess I'm not goln' to stand around IS nto; such rescue, however, he was p en --oe] wis mor» familiar with here all day, I guess' lou got any- ··-lised to accooapany tbe forces of Ins vcrmons utterance, and he inter thing yon want to do, why n't you go CE;I»C- wh'tne.soever their strategical prctj.,) on and do it?' necessities led them, vUcb. inchided «i] e Clvi jjjey'u £s t blm back in a I Penrod s brow was already contort- ffijny btrange places TOT the game m i au to" Jed to present the appearance of de- tris excUri,- an] at its h!phe=' ,.j, Oj t j, ey won L lc ( 3Ust ut,, to tached and lofty concentration--a hls- p!tcl) -aronld swfvp out of an lire., sef --. trionlc failure, since It did not deceive ln*o. ., srahle. out of that fetablo and .. Tc «. tl 0% wlll toc g^ p e nrod. the audience, loto-a jarei oa.' of that yard and into «Tp], t% 11 ret him baik for , a house-, an, through that hou^e wltt nn(1 slmj , lu rea5oa n e ran . t stay icre U-. sound (and eTect upon furniture) iU aayi can w e ? ^ a ^^ A find us 01 tramplma herds In fact, this, verv f mllarirv must have been In tne nmd o tbe a" stre^sod colored woman m A rs Wllliims 1 itches when sh de- rarpeJ thut she inleht "jcs* as u t l l trv ti cool, right spang m the uuelUe o ti-e stock yards. l n j h f w if tried to There's so of 'em agalns' jubt us two they think "Bugs I He raised a hushing ho murmured. "I got to Hams again said the ImpoUte Mr. Wll- btnt double, equenllng and In and touch they pec up to -'s--and then ne'll be 'sputtering Indeed he was ultimately a?ict us cg°In "nd--" (forced to sit upon the ground so ex- "Llstcn bore'' *5am Interrupted, liaustlng was tbe mirth to which he ·V.'lv c-n t we pnt borne r»nl bonds i now gave way Penrod's composure- A!' rp OT» down tlie npiirhbo-hooil oa hua , ^ e COI!](! p u t ( , onds on j,i s , ,vas somewhat allected, and be showed uer« wng il a com- wrlSuS ac ,j around Ms Ie = 'o - · tbe j-amed by th« martial -closhin V ood and by many clamorous jrs Bents. 1 oa ro n prls ner, Hoddj Bltt 5'" "1 am rat'" Ton ire, too' I tou'hcu yor." "Whore., Td like to know'" "On tho eere." ~-u did not' I never felt It. laipss I'd ' felt It wonldn t I'' of annoyance "Oh I gueis vou won't laugh quite BO much about a minute from now, ole Ulster Verman 1 " he said severely -we could put. em all over rlni Piis; as nothin* Tien we could gag illui--" ":No, VVB can't ' said Pen-od "We can t for the main an 1 simple reason ]' f on get tip from there and do liie v\e hiven't c,ot tn} rope or anvthing i ^ tell von." to make tbe none!-, w i t h have we' I ' "Well whj'n't yon tell him why he \\ i-h -ve 1 ad somf o that stnS they , WOQlt laush so -nuch, then? Sam de- give s i iLOp|n Thi.n T bet they I manfled us Ve-zoan rose. "Wb/n't vinulrtn t ret him back so =oon' \ S^n d" something and quit talkin' so J,iCk n m . i l i " Snm rpnfntixl tint I tnUCll about US" fact that several times during earlier stages of the game both of them had pergolas are not such enduring posses- become been unnecessarily vigorous in "touch-1 cost is ing" his ov»n mther plump person. Therefore, the opportunity brfng excellent be raised his weapon again, and, repeating tie words "bonded depends the more solid ones, bat tho nuch smaller, and they soon beautiful, since most rambler roses ai B so free-growing as to hide tie frau lework in a short time. Much 'pon the type of house and fcris'ner" as ample explanation of his garden the simpler pergolas being bet- deed, brought into play lie foil strength ol his good rigbt arm. He used the flit of the saber. Whack 1 Whack! Boddv was per- rcrly Impartial It was a cold-blooded performance ond even more effective than he anf cipat»d For one tiling, it ended the civil war instantly. Sam nnd Penrod leaped to their feet, shrieking and bloodthirsty, while tor suited to the cottage while Sagged walks, with piers of brick or stone, seem more in keeping with the larger nnd more stately Swelling Doctrlnet of Nietzsche. Tbe two doctrines mof often associated with Nietzsche's na ao, tbough. they are not essential to his ethics, are those of tbe superman and tho Maurice Levy capered with joy. Her-1 -eternal recurrence. The first IB tb« man was 60 overcome that he rolled , end and justification of human strng- I upon the ground, and Georgle Bassett g!e and In the earlier books Is *epn»- remarked virtuously | seated as a mythical prodn-t of th» "It serves them right for fighting" Individual wIU, while later it Is de- But Roddy Bltts foresaw that some- scribed as a higher species with the thing not within the rules of the game relationship to man that man has to was about to happen. j itbe ape Tbe eternal recurrence is "Here' You keep away from me'" the theory, by no means new, that be (junvered retreating. "I was just' present events bnt form a part of an. takln' you prlsners I guess I bad a 'Infinite cycle and thus will be end- right to touch you didn't IT" jlessly repeated In every detail. His Alas' Neither Sam nor Penrod was j theories have been much discussed able to soe the matter in that light' -and have exercised an unloosed for They had ret"iev ed their own weap- E Influence especially among men Inone anf* tbev advanced upon Hoddy,' terested primarily in art or In social 1 with a purposefulness that seemed reform, and many consider them tho horrible to him logical outcome and application of Dai- "HereI You keep away from roe!" "winism. he said, In great alarm Tm *oin' to give 'ip tills ole game and go home. A "Tramp" Vesiel. ( HP did KO home--but onh sobse- A "tramp" Is a vessel operating over uuently What took place before his no regular route and having no reg- departure had the singular solidity 1 ular schedule of sailings. A chartered · and completeness of syslematlc vio- { vessel operating a regular route, bnt lence, sl"o l t bore the moral beauty ytfth irregular sailings la not a of all actions which lead to peace and "tramp " Asides from its function aa friendship for nheo It was ovei and n trade scout It Is the "potential,'* tbe final vocalisations of Roderick rather than the real or actual coraposl- Miigsworth Bitts, Jr, -nere growing faint -with Increasing d'stance Sam and Pcnrod had forgotten their dlf- i ferences and felt well disposed toward ' each other once more All their anl- tton of the "tramp, that keeps freight and passenger rates low. It is as though any motor car might use tha right-ofway of any railroad at any tune and offer cheap service sbould "You Get In Thero, Verman" "What It yon iliSa't? I touched yon, imd vou -e bonded. I leave it to Sam ·Williams." "Yah ' Course yon would ' H -'3 on yonr side 1 I leave It to Herman " "No, yon won't 1 If you can't show luiy^ sense about It well do It over and I guess you'll see wbctbe- you. feel U or not! There! Jiow, I guess yon-- " "Aw, sijnashP Strangely enough, the undoubted ehnmplon proved to be the youngest LOI ^jt.' ,'ii ouui ri;^uiii.£u uui comprehends s ' It me is OID go to sleep, no matter what yon do to eii Penrod ex plained " s the main and simple "eason thcrj c a n t m ve np anil you can cut oft their whole legi -- or their arn-s or anything 3 on want to " "Hoy 1 ' exclaimed "Verrann, in a serious tone. Ills Uughter ceased instantly and he began to utter a protest sufficiently Intelligible "ion n"edn t worr Penrod said gloomily "We haven't got any o' that Pcnrod haughtily led the way Into the yard. "Yon follow me," he said, "and I Ifncss you'll learn a little sense 1" Then abandoning his hantenr for nn air of mjstery equally Irritating to Sam he stole up the steps of the porch, and after a moment s nmnlpu lotion of the knob of the big front door, contrived to operate the fastenings, and pushed the door open. "Come on," be whispered, beckoning Anil the three boys mounted tho was still subject to hilarity--though endeavoring to suppress It by means of a patent leather slipper--when Penrod closed the door i "There'" said Peurofl leadh the ' way from the room. "I guess now you sec I" Snm said nothing, nufl they came out to the open air and reached their I retreat in the Williams' yard again, without his having acknowledged Pen- I rod s sen Ice to their mutual cause. I "I thought of that Jnst as easy'" Penrod remarked, probably prompted to this odious bit of complacency by "Did you tell me to hnsh up?" "Yes I did ·· "I guess yon don t know who von'rs | talkin* to," Penrod said ominously "I i guess I just better show you w h o ' von'ra tnlUn' to like that I guess you , aeed a little sumpihing, for the main I and simple--" [ Sam uttered an uncontrollable howl , nnd spring upon Penrod catching him moslrv was exhausted, and they were the regular service of the railroad in a glow of good feeling though prob- prove to be unsatisfactory or ultra ablv they were not conscious of any ^pensive Always tbe ' tramp" la direct gratitude to Roddy whose present in the sub-consckrasness oJ a thoughtful opportunism was really tha "regular route" steamship man as a cause of toia happy result j sort of noiious weed of competition ^^^^^ ^s^^^^^^v tnat ls certain to sprout the mo-'ien!; ~~»~~s~^~^. ^ ^ g ^ Keep bis service up ana OLD EDITOR HAS DAY DREAM his prices down.--K-avy and Merchant Longs to View Happy Scenes of Years ABO, but Hie Rest li Rudely Interrupted one Verman, coloreiL. brother t" Herman, and substantially under the size to nhlch his nine years entitle 1 him Verman was unfortunately tongue- tied, but he was valiant beyond all others, and. In spite of every, handicap he became at once the chit f support of his own party and the despa of the- opposition. stuff so w e can t do it." "Well, we got to do snmpthing," so%e * OT a belated KlgRle on the part sal'l Sam of German, which was restrained u^on s comrade agreed, and there was fl terrible gesture from Penrod. Vera ihoightfnl silence, but presently man buncd bis mouth aa deeply as Penroa s countenance brtghtenca. possible in a ragged sleeve, and con"I know'" he exclaimed. "I know nnc(i n ' s demonstrations to a heaving what well A with him. Why, I ot U 16 stomach and diaphragm thought of It Jnst as easy! I can most always think of things like that. Penrod led the wuy into the dainty room of his nineteen-year-old sister. Oa the third Saturday this opposi- tof tne maln nn a s i mp ] e reason-- -well, Margaret, and closed thc door Won bad" been worn down by tlie sue- j thought of it just as soon _ " I "There " he said, m a low «T\- e n what it it?" Sam demanded ' cessive captures of Maurice Levy and Georglo Bassett until It consisted of crossly _ p BQrod 3 reiteration of his on!* Sam Williams and 1 enrod new £onnd phrttse ,,,,,,. ae mc[n ,,,, Hence, It behooved these two to be 8 , lfi rea30n .. had be(n growing wary, lest they be wiped out altogeth tr, and Sara Was dismayed in'""d ttnon cautiously scouting round a -* 1 *- and voice, "I expect yoall see what soln »«r of his own stable, to find hlmiUf face to face with the valorous and we goln , to ao ifcillfnt Verman who was acting as ,,,,,,,,« an outpost, or picket, of the f-nemy to So now' 1 vihatT asked San-j "If we stay here very long your more and more irksome to his friend mother II come and send ns clown- all diy, though Sam was not definite- Etalrs Wn!lt ' s toe S 01 " 1 of --" ly aware that the phrase was the "^"^ rTM* y° u ' Pcnrod wallci1 cause of his annoyance.- "What are ln a whisper "My goodness!" Anfi you know go E°'ng to on Inner door he threw It open disclosing a clothes-closet hung Penrod rose snd peered over the '"'" P rBtt y Events of many kinds Terman Immediately fell upon Sam tops of the bushe s, shading his eyes while B P° n its floor wcre t " vo rows of - fcorse und foot, and Sam wonlcl have Bed but dared not for feir h might ke t niched from the rear Th -refore, W defended himself as best hi could, frnd th^re followed a lusty whacking, ^ the course of which Vermaa's hat k reli" and too large, fell from hi? his band, a gesture which was unnecessary but bad a good appearance He looked all round about him H this manner finally vouchsafing a report to the impatient Sam i "No enemies In sight--Jnst for the main and simple 1 reason I expect Wad, touching Saras weapon In fall-- thev're all In tbe alley and In Georgle tog There'" panted Sam di-,t5tlng 1m- nedlately JJiat counts' You're bonded \ en v an " 11 Aim mec ,t-r'" Verman protested, ^te'-pretlng this as "Ain t neither," |^3i Invented a law to su'" tie occa itort 'Yps, vou ire th u =t the rule I touched your h it,with my Bassett's back yald." f 1 brt they're not'" Sam said scornfully, his Irritation auch Increased. 1 How do you know so much about It?" "Just for the main and simple reo- «on" Penrod replied, with dignified Bnalltr. And at that. San felt a powerful rsvor'l. and your hat's jut-t t i e same impulse to do violence upon the per- fei ·yr'i * son of h's comrade-In-Trms. The emotion which prompted this Impoisr was so primitive and straightforward thr* It almost r»su'ted In action, but San» had a vague sense that be mast control it as lois as he conH ' "Bugs'" he said. Penrod was sensitive and thlg cold word hurt him However, be was un- de 11 the domination of bis strategic Idea, and he subordinated private 1 grievance to the common weal "Get ^« in thc arsmp art of the "P"' he commanded "Ton get up, pto \(TO-in Impediment (O-operat I to °- Verman. Yon got to--Its the "«a - ' i native in- MWj 10 render f"' 0 y »\v here--HI show von v/lmt "him *i !e--i, effecnve than iti the we're goin* to do. Stoop o\ei, and tt P- ' comhnL 2e chuckled and both o' you do just ciacliy like I do "Ip_-*t mop'" Verman ii^istrrl ^ it js ' *· Id '·ir" nlreadv «s;ci!- conM ml (by lus ov n srntt- mcr.) thit In was *p the rf I t "Tjts ten iHrf I r I bi^ yu on i no- slot 1 It vvt i ^ be IhP -ni'io is hli In^ -ou K i d ML It* I inrf's it!) C"-unt If I hM T/ i in I'lf shot woi-'cln t f* Well d It ^ j st fc he ""me js sho -, Hop oc. n it ^ *ho rule, Tprcipn, aid you're of great variety und charm. A significant thing la to be remarked concirning the door of this roraew hat Intimate treasury, there l as no knob or latch upon the Inner bide so that when the door was closed it could be opened only from the outside "There!" said Penrod Ton get In there, Verman, and I'll bet they w o n t get to touch von back out o* bein' our prisner very soon, now' Oh, I guess not 1 " "Pshaw!" said Sam "Is thit all jou were goin' to do? Whv, your inothei-'li come and make him get out the first--" 4 Jvo she won't She nnd Margaret have gone to my aunt's in the country and aren't coin' to be back till darlr And even If he made n lot o' noise, It's, kind of hard to hear any- flung from In there anyway when the door's shut Besides he's got to keep qnlct--that's the rule Vermnn You're u pris ner rnd It's the rule vou can't holler 01 nothin'. You un- ncrstand that, VermanT" **Aw wl," said Verman. "Then go on in there. Hurry!" The obedient Verman inarched Into the closet nnd sat down among the siloes ind slippers, nhore he presented an Interesting effect of contrast He The editor of the old home paper r'ound"the"v,aTs't VimuUan'oou's'ly'wTth ' h " d H °tnlng to do for a little nolle this Impact the wooden swords spun " nd tbe novel sensation made htm a through the air and were presently , wfle maudlin "I want to get out and trodden undPrfoot as the tv,o boys I »*«** the Mnks from my back," he wrestled to and fro " ala *« the fire sale aandblll on the Pcnrod was not altogether surprised bv the onset ot his fr'end. He had been a«nre of Sams increasing irrita lion (though nel her boy could have clearlv stated Its cause), and that very Irrttarion produced a corresponding emotion in the bosom of the Irritator Mentally, Penrod was quite ready for "Oh, You Will, Will You?" Sam's withholding the praise which might naturally have been expected And be was moved to add "I guess ltd of been a pretty long_vvhlle If B e d hud to wait for yon to think of sumpthlng as Rood as that Sam " "Why would It?' Sam asked "Why would It of been such n long while?" "Ob," responded Peurofl airily "just for tbe main and simple reason!" Sam could bear It no longer. "Oh, hush up I" he shouted. Peurod was stong 'Do you mean me?" he demanded 'Yes, I dor replied the goaded Sam. the conflict--nay be welcomed it-though for the first few moments, Sim had tlie phvslcal advantage. H IK ever, 't Is proper that n neat distinction be dnnvo here Ihls was 1 n conflict but neither technical!} nor In the Intention of the contestants was ft a fight Ponrod and Sam vvere both In n state of high exasperation, and Oicie was great bitterness bnt no blows fell and no tears They strained tbe wrenched they twisted, and they panted, nnd muttered., ' Oh no you don't'" "Oh I guess I do'" Oh you will will youT "Youll see what you get in about a minute P "I guess you 11 leara s«ne sense this time 1" Streams and blotches began to appear upon tlip two faces where color had been heightened by the ardent application of a cloth sleeve or shoulder t uhUe ankles and Insteps were bcraped and toes were trampled Turf and sh-ubberies suffered also as the struggle went on until finally the wrestlers pitched headlong Into a vonng lilac bush, and catue to earth together, among Its crushed and sprawling brarc'ies "Ooch''' nnd "Wuf" were the two exclamations which marked this episode and then with no further comment the btrugglo was energetically continued uppn a horizontal plane. I fercd And this contest endured. It j went on and on, and It was Impossible ' to Imagine its coming to a definite termination It went on so long that to both the participants It seemed to be a permanent thing a condition which had always arjstetl and which must Lin avs exist perpetually j And thus they were discovered By a foiay of tlie hostile party headed bv Roddy Bltts and Herman (olfler broth er to Verman) and followed by the bonded prisoners Maurice Levj and Georglo Bnssett These and others caught sight of the writhing figures, and charged down upon them with loud crijs of triumph "Prisner! Prls'ner' "Bonded~prts'- ner!" shrieked Hoddy BIrts and touched Penrod and Sam, each In turn with his saber Then seeing that they paid no attention nnd tint they were at bis mercy, he recalled the wall "I want to wander down the lone that leads back to the long ago I want to sniff the sweet odors of the ripening apples and list to the hum of the cider mill. I want to see the old baekberry tree by tie spout sprln; and find If the Initials that I carved on Its trunk forty years ago are still there. I want to be the boy again who used to sit on top of the gate post and watch down the lane for Dad to return from the field- I wont to see thc darkness creep up out of the east --up and up and across, until it chases the lavender light from the western sky, and the stars shine forth and the moon rises like a ruby ball over the Wilier creek timber I want to hear, while the scents of oven browned coffee and frying ham *ome on tbe night breeae mother calling* "Er--er--Mrs. Pifflegilder' Take a chair, please Yes, we shall be glad to print this original poem on the d-mth by choking of your second cousin, Hon. Pursley Pouch, over at Squantum Oh no trouble at an, Mrs. FlEQegllder, we ansure you. Call again t"--Kansas City Star. Marine Chinese Tablet on Broadway. A bronze tablet with queer letters inscribed on It Is displaved in a conspicuous place on tbe Iron fence of St. Pauls chapel, at Broadway and Fulton street It Is about 811 feet from the ground and about ten feet north of Pulton street. Thousands of persons dally pass the corner. Those who have seen the tablet stopped and stared at It The onlv letters discernible to them were 2S Vesey street, which were on the bottom of tbe tablet Tbe explanation of its presence is that St Paul's chapel maintains a Sunday school for Chinese at 29 Vesoy street. The selection of that particular place for the tablet was due to the fact that many Chinamen on their way to Jersey City on Sunday pass the Broadway side of the church and turn at Fnlton Street to tbe Hudson tubes Who to Patronise. Merchants, who advertise their goods Tne Daily Courier. Italy Mom* of Pergola. The idea of the pergola was bor- i-owed from Italy, and many of the test planned pergolas follow an Italian model. They may be solidly built, with brick or stone pillars, either square or round, or sometimes with these alternating In this case the flooring Is generally of brick or random jointed stone work These solid pillars form a good foundation for rambler roses of all kinds or festoons of clematis, honej suckle and wistaria. Very generally however, the pergola j Is of lighter constructtri, nnd, hi thus case, larch poles are often used- Care should be taken to choose strong poles and to see that the prevailing slope of tbe crow bare U up rather thonj down, as otherwise they sag in the center In an -nn«ightly way. These THE FOUNDATION OF ALL FORTUNES The foundation of all fortunes starts with, saving the first dollar--but if it were not for having bank accounts, many men who are rich today would now be poor Yes, an account with us, gives the depositor great encouragement to accumulate more money. £% Interest Paid on Sayings Acconnts. FOBWARD TO VICTOK5T Good business management, economic system and practical methods all work in unison for productivity and preparedness When thinking of a banking connection, remember that the Lnion National Bank will be pleased to welcome your ac- COHNEUSVILLE.PAi count and affords you facilities well (WESTSIDE) known for efficiency UNION NATIONAL BANK JPETFT BT C. A. VOIGHT -- THACT » IT-- MOW A UTTUE

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