The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1918
Page 5
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SATURDAY. JANUARY 26, 191S. THIS DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. CATION FACES LOW CROPSffFARMERS GET NO RELIEF A Shortage of Labor, Seed and Credit Facilities "ow a Handicap. FAIR PRICES FOR A YEAR SUM Be Assared os an InccntiTC to Sustained or iBcreaacd i'roduction, Otherwise Farmers. Can Do So More j Tku Raise lor Families. WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.--An ap- P«J to President Wilson to speed up t governmental machinery in aid '"'iCAITC 1C production in such manner as to re- OnLlO lu lleva the anxiety of farmers as to labor supply, credit facilities, seed shortage, and other vital questions, made the federal board of farm organ- REGISTERED BONDS Jt»y Xow Be Assigned Before Officers of Baika and Trust Computes. By an official order of the treasury the assignment lot registered bonds heretofore made only before certain treasury officials and the officers of certain courts and federal reserve and national banks can now legally be made before officers of incorporated state banks and trust companies. This will be a great relief to many holders of registered bonds living in small towns and cities -where there are no national banks or persons before ·whom the assignment could legally be made. Heretofore it has not been usual for a fee to be assigned for the assignment of bonds, and it is presumed that the newly designated agencies will conform to the custom, and mate no charge. izations present a memorial in behalf of more than 2,000,000 organised farmers. The board asks consideration of its memorial by the President and a reply to be given them when farm leaders of America assemble :n 'Washington on February 6. At that time representatives of the seven national farm organizations comprising the board, together with a number a' state masters of the Grange and neads of the Society of Equity and other bodies, will seek an aud.ence with the President to discuss constructive plans. The memorial follows: "The federal board of -arm organizations, representing more than two million organized farmers, respectfully calls your attention to a grave national danger. KIDNEYS, QUIT MEAT Flush the Kidneys at Once Back Hurts or Bladder Botl.ers. No man or women, who eats meal regularly can make a mistake by flushing ^ Uio kidneys occasionally, says a well-known authority. ,, Meat forms uric acid which clogs the kidney pores so they sulggishly filter or ..traia only part of the waste and poisons from the blood, tnen you get stofc. Nearly all rheumatism, headaches, liver trouble", nervousness, constipation, dizziness. sleeplessness, bladder disorders come from sluggish kitlnev s. The moment you fee.l a dull ache in the kidneys or your back hurts, or if the urine is cloudy, offensive, full of NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THEMILL TOWN Small fc'irea Causes Department to Make Two Runs During Day. CHILDREN GIVE ENTERTAINMENT Ueclu-es Xen Crowd tkc lmJtenti»rii's and Asylums and Women the Churches in Tnlk to tkc Fair Sex Oulj- at X. K. Ctarck. topcctal Co The Courier SCOTTOALE, Jan. 26--ShorUy after 6 o'clock last evening a flre alarm was sent m from jQverson and the fire department answered a call to the Brandt home on Painter street ipherc a chrome} was ablaze. Tbe chemicals were used by the department. Shortly after they arrived the lire was extinguished. Itedroom Afire. About 7.10 o'clock last erening a fire alarm was sent m from the home of William Weir, Mulberry street, where a flre had been discovered in the bedroom. The firemen wero on the job immediately and succeeded ia putting the fire out with chemicals ueforo much damage was done, (iocs to Wmulngton. .Miss Goldio McLaugUUn of Ever-on, a teacher in the Seottdale pu u schools, left yesterday for Washin-g- ton, D. C., to take a position with the government, to which she was recently appointed. bchool entertainment. The cUiltiren of the seventh and eighth' grades of the Seottdale schools under the supervision of Misses Mary . . . segment, irregular of passage or at- Myers " Lrirntt Attwood, McKary, Sbep- "\Ve know that the »r.d is short, tended bv a S8nsatlon o£ scaldil!g get j er, Simpson, Handle and Hurst, gave of food. The crops now s Tillable arc i about f o u r OUM(S of g^ - - -- '-rely sufficient to meet we urgent ^ relIaWe p!la . ba: need, and next year the world shortage is certain to be worse, cicnt food supplies involve Insuffi- armacy and take a tablcspoonful la a glass of water, before breakfast for a few days and your cioni tooa m.uyo ». most. kid W]U ,,,, act flne ^^ fa . serious threat to the early and vie- | mQus sa]ts _,. ma trom ihe ^ o{ torious conclusion of the war, for a , grapes and ]emon ^ cf combin( , d starving people cannot fight. Unless with hUua aafl has beea used [m , the farmers of the United States can , eratlo , s (t) Q^ ^ kI(lneT3 and f,U the mouths of our own people and straulal! . .j.^ , 0 a c t l T l l 5 t al30 to our allies, they will not be fined. Just haw great the demand fnr American neutralize the itcwl m urine so it no \ery jvleaslng entertainment last evening in the study hall at the high school bunding to a large audience, which very much appreciated the entertainment. The following program was carried out; Piano solo, Eloise Hafer; chorus, "Goodbye Broadway;" | Lincoln's spc-ech. at Gettyiburg, Pearl i Promise; "Little Nan Gordan," Panl- I me Hatiie-s; duet, "Jon o£ Arc." Paul! mo Kesler and Sarah Camiin; dia- food will be we cannot yet foretell, j DUddt , r . . , , ! lOgue, Harriet Go\c juirl Irene Shafer, longer causes rntatlon. thus ending 1 * ' ,, ,, , , _ , 4 · The D^ath Bed of Benedict Arnold, but we know already tliat a larger { c i o p is absolutely necessary. I "It food is to win the vrar, as we are assured on. everj" side, tbe £arm- Jad Salts ia inexpensive and cannot injure, makes «; delightful effervescent lithia-wattr drink vraich all regular meat eaters shouJd take no^' ei^of .Vmcnca^must^prr^uce^ more | lhcn t(J keep lt , e k t d n e 5 clean and tlie blood pure, therobr avoiding serious kidney complications --adv. SCISSORS DONATED food in 1918 than they did m 1917 But unless present conditions are xjLdically changed, inert a=ed crops next vear are ipinossibl* 1 Under ex- iMmg conditions v;e canrot equal i-he production of 1^17, much less IE. and t-h'S for r^?^o^s wvo t i e farmers hv.c no control. "The Axti.can ?armc~ dae^ cot i ask 10 be relieved of any task or any Catharine Hames, piano solo, Isabel Hames; "Conservation." Helen Ptcfc- ard; "Mamie's "VVay." Mayine Schmeltzer; vocal solo, "Husheen," Edna Hayes; "That Old Sweetheart. o£ Mine", Miriam Ereegle; "That Hired Girl", Mabel Rutherford; piano solo, MiMrod Stone; reading, Margaret Zimmerman; duet, Mildred Kesler ! and Marine Jlorne; "A Slacker," [Elsie Prcrvtice; chorus. "Keep The Rod Cnn* Receives Ki« Riir: 5eir! HoinP Fires Blircili e"- ^alogne. orig- $nrcric»l Drt'Silnqs riai- 1 * Forming, j The Red Cross received donations p of five nal f Sarah Camlm and Thelma Rush; "Home Again," Helen Cowan, violin Rutherford . Tbis was fol _ M THE "THE SPREADING- IXA.-WN"--A ro- nuuiUc drama very 'beautituly pictui- Jnff the love atory of a proud woman's life, and presenting June Cowl, the beautiful and celebrated emotional actress, in the leading role, is being presented today. The entire production is made effective by careful attention to atmosphere, by a realistic fire scene exceptionally well pictured. There emerges from this fine release the idea tha-t in the whole scale of human vicissitudea aad human emotion, tlio most, pathetic note is that sounded on the strings of a woman's broken heart, j Depicting Jano Cowl, reputed to be the greatest emoUonal actress In America, as an elderly aristocrat on tio point of disinheriting her young and beautiful niece for falling In love, "Spreading Dawn," starts out with a flavor of old time romance. The performances yesterday were witnessed by record breajtmg audiencee. A selected comedy is included in the program. Monda? Emily SteTans in "Alias Mrs. Joasop" a five part Metro feature in which Emily Stevens plays the gamut of ier art instrument with technical perfection and something more that puts it her command a faculty rare even in a world full of players, will bo presented. Thursday, Ethel Clayton, will be seen in "Stolen Hours," a fivu part world feature. FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE Duty Demands Robcst Health THE SOJSSOff. The coming week at Mrs. Bobbins' comfortable piayliouse is filled to overflowing" with good things in the dramatic line. Monday and Wednesday with a daily matinee the Manhattan Players will produce a real Broadway coraody Bucceaa "The Turning Point," which has never been, seen on a Connellsville stage. The play is just the 'sort that Trill meet the approval of Manhattan fans, Dick Ward one of the greatest favorites with the company has an exceptionally pleasing specialty to offer anxi Bud Andrews will corr.ri'bute a now budget of tie latest songs. The play for Thursday and Friday will claim widespread attention. The unique character of the play wJl "be criticised by the prudish hut the fairrainded men and women will fiaiher the moral leabon taught In producing "A Warning to IVamen" the birth control play, a stock company assumes a, difficult task but in the hands of tlic Manhattan Players ConneHTillo playgoers will receive a production in which, no detail making for Biiccesa will be lacking. Tbe Manhattan Pyers fourth week at the Sotsson is only a forerunner of many -weeks of still greater achievement. THE ARC ARE. Fight to get it and keep it Fight--fight day fn and day ont to '· prwrent being orertakcn. by ills and all*. Ka«p wrinkles from marring the : cheek and the body from losing its | youthful appearance and buoyancy j flit when ill-health is coming with Ita pallor and pains, defects and de-' dining powers. Fight to stay its j course and drive It off. Bnt flsht intelligently. Don't fight j without weapons that can. win the day i for without the intelligent use of, ef-1 Jective weapons the pallor spreads and ! weakness grows and c, seemingly strong man ox ivoman ofttimes become* ! a pray to ills after all. j You will not find this class of par-] sons in the hypoferrin. ranks. No un-i healthy, dull, draggy, droopy persons , In that line. It is a hale, hearty, robust aggregation of quick-stepper a wbo view lire in a joyous frame of mind , and are mentally and physically equal to any emergency. HypoferrJn stamia for sound body and sound mind--it IM the invigorating tonic of the timoa j ·--powerful and unsurpassed as a heal'-h i restorer, vltalizer and health preserv- i er. Fight to hold the vigor of a sound body with hypoferrin or to stay tao I process of decay and restore health { and strength--you w In. This tonic of i amaaing, wonder-Tro rising properties has been approved by physicians B i a restorer and safeguard ot health ! It is a thoroughly scientific preparation of the very elements necessai-y to ' tone up the stomach and nerves, to j build strong, vital tissue, make pare j Wood, firm flesh and solid, activp, Hrc- i less muscles. j Hypoferrin contain* tho^o mi£bty | Ktrsnffth-producing' asents, li»cUbin-and- , Iron peptonate, in a form b"st adapted to benefit thf body anil its organs Ila j Intredienta are nbpolu tely necen-nary to th* blood. In nine caaca out of ten a run-down condition, sallow palo complexion* that "all In" feeling and frail bodies arc chic to lack o' leclthin-anU- i iron peptonate in the system. Tour mental and physical strpnjrth and! ·nduranee depends upon a lecithin-andiron pcptonu-Lo Indpn blood; steady, de! pcndfibln nerves and a. btviltbv atoraach. i With these you can meet life at any j anplt. TM» wonder tonic, hypoferrin, which Is i M perfect as science can gt to nature, meets e\ery eaauntlal demand ot the human orpuniHin. It is safe and sure and R boon to run-down, worn-out men and women. EI\pofjrrIn means nature's own w»y of bringing color to the cheeks, | atrenptb to the bod and keeping the ' vigor and busjuncy of youth The pow- j der and paint frav of eCccLing beauty Is i not needed bv hj-pof er-ln v. omen and Kicla. Their blood. (Hied wJtii nature'! beautv (stores, creates conditions lhat IfivB firmne^B and Krs.ce to the body and 1 the slow of healtn to the cheeks. I No need of polnc through U/i- sickly ana i always feeling miserable in this ase oi I medical ncienco. Join the hpoferrin , ra-nJts. It puts into you the springy enay »nd viror you ought, to h a v e .ind j»ui5 lite Into ymir body and mind that Inspires In Co-Qperatmn With the Government in the Conservation of Fuel. WWWWWVWWVWWVWVm**«fc^^ Nothing is more appreciaceci by an Army or Xa\" 7 man than a-box oi candy There isn't any better than Whitman's, so why not include some in the ne\t box you send to training camp or overseas? We Have It In All Size Packages.' South Pittsburg Street. increased product .on a re condluor.3, and only tbe national gov- ' instructions." Mtmbers are requested , " °" "* ie eminent can remote ttan. It is ihe; io }, npir notebook^ and pencils t u t y or the nation ,o gi-.s the f a r m e r , Iflri ii C M Uin v -\-i «, prv p - 1IpDBrary , - Jajllla . ^ lollrmc a fair to succeed , n r a i , n g h e , n f t h i s r a s s . There are a few vacan- c ., dl ,, Sarlh Thompson food the na'.on n^ea= ju t as, it Is the ^Ic, m th - da,» and also in the Mon- .. Sco ' laJ1(1 ... Jlmo silsle ,. a n d g teHa ,.« of UK- la-inor "a liw patt t o , da v evenmg class Wecidell; cborus, "Anna Uiurle"; , ... . .... BoBiiiina; 7".=t neek the evraing .. Wa ie,,". Alice Re-nolds; "Brazil". a^os »,li ,.,ect promptly at 7 Sara;i Revno id. 3 ; "Doing Their Bit," i I* a*, i- no furrow URturn 3d cvitablj brins abotiL .1 -.iiiaili i n o p next fc-vr. unless promptly rwioied by national $ct on. ate t -i. in number: The shortage of farm labor =*iorta?e t'f seed; prices often below i ho cor: of j-rodiict 02, hck oC reason-' abie credit: exclusion of the farmer« f:oui lus rigUt and luc^r.ry fanaro in r'te conduct of ilio war: and deop- ·^oated donbl A i i c l h e r he can la'sc ihe. .ccreasrd crop 1 ; ilo-nandrd of him and .-till s«PP"r: ai" Fffnnl: ami pay his fiobts " Snmnung up tho needs of tbe farm- , era of U'C couutry. t"-e memorial j - s o n e r ; Gail Gau s; "Italy," ' Virginia I. Berta Japan," Ohicpyle. OHIOPYLE, Jan. US.--Tbe Red Cross chaptci me*. Thursday afternoon st Mrs. T. I Mitchell's borne. The workers took great interest in then ',*L)iL and u c r c quite bupy tbe C"tii*c afternoon. I r. of Scott dale was a ^t'slnf=5 v.sitnr here yesterday. Miss Anna " 'vas 5'nappmg In town yesterday. Charles Ncuil of SflJl Run was a i-ays: ' Sustained nr int reased pro- auction i«* impo-sible unless tbe f a r m - ; Business caller here yesterday, ers are given a voice m the conduct i Adam Onler of Bear Run uas a of the \\ar con;mt-ustirate with tbe j c«Uler here yesterday, v-uportanca of their pari in winning i MlS3 v r i o l c t M^on or Kentuck i*- it is impossible without assur- spent Thursday afternoon calling on ances or fair pnces at least for the I OhTopyle friends, comin- rear- without sufficient skill- *oah Andersou of ConneilsviUe was in Ohiopyle yebterday. Miss Uearl -Anderson of Green liner pent Thursday shopping in town. Try our classified advertisements. OHIOPVLE, Jan. 56.--Mrs. Sad/a Rusli spent Thursday shopping and calling on fnends in CoBnellsville. E, S. Jackson was a Connellsville business caller yesterday comin? yea: . ed labor; and' without reasonable short term credit ou fair and praci- cai)le terms." SCHOOLS AND THE WAR Knrollment Affected Bnt Not So Xnch as During Last Tear. Unrollment in. Ameiican public schools has been, affected by the war, but not to th'e extent of making it less than, last year, according to figures aompiled by the Department of the Gladys Wabie; "Red Cross Nurses", Dorothy Miller; Cborus, ''We're Going Over"; "Liberty," Ardeth McNiah.; chorus, "The Star Spangled Banner." Speaks to Women, Evangelist Don Hinckuan delivered a sermon to women only at the Methodist Episcopal church yeserday. He toid the women of Seottdale that he i would rather be an old mild 10J jears tiian ranrry some of the men he knew. He also said that some ont had said a church was a woman's Institution. and there was no doubt that' more women could jie found in the church than any other institution, for after tiU statement he visited the penitentar and found thousands of men to a few women; he visited the insane asylum and foiind mostly men there, and so on until he come to the church and there be touad mostly women. He entertained a large audience during; the aftsrnoon and will close his meetings on Sunday night. Personal Soles. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swartzen- ruber, of Canton, Ohio, and daughter, Mrs. Horace 0. Smith, ot WilkinsburE, have returned to their homes after a visit paid friends here. There will he communion services at tne Lutheran ciurctj on* Sunday "DOCTOR DIPPY.'"--Reynolds' Wonderful Girls will present ''Doctor Dippy," a well knc-wn blackface comedy, at he Arcade this afternoon and evening. It was given, yesterday and kept t w o fair sized audiences ia a constant uproar for ail hour. 'Skeeter" Quinn is a real, surd enuogh comed-ian and is abl supported. There is not a dull moment ia the whole show. W. S. Hart in "Jam Kigss' Decision," is the picture and it is a great one. He is supported by Louise Glaum, who is also a wonderful actress. Coming next week is Byrne Byrne and their Giddy Giriies ^eaturinK BiHie Byrne, the noted fe- nmle impersonator, tbe Concertina Trio, hanmony ringing with English concertinas, the Harmony Gins, the singing three, supported by tie Giddy Girlies chorus. The opening: bill on Monday will be "The Kodak Girl," an original operetta. rln may -- _, or direct from ua for II 00 ui It Is well worth th* price Th 1 Remedies Co., Clucinnntl, Ohli No More Guesswork when you bake. No ruined pastry r^c poorly done bread, no wuted rnat£T?.al --no worry, because of wrong ov regulation* ^~SL£ I AMERICAN SCHOONER AFIRE OFF FRANCE ourmirat XIIEATBE. Get 'A. Direct Action Oven Thermostat and measure the heat an easily as you measure milk In a pint cup. You simply set the Temperature Wheel end obtain any degree of oven heat that tbe receipt calls for. "Tin: LITTLE PRINCESS."--An Artcraft production with Jtaiy J'jck- ford m the leading role, 'will be ihown agaiu today. As Sara Crewe, a little girl who has srown up m the romantic atmosphere of Bombay, Mary recounts the fascinating tale of Alia Baba, Cassiru, Mrs. Casnim, the .beautiful, and the bold bad robbers. The scenes from the Arabian. Nights are flashed on the vcreen simultaneously with that of Ihe little girl and her boarding school companions, listening in rapt attention m the dormitory bedroom. Moa- day Vivian Martin appears in "The Sunset Trail." Miss Violet Mason of Kentuck, spent mormng and evE ninB. Thursday shopping in town. Mrs. lOdward Lane and sou, iidwai d, Mrs Eiua Morrison spent Thmj-dayj )e£t in Connellsville calling on friends. it 2V4 per cent in elementary school* [ fffw ,a high schools, however, the increase. !s only one-fourth of the usual 9% per ent. -- 5 Such increases as there -is i -' i!gh school enrollment is caused th8 L past month here, bas leturned to Swiss vale. itfsscs Margaret Finnerty and Kegina Xash ~\\ ore the guests of Miss Mary Arkwright in Ml, Pleasant last i evenmg- -. LillJani Kennwly and Bninia , girl students. Fewer boys are e) - iled | this year in every class in high ;hool j «ic»pt Uie fourth; apparently there is| i healthy tendency for boye m the ,*nlor year to remain and graduate. In city elementary, schools the increase in enrollment is actually some- irh»t above normal; but in city h i g h ] schools there is a marked falling off, [ especially among the hova. 1 Country schools show some gains ' aver last year both in elementary and high school enrollment but not a» , great as would be etpecied under normal conditions. Rural high schools show increases for both boya and ::'rls desp ; w the wat. A. H Jennings ol Maple S u m n n t , | G e l s t h o ; , . c i t e r d a . lth Con . ras s. caller m town yesterday. ! ,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,*.,,*,, Costs Less and Kills T h a t Cold *S?" C A S C A R A U I N I N E ti-^aids of rtolKrs in Job K ''mnMl^iire .n-f n.~ 9 fhance to hid on v m o n t h (( Tre .dcar«for ZOyeart-^ ._ -«afe. Bare, no opUtc» --cure* cold ia 24 hours--jnp in 3 , Uonarh*cfcifitfeU. Getthc ; box with Red taj led Mi. Rilf* picture on C. Ccitt le more, wivca money. nellsville friends. Jease Kopner of this place has accepted a position, as manager of an A. and P. store at Millvale, Pa. Jliss Elizabeth Peterson is spending a few days in Indiana, Pa. Charles O'Neil, James Bryne, [ Frank Byrne and Dr. Vincent Pisula spent Wednesday in Pittsburg. The funeral of Stephen M., Beatty was conducted this afternoon at i two o'clock at ihe home in charge of Ri'v G W. Tcrbush and intennent I followed In tho Seottdale cemetery WAR FUND OF $500,000 To Be RalhCd for Presbyterians to I'urc Vor Memhers in L". S. Service. A caraptiisn is to be inaugurated by the Presbjterian cnurches thraugliout the country to raise ?500,00t) for the wai work of the Piesbyterian National Service Commission. There are 100,000 Presbyterian boys in the army and the object of the campaign will be to laibe $5 for each The commission asks each "o raise the equivalent of t*o per cent of its annual congregational expense f u n d , or "to cover every star in its service Uas with a ?5 bill." Each cantonment lias about 5,000 Presbyterian soldiers, and the commission plans to send at least one pastor to each. The work will not be a duplication ot the Y. M. C. A. activitcs. At certain, cantonments, halls vrill be erected for religious services. Photograph of an American scho oner off SL Nazaire, France, ablayc from stem to stern. The ships of the allies hesitate to go to the rescue ol burning craft, for German commanders have adopted the decoy o£ a simulated ship in dib-tress to bring their prey within torpedo distance. F. T; EVANS, AGENT risEMl.Sjitof MtmysRdilblo SOU; EV r-WQGISTS EVEifflVMERE OXY-ACETY! Anything Made of Metal BELL PHONE 52 51 Arch Street, Unionto-wn, Pa. . o w r ^ j - art! Cantr^c uxl xccocd biu d ^acbico toul^otc. achinerTt Cxa tied C.jiflciiso eriKincE. Pjmpc, icctric Motors, Enciacs, UciJcrt Flsiicrs, Btmri- ;«·«, ftc. SaTr-fiiiJ rutr.ts. iJ^Jt as Pullej-a. HafUnc. GontracLr/r'n e-aiptoent, Coacrclo nxcra, ?W)up. Evcrvtl*Inff in machinery mod ipplfra. Spoe-nl P^i-ca. BAIRD HACUINJir.Y CO.. Pittsburgh. Pa PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPEE. 1SOABS BMFTKI) SFTCT. Dawson. Don't kaock Contrfllsvillo by iend- ing your money out of town for your job work when The Courier company , can do it here at hnnii* us giv* v n u [n-it*e- R n q r l The 0aU;' rmi-icr. DA'WBON, Jan. 26.--Mrs. Joseph Snyder spent Friday with friends in Pittsburg Arthur Moon was called to Mc- Keesporl Thursday owing to the death of Ins brother, George. Samuel Bridges has movufi his family into tlie hotii» recently occupied by Ro5 Hist J. I. Thomas was a leeent Pnttsnurg caller. Frank Tarr has moved his family Into the N". A. Hist property on Hail- road street. Travel Difficult in Jinny I'urls of On 1 Coke Region. j Driftitig snow lias made road? m j various parts of the region impassa- i ble. In the direction of Grcensburg i conditions are said to be particularly bad Ijccal autoists report machines tied up all along the route. One ma". counted a half dozen trucks srranrlp^ with ^ie radiators removed. Some local travelers retmn,pg from. Pittsburg were compelled to leave ihe-ir cars at Greenaburg and come tlie remainder ot the way by trolley. Try onr classified advortiBcmeots. GESEEAI, HAU1IKG, COAL AJTD CECSHED COKE. W. M'. GLOTFELTY. Itoth Phones. , CoaneJIsTffle, Pa.

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