The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1918
Page 4
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i'HE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, JA.NUAi.tY' 2b. isxo. UU?e Otaurter. HENRY P. SXYDKR. founder and Editor. 1S7H-131C TllK COCRJIJJl COMJ*A-\, war conducted as Uie nation's embodiment o[ patriotism, not as a means o£ lru*oting partisanship. They are not even asking' bi-partasansMp control in its direction, but they do demand that it. be conducted efficiently and speedily. If it is not being so conducted, ihore must be changes in system and personnel.'\vhich are in the icterests r whose pride may be humbled. K. M. SNYDER, President. .7AS. J. I3LISCOUL, . . Sec'y and Treasurer, Business Manager, of patriotism, oot f partisanship, no -- matter whom the changes mav hurt JOHN" 1^ GANS. Managing Editor. ·WALTEU S. STTM11KL. 1 · City Editor. MISS LYXNE 15. KIXCELL, Society Sditor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press, Audit Bureau *t Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. News of the Past Condensed f r o m the Files of Thu Courier. ' OHQ Cent a Word. j Ko a£t*ertteements for Jjtrg* Than 15 C«o£*. | Classified columnit close at nooal Advartlaernantc of want*. M.IML «tc.. received a f t e r that h o u r Drill uot Rp*»e«,r until thrs day fullowltix Two cents per coiy, 50c pe~ month: 95 per year by nuill if paid in advance. *OT VKT IVItLLVG. It is an id-Ie wa^te of iim« to speculate on how soon Germany \n:l be willing to conclude a .peace,- iC we base our calculations on the news at yesterday from Berlin, Count von HertUng's address in the Reichstag, from which one may form Entered as -recond class matter at the the impression that Germany us ready postofRce. Conaoiisviiie, Pa. j to consider peace terms, was nothing ·_?_··_ _ --._...-..' · ··------ - ---··- j more thau a vague and indefinite aci- SATUltDAT ITE3HMJ, JA3T. 26,191$. j mission that certain points in President Wilson's address might be agreed upon in a peace bettieanent. Aside from this the German premier's speecli was in reality a sort of defiant Member ·( The AMOclAtcd Prca«. ~TSe Associated. Press Is exclusively ·ntitled to tbtt use for republlcation ot all news dis- putchcs credited to It or not otherwise credited in this papor and al»o the local nenvs published herein. reiteration o£ the refusal oa the part i oC Germany to recede from certain 1 points which she regards as funda- , menial. Among these is the determination that sb.o and her ally Aus, tria-Hungary shall alone settle the , question o£ Poland's future status. It was made no less plain that, Germany IS THE ·JDiXKEKS'tS OF PATRIOT- has no p rcscnt , or even protective, ISS, SOT Of P Uf.TISAJ.SIUF. | intention of atodoning her claim up- The softer minded and consistently : on Alsace-Lorraine, or renouncing her patrioUe citizens of the United States j claim for indemnity. This is no near- ·who in their earnest, helpful efforts to i er approach 'to peace than Germany do all that they can u\ help win the j through her militaristic leaders has ·war hare forgot^m that they arei made at anytime since the war began. luranbers of a political party, deplore inoro than any other happening since Ihe declaration bt war itself, the incs-' Prora. the German people there come evidenced of an earnest longing for peace, but the iron hand -still rules cusable outburst oC partisanship j them and no .opportunity, if the Ho- which is now stirring the national j henzollerns can prevent ii, vill be capital. Chagrined and shamed as! given for their own subjects to prac- they are, the citizens are determined I tice tUo nwich-raunted "self-dotenni- j ihat this ignoble strife of party ambi- | nation" which Germany is apparently j iions shall be made to give way to a ] bo willing shall be employed outside I patriotism that sh.ill stir the whole j the empire. , nation. ' While there was a certain concilia- Until this issue of selfish leadership ! tory tone in the addresses of both i 'was made to o-btrii'Io itself upon pub-{ the German and Austria-Hungary He notice, by ihe ill-tempered and jll- j premiers yesterday/ their .references ' considered speech of Senator Stone,! 10 peace were diplomatic generaliza- and the almost a. unseemiy -public [ tions without any substantial advance reply of President Wilson to the :id- t toward a peace such as both countries dress of Senator Chamberlain, a j are aware must sooner or later he ' wholesome patriotism was the domin- concluded. The speeches wore sig- , ant note both in Congress and out o f ' nicant of a certain change in the it. Men in all wal'-cs of life, "without} drift of the official mind in tbe En- | regard to political affiliations or: tente countries, but it is still far re- previous condition of turpitude," vied moved from any sign of a willingness with each other in their patriotic,en-{to make either sacrifice or rcnuncfa- ; thusiasm. and gava unqualified sup- , lion in the interests ot a world peace. port to the Administration on all its ' war measures. t 1» i' 1 * distribution of eoa.1 in the ! Ajnong the poopie at large ih'.*re 1 t - r », V i ·· T ' prevailed the hapjy notion that we , st eart it is a determ'lmuion to be'sin to j were a country, "O'lC and indivisible," i Pool on February IS. And why not alo , not a political paity seeking all the coke on the same date or evt-n earlier?' spoils o f office it could appropriate o r · .. , '. T ~ ,, ,, . . ! j. . . . . ^.otv li ia the DuquQpne r/i)JmJlerJ. ( divide, nor yet a partisan admmistra- ! That is unlimited in the n u m b e r ,.f tion that was scheming, devising and i Mops it it to make, planning to pei r-c:uate its party pov. or. While taere wts honest, and frank · criticism of .some things that Congress, under pressure from the \Vhite House was oljligeil to do, and -while · there was a mild protest against tin-' unlimited enlargement of the president's powers and U.e creation of wholly new controllers hips and dictators-hips, ihe country as a v.'hole was willing that the Jemocrats run the wa-r. and L was believed that everything to prepare for it was being well , done. In a certain, sense this was \ true, hut when some facts became to , be known, as Tac:s have a habit of [ doing, it wai found that there - h a d ; been much in the conduct of the war , that indicated inefficiency and Inca-, paciiy in rfome Q the. persons who v were xunctioniug- r.s heads of depart- [ 1 o t ) ments, and \ho v.-^re dwelling under j mri ' Uic delusion thai t-ie sanctity of their ! (1 o/Bcr. as an integial part of the Ad-J crft( ministration, would shield them from criticism. 'o rme 11 sv »ll" br»j -, arr- reaching thj f i t . A l l th*\v m-o'l i s t h o opjioi t u n f t y ; they will be co-nin^ to th* f r o n t . F R I D A Y , FEItltttAAr II, 1SSS. Tue JJ un bar Kurnswic Jatrjkc ag.Linst it ivilucUon In ways 01 J u p u r r ciiiL onda wh«n the tio.-npoiiy promisos u rest/m 1 niii -,vu.scs w h e n t h e price of iron just!- Jlc;- a,nl to recojLjrJse commit tta a n d c o n t i n u e aejni-'inonthly pays. The men r e t u r n to work. Inmost D tjb u r n on, superintendent ot the- D i l w o r t h mines at Scott. Hit.von ilici of injuries from being struck by a irain, .lonay rGhliaff. .wuportntcndcn-t ot Lhe Ccrjtral Works near Mr. nca^- a n i . instan.tly h'illed wJien struck by a lo.utcrtl Pitt car. 1 Mumberp of tho Presbjnerian ciiiuroh H U i p r i s u 1'o^tor lOdie a,t old ra^liioucU doiij-Uon parLy, f'aLrick Q u i n n . -iG years old, dies at "Wheeler. K S. GrlnKvre, for nu.ny y«ar.s a. Baltin tore Wiio carpenter, severs lite connections with Lhii com-pany to movo to Indiana. Kverett ^\. Johnson dies at his h o m e in Main stroct. iLkJiapl O'Roupke, bartender R,t the Tous^i House. Is thrown from n. busKY n e a r Dunbo,r. HQ receives severe i n - "ow Seconil ward schoo-l bullrtinff IK opened w i t h aii attendance of ove? 200. Mltrtj Partcm is in clijurgrc In the aiscnco of Professor Iliirrtbont. Mr. and Mra. Prank McGmth ccle- brate their tin w^dttinij. lunffinpfir M.vrtdn KidcpouT*fl locomo- i ttvo breaks down on Fayctte county branch delay in R- trafllc. 3ru«5 wtore of T\'. G. Morliell In N"ow Havr-u damag-cd by (Iro. John Carr. section foreman nn Ui« Baltimore Ohio aL Lay ton reeivcvs $0d prenn'um offeretl by Lnc company to th-o foreman who koep.i his section Vhe three months old t*ii!d o* J. O. Robinson of Sta.uff«r fnUilly burne*! w h e n tlie mother ROCS out to milk leaving the c h i l d r e n alone in the hou.«e. "\\"iiDiain Ebhort, wcverely cat on the Toot by :tn axe [n Uif liamis of an- th^r person \vhi-le cutting: U'e at Dawson. P«ITAY, J A ? T C * n V 2S, 1SOS. TVftUvHccl report of U i o Conncllflvlllp ookc tnidc for the weok ending- January 2i shows rv total of IS.S03 ovens in t n c region of whirti 10,009 nr*i (n blast and 3.509 i d l ^ . w i t h a total es- ttnated production ot 150/J33. Phipments for tho w-ek as'prreirated s fiM c-n.r« dls-Lnbuted :us follows: to PittsbuTfir 2.0r-4 c-ari=, to points west 4.- 3-t^ cars; to points east t . l f i ^ cars, an increase of MO care a? compared with th*t previous v.'C(.k. A project to clam t h e Ynutrhiafrb-cny rivp.r t a k ^ n up by Contrrcasmnn E. J-X liobinsan in Vfsiahln(?tfti, Tho body Of JUps Blir_n.fHit!i A t k i n son who diMl In Sew Mexico b r o u g h t to t b e home oC her parent-.. Mr. uticl Mrs. Georrjc ^\'. Atk-!nxn nexr 1'cr.nti- vil'.e. (H^orRT': T. Cormeriy miller EM: tlic Kcll Lous mills, clit-s In Pittsburc ol heart d.!j* lie was 07 yea ra old. From t h « book., nf tJi* asciCsssors. Conaolisvl]le'» valuation f^r Laxailon purposes Is shown to be f2,(Xi~,12ij, distributed, as follows: PI rat ward. J520.iWS: Second ward $-4'J4,.1(XI; Ttrird ward, ·5"ti6.-l I ft; Fourth wanl, 5n20.T55; X«w JViiv pn'fj vitUiarion IH .S441,4riG; O u n - W«nle«. "W ANTBiT^."" "T OU^T'~BARB3SJR1NG I ( _ . B S - I !2jajl6td j WANTJBD--COOK AT | TAURANTT. Public i WAITED--VOU TO AUV1£J%T1SK , TUT clrianiecl column*. W A A T K D -- C L K A N T COTTON RAGS, 7c Ib. Courier Oilier. ISjira-tid WANTl-:i -- L RU HOUSE. WOiCAK. Ijan-tfd W A N T E D -- DTSIiWAISHKR AT j B A J ^ T J A t O R K HOUSE. 9 j a n - L f d "WANTED- tiaid. Alt] lOdcc-tfd ·COOK AND CIIAAIBEF-- TAUKAN'T ; SL.VV1SU leatrvoir). Get ofC s-trcet c:ar a. .. -- . j ..'treol, flonday. January US. IlouiieliolU , 1 j poods. Salf to commence at I o ' c l o c k . ' KSTATE Oir GKOHGE BAJTOS, j l a t e or the City o: ConT-.tllsrillc, Count v of K a y o t t e and State of Pfimsyl- vuiiiu. deceased. Tjettr-rn testamentary on t h e above named cwtutc h a v i n g been granted to" the iindcrsieiicd. n o t i c e is hereby (riven to all persons i n d e b t e d l o J said t-ttato to make i m m e d i a t e payment. j and in those h a v i n g clfiimw afrainst t h e . j to present t h e m properly a u t h e n - i ticatcd f o r g e t t t c m c n t 41. D All K NO IN,' KKRCiitor, Connellsvillf, l'enni;ylvania. S. R. GOTjDSMlTH, A t t o r n e y , 5janSL-nat WANTBD--C;iU^ OP. "WOMAN' FOR house-work, (jood home; -no East j U u r p h y Av»*. ^5jan2td WAJfTED--GIRfj FOR «-. j house work. A p p l y 223 ·South N S n t n j sircct. G r e e n w o o d . 16nor-tfd ·WANTED--TWO COPIES OF SKPT. -0, 1917 and ono copy oC Sop. 5. 1S1". Will pay 25c copy. THI3 COURIER CO. 2 j a n l t d RO--FIRST CLAiiS BOILER makers and boiler Jnaktr JxiJpcrs. Highest wasea paid. Apply CONNW^L-S- VULLE JROM WORKS, at once. HjanlOtd WANTED--THR13B COPIES OCT. 1st, one copy Nov. 9, 3 copies Nov. I B , two Xm-. H and two Dec. 1 S», 1317. 'Will pay 2."c copy. THE COLJRl'ER CO. 2Gjanltt! \VANTED -- AT ONCE. BLACK- am Ufa. V.'ill r e n t or pay (joocJ salary. Good stoop. Good tooln Lifetime job for snod mart. "BLACKaatlTH," care Courier. ESjan-tfrt K. D. M u n s g n , A t t o r n e y . ESTATE OF HOWARD KAYS M A R - ! shall, Deceased. Loiters tCKtam^ntary 1 on the estate of KcJu-arc! /lays Marshall, ,' late of the City, of ConnellnvM1c, County , of F.iycLU-, sind State of Pennsylvania, deceased, have been granted t o tlie undera:g:ncd, notice in hereby given to a.I persons i n d e b t e d to said estate t o , m a k e i m m e d i a t e B a t t l e m e n t , and to those having claims against the same. to present them, p r o p e r l y a u t h e n t i c a t e d , for setU«me.tit. KLIS^N'OR MAUSflAIji., TBOMA-S, ·Oxecurix. C o n n c l l f i v l l t e . Pa. Divorce X IT ANTED--M.INKRS "WANT ED WHO' nrc s t u d y i n g for examinations to Kcl ( | t h e best m i n i n g book publlnlicd, " M i n - , inff in a Nutshell." by JAMBS W A R D - ! LAW, Scottrlalp. I'.x Phicc J2.26. , U. T. Chamberlain. A t t o r n e y . K A T H E R I N E KOSTANHKI VS. lip K u y t a n a k i . In the Court ol Coin- '· m o n Heat? of FayeLte County, Ta , Xo. ] 319 Deccrober Term. 1917. To Phillip K o s U v n s k i , rcspondeiiL, you are h e r e b y ) n o t i f i e d that the subpoena and i m i b p o e n a in this case have b e e n r e t u r n - { pii "non est inventus," you are ther"- foro required to appear in the Court of Common PIcsis of Pjiycttfl C o u n t y , Pa., nn the C o u r U i M o n d a y of February ot .«jiid court. 11)18, to ans-vver the libel and complaint iited t h e r e i n , and show cau^e. if any you have, why a divorce fnmi the bond 1 ? of m a t r i m o n y should not bft granted t h e l i b e l l u n t above named. TKOS. J,. HOWARD, ShorifT. Sheriff's oflicr-, Jan.iury 24. IQlS. jan^fifebl-S-irj p "WANTED--SALKSMES--$300 to F300 per mnr.Lh saU-ry or comminaton selllnp our oils, ffre:t. K es, paints nnd other jipccn.ilties. Do n o t bo sitisflcd; Ret our propo^lticiTi. INLAND OIL "WORKS CO.. Cleveland. O. 2 6 j a n l t d * W A N T E D -- A N Y KIND C"F PRi:T- inir, w h e t h e r it is a calling card, MJ.IC b i l l or l h e finest enRruvud wedding i a v I t a t J o i . or a n n o u n c e m e n t . Wo p r i n i anytliintr--everythinfr--Jo It p r o m p t l y nnd ilt it rijeht. Call tho-nian at TH^ COURIER oftVe. DolH phoiuss. 27-tC profits m l l l n i t our extract!,, p cold .-roams, faco po«rlw llcaut £ul e r f u m e s . , SP'«».| mortlcinea. cli'. llcaut £ul hiRli Eradf | c l r K n n d aM oth( , r m l n c , q u ip, n line. l«clai.iv. t f r r l t o r . Sample j ,, f o r llurp o soap free. LACASSL-N CO., Louis. Mo. WASTED--OLD FALSE! TEE' -wanted. Don't matter if broken. I prty j ° n X2 to 515 per *et. Also cash or old poid. ^ stiver ami broker, jewelry. Sand by j parcwl p n f f and rccelvo ch^ck by r e t u r n , NOTICE TS HEREBY GIVEN' THAT an application w i l l be made by K. T. Norton, A. C. Sticks! and J. F. BaJnlcy to the Governor of Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, February 5 t h , 1 9 J 8 . aL I U o clock A. .M., u n d e r t h e provisions of aa Act of Assembly entitled, "An Act In provide for the i n c o r p o r a t i o n nnd n.'KuIatlon of certain corporations." approved the 29th day of A p r i l . A. !·. 1874. and the p u p p l e m e n t s thereto, for a charter for nn intor.di'd corporation i n m i n e i e n t and JPH 10 i ripthts. I Act of t h o r f t o , EB ! .19-26 . £ w h ] h ,, Uu , m M u f l l c . u r t n ! r , 0 j i i n K and otherwise d e a l m B a l l bcnellt.s nnd bripilcs f i « ^ ds'jotnbly, and ihe suppl^m I conferred. STEJILIXG, I ATTHEWS. Sollcltorh. j; said ru.7 The main reason for the purchase of War- Savings Stamps is because your country is at war. Your country needs every penny which every man, woman, and child can save and lend in order to feed, clothe, arm and equip the soldiers and sailors of America, and to win this righteous war in defense of American honor and the cause of democracy throughout the world. A Country worth fighting for is a Country worth saving for. To save money is to save life. Buy War-Savings Stamps at post offices, banks, trust companies, or other authorized agencies, and strike a. blow for our Country. from one of our stores. We have embargoes on flour, on sugar. We advise you to conserve on meats; have meatless days, have wheatless days, have wasteless days. You can do that anfl have an abundance of good, nourishing food. Inspect our grocery departments, our meat departments, our produce departments; see the wonderful variety of foodstuffs that we have, articles that you can substitute for meat varieties. They will cost you less money than meat and are equally as nourishing: fish, cheese, eggs, butter, milk, cereals, fresh and canned vegetables of all kind. Conserve on meat, conserve on sugar. 63 Large Department Stares, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Cfcart^r Xori-r. Germany still in istn in uhinf.- onl s *« homemade brand of peace. HtTl Hnwjird I.? expcri*i!iciiiic uT e v e r y k . u d of t h r j l l Hf^ on tit.'- u. v.-:tve h:iv to o f f e r t'nese fl.iys. Ilic J.liry f-i tnriHitiS renders of The f ' o j n e r . too Secretary Baker 13 now uchedul.'d to explain his explanations. The Mturin wave over WuyniiiKton having nuh^lded somewliat the rest uf th« counto' is b r e a t h i n g a tnlle easier. M o n d a y beim,' am.ther "rest day · Joe.-, not mean t i i a t you should inar.f t r(ra . rc , elrva.tor motor t Uie ilo'ci MAT e-tt cm off the supply i.*C watoi to Lho power hnupe." Colonel A. - . Iloyd, of U n l o n t o w n . IL.I-* funn^nicd to h^.-o;n» the D^mocra- l i e candidate frr thu nonAinaJion of S t a t e Senator. WfUIarri fTyi-cr, iop« tttaipr o? Xo. 10, is on d u t y - n arrotmt of .-.U-kn ess. I Uu pup! !« have "*n t li 1 FOU ItlJST--S ROOM M O D K R N \ home, (25. Hx room house, i A. E. WAOO.NKU, Trl-Slata 81'5-X. t'lcrrto, fo FOR HKNT--THREK FURNISHED | J-' ]L the charter of ai i n t f i i '" i COAL COMPANY," the character and objot-t n C w h i c h i.i purchaslnc. leasmfc. hold in? and devolopmB lands u n d e r l a i d ml for H p h t house keeping: 1200 Race street Tri-St.i.c 813. U6jan-tl , ; "-irk.»t and y o l l l n r coal; ! l u r i n g and selling coke :mri other pro' d u c t f i \s may bo i n c i d e n t a l l y produced in connection t h e r e w i t h : n n d for s u c h , T l c r t l i n g ' y a-irires-. i fettinxa hut ie lia«.- a = han: s ot -'""'B ius h u r t h u r l »T ·"" I^om Xo. 10, is off d u t y '.n aw-otmt of ' °""^" ^^ ""^ ^..-^ rt ..- -.-. d u o t n - n s may bo i n c i d e n t a l l y produced ^ ^U-kneas. I»B pupils have ^ n t H i m | -bjan-tw ^ c o n n o ( J t l o n t b e r e w l t h : n n d for such | flowers several tlmi»s to r c m l m l h i m -^OR KENT--FRONT OFFICES ON j purposes ty liav«*. POBSWM and enjoy aJJ · t l m i he Is not f o r u o M r n . second Moor of D u n n Mvany b u i l d - I the rights, h v n r t H s and w - l r l l c p e s nt The first elevator in t o w n ha,^ be«;n ln . i n n u i r e of HA.HRY DL'XN I t'ic HaUl Act of Assembly nnd l h e , IltJ - ij'.rtWl :n the H u t c l M j r i c u a . K la ' ' 8 j a n - t / d ' supp 1 oniont.« iiml rinj^ndmont.-? t h e r e t u . | l " ! ( '- op^rnle«l by h y 1 r n c l l r pn-^ure a n d has i . | J. K I R K U E N N B R . Solicitor, Second j m'-d-jrii s-a-feiy a.pplL*uicu.-. ' f O l l I1KNT--ON!-; HlOItIT ROOM | Xati'-nal* B a n k Buildinsi-. Ctnine)1j«viHt». t l i a L there haT bi-en no d»- rn-Kl'j'.-Ti s-a-feiy applL/uict;.-. POll I1KNT--ON!-; HlOItIT ROOM | Xati-T i tprlfve^ BroUiera f r u i t uroi\eia .inU 1 iiou-**. A l l morlcrn tnvprovcinents, ! Pa. : floriRtfl in Dunb,\r to«'n.'»(}jp i m v c al Patterson and Cheiflnut R t r e e t . I n q u i r e ^r=---- jan!3--6fcb'J "Wlien, therefore, Seaator Chamberlain, chairman of the Senate Conimit- lee on Military Affairs, sialwart spokesman oC U.o Ad-annistraiion, with which ho h a i been \u political T'o not m a k e Monday a "motionless" d*ay. ^ l a k e it a real "w»rkless for m o t h e r and that will give pk-nty of motion. (lay [ ba^.inn plant In one of Lhelr'amscrva- , S M. ( f o c d m a i i . Touprh House. 2fijsn-tfd STATEWEC^T OF 1 i toricn biirins a large bunch if f r u i t . | -:^: - ^j-^zzz^^-i'-i^.': -_-_-,__ I · Thom.iji Kru^li chanpr 1 * bin nam, 1 b y 1 KOI- »*i*. ' Stat** of Pennsylvania, County of F a y - j 1 decrep o-f c o u r t and w i l l change hi« ! n ^^ f ^^^ j ette, ss. ^ i J rcwiUienee f r o m t h i s placn LO Pitts-bur^, j FOIL S A L E -- I S l t T O U R f N G CAR. j Before me, the subscriber, a Notary i Sfvciuewi C o n n r l l - v i l l o Democrats j Inquire G. CARLSON'. Scottdalo a v e n u e , p u b l l c within and for said County and · fiorm ,1 stock company and -propose to I North Scottdale. T'a 2fijan2td* i tate, pcrf-sonally uppoared Jamea M , Xanii- nf Author Lac-kins:. The e d i t o r of The C o u r i e r i , who belns d u l y aworti accord- , i? to law. did depose and aay: sympathy and accord, through know- I c c i p t o£ a conununiratidn in roforenet- led^e he had gamed, and some of ; )f n edjtorial e n t l t J c r l "Perpetuating whicH he says the President does not , S^^SS^To fu^iM*hi^nan'I himself know, poll.ted OUL tbe bluad- and addrc-ps -i r ihe rules- of ev«ry w e l l ers and wealtnfcs£' i S ! o£ the "\Var De- \ regulated n e w s p a p e r ofllce r e q u i r e partm«nt, the country began to be , -~ ···-_ ··· ·_. _----.,' uvwe n w - f o k l v pap^r wh.^-h w ill niako ·L i n i t i a l a t i p m m n c p as t h e CWuiMlsJ K O U SAI J T-:-~Bl.'ICK VOCH JIOADS- v n l e NVw« Thr s'^-kholde-^ 'in. I t t i f 1 "r, 1917. in (rood c o n d i t i o n . Me- j That he Is Aststant Manager of Clr- u m o u n t described .ire: JumeV MoCirath, i C R E A K Y MOTOR CAU CO iSjanGt · c n l a t i o n o £ T h e _ Courier, a d u i l y news- - S2'tft; T-. A. TarrfHJ. J*}ti Dujrfrnn ana .T. S. B r y n r r , S1K'; J fX Madl trail. I FOR paper published in Corincllsville. Pa..' -HOljLrxrj TOP DKJPK i and that the n u m b e r of paper* p r i n t e d ' aroused from the false security into ; which it had been lulled. When Sena-- i ' tor Chamberlaia ^u^sesLcd metbodij .wherefliy the deficIeneieB be had riis- , 'covered could be remedied, and oaly [ 'for the .purpose ol nsakins our naiiou i irresistibly strong in the conflici in "Which we are eu:;a-je(l, president \\~il- ' son, in the flush -f ill-conirolled re- ' dantrnent, issued, -t .statement wbith has placed upoa him a responsibility for diaaiging the c u-rcnt of feeling iu , Washington and elsowbere from patriotism/ to partisanship, which the country' at large -,-ould have 1 !L.^n happier had he not asumtu n. This reply to Senator chamberlain was less a rebuke to thai coura^coitn .statesman for his temeriiy .u uj/port- · .iiig legislation, the President- did n o t , .approve, than it waa a Man in the face .of- those members of the Republican Congrest- who., throushojt ~"lfi.V" war, ' have submerged nany and given the Administration loyal and ef- T!I fective support upon e»ec/ iacasure he has nrged* And this support lias been given when members of -jic President's own part^ h a v e refused to do Ms bidding. The speech of Senator Stone. -,\hich ! was Intended onliy as a parriPan nd- dress, ha* served much less than Uie , President's statenirnt to cause the · shift in sentiment. Senator Stone's i known disloyalty disqualiiier, him iu . the critic of the patriotism cf o'licrs, | avea ,-meeber§ of "his own party, hui his blunder, in conjunction \.-jth Pr^Ment Wilson's staiement and sinb- TK.m.tUtndsr.BpeoUng proposed les- ishrttomrbMh. had not been "made in ihe "N\'hit« Hoos*," has destroj-ed EtI0ur A. Guest. i ccllent location. Write "S. K. C." 13U j T o t u l dward BuckiMtrhn.m and Mian Corn Snydt-r street. City. 2 f i j a n 2 L d " i Daily Avt-rairti T r u m p , of C o n n c l l s v l K c . lire mar- in Uniontovn. 38,fl44 C.11MJ . TKat the daily circulation by ji-.ontha U--ONE S L E I G H . ONK I for the year 1917 to data was as fol- T J l K M l T O F C n A K I T Y . W h u u Oswald J ' e n n y w i s c was IHUH- he O f t e n Ui-ed to s:iy; "Vv't-re 1 but rich lu.w much that's good I'i! ]» f r o m da tti day, t k n o w a dozen peo|)le now vho-n; cares I'd d r i v e awjij "Tho rich KO traniptnj; by t h e poor in ways t h a t KPc:n u n k i n d , Tho w o r t h y ca«i"= I l i f h o l t l t h e y n e v e r f -fcci to { I'urhapn t h e y do n i ^ t o p to t h i n k or nm tic t h e y aro blind." Thus (3si*'a!d f e n n v w i t e \ o u l d su j.!id m e n t a l l y b e f r i e n d H i s iit"j«iy brothr-rs. f a i and lieur, hi.-= j r i v i n p r krif ^ no end He W.IL* r.ilefd » l i l e n i t f o u l v. hen he'd ro ·«»!« to snt*nd. ·i Oswald's u n c i e diCtl a n d l e f t Lu I -m .i s t n c k of f f o u i r h . A IK! jn'opli,- jloi-ki'd *"rom f n r and near to have him 'Jiire tiicir \voe. And somt- u rre friends iha.1 he k n e w u-ell. and tome ho d i d n ' t k n o w . letnJlfe(l report of t h e C o n n e l l s v l l l e 1 rokc truOe fur tin? week cn-ilin-w Satur- ' 15T ov*ns in t n c region of which 17,- Two I v b l . N O E N - , 1917 ". 2(ijan2td* ] January Month. Daily Av. : U A L K e; w i l l tr.ide N MOTOJl- ; March ,.. urse. also J i u w ' .\ n r H i... ov*-n» in me remon 01 wmrn n . - | a g X 3 motnroy.ilc tire, half price. A d - . M t v 441 arc In blact IUM! IS.T1U din, w i n 1 , lr ,,TM -TinF* ·' i«ir* t V » i H - r i - « n « « j ·»«· May u t u t a l etitlmated o u t p u t of i!OS.7fl-J | drt ' aa " R U ^^ co " rier ' Mn.4-b , j u n e j tonp. J FOU SALK--SET OF SLT=JTGH BODS j ^u^ust' ' " ' j rthip.nmnt.3 for t l i o \voi-k fLB-gresa-ted t for pony bugyy. Also a a u d l e a l m o s t t i, n . 1m . "I." r..«ll cars ( l l f t t n t t u t u l rt«« follow*: in ^ood ui n e w . BoU j i h o n e 112*. K. D. opLober i J'ULsbur-ff. l!.tlSS»: to ixilnta ivout, 2.- ' TSSNICXT. ConneUsviJle. Pa. 24jan3t Kovomber 7ys; i~j poiniri c.'iy;. 111. - l i i . K T · Tpwards u', 1.000 ivounds of iroTi" ^^U SALK--HOHS13, Jl VJ3AUS ObD, i ec " * ' s t n l e n f r o m y.ird- irf SHuii Iron . St- , ' X ' w e l R h w l . - l O ibw., sound n n d w i l l work i . 13l ^^ ·c«rtpbny. 'toubli: or s-mwl... A l t o one h o r s e * And f u r i n i s r ' a a y e t n ' not! "' i . llobbera I w t t h e dru»c store of Br TMT.°'' ""J «VJ! Jrr ^1 ffr?" 0 : 1 .? 1 ,-- ( V .,,,, i JAMBS M. DRISCOL.L.. .Taro-bs at CunilueticQ and cACiipn on a. " M L 1 ^ t i j 1 · u uiT fauu - O t l - - h j a n u - t - u i i j S w o r n t o and aubscribod before m e , L a - H l f u r . They trot S-." in cash and ' ., nn ,, . r ,, ,, , . ,, _ ,, ,, qi-i-i i SOT-'OO ' Li " f! - ljt!l tillv ll ' J^'niary, 1i'lS. ! ,,in. u n i n y o r ^ l paper* Th.y kno,k er ^ dS ^^To^lfbmM n'^^U ! i - ^ TMRVZ. N. F. in i h r heart of a w ne b n r r M . d r i n k part u p _ c t H e s t a h , f l and 4 0 ^ 4 ( ) W I l h of ;he wino and t t e - i r o y the rev t . I J00 f t f d t of p R R _ e S ) ( H n f c , On povtiil ·fhn b u l W I r . f f oconpi«.l by c. \. Tfs- s l r e e t i n ComicUsviiio, T V o u l d m a k e - ' a , . t,iir. .u Snmcrtleld is dt'?troyed by Hr^. {ro ,, d r n ^ n r i r v . Hn-d m i n . m a c h i n o sh- " lcausc f scarcity oi* w o r k and at- , or l a u n t l r v . Address M. J. KOHJ1, '.'o t - j t i - t i v e steam "1'iu rat?-* SftO fr.r.-is'n- n e l l F V i U e . " Pa. . l o t f - s a t d l j - t r l r f r . for X ^ w Vork on tlie way t." ; F O R . .SAT*E--ON"E EXTRA (.7OOD L h - oU c o i i i i t i y. " w e l l i m p i overt p o u l t r y and f r u i t iny Your Ford Car If you want one for next Summer. I can make immediate delivery of FORDS, although I cannot promise delivery next Spring. Everything is in. your favor -- cars will not lie any cheaper and deliveries more uncertain later; and the FORD car is the only car that has not advanced IL price. The same quality that you have always expected -- the greatest automobile value at last year's lowest price is still yours if you place your order NOW. Price of Touring Car $360.00; Runabout $!M5.00; Chassis $325.00, f. o. b. Detroit. Delivery anywhere in Dunbar, Franklin, Comells- ville, Lower Tyrone, Salt Lick and Springfield Town-' ships; Dawson, Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs. Hyatt Motor Company 1VEST CRAWFORD AVETE. by W a i t Masou. I I O A X . V A T L K E . \vrtld .«t.Lrtel to B L V f 'd have I ' n t i i h e f o u n d th;it m o r l p n p r c all h i ; lands. And even then ho roulrin t q u i t e keep UP CO all deiniiTHl 0 . A n d vL-ry .shortly Oswald aan* he'd hfive , He cii mge lily plan. *'rn::'ln*t banish all t'ne v.'oes that | f r e t the (foul of man. 'I must be, satisfied." :-:ud he, "to f l u 1 the best I can." ! Tin a P. nn ,v.n. mah. uuicy In Congress wJHeh has -.bus far i And nrw o. TO w..,t, ,,,,,! ;hat hc'r mlBnnd.rFi.,.,,r ynopio say hpx rii!.-.' i . ·-.n ' th"5 of p n e u m o n i a , . Mn-. j r n n i r t Lfim: P o i p ^ o n . w i f e of W. j , F. 555't**»on, file 1 - oT pripumon-ia. Th(» biff dam ft fVav ( .- rail's i n n n i- ir» of t c n t J e r l o i r j . -I'd pi u v e w o o d piled i n I · i u k p , and foi.! wits in the liaf-v- | m; t l i « n why, yy'i fl-sk, O prentle j ,T.S there u nndtiKK.-! in rn ; A b I'. t ·* r w i n ;1 .1 wvp: o'er 11 1 »* ( Iio;ird it IIOM ]. iho lout: n l j r h t ' ;i i« hew* i h o w a ; i i n , T of ih.- ffi STORE For good Shoes that satisfy you in every particular. For first quality Rubbers to suit any style shoe, al sizes. For all kinds of good, dependable Winter Footwear. Gymnasium Shoes or Oxfords, all sizes, black or white. coiiiiact of the war. Tbe , present -unforamat! situatloa has also ' created a relatlonj-hip in dir«t can- j f.OST -r, \ n C K . 11AII Pi:." W I T H 3ir. "Eaton Impm\ i.iu'. o. L. Eaton, who m u l i r v f ' i *-ith that whl:h has ^xited ever j operation at the Wost Pdin 'M- ·lace the war b«gan. ( PUtaburg. is getUng alonp -« -."..i This ut the cfaarsn th^ pcnnl" -Jtw wo ]|. H,» hoDBS it* r p i u r n li*i.:r ·$or+ and the whole Yaiiim nwty h;ir« iTtcck. HP is al-lr u ni nborn tin tvraji'od to fa-WRf. - Th**y \ra.nJ hp ' pital J. I ' I . ; k J .U P.eid. A rfv or tin*- in *n tt Ti« n ^ i l j - u r l f l i f e Tr-\ i h » m SCALJ i»hfLrnpoo na-tural TnaJsaS MEF. JTf ·^nol-wo Xutlt-r. J J X A M I N \ T ( ' X V iiiiv ; ^ \i.\ h,i i r t c / · n m r . · · ' · ' C ' r u - lu d H a i r i* '«rk made JH.V HE:RST. Trt-suR *t'i R i H r . u.i.l . - t i n FREE, tor/'d, to « u d face l a order. jj.uni. :» wroncr. n ·w-ho w.'t v'nc n 'l. · TC 3»4-X. | th-s p n \ ! a n ? r d i»-r r a n i pu 1 !.-- zny h u i r i n u -i-.ntk my ..:ir to n'l-lrniv «:ij'" I'm loin, Men i-f fi.!lnw i 'ITI Ir «·:.« i n l ^ r t M l d - " :il.i" I ' l i r . ^^^ PATRONIZE HOME MEECHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER.

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