The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1918
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, VAU-.B THE POTATO CROP IS NOT MOVING AS MARKET DEMANDS Not More Than One-third Has left Hands of Growers ' and Dealers. HOLD FOR HIGHER PRICES "Wide Ditfcrence Between Prices to Kronen and Prices Comaiuners Must Par; Crop Jtost foe Consumed or Waste*; Cwuiot be Carried Oyer. WASHINGTON, Jan. 26.--Tha potato marketing situation at this moment appears to be serious according to a statement just issued by the United States Department of Agriculture. Tiie total production in estimated to baie been 442 bushel's, or" the largest crop ever produced in the United States. Notwithstanding this fact, prices from the time of digging to- the present have ruled higher than in any previous . -^ , , , , iiau £^uauu VL v^uuc£c « V C X I I L C , la \.L/«- year, of which we- have record with fi Memorla l hospital here as tie exception ot last year vrten .the ^ resu , t of a s]efldin ^.^ on crop was abnormally siiort- Tte Department, at Agriculture has beei able to compute the movement of the present crop with more accur- acrj than has ever been possible before and from all the information available ii appears that not more ttan one-third ot the marketable surplus of the crop of 1917 has been uoved up to December 31. In other vords, there remained to be moved ijvon January 1, two cars of the cro-p ol 1M7 for every car marketed up to thit time. The movement since January i has not beea noticeably ac- eelirsLtd. The present reserve stocks are so widely that the MACCABEE QUINTET LOSES FIRST GAME IN TWO SEASONS To Elks Aggregation Last Jfight in City Basketball League. Special to Tne Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 26.--Mrs. S. C. Stevensoa, chairman of the Unit committee, of the local Red Cross chapter, organized ja unit at the St. Joseph's church with a membership of 35. These ladies will meet at St. Joseph's hall on Monday and Friday evenings. M:ss Mary Arkwright was elected chairman; Miss Mary Queer, secretary, and Miss Elizabeth Hanse, treasurer. The buying committee appointed was Miss Elizabeth Hanse and Miss Mary Kelly. These ladies will make surgical dressings and will be instructed by members of the surgical dressings class already organized, until they become acquainted with their work. ' Patriotic LtHgue. _ Mrs. S. C. Stevenson organized a Red Ma " le , Elks fd:d " !asfil aS 8bt~b ? at U,e ,,. ,. * _ v . i f.i.- =.,-I-.I.I Ma ccabees for the first time in two seasons, 2743. The game was one of SCORE IS CLOSE AT THAT Victors Are But Two Points ilieacl i IVhen Time is Culled; 0,ue »f t h e . Best Jitcr Witnessed on Maccabcc Floor; J'.lks Take (lie Side Jtet. Cross unit to be known as the Patriotic] League, at room No. 4, Hecla, taught r,T"7"? T^ /"I '"""" "T T "' ^ v.-.L M.^I c,.v.4 m n riin^rrt ! °' e fastest a*" 3 hardest ever played on by Miss Mabel Stevenson. Clifford | tl] , I , T - i 1.11- j Henkle Tfas made president; Mary' luction in J J i ' i s Helensky, secretary and Miss Stephens , b . een .- 4 "-" 6 : 0 -- 0 »'» be treasurer They will knit ambulance squares. Coaster Injured. Miss Helen Schaub, a{;cd eight years, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Schaub of College avenue, is con- ·esult of a sledding Thursday evening when she had her head so badly lacerated that a number of stitches were necessary to close the wounds. Hip Frnctnrtd. David Stauffer. who lives at the corner of Diamond and Main streets, fell on the ice and fractured the hip bone. Itnrgess After Speeders. George Cramer was up before Burgess Sam P. Stevens last evening and reprimanded for speeding on Church street. Persons disregarding the school zone will be placed under arrest. Any person seeing an auto speeding in the school zone may make information at the burgess' office and distributed traisportation problems presented do j the driver will be taken up, as speed- not appear to be acute. Generally [ ing in the school zone is dangerous to be speJdng, more potatoes could moi!d il offered for shipment. Te situation demands enlightened, pat:ptic and vigorous aqtion on the par of all concerned in the imn ement of Jis crap. Unless large dealers proiptly move the stocks oa hand in ordr' to speed up distribution and briif th«- large reserve still on the fai into the channels of trade, he/y wastage of the crop appears cairn to result later in the season. Tttk believed thai dealers will in the ei'nud it wiser to move present lutings without profit or cvon at sie loss rather than to risk des- tletive wastage later in the season. j the same time, present retail ,*jfce3 must be somewhat reduced if ^xisum-plion is to be stimulated as it sh'ould be. , i Prices at point of production have , r generally declined, since 'digging be- sai and many dealers are reputed'to holi,Targe stocks purchased at prices ~ than those now · prevailing. the children. Six O'clock IHnner. Mr. and Mrs. Trill'iam Smith entertained the Euchre club at their Smithfield street home last evening with a six o'clock dinner. Ked. Cross Ingathering, An ingathering of the knitted articles for the local Red Cross chapter will be held in the Braddock room from 9.30 to 10.30 Wednesday morning of next week. /nnck-Znndfll. Miss Edna Zundell and L,. K. Zuck were married at the latter's College Maceabce floor. During the lirst half only two baskets were made on each side, and not until the second 'Period was well under way did the score begin to climb. Every basket counted last night, and the Maccabees were never beaten until the last whistle blew. Close guarding featured in the first halt and there was little shooting. The Maccabees got the lead but the Elks climbed slowly making five points on fouls before a field goal went through. Then with a field goal the score was tied at 7-7, acd when the half ended it was 9-8. The Elks took the sidebet placed between the managers of the two teams and the game which has been talked of Cor tho past week, attracted a good crowd. Bane, a member of the Uniontown Penns, was in the.Ok lineup last night. The game Tuesday will bi between Ihe Elite Club and the Baltimore Ohio clerks. The Elite lost to the Garage last week and a scrappy game is ' expected Tuesday as the loser goes ' into bottom place in the league standing. The Scottdale girls will play the preliminary with the South Con- nellsiillc girls. The lineup; ELKS--27. MACCABECS--19. Goodman forward Bsrtley Lessig forward Peher I Rhodes center Shellar |Bane guard Kcnnell Turff guard.- __ Miller Field goals-- Rhodes, 5: Hartley 2; Miller, 2: Goodmtui; Lessig; Bane. Foul goals--Goodman, 11 out of 25; Feher, 11 out of 20. Substitution-Rist for Shellar. Referee--Wall. In the preliminary game the South Conncllsvillc girls defeated the Lady avenue home on Thursday evening at Maccab( , cs tea7T1 9 . 6 . The nnt na | f * Most Beautiful Carin/bnericd r T"*HE modest price of the Paige Lifiwood "Six-sp" fails to measure JL the real value offered in this popular five'passenger car. Even five hundred dollars more could not buy you greater utility, because the Lmwood provides everything a family could possibly require for daily motoring service. Comfort, roominess, sturdiness, reliability and beauty -- those are. the five qualities that especially distinguish this car among the light sixes of popular price, * You will like the Linwood and become as enthusiastic ovec its merits as the thousands of owners now driving it. Ask for a demonstration. S28?0; Town Car "Six-55" 7-passengcr '-passenger $2850; Brooklands 4-passengcr 19" Chummy Roadster $1330; Darunooi ' 5-passcngcr 51925. All Prices f. o. b. Detroit. PAIGE-DETROIT MOTOR CAR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN FOK DEMOffSTRATIOX, 'WRITE, PHOXE OR CAT,!,, West Side Garage S o'clock by Justice of the Peace !_ S. i en( ] e( i Rhodes. SEAS MOUNTAIN 1 HIGH; LEAKY SHIP SC o r e at 7-2 for the South Conncllsville team. In the | second period the Maccabees increased j their total but the South ConneltsUUe | lead was too much to overcome. Standing of the Clubs. for the present slow .rate of jaovement oht oi some o! the heaviest producing areas and. tor the abnormally wide ilifference between present wholesale JJrices to the grower and retail prices to ,the consumer. . Under easting.and prospective conditions no material quantity of potatoes can be exported or converted Into non-perishable products this sea- .-jon. The crop can not be curried over. It must be consumed or wasted. The food situation throughout the world demands that it be consumed effectively to relievo the existing strain on tb» supply of cereals. It is th one grcst food resource of the world upon which there is now danger of a. hsavy loss and the d"part- ment is of .he opinion that the situation desnards that farmers sell freely; that tii larger dealers move their stocks rapdly; and that the retailer content hinselt with the smallest possible marjin of profit, realizing that he Is now the most Important factor In speediig up potato consumption. jElks I Maccabees 'B. 0. Clerks . ' Elite L. 1 1 3 3 Meyersdale. .1LEYEISDAYE, Jan. 26.--A farmers' Game;, Serf Tek. Tuesday--B. t 0. vs. Elite. Friday--Maclabees vs. B. t O. Continued from Fasre One. for them and we met them at 6 p. m. "We are rolling fronT'JO to 40 degrees and at 10 p. m. we rolled at 50 and it cost us two life boats and our foremast, and t want to tell you I don't know what kept us afloat. It is raining and hailing and freezing as fast as it hits so you see this is no joke. | itm-nts- r-r-vn At 11 p. m. we thought we were gone | WAR WORK. FOR sailors for bure, for she turned over on her side and we thought we were never coming up again. If she bad not righted we would have died like rats in a trap as there was no possible way for us to get to the top side. Even if we-had \ve could not have lived five minutes in the awful weather. Neither coul'd we have been picked up by boats from the other ships for it was too rough. December 16.--The weather is fair Pet. .750 .750 i 500 i .000 , .000' Tike S MINING ENGINEERS FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, J. L. Proutinl, pastor. Sabbath school at 9.45. Morning service at 13; celebration of the Lord's supper and reception of members; offering for the National Service Commission of the Preisbyterian church. Communicants' class will meet at '· o'clock. livening service at 7.30: bubject of sermon, Mount Pleasant will preach at 11 A. .M. and 7.JO P. M. Sunday school at 9.45 A. M. Christian Workers meeting at 030. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7.30 P. M. THK EVANGELICAL ASSOCIA- tion. South Conacllsville. M. B. llc- Laughlin. min.ster. Sunday school at 9.30 A. M. Worship with preaching by tho minister at TO.JO A. M. and 7.30 P. M. V. P. A devotional meeting at 7 P M. The revival services will be continued during the week. Thursday nlsht will be Sunday school night. All WH! lie tlK- Principal Theme »t the j-The Admonition of the Ages." Christ-; nrc *""*"! !n "' e!i to atte " d this Fortlicomine Scctlng of the Institute in Sew York. War work for the mining engineer and a concentration of his efforts to meet the mineral needs of the country, will be the subjects to dominate the H6th meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers. The meet- but the seas are still raging and we ! ing opens in New York on*February are still being tosted about and waiting for the ship to go down. If she don't it won't be her fault. With our boats gone and our inast away and our bow smashed in we are an awful 18, and continues for four days. During the sessions prominent men who have been in the 1 center of war activities In this country and in Europe will address the gathering, and raining down at them, for it's just like being in the Grand Canyon of Colorado, institute will be held in Amity hall, i There it is mountains or rock all MeyersdSe.'next Monday and Tuesday, around you; here it is mountains of Able iniructors trom State Department of Agriculture will assist. County Commissoner C. C. Heckle has charge leaky thing to be called a snip. The engineers from every part of the coun- only time we can see our escorts is f r y will studv means of solving the when we get on top of a sea and look war mineral difficulties. About 50 technical cubjccts will be presented at the institute meeting. Some of them deal with such timely ian Er.deavor at 6.30 P. M. evening prayer service at Wednesday [ '.45. -\f E T H O D I S T EPISCOPAL Chuch, G-. L. C. Richardson, pastor. Bible school at 9:45 a. in. Graded school. Men's classes meet in the "annex." Divine worship at 11:00 a. in. Sermon by the pastor on "The Great Deliverance." Junior League at church of tho people. THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH-Morning subject, "The Economics of the Sacrificial." Evening subject, "Tile New Testament Standard of Greatness." Sunday school at 9.30 A, if. Church services at 10.40 A. M. Christian. Endeavor at. 6.30 P. M. Churrh services 7.30 P. M. Rev G. p. m. Mrs. Stanton \Vhlpkey will 'be I v - Biickner. minister, in charge. Epworth League at 0:3.) j R^TIHT rin-nrw p. m. Evangelistic Service by 7:30 ' 1 H b [ IRST BAPTIST CHURCH p. m. Sermon bv the pastor. AH ser _ | South Fittslmrg street. Wilbur. Nel- vicDs will be held in the Sunday son ' Pastor. Sunday school at (1.45 A. school room for an indefinite, period. Pl;blic at 11 A. M. and 7.30 topics as the economy of electricity. ° s over steam for power purposes in an,d continued during the week of January 27th. Walcli the daily papers for the place of holrhn-g from ni£ht to water. We are just like a man in the f canyon and you know how small a! about the mines, the erosion of guus, man is alongside ot a mountain.! extraction of gasolene from natural of the iffair. Following is the pro- | (H ere the writer has made a pencil gas, the Chilean nitrate Industry and ;ram: - I sketch to illustrate his idea ,by show-i the employment manager and labor Mondar morning, 9 to 12-.--· Starting; ing a ship m ^ e tr 0ugh between two I turnover reduct-.on. the Oroard," p. H. Fassett, Mes-1 mountainous waves, the former ap- An elaborate entertainment --- hoppeaPa.; "Humus, the Foundation | peari M a ins i sn; ficant speck .,* CJ^SIT^arf lltttr " T Qtin ··(· niv,«Y*« , compared with the latter.) December 17.--The sea calmed if SoiJFertility," J. Stuart Groupe, .ferseywhore. Pa.; "Poultry Farming," K. L. Billips, New Bethlehem. Pa. Afteaoon session, 1.30 to 4.-- "Twepy Years' Experience With Hogs.' J- Stuart Groupe: "Concrete Constuction on the Farm," C. A. N'or- iaan.'lnstructor in farm mechanics, Ptirrfe University; "Care and Man- aqeraat of the Orchard," F. H. Fas- s-ctt Evning session, 7.30 to 9.SO.--"A»l- lani'ges of Farm Over City Life," J. rtufrt Gronpe: "Poultry." illustrated v.-itlslides. Tcsday, January 29, morning ses- fior 9.30 to 12.--"Spraying--When r -51* How." F. H Fassett: "How to Hurt L'P Your Community." Rev. G. ~ n. »err. Canonsburg, Pa.; "The Need of .line in the Soil," E. L. Phillip"!. "ftemoon session, 1.30 to 4--"How V P ' Increase the Yield of Corn," J. Piart Groupe; "Food Conservation." shaker selected .by chairman of food onservatinn committee of Somerset ii'inty: "Strawberries." F. H. Fassett, 'Jvenin? session, 7.30 to 9.30--Ad- ir»';s. Prof. "K". H. Kretchman; "The ."sin? of a Boy and How to Get the gram has been arranged both for the institute members and Jhe ladies ac- d-own last night and this morning it is like a mill ptHid compared with ! yesterday. We are making about nine knots and were headed for Boston until 10 a. m. when 'we changed our course and headed for New York. The weather is fine except for a slight snow falling. Have had a field day today, that is cleaning up ship for she is a muss after the storm and a deck load oH coal to make thing worse. At 2 p. ro. we'sighted a battle cruiser. She is one of ours sent out to help us after we had sent a S. 0. S. yesterday. She is with us now and is going to go to New York with us. We are getting along fine. I left sorme- I thing out of yesterday's dairy. We ' passed a life boat with a man on it from a ship that foundered somewhere in our vicinity on the 16th. Owing to us being in a sinking condition we could not go to rescue ami m all probability every one was lost for the man we saw on the buoy was evidently dead. "\Ve expect to get into New' York to- companying them. On Jionday evening. February IK. a war smoker will be held. On Tuesday evening a novel entertainment, and on Wednesday a "Hoover dinner" at Hotel Biltmore. Herbert Hoover is one of the few honorary members of the institute. On Thursday, the last day of the convention, an all-day excursion will be made to Princeton, N. J.. to visit The Community Prayer Meetings will p - M - conducted by Rev. W. E. Phelps. MAY START APRH1 Drying Out OTCUS nt Xcw lly-Prodnct Plant at Clairton. At the big by-product coke plant of the Clairton Coke company at Clairton, seven out of the first ten batteries of ovens have been completed and are now being slowly dried out by the fire=, that are k:pt going day an-d night The other three batteries in course of construction are expected to be TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH, Rev. Kills B. Burgess, pastor. Nat Sunday will be rally day for the Building Fund in both the church and Sunday school. A. Jehoiada Chest will gather the offerings of each class of the school and each member of the churcn ,for this cause. Morning sor- mon, "The Becoming Life"; evening I rcady tm tho d r y i n s o u t p rocoss w |th- sermon,'"Tho Rest that ReTiuineth to I'tlio Children of God"; strangers are invited to v«orsliip with us. COVKVANTKR CHURCH, S. B. Houston, pastor. Sabbath school at usual hour. Morning worsh.p at 11 o'clock. Topic of discourse. "Bearing Testimony." Evening service at 7 30 the government aviation Sold and Uni- I )rovi(le d there is no shortage of gas. versity campus. Confluence. CONFLUENCE, Jan. 26.--Dr. H. P. Meyers was a caller in Somerset yesterday. Orville Fike was a business caller in Somerset yesterday. Dr. C. P. Largo of Meyersdale, was a caller here yesterday. A. DJ Shaffer of Somerset, was a business caller here yesterday. Miss Laura Engle of Conncllsvillp, has returned home, after a visit with her sister, Mrs. W. C. Hall. Y. P. C. U. at 6.45; topic. "Goals." Prayer mooting Wednesday evening at 7.30. THE MI7THODJST PROTESTANT, church. West Apple street, .7. H. Lambertson, minister. Class meeting at 9 A. M. Sabbath school at 9.45 A. M. At tlie morning worship at 11 o'clock. the pastor's theme will be "I Am Debtor." C. E. meeting at 6.45 P. M. in the next two weeks. Difficulty in getting material and the scarcity of labor, has greatly retarded the work, but it :s now thought that, the first seven batteries will be ready to operate by April 1. II1CH SCHOOtS PLAY West JOwton and I.ncaU Will Mcpt on (ivrn Floor Tonitrht. The high school basketball team will play the West Newton uigh school at (he gym. of tho new high school tonight. Reports from West Newton are that the basketball team has some fast men in the lineup this year. The high school team will make its first appearance in the new jerseys at the high school tonight. A preliminary game, between the iunior anu TENANTS ATTENTION ASK Your landlord if he has inquired about our special house-wiring offer. YOUR Family wants the cheapest,'safest and most convenient form of illumination. LANDLORD Realizes he "Would not build a house today that did not provide for electric service. 'TO Be up to date you should have electric service. WIRE Your landlord if lie lives out of town. Phone him if he lives in town. YOUR Home will be much brighter if provision for electric service is made. HOME Is where you spend over half of your time. Why not make it convenient and bright? WEST PENN POWER COMPANY In the evening at 7 30 the sermon theme will be "Darkness Turned to (SCEior teams w i l - be Played. Light " Prayer meeting Wednesday | evening at 7.30 o'clock. TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH, Mrs. -Lloyd Morrison left yesterday South Pittsburg and Green streets, dent and secretary of the Meyersdale Popsters' Club. s=nsat Thursday in Pi'tsburcr, where they attended a testimonial dinner In honor of J. Denny O'Nell. state highway commls- ?ioicr. which was given at the Willia'-n Penn Hotel, Miss Jean Holmes of Lonaconing, .Vic . is spending a tew days here v-.sit- lag friends. week ago. fied field i.. ic thi. this a. m ! The funeral of Fred up our pi ace .j,^ alasrnom at and anchored In | thc Christian church. p . took . from | school at 9.45 A. M. A. M. and 7.30 P. M ., Thc M o t i v e Power o£ Horning subject, Even . The Maccabeo ! ing, "The Outward Reach." The hoat- . c c e o ng, e u w a r e a c . e o a - N e w ^ o r k harbor at 2.1o p. m. My! i lodge, of which he is a member, at- 1 ins system is now m good working U"n-nt fan lift nnon in a nf ^-,,-r-l 1 . , , . . , j i ' * f -J ·"»·«" *· a ct can happen in a couple of days! j tended in a body. The funeral was I order and the building will be comfort- I sure am glad that the "Old Blue largely attended. Interment :n the' Goose ' of the ocean is anchored, safe I Baptist cemetery. Charles N'edrovr ot near Adoison, was a business visitor In town yes- CHURCH terdav - West Side. and sound in New York harbor. It is snowing now; we got in just in time to miss another storm. able. No week evening services or meetings. OF THE BRETHREN, Rev. Harry Meredith of MORE OEE 05 DOCKS. Movement to Inland 1'nninces Smaller Thau l)nring"Scason of 1916. Shipments of Lake Superior iron ore to inland blast furnaces from Lake Erie ports in-1017 fell off slightly over 1,000,000 tons, the figures being 35,830,076 for 3017 and 36,913,000 for 1916, says the Daily Iron Trade. But the tonnage on the docks as of January 1 increased 453,7S9 tons. 10,267,349 being the balance January i, 3!)18, and 9,804450'on January 1, 1917, W H wf i ME LIN1 TRANSFER MOTOtl TRUCK nnrt IVAGoNs. UOV1.NG ANO HOlVTlWO Oitlc« 103 K. Grap* Altvr* p[v*- ·l(« P. R. R. rcitit Hath I'lia Patronize tbose who advertise. FLINT'S AM) STOEAGK. Kiotor Truck Service To All Parts or Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. 50THPHOHES OPPMAH'STRJWER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSV1LLE, PA. Want Ads--1 Cent a "Word O9OOOGOOOOC3GOOOOOOOOOOOOC S J. B. KURTZ, S NOTARY PUBLIC 3 AMD REAL ESTATE. 3 Na. X oaooooooao

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