The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 10, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1964
Page 29
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y . RUN THE COUNT-DOWN Wing Commander H. Hallett. left, Barbados Range Manager, and Squadron leader John Jepson, Launch Control Officer, run the count down to T-Zero on HARP shot "Frances." .. J Supervisor of a U.S. . Army HARP contract says "this program is still very much in the development stage. We are working out the bugs as we go along, and each failure teaches us something. Compared to (most space programs HARP has made remarkable strides mrwa.yriw : One of the most ambitious aspects of , the program to date Is the Martlet IB, a forerunner of the vehicle that will lift a payload Into orbit la the Summer of UN. In tha words of the Planning Report, this series of U shota Is "primarily to prove the airframe and motor adequacy for gun launching and to determine maximum muzzle velocities obtainable." But an essential secondary objective is to flight test payloads and rackets : which ; will be used for the orbital shot When HARP puts a vehicle in orbit (the word "IT Is never, used In this connection), there will be three Immediate and startling contecmeno-es. First, the tiny (IN sq. ml., population ISO.ON) Island -of Barbados wi)l become tha third country, after the U.S. and the USSR, to have a satellite launched from within its borders. This is a distinction that Premier Errol Barrow obviously hopes will have political Implications la the West Indies. Says one HARP official "Barrow baa broken every rule In the book to help us. and it's tittle enough to ask that the Barbados crest be painted on on side pt the first orbital Mart- let."" The University of McGiU will become the second private institution (after the Tel-Star group which had enormous backing from the U S. KILG ALLEN MM Story to having been raped at the! age of six. w . Marilyn Monro harbored only two secrets from her Intimate friends, Her around-t he - clock use of barbltustes was one, the other was the nam of the person she thought of as her One True Love. Months before she died, veiled references bad been made to her romance with a much-married and Important man. Soma weeks after her passing, a noted. Hollywood writer was paid an enormously high advance fee by one af America's leading publishing companies to write the true, Jnside story on ths life and death of the lovely blond Hollywood legend. The book was scheduled for publication: fat May of 1963. Thea it was announced that the publication data would be delayed until the following November. Lata last Summer the planned p reject was abandoned entirely. The author was unavailable for comment and the publishers refused any explanation. -, r ." In the yean that I knew Marilyn Monro, 1 was deeply enamoured of her complete femininity, her great good looka, her fine sense of humor and her extreme sensitivity. I first met her in Atlantic City, when she appeared there to serve at grand marshal In the Mist America contest of 1951 She had finally mad tt as a star. She had "arrived" 17 i V 4 - ' . . I . ; k w i ! .. " ' m , '' -.;.'. I government) to place a satellite in orbit There was some possibility, before the U.S. decided to establish another It-inch gua at White Sands, NM, that McGlII might some day have mora payloads to orbit than the United States and Russia combined. ' mnlrart, the.1 Finally, though the effect of gun fired orbital shots on the VS. space program Is not by any means clear, R 4 likely to be considerable. The most efficient and hardy American orbital series has beetu the Explorer, of which -It have been launched and U have been successful. To boost these payloads, averag I a g about IM lbs. te .weight, into YOUR By Lester L, BREAST TUMORS -;rv la there aew method for detecting tumor of the breasts? , ,, ; v ' '.- " ' V. . . , Yes. A highly successful technique for the study of the breast by X-ray is now being used all over the country. It Is called mammography. The amount of radiation exposure is mmimaL The results are gratifying for the early recognition of malignant and benign growths. " - " This Is a valuable addition la diagnosis. - What Js the meaning of "passive exercise?", Passive exercies Is a term used to describe exercis which is done for yoa rather thea by. yon. ' Massage or whirlpool baths stimulate the muscles and the skin without effort a toe part of the patient. New ma- Untold She bubbled over with energy and was more exciting to see than any of .the beauty pageant contestants. She was an fe male and as All -American as any girl could be. I have not forgotten the last tiro we met and talked Id the Polo lounge at the Beverly HUls Hotel ia California. There had been some comment In a theatrical trade paper that she might star in the long-awaited movie,"- The Jean Harlow Story," and I asked her about K. Her only comment was, "It might be fun to do except Jean Harlow had such a .tragic Ufa and I might find M an awfully depressing character to play." I look back to my first snost- ing with Jean Harlow to the long, long ago when as a schoolboy I played hookey be cause another, great star at MOM. Joan 'Crawford, bad mad the. necessary arrange- menta for m to go backstage at loew't Stat Theatre. In the few year left of her Iff I saw her frequently In HonywootL qsuaHycat MGM She always used a "tunning gag" introduction whenever I met anyone on her set. , She thought It was fun to explain that I was a friend from New York -who preerred meeting movie Mars to American presi dents. . . It ami possible to forget Marilyn Monro or Jean Harlow. They remain la memory Hollywood's most : glittering exponents of sex appeal. Their L " i w?,mi Tw-wr-wvi MONDAY. AUGUST 10, 1904 ' THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 29 1 McGILUS HARP (3) Gun-Fired Orbital Shot To AffectSpace Program This b the third at a sarlee I five artklM dealing with HARP, t)M Hit Altitude Re-Marc Pregram at MeGIO University and the United gtates Army, carried "eat, eu dM Islaad at Barbados. II deabj with Um flltk HriM al firings (ram a M year - aid, lie tea aaval tinrni, The program , May change tha whale pattern al By ANTHONY J. PATTERSON Special J annul Cerrespoodeoca BARBADOS . Tha McGtll "wiper - gun" pointed out to sea hist aouth of tha runway at Seawall Airport, and many shot ws "held" at t mlnu five minutes for air traffic -control. On a recent night, as a TCA flight from Montreal circted above Seawell, the word spread through HARP headquarters at Paragon House: "Tonight we're, holding for Fergie." "Fergle" Is Ferguson Groundwater, vehicle engineer for the Martlet IB, a rocket assist vehicle that will be launched by gun and then boosted with , rocket motors to an apogee of nearly 200 mites. When the IB series is fired, scientists of the High Altitude Research - Program will turn their attention back to tha .Martlet 2A, a simple carrvinc a chemical payloadVJired to iitliudes .be tween to and lot mites. . , Launching of tha 2Ae was suspended because of faulty ' propellent has been producing gun breach pressures far In excess of predictions, causing ' the vehicles to break up in the - banal. Those remaining are now In Montreal for strength-1 ening. .....--"v ' : .(An executive of the pro-pellant menufacturer happened to be In Barbados on his ' honeymoon. It Is reliably re; V- ported that, following a ees-1 eton wHIl HARFs chief scion-tist. Dr. Gerald Bull of Mc- Gill, be wished be. had gone ' elsewhere. Says Bull : "The ', powder, was delivered here wet and cracked. It should sever have left the factory." ' The SB, which Is basically f a stronger vehicle, Is expected to survive the additional -breech pressures, but it now : seems doubtful that optimum apogees will be achieved for either Martlet m this series. "' In addition to the powder foul-up, an extension to the gun-' barrel., which was to allow greater' mutxle velocities, was -destroyed by one of the first . shots. A replacement is now under construction. , . NOT DISHEARTENED Though there have been a - number of disappointments throughout this series Including several days of rain which caused postponement of some shots HARP personnel are not disheartened. Dr. Charles Murphy, Technical By MICHAEL SEAN O'SHEA NEW YORK After two years, Aug. 5, 1962, remains a date remembered with ssdness In the early morning hours Marilyn Monro ceased being Hollywood! leading glamour girl and became Instead, at 36, an unclaimed body In tha Los Angeles County morgue. In death, for 24 hours, her nude, wasted body, covered by s whit sheet lay on a stainless steel slab. Her mortal remains war property tagged- AH was bt order, officially. The only thing lacking was dignity. America's greatest sex symbol tins Jean Harlow, a sui-ctd by sleeping pills, was in dean nothing mora than a numbered corpse. The shock of her passing was tinged with enger because this one-time fun-loving human being, had by law, been accorded routine poUceprocedure and removed from her rented horn' to the nearest mortuary. ' Her celebrated body was put In a darkened storeroom to await -an autopsy. Those of us who loved her expected, quite Ulogically of course, that her fragile remains would be accorded a more fitting tribute; perhaps special car was appropriate for someone who was o vary pcM In ur. , ,,j During her reign as film-dom'i golden goddess, most of bar personal secrets were common knowledge, printed facts. Her unhappy childhood, UlegiU- mate and unwanted, was ind unwanted.1 was DOROTHY pahtts 7. V alas a sexpot and there wasn't I of record. She confessed anywhere for her to go but i . m i r- m - - the required orbit requires either a Scout or a Delta rocket, priced from fl.M0.Mt to S2.7M.M each. The cost of lockets alone for the. seven Explorer failures amounts to well over I times the total sum spent on HARP since It began two years, ago. budget tor the first orbital Martlet 4. Including development from scratch of rocket' motors, propulsion, airframes as well as rang modifications and manaeement salaries runs to less than KMt.Mt over the next two years, and subsequent orbits I should be achieved for leas' than M per cent of the cost f comparable rocket launching. HEALTH Coleman, MO, chines, enable bedridden and wheal chair patients to get passive exercise without exhaustion, ' ' - Exercise and stimulation Is very valuable to. the complete health of the body, but often the patient Is unable to exert too much effort for fear of physical exhaustion. Passive exercises are used extensively for patients with arthritis, cerebral palsy and certain heart condltiona. . 'e x . e ' a - - Evea though we read all about new diets and try tbem, everybody hi our family consistently gain weight Why? The answer probably lies in the fact that yon are doing more reading than trying! . Many people are sure that tbetrt is a hereditary tendency to overweight or ape-das glandular condlUco to account for the fact that they gala weight ' . i As a rule. Mm ealy thing hereditary about overweight is that seme people acquire bad familial eating habits. . Unquestkmaly x the ' most common cause of overweight is overeating foods that are high in calorie content AY f 1 ANSWER " v QUESTIONS: When I read the Bible story of the potter and tha clay, I realized what power God hat over me. I feel frightened of God sine I read these words: ". . . cannot I do with yoa as this potter? said the LortVW.N. '' ANSWER: tt is very true that God has ibis power ever each one of as a Individuals. If God were sinful and not holy as He Is, then we would have abundant reason for being frightened. But God tt a God whose living'1 kindness endures forever. Read Psalm IM, for example, andiron wUI discover met la every vera throughout the entire Psalm the living kindness of God is declared. It Is true that God can do with as what Ha will, but wa should rejoice la this because the Bible says. "He It aot witling that any should per-tsh." Yoa have no -cause tor tear If yoa have trusted Him, but rather yoa have made a great discovery! Yield yourself to Christ and ask Him to do with yoa whatever He will. Yoa caa be sure that what H doaa will be good tor yoa He hat your best Interest - ju Ii of b u & our OURNAL WANT ADS Q0NTEp RENTED RENTED RENTED WXTo0. t-BXDBOOM' ATnUCTtVI S-BEDOOM ADOLTf. l-BKOBnots. uutOg noOssS. Hr ; eltmt. UftitoS. heat- asertneai. areua Hoar. ! aeatse. 'Vflvatsv sarfctae. . . . fcJ A . ea. emwinlly ssjuleeaS. WUkra attest. STS. aja, . eiswi, am alls' eeass- aeas'. eaatrai. . Aflar a. fsssaa ttie. m ' sea. its-. .. ' v. ,,. RENTED RENTED RENTED RENTED trow ant est xiab al- nrsunaxxo aAsxuxirr. AVAOAaut. aAMDY iou um . , BanaAMI tt srse seeais ltew. Turn, . apart. l-aedrses aaartateat ' .777 1M " . Ilaee apartmsas, aawty saaat, aee esttrtot. Ott . . . - . trs, aaataaj llgatsd. Ogs- eeeaiatsa. ate pat ateaia. - wa X t. saMea. tie., "ur staissia. wn. n j Alt of riitM aptrtmtntt wtrt rtnttd Hit FIRST night rh advartittmtnt appeared in Tha Journal. Don't Iota monay by haying an tmpty apart-mant! Do what thouundt of happy paopla do -him Journal Want Aid to rant your apartment quickly. . ' DIAL THE 'OTTAWA 8 good reasons why you should advertist WANT AD THE JOURHAL A': t y apartmenr to rent in 337 Queen St. (IE1BER ! ' I tl I r- I . t. !

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